Sunday, September 27, 2020

Patriots Gameday Thread

Well, the Raiders are on the path of proving it, but face their toughest test yet in 2020 with a road game after a short week against a re-energized Patriots team. 

While the Raiders' offense has been strong out of the gates, the defense has been largely dreadful, but nevertheless stout in a few key moments. If they get carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey today by Belichik and Co., then a lot of air is going to come out of our tire. But if they can pull this off, then hope for a new era of competitiveness will begin gathering serious steam. 


Monday, September 21, 2020

Saints Gamenight Thread

Last week, I said prove it--and they did. In a game the Raiders seem to always lose, the one where they have to make a last stand on defense, they actually made a last stand. 

Now we have the official start of the Vegas era, against an opponent that provides a much truer test of what the Raiders are this year. 

Will they pass the test? We shall see. GO RAIDERS!

P.S. Friends, thanks for your comments and takes, I'm enjoying them, it's keeping this place going! 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Panthers Gameday Thread / Groundhog Day

If you are still here, I appreciate it. If not, I understand. Either way, here goes, because even though I've lost steam here, I want to keep the conversation available to RT old-timers and any newcomers alike. 

Obviously, the whole Vegas thing is new and sticks in my craw, but I'll get over it.

Beyond that, this feels a bit like Groundhog Day to me. How many years (decades?) have we been saying, "Prove it" to start a season.

Ever since this blog was launched 16 years ago, after so many changes, so many players, so many picks, so many coaches and different management structures and even an ownership change along with a relocation, here we are again. 

Prove it. 

This is Gruden's third year, yet it still feels to me like we have a long way to go. 

Of course, that feeling could go away today, if the Raiders come out and look re-energized and ready to compete at a high level, and become a playoff contender in 2020. 

It's not too much to ask, or, more to the point, expect. Not after all of this time. 

Entire organizations have been remade into Super Bowl contenders twice (see Niners) while the Raiders have been floundering since Gruden's first turn at the helm. 

It's time. Prove it. GO RAIDERS!