Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Musgrave Out?

ProFootballTalk is reporting that Bill Musgrave is out as OC of the Raiders. 

I wonder if the playcalling in the Wild Card game had anything to do with it. Yeah, when you're playing a rookie QB in his first start in an important game, you have to start conservative. But when you fall behind and conservative ain't working, you need to star mixing it up and taking your shots before the lead is so great that the opposing defense can afford to just hang back like vultures.  

Anyhow, football debate is great because it's so open to devil's advocacy. Brady wouldn't be great with out Belichick! Oh, yeah? Belichick wouldn't be great without Brady! Ezekiel and Dak are sensational--or maybe they're just products of their offensive line? On and on it goes. 

So after the Raiders took a major step forward on offense this year, was it all Derek Carr (it sure looked like it once he was absent), or was Musgrave pulling some effective strings, and if so, what do we stand to lose (or gain) now that he's out? 

The rumor mill says that QB coach Todd Downing could take the OC reins. Something about all of this seems strange, but we may never know the whole story. Anyhow, whoever assumes the role will be expected to raise an already high bar starting next September.


Saturday, January 07, 2017

Wild Card Gameday Thread

Y'all, sometimes life gets in the way. Sorry that I haven't been around to water the lawn in this neighborhood lately, but I'm pulling a Lazarus, rising from the internet dead and reviving Raider Take for this run through the playoffs. 

This is a tough road ahead, starting right now. McGloin looked terrible last week, and it's possible that his shoulder injury could be our saving grace if Mr. Cook proves more capable and push us past the Texans. 

The defense needs to WAKE UP and get out of the clownshow business and start wrapping people up.

GO RAIDERS. Great season with a bad break, so win or lose, the taste remains minty fresh!