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Yeah, No

The Chargers got Jim Harbaugh as head coach, we got the Chargers' ex-GM whom we got fired after that blowout victory. 

The Chiefs are in the AFC Championship again, and the Broncos are not going to get worse under Sean Payton. 

I'm going to go on the record and say I'm not super optimistic about Antonio Pierce and Tom Telesco building a powerhouse contender in the AFC West. 

We shall see, and I sure hope I'm wrong. This just feels to me like Davis making up for something (letting Bisaccia go) that he didn't have to make up for.

But just because the players love Pierce doesn't mean he's the best thing for the players, the scheming and the long-term prospects of building an elite team.

Maybe this is a Dan Campbell-type situation, a coach who can will and motivate the squad to the top. 

I sure hope so. 

Maybe I'm just jaded and worn out by all of Mark Davis's misses. But sorry, I'm just not feeling it. Please convince me that I'm wrong.


Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Aussie, Kelly is (or was) assistant GM. If I'm Telesco, I'd want my own guy as assistant GM. Are you suggesting Mark Davis actually block Telesco from selecting his own staff?

Maybe Kelly is his choice. I have no idea.

But if all you said is true, then Mark Davis might be doing his best Al Davis impersonation yet.

Hey Mate ,
I’m not saying he is blocking tabasco from getting his guys, especially since there has been no announcement on CK, but these are questions thet could have easily asked whilst they interviewed Telesco , it will all come out in the wash.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

RT...The AP part of the equation is fine. he will coach the players up, and have them ready on game day. Hopefully, the OC & DC will put the players in a position to succeed.

The potential problem now is Telesco, who spent 11 years in SD/L.A. going in circles, and could never build a top defense,(sound familiar Raider fans?).

It is important because, I disagree that Detroit's Campbell is "willing" wins. Lions have a lot of good football players, and are well coached, with excellent game plans.

Is Telesco up to the task ? To me this April's draft is all important. Telesco has to hit it out of the park in this draft to allay fears he will take Raiders on a long road to nowhere.

6:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Yeah, No! That's good.

I'm more in the Yes and No club.

Yes, I wanted Pierce because I think he's the type of leader the Raiders needed. I like his collaborative yet aggressive style. You know, up 50 but "keep our foot on the gas." I love that! But I fully expected Harbaugh to get equal consideration, e.g., at least be interviewed by the Raiders. Nope!

Yes, I wanted Kelly because I believe he and Pierce had something going and he's clearly believed to be an up and coming executive in the NFL. At one point media rumored we'd get Kelly and Dobbs. Nope, we got blindsided by Telesco hiring, which has already become a punchline for the 63 pt trouncing. Telesco turned over his balls to security when he walked into the Raiders building.

The simple answer, I have no idea what Mark Davis was thinking or why inaction was his play, even if he did pick my guy for HC.

Is it the Dan Campbell effect? Maybe. But Campbell lost a lot of games to get to this point. I don't think I can handle another slow roller.

What I think will happen? I think AP, with leadership from Crosby and others will get the best out of the 2024 roster. I'm excited for that.

But there's no sugarcoating it. Reid, Payton and now Harbaugh. Are you f'in kidding?

I have confidence in Pierce but we need a legit OC and Telesco needs to prove he's the GM Mark Davis thinks he is... starting with a franchise QB.

As usual, Raiders need a perfect storm. Really, should we be surprised?

6:47 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Hey Raider take,
I am of the yeah state of mind for these hirings. I have more reservations about AP than Telesco, only because of AP's inexperience nothing to do with his motivational skills... Did you see his introduction speech! The man can capture a rooms attention!
Now about Telesco, he has lots of drafts under his belt with a lot of solid hits in that first round where we have struggled. I don't know if you all remember the Herbert pick but the Dischargers were bashed for that pick by fans and by some in the media, (its still there to be found on the ol' interweb)I mean whens the the last Oregon QB really done well in the NFL? Joey Harrington? Only kidding, I would argue probably you would have to go back to Dan Fouts. Not to say Telesco made that choice by himself but he was part of the process. they also had some solid hits with DE and Saftey and the OL. It was the Head coach that let them down lately, that and ownership
The Draft is what is making me the most nervous. I know we have to wait for the other teams to get through the season before we can officially poach from them and I don't have a problem waiting especially if we can get the right OC and the right coaches to support them.
just my 2 cents but excited to see were this all goes.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I think the confidence that I have with Antonio Pierce is in the words of Crosby on his podcast, and that is he is building a culture and developing the players. Pierce has continued to say his philosophy for the Raiders is simple: To bring ill intent, violence, physicality, and pain every week. He said it yesterday along with, "Not everyone will be suited to be a Raider, it's my job to look, evaluate, and weed them out."
Some good signs, Patrick Graham was at the press conference yesterday. Patrick and Champ Kelly, the ball is in their court as to whether or not they stay or take a different position with another team; but I think the way AP recognized him in the building yesterday spoke volumes that he wants him to stay. The same with Kelly.
I think the issue of the Chargers not being able to put together a top defense isn't on Telesco, because the talent is there for them to have one. Bosa cannot stay healthy, Mack has disappeared, Asante Samuel Jr has been a bright spot, and so has Derwin James is a beast but can't do this alone. The Chargers have the pieces in place, but their coaching staff has relied on coaching from analytics than situational coaching. Telesco has the eye for talent, but the Chargers have never had the coaches to develop it. I think Telesco will be fine.
Not sure if Harbaugh will change that either. Rumors are that Fangio will come in as DC, and Greg Roman will be his OC. Fangio is an excellent DC, but as of yesterday (before the Harbaugh announcement) the Eagles are making a push to hire him. Greg Roman is a vanilla OC, and his offenses lack a certain spark. That's why the Ravens let him go, and look at the difference in Lamar Jackson since he was let go last year.
McDaniels, Dennis Allen, and Gruden all coach to analytics too, but what made Bisaccia successful and what will make Antonio Pierce successful is situational coaching and player development. Pierce has already surrounding himself with people that will help him build the style of X and O's around the roster's strengths, as well as help the Raiders succeed the Raiders way. He was asked what qualifications in an OC is he looking for, and AP said, "24 points a game." He is definitely preaching for the offense to "take what we want, when we want" instead of taking what the defense gives us. Developing a culture that gives identity to the team is something that has not been done in a long time. To be frank, I still believe Reggie McKenzie was bringing that same dynamic, and then Mark got in the way by bringing and giving control to Gruden. I think he has learned his lesson and is going to let Telesco and AP cook. OC is going to be a big factor, and I think Zac Robinson is the leading candidate. We will see. Until then, Just Win, Baby!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

"I think the issue of the Chargers not being able to put together a top defense isn't on Telesco, because the talent is there for them to have one. Bosa cannot stay healthy, Mack has disappeared, Asante Samuel Jr has been a bright spot, and so has Derwin James is a beast but can't do this alone. The Chargers have the pieces in place, but their coaching staff has relied on coaching from analytics than situational coaching. Telesco has the eye for talent, but the Chargers have never had the coaches to develop it."

...But Nate, who hired the coaches ? Who brought in coaches that favored analytics ? And if Telesco likes analytics, won't that clash with AP's brute force approach ? I think when you're the GM, for 11 years, and things don't go well, it's hard to excuse it.

10:17 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Good point. One guy is probably looking for the best 40-score at the Combine, the other is looking for players who eat glass and crap lightning. That said, there's no question Pierce is the Alpha Dog in the room. He will make it clear to everyone what he expects.

Interestingly, Davis is reported to want Kelly to stay on as Assistant GM. Zeigler only lasted 1.5 seasons, so is Davis retaining Kelly for another safety net?

And everybody wants Graham to stay. He only leaves if he gets hired as HC. If not this year, maybe next.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had some time to digest the hires and unfortunetly it seems very "raiderlike". First Mark says he will hire the GM first then the coach. He did not. The other two coaching interviews were a sham, why not interview Harbaugh and a few others.

Then because you carry scars from the rookie GM/coach thing so you box you into just hiring a vet. In this case Telesco who was just fired. Again how many other GMs with experience did he interview?

Also Mark talked about Senior head of football to oversee the GM and Coach so ther eis not a straight line to Mark. That has not happened. Who is in charge Pierce or Telesco hard to tell.

Not saying this can not be successful and Telesco has had some good picks and Pierce was clearly the players choice but as usual Mark lays out a process then does not follow it.


3:10 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Yes. I agree. The process was completely void of due diligence. If Mark Davis has assembled a winning group, it will be by accident and not because he was clairvoyant or channeling Al.

The pressure to find a franchise QB is so intense, I believe we should expect the Raiders to trade up in the draft for one.

Some in the media believe we try and sign Russell Wilson. IDK if that appeals to me. He had a good defense in Denver and failed.

It's incredibly tough to be great in the NFL, and now we have to be better than Reid, Payton and Harbaugh.

Not sure how.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Hey Ghost, Telesco didn't hire our coach. :)
Sandy, MD interviewed Dodds, Telesco, and Kelly 3 times each. There are whispers that Mark reached out to Harbaugh for an interview and was rejected; and that is when he went with AP. As much as he was a QB coach for us, Harbaugh has more of a history with the Chargers as a player, and the Chargers have a team that (on paper) is built for success. What we don't know is who is going to be the GM for the Chargers. Remember, Jim Harbaugh left the NFL because of Trent Baalke. Also, his longest stay as Head Coach was 8 years, and that was at Michigan. He was HC of the 9ers for 3 years, HC at Stanford for 3 years, and San Diego University for 2.
Another issue he faces, is the Chargers are projected to be more than $45 million over the cap going into the 2024 season. So there are more than likely to re-negotiate some contracts, or outright cut players; so he may not have the same roster that he inherited.
Last time, I also said the rumor was he was looking at Fangio as DC and Greg Roman as OC. Dolphins players were praising Fangio being let go. When the Ravens let go of Roman, Lamar Jackson and others were doing the same. If Harbaugh made these moves with the Chargers, he will be bringing in a staff that is out of touch with today's game, and will essentially shoot himself in the foot. We will see what happens. In the end, the Chargers will always be the Chargers, all hype and nothing to show for it.

7:05 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Dobbs, Kelly and Telesco don't exactly represent the upper tier of GM prospects in this cycle. The fact that Telesco was just fired after extended failures makes him almost toxic in the marketplace. Kelly made sense because of his interim tag and previous advancements on his resume.

And I'd be careful repeating "whispers". That seems to imply lower level of reliability than rumors, some of which we've already found to be false.

One simple explanation might be that the Chargers have a franchise QB in place and, as you point out, probably have ample resources between the draft and salary cap.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Good point on the Lions, it's not just Campbell, but also their GM who as absolutely smashed in the draft (unlike the Raiders). My point is that Campbell is more of a culture creator than a gifted tactician, and the hope is that Pierce can achieve something similar. He's going to need major help in the draft and from coordinators to pull it off.

I didn't like Crosby threatening to leave if Pierce didn't get hired. Sorry, not your role. The cool boss that all of the employees love isn't always the best boss.

We have a bad QB situation, an unproven (in my opinion) head coach, and the GM whom the Raiders got fired from the Chargers.

The Return to Glory still feels like a mirage, the closer we get to it, the further out it is. 22 years without a playoff win and counting.

12:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Getting upstaged by the Lions, in a big way!

That's a mouthful all by itself.

When Stafford took the Rams to the Super Bowl, the Lions looked like fools. Now they are a powerhouse with Goff at QB. No matter what happens Sunday, they're at the dance.

IMO, the process we just witnessed was rudderless, as Davis's biggest accomplishment was safely navigating the Rooney Rule. Then he snagged a GM hot off the firing squad.

Even if Telesco has some chops, the pairing of Telesco with Pierce seems a bit fractured to me. One headline read, "Telesco to take control of the Raiders roster." That's BS! This is Pierce's team. That's the only way I'm buying in.

We need a quality OC!

12:39 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

My buddy is a Bears fans, and he laughed at the idea that the Raiders are interviewing Luke Getsy for OC.

I honestly don't know who's good in the current cycle. Seems like Kingsbury has some chops but, again, I don't really know.

2:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I watched the intro presser for Telesco and Pierce. Not the ordinary "thank you for the opportunity" and big talk of building a team. What jumped out this time was how passionate and genuine Pierce is. He might not be a tactician but he's an impressive individual. Truly a leader.

Telesco is clearly leaning on Pierce for his input regarding the roster. That's a bit of a relief. And Pierce had a sound vision for OC, someone in the mold of what he sees the team to be... including getting back to Raider ball throwing downfield.

Overall, it sounded good. I think the Raiders will benefit from having Champ Kelly and Patrick Graham remain with the team. Continuity and stability. Kelly can work directly with Telesco and get him up to speed quickly. Hopefully, they both stay. It looks probable.

Three notables:
1. Pierce's first response for OC was "someone who scores at least 24 pts a game." That got laughs.
2. Pierce gave a shoutout to Patrick Graham, who was in the room.
3. Pierce invoked Maxx Crosby as the standard bearer for the Raiders' will and determination.

IMO, Pierce and Crosby are the heart and soul of the Raiders now. They are both intense and everyone will have to respond in kind.

No more overanalyzing the games afterward. Paralysis by analysis.

3:46 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'd like to say, I understand the criticism of hiring Pierce as HC. As pointed out, he's not a tactician. Also, the process seemed void of due diligence. For that matter, so was the GM hiring process.

Once again, Mark Davis rests his decision-making on being guess-right. Something he's not been since he took over.

On the other hand, we already tried the tactician. For that matter, we also went Raiders' old-school with his predecessor. Failure has followed the Raiders, as pointed out, for 22 years and counting. (Sorry but having a few "star" players with good intent is not success!)

I like Pierce. He was my choice since he took over as interim HC. I guess, like Davis, I am banking on his innate leadership ability. I have no stats, no proof and no prognostication to offer.

My biggest concern is the people that Davis might place around Pierce, e.g., Telesco, who have experience but also have failure(s) on their resume.

Pierce needs help and he certainly needs experienced people around him, but he also shouldn't be burdened with bad decision-makers. IMO, the more control Pierce has over the process, the better the Raiders chances.

Pierce immediately put his hands on the defense and look what happened. His input on offense was obviously less effective, but he was smart to remove Garoppolo, who was never going to remain as Raiders QB. We watched O'Connell grow into a viable backup, far better than what we're used to.

I'm anxious to see the process evolve, but I carry no illusion it will bring automatic success. For me, Pierce represents a different an interesting approach.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The Lions choked it away yesterday by not being aggressive in the second half up 24-7. A lot of WRs in the second half dropped catchable passes, regardless of the ducks that Goff threw. They dropped 3 easy TD's in the second half.
The Ravens choked it away to the Chiefs at home, even after Kelce and Kermit Mahomes kicked and threw equipment off the field that Justin Tucker was using to practice. I hope they both get fined for that, especially since the Chiefs kicker was on the other side of the field doing the same thing while Lamar and the Ravens warmed up. This was supposed to be a statement game by Lamar, and he choked it away.
I never saw the Raiders give up and relax under Pierce, even in the games they lost. But what I did see was they needed to vastly improve on offense. We need a guy who can move in the pocket, and move the pocket (if needed) to make plays. Bo Hardegree was a McDaniels guy, and was overtly conservative on offense. As bad as O'Connell looked at QB, I don't think we have seen his true capabilities. Hardegree couldn't even get Davante the ball consistently, nor Renfrow, or others; he continued to call plays for Meyers and others, just like McDaniels did. I'm not sold on Kingsbury as OC. Zac Robinson was the best candidate and he was hired by the Falcons as Raheem Morris takes over as HC. I'm not sold on Luke Getsy either NY. A few names I am excited about for OC, and should talk with:

Brian Johnson (OC, Eagles)
Mike Sullivan (QB Coach, Steelers)
Alex Van Pelt (OC, Browns)
Tanner Engstrand (Passing Game Coordinator, Lions)
Jerrod Johnson (QB Coach, Texans)

I know they were hoping to interview Klint Kubiak with the 9ers, but won't be able to. Reports are they will make a decision this week as to who the OC will be.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Raider Take,

I wish I could hear that somebody actually stands up for their opinions, no Raidernation! most of you were all in on coach Pierce now, you want to pretend you never were asking for him as HC!

Al and Harbaugh: NY claimed Harbaugh didn't learn much in Oakland and that Al made bad coaching hires- yet guys want a lot of the guys he hired! worse! they again went for hype over facts! coach Pierce won some late season games and he/ C. Kelly weren't given the chance to show they're able to run a team. so maybe L.V. should've hired an experienced HC(Harbaugh, Quinn or OC Bienemy) and let Kelly and Pierce be assistants if they wanted to stay but again, they asked for them and they got them.

Al: the Raiders were terrible and may've folded. K.C. and L.A. were dominating the AFL . then Oakland hired Al and he fixed that problem. he signed players from the HBCU, he bought a new passing game and signed washed up or problem players and Oakland become one of the best teams in the AFL. Al also bought in SOME of his own assistants but I'm sure he kept some old ones. he changed almost everything in a terrible team but he didn't just fire everybody from the old team and he built a contender.

Harbaugh and 49ers: he came to a team that was slipping- an o.k./ average team, not close to being elite. he bought in his assistants and actually moved on from the famous offensive/ defensive systems but later went back to the offensive ones, although he changed some things, he kept the old 49ers' culture and some systems. he had outstanding players, winning seasons and went to a super bowl.

Al was a top assistant and he was allowed to use his talents. the LACs were outstanding and won the '63 AFL Championship. He came to Oakland and built one of the best teams in NFL history.

Harbaugh: was hired by Al but was also a HC in college, he usually wants full control of the NFL teams he works for. he brings an attitude and a good HC he knows how to hire good front office people. he can be tough on guys and has an attitude but he motivates guys and pushes his front office to find talent- he built a winner in S.F.

Take, NY claimed L.V. got a great HC in Pierce now he wants to pretend that he didn't say that! I don't think L.V. is doing these things on their own! it makes no sense.

for decades fans accused the NFL/ media of bias and doing dirty things to the Raiders. some of you make it a petty feud that ended before Al passed but you need to see that maybe they're the ones making the team do this silly stuff.

I think the late season wins were a scam! why? the NFL NEEDED Harbaugh or Saban in the league but they still have issues with us so they didn't want them in L.V.! what they did was hype those late season wins making it hard to say no to the hiring of Pierce! worse!, they then finally let us to have an experienced GM(Tollesco). dude...he leaves L.A., Harbaugh moves his front office in! nothing strange about that!?

so, we've been bad for 22 years and we decide that we want another inexperienced HC and GM over an elite one because of a few late season wins?


there are three elite HCs' in the AFC West!

two of them have franchise QBs'

K.C. is maybe the best in the NFL!

they have refused to spend big on star FAs' and I don't know if Tollesco will be allowed to do it.

again, IMO...this was done by the NFL, they just can't stand helping the Raiders but they want that L.V. money! they won't let us make our own decisions! we don't interview elite HCs' and again get an inexperienced front office? then get a GM being replaced by an new elite HC's people? and the NFL isn't behind this? fans/guys you're being zapped and letting them confuse you you're letting them scam you into listening to hype! you're being thrown dizzy dust!-, getting confused, giving you a cloudy view of the facts and being naive about their con jobs!

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Same old, same old for NFL super bowl.

49ers, Chefs, Mahomes, Mr. Swift, and the bubble gum, pop star, all in tow. Is this really the image NFL wants to promote ?

Bring back the days of smash mouth football, when the game was the thing, and not all the circus sideshows.

5:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Take, NY claimed L.V. got a great HC in Pierce now he wants to pretend that he didn't say that!"

My goodness, that's absolutely untrue. I've said over and over and over that Pierce was my choice.

Why do you regularly post stuff like this? Have some decency, man!

Honestly, nobody can substantiate the stuff you post, including and especially that the Raiders are not making their own decisions.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

three elite HCs' in our division!

there are two franchise QBs' in our division!

9-10(11-12) losing seasons with new regimes and we are still waiting for a winning regime!

this is the second time we've hired an inexperienced HC and the first time we've hired an experienced GM!

we once had an open door stadium in a great place for football but supported moving to the gambling capital of the world, and have the most expensive tickets in the NFL!

the Raiders moved from a stadium they shared with another pro team(A's) to a new stadium they share with a college team(UNLV).

the NFL/ owners are getting ready to make a lot of money and probably get more investors in the NFL! the only reason they've done a lot for the Raiders was because of the super bowl; after the game, we don't know what they'll do- will they let them run their own team?

the Raiders DIDN'T interview any elite HCs(Harbaugh, Bellichick, Saban). but instead, waited to hire coach Pierce and GM Tom Tellesco. of all the teams in the NFL the Raiders need the best HC they can get.

the Raiders don't seem to be interested in trading for a veteran QB and may start another rookie this year.

are the Raiders and not coach Pierce hiring the new assistants?

this is what we have to deal with, not some small task, but the biggest in the NFL! nobody has this kind of mountain to climb! and we got caught up in hype and what might be, if these move work out I have to swallow my posts but would be very happy if they keep losing then it's a lot of questions and maybe you guys should stop listening to the NFL who really has a lot of say in Raiders and ask Raiders to try to get away from some of the control or lead the NFL has over them.

Pierce was your choice?: O.K. fine!, I like him but we are dealing with three elite HCs' and it may take more than coaching 'em up to win. BTW....I thought that's what you said about coach Pierce and C. Kelly-, that you had issues and starting to change your mind, that the Raiders should look at other coaches, at least, before hiring coach Pierce. I'm sorry for not understanding your opinions.

8:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

How many times did we go through this exact process (or lack thereof) with Al Davis? Because guys like Kiffin, Cable and Jackson were loaded with HC experience, right?

Don't worry, Mark Davis is just in a slump.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Don't forget, Madden and Flores also had years of experience as a HC too. So did Joe Bugel, Dennis Allen, Art Shell, Mike White, Mike Shannarat, Bill Callahan, Jon Gruden, and John Rauch before being the HC of the Raiders. In fact, the most experienced Head Coaches the Raiders hired before they coached the Raiders are:
Jack Del Rio, Norv Turner, and Josh McDaniels. These are the only 3 Head Coaches in Raiders history who had experience as a Head Coach before their time with the Raiders.
It is not experience that makes a Head Coach great, experience helps them improve and become great. What makes a Head Coach great is giving the team Identity, Accountability, Locker Room Culture, and ability to manage the game and clock (which is the only thing experience gives). Antonio Pierce has 3 of the 4, and is surrounding himself with those who has experience to help him with what he lacks. He will be a great Head Coach. AP is going to build a team with ill intent, violence, physicality, and pain; so they can have a culture of talking their $h!t, smoking their $h!t, and Just Win, Baby!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

My first line with those Head Coaches was steeped in sarcasm. Sorry, should have specified.

12:42 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's interesting, only four head coaches (I added Gruden II) in Raiders history had HC experience when the Raiders hired them to be HC, and only one of them was hired by Al Davis (Norv Turner who had just been fired by the Redskins after 1 playoff appearance in 7 seasons).

Al Davis specifically targeted inexperienced coaches. He obviously wanted to maintain his control over coaching and was never willing to turn over control to an experienced coach.

Unfortunately, Davis was guess wrong far too many times.

Please don't take my word for it. Go look at the Raiders history of hires/fires. It's a revolving door of bad coaching... which stems from bad decision-making.

There's no escaping the truth.

And, for the record, the NFL didn't hire or fire any of those coaches!

4:31 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

There seems to be increasing concern about the Raiders getting an OC. Options were limited before, but several teams have already hired OCs, so the Raiders choices are even fewer.

Per AP's introductory presser, the Raiders are looking for meat and potatoes on offense (run, play-option pass, and the occasional deep ball).

I don't know the OCs out there, so I can't really speak to who might fill that role (method) for the Raiders. They are rumored to want to speak with Clint Kubiak of the niners, but that would have to wait until after the SB.

But it's more complicated because the Raiders don't have a QB. So they don't know what kind of offense they will run (mobile QB, pocket passer, etc.).

This is a big deal. Maybe they should have retained Hardegree if for no other reason than having a safety net.

Meanwhile, the Raiders hired Marvin Lewis as Assistant HC. He's a D-minded coach. Remember, the Raiders also have Rob Ryan as a senior assistant on D.

Suddenly, the Raiders have too many cooks on defense but nobody cooking on offense.

That has to be a concern.

Too many mind. Pierce was best when he invoked "physicality" and "violence" as the Raiders MO.

It needs to be similar on offense. Just kick some ass!

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kinsberry is the OC and MArvin Lewis is an assistant coach. Kinsberry's offense is all finnese oppposite of what AP preaches does not work in the nfl makes no sense to me.


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Kingsbury was picked over Chip Kelly. Now they are suggesting Hue Jackson might be returning to the Raiders as an assistant. Are we ready for that?

5:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Kingsbury called plays for Caleb Williams. Media are reporting it would take 3 first rounders, 2 second rounders, and a third rounder to trade up to #1 pick for Williams (who, apparently, doesn't want to play for da Bears - ala Eli Manning).

That's three years without development from the top rounds of the draft for a high prospect QB.

Idk, perhaps the Raiders might be better served trading a 2nd round pick for Justin Fields and drafting a shutdown CB with their #1 pick this year. Fields still has a lot of upside and he can carry a team with his ability to run (almost 700 yards last year).

On a side note, are the Raiders overcompensating for AP's inexperience by loading their staff with former HCs?

4:35 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

To kinda restate what I said above, IMO, the Raiders need to make a smart but also practical decision at QB. There are several talented QBs in the draft and we shouldn't get fixated on the top 1-2 at the expense of huge amount of draft capital which it would take to trade up to the #1 pick.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Yes NY! the other owners have some say in how the Raiders work!

they didn't let Raiders interview the elite HCs'. what reason can you find for a mediocre team to not at least talk to them?

they don't want the old Raiders' culture; mainly because the don't want them spending big salaries on star free agents(it forces the salaries of other teams to go up).

they moved Raiders to L.V. and used them to have a reason to have a super bowl there.

they don't want any problems ruining their schemes that's why they 'did things' to Al as 'pay back'! he stood up for what was right for the Raiders and the NFL!

they had new regime employees get rid of almost all of Al's employees. even though media claimed they only took orders and didn't make many decisions. some of those assistants were some of the best in the NFL.

they made the Raiders support the NFL/ Patriot way and follow rules against giving over paid contracts and drafting for athleticism. they made the Raiders commit to looking for discipline, high character, smartness and toughness in players over size and speed.

This is what they did to us and we think we are better off than Al's era? there are some positive/ good points- they're a seemingly good looking/ well organized front office but its' not shocking the world! its' good experienced and solid hires, and is seemingly the same NFL/ 'Patriot way' system that we keep buying from the media. I think fans want to see them building and working on success; we want to know we were right and there's some good points. but they also are being hyped, promoted and lots of praise from the NFL but are we expecting them to do way more ? are we making this is a big time hire? or are we just seeing a sugar coated picture/ NFL marketing and not all the facts? is Raidernation so sure or have they heard/ seen actions or something in this regime to believe we hit the jackpot or are we listening to hype and supporting another created model team by the NFL to keep us supporting and spending on the NFL?

1:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Former Raiders LB and movie star Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) died. Geez, last time I saw him on TV he looked like he could still play football. He was only 76. RIP.

Time for a Rocky reboot.

1:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Yes NY! the other owners have some say in how the Raiders work! they didn't let Raiders interview the elite HCs'."

I implore you to show me one media report, blog, paper napkin note, etc. which supports that statement.

Why do you continue to make stuff up? You're the guy who cried wolf.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to NY Raider,

It may look to you/ others that you have a stronger point or even if there might be a crumb of something in my arguments but its' just an Al lover trying to blame the owners/NFL for a nine year slump!

But the problem is all this none sense over an 11-12 year period hasn't done much for us but give us two playoff games and years of waiting and supporting hype but being frustrated and disappointed and getting a few awesome games and winning streaks but mostly mediocrity.

we know:

the NFL is/ has been advising MD, it wasn't just ex-Raiders it was/ is a lot of NFL people and you know its' got to have other owners in it too.

the NFL was very angry with Al over his politics and have always been unhappy with the Raiders' politics, they made sure MD didn't copy Al by getting a hand in the team.

they advised the Raiders so they had say in who they signed. the new regimes refused to sign star free agents and have been

the Raiders don't own the "Death Star" and may be in heavy debt.

What my conspiracy theories are:

the Raiders didn't interview an elite HC after years of mediocrity! it made no sense to ignore top coaches so I think the NFL advised them not to do it! why? because they aren't trying to see a dominate team in L.V. they still aren't friendly with the ownership but they are o.k. with them.

they moved them to L.V. not MD. they wanted huge profits but didn't want their teams to move to a very small market so they moved something irrelevant they didn't mind risking revenue in L.V. if the move failed they'd still make money off of an NFL team in L.V.

we don't have our own culture or ideas its' always modern model franchise/ Patriot way football this is what the NFL/ media claims is the best way to go. but the Raiders are known for being unique and independent, they've tried to follow the NFL way and its' not working so why keep it I think they're being ADVISED to keep the high character, manage the cap and be cheap attitude by the owners/ NFL.

this is why I'm making these conspiracy theories and I think its' o.k. to see things 'black and white' and trust people/ a corporation but when you know they've been corrupt/ have done shady things and they had issues/ were upset with a business before it was ruined(Raiders) then maybe there could be something to my claims/ opinions. maybe you should at least make room for questions about corruption. take our claims and add it to a bigger argument about Al and the NFL.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think Mark Davis didn't interview so-called elite coaches because the NFL didn't allow it?

There's no accountability with you. You refuse to accept the Raiders as being responsible for their own failures so you make up stories. Not conspiracies. Stories!

6:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

In your mind "it made no sense," so you just assume the NFL is to blame.

Yet, there are a lot of reasons Davis might not have wanted to interview "elite" HCs.

1. Davis owes about $100 million for McDaniels, Zeigler and Jimmy G. He may also still owe Gruden money. Maybe he wasn't ready to write another $100 million in guaranteed pay.

2. Davis just fired someone many believed was an elite playcaller in McDaniels. As a motivator and leader, Pierce represents another side of the spectrum.

3. Davis got burned once already by not hiring his interim HC, Rich Bisaccia, who had similar success as Pierce.

4. Davis got an earful from his top players, like Crosby and Adams, to give Pierce a shot. It was glaringly obvious that the players love the guy and will play hard for him.

These all add up and really just some of reasons Davis might not have wanted to interview "elite" HCs. That doesn't make it smart, and it certainly doesn't make it the fault of the NFL. File that one under, "give me a break."

4:55 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Kingsbury withdraws as OC!

Part of me is relieved. It almost certainly means the Raiders were not prepared to trade up for Caleb Williams. I like Williams but the cost to get him would be too much and IMO negatively impact development of the rest of the team.

Plus, Kingsbury has experience but, from what I've read, he didn't have a lot of success. Caleb Williams is said to have taken a step backwards last year under Kingsbury's control.

Seems to me, the Bears might want Williams, so Kingsbury might be chasing his tail trying to find the team willing to trade up for him.

Unfortunately, this is becoming the 11th hour. Finding the right OC is becoming a huge problem.

Maybe the Raiders will target Klint Kubiack. Or do they hire Hue Jackson? Yikes!

5:09 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Media saying Bears former OC Luke Getsy will be Raiders next OC. My buddy is a diehard Bears fan and says that's a big mistake.

Getsy might also mean the Raiders are prepared to trade for Justin Fields. His cost would be far less than Williams.

Yet, it's pretty obvious that Getsy and Fields did not share a lot of success in Chicago.

I get a bad feeling that the OC hiring process has gone sideways on the Raiders. There aren't many (perhaps any) good options out there.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, hiring Getsy means no Fields trade, which is fine by me after 3 or 4 years in the league the guys done nothing. Getsy on the other hand is not an exciting hire looks like the Raiders were left holding the bag. Sandy

11:22 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Yes, I read that Getsy and Fields had some friction, but someone writing about it doesn't make the idea go away. They could still respect each other enough to work together.

Fields is a real option for the Raiders.

That aside, based on what my friend said about Getsy, I'm not loving that choice for OC.

What would you think of Hue Jackson for OC? I cringe when I heard it but there are so few options out there.

Should the Raiders have retained Hardegree and allowed him to grow into the position?

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New York I am absolutely shocked that you would throw out Hue name lol. I think he's been gone from the game for a while but I would like to see him on the staff just for his enthusiasm maybe as quarterback coach. Hardegee was way out of his depth. I think Getsy was the third choice after Kliff, and Chip Kelly. Of more concern to me what the hell are the Raiders going to do at quarterback they don't find someone decent it doesn't matter who is offensive coordinator Sandy

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider and other Anon,

No I don't! its' one thing to go with so called facts, to put responsibility where it usually is supposed to go.

but you can't keep posting 'black and white' reasons for mediocrity after over 11-12 years of four different regimes.

first, you made claims that the Raiders are hiring modern front office people and that's a big upgrade over Al's. that these people are good-outstanding at their front office jobs. that they can bring a new culture, better coaching and management than Al.

well, guess what!? we've been mediocre for 9-10 out of the 11-12 years since '12. we've seen some of the best units in the NFL for decades(secondary, pass rush, special teams) become mediocre-terrible and we've seen mediocrity for years.

the thing is there are rumors and some evidence that Raiders' HQ hasn't been fully in charge and its' the NFL/ owners with the say in how they operate.

because they were burned by successful HCs'? who Del Rio, McDaniels? dude...there's no reason for a bad team not to interview an elite HC! it makes no sense! either they made more bad decisions or somebody told them not to!

they don't like the Davis family! many times have strange things happened over the decades? the scheduling, refs, coaches CHANGING their minds and won't take a job, loaded with talent can't beat mediocrity and gets in a 9 year slump?

the old NFL didn't like the Davis family but the billionaire owners have power/ connections to make anybody standing against them suffer. Al sued the NFL penniless but couldn't win but one lawsuit(against city of Oakland) during that slump, no big sponsorship, team couldn't win for 9 years and coaches were told not to work for him. can say its' conspiracy/ fantasy but you can hide the corruption that's was there before the new owners, now its' worse.

you want to be right, you want to prove you are just going with the facts but you want to pretend Al ruined this team and there's some kind of great move to make this team a new culture and winning history. this team has done some ridiculous things and made some really strange decisions and I don't think it was MD. the NFL/ owners have done this and even want us to support their rebuilds. they seem to dislike us and are making hype and promises but not getting us the top front office people and star free agents to win. we just get people and hype and it seems they want us to keep losing but keep spending on them and expecting to win.

4:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, I hear you. I didn't pull Jacksons name out of thin air. The Raiders were reported to have met with him. These are the guys they have interviewed. It's scary! As for QB, Getsy and Fields are a real possibility. But I think Telesco is expected to draft a QB too.

4:19 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon, but it is black and white. It's based on records (facts!) which you deny exist. Much of what you post is your personal fiction. Please reference anything which backs up your claims about the NFL making these decisions for the Davis's. You can't!

A wise man once said, if it smells like shit and tastes like shit, it's probably shit. That's when you should avoid stepping in it.

Watch your step!

4:37 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Pierce on the draft:

"There’s what, about 500 guys getting ready for this draft? Well, I promise you there’s only about five of them that’s really Raiders, guys that we really want. The real ones, the Raider dudes, they got mental toughness. They got an edge. They got a sense of family in them, a brotherhood. They don’t want to be some social media like, or a quick click, or a retweet."

Love it! It's time to man up and kick some ass. This is what I liked about Pierce from the start.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

"Kingsbury withdraws as OC! Part of me is relieved."
NY, a big part of me is relieved, I think we dodged a bullet. It took half a season for other teams to figure this guy out in the NFL, and he was fired from USC because his offense stumbled and played undisciplined ball. It also appears Kingsbury didn't sign with the Raiders because he wanted 3 years, and the Raiders were only willing to give 2.
I was also excited to hear that they had conversations about Hue Jackson coming back on staff. I liked Hue, and thought it was a mistake when Reggie let him go in favor of Dennis Allen. In large, because at the time, he had the Raiders on the right track. His issue was he should have never been allowed to make decisions as a GM; but when Al Davis died, there was no GM in place and he sold the farm for Carson Palmer. I thought he would have been a tremendous HC with Reggie as GM; but we never had the chance to find out.
A lot of media rumblings that Luke Getsy is the new OC. He didn't fair well in Chicago; but was it him or the Bears' organization? He had great success in Green Bay as passing game coordinator. He is respected around the league as a top notch coach, but his time in Chicago wasn't good. Again, may be more of an organizational problem.
I hope it is not official yet, because news is that Eric Bienemy will not be returning to the Commanders. I would hope that we interview him, and maybe Klint Kubiak for the job before we make any decision official. Until then, look at the Players Tribune and read the article that Antonio Pierce wrote to Raider Nation and then tell me he is not the right choice. Just Win, Baby!

1:34 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, IDK, Jackson had his nose so far up Al's butt we couldn't tell where one ended and the other started. His chants to clean out the whole building were arrogant at a minimum. He's a bit of a nut. Worse, he face planted in Cleveland. He won maybe 2-3 games over 3 seasons. No thanks!

Getsy did not do well in Chicago, but there's truth to what you said about Green Bay. His connection is with Adams, whom he coached! That means something.

I also agree with you about interviewing Bienemy and Kubiak. That would be more credible interviews than Davis performed for HC and GM combined.

Raiders need to get this right!

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

A.P. on the draft: yea, that's cool but haven't we heard that before. only a few of them are real Raiders? who are the real Raiders now?

cheap, high character, average-good athletes for a system? so, IOWs...he's not gonna get big, fast and athletic guys just the kind the NFL/ owners who are advising us want us to have! maybe he wants the old Raiders idea but can they find the talent to build a winner?

NY you're so funny! dude....Getsy? again, we get excited about people we don't know about! to make it worse you say get J. Fields! you mean, give Chicago our draft picks for a guy whose done nothing?

You then have the audacity to bring up a pro bowl, top ten NFL QB like C. Palmer and say it was a mistake for coach Jackson to trade for him. How? who should've been the QB NY? a game manager? your claims start to look less unbeatable when you question them. is trading for a pro-bowl, top ten QB worse than trading two high picks for a WR and letting our best QB walk? yea NY, you want to prove your points but maybe you need to question your and others' claims and not make your or their claims and ask questions for you, Raiders and others.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this got me fired up


4:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, it's infectious, right?

Plus, the Raiders are stacked with coaching on the D side of the ball, with additions like Marvin Lewis and Andre Carter (hired as Pass Rush Specialist to coach up Wilson et al).

And even Getsy makes more sense when you consider Davante Adams had to have been consulted. Getsy was his passing coordinator in GB.

One thing for sure, the Raiders coaches and players will put everything they have out there on the line. Feels like Raiders football just got serious, again.

That does not excuse the process. Smart decisions need to be made! To be continued!

4:42 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon,

I never said the Raiders "SHOULD" get Fields, only that it was a real possibility in a limited field of free agents. Notwithstanding, Fields is a talented QB on a bad team.

You have no idea the cost. Fields might cost the Raiders a second-round pick. Big Deal. We gave a third-round pick for Antonio Brown and you thought that was great ("elite star player" right?). He never played a snap.

And what pro-bowl top-10 QB are you talking about? Palmer? Give me a break. Bengals couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Google it! Every media and blog reported the Raiders overpaid for Palmer. It was a desperation move by Jackson and it never paid off!

Adams is a pro-bowl WR in his prime. We traded a 1st and 2nd for a perennial pro-bowler.

Funny how you said the Raiders never spent enough money on star players but now you say they spent too much on Adams.

Which is it?

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Adams is a WR! what other teams do you think would've done that? only a team with a playoff ready team! this team got rid of its' best QB knowing they didn't have a replacement for him!

Palmer was a pro bowler before and after the Raiders. he IS the best overall QB aside from B. Gradkowski, D. Carr, A. Brooks and J. Campbell that we've had since '03. Why? well, because of the facts. the Bengals didn't suck on offense, he may've been more of a cap problem for them. Hue didn't give up any more than Al did for Seymore who was a pro bowler or the Pat's guys did for Adams.

A pro-bowl WR without a QB to get him the ball vs. a pro bowl QB on a team trying to make the playoffs, trying to win for Al and with the talent to win? you want to try and make me look delusional but how can you expect a WR to succeed if you don't get him the QB to win with? and if you got talent and your starting QB is out why not make a trade for a top ten QB?

a talented QB: J. Fields needs to stay in Chicago! we've been here before and I'm not sure the Bears wouldn't get a first rounder from us. He'd be a talented QB on a mediocre team in L.V.

The Raiders have had chances to sign some top star FAs and refused to do it. They've signed some good players but not the best ones. See, you want to defend their actions but didn't the media/ NFL say new stadiums help pay for star FA's? So whats the problem? you mean, we're richer but still won't spend big on FAs'? you guys still listen to the Raiders'/ NFL's schemes? and aren't complaining/ asking NFL questions? or shutting down the fan zone and having blogs to argue/ complain about the mediocrity and not spending on star FA's and team charging high ticket prices.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Anon…. Look back at those QB names you threw out there as our best QBs
B. Gradkowski, D. Carr, A. Brooks and J. Campbell And Palmer. With talent like that no wonder we stuck with Carr and the false hope he provided for the fan base. I don’t think Fields is a viable starter in this league. Look at the yards he has thrown for, and the TD produced… they aren’t awe inspiring, so what if he can run, there have been a ton of running QB’s over the years and for some reason I can only think of one that won it all but he had to learn to rely on his teammates. And that was Steve young, he started his career as a running qb. A hand full of scramblers have won it. Mahomes is the latest, Russell and Brees…without going into the way way back machine :). And
The most mobile QB that had any kind of real success was Gannon, Hostetler could scramble but was on the backend of those years. And I am only speaking of the winners… the ones with winning records. The majority of winning SB QBs are just scramblers not runners and some of those winners are statues to most pundits when compared to Mahomes or Love or Allen or L Jackson.
IMHO I don’t need a running QB just one that can slide in the pocket or roll for s 1st down when it’s available.
I would argue against using draft capital to get him, but as a Raiders fan I would support him as long as he wore the colors…
If you haven’t read it please give the open letter to Raider Nation from Coach Antonio Pierce, as empowering as anything heard from Coach Gruden on Hard Knocks…great stuff.
Keep Raiding

1:02 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

IMO, Fields is being unfairly criticized for being on a very bad Bears teams which provided him with no support. I don't like that he ran for ~700 yards last year, but I also don't discount his ability to make plays with his feet.

But the Raiders also have some viable draft options, even after the top-3 QBs are off the board. McCarthy threw over 73% completions and 22/4 TD/INT ratio last year... and he's probably not even the best-of-the-rest option (after the top 3 are gone).

I think the Raiders need to trade or sign a vet and draft a QB. Fields and McCarthy could both end up being Raiders next year. While that wouldn't be terrible, my opinion on QBs is still evolving.

After watching both Baker Mayfield and Garner Minshew blow their teams' chances with unforced errors, I'm not lobbying for either of them in the free agent market.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

In your scrambling QB argument, you said Gannon was the Raiders most mobile QB; but I disagree, I think that title belongs to Kenny Stabler. Stabler knew how to move the pocket and avoid pressure, in fact, most people think he and Frank Tarkenton were the "fathers" of the mobile QB.
I will say this, however, I wonder how Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon would have faired in today's league? When he came in the League, there wasn't a coach in the League who knew how to play to their abilities. Both of these QB's, talent-wise, I think are better than Mahomes ever dreams of being. Both were ahead of their time as QBs, and I think had they played in today's league; they would be the ones everyone was talking about. This is why it is so difficult to compare/contrast players from different era's.
Also, if you go back and watch tape of O'Connell in college, you will see that he is a mobile QB who can move around the pocket. I think we don't "hurt" ourselves if they decide to stick with him; but I hope they make that position competitive and he has to earn it.
I feel the same way about the article. I will be 50 this April, and want to suit up as a walk on just for fun. I am still in good shape, however, I have lost some speed; but I'm ready to run through a wall for this guy. I can't imagine how the players feel.

12:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

IDK, Nate. Stabler was a scrambler but Gannon ran with the ball and gained first downs. I'd take either one right now.

A modern RPO QB, like McCarthy or Fields, and O'Connell are polar opposites. I hope Getsy is good enough to coach both.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Hey Raider Nate,
I think both Randall and Warren would have translated well in today’s NFL, I left them and The Snake out because of era and Warren and Randall don’t have a ring. From what I watched of the Bears games down here, It wasn’t as much an offensive call issue than it looked like the QB wasn’t making all the reads. I think Getsy play calling strength is what the Raiders want…they want to run the ball, and I like that!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The L.V. Super Bowl scam: Part I

There's been some awesome super bowl sites. it's one of the biggest pro sports events in America!

Fans love to see it, even when their teams aren't in it. its' the excitement, hype, the celebrities, t.v. commercials and NFL entertainment t.v./ web shows with past SBs'/ MVP stories.

Fans love the Oak./ L.A. history and remember the winning past. They backed the move to L.V. because they thought it would help team find a new culture/ start a different regime but same goals and drive to build a winner. they loved the Oak./ L.A. Coliseum years but felt they deserved a stadium and to get richer to pay for better coaches/ players.

But it hasn't gone the way we thought it would with a few big moments but not much to show for moving there.

Some fans felt it was a great move and that MD made the deal. Well maybe, but was a bad move and about 2 things!..the SUPER BOWL and the money they'll make!

we've argued about this subject; you guys say I'm delusional/ a conspiracy talker; the NFL might've done things against Al in the past but wouldn't do anything that bad; that MD made a great deal/ got good advise to move but the NFL didn't tell him to do it.

* Well, I have some questions for the NFL/ owners about the L.V. move:

the NFL has never really helped the Davis family. why would they advise/ help them move somewhere if it would help them succeed?

why them? if they really thought it was a great place for an NFL team why allow the most hated, mediocre team over the past 20+ years to move there?

the bay area is a huge market, L.V. is a small one with distractions and some shady issues. why would the NFL want a team to leave a bigger market to stay there?

why didn't the NFL give Oakland some money to help build a new stadium?

what team moves to a city where I admit, it got a good deal on rent but it doesn't have a stake in its' stadium?

why didn't they let Raiders move to L.A. if it was just about a stadium? the fan base was already there.

what plans do they have for the Raiders after the super bowl?

Wow! I know not everything is conspiracy but IMO...things don't make sense. you guys think its' just black and white and it was all on Al and MD made a great move but there is a lot to make a claim about but again a lot to prove is nothing strange to it. I'll be back with more you can set up argue or opinions or just wait for more, I'll be back with more if you want to answer these questions you might prove I am wrong but I'll be back with more to read in part II of my story.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

why didn't the NFL give Oakland some money to help build a new stadium? The Raiders offered 5 different plans with the NFL for a smaller stadium, with investors wanting a tax break and the land across the highway. The city and county rejected all offers. In fact, the A's owner offered the same 5 plans that the Raiders did, and were rejected. The funny thing is Vegas is rejecting them for a stadium too, and the Raiders are behind it because the A's did the same to the Raiders when they offered their deals to try and stay in Oakland.

what team moves to a city where I admit, it got a good deal on rent but it doesn't have a stake in its' stadium? What team doesn't move to this city with the deal they got? It increased the team's value by almost a billion dollars in revenue.

why didn't they let Raiders move to L.A. if it was just about a stadium? the fan base was already there. 2 reasons. First, the League told Mark that if he dropped Al's lawsuit for the LA Market, they would help the Raiders and Rams move back to LA. Second, once the lawsuit was dropped, the Rams' owner was approved to build a stadium in LA, he blocked the Raiders from being a part of it, the same way Al did when he was wanting to build his stadium in Irwindale. This is what drove a wedge between Mark and Roger Goodell, and further separated the two when Goodell forced Gruden to resign.

what plans do they have for the Raiders after the super bowl? The only plans for the Raiders are up to the Raiders. Mark has every right to act like his dad and sue the League, over Los Angeles and Gruden. I am not sure Mark will do it; but he is in control of the Raiders destiny. I think, if anything, the League tries and force Mark Davis to sell the team like they did with Dan Snyder.

9:03 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Oakland and Alameda County were penny wise and pound foolish. Having the Raiders and the A's (and Warriors before them) stay in Oakland would have been good for their economies, not to mention all the community support major sports franchises provide.

Incentives didn't need to cost the public anything. Nominal ground rent, low-interest financing, tax incentives against construction costs, etc. IMO, retaining at least one of these franchises was in the public interest and they went 0-3.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, I disagree the Raiders move to Las Vegas cuz someone gave them free money Oakland wasn't willing to do that and Mark couldn't afford to build a stadium without him. I feel bad for Oakland and I don't blame them for losing their teams they don't have enough teachers and police who sure as hell should come before football. Sandy

1:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, this was an ongoing process for years. The Raiders negotiated in good faith with Oakland until the bitter end. Vegas wasn't even on the table when much of the discussions took place. I might be wrong, but I seem to remember that Oakland/Alameda wanted to charge the Raiders a premium price for the underlying land and weren't lifting a finger to retain the Raiders. They even continued to raise the rent on the old stadium... which, reportedly, had a sewer issue.

Feel bad for Oakland? Absolutely Not! It's not an accident they lost three major franchises in such a short period.

The NFL resisted Vegas, which became a late entry in the Raiders sweepstakes. It was only then that the monetary differences became obvious and unsurmountable for Oakland... and the NFL embraced the move.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Sandy, the Raiders had investors to help build a city walk at the old Howard Terminal; all they were asking the city and county for was a tax break to build it. They said no. The narrative was the same for the Golden State Warriors and the A's. In fact, the A's used the same investors and plans that the Raiders used; with the same strategy. Oakland/Alameda said no. Also, what was weird about the A's is that they moved several times to block the Raiders plans with Oakland/Alameda.
NY, not only did Oakland/Alameda continue to raise rent and not fix the issues; the for President Marc Badain and the financial office over paid by 3 times the amount; which is why Mark cleaned house in the front office. It has since come out that this was earnest money being paid to try and keep the Raiders in Oakland and get the Howard Terminal for the city walk. The politicians took the money and ran in bad faith. It's a shame.

9:05 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Maxx Crosby said Gruden threatened to cut him as a rookie.

That demonstrates the Raiders (Gruden) had no idea what they drafted in Maxx Crosby.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Nate, other Anon and NY Raider,

If you guys want to blame Oakland/ Alameda County's incompetence, bad coliseum, sewage and MD's genius then you are trying to make it- Oakland standing up to owners, sad for Oakland but they had other problems and a black and white/ no conspiracies in this story.

Well actually, it wasn't Oakland, that was a scam. The NFL played us, they planned to move us to L.V. for a super bowl! They used powerful people to help block an Oakland stadium. They used the A's, Oakland's other issues and the Coliseum City none sense to stall until the lease was up and the team could leave.

The NFL wanted Raiders to share a stadium with S.F. or L.A.- Raiders said "no". They said no to Raiders moving to L.A. getting their own stadium. They were looking at moving an NFL team to L.V. and knew they could make huge profits there. The Raiders were the last team they wanted there, they wanted a winning team there.

But the problem was most NFL cities could build stadiums, L.V. was a small market, had distractions and shady issues. It would be risky for teams to move there so the league almost trashed the plan but then there was a chance! MD took over the team and wow! if they could get some say in team and maybe the Oakland deal(s) is stalled, then there was a chance.

They probably looked at asking some of the 31 NFL teams about L.V. and maybe didn't want that 'other team', the Raiders there. But, they need a stadium, Al is gone, the fans will follow them- win or lose and if they lose revenue the league will still make money off them.

They move the team, block an Oakland deal, help put the team in debt somehow get the Raiders to not own a stake in the new stadium and they even get to see mediocrity making big money in L.V.

Fans still believe the NFL did this to help the Raiders. Money and a stadium ain't bringing wins or loyalty and class and I think maybe you guys need to look into the Raiders/ owners' actions.

If there is success and mediocrity fine, but when you keep losing for years, have the same game plans and haven't really had success then something wrong. We've listened to the hype but shouldn't we start complaining/ questioning the NFL/ Raiders? IMO...if they're not telling us what to/ and what we can't do then I might deserve the jokes, mean comments and criticism you guys have attacked me with or its' something, a mystery I can't understand. Maybe its' a mystery/ something I can't understand or maybe you guys are right and there's nothing unusual happening but if they did this for the SB/ big money then we should ask "What about the Raiders' future after the SB"?

7:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Please show us one media report that backs up your story. Or any of your stories.

The Oakland deal fell apart in public meetings which you can go back and watch.

The Raiders and Chargers were on the short list to share a stadium with the Rams in LA. The Chargers were picked, and the NFL was forced to acquiesce to the Raiders move, which Mark Davis was directly involved. At that juncture, negotiations with Oakland had already failed.

Where do you get all your fictions?

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmm....dude, I understand how much you want to make this an easily explained, sad but true story of Al and Oakland messing up, but that's not the truth and can't make much sense.

Al was one of the best sports business people in American sports history if not the best, he motivated owners to move or threaten/ scare cities into given them public money. He
didn't need to over he wasn't trying to build coliseum

The Chargers prove my point after all those years in San Diego they screw their fans and move back to L.A. and share a stadium after all the talk about owning your own thing. The NFL was behind it, they offered money and investment to the Chargers to screw SD. When the city offered the Chargers public money, they said "no"! After all the NFL's hype about loyalty and supporting NFL cities keep their teams they bribe the Chargers into sharing a stadium in L.A.

Dude..the Chargers didn't move because they couldn't get a stadium in SD or like Oakland-SD had big crime and was broke...No, it was greed and chasing investment!

That might show that the NFL will do things to make revenue, they were behind the Chargers leaving SD and the Raiders leaving Oakland! they decided to risk moving to L.V. and the Raiders were there to screw over! No way they'd move 31 other teams there if they weren't sure they'd make big revenue and succeed.

The NFL wanted a stadium to have a super bowl and the Raiders made it happen. Oakland is a far better place than L.V. for football. Powerful groups stopped the Oakland stadium thing. Oakland seemed to sound strong, and committed to doing right when they publicly claimed they wouldn't give their teams public money but it was the NFL/ owners and powerful groups trying to block a deal in Oakland.

Dude...the very facts that the city of Oakland offered the A's money to stay and the Chargers rejected SD's offers of public money show the NFL was behind one and was having some part in the other.

The Chargers had the money and the city of Oakland wasn't making sense even if wanted to reject team owners, the A's and the coliseum city scam help stall a Raiders' deal and it made no sense and now it really looks questionable.

12:02 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

You talk in circles and you get it all wrong.

The NFL didn't pay the Chargers, nor did they coerce them to move from SD. It cost the Chargers $645 million in relocation fees to make the move. That's how much the Chargers thought of the deal they were offered in SD. They paid the NFL owners over a half billion to leave. There was no fee (ZERO) for them to stay in SD.

Same with the Rams and Raiders, which both paid a relocation fee to make their respective moves.

If you're going to write something factual, at least have the courtesy to look up the facts.

What public money did Al receive?

Al moved the Raiders to an aging LA Coliseum because LA is a much larger market. Then he moved the Raiders back to an aging Alameda stadium which was shared with the A's, after which one or both parties reneged on their agreement.

Pretty tough to spin that.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

City of Oakland not making sense: Did they offer the A's money after the Raiders left? it was A's who tried to move for years before Raiders did, they went to the media about the city/ coliseum but now with a complex to own or land in another part of Oakland they refuse to stay there and want to harass MD by moving to L.V. in a terrible area for a stadium! I thought Oakland was broke?

The Chargers: A good and military/ conservative city their own stadium and a loyal fan base and they move to L.A. They share a stadium when owners talk about having their own things? the NFL asked them to move to L.A. and both rejected San Diego's offers.

Now NY!, San Diego offered public money! So the Chargers/ NFL screwed SD! they wouldn't take SD's offer to share a stadium with the Rams! It was about greed not about helping the Chargers or because SD was broke or didn't make a good offer.

It may not be hard evidence of NFL corruption but it shows it could be some facts to my points.

MD isn't making the decisions and has said that many times! you guys were the ones who said he was a genius for the L.V. move but when the Raiders make mediocre/ bad personnel moves and keep losing even after getting talent you want him to give control to others if not sell the team.

L.V. billionaires and big shots wouldn't let them move to L.V. if they didn't accept things Al or most other owners wouldn't.

They are valuable as far as ownership goes, but they aren't winning yet. This value thing is a billionaire's scheme were all you do is invite other billionaires/ corporations or groups to buy a stake in your team making it wealthier.

11:33 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Show me any media report which says Mark Davis is not making decisions. Just one report!

You don't get it. You keep trying to reinvent your story, which still makes no sense.

Oakland-Alameda went 0-3 is retaining their three major sports franchises. Full stop!

The Rams, Chargers and Raiders collectively paid over $1.6 billion dollars in relocation fees to leave their respective cities for other markets.

To suggest billionaires wouldn't let the Raiders move to LV is complete nonsense, except that a few cranky NFL owners were jealous that the Raiders would relocate to the richest city in the country.

IMO, you might want to step away from the edge on this one. The facts keep getting in your way.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super Bowl scam: part II

So whats going on in L.V., L.A. and Oakland was 'black' and white', taking rumors/ news of some corruption and ignoring unshakable fact its' a normal/ good planning business(NFL) and making up fantasies; Al/ Oakland caused the mess and there's no conspiracies? you guys don't think they would do things to a team/ person to get 'payback' after feuding for years and to stop them from ruining their revenue schemes?

No, they weren't moved by NFL or powerful groups for SB 58. it's been bad decisions that made us losers since '03 with Al's dysfunction and '12 with the new regimes and all of their problems? Its' taking stories and ignoring solid facts..nothing strange/ unusual.

* Well, here's some more questions, opinions and some rumors to look at:

with the SB over with what about us?

L.V. is a wealthy city a winning team could get richer and the NFL might get some of it and have a chance to get more investment and they helped Raiders move there so why aren't the Raiders winning more and getting star FAs? why move a team that isn't winning to L.V.? is that how the NFL helped us? maybe they can help us get some star FAs',maybe then can help us find a QB and get discounts on NFL merchandise and tickets

whats all this new stake holder talk lately?why is MD to selling stock in the team?

they were moved to L.V. for SB 58 and to possibly start the process of getting them from the Davis family.

do you think Al would've left CA even with all of L.V.'s wealth? I don't think so!

whose advising the Raiders? they didn't interview the elite HCs', haven't signed a top star FA and again went with the game manager/ tough guy HC. was that good advise?

so Oakland/ L.A. couldn't put deals together? what about SD? didn't NFL want a 2 team stadium in L.A. and a team in L.V.? you seriously believe they didn't help stop deals in S.D. and Oakland?

the Davis family did a lot for Raidernation and the NFL- do you support the NFL trying to get them out of the league?

The C. Jones issue and his accusations- is that still an issue?

did you love, like or hate the super bowl?

* Hey, what was Elway doing at the SB?

It could be conspiracy talk but isn't that another Al/ Raiders' enemy at the Raiders' home. Wow! S.F., K.C. and Elway!?

6:34 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Anon why don’t you put a name on your post, enemy teams play in someone else’s stadium happens in almost every year, this is our first time in recent memory….why ? Because it’s the first time in a long time we don’t play in a dump and the surrounding area can support a superbowl crowd. Holy crap Elway was in our building… so what, now he will know how lacking Mile high stadium is. And Anon if you don’t think Al wouldn’t move to Las Vegas then you are wrong, Al loved Vegas. Side note, if SF had Maxx instead of Bosa they win hands down, don’t know how he ranks higher than Maxx.
On to the off season and the draft.

2:40 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon can't figure out why the Raiders have been so bad in the face of all the genius that has surrounded them over the past 22 years. He thinks the NFL made decisions for them and stymied their genius (and they still are... Anon repeats over and over that the NFL didn't allow MD to interview Harbaugh).

Anon, there are literally years of media available to you about these stadium moves. Why do you feel the need to fabricate stories?

The Spanos family tried for years to secure a new stadium deal in SD. The NFL didn't want either team to move, but local negotiations became untenable for both teams. Did you miss the part where the Chargers, Rams and Raiders paid the other NFL owners over $1.6 billion in relocation fees to leave their former cities? That's how much they wanted to stay.

I'll ask again. Please show me one media report that even suggests someone else was making decisions for Mark Davis. That seems to be your common theme.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NFL crowned the Chiefs again as champions in our home. If you have seen videos of Crosby's reaction; he was pissed. I was pissed to see Elway come in and present the trophy, why him? Why not a Raiders' player like Plunkett, Allen (who used to play with the Chiefs) or Montana (who also used to play with the 49ers and Chiefs)? That made no sense to me at all.
I like what Crosby has said since the Super Bowl. He said he is glad they won, because he wants the Raiders to be the team that knocks them off their pedestal. I hope every Raiders' fan takes it personal that they came into our house and won the Super Bowl. I hope every Raiders' fan takes it personal that the League allowed Elway to walk in and present the trophy. I took it as rubbing our faces in poop.
The League may not be as blatantly trying to control the Raiders as one might suggest, but they are taking shots at the Raiders as often as they can, and not so subtly. AP talks about the disrespect the Raiders get from the League and officials; but we have to come out and handle business. We got to move past that and prove to ourselves that we can win. It is what I gleaned from the Al Davis tribute video before the Super Bowl. The NFL didn't want AFL teams to be successful against their teams when they merged; especially the Raiders because Al wanted to be the new Commissioner. That narrative continued throughout his life as he filed lawsuit after lawsuit against the League. The last remaining lawsuit that was unresolved when he passed in 2011 was over the controlling market of Los Angeles. Mark Davis dropped that lawsuit in good faith, in hopes to be able to move the Raiders back because of being railroaded out by Oakland/Alameda. The League gave that to Kroenke because he was funding his own stadium; who then personally blocked the Raiders out like Al had done the Rams in 1994.
Maxx Crosby saw it when he didn't even get 1 vote for defensive player of the year, and he's pissed! He wants to win a Super Bowl for Mark and the Raiders to jab back at the League that is disrespecting them as a team. The "Al Davis way" in this respect is what needs to come back. We can complain about disrespect from the League, conspiracies against us, etc.; but the way we hit back is JUST WIN, BABY!

8:43 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's a lot of ancient history. IMO, fans should stop blaming the NFL for the Raiders becoming modern age losers. Every team has to navigate the league and the game officials. Does anyone actually believe the officials are only call bad games against the Raiders? The Raiders had two games last year with zero penalties. How did that happen in this conspiracy environment?

Honestly, the discussion above (Al Anon) about how the Raiders are always getting screwed by the NFL is too much, and inaccurate.

The Raiders being denied the move to LA, to rent from the Rams and share their stadium, was a blessing for Mark Davis. Chargers are "second team" in the Rams stadium. I can't see the Raiders wanting that outcome.

But here's the proof!

Forbes value comparison before and after moving into new stadiums.

2018 vs 2023

Raiders value went from $2.38B to $6.5B (+173% increase)
Chargers value went from $2.275B to $4.15B (+82% increase)

The Raiders almost tripled in value. What do you think will happen if they can scratch together a winning season? The value is sure to increase again, perhaps significantly.

So please dispense with the poor, poor Raiders. It's tiring and inaccurate. Nobody is keeping the Raiders from hiring the coaches they want, signing or drafting the players they want, nor are the refs intentionally calling games against the Raiders. They're just bad refs!

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, no way the Raiders would be second most popular if they had gone to LA. There's still the most popular team in Los Angeles and it's not close. The Rams block the Raiders moving because they didn't want them dominating the market. Sandy

3:13 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Nate its not just the Raiders getting their noses rubbed in it, ol' Johnny the donkey I'm sure is less than thrilled to hand the trophy over to another AFC West team and I would think making an ex Raider great do it would have been over the top. Don't the Chiefs have any ex greats that would like to present a trophy to the team? Or maybe they don't treat their ex players with the respect the Raiders do.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Side note if you watch the interview with Coach AP and Keyshawn Johnson and his son it's very enlightening. Lots of people interviewed that weren't reported on,the Raiders just being quiet about their business while its getting done. FWIW

3:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, I never said Raiders would be "second most popular." My understanding is that the Rams own and/or control their stadium. Not sure about the Rams blocking the Raiders. Where did you hear that?

Do you believe the Raiders would want to share a stadium with anybody after so many years sharing one with the A's?

All you need to know is the valuations I posted earlier. Mark Davis might on occasion make stupid decisions but he's no dummy.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Nate and NY Raider,

To Raidernation!,

The 49ers made the SB, they were lead by Mr. Irrelevant and they almost won it. We can't really talk about them. We need to worry about what this team is doing especially in a rebuilding year/ reloading? We need a huge draft and to spend big in free agency! So, the two enemy teams/ hater fan bases went to the SB in the Raiders' home..o.k. that was tough to watch but they were very good/ elite teams and it was great for them and their fans. But after taking a break we need to cheer for the Raiders building a winning culture and trying to make the playoffs next/ this year!

O.K. the reason IMO...they moved the Raiders to L.V. was to:

1. to use them to build a stadium so they can have a super bowl.

2. as 'payback' to Al for years of running over them. L.V. is wealthy but has shady issues and distractions. they'll be stuck in a palace with advisers not letting them hire elite HCs or spend big on star FAs..just be mediocre. Win or lose NFL will still make money off them.

3. it might lead to the Davis family eventually selling the team.

The NFL claims it wanted cities to keep their teams but when the Rams wanted to move back to L.A. the NFL came up with a two team stadium. The city of San Diego offered a new stadium...the Chargers rejected it! why? because the NFL was behind it! With area to build/ renovate a stadium, big talk-with public money and a loyal fan base they 'screwed' them for L.A.! you can say it was to stay with other teams(?) but is that right? was that how to run a business?

Oakland made decent offers to Raiders before Al passed about 3-4 years before he passed('07-'11) then it got strange/ comical and ridiculous. A new Mayor told the world "no public money"! to pro teams, a scam- 'Coliseum City' stalled/ ruined plans and the A's slowed/ stalled stadium plans.

It WAS billionaires, owners and powerful people who blocked an Oakland stadium and from moving to L.A. and no L.V. had a shining reputation and was a good place for an NFL team to succeed they wouldn't let us move there.

If L.V. helped the Raiders the NFL would've blocked the move. They'd want another team there. They wouldn't want a team to leave a big market and risk upsetting their fan bases, shady issues and distractions.

6:58 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon saga. The story keeps changing.

This time, "as payback to Al for years of running over them," the NFL moved the Raiders to Las Vegas, the only market which Mark Davis could instantly triple the value of his franchise.

Some payback!

Are you kidding?!

Show us one media post that corroborates anything you've posted here. One fringe article or blog that even whiffs in the direction of your theories.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Aussie, apparently the "good" Chiefs players from the past that are still around were most well known on other teams (Marcus Allen, Joe Montana).
NY, the Rams were approved by the NFL to build in LA because Kroenke was using his own money. But it came with the caveat that the Raiders or Chargers would rent the building too. Kroenke blocked the Raiders from going to LA because he would be second tier in his own house; and because Al blocked the Rams from sharing a stadium he was trying to build in Irwindale in the 90's. But like I said earlier too, the only reason why the NFL even considered the Rams was because Mark Davis dropped his dad's lawsuit that was forcing the issue that the Raiders owned the LA Market and no other team could be considered to move there unless the NFL proved that there was a better market for that team. To be honest, Al rolled over in his grave when Mark dropped that lawsuit. Like you have told Al anon, there are multiple news resources that affirm this.
The bottom line on that is that it was better for the Raiders because their value increased. LA is stuck with 2 subpar teams, but makes good money when the Raiders come to town. Again, another home away from home.
The Irwindale "Raider Crater" as it is known today can still be seen on the 210, near the 605 across the highway from the Miller/Coors factory. It is on Foothill Blvd and Irwindale Ave. Al owned, not only the "Raider Crater" but a good portion of land around it (for parking) around the crater. As you can see today, it is being developed with shopping and homes; a lot of which did not exist when he began building. The $10 million of the city's incentives for the Raiders to move there was mostly tax breaks to build and earnest money to entice them to moving there.
It is near one of the colleges I tried out for baseball for, Azusa Pacific University; which ended up being a rival to the University I went to (California Baptist University). I'd go visit the Raider Crater every time I went to Azusa. A lot has changed in the 28 years since. I took my family there in 2022 for vacation when we went to LA, and showed them the places I grew up. Here is a website about the Raider Crater:

8:31 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, thanks for that clarification. If true, the Rams own the stadium and should absolutely have a say who they share it with. Why should we care what the Rams wanted? It's not some NFL thing that screwed the Raiders. The Raiders ended up far better off... or at least Mark Davis did.

With that said, it was well published that if the Chargers did not move to LA, the Raiders would have to share the Rams stadium if they were to relocate.

Seems like the Chargers decision to move to LA and the Raiders moving to Vegas was a gift to the Davis family. Why are folks treating it as some nefarious thing?

Can someone (with facts and reasonable thinking) explain to me how the Raiders got screwed? Because I'm not seeing it.

btw, thanks for the link.

9:46 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This part stuck out at me about the Raider Crater...

"Negotiations fell apart, and the Raiders left with $10 million of the City's incentive money...."

I remember very little about this proposal, except that Davis controlled the land, if only temporarily. But the statement above, if true, goes squarely against claims of how righteous Al Davis was. Now, I understand there are two sides to a story, but it sounds like the Raiders screwed Irwindale.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Making it very clear to you because I don't want to confuse or make post that change the stories. Sometimes I don't post things saying what I want to say!


IMO..the NFL, billionaires, owners and corporate people made decisions for the Raiders that Al would NEVER go for because they didn't really benefit the team more than the league.

1. moving the Raiders to L.V., no Al wasn't serious about that because CA offered L.A. and Oakland markets which are bigger.

2. Al would be upset about the L.A. move and right he wouldn't want to share a stadium but he probably wanted to move to another area in L.A. The NFL kept the Raiders from L.A.

3. the Raiders used to focus on Raidernation but they've gotten corporate and lied about new stadiums/ value of a team paying for star FAs' then not spending big on them. that's probably their advisers giving them advise.

* The NFL asked/ offered a deal to the Chargers to move to L.A. The NFL proved its about greed, power and money schemes. They say publicly teams should stay in their cities maybe need help to build new stadiums and move only when they can't get it. But they told, asked the Chargers to reject San Diego to help make big money in L.A.

The NFL told the Rams the same things; the city of St. Louis offered public money but the Rams 'screwed' their fans and even tried to blame the inner city for the move! No, the NFL had a deal for was a money scheme and for more power. IMO..I feel they belonged in L.A. but they didn't move back for the fans, it was about money.

Better off in L.V.? Oakland or L.A. is a better place for them. They were moved to L.V. for the SB. It helped the whole league more than it did the Raiders. They left a dump stadium, money and crime problems in Oakland and L.A. for a famous/ wealthy city. But they also lost some control, don't own their stadium, are in a small market, weather issues, businesses/ people are always trying to buy a stake and L.V. can have shady and other issues.

Value?: that's great for them, they're wealthier but what about integrity? the NFL claimed teams needed new stadiums to help pay for star FAs'. But after getting one the Raiders haven't spent big on them.

The NFL wouldn't let them move to L.V. if it weren't for risks with revenue, fan bases and shady issues. They'd look for/ let one of their 31 teams move there and support it succeeding.

Yep, the NFL did stuff for money and lied. the Rams and Chargers both pushed off money/ land and listened to the NFL for bigger money. They weren't being mistreated and not offered money by their cities they just listened to the league.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Hi Anon,
I have a few answers to you questions/statements IMO..

1. moving the Raiders to L.V., no Al wasn't serious about that because CA offered L.A. and Oakland markets which are bigger.

It doesnt matter what AL would do, the market in Vegas has changed significantly there since the early 2000's and he wasn't there to make the choice. MD did what he thought best for the Raiders. He First tried Oakland for didn't work out, Then he put in his own purposed site, it wasn't a combined stadium with the Rams initially, the Rams were allowed to build there by the NFL but they had to share the stadium so the Raiders put in for that only to be rejected for the Chargers who had to pay a monster relocation fee. This is what made MD so mad, he dropped the suit against the league for the rights to LA and in the end didn't get anything for it. That is when He started exploring LV and got the backing of Jerry Jones that helped sway the NFL.

2. Al would be upset about the L.A. move and right he wouldn't want to share a stadium but he probably wanted to move to another area in L.A. The NFL kept the Raiders from L.A.
Again Al is dead and can't make that decision... but if you told him he would nearly Triple the evaluation price of his team in 4 years, you can bet your bottom dollars he would have made that decision.IMO

3. the Raiders used to focus on Raidernation but they've gotten corporate and lied about new stadiums/ value of a team paying for star FAs' then not spending big on them. that's probably their advisers giving them advise.

No spending on Free agents?... where are you living?
they spent on DC...Highest paid qb with his contract at the time 5yr 125 mil. re upped him with 3 yr 121.5 mil.
re upped Maxx with a 98 million dollar contract,
signed Chandler Jones 3yr 51 million...right thats chump change...
Ol' Trent Brown 4yrs 66 mil.
Hunter 2 year 32 million.
they spend in FA...maybe not on the FA that we want but they spend. lets see what kind of talent this batch of coaches can bring in.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that the season is over we can take a look back at the 2023 draft it was horrible for the Raiders. One year is too early to call any player a bust but Tyree Wilson played like one in his first year so did jacorian Bennett Michael Mayer the tight end was pretty crappy they picked some defensive tackle Brian Young who didn't even make the field all year I can't really remember who else they drafted pretty awful. Sandy

4:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon, Oakland is a small market compared to LA, and Vegas is probably the largest transient visitation market in the world. Even if you're measuring these markets by population (which is not monetary), your suggestion makes no sense. Also, CA has about the highest state income tax in the country. Nevada state income tax is zero.

As Aussie Raider points out with detail, your assertions about the Raiders not spending big money on free agents is patently false. Your keep repeating this in spite of these facts being presented to you over and over. Why?

7:45 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, IMO, it's still premature to make too harsh judgement on the 2023 draft class. Clearly, Mayer has real potential. He's a bruiser (AP calls him Big Mike) with good hands. Aiden O'Connell ended the season with 8 TDs and 0 INTs over his last 4 games. He's at minimum a serviceable backup for years to come... far better than Hoyer.

It's plausible Tre Tucker could take over for Renfrow next year. Bennett was inconsistent, at best, but definitely showed athletic skills. NFL CB is a tough position to just step into.

Tyree Wilson had a lingering foot injury, and he came on toward the end of the year. Probably more revealing was the huge leap made by Koonce. I think the Raiders could easily solve their edge needs by bolstering the rotation opposite Crosby.

I would agree that DT picks (4) over the past two years by past regime appear to have all failed. One area they needed most, they miserably failed.

IMO, it's a little early to pass or fail these guys.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider,

True, L.A. is a bigger market and L.V. is a huge tourist attraction. But Oakland has all of the Bay Area and its' fan bases come from all over CA. L.V. is awesome but not really a place to play pro football. Its' a distraction, has weather issues and still needs revenue from corporations/ businesses that don't need tourism to succeed but the 2 CA cities get more chances for it.

The Raiders spent big on FA?: The new regimes didn't/ never spend big on elite free agents! They listened to the NFL about building a team. as much as the media hyped 'model franchise' way(conservative, coach 'em up, high character) football, I noticed N.E. signed elite FAs(Talib, Revis) but a mediocre team(Raiders) wouldn't do it.

They tried to lock in a franchise QB(D. Carr) bring back a top HC(Gruden II) and paid some big contracts to good players but I don't know if those other guys got guaranteed contracts but the Raiders didn't spend big on elite free agents!

BTW..they also started doing strange things and started trading/ releasing some of them and getting rid of players that could help them succeed.

Its' tough in CA for businesses with the big taxes but they have more options and opportunities than NV. Teams have more land and revenue options than NV and probably have better ways for fans to get to live games. Its' great to have zero taxes but you have more chances to make revenue and fans might be able to travel better.

Wow Raidernation! you guys want to prove they are doing great moving and stadium and moving on from their past I say there was corruption and use ideas from past. we argue but we all love this team and I might be wrong and need to check my claims and you guys might want to also.

2:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al anon. Do you have something oozing out of your ear, like your brain? Kidding!

LV is "not a place to play pro football"? Huh? Says who? That's nonsense!

"Because of the weather"? It's a climate-controlled stadium.

Your insistence that the Raiders never spent on players could not be more untrue. It's exactly opposite of what you say. How many times do we need to repost the list of players and record contracts that the Raiders executed over the past couple years.

Dvanate Adams ($140,000,000 contract!), Jimmy Garoppolo and Jakobi Meyers account for almost $65M per year, just these three guys!

Raiders also signed their own FAs to huge contracts, including Derek Carr, Hunter Renfrow and Maxx Crosby.

Then you have Marcus Epps, Robert Spillane, Jerry Tillery and many many more.

What are you talking about?!

Nobody is "trying to prove" anything. We just don't get hung up in non-truths like you do.

Your denial of facts is stunning.

11:06 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Chiefs exercised an option on Chris Jones contract, meaning he won't be available as a FA. Sneed is also a FA, and the Chiefs can't tag two players.

As has been mentioned by others before me, there are plenty of free agents who are gonna want to play for Antonio Pierce and pay zero income tax in Nevada.

This could get interesting.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, its' a climate controlled stadium! that's cool for most teams but teams like the Browns, Steelers, 49ers and Raiders like to play outdoors especially when it can give you an ace in sleeve/ edge. Snow and rain isn't fun for the fans but could help a team win a game.

L.V. is a tourist/ vacation and fun events/ luxury business leader but its' a small market and has shady issues that the NFL used to not want to be associated with and that could cause problems for players. It makes it tough for big fan bases to support the team by forcing them to travel and spend more for live games. Oh yea, its' wealthy and a lot of teams probably thought about moving there but most NFL cities are larger and their fan bases are basically in the same state and can travel cheaper to live games and they can still get revenue and public money where they are if they can con, scam and intimidate their cities and they also can get money and investment in their cities and keep the fan base happy.

5:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Oh boy! That makes sense to you?

Las Vegas is the "Entertainment Capital of the World." I didn't just coin that.

10s of billions of dollars flow thru LV each year and the city has more hotel rooms to accommodate guests than any city. It's ideally suited for transient activities, like pro football. And Vegas has some of the cheapest flights and resort rooms ($34 to stay at Rio Casino... I just looked it up!).

Vegas is good enough for UNLV football but not for the Raiders..., who you believe should play outdoors in Cleveland or Pittsburgh conditions?

I would love to hear you make that argument to Mark Davis or the NFL.

BTW, the Raiders and the NFL don't care how much it costs, as long as they sellout. Supply and demand.

Hey, I wanted the Raiders to stay in Oakland, but that didn't happen... and nobody is happier about it than Mark Davis... and every player and employee who went from 13%-14% state income tax to zero percent.

Sin City!

4:44 AM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

I think the idea against an open air stadium are multiple, wear and tear from the desert sun for one. Can you imagine sitting on bleacher seats in the direct sun in a concrete stadium in late August early September?….you would have the world’s largest air fryer and draw no crowds and be the laughing stock of the league, instead the Probowl/ superbowl caliber players that have been using the facilities are singing its praises and recognising the gem the Raiders have….time for them to match that product on the field!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Take,

Al's/ Telesco's his front offices:

Well, the last time we got guys from L.A. to run the team we got one of the best franchises in pro sports history. The Raiders hired Al as a HC and he then was allowed to run the team.

This time we get an good but not great GM and we have all kinds of rumore, questions, facts and opinions about him.

The new Telesco regime/ they'll probably try to build a defense and sign a veteran QB, I hope so, they need to get a qb in the lower rounds.

Al's regime/ he'd bring in his front office slowly, keeping some of the other regimes guys. he'd bring in a lot of veterans and try to wheel and deal in the draft. I think he'd draft a DL with the first pick and draft OL in the second.

Al's coaches/ Al would look for a young OC type. Experience wouldn't be that important, a guy like coach Pierce might be a choice but Al might want an OC type that can work with QBs' and make plays.

Telesco's coaches/ Tolesco didn't pick any of the assistants so its' hard to say. he claims the same things as Al so we'll have to see. he had veterans and those OC type HCs' with L.A./ SD.

Al's game plan/ Al's wants to win but he's gonna draft big, fast guys and hire he coaches that can lead them and bring something to make them better. He's gonna spend big and bring in guys to help win. He'll sign washed up/ older veterans to help the younger players. He'll bring in guys to help the special teams. He wants NFL men to help the coaches with the assistants and players so he might bring in older NFL men to watch and advise them.

Telesco's game plan/ We don't know but in San Diego and L.A. he had good drafts and some claim- he had bad ones. He'll run the team and let coach Piece coach I guess he'll advise coach Pierce. He'll probably draft for defense first and sign a veteran QB this year. He'll use the defensive assistants to help him run the team. He probably will draft a QB after going for defense first. He bought in a Chargers' front office guy so he might want to run things himself and not share his plans with the assistants every time.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey NY and Aussie,

It wasn't me that came up with the idea that outdoor stadiums are supposed to be better because they allegedly make players tougher! that is old NFL ideas.

You know like the 'high character, discipline and passion over star/ athletically gifted, attitude star guys' ideas we have today.

FOA..I see you need a domed stadium in L.V. year round! that' not good to me but it's not all that bad! the bigger problem is the lack of care for the fans these owners don't want parking lots and

In L.A./ Oakland you get good weather, when it does rain or storm its' rare and it might give the home team an edge. It room to move around outside like a parking why do these new stadium have small or no parking lots?

Both have huge revenue streams because they are huge markets. Oakland has the whole bay area and L.A. has almost everything. They're fan bases are all over CA and the fans can get to those games. you don't need tourism to fill your stadium or ummmm....transient fan bases! That Vegas money is why the Raiders and not another team is there. No way would the NFL let the Raiders move there if there wasn't some kind of risks they didn't think was worth dealing with! FOA..NFL cities might give public money and build stadiums to keep their teams and they have deals for more revenue why risk angering fans and losing money in L.V.? But if you moved somebody that you don't worry about failing you can get that L.V. money, if they win great but if they fail you still make money off them.

that's what L.V. is to the NFL! they didn't move us there to help us!-it was for SB 58!

they got 'pay back' and no L.V. isn't a good place for an NFL team! MD isn't their genius friend and they like Raidernation and gave us L.V. to see us succeed, they've tampered and gave bad advise and watched us lose, they've done things to see us lose and now they can make huge money of us they send us to a wealthy city and make us more valuable and have a new stadium and a lot of L.V. big shots hanging around. We were put in a palace but are losing our culture, connection with the fans and maybe the commitment to winning, the politics/ ideas Al had/ other things team stood for and we're a mediocre team and losing for years. The league did all of this to help us? the wealth has made us successful? we're better off in L.V. and they don't have hostilities and issues with us? they didn't put us in a small market because they wanted L.V. money and we have money/ stadium but are still mediocre.
they knew even if they didn't get big revenue from L.V. and deals with L.V. corps/ businesses fail and an NFL team couldn't succeed and fans didn't spend in L.V., Raidernation would follow Raiders and spend in L.V. so they'd still make money.

1:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Parking lots? Huh?

You don't get it. Las Vegas is a world class destination market. It doesn't matter if the Raiders win or lose, the stadium will always sell out. Mark Davis tripled his worth. Why do you begrudge him that? It's the smartest thing (maybe the only smart thing) he's done since taking over.

The Raiders have played in Oakland and they've played in LA, and they eventually failed in both cities. They failed at football and failed to fill the stadiums with fans, even with massive blocks of seats blocked off.

You're an historian of the Raiders, but you seem to have a selective memory.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, you seemed to have missed the whole point why Mark moved the Raiders…. Revenue flow! The Raiders had issues with money, this is no secret, it was one of the reasons why we lost Khalil Mack.
Mark made it clear that he needed a new stadium to attract player talent and fix money flow.
Now having a new stadium has allowed Mark to have more cash on had which is necessary with guaranteed contracts all the money that is guaranteed go into an escrow account, so if you have 53 players with some sort of guarantee in their Contract that’s a chunk of change.
If you look back at the worth of the Raiders since 2002 to 2023. It goes from 421m in 02 to 861m in 2008 which would be right before the market crash (GFC) and dropped in worth until Al passed away, (781m) where it stay somewhat stagnant unit 2015 when it jumped and passed a billion dollars in worth for the first time. Yet the Raiders ranked 31st only ahead of Buffalo… the 9ers just had built their stadium and jumped to 2.7 Billon a jump of 69% ranking them the 5th richest in the NFL that same year, Now jump ahead just a few short years to when the Raiders start construction on the new stadium 2017, they are now worth 2.38B and when they take delivery in 2020 they are worth 3.1B this year they were valued at 6.2 B currently sitting #6 on the NFL valuation scale. Hard to see the punishment in being allowed to move your team to a much more lucrative market…
Aussie Raider

7:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I would add that Vegas is a fool proof market which the Raiders cannot fail. They have already proven it. They don't have to win games to be financially successful.

That doesn't help us as fans, but the Raiders owners are shielded (pun intended).

Las Vegas brought Mark Davis two championships... with the Aces!

5:07 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm just starting to look at the draft. There are options at CB and DT that I could see the Raiders not going QB right away. The DT from Texas (Murphy II) is reported to have a big motor. Imagine pairing Crosby with someone else who has Crosby's motor? There's a shutdown CB (Arnold from Alabama) who could really upgrade the Raiders secondary.

I would probably rather draft either of these guys over the 4th or 5th best QB.

What it really boils down to is to hope the Raiders pick smartly with the #13 pick, then find a sleeper later in the draft at whatever position they opt not to take at #13.

RB (although, I'd guess Jacobs is coming back because AP loves his toughness).

IMO, the top 3 are interchangeable at #13, but the Raiders need to be right. No room for error! Of course, free agency can steer any of these needs away, or create more needs if the Raiders don't sign some of their own FAs.

Hunter Renfrow is on his way out of town. It's just a matter of where.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raidernation,

Al Anon, My Mock NFL Draft:

Washington from Bears Caleb Williams, QB, USC

Chicago from Commanders Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, Ohio St. U.,

New England Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia U.,

Broncos from Cardinals Drake Maye, QB, N. Carolina U.,

Atlanta from Chargers Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

NYGs O. Fashanu, OT, Penn State

Tennessee Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame U.,

LACs from Falcons Malik Nabbers, WR, LSU

Chicago J.C. Latham, OT, Alabama U.,

NYJs T. Fuaga, OT, Oregon St.,

Minnesota Dallas Turner, DE, Alabama U.,

Arizona from Denver Rome Odunze, WR, Washington U.,

Raiders Ja'zan Newton, DT, Illinois U.,

New Orleans Jared Verse, DE, FSU

Indianapolis Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU

Seattle Jackson Powers-Johnson, OL, Oregon U.,

Jax Byron Murphy II, DT, Texas U.,

Cincinnati Aramis Mims, OT, Georgia U.,

LARs Quentin Mitchell, CB, Toledo U.,

Pittsburgh Cooper DeJean, S. Wake Forest U.,

Maimi Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma U.,

Philly Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama U.,

Houston Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon U.,

Dallas L. Latu, DE, UCLA

GB K. Lassiter, CB, Georgia U.,

TB Chris Braswell, DE-OLB, Alabama U.,

Arizona 'Kool Aid' McKinstry, CB, Alabama U.,

L.A. from Bills J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan U.,

Detroit Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson U.,

Baltimore Grahm Barton, OL, Duke U.,

S.F. Troy Fauntu, OL, Washington U.,

K.C. Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona U.,

2nd Round:

Cleveland Darius Robinson, DT, Missouri U.,

Buffalo from Rams Jeremiah Trotter, LB, Clemson U.,

Buffalo Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia U.,

Carolina Cooper Bebe, OG, Kansas State

(trade) Green Bay from Washington T' Vontae Sweat, DT, Texas U.,

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. You're predicting 6 trades in first 12 picks. When was the last time that happened?

5:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders hired Joe Philbin, another former NFL head coach to be an assistant coach. What does that make, like 5 former NFL coaches on the Raiders staff?

Who's driving that train? AP? Davis?

AP is definitely the alpha dog, but if Davis is at all involved in these numerous former HC hires, it could mean he has AP on a short leash... ready to go interim with a wide range of in-house options.

Otherwise, it's for experience, but it begs the question; are there too many cooks in the kitchen?

Good news is, very little of this involves the defense which is clearly led by Graham and AP.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Joe Philbin is a great hire, and was hired to be offensive assistant coach. Very detailed guy, and a lot of players like working with him.
AP is wanting to surround himself with experience so he can trust his coaches to handle the X's and O's, while he helps in the development process and culture.
A lot of people are down on the Getsky hire as OC, but two things, look at how quickly he was rising in the NFL before Chicago. Second, when Fields complained last season he had a problem with the HC, but what he didn't say was anything about Getsky. I think Getsky will surprise us as an OC, he has a sharp mind and is a developer of players.
The other thing to watch in all of this is how AP is giving power to his coaches to open things up. He did this with Patrick Graham after Josh left, and look what it did for the defense. Koonce and Crosby did things at the end of the season and became the two most productive DE's in the NFL in the last 8 games. The downfall of the Raiders not making the playoffs last season fell on Hardegree's shoulders as OC. He just wasn't ready for that spot, and struggled. I don't think that will be a problem this year.
I'm looking at the draft, catching some quick film on players; but I am waiting the Scouting Combine and Free Agency before I finalize, but I will have my initial picks of who I think the Raiders should get. Also, I don't think the QB position is going to be as crazy as people think. I like Caleb Williams' talent, but am not sure he has the emotional maturity to lead a team. This is a kid who went and cried in his mom's arms after being yelled at by Lincoln Riley after a loss. He seems to rely on his talent, and not really big on being coached to develop as a player, definitely not a film watcher. Dare I say he has JaMarcus Russell tendencies all over him? Maybe not that harsh, but definitely comparable to Johnny Manziel.
So far, I'm not sold on Jayden Daniels' long ball either, and he struggles with intermediate passes. He has a tendency to take off running before doing either. There were also decisions made in a game against Louisiana Tech, that if they were in the NFL, those passes would have been picked. I honestly do not know how he won the Heisman Trophy. His foot work, QB techniques and mechanics are atrocious. Very comparable to Zach Wilson in college coming to the NFL.
Haven't watched any film on Maye, Bo Nix, Penix (concerned about injury, might be a Garappolo Jr in the making), JJ McCarthy yet, but working on it. Until then, in the words of Antonio Pierce:
Ill intent, violence, physicality, and pain. JUST WIN, BABY!

9:16 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

My buddy is a diehard Bears fan and was critical of the Getsy hire. However, Getsy has experience with Adams (who likes him) and was good in his intro presser, saying his plan would evolve according to personnel strengths. That's what you hope for, and I believe that meshes with what AP expects. McDaniels spent far too much time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Clearly, the evidence tells us it was Tom Brady who made McDaniels look better than he was (is).

As for QBs in the draft, these guys look young and immature to me... maybe because I'm getting older and more cranky. Not sure which one(s) is ready to play Day 1. Stroud proved he was ready.

O'Connell, by comparison, is older and I'm sure more mature than many of the 2024 prospects.

JJ McCarthy is a runner, and won a national championship, but is he better than O'Connell? IDK. He barely threw the ball at Michigan. Aside from RPO, a lot of these young guys panic and run with the ball too much. At least that's my impression.

I still think Fields will be in the Raiders discussions. He's a runner who can throw, and he's still maturing as a QB.

With AP as HC, I expect the Raiders to field a very tough defense this year. The offense is a wildcard. Getsy is an uncertainty and QB is anybody's guess.

If anything is for certain with the Raiders, it's that nothing is for certain.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I don't think Fields is the only option either, I think Russell Wilson is in the conversation too. But, you all should seriously go watch film on O'Connell in college. The difference in how he played at Purdue than what he was asked to do last season with McDaniels and Hardegree are night and day difference. He is not a "running" QB, but he definitely moved the pocket in Purdue. He is not a "fast" runner by any means, but he is elusive.
If the Raiders can develop a game plan around the Purdue-playing Aiden O'Connell, then I think you will see not only a different view of him, but a potential QB who could do well in this league. His film at Purdue reminded me of a young Ben Rothlesberger, seriously.
With that said, that should NOT stop the Raiders from signing a free agent QB or drafting a QB to get competition for Aiden. I think this is where they failed with Derek Carr. But what I am saying is maybe QB position isn't as high as a priority than we think it is. Yes, O'Connell struggled last season, but McDaniels was wanting him to run his system; and Hardegree wasn't ready to be an OC who developed plays. But after AP took over, watch how O'Connell progressed and loosened up at the end of the season. His throws were spot on, he protected the ball well, he didn't force anything, and he didn't turn the ball over.
The last 5 games here is how O'Connell compared to CJ Stroud:
O'Connell: 147 completions, 170 Attempts, 1,024 Yards, 86.5%, 8 TDs, 1 INTs, sacked 11 times
Stroud: 89 completions, 135 Attempts, 1,017 Yards, 66%, 6 TDs, 0 INTs, sacked 7 times
Both teams were 3-2 in their last 5; Raiders played the Vikings (L), Chargers, Chiefs, Colts (L), Doncos. The Texans played the Jets (L), Titans, Browns (L), Titans, and Colts.
I would like to see what AOC is capable of....

12:15 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Russell Wilson? Please, NO!

I like O'Connell, probably more than most who post here.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To other Anon,

Al Anon-

I thought maybe these teams wanted to go for need. I think these days most teams will go for need and not draft the most talented players they can get. So I had some trades were these six mostly went after need instead of taking more big play/ exciting position players.

* The Raiders don

1. don't draft a QB in the first round/ we can find one in lower rounds and we need to draft an elite player for our defense. After the top three QBs' it might not be a top ten QB in the first round.

2. keep Hunter Renfroe, just like Waller and Foreau we get excited when the front office wants to bring in their guys and then we sometimes are let down, we need to keep our good players that can help us.

3. let Jacobs walk/ they need a faster RB and they have power backs and can bring in a younger RB with more speed.

4. If Waller is a FA bring him back.

5. we need DBs'/ if we can sign star FA CBs' we need to do it.

6. sign a veteran QB/ if we can find a good veteran QB that's who we need to do maybe we can try to make a playoff run if we found one.

7. please be careful about trading for young veteran QBs'/ we might find a good player but don't need somebody else's young mediocre QB.

8. sign some star DLs'.

9. don't make AOC the starter please! he might be a good QB but this team needs to look at a lot of QBs before making him the starter.

10. spend big on free agents/ try to find a star OG and RT.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Also, something to watch as the Scouting Combine gets set to take place is this Saturday the 3rd annual HBCU Legacy Bowl in New Orleans. The HBCU schools (considered Division II) have produced quality football players in the past, and it won't be any different this year either. Here are some players to watch:
Davius Richard (QB, North Carolina Central) - 6'3", 215 lbs. Career Stats: 710 completions of 1213 attempts for a 58.5%, 8,955 yards, 75 TD's, 29 INT (Best season was 2022). 4 year starter
Donovan Riddick (QB, West Virginia State) 6'1". Career Stats: 584 completions of 907 attempts, 64%, 7,075 yards, 53 TDs, 21 INTs, 3 year starter.
Matthew Foster, OL Virginia State 6'7, 316 lbs.
Those three immediately come to mind. There are also good DT's, LBs, and CBs in this game too. I expect that this game and the combine will cause some of their stock to rise as 3-6 round picks; but don't sleep on any of them. They will come in with a chip on their shoulders wanting to prove that they fit in the NFL. Here are some of the HCBU greats that made their impact in the NFL:
Walter Payton: Jackson St
Jerry Rice: Mississippi Valley St
Deacon Jones: Mississippi Valley St
Richard Dent: Tennessee St
Jackie Slater: Jackson St
Art Shell: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Shannon Sharpe: Savannah St
Michael Strahan: Texas Southern
Nate Newton: Florida A&M
Ed "Too Tall" Jones: Tennessee St
Steve McNair: Alcorn St
Jalen Richard: Southern Mississippi

3:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I have to say, I would recommend the opposite of almost every one of the 10 pts Al Anon said above. This guy is all-in for everything the Raiders get wrong.

3:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Trade Hunter Renfrow
Keep Josh Jacobs
Do not bring back Waller or Moreau.
Young vet QBs have upside. Old vets are, well, old.

Al Anon did not see the playoffs. Or he would have seen Baker Mayfield and Garner Minshew blow their teams playoff chances with unforced errors.

No thanks.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Al/ Ernie Ladd, Bo Robinson,

Lamar Hunt/ Buck Buchanan,

The Steelers/ Donnie Shell, Joe 'Mean' Greene,

Raiders from the HBCU:

Hewert Dixon,

Jerry Rice, MVSU

Calvin Muhammad,

Demetrius Davis, Grambling St.,

Art Shell

Gene Upshaw, Texas A&I

Henry Lawerence,

I. Lassiter

C. Oats

Willie Brown, Grambling St.,

Albert Lewis, Grambling St.,

Eddie Anderson, Ft. Valley St.,

Jeffrey Celestane, Grambling St.,

* We don't need a mediocre QB and

5:33 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

We often don't know who's good and who's not until it's too late. You like to indiscriminately rattle off names, like the Raiders will suddenly have access to players who retired decades ago, or you assume those players could even play at the same level in today's NFL. Nonsense!

Name one so-called "star" QB that's available to the Raiders in 2024. You can't because there are none.

Whenever you're asked a question that challenges your take, you conveniently go to another topic. Didn't you have to show your work in school? Where's the proof?!

Who should QB the Raiders? It better be good because, as you say, "we don't need a mediocre QB."

The Raiders only have access to what's in front of them, not what's behind. Life is a compromise. You learn to adapt and make the most of it every day. That's why AP is HC. That's what he's done his entire life.

Show your proof! Name the QB(s) who the Raiders have access to, who you think should be their starter.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider!!,..pleeeeeaaassseeese stop being so naive and silly!!!

True, we don't know what we have until its' too late but when you refuse to spend money take a chance on a bigger, faster athletes or actually draft an elite player then you might not have enough chances to find/ scout players in the top and lower levels and succeed.

We want to get rid of another good WR instead of trying to find our starting QB to get them the ball.

We don't have a starting QB on this team right now!

There are 3 top QBs' for the first round and we might be able to get one.

J. Fields has been mediocre and we don't need to give up high draft picks for him!

We haven't had an elite QB since C. Palmer(or R. Gannon)!

We should keep H. Renfrow, we'll be trying to find another slot receiver in FA or draft.

* Who can help us now? there aren't any stars I have to admit that you were right, but there are some guys who can still play well and move the offense:

M. Mariota/ yea, he's a mediocre, bust bad QB but he's no worse than the guys the Raiders have now and, he has running talent and a decent passer.

TP2/ running skills and a great back up QB emergency WR option. Did he retire a decade ago?

The Cowboys' back up QB #10 I think, is a very good option if they will trade him.

M. Ryan/ older, slower but maybe a new city might get him motivated.

K. Cousins/ only because he's a little better than most of the other guys.

S.F.'s back up QB #14 I think, he was an ex-1st rounder and has gotten a little better.

D. Carr/ if its' true the Saints might release him then I don't have a problem with him coming home.

A. Dalton/ game manager might do well in L.V. or just be a good temp until we find our guy.

R. Wilson/ he'd be o.k..he would be able to bring some electricity to the offense and excite some fans but he's older, slower and would be a game manager now.

Well, those are my temp QBs' for '24! I know there's no stars there but its hard to find a star when you don't have a lot of them.

But I know we don't need more mediocre young QBs'. Maybe we could fix/ motivate them but we might trade for a star or draft a future starter in lower rounds.

* AP going through it, working hard to be HC, dealing with life?: Yea, and the Raiders made him a LBs' coach and he was good but the problem is that he doesn't have that GM that will give him everything he needs to win. If Al had hired him he'd have a chance to win better.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon still pimping Mariota, Ryan, TP2 and now Russell Wilson or the return of Derek Carr. No. No. No. No and no.

5:33 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon,

I have to ask, when did you stop watching Raiders games? Hunter Renfrow hasn't been part of the Raiders' offense for two years. But you think the Raiders should pay him $13 million to catch 30 more passes for them?

That tells me you don't know how the salary cap works. You can't sign your "star" QB and "elite" free agents if you don't have the cap space.

Jakobi Meyers is better than Renfrow. They also have Tre Tucker, who can stretch the field. And Getsy will use the TE more. Renfrow is gone!

So let's review. You don't want Justin Fields (which is fine) but you're okay paying Renfrow $13M and going with TP2, Marcus Mariota or Matt Ryan to be the Raiders starting QB?

And you think I'm the "naive" one.

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other Anon,

I know you can't see the positives/ other reasons for giving them chances to play for us. putting them on the QB list, thinking they're that good they should be added to search.

I don' want to put down on the idea of fixing a bust QB, it can/ has happened many times.

But since '12 we've had nothing but hype, promises and mediocre regimes. We don't know how to find good QBs'.

J.J. McCarthy in the first round is a gamble, it'll probably cost us a top defender. So is B. Nix and M. Pennix. We need a veteran who can game manage or be play maker to lead the team and move the offense.

We want to win but when a player is good but not great and we have a chance to get a better one the Raiders have ignored star college players for good ones and it's not working yet. So maybe we need to try for these guys in a trade back into the 1st round, in the 2nd round or look for other QB's in lower rounds. We need to take time to decide how we will look for a QB. We might need to just find a good veteran QB maybe there's a free agent or we could trade for one.

NY Raider: Renfrow is a top slot WR, it was the Pat's guys who wanted to get rid of him and now its' a new regime. J. Meyers is a good player but I think we could keep both, maybe Renfrow might accept a pay cut/ change salary payment deal to stay. But we don't have a lot of stars after Mayers and Adams and Renfrow would be a huge loss.

1:30 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon, you finally said something we can agree.

"since '12 we've had nothing but hype, promises and mediocre regimes."

So true. But that dates back to 2002/03. You're in denial if you think otherwise. The Raiders have had one bad HC after another. The only good HC was traded.

I also agree with this.

"J.J. McCarthy in the first round is a gamble"

Big risk. McCarthy played RPO and rarely relied on passing game.

Listen, I'm a fan of Hunter Renfrow but if he was worth $13M he would have become more involved under AP. Fact is, Jakobi Meyers is that good. Renfrow is expendable. He's nowhere near the athlete Meyers is, and Meyers is in his prime. Meyers can play every WR position. Tre Tucker is a dynamic WR with world class speed. Renfrow is gone.

Don't take my word for it. Watch what happens. I don't think the Raiders even try to negotiate. They will be lucky if they can trade him. Possibly, they will have to release him.

1:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders just posted their full coaching staff. Looks solid. Former HCs on both sides of the ball to be assistants and lend experience to AP and other staff. Also, the Raiders have added a "Game Manager". My understanding is that's a new coaching position. I believe it's someone to help the HC quickly manage field decisions, like timeouts, challenges, clock management, etc. Rams just hired someone in that role for the first time too. Sean McVay is a well-respected super bowl winning HC.

It was touch and go for a while, but the coaching staff looks pretty stacked. Proof is in the pudding. We will see.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Raiders' Mock Draft '24:

Jer'Zahn 'Johnny' Newton , DT, Illinois U.,/ we need something to be excited about and a QB would be great! but a strong D that can sack the QB is huge too! the fans can put some hype with 'winning' talk a D with the talent to help Crosby. They'll find QB later.

Max Melton, CB, Rutgers U.,/ they need speed and a starting CB so if they can't get a big CB like Georgia's Lassiter in the 2nd round they'll go for a smaller faster CB.

T.K. Levestan, OT, Kansas St.,/ they'll probably keep Parker or Elumenor so Levestan will sit the bench anyway.

Spenser Rattler, QB, S. Carolina U.,/ big chance on this guy but I think J.J. McCarthy would be too high a pick and B. Nix might not be a first rounder but if they trade up and both slip to the 2nd round they should take McCarthy.

Trevor Keegan, OG, Michigan U.,/ I had other OGs' in later rounds but if he can help our run game like he did at Michigan that's great. I think hes a steal and if he can run block and gets better in pass protection, we might have a high draft pick talent.

Loobert Denelus, DT-DE, Benedict U.,/ taking a big chance on an HBCU star whos way too small to play DT in the NFL but might be turned into a DE to help go after QBs'.

James Williams, S, Miami U.,/ make him an OLB to cover TEs'. maybe they keep T. Moehrig and Epps as the starters at the safety spots .

Gabriel Murphy, DE, UCLA/ they get a decent pass rusher with good size.

Omari Hill-Robinson, CB, Bethune-Cookman U.,/ they need more DBs' and taking a chance on another HBCU star with size issues.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I want to wait for the Scouting Combine and Free Agency before I dive into Draft. But here are some players I'm looking at. I think Drake Maye may be the only QB to select in the first round. Caleb Williams is too much of a head case, and being a USC guy, there were times he told coaches and teammates he wouldn't be there for film because he had commercials to shoot for his endorsements. He relies solely on his talent. Yes, he is talented, but he is not a leaders of an NFL team. I think he will have a comparable career of RG3 at QB, not a very good one.
Outside of QB in the first round, here is what I'm looking at:
DTs: Byron Murphy (Texas) had a solid year for them 5 sacks included. Johnny Newton (Illinois), a smaller D1 school but played big, will be interested in his combine numbers, but had 7.5 sacks on the year. Raiders need a DT who can pressure. At the same time, I don't know if you saw, but Patrick Graham played Tyree Wilson inside toward the end of the year, and he did extremely well there. I know a lot of people were down on him; but he wasn't suppose to play last year. I'm excited to see what he can do.
WR-Marvin Harrison Jr. If the draft is about taking the most athletic person in their slot, this may be the guy. He and Davante would absolutely tear it up on the outside.
CBs: Kool-Aid McKinstry or Terrion Arnold (both from Bama). McKinstry had the most spotlight for the team, but I think Arnold will be the better of the two in the NFL. We need a good shut down CB, but may pick one up in Free Agency.
2nd Round is where I'm looking at QB (to be honest).
Bo Nix: how can you pass on a 77%, 4,504 Yards, 45 TDs, and 3 Ints? That is just solid! I definitely think he is a better QB than Herbert was coming out of college, but is not getting a lot of media love. I think he has a chip on his shoulder too, because by all rights, he should have won the Heismann, but wasn't even considered.
Spencer Rattler: Had a HUGE Sr Bowl game, won the MVP of the game, and definitely caused his stock to rise. Also, grew up in Vegas, he is a local kid. However, I don't think he win the job over O'Connell. If you draft a QB, you want him to be better than what you have. Nix is that guy, Rattler is not.
Outside of QB:
RT J.C. Latham (Bama), RG Taliese Fuaga (Oregon St), CB Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo), I think this kid is going to be the steal of the draft at this position.
3rd Round and below:
Beaux Limmer, C/OG (Arkansas) this kid is a beast, starter quality that we can get in the 3rd round.
James Williams, OLB (Miami), Jordan Jefferson, NT (LSU), Luke McCaffery, WR (Rice), Graham Barton, G/OT/C (Duke), Zak Zinter, G (Michigan), Johnny Dixon, CB (Penn St), Cole Bishop, S (Utah), Cedric Gray, LB (NC), Carter Bradley, QB (South 'Bama) Carter is the son of Gus Bradley. He'd be a nice late round QB for a backup. 6'3", 215 lbs. 68%, 2,660 yards, 19TDs, 7 Ints.

8:52 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Not sure Bo Nix will last until the Raiders pick in the 2nd round, but I'd rather trade back than trade up for a QB, meaning Nix could be an option.

Arnold is said to be a lockdown CB who can play the run. That's a top priority for the Raiders. Also, I've read good things about Murphy. Whoever the Raiders pick at #13, they need to get it right.

I'm not sure about Tyree Wilson playing DT with any regularity, and certainly not in run downs. IMO, Raiders should re-sign Jenkins and Adams, then add the best player(s) for their interior rotation, possibly Chris Jones or another free agent to anchor their line. Jenkins is a pure run stuffer... which every team needs! Nichols! Tillery! IMO, Gone!

Here's a newsflash. Tom Telesco was the part of the decision team who did NOT execute Tillery's 5th year option with LAC. In two years playing for the Raiders, Tillery has done almost nothing. Unless AP or some other coach steps in for personal reasons, releasing Jerry Tillery should be a complete no-brainer.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Who is your dark horse free agent QB for the Raiders? Mine would be Cam Newton. Not sure if you seen the full video of his "fight" at a 7-on-7 tourney. He was trying to break up a fight that was staged to jump Cam. Cam was suckered punched by 2 people, then proceeded to throw them like rag dolls. I hope he presses charges against the 5 people who did this to him.

11:59 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

IMO, the Raiders need a QB who will protect the ball and not make unforced errors. Many in free agency do not meet that basic requirement. Of course, we need to score too, but I fully expect the defense to be better.

To that point, Maxx Crosby has been unleashed since McDaniels was fired. AP has unleashed the dragon on the NFL. I fully believe Crosby's leadership and influence on the Raiders will be unmatched in 2024.

However, right now, Aiden O'Connell is the Raiders QB, until he isn't. I know many fans want to replace him, but there are several highly regarded QBs in the draft who would not be able to outperform O'Connell initially. O'Connell is mature (age 26), smart, accurate and got better with every game. He will be tougher to supplant than some pundits think.

My hope for QB is that the Raiders draft a solid prospect, sign a decent FA and let all three QBs compete to be starter. Let the best man win the job!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cam Newton---Nate he ha sbeen out of the NFL for years.

Mine is Russell Wilson, he still has some mobility, can throw the deep ball and will cost the vet minimum under 2 million.

In the draft ouside the top three which will cost too much in draft capital to move up for I prefer the Raiders to see if they can get Rattler in round 3 or 4. 1st round I hope they take a OL/DT or CB. Ideally trade down for an OL there are lots of good ones if Byron Urphy is not available.

FA Sneed from kC would be my top priority


2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raidernation,

Raiders from the HBCU Part II


Hewrit Dixon, Florida A&M

Clem Daneils, Prairie View A&M

Demetrius Davis, Grambling St.,

Jerry Rice, MVSU

Malcolm Barnwell, Virginia Union

Art Shell, Maryland Eastern Shore

Gene Upshaw, Texas A&I

Lester Holems, Jackson St.,

Brandon Parker, N.C. A&T

Henry Lawrence, Florida A&M

Rich Jackson, Southern U.,

Al Dotson, Grambling St.,

Joe Bell, Norfolk St.,

Kevin Johnson, Tex. Southern

A.J. Jimmerson, Norfolk St.,

Montreal Meander, Grambling St.,

Gerald Irons, MD Estern Shore

Albert Lewis, Grambling St.,

Willie Brown, Grambling St.,

Eddie Anderson, Frt. Valley St.,

James Davis, Southern U.,

Marquette King, Frt. Valley St.,(punter)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raidernation,

Raiders from HBCU part II-I got every spot except Kicker and QB. The Raiders did have a HBCU QB:

Eldridge Dickey, Tennessee St.,

9:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I agree, Sandy. Sneed should be a top priority. This guy was like glue on Adams. Getting him from the Chiefs would not only improve the Raiders, it could help shift the balance of power in the division. Sneed would be tough for the Chiefs to replace.

Sneed and Chris Jones would be ideal, but the Chiefs would be stupid to not lock up one of those two players.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sneed, Jack Jones and Hobbs would be a very solid cb trio. Sandy

10:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

How about the timing of this headline from today?!

"Chiefs prepared to franchise tag L’Jarius Sneed...."

No surprise. He's that good. But it means that Chris Jones might be exposed (and available).

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer Christian Wilkins from the Dolphins rather than Chris jones. I could see the Raiders drafting a DT at 13, O line in the second round and use FA money on a guard and another cb and Jacobs


9:11 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I wouldn't complain about Wilkins over Jones. FA will dictate the direction of the draft. Signing either of these guys might lead the Raiders to draft CB at #13.

I fully anticipate the Raiders will not trade Adams and I believe they will make every effort to re-sign Jacobs. However, the bottom fell out of the RB market last year and I don't see that changing. Too many young hungry guys coming up.

Raiders also need a center. They can re-sign James, but he's about to become a FA.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I'm seeing reports today that Sneed has permission to seek a trade away from the Chiefs to a team willing to work out a long-term contract with. The Chiefs know they cannot, and are just delaying the inevitable by using the FT on him; but they don't want to give him away like the Raiders did with Carr. Smart!
I think the Raiders draft a DT, interesting to note that Byron Murphy was talking about a desire to play with someone "like Maxx Crosby" at the combine last night. That tells me the Raiders have been talking to him. I think they should talk with Johnny Newton too. It would not surprise me if the Raiders worked both O-line and D-line in the first 3 rounds of the draft because the game is won in the trenches.
I know Cam has been out for 2 years (last with the Patriots), but he is looking to get back and play. In fact, there are rumblings that he may return to the Panthers. But I think if he wants to come back and compete for a starting job, the Raiders is the perfect fit for him.
Jacoby Brissett is another name I keep seeing. I wonder if there is a possibility of Jarrett Stidham coming back too. Josh Dobbs, Gardner Minshew, Baker Mayfield, and Tyrod Taylor are all the other names being floated as if they are God's candy. Let's not forget, Russell Wilson is willing to play for vet minimum, however, I think he is very limited in his abilities of late, not the same Russ of Seattle Super Bowl days.
In all honesty, if Cam wanted to come back and play, I think he would be better suited for the Raiders than any of the free agent QBs right now. Again, if you are going to get a QB, they better be the kind that are better than O'Connell, and I'm not sure that Brissett, Stidham, Dobbs, Minshew, Mayfield, Taylor, or Russ Wilson would fair better than O'Connell. Oh, let's not forget about trading for Justin Fields....(eye roll).
I like Penix's ability to throw down field, but don't like his injury history. Right now, Penix reminds me of Teddy Bridgewater. When he came out of college, I thought Teddy was going to be a household name in the NFL; and it started well for him until he blew out both ACLs in Minnesota. Since then, he has not been the same. Penix could end up like this.
I like Bo Nix as well, but can he throw deep consistently, and can he operate an offense that does not run on gimmicky schemes? The upside, he is more talented than his predecessor, Justin Herbert. The downside, can he adjust to a more pro/under-the-center type offense? We may not even get the opportunity with him if Sean Payton drafts him.
I don't think we will have the opportunity to get Drake Maye (who I think is the best QB in this draft). Not sold on Caleb Williams emotional stability.
I do believe we may have a shot at Jayden Daniels, but at the same time, the Patriots are the wildcard there at #3 now that Billechick is not there. Again, I'm basing this on the real possibility that the QB is being overhyped by the media leading into the draft. I think the top 3 QBs right now that are best suited for the NFL are: Maye, Daniels, and Nix. I also think JJ McCarthy is underrated because he is not flashy like Williams; but I think he will be a better QB in the NFL than Williams. McCarthy and the Patriots are wildcards. If BB was still the HC there, I would place money on him selecting McCarthy. I'm not sure about Mayo, and what he will do; but it would not surprise me if McCarthy goes in the first round before Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels. If that is the case, I can see Daniels falling to the Raiders.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To other Anon and NY Raider,

J.J. McCarthy probably won't go before Daniels, Maye or Williams but that doesn't mean he isn't a good QB. It does mean the Raiders need to get one of the DTs' or CBs' in the first round before worrying about a 'franchise' QB. He's a good QB but I think a better late 1st or early 2nd round pick. I don't think the Raiders should pick a QB in the 1st round because they can get an elite defensive star and find a good veteran starter this year.

Do the Raiders want A. James? maybe they can re-sign him. K.C. DT C. Jones? will this regime spend big on him or the DL from Miami?

We need so much help and we don't have starting CBs'! we'll have to decide whether to go for defense a and QB or QB and OL.

We need OL help bad so we can't get everything this year but we can go for an elite player in the 1st round. DL and LB is mediocre and we don't have a very good secondary.

We need to let J. Jacobs and talk Renfrow into taking a pay cut. We need to sign a veteran QB and if you guys think it should be Newton, Wilson or Cousins fine, but AOC needs some time to learn the pro game. I don't think we should trade for J. Fields. We need to spend big on star FAs' and try to build a defense and we need to get DLs' and maybe a star CB or maybe two and maybe a S but just talking franchise QB and OL in the draft isn't looking that exciting or making the Raiders look like they're building a playoff team.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders breaking records again. Recently, Mike Lombardi called Antonio Pierce a joke as a HC. Mike Lombardi is still bitter over Al Davis firing his lazy @$$. Mick Lombardi is Mike Lombardi's son, who was the OC under McDaniels. Mick was fired with McDaniels by Mark Davis. It is the first time in the NFL where a father/son duo has been fired by a father/son duo owner. Take that Mike and Mick!
On a side note, I don't think anyone takes Mike Lombardi seriously on this matter. Everyone knows he and Florio have disdain for the Raiders. Al Davis fired Mike because he was just flat out lazy. He has a lot of knowledge, but he's been fired from every NFL job he has had because he refuses to put in any kind of effort. What a waste! However, he has found that he can be a "voice" in the media, be lazy, and get raises. What a slob!

6:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The whole football world knows the Raiders offense under Josh McDaniels and Mick Lombardi was the joke. It could only get better after they left.

Mike Lombardi is a fool to demonstrate his bitterness in such a public way.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Nate,

No, Lombardi may be angry but he wasn't too far off getting on the Raiders' case they've made good reasons to criticize them but as for A.P. I don't think that's true. But the Raiders are full of issues and have made some bad moves and decisions. Lombardi is easily criticized for his attacks on the Raiders but there are others who have the same talk. Its' that the Lombardi's got fired and Mike might be a hater. I think Mike should try

I don't think you guys realize that a lot of Al/ Raider haters are actually doing far worse than Lombardi some are NFL front office people and have helped get other haters inside the team. Some could be these advisers you guys are supporting.

We haven't seen a good rebuild except maybe twice with Reggie and Gruden/ Mayock and the moves we make are usually conservative and a feel good plans- like tough guy HC's and building like the Patriots/ model franchises but we see the Raiders:

1. refuse to sign top star FAs'.

2. refuse to draft elite college players.

3. not using other ideas- but still using the NFL way system.

This should be criticized. Lombardi may be a hater but when somebody tells the truth we shouldn't try to pretend it isn't true but, we should let Lombardi know he may be a hater and most of his put downs may not be true.

3:49 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lombardi tells the truth? That's your takeaway? Really?

The Raiders have never refused to sign FAs, nor have they ever refused to draft elite college talent.

Those are ridiculous assertions. The Raiders have always tried to do the best for the team. Full stop! That doesn't make them smart about their decision-making.

You're right they deserve criticism, but not from disgruntled former employees who were directly involved in the failures. Lombardi deserves a share of the criticism he wields toward the Raiders org.

Don't be foolish.

Why do you routinely contradict facts? Is that intentional?

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry NY, Lombardi may be a hater and is one a lot of media people who love to attack the Raiders he may be angry about himself or/ and his son being fired it could be pay back or heavy criticism of the team and of Raidernation criticizing him.

But, he was right about the Raiders' mediocrity! he was wrong about coach Pierce, but he knows because he's seen it for over 11 years.

elite college stars: you guys love to put down Al about Jamarcus and C-Bass. But these regimes have outright refused to draft elite talent when they could. Wow! o.k. forget '12 you blamed Hue for that. But from '13 to now the Raiders have let a lot of top college players go.

Last year it was DE over CB and DT:

'23- C. Gonzales/ a top CB who they really needed but picked T. Wilson instead. Wilson may become a good DE but most top pass rushers are lighter and he's big and maybe a power rusher like Clemson star C. Ferrell. That's good for some guys but in the NFL you can't just use power to beat OLs'.

And we've let a lot of top star FAs' pass us by and signed star players who were very good but not the top players.

NY we both didn't like what Lombardi said but you need to know he had a few points about the way the Raiders have made decisions.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drafting Wilson was a colossal mistake he's not an edge rusher and he doesn't look like a defensive tackle, the tackle was their for the taking. Gonzalez would have been a way better pick. Sandy

7:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon, as you repeat the same message over and over, you clearly are suggesting it's intentional that the Raiders "refuse" to draft elite college talent.

Again, that's a ridiculous assertion.

The Raiders have made many bad decisions, but it's not intentional, i.e., a refusal.

Wilson was another bad choice... but not intentional.

Unfortunately, the Raiders have approached their 1st round draft picks like scratch-off lottery tickets, with about the same vetting and understanding of their chances.

I'm not a huge fan of the Combine measurables which Al coveted, but AP is at the Combine talking to players and looking for (measuring) their football acumen. Al never spoke with JaMarcus Russell before drafting him, or he would have known what a lazy and misguided individual he was.

I would say, Lombardi and his son were part of the problem, not the solution. Lombardi knows that's true, and that's why he's bitter. Calling out AP after his brief and successful interim HC stint is a joke, and everybody in the football world knows it. No upstart HC deserves a chance to prove himself more than AP.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Drafting Wilson was not a colossal mistake. He was injured and really wasn't supposed to play this season. What and how he played is comparable to Mack's rookie year.
Mack played and started in 16 games, 4 sacks, 76 Tackles, 17 TFL, 12 QB Hits, 3 Pass Defenses, 1 Forced Fumble.
Wilson dressed in 17 games, and looks like he played in 14, started 0, 3.5 Sacks, 29 Tackles, 2 TFL, 8 QB Hits, 1 Forced Fumble. I personally cannot wait to see what he does if he starts. He and Koonce are going to have monster years next year.
Remember when the Raiders had Long, Alzado, and Bill Pickel? This might be the best tandem that the Raiders have had on Defensive Line in awhile with Crosby, Koonce, and Wilson.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate Are you seriously comparing Wilson to Mack that is ridiculous Mack was dominant in his first year. To take a player at number 7 who wasn't ready to play his first year is the epitome of a bust especially when Jalen Carter and Gonzalez were available not to mention the potential to trade up for a quarterback. Wilson so far is a complete waste of a pick, he's not even capable of playing on the edge the position he was drafted for they're trying to salvage his career by moving him inside.Sandy

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Mack started in all 16 games, His domination was in tackles, he didn't make a great impact on sacks, TFL, or even QB hits until his 2nd year. If you gander at my comparison, I gave Mack's rookie year, and compared with Tyree's numbers, and if you're smart, you will see the comparison is not far removed; especially since Tyree wasn't even supposed to play. The majority of Wilson's numbers came after McDum-Dum was fired too. 2.5 of 3.5 sacks, 16 Tackles of 29, 1.5 of 2 TFL, and 6 of 8 QB hits all came in the last 9 games when AP took over as coach. Remember, he didn't start either, and had limited playing time because he was still recovering from his surgery, even though he was cleared to play. Under McDum-Dum, he played maybe 3 or 4 series', under AP, later in the season, he and Koonce split time, and Wilson even played on the inside with Koonce and Crosby. To say he was a colossal mistake to draft just shows your ignorance about football in general.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate you sound foolish then again you are the one saying they should sign Cam Newton so I should not be suprised at what you write lol. Picking a guy who has trouble getting on the field is a mistake inury or not. You don't take a flyer on a top ten pick. If the draft was redone today Wilson would not even be a first round pick. If you do not think taking a guy 7th overall who in a do over would not be taken in the first round is a mistake you are ignorant, especially when you could have had pro bowl talent in Gonzalez or Carter.

Did you watch any Raider games last year, Wilson looked lost and increibly slow off the ball. Hey I hope he gets better but the Raiders are already in salvage mode hence moving a guy who was supposed to be an edge player to the inside cause he is too damn slow to play end.


10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if we don't judge Wilson on stats, he was slow off the ball and doesn't have the strength to push or shed blockers (ranked very poorly with respect to arm strength... posting ridiculously low bench press for a big guy). He lacks quickness and speed. He's no Khalil Mack.

NY Raider

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider and other Anon!,

the Raiders don't draft elite players! they never have except for T. Wilson! He would've been drafted by another team in the top ten it's just that the Raiders didn't see his power/ size put in the NFL. He's a big guy and probably depends on his size and power to beat up OLs' but in the NFL its' harder. so, is it him or is it they aren't finding/ keeping assistants who are doing things themselves and showing high draft picks how to be NFL players? C. Ferrell was a big DE who didn't play well in L.V. but now he's doing well in S.F.

The Raiders again have a new direction and we really have some high expectations. And again, you guys are supporting the big talk, promises and media hype when we should be very careful with these new guys.

We have some stars and think we have a top front office but it is still being supported by advisers and the NFL is being nice(not friends) with us. But we don't want to ask tough questions of the Raiders' past actions which is the NFL way. We don't sign the top FA's or draft elite players and we then listen to the excuses and media hype they feed us after we suck that year. I think you guys really need to do some research and look hard if you want to question my claims. Not every college star will be a pro bowler but the Raiders won't go after one elite star.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al anon, who thinks "Google" is a board game, telling everyone else to do their research.

That's rich.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Raiders don't draft elite players! they never have except for T. Wilson!

You’re such a Troll. Mate you’re so full of crap it’s funny! You can’t make such ridiculous comments and not be thought of as a fool. No wonder you won’t use a name and only go Anonymous, cuz you have no facts to back your self up. I dub thee FOS anon! Make your case FOS, because ur weak as conspiracies aren’t cutting mustard.
Aussie Raider

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I don't know about you but you don't draft elite players, elite players are developed. There are only two exceptions to this rule: Bo Jackson and Jim Thorpe.
Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Charles Woodson, Nnamdi Asomuagh, Tim Brown, Todd Christensen, Kenny Stabler, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Steve Wiesnewski, Phil Villapiano, and many others were drafted and developed into becoming elite players. This works for any team too. Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, CJ Stroud, and a whole host of others right now in the League are becoming elite not just due to raw talent, but because of player development.
The Raiders have been behind the curve on this, but with AP, the difference we saw in the last 9 games was about development. In fact, if you go and listen to Maxx Crosby's podcast with AP, he talks about the team meeting that led to McDaniels and company getting the axe. In that meeting, AP called out the players for taking responsibility in their development, and called out the coaches to take responsibility in helping develop. AP says that was the beef that McDaniels had with what he said, not about the Patriots. McDaniels felt the coaches shouldn't have been called out in front of the players; but they weren't being called out in private either, and that is why Josh is not a leader of men.
This is where I see and feel that AP is going to succeed, and he has surrounded himself with experienced coaches that are going to help develop and hold other coaches accountable. This is where the Raiders are going to change, and we will see drafted players become elite on the Raiders, and not another team. So to say they have never drafted elite players is a half truth, the real truth is they have failed in player development of those they have drafted. Where you fail is that the Raiders have a whole host of elite players in their history that we now have a coach who is focused on developing what we have to become elite; instead of developing them for a system. Just Win, Baby!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry, Marcus Woodson and most of the other guys you mentioned were already Elite when they were drafted. Sandy

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate, I agree. Elite players don't grow on trees. They are developed. Of course there are exceptions, as Sandy points out. But AL Anon misses the mark by a mile. Teams draft and sign players to play in their preferred system. 4-3, 3-4, zone blocking, etc. Just saying "draft Elite players" or "sign star players" makes no sense. Every regime runs a different system. You draft and sign players who make sense for that system or need. If you suck, you draft best available players.

Al Anon, you are pimping a losing formula from years past.

NY Raider

2:24 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Free agency starts in 4 days. Raiders have only re-signed Ameer Abdullah. But they have a few other free agents I'd expect them to try and re-sign before they hit the market.

Andre James (Grasu is also a FA so this is potentially a big hole in the O-line)
Bulter and Jenkins (these two guys anchored the interior D-line at the end of last season)
Greg Van Roten

Maybe these guys too:
DeAndre Carter (as returner)
Hooper or Horsed (if both leave, I think only Mayer remains at TE)
Amik Robertson (serviceable and scrappy backup)

7:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders are ready to cut Jerry Tillery. Without naming names, someone here (wink, Al Anon) has been pimping Jerry Tillery since the day he arrived. Tillery is the exact opposite of what we were told.

Raiders will improve the minute Tillery is cut.

Unfortunately, I think it will cost the Raiders dead money to cut him.

2:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I believe legal tampering starts today at noon EST. Chris Jones signed a 5-year extension with the Chiefs.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

All, I moved to a small town in TX (an hour south of San Antonio) 3 years ago. I met a neighbor who is a Raiders fan shortly after moving here, and though older than I am, we developed a friendship and found we had more in common. Both of us were born in Oakland, and raised in LA. He was semi-retired with his wife and worked as a greeter at Walmart in our town, and we saw and talked often, especially during football season. I lived in Austin for 20 years, and never met someone with such a similar background as my own, and our friendship gave us a little bit of home.
He passed away tragically last week. He was cleaning out his gutters and fell head first into his driveway. His wife could not afford a service here, so I met with her on Saturday and have opened my church for this coming Wednesday and will be conducting a service for him and his family. R.I.H. - Carlos Gonzaelz

7:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, Nate. May he RIP.

10:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here's your "star player"


"Christian Wilkins agrees to terms with Raiders"

I'd still like to see the Raiders bring back Butler and Jenkins, one or both. Neither would break the bank.

10:41 AM  
Blogger TheFreakingPope said...

Welcome Christian Wilkins!

“The quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard” - Al Davis

I'm cautiously optimistic that this new staff and group of "misfits" will propel us to victory.

I've decided to follow AP's example, and I'm telling every Chiefs fan I know that we don't plan on letting them make it out of the division, let alone the playoffs. What's the worst thing that can happen? I'm wrong and they gloat. Same same.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Christian Wilkins comes to the Raiders but we lose Josh Jacobs to the Packers.

12:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I have mixed feelings about losing Jacobs. I have always held that RBs are a dime a dozen, but I remained loyal to Jacobs because of his talent, toughness and ability to secure the ball.

I don't yet know the circumstances, but it appears Jacobs is (was) not loyal to the Raiders. IMO, he was overpaid last year, but deserved it due to the previous regime's refusal to sign him to a long-term deal... which he also deserved.

But now the Raiders have a chance to go another direction and possibly save a cap space in the process. White may not be the answer but there are lots of RBs in free agency and the draft.

Many teams are successful drafting RBs and parting ways with vets instead of paying them.

12:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

PS. Green Bay? Did Jacobs want to play in the frozen tundra and pay state income tax?

12:58 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Funny, Denico Autry is now a premiere edge rusher. Raiders (Gruden) let Autry and Mack both go at the same time and the Raiders still haven't fully recovered. Wilkins and Crosby will be their best DL combo since.

Simultaneously, cutting Tillery and letting Nichols walk is addition by subtraction for the DL.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Raiders have agreed to a 2 year deal with Gardner Minshew.

1:47 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Crazy day!

Minshew was one of the two QBs I criticized for committing unforced errors in their teams' playoff losses.

But he's a veteran who actually played in the playoffs.

Raiders should still look to draft a franchise QB, i.e., after they draft a CB with their #1 pick.

IMO, the Raiders are a playoff team right now. The additions of Wilkins and Minshew are enough to put the Raiders in the playoffs.

But we need more to advance.

I'm excited about the moves being made.

Tillery, gone!
Nichols, gone!
Garoppolo, gone!
Wilkins, in!
Minshew, in!

Jacobs... unfortunate loss!

2:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Just to be clear, I don't see Minshew as any more than a vet stopgap, with O'Connell breathing down his neck to remain starter.

Raiders almost certainly will draft a QB who they feel will be their heir apparent.

Best case, Minshew is a vet backup to whoever else can take the reins.

IMO, it's a smart move.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, What are you talking about Minshew has never thrown a pass in a playoff game. He is mediocre and inconsistent at best. I hope this is not the answer at QB. Wouldn't Wilson made more sense at 1.5 million than Minshwew at 12 to 15 or Jacoby Brisset at 5 or 6


3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mistake. I think I'm remembering a game at the end of last season.

Minshew, Wilson and Brissett represent similar options to me. Not many good QB options in free agency this year. My preference was to not drop all the Raiders bank on Kirk Cousins. I fully expect the Raiders to draft a QB and have open competition. Let the best man win. Meanwhile, O'Connell and Minshew are better than Brian hoyer as backups.

Raiders still need a long-term solution at QB.

We can agreed Wilkins was a huge get today.

NY Raider

5:46 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Josh Jacobs agreed to a $12.5 million one-year deal with (3) one-year options. Only $12.5 million guaranteed. That's less than he made last year with no long-term security. Why would he rush to agree to that before free agency officially starts?

I think we can conclude the Raiders probably didn't want him back and would rather have the cap space.

Enter Wilkins and his $110M deal.

The Gardner Minshew signing to me means the Raiders are committed to drafting a QB. But they are in a tough spot at #13. That's 4-5 QB territory.

My preference is not to trade up. Ideally, IMO, they draft a top CB at #13, then trade back into the late round for someone like Nix... maybe wait until their 2nd round pick, or later if they feel they have a sleeper choice.

In the end, O'Connell, Minshew and QB-TBD battle it out for 2024 starter.

I have to say, Minshew's contract is considerably more than I thought it would be. Perhaps because he made the pro bowl last year. But the Raiders moved quickly to get him, so it didn't feel like a second option. They seem to have a plan.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

We lost Jacobs (Packers), Bilal Nichols (Cardinals), and Elumenor (Giants), we re-signed Andre James and Ameer Abdullah. We avoided Austin Ekeler (Thank God!).
I would like to see us re-sign: Greg Van Roten, Jakob Johnson, and Amik Robertson. There is rumor that they are currently in talks with LB Devin White (Bucs), which would be awesome, because we should have drafted him.
I'm not sold that Minshew is a "stop gap" with the kind of money he received, but I hope so. I like his competitiveness though, he has grit. Reminds me of Gannon when he came to the Raiders, not saying he will turn out like Gannon, but he reminds me of Gannon's career before the Raiders.
Other big moves (other than Cousins, because he chased the money). Jacoby Brissett and TE Hunter Henry to the Patriots. Russell Wilson to the Steelers, Joe Mixon to the Texans via trade, Mac Jones to the Jaguars via trade, Tony Pollard to the Titans, L'Jarius Sneed receiving a Franchise Tag, Saquon Barkley to the Eagles, Mariota to the Commanders, and the 49ers cutting Erik Armstead.

8:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Isn't Devin White an inside LB? That might not be the best fit for the Raiders, who need outside help. Maybe White can play outside.

Minshew's salary averages $12.5M a year. Not crazy for a journeyman QB, but he's also not been anointed starter. He will have to compete and win the job.

By comparison, Cousins deal averages $45M a year. Cousins has been one of the most overpaid QBs in the league for many years, taking full advantage of limited free agent market every time he signs a new deal.

Minshew was one of a few options at his skill level and pay. Wilson might have been a cheaper option but does he really have anything left? Sean Payton didn't think so.

9:31 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders set to lose Robertson. He's a bit of a ballhawk and can leap a mile (as we all saw), but he's undersized against today's WRs who seem to thrive in these type mismatches.

Robertson would have been a serviceable slot or depth CB but the Lions offered him almost $5M per year. I doubt the Raiders were offering nearly that much.

IMO, this might further demonstrate the Raiders intent to select a CB with the #13 pick.

First, signing Wilkins removed DT as a critical need. Second, signing Minshew lessened the possibility of the Raiders going hard after a QB. Third, letting Robertson - who started many games last year - walk.

With the #13 pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama.

Arnold is scouted as a press CB with decent height (4 inches taller than Robertson) who also plays zone well. CB is a tough transition to the NFL, so nothing is certain.

1:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders cutting Renfrow and Garoppolo. They have lots of cap space.

Meanwhile, Chargers are way over the cap and reported to be marketing one or all of the following.

Mike Williams
Keenan Allen

Any interest? Mack a Raider again?

With all the cap space, it seems like the Raiders could have brought back Josh Jacobs without too much trouble.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NY, I agree with this too. Although the signing of Wilkins does not negate the need for DT, it makes it less priority. Arnold should be the pick at #13. I still think that sets us up for Johnny Newton (DT, Illinois) in the 2nd Round, or maybe even Braden Fiske (DT, Florida St) in the 3rd if we take a QB in the 2nd. Other DTs to watch in the later rounds that are more hole stuffers are: Jaden Crumedy (Miss St), Justin Rogers (Auburn), McKinnley Jackson (TX A&M), and DeWayne Carter (Duke).
As far as QB, other than Daniels, Williams, and Maye; I think the one QB that stands out the most and is not getting a lot of play is Bo Nix. NFL Scouts are really quite about their assessment of Nix, which tells me a lot of teams are taking a serious look at him. He completed 77% of his passes for over 4,500 yards, 45 TD's, and 3 Int. Yet, scouts are putting out info that he is a "system QB". They are trying to tear him down, but it seems like a false narrative and smoke screen. I think the two QB's that are getting a lot of media attention that are going to slide are JJ McCarthy and Michael Penix. It would surprise me to see Caleb Williams slide too. I think the top 2 QBs are going to be Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye; but keep an eye on Bo Nix, he may be on the rise. Tis the season of the false narratives.

7:31 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Some are saying JJ McCarthy is the sleeper best. Not sure I buy that because Michigan was a run-first, RPO offense.

Also, look for other teams to cut high-price free agents too. Raiders have cap space to do more damage!

We need G and OT, maybe another RB and/or WR, OLB and CB.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

FOS Anon went quite real quick…maybe he’s rechecking his farmer almanac before spouts off some stupid nonsense again. Bummed to lose JJ but he wasn’t worth the 12.5m that got him, lots of touches and RB’s decline quickly…But signing that DT was just what the Dr ordered! With the unexpected run on backup QB’s, Minshew isn’t a bad pickup basically used Jimmy’s lost wages for suspension to sign him. So far so good, super keen for the draft! BTW Aaron Donald retired….crazy.

7:19 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Wow, Aaron Donald retires and they sign Jimmy Garoppolo. Rams have officially jumped the shark.

If I read correctly, Steelers dumped both their top prospect QBs upon getting Russell Wilson (for league minimum - I guess the Broncos pay the rest).

Vikings lose Kirk Cousins and sign Sam Darnold. Ouch!

Obviously, there will be lots of teams looking for their future QB in this year's draft. So much so, the Raiders could be 4-5 QBs deep at pick #13. I prefer they don't trade up. Would hate to lose the draft capital it would take to trade up, especially, with all the competition among teams needing a QB.

My guess is that some team will be at the stupid end of a blockbuster trade for a high draft pick. I just hope it's not the Raiders.

7:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders re-sign Adam Butler. That's outstanding. Butler had a solid year as a rotational player. I still think they should bring back Jenkins. With Tillery and Nichols both gone, there's room... and it eliminates the interior D-line from draft need.

CB, QB and OL given priority... possibly even in that order.

12:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

How's that for timing? John Jenkins re-signs with Raiders.

Butler and Adams became the anchors to the Raiders D-line during the AP interim period. With Tillery and Nichols gone, and Wilkins added, the Raiders D-line should be much improved.

My prediction. Graham is a coverage DC. He will rely on 4 linemen to pressure the QB. AP will push him to be more aggressive. At a minimum, the Raiders still need a shutdown CB and coverage LB to make their D work as planned.

I hope they don't regret losing Robertson.

6:22 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Steelers gave up a 6th round pick for Justin Fields. That's insane. Fields is a great athlete who had almost as many yards running last year as Josh Jacobs. Seems like the Raiders (or any other team) could have used Fields in any number of ways to make their offense better.

The Raiders used Jakobi Meyers to throw passes last year. Imagine what Fields could do in that role, or with RPO offense next to Minshew or other starting QB TBD. How does any team stop that?

Steelers were smart to acquire him. Russell Wilson will likely be their starter but Fields will get action. He's too good to keep off the fields (pun intended).

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders situation at quarterback is ridiculous this year they will face QB such as Herbert Mahomes carr Mayfield jackson Joe Borrow DeShaun Watson Lawrence Tua Cousins Stafford and we will be sending out Minshew total joke not sure how we are competitive in that situation. Sandy

9:19 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Curious, what would you do (or have done) differently at QB?

I get what you're saying but I don't think the Raiders had any better options in free agency. I don't see Russell Wilson as a viable solution, otherwise, Sean Payton would have figured out a way to keep him. The Steelers weren't even sure, so they got Fields too.

By extension, I'm okay with the approach that's being taking. Raiders almost certainly draft a QB... but, as I've said, I don't want them to swing for the fence. Too expensive.

Raiders beat Mahomes and Herbert last season... and at least one of those games without Jacobs.

For me, the x-factor has to come from AP, Crosby and the defense.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would have thrown a ton of money to Cousins, trade up to 5 or 6 for McCarthy, forbid McDummy to let go of of Carr----I know that is no AP/Telsco's fault just throwing it out there, and yeah I think I might have preffered Wilson over Minshew I hope to be proven wrong. Anyway at this point I would draft Rattler in the third and leverage this years draft to get into a position to draft Shedur Sanders next year.

Short of all that I am gld the Raiders are putting money into the D as a counter to the QB situation, I would like to see some assets on the O line sign a FA and use the second round pick on someone like Kinsgley. Playing tough D and running the ball is the only way the Raiders stay competitive this year as we dont want AOC or Minshew throwing 30 passes a game.


1:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I could see Rattler being a Raider. Will he still be available in the 3rd round?

For what it's worth, my brother is a lifelong Vikings fan and he would be the first to say, Kirk Cousins is easily the most overrated and overpaid QB in the NFL. The timing of his last two free agent stints has made him rich.

He's the Vikings version of Derek Carr. Neither one really gets you where you want to be.

And I agree about the running game, but I'm not sure the Raiders have the chops yet with White and company. They need another body, preferable, someone big and bruising.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, How about Sam Howell or Justin Fields would you not be more excited with one of them that Minshew?

I think Rattler will be there in the 3rd. I would rather drft an olineman in the 2nd than Pennix or Nix.


2:36 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Hi Sandy,
I am more excited about Ace (Aiden) than Sam Howell. If you just compare the stats from week 10 and on, SH had 7tds with 3 of those coming in week 10,
Ace had 11 TDs
SH had 12 int over that same period with Ace only throwing 5 int with 3 alone during the Dolphins game.
Gardner had 7 TDs with 4 ints over that same period.
JF can only be graded from week 11, but from week 11-18 he threw 5 tds (no multiple td games) and had 3 ints
they all had similar sack totals with a high of 21 on SH and a low of 17 on Ace.
the only glaring difference was rushing yards between JF and Ace.
Minshew won the win loss record at 5-3 SH lost the win/loss going 0-8. Ace and JF both had 4 wins
I think we will add a rookie QB and let the competition begin. looking forward to this draft and seeing how this HC and GM attack it.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

I forgot fumbles... Because we are comparing a running QB to the group, this needs to be considered
JF had 6 fumbles with 2 loss from weeks 10-18
SH had 1 fumble with 1 loss
GM had 3 fumbles 1 loss
Ace had 1 fumble no loss

11:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, IMO the Raiders won't have ready access to a top 3-4 QB, so I hope they place priority on a shutdown CB. And while I believe they will (should) draft a QB, I have no idea when... I just hope they have a quality sleeper in mind. Can we please catch lightning in a bottle once? Okay, maybe twice, since we have Crosby!

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Alright, here is my first post-free agency Mock Draft for the Raiders:
Rnd 1: Terrion Arnold (CB, Bama): Shut down CB that we need to help Jack Jones
Rnd 2: Bo Nix (QB, Oregon): I think he is the most underrated QB in the Draft
Rnd 3-77: Graham Barton (OT/G/C Duke): He could get the start at Guard, but mostly depth
Rnd 3-81: Patrick Paul (OT, Houston): Could very much start at RT
Rnd 4: James Williams (OLB/S, Miami): A great move to help cover Kelce
Rnd 5: Beaux Limmer (C/G, Arkansas): Good depth for the O-line here.
Rnd 6: Jaden Crumedy (DT, Miss St)
Rnd 7-223: Kitan Oladapo (S, Oregon St)
Rnd 7-229: Dwight McGlothern (CB, Arkansas)
Rnd 7-235: Khalid Duke (OLB/DE, Kansas)

7:45 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I think most of us agree 2nd or 3rd round for a QB. Hard to justify trading up (due to insane cost) or overreaching at pick #13 for a second-tier player.

Top-tier CB is a pretty smart choice at #13.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Alright, here is my first Correction to my Mock Draft for the Raiders. I looked at a draft order with my first one, where someone gave Raiders extra picks via trade, and reality is there are a few that we have that have already been traded:
Rnd 1: Terrion Arnold (CB, Bama): Shut down CB that we need to help Jack Jones
Rnd 2: Bo Nix (QB, Oregon): I think he is the most underrated QB in the Draft
Rnd 3-77: Patrick Paul (OT, Houston): Could very much start at RT. I took off Graham Barton since I go with Beaux Limmer in Round 5. Pick 81 was one that was speculated through Trade.
Rnd 4: James Williams (OLB/S, Miami): A great move to help cover Kelce
Rnd 5: Beaux Limmer (C/G, Arkansas): Good depth for the O-line here.
Rnd 6: Jaden Crumedy (DT, Miss St)
Rnd 7-223: Kitan Oladapo (S, Oregon St)
Rnd 7-229: Khalid Duke (OLB/DE, Kansas). I took off Dwight McGlothern here. Rnd 7, should have been pick 233 was traded to the Cowboys.

12:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Brandon Parker signed with the 49ers.

The Raiders continue to improve through attrition.

The removal of players like Tillery, Nichols, Eluemunor and now Parker will only help the Raiders get better.

It's amazing that previous regimes propped these guys up and continued to sign and re-sign them.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders sign Alexander Mattison (RB, Vikings). He is 25 years old, a good #2 HB. They also had Tre'Davius White (CB, Bills) visited the Raiders as well. Not sold on him though, injuries and he has missed 2/3 of his games in the past 2 seasons.

2:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I read somewhere the Bills were in a $10M contract with White and cut him for that reason. Might be worth taking a flyer to see if he's healed and ready to play. Could be low-risk with big potential.

Raiders will likely draft CB (high priority) and RB in April. RB has taken a significant turn, going from a franchise player to a committee of nobodies. Not sure what to expect.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot RB how about who si the right side of the offensive line and who is the QB. AOC is a statue and avg at best, Minshwe is good enough to get us to 9-8 and miss the playoffs and get a mid round draft pick. He has a weak arm


3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Raiders draft OT at #13 and prioritize running the ball in 2024. If Minshew has a weak arm, as you suggest, I'd expect AOC to start. A second tier drafted QB probably won't be ready. Didn't Minshew throw a bomb to beat the Raiders last year? Remember too, Rich Gannon made his living with intermediate throws.


6:00 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Media are reporting Telesco hinted that the Raiders will run behind zone blocking.

Not that any of us need a reminder, but zone blocking has failed the Raiders virtually every time they've tried it in the modern era, and it typically means they'll need to transition to new players on the O-line.

More broadly, I have reservations about Luke Getsy, and there's really no fallback coach or safety net if he fails. Coaching is much stronger on the D side of the ball, and the Raiders aren't likely to enter the 2024 with a clear starter at QB.

The ZBS has me more concerned than I was... That's why Jacobs was expendable.

1:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Chiefs are trading Sneed to Titans. Sneed is a lockdown CB the Raiders wish they had but will no longer have to deal with 2x a year. He was a FA but the Chiefs tagged him just to facilitate a trade. And it worked! Telesco needs to find his A-game to compete in the AFCW. So far (with the Chargers), he hasn't shown it.

5:08 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I watched Jayden Daniels' pro day. Very impressive. I think he missed one pass. He threw effortless strikes all over the field, from the pocket and on the run.

40 TDs passing and 10 TDs and over 1000 yards running last year. He is a serious dual threat QB. AP was at LSU and spoke with JD, whom he's known since about age 14 (both were at AZ State).

Unfortunately, it could require the Raiders trading up to the 1-2 pick to secure Daniels, and I don't think the Raiders would be willing to sacrifice that kind of draft capital... unless they are convinced JD is a sure thing franchise QB.

Daniels has 5 years (55 games) of college ball under his belt and just won the Heisman, so he's ready.

Put it this way, if the Raiders break the bank for Daniels, they can be sure they will be getting a much better prospect than the last time they drafted an LSU QB with their top pick.

I'm actually anxious about the idea of reuniting AP and Daniels. But the price might be too high.

Draft is less than a month away.

5:15 AM  

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