Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Warriors not Whiners

Rumors are swirling about a possible deal for the disgruntled Albert Haynesworth. Jerry McDonald today makes the case against Haynesworth, and I have to agree. McDonald lists Randy Moss and DeAngelo Hall as bad seeds who have burned the Raiders. I would include Javon Walker on that list.

It seems that any time we go out on a limb and get a high-profile player with known character issues, it blows up in our face. There's something about the Raiders environment that seems to aggravate and amplify character issues.

It's not that before or after these clowns join or leave the Raiders that they suddenly become saints. Hall is still mouthy and overrated, and the Patriots are finally starting to get a taste of the real Randy Moss. But in Oakland, we're lucky to get two or three performances out of these types before they leave town with hundred-dollar bills falling out of their pockets.

At the same time, the team will benefit from proven veteran talent at several key positions. I wasn't a fan of the Richard Seymour trade from the standpoint of value, but at least the guy shows up on Sunday and provides a strong veteran presence.

When it comes to future high-profile pickups, let's stick with warriors, not whiners. It can be a fine line. Was Anquan Boldin a whiner in Arizona? Maybe. But the dude is a warrior on the field, and I think that the Ravens made a smart moving in acquiring him. Randy Moss doesn't play as hard as Boldin when he's happy, let alone disgruntled.

So I wouldn't write a guy off just because he's having issues with his current team. What I'm looking for is character. Commitment. Guts. Determination.

Does that sound like Haynesworth to you? Me either.