Thursday, March 17, 2022

Davante Adams!

Wait, what? Instead of perennially wasting top round draft picks on known reaches, we are cashing in a couple of top round picks on an elite proven quantity? What in tarnation is going on here?

Already, the mature, sober hiring process of a forward-thinking coach-GM tandem suggested that things are changing for the better in Raiderland. Now this. Bravo!

 Look, winning this division ain't gonna be easy with likely the fourth best QB (until proven otherwise) of them all. 

But this is a bold and necessary step that shows the Raiders have a plan and are in it to win it. 

No more reaching into the past for coaching hires, with bizarre power structures (Gruden - Reggie, Gruden - Mayock), unloading top players to stockpile picks only to blow the picks spectacularly. 

Nope. Not this time.

Now, I'm not ready to call the McDaniel's era a success before it's even rolling. But at least it all points in a different direction that feels sensible and visionary. 

And for that reason, I'm stoked. How about you?