Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome Tom! Please Prove Me Wrong

Welcome Tom Cable! Please prove me wrong.
I am on the record as not being overjoyed with Cable as the choice for head coach, especially in light of the fact that very few qualified head coaching candidates were explored over the past five weeks.
Tom Cable’s resume is rather incomplete at this point. In that context, I believe that more stones should have been turned during the head coaching search, if only to confirm that Cable was better than the rest.
With Turner, Shell and Kiffin, I fell into the party line. I figured that the Raiders knew something I didn’t about these guys. I assumed that the Raiders had discovered some untapped quality in Turner. I thought that Shell would be a great motivator. I accepted Kiffin as the Boy Wonder. In other words, I trusted that the Raiders did their due diligence with those hires.
So here I am, aching to be excited once again, but recent history has tempered my trust. My trust can’t be restored overnight. It will have to be earned back. I hope Tom Cable is up to the task. 
I will consider anything less than eight victories this year a huge disappointment. No more excuses. A .500 record shouldn’t be considered some epic achievement, not in the seventh consecutive year of trying. 
It’s time for me to get it wrong, and for the Raiders to get it right. I hope Tom Cable represents a firm step in that direction.