Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chiefs Gamenight Thread: Do or Die Edition

I cannot believe that we are reaching the point of a must-win game by week seven, but here we are...

First off, apologies for not posting a gameday thread last time. Was dealing with some family matters related to the wildfires. Everyone on my end is safe and sound, but the devastation is staggering. Prayers for everyone who lost loved ones and / or property. 

Anyhow, we have a new "Ghost" in Raiderland, and his name is not Casper, but rather Cooper. Click here for a rundown on how bad it has suddenly gotten for our alleged star receiver.

Our playoff hopes likely hanging in the balance tonight. Everyone needs to step up, and that includes the Ghost. GO RAIDERS! 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Chiefs Gameday Thread

Okay, being on a two-game losing streak, already two games behind the Chiefs in the standings, with E.J. Manuel under center, isn't exactly where we thought we would be after four weeks into the season. It's time for the team as a whole to step up and turn it around. The defense needs to play tough again. Beast Mode needs to recapture his form. The O-line needs play with heart. Manuel needs to avoid the turnovers, and Cooper needs to stop dropping passes. Win this one, watch the Chiefs lose to the Texans, get Carr back and then anything goes.  

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Broncos Gameday Thread

The Raiders put themselves in a spot with last Sunday's meltdown in D.C. If they don't win today, they could find themselves two games behind the Chiefs already. The key to the game today is mental preparation, which is something they clearly left out of last week's game plan. Time to focus on the game, not the president. With Crabtree out, Cooper needs to really step it up. Playing the Broncos in Denver is a tall order, but there's no reason the Raiders shouldn't rebound if they are the team we think they are. Go RAIDERS!