Thursday, April 27, 2023

2023 Draft Night Thread

Where was I...oh yeah, bye Derek, hello Jimmy!

A lot has gone down since I last posted. If I'm being honest, I wasn't broken hearted about the whole Derek Carr thing. I think he had run his course with the Raiders. If he was really going to pop, it was going to be elsewhere. On the Raiders, it just felt like rinse and repeat, year after year. Good with flashes of great. Eventually you need more than flashes.

We Raiders fans are so starved for an elite QB that we hallucinate potential whenever there's a new shiny object at the position. Stidham! Yeah, no. Mariota. Matt McGloin. Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Walker, Aaron Brooks...maybe just maybe just maybe, umm, no. 

Now comes Jimmy G. There's a chance there. Maybe, maybe. But there's better be a Plan B in the works, considering how often he gets hurt. 

Anyhow, here we are on the precipice of another draft. Who will the Raiders pick? How bullish are you on the immediate future of the team? Bang it here and grab your popcorn!