Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Goodbye Derek Carr, Hello Future + Trivia

It's official - Derek Carr is no longer an Oakland Raider. 

I have mixed feelings. He was a great Raiders, one of our best QBs in ages.

Yet his ceiling seemed somewhat fixed. Good to great, but not elite. Not a QB who could consistently impose his will on games and team culture, albeit often in very uncertain, unfair or chaotic circumstances.

It got me thinking about this long run of futility for the Raiders, this seemingly endless search for a lasting head coach and an elite franchise QB, among other things. 

So I thought I would throw this out there. Going back around 30 years, since Art Shell's last season in 1994 to conclude his first go-round as head coach, who are the Raiders' Top Three in the following categories over this period:

-Head Coach
-Overall Best Player

So three choices only, spanning from 1994 to now. Let 'er rip!