Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014: A Bridge...Or A Cliff

Ah, training camp. Gotta love it. It's not even August yet, but there seems to be just a hint of Autumn Wind in the air...

Now, as far as which way the wind blows in 2014, I foresee this season either being a bridge or a cliff. I don't see much middle ground, and I think this season breaks one of two ways:

If it's a bridge, it will mean that our older free agent acquisitions still have gas left in the tank, and that Matt Schaub can still capably sling the ball, giving room for young players to grow while providing a competitive lift. Our latest draft picks will prove to be impact players, and earlier picks like Hayden will begin to gain ground. If this is the case, then we will have evidence to suggest that the ship has been righted, and that Captain Reggie and Crew are navigating us in the direction of the promised land. 

If it's a cliff, it will mean that we did too little, too late in matters of reconstruction, with Schaub and our free agent acquisitions failing to make a substantial impact. It will suggest that the offeseason action was more of a desperate act to play catch-up after two abysmal seasons rather than the next steps in a carefully orchestrated plan. The preceding two-year period of so-called "deconstruction" will fail to bear obvious fruit, and Reggie and Crew will go tumbling off of the cliff, and we'll be starting over again. 

If it's a bridge, you will sense it. It may not translate to a winning record yet, but the momentum will be palpable. Mark Davis put it brilliantly the other day: "You can feel progress. You can see it in games. Are we finishing games? Are we starting off games well and not finishing them? There were games last year where we didn’t show up."

If it's a cliff, it will be obvious as well. But let's not entertain that possibility any further at the moment. 

As Davis said, we're undefeated right now. Let the Autumn Wind blow, and may it carry us along a bridge toward a new horizon.