Sunday, October 08, 2017

Chiefs Gameday Thread

Okay, being on a two-game losing streak, already two games behind the Chiefs in the standings, with E.J. Manuel under center, isn't exactly where we thought we would be after four weeks into the season. It's time for the team as a whole to step up and turn it around. The defense needs to play tough again. Beast Mode needs to recapture his form. The O-line needs play with heart. Manuel needs to avoid the turnovers, and Cooper needs to stop dropping passes. Win this one, watch the Chiefs lose to the Texans, get Carr back and then anything goes.  


Blogger nyraider said...

The biggest surprise is the poor play of the Raiders O-line. It's not just Newhouse - who I see as a huge liability - the entire line has gotten punched in the mouth for two straight weeks. Where's the pride and poise?

As maligned as the defense has been, they played well enough to win last week, if not for a lofty pass to Cooper, who did not fight to get a contested ball. Not sure who's more to blame, Manual or Cooper, but that's a play we'd all like back.

I think the key to this week's game will be ball security. Manual has to be smart, and the entire team has to step up its game... with or without Carr.

IMO, Richard or Washington should start at RB until Lynch proves with some consistency that he's a better option. So far, Lynch has not been as advertised. You can blame the O-line, but both Richard and Washington have done better, and both are more versatile.


9:27 AM  
Blogger TheFreakingPope said...

Hope the next three quarters are better.

1:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Really disappointing. The O-line is still struggling. Penn whiffed a few times today. Defense regressed, and playcalling was terrible. That seemed like a winnable game, at home. Turned into a rout. What's it gonna take? This team is not as good as last year's version.

Curiously, Cooper has totally disappeared from the offense. And what about Bruce Irving? I see his jersey on the field, but nobody ever calls his number. In the middle, Lee got blown up by running backs all day long. The Ravens ran right thru the Raiders D.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two long passes to Wallace and Cook's fumble really hurt.

My complaint with the coaching is running out of the pistol/shotgun is not working, yet they keep going to it. However when Lynch was in the I he seemed to be making positive yards.

At least Carr comes back next week

Sunday night blues

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

This "one man" team needs the one man back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

Really, without Carr, Raiders looked the same as in playoff loss to Texans. The D, the running game, the coaching staff, no one steps up. Without Carr, they just give up.

A lot of pressure on Carr because he is the whole team. He is the coaching staff as well. Nothing can function without him.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Manuel had a good game. Sean Smith getting burned on the first play (not entirely his fault as Nelson was/should've been his help but was late getting to deep coverage), and Jared Cook's fumble on the opening drive really hurt our confidence as a team. Penn hasn't been right because he missed all of camp. Much like Bell, he should start being able to pull himself together and finish strong.
Gabe Jackson was out yesterday, anyone know the problem? Hope it is not long term.
We are now down to Morrow and Adams playing ILB. I hope Reggie reaches out to Riley to bring him back in. Darius Latham has been suspended 4 games for violating substance policy. Huge blows to CBs too, with Amerson and Conley out; Antonio Hamilton goes out. Reggie Nelson is not getting to his coverage either, which is why Smith was burned so bad, twice. Smith expected Nelson to be there deep, and he wasn't. Shows that there is still a communication problem between these two. I don't think Reggie is a good safety. He makes plays when he listens and does what the coaches ask, but lately it seems like he wants to do his own thing.
I'm not sure Downing has what it takes to turn this offense around. Rumor has it, he told Derek not to check out of plays against Washington and Denver. If that is true, then you have taken the game out of your playmaker's hands/ability. No wonder we lost those two, very winnable, games. You cannot limit DC, that is the kind of $H!T that happened when we were on our decade and a half losing seasons. We can't digress back into that and expect Carr to be here long term.

2:58 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I think we all embraced Downing's promotion because he promised to let Derek Carr be himself. Doesn't look like that's working out as planned.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Based on his contract Carr is here long term so I would not worry about that.

What scares me is that there seemed to be a serious lack of team speed especially on D. Sean Smith seems to have lost his mojo and Reggie Nelson was playing way too deep. Hopefully Amerson and Conley can make a difference.

NY you are right Irving has not made impact plays this year. If Mack is not terrorizing the QB no one is.

As previously mentioned they need to line up in the I formation even with full back and grind out some positive yards using Lynch to keep the d off the field and open up the passing lanes.

All the best Sandy

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW who is this guy that writes for the East Bay Times named Dieter Kurtenbach. Seems like a total prick, always hating on the Raiders and he is so negative doom and gloom he makes all of us look like Jones in terms of positivity lol


2:58 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's funny, Sandy. Must be a 9er's fan.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey NY I am just happy to give you a laugh during this tough week.

All the best

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended indefinitely by the Giants, if I'm Reggie, I'm on the horn offering a 6th or 7th Round pick. He would be an asset to a struggling secondary, especially with Amerson and Conley out. There are also rumblings about Navarro Bowman coming to the Raiders too. Bottom line, I'll believe it when it happens. I don't see Reggie making trades with draft picks.

4:09 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

We need vet help but If Reggie won't trade draft pics, he should be looking very closely at the DB talent on practice squads.

Is the game in jeopardy due to wildfire smoke?

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

League is thinking about possibly moving the game due to air quality. No official word yet, but San Diego offered to have the game at Qualcomm. YES! That would be the ultimate slap to the Chargers, if the Raiders home game was moved to San Diego. I love it. Home away from home.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

9ers have released Navarro Bowman! COME ON REGGIE, GET HIM IN!!!!

3:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here we go! Another week... let's see what happens. So far, this is not the same team as last year, which lost only 4 games in the regular season. They have the unfortunate opportunity to match that today, Game 6.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I thought our worst years were behind us. I'm blaming our OC. Our offensive lineup hasn't changed with exception of Lynch which should be an improvement. DC looks lost, double clutching, and not making changes at the line like he used to. Cooper is not the same either. I think it is because Downing is using Cooper to run slants, and not stretch the field and run posts. This is not the same team. We have to figure this out

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider coaching staff is the worst staff in the NFL. Time to fire Del Rio,Norton,Downing and whoever the Defensive line coach is.


6:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

As many breakdowns as the D had, they are not the reason the Raiders lost.

Downing is struggling. Playcalling sucks! The problem with Lynch is he's a target for other teams when he lines up to run the ball. Downing probably thought he was being clever throwing to Lynch in the flat (drop on 3rd down) and over the middle (INT). Sure, get him the ball in space. But that presupposes Lynch can catch.

The best thing the Raiders can do right now is bench Lynch, and open up the offense with Washington and Richard, occasionally having them both on the field at the same time. Let Carr do his thing.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't think Lynch is the problem he played well yesterday his avg/carry was 4.8. The O-line has been less than great this year and half the time he is getting hit at the line. You may not be aware but Lynch leads the league in yards after contact. Furthermore if they are keying on Lynch wouldn't that open things up for the passing game.

Washingand Richard wont last one game as lead backs---lett Carr do his thing? I actually think the problem is Carr and Downing. Teams are playing a soft zone against the Raiders and Carr is dinking his way downfield. He looks mediocre at best this year. They need to set up some stretch plays and throw some deep passes to force the other team's defense to play honest.

The defense has improved from last year but we know they are still not good enough to win games when the offense can't get 20 points.

This is really putting a damper on my Sunday evenings/Monday am and general mood

Maybe Thursday they will surprise us, but I have a feeling Reid will easily out-scheme the Raiders


1:54 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I think Lynch is part of the problem since he does better with Zone Blocking on the O-line. This is a major factor of why our O-Line is Zone Blocking the last 4 games instead of punching people in the face. Downing is not letting Carr randomly change plays when he sees weakness in the defense, but making Carr stick to the called play. We've gone from Knapp, to Musgrave (who actually wasn't bad, just didn't have a running game) to Downing, who is Knapp reincarnated in game scheme and play calling. Carr isn't the problem, it is Zone Blocking and Downing tightening the reigns on Carr. He needs to let Carr open up and go and get him off the choke collar. Richard would last as a starter, D'Wash, not so much.
Defensively, our linebacker play hasn't been terrible, but it is missing a punch. Our DBs play outright stinks with exception to TJ Carrie (surprisingly) and Karl Joseph. Smith and Reggie Nelson suck the air out of our group. I'm glad Amerson is back, and hope Conley comes back and takes over the nickel. Put Conley on the TEs.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes having Bowman will be a pick me up. Hopefully it is not too late.

How do you know all this info on Carr not being able to change plays. I have not read that and I thought that was the entire reason Downing got the job to give Carr more freedom.

I have no problem being down on downing he seems unimaginative and does not use the personnel well. Del Rio has always been a better motivator than tactician. However, I have to put much of the blame on Carr. He played awful against Washington, and he has looked skittish in the pocket last game.

I always like your opinions Nate and NY but if you gave the ball to Richard more than 15 times per game he would be on Ir within three weeks.

Fingers crossed for Thurs

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I read that last week on CSN Bay Area Raiders site about Downing. Scott Bair is pretty reliable with his reporting. Watching the game Sunday, and film the last 4 games, our O-line is clearly running ZBS, even on passing downs, and they are getting punched in the face. That is on coaching, not Carr.
Carr hasn't been himself since the Washington game, I agree, he and Coop need to get on the same page again. Downing is not helping there, and neither is his play calling. I still think DC can turn it around, but someone has to set Downing straight. This is where I miss Al.

8:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, Lynch is a liability out of the backfield. He proved that Sunday, dropping an easy 3rd down conversion and tipping an INT. Patterson has been a better option. Honestly, Olawale is a better 1-2 punch to Richard/Washington. He can catch!

Raiders are also telegraphing when Lynch will get the ball, with Carr mostly lining up under center on hand-offs.

And what happened to hurry-up offense that worked so well for the Raiders last year? Even when the Raiders don't huddle, the play clock ticks down to last few seconds before the ball is snapped.

However you want to slice it, this is not a well-designed or well-run offense.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


For sure Al would have made Downing call some deep balls which may loosen things up. Cooper should be running posts, fly patterns and deep comebacks not slants.


When Carr was handing off to Lynch out of the pistol it was less successful than out of the I. Not sure why you are so down on Lynch (is it the anthem thing that is interfering with your analysis) but the pass that was intercepted was a terrible throw and certainly not Lynch's fault.


4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little harsh but for some truth to this. There is just too much talent on this team to lose at home to Balt and SD.


10:51 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, if we are zone-blocking to suit Lynch's running style, that speaks volumes why we need to reverse course. As the article points out, Del Rio tried to fix something that wasn't broken, and we are all paying for it now. The offense - arguably one of the most talented in the NFL - has gone totally flat under Downing.

I'd like to think adjustments will be made, but we're six games in. = insanity.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is insane. Lynch has specifically requested to run more power from the I so I don't think we are zone blocking to suit his style. The lack of play action and deep throws says it all. Downing is way out of his league and Del Rio is showing some of the same mediocre traits as a tactician that he did in Jacksonville.


5:11 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Lynch ran under a ZBS in Seattle (Tom Cable is the O-Line coach and very much a ZBS guy if you recall). Lynch favors the ZBS. He ran under the power in Buffalo, and didn't do too bad either. I'm not saying Lynch is the reason we are running ZBS, I think that falls squarely on Downing who said yesterday (paraphrasing his exact quote) that he believes in this game plan, and to change it now would mean he never believed in it.
I disagree, to change it now means you made a mistake and recognize you are not using your players strengths in game planning. Tom Cable turned it around by hiring Hue Jackson, and as OC and Head Coach, the Raiders had their 2 best years running under Power Blocking. Then they hired Dennis Allen with Coach Knapp, and went back to ZBS. Del Rio came in, and had Musgrave, who started ZBS, and then went Power Blocking last year, and our offense was in the top 10 (I think #6 overall). Now Downing has reverted us back to ZBS, and we are #30. Again, this isn't rocket science; the more aggressive win in the NFL, ZBS is not aggressive trench football. We are not aggressive at DB either by jamming at the LoS, and attacking the WR as much as the ball, which is why we are getting burned deep because we are playing 7-10 yards off.
Again, Carr doesn't look the same because he is not getting time for the play to develop with the fancy routes Downing has our WRs running. Not too mention, ZBS does not allow for time; it is quick slant passing system. Downing said yesterday they are close to turning things around, I disagree, he has already turned things around by taking an explosive offense, and making it suck. He has stolen defeat out of the jaws of victory, and I feel like we are back to square one.

10:36 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

At some point, the rubber will hit the road. Del Rio may need to man up and acknowledge he made a mistake and replace Downing.

Tonight, despite Downing and his sabotage of a great offense, the Raiders need to dig deep and find the strength to win this game.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Pop Quiz...Jack Del Rio wears shades on the sidelines in order to:

A) Block out the sun
B) Look really cool
C) Hide identity bcuz he sux
D) All of the above

I'm going with C, although D could also be right.

9:43 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

From media: Raiders plan to start NaVorro Bowman tonight

That's great! But it also demonstrates how little depth the Raiders have. The guy signed on Monday.

Not for nothing but if Bowman contributes even as much as Riley did last year, it will be a huge improvement... as it was with Riley.

12:40 PM  
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