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One Postgame Take (R.I.P. 2011 Edition)

Somewhere, Al Davis is shaking his fist at Hue Jackson, Chuck Bresnehan and the Oakland Raiders. Somewhere, Tom Cable is saying, "Eight and eight? Hey, I got fired for that." Somewhere, Norv Turner and Tim Tebow are smiling.

And that, my friends, is your fitting epitaph to the 2011 season of your Oakland Raiders.

How can I put this nicely? Our defense sucks. It's one of the worst in the NFL. Look at the points scored against the Raiders this season. It will make your jaw drop.

Fire Chuck Bresnehan? Duh. What on Chuck Bresnehan's recent resume made anyone (and the Raiders organization in particular) think that we were going to have a well coached unit during his tenure?

Bresnahan aside, this is on the players. Our defense is loaded with enough high-priced veterans to be able to pull themselves together and avoid the perpetual embarrassment that we saw this season. Something is wrong, something stinks, and it goes beyond Bresnehan.

This was ultimately the season of the OAKLAN Raiders, because there was no D in Oakland (compliments to whoever coined that phrase earlier here, I forgot).

We are now nine seasons deep without a winning record.

Last year, the Raiders won three of their last five games, and two of their last three, including the finale.

This year, the Raiders lost four of their last five. Faced with an opportunity to control their playoff destiny, they instead got manhandled by a teetering Chargers team at home. Along the way, they set the all-time NFL record for penalties and penalty yards, demonstrating an astonishing lack of discipline.

I guess I can find reasons to be optimistic about the 2012 season if I look hard enough. But this maddeningly slow and incremental climb up the apparent Mt. Everest of a winning record is becoming tedious.

In a "show me" season, the Raiders failed to show up in the end, and it cost us a spot in the playoffs. Tim Tebow, not Carson Palmer, is the quarterback from the AFC West who will lead his team into the postseason, and if that doesn't make your blood boil, nothing will.


Anonymous JONES said...

Bresnahan was Mr.Davis' boy, without Mr.Davis, both Chuck and Hue were lost. Hopefully, the Raiders can usher in a new era of a Gm and coaches that no longer have to get the call from the owners box to keep them programmed.

Chuck was hired to "work with" Mr.Davis, everyone in the world knows it. Hue was hired because no other REAL HC would take the job. Well, times have changed and let's hope the Raiders do as well. I hope Mr.Davis' cronies won't be making the decisions for the future of the franchise. If they are, this team can and will sink further.

The players can see it and you could see from the players on the sidelines that Hue had lost them. Palmer coming off the field after the 1st half showed PLENTY. Hue had sent out players to rotate as Palmer was trying to line up for a spike. Even if they had gotten the 'spike' done in time, they would have been flagged for too many men. Bad coaching

That play at the end of the half was on Murphy, he made no effort to get to the sidelines....the Raiders showed today that they are poorly coached, on both sides of the ball.

It's going to take more than just firing Chuck, he was only doing what his boss hired him to do.


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Blogger Calico Jack said...

This loss is on the D and DC. The 99.5 yard drive for a TD, unable to get off the field, countless stupid penalties, a non-existent pass rush, covering Gates w/Wimbley and Jackson with McClain ... I could go on and on but it is pointless.

There is no problem with the offense or special teams. As a matter of fact, the offense with all of the skilled players healthy and a full training camp with Palmer should be lights out in 2012. However, if the D isn't fixed, it will be another bumpy ride of ups and downs and mediocrity.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are like always full of shit...the offense was taking over 40 seconds every down to snap the freaking ball....WE WERE LOOSING! Don't you know about the hurry up offense and what about the 11 seconds we had right before the half...WE COULDN'T SPIKE THE BALL for Jano to try a field goal, come-on man if you are okay with Palmer being OK, you are just like pussy Coach Jackson full of shit.

What about the second half...there was never any sense of the offense being in desperation mode, come-on man you are going to tell me that Palmer does not have anything to do with that, it's all on pussy coach Jackson too ha.

3rd. fricking place again this year, maybe some of you think that 8-8 is better than 4-12 but at the end of the day we did not accomplish jack shit, we are a team with a whole bunch of fuckheads that don't care about Raiders football, starting with the coaches all the way down to the water boy.

What about McFadded, I am surprised that Foggot Coach Jackson did not state that he was going to play next week, why hasn't he had surgery yet to get him ready for next year...are they going to wait until August to make a decision on his surgery.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ironically the blame can be put fully on the D this time around (most of the time they didn't break just bend,and made bigger plays,even scored) when it has been all year the inconsistent or lack of O in akland Raiders!

Most can be attributed to bad preparation,which falls directly on Coach Hue Jackson.His game plan,clock management,second guessing,risk taking when not needed (Fundamental football calls,Cable had this)too many gimmick plays (some say creative play calling which Cable lacked)and accepting accountability on critical loses.In return they got no ball control in clock management, three in outs, quick turnovers, turnovers scored,bad ball positioning on field etc.

I saw a tired Defense in the end. How many games were won because they were able to hold the trenches till the bitter end? Some even won by their efforts by spotting the ball in scoring position or even scoring it themselves to win close games. The year would of been washed a long time if it wasn't for them showing up.

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Blogger OakTownBlues said...

bury yer jerzeys til next season boys, that was WHACK! Anonymous, get a name, you got swagger.

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Anonymous JONES said...

Raiders can do better at the HC position, so why keep a guy who was a QB coach and a 1 yr failure 2x's at OC before that? When the opportunity is NOW, to change how the Raiders do business. There is a reason why top coaches would not come to Oakland, now, the Raiders have a chance to bring in the type of coaches and a GM that can get the Raiders past the mediocre club.

Hue isn't a top coach, can't believe that people think he is. After the game today, he said he was really pissed at the players...well guess what Hue, by watching the players, they were pretty pissed at you as well. Hue has lost the team and the players won't forgive him for blaming a horrendous coaching job on them.

Palmer told Gannon that Hue was too busy to gameplan during the week and then Hue talks about how he is going to get it fixed? Really Hue? Your QB that you grabbed for a 1st and 2nd just called you out for not having the team prepared as they should have been. What does that tell you? Then Hue blames the players.....this team is a mess once again. BUT, now is the time to turn that all around, it must be done or it will be more of the same.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gannon is right. Blow up the place and start ALL over again.

Hue Jackson and most of the coaching staff must go.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...



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Blogger Mr.Duva32 said...

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Blogger Mr.Duva32 said...

I am utterly and completely disgusted by the 2011 Raiders. From the top of organization all the way down to the water boys; I’d like to see Mark Davis really clean this house which has been in disarray for 9 plus years. I feel like just going off, but my Raider brothers have pretty much summed up how we all feel. And if the rumor is true about Hue not preparing the team (or Palm) before a big game, then I have completely lost respect for H.J. forever. No one, especially the coach should quit on his team like that. Are you flipping kidding me right now? The majority of the players gave up on their team and us fans, way before the bye of this year IMHO.

Here’s an interesting article, which we all pray is true. Front office is priority number 1!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

IMO, I don't think Hue is a priority at this time, he will be evaluated, HOPEFULLY by how this season ended up and why. Yes there were injuries, yes he was distracted....this could get very interesting, very quickly. I'm sure whoever does the evaluating, will take Hue's comments after today's game under big consideration.

I saw a team that didn't believe in the HC today, I saw a HC who looked way in over his head. Hue needed Mr.Davis, Chuck needed Mr.Davis, now that he has passed, the dynamics have changed and Hue is on his own. That has to be considered by the new GM as well.


11:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones - it's also possible that the Raiders org has no desire to change the culture that Al Davis left behind.

According to Jackson, he is about to take a bigger role in the team AND the organization.

“I’m going take a stronger hand in this whole team, this whole organization,” Jackson said.

"...yeah, I’m going to take a hand in everything that goes on here.”

That's a bold statement to make if he didn't already know something like that was in the works.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR, if that's the case, then the Raiders and the fans are in for another long drought of not winning. Hue isn't the guy, he has made that clear in the last half of the season.


8:18 AM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

I don't know what's worse, that we couldn't step up and take what was ours; or that we gift-wrapped the AFC West to the Doncos.

Bresnahan is worst than Rob Ryan, and should be let go immediately; that much is obvious.

Hue Jackson needs to step out of Offensive Play Calling, and hire a legitimate play caller (I hear Callahan is not going to resign with the Jets). When you can get the team to be creative is one thing, but to be non-existent when it comes to the red zone is unexcusable. This team needs to get someone to play call the team into the end zone. I don't get why we can't "spread the field" more in the red zone; go with the single back option and 4 WRs. It worked for Gruden/Callahan. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Deplorable, absolutely deplorable! The Raiders ran out of gas, and we were in position to run away with the division and be serious contenders at 7-4, and we end up 8-8. Heads should roll, and need to roll. Jackson says he's pissed, I'm on a rampage! I thought I could sleep the rage of yesterday and be more reasonable today, but I'm worse today.

We need a GM (Jeff Fisher?), an offensive play-caller, and a strong DC. I like Hue as Head Coach, he's a great motivator; but he is not an offensive play-caller, and neither is Saunders.


9:02 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Gannon was right, blow it up. As far as crybaby draft sobs, chins up... Tom Brady was pick #199 in the sixth round, so, it's what you do with the players that you have not the next big ticket player. Jamarcus Russell? Let's not get myopic. It sure looked like the Raiders quit yesterday, plain and simple, couldn't close the deal on the half yard line. That is weak sauce. Take off your jerseys, fold them up, and enjoy the rest of the post season. I sure will. It's not the zebras fault, they can't stop a good team. Can't keep a real football fan down, because it's all about the sport, not self. Much like, well, life...

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this is why younger kids jump ship to other teams, it's hard for me to believe that any kid that has any type of vision will decide to become a Raiders fan, GOD KNOWS MY PASSION FOR THIS FOOTBALL TEAM, but how can I blame my nephews to sheer for the patsies or the steelers or saints....I am done trying to convince people to become fans.


9:07 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...BTW, Patriots / Tom Brady era has won as many Super Bowls as the entire Raider franchise. Sorry Al, "thems the facts". Remember... draft pick #199... use who you got, because it's all about heart. Now go watch Rudy a few times. Tuck happens. Get over it, "men"...

9:07 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

i'm just PISSED at this team! heard that before?

before anything else, we need a GM. mark davis CANNOT allow this guy (jackson) to do further damage. then the first move is to fire bresnahan. the last thing hue needs is to have GM duties tacked on to his coaching duties - and he's having trouble doing that!

the coaches have surely made several mistakes, but ultimately it falls on the players. maybe these guys (especially on defense) just aren't good enough. kelly, and the others who rotate in and out of there just cannot handle their jobs. we can't stop the run, can't stop the pass. do we blame seymour? dude is going to the pro bowl so that tells me he's doing his job, or at least knows what he's doing. everyone else is a question mark.

i don't care what stats inc says about routt - he sucks. shepperd is a backup at this point. the young guys? who the hell knows! none of them has stepped up to the plate! will they ever? and the linebackers - the linebackers! mcclain is a major, MAJOR disappointment!

the offense and special teams can be fixed. that clock management yesterday was awful.

we fans surely can't be blamed. we sold that place out all 8 games!

i'm not sold on hue jackson as head coach. mark davis, bring in a GM and NOW to put out the fire!

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



9:14 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Um, trying to make Raider fans? You either are or you are not! I am. But... The Steelers, as an organization, are loyal to coaches (count em). It breeds confidence. The Pats are just smart and disciplined. It breeds success. If you had to pitch the Raiders to new fans, how would you pitch that deal... I am waiting. I'm a fan, win or lose, I'd love to hear your pitch. Go ahead, you got til' the draft. Start recruiting. Practice here!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

OTB is a fraud, a spinoff of Jethro, posing that he likes the Raiders......go blow Brady, Tebone and Rivers. You obviously have no life and this is your only venue to get your kicks? What a poor human.


9:15 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

one note:
we lost out on harbaugh because al davis doesn't pay premium bucks for a coach. and look where he took that team. dude was already on staff and had a history with us. he clearly did more with less than hue did; and don't tell me the whiners are more talented overall. those guys know how to handle a football team.

i truly hope that is the case no more. to get a good GM in here, we've gotta pay the guy some serious bucks. if he brings in his own coach, fine by me. i kind of expect it. let's just get things stabilized first. oh and by the way, i hope mark davis doesn't take his sweet time hiring a GM and/or coach ala al. with all these firings going down today, other teams will snag all the good candidates while we get stuck once again with left-overs or retreads!

i can just picture mark davis announcing the re-hiring or norv turner - "he's the guy we wanted all along!" PSSSSHHHHH!

9:42 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Wow, what a meltdown on this page. Sadder than the Raiders.

Wait a minute... that Hue says this team needs an attitude adjustment "and that begins with me" is avoiding accountability? Really.

First off, I'm fine with Hue Jackson has HC. For all those "he can never compare with Gruden" folks, I'd point out that Gru was 8-8 his first TWO seasons as HC. I'll spot you Jackson's term as OC and count it as his first year. I expect the team will make the playoffs next year.

For all of those not paying attention, much of the problem over the last 9 years has been the LACK of consistency in the HC position. I'm not a big proponent of starting all over again every time you fail.

As for Bres, I didn't like him his first stint here. He either blitzes when he shouldn't, or calls the wrong kind of blitz. He should have been bringing LBs up the middle rather than safeties from the corner.

But other than that, I'd bring everyone back other than Bres. In the off season I'd work on two things. Increasing the depth, and instituting a strong stretching program in training for injury prevention.

When they start coming in for OTAs, the attitude adjustment must begin.

On their way out of town, I'd say this to the players. Stop by Al's tomb on the way out and give him a heartfelt apology. Al built this team. He loaded it with talent and speed. He had faith in each and every player. He was rewarded by the players taking the money, and only showing enough interest to maintain mediocrity. Hue is dead right. I've said it for several years. This team needs an attitude adjustment.

I've listened while people shouted at me that his is all Davis' fault - all Calahan's fault - all Turner's fault - all Ryan's fault - all Kiffin's fault - all Bresnahan's fault - all Jackson's fault. When, exactly, does it become the fault of the people on the roster? If it's Davis' fault, why does it continue when Davis is dead? If it's Turner's fault, why does it continue with Turner in SD? If it's Calahan's fault, why does it continue eight years after he's gone?

Seems to me the wheel of fault has hit on everyone BUT the players.

From my perspective, today, there is not a Raider on this roster until each of the 53 men on the roster prove that they are Raiders. And if they don't, they are just holding roster spots until we find players who can prove to be Raiders.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

exacly blanda, it's on the players. but you blanda, me scorpio or any other fan here or out there isn't gonna stop the new GM from bringing in his own guy IF he so chooses.

i read earlier today that ken herok is consulting mark davis for possible gm candidates with mckenzie and wolff (the son) as the leading candidates. whoever it is, needs to come in here and stop hue jackson from letting his head get too big. "this is MY team"? EXCUSE ME but you sir are a rookie head coach with too much on your plate. he's already costed us major draft picks for a trade that didn't get us where we need to be to justify it.

so the blame really is on the shoulders of the players, but the coaches made major blunders too! the gm will analyze all this and do what is right for the team - in his OWN vision.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Blanda, I was starting to gain respect for your opinions and then you lay this egg. Everyone was shouting at you? That it was always the HC's fault? Are you going to start with your 'bizzaro' world again? How many players has the Org gone through since Gruden was in Oakland? And it was always on the players? Mr.Davis hired the coaches and the players...not to beat the dead horse, we already been through it hundreds of times, I think everyone but you will admit why the team has been what it was in the past.

It is a team with so much instability from the Front Office that it had no chance to succeed. It starts at the top and it filtered right down to the field. You ask how could it be MrDavis' fault when "he is dead". It's still the coaches, players and system HE MADE, how can you even question it? No team is successful if you keep a HC "because you need stability". Are you seeing stability, Blanda? Hue was called out by his new QB for not attending to getting the team prepared for the big game. Hue was "too busy" and then we hear Hue say all year that "we are going to get this fixed", while he is at the nail salon? Hue and his 'gangster' suits.

Once Mr.Davis died, the team began to lose it's grip and so did the HC. For Hue to dump this on the players when an obvious poor coaching job has been evident for weeks now...Hue has to go, bring him back and the team will be mediocre again. If you are going to blame something for the last 9 years....blame the way the Org has been run, just like we have been telling you for 6 or so years...guess it will never sink in, huh?


10:12 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"For all those "he can never compare with Gruden" folks, I'd point out that Gru was 8-8 his first TWO seasons as HC"

Gruden never lost the team like it was so obviously lost the last 1/3rd of this season. Look at Hue on the sidelines, he was dumbfounded, shaking his head all game with a defeated look on his face. Players bitching and shaking their heads at the calls by the coaches. The stupid penalties, over and over...this is signs of a team that is poorly lead and coached. If you can't recognize the signs..I sure hope the people calling the shots, starting today can see it, if not, more of the same next year.


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

BR: "On their way out of town, I'd say this to the players. Stop by Al's tomb on the way out and give him a heartfelt apology."

Damned straight.

They're quitters.

I'm not now and never will be a Bronc-a-ho's fan, but answer me this: if we're playing the Doinks and we're up two scores with 27 seconds left, are you feeling uneasy when Tebow takes the field?

I sure am. Unfortunately, we're not inspiring any kind of fear in other teams or their fans at the end of our games.



10:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The fact there's so much is up in the air just demonstrates the need for a contingency plan to have been established by Al Davis prior to his death. This was always one of my fears.

Right now, Jackson sounds like he's the man in charge (on the team level anyway). If that changes, it will come as a complete surprise.

11:08 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Jones, the team we have right now is so far better than the team Turner left behind should be obvious to anyone. This team is a hell of lot better than 8-8.

While we like to think that backups should be as prepared as the starters they replace, that is rarely the case with any team.

I've laid the injuries at the feet of the training staff (organization), and the poor defensive play calling at Bresnahan's feet. Hue has put up an offense good enough to have gone to the playoffs for the past two years. Hue is NOT our problem.

I will also say that Hue had WAY to much on his plate this season - and it's not his fault. The combination of the excessive amount of injuries and the loss of our GM/Owner required too much of Jackson's attention - especially for a rookie coach.

I believe that Jackson's job is certainly safe for another season - as it should be. The new GM, since the death of Davis, was always in the works. The team has also made it clear that a new GM was NOT going to happen until the 2011 season was a memory.

That's how it should be. Many possible candidates won't be able even discuss it until they have finished the playoff season.

I'm not into making fan demands right now. I'm into waiting to see how things play out, and how they are ultimately resolved.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team is not better than 8 and 8. The team is exactly 8 and 8. Talent and potential are useless terms unless realized.

Blue Monday

11:54 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

8-8, 7-9, 2-14

what difference does it make - we are LOSERS! until this team goes one better than 8 wins we will continue to be LOSERS! so until we go 9-7 and sometimes 9-7 isn't good enough. hell, i remember back in the 80's during the charger-raider battles, 11-5 wasn't even good enough to win our does 8-8 not make you a loser?

until we make the playoffs we will continue to be losers. why? because we lose out to the other teams who ARE going to the playoffs. funny thing is, we can't even call tebow a loser because HE is in the playoffs!

end of story!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Excuses Blanda, you've had a million of them since I started on this site and it looks like you continue. I'm not into excuses, I'm into having a team that we all can be proud of and enjoy watching instead of mediocre unstable messes. It's been 9 straight years of it, how can that be on the players?

It's more than the players, they come and go while the results remain the same. If Hue stays and is in control, it will be more of the same. Hiring a GM and demand that he keeps the same HC is more of the same. Won't you ever get tired of the backassward approach?


12:52 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

This says it all...All the other "BS" can take a freakin hike!!!..Only one issue remains now...Hue makes his hand felt and we don't have this CRAP again!!!

Jackson said he has been aware of the issues holding back the Raiders for some time. Now that the season is over, it’s time for him to let it out and talk about what needs to be done going forward.
For one, Jackson said, he intends to take on an even heavier hand in how the team is run. He is hell-bent upon making sure he doesn’t feel again the way he feels right now.
“I’m going take a stronger hand in this whole team, this whole organization,” Jackson said. “There ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now, I promise you that. There’s no question.
“Defensively, offensively and special teams. I aint feeling like this no more. This is a joke. To have a chance at home to beat a football team that is reeling after being beaten by Detroit, is one of your rivals, and come in and beat us like that … yeah, I’m going to take a hand in everything that goes on here.”

Without a doubt that piss poor "D" was on one man and one man only...That won't happen again!!!

Bres...Thanks for coming in and screwing up our last hopes...Now get the Fuck OUT!!!

PantyRaider....Next Season!!!/_

12:59 PM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

bill polian (gm) and his son chris, architects of the colts recent winning years are now available...

oh mark?

1:25 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The Chargers punter didn't have a single attempt ALL game ... let that sink in for a minute.

Down 31-26 after the Boss TD, we let the Chargers go 99.5 yards with a playoff berth on the line.

Our D was ranked #30 in PPG (27.1) and #29 in YPG (387.6) for the season.

Against the Bills, Broncos, and Lions the D was unable to hold on to double digit leads in the 2nd half.

A decent D and we are looking at an 11-5 playoff season vice an 8-8 year with unfulfilled expectations.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"A decent D and we are looking at an 11-5 playoff season vice an 8-8 year with unfulfilled expectations."

How many years of 'what ifs'? Every team that loses can say 'what if', haven't you had enough yrs of 'what if'? No more 'what if', wouldn't that be something? What if Hue knew what the culture was on the team...all year he was saying how "I know this team, I know how to fix it... I know what they are made of and we will get it done"?

He was here last year and he knew it then too, ya think? Hue has done a lot of "bully" talk, but he didn't back it up. He even said that Mr.Davis told him that "they will win it in the end". You all need to listen to the 'Who' = WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN.

I'm sick of the talk, let's see some real action, FOR ONCE, is it really too much to ask? Hue didn't fix a freakin thing after Mr.Davis passed, it got worse, his words are empty. He now has thrown the players under the bus and has lost the team, he has to go.


1:37 PM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

The awful defensive play is partially on the DC and his lack of play calling; and the other part is on the guys on the field.

Other than the obvious of a new DC, I think we need some DB help. The addition of Curry has added balance to our LB crew. But our DBs are anemic. They looked lost against a mediocre Phillip Rivers. 3 games where a team has drove 99 yards to score? Un-freaking-believable! That's the most deplorable things I've ever seen as a Raider fan.

Not too mention, we had momentum shift our way, and our defense made sure to deflate any chance of winning, not just a game or winning record, but a division title, and knocking the Doncos out.

I want to punch someone, and that someone is going to be the first person I see wearing a Doncos jersey; or Bresnahan; whomever I see first.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

I've got a 'what if'...what if Hue knew his DC was a putz and told him he was being demoted and say Rod Woodson was being promoted like 8 gms ago? Now what if that.... where is the leadership of the HC? What if the team came out inspired in Miami and GB and Woodson decided to change up the defense by using smart blitzes and some line stunts. He would put in players that didn't shy away from making a play (Mitchell) or commit penalty after penalty (all of them)?

Putting players in positions to make plays. Instead of on every 3down of mid to long and calling them to playing a 'soft' and predictable defensive scheme, we show em an all out attack to the QB? Where was the HC then? Doing his nails? Interviews? If Hue is going to talk the talk of "fixing it" and then is called out by the player he traded for, for not being available to "fix it"? Should I go into how he manages the game, or should it be enough?

Hue isn't good enough, he took orders and now that Mr Davis has passed, Hue isn't good enough.


1:56 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

This is what I've been saying all along.

What is going on with the GM search ?

Is John Madden involved, or not ?

Who knows ? No one knows.

We do know that the Raiders, players, and coaches, are a bunch of F**k ups.

That is why we need come clarity.


And if Madden is not involved in GM search, he should say it now.

This way we can know that a GM will be hired by M. Davis, Trask, and Hue.

And that we are Doomed for further failure.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

My point about the Bills, Broncos, and Lions game was to illustrate the complete ineptitude, leadership, and performance of the defensive coaches and personnel.

Sure, Rod Woodson might be a guy with leadership qualities and coaching abilities. However, the reality is that he has 1 year of coaching experience and the secondary that he was ultimately responsible for failed miserably.

The defensive side of the ball needs to be fixed from the top down. A proven DC who brings in his coaches, his vision and his leadership will be required to overhaul this mess.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

The play of the game was 3rd and 7, down by eight.. and Bresh dialed up the same Tampa 2 defense that allowed Detroit to beat us... instead of McClain running behind the 6'5" Megatron, this time, agonizingly.. it was the 6'5" Vincent Jackson McClain was jogging behind. Its as if Norv KNEW Breshnahan would call the Tampa 2... and have McClain on Jackson.

Agonizing end to a season... especially since we MIGHT have matched up pretty well vs Pitts with Palmer getting hot at the right time...

Its not just that the defense STUNK... they did... but with the exception of MAYBE Giordano, there are no playmakers to end games. Green Bay statistically are not that good (32nd in the NFL) but have playmakers to end games. People that rise to the occasion... especially when the game is on the line.

We have people that fold like a cheap table at the end on defense, over and over... LOSERS almost across the board.

Routt... LOSER
Mitchell LOSER
Wimbley LOSER

Once again, McClain gives up a long TD by sticking his cock in the wrong hole... when simply standing there like an idiot would have resulted in a tackle.


How do you lose 8 games with the 9th ranked offense? How do you lose TWO season ending games giving up 99 yard drives?

We need a veteran PLAYMAKER free agent safety and MLB... then draft all defense with our remaining picks... with the exception of a short yardage RB (Bush is not fast enough for the NFL to get lead back money)just to backup Mcf and Jones (that can be done in the 5th round).

The offense is young and still learning, and Palmer is a franchise QB despite his occasional lapses in judgement. We are set besides maybe depth on the line and getting rid of Barnes.

Breshnahan is a dead man walking. Buh bye moron!!

3:16 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

You guys that want to pin the Raiders latest failure on just the defense, are misguided.

Yes the defense sucks, but how many games this year, did Raiders fail to score a TD in 2nd half ??

And what about the best player on the team, Mcfoothurts ?

Can't even get this guy on the field for big games. Can't count on him.

The problem is, Raiders will do whatever it takes to lose game. Defense, Offense, and even special teams.

It's just a big mess again.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

A decent D and we are looking at an 11-5 playoff season vice an 8-8 year with unfulfilled expectations.

Not even a decent D... just an OPPORTUNISTIC one would have sufficed.

Green Bay is even worse than we are statistically... but I guarantee you every time they needed an all-out blitz called (like on the 1/2 yard line or something???) or a safety, CB or LB to step in front of a pass to end the game... they got it.

The only time this year I can think of the defense making a play to end a game was when Houston threw a ball right into Huff... who just happened to be standing in the right place... its not like he "came from nowhere" or something.

With the exception of Minn that lost 5 starters, we have the worst secondary in the NFL. The only player I for sure would keep as a starter is Branch. Giordano maybe... but gawd he is slow.

BTW.. did anyone see the safety blitz from Giordano on the fist TD? He started from deep in the backfield... and didn't get anywhere close to the QB until after everyone was celebrating.

Blitz with your slowest guy Breshy??

3:39 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

raider00 said...

You guys that want to pin the Raiders latest failure on just the defense, are misguided.

I dunno about that.

I didn't look very close, but I think all of the teams that made the playoffs this year were in the top 16 in offense, and we were 9th (Denver doesn't count.)

The only person that I want for sure replaced on offense is Barnes.

Who would you replace and why?

BTW... tough to blame McF for being INJURED. Cmon man.

I remember people bagging on CWood early as being "injury prone." He's a HOF now...

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





Routt... LOSER
McClain LOSER....SUCKS!@
Mitchell LOSER
Wimbley LOSER



3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



3:54 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Regarding the Packers comparison, there's something else. I believe I read that, heading into the last game of the season, Stanford Routt alone had more penalties than the entire Packers defense.

Our penalty issues are a form of reverse opportunism.

For the Raiders to set the NFL penalty record is perhaps my biggest concern with Jackson. He pledged do something about penalties and discipline, and look where we ended up, making history.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

00... look back at the schedule... point to me the games where we just needed more points to win?

-We scored 35 and lost to Buff
-Needed more than 31 to beat NE
-The Chiefs first game is off the board because McF went out and we were playing with BOLLER.
-needed more than 38 to beat Broncos
-Needed more than 34 to beat Mia
-48 GB??? Cmon.

-27 points was a loss to Detroit.

-26 to lose to SD.

So in three losses we had 35, 27, and 26 points. The rest were blowouts on the defense.

Christ... how many times in the last decade would we have been doing backflips over those three scores??

The offense is not the problem...
not sure why anyone would even mention it.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

I agree with RT! Instead of a fumble recovery, sack, or int.. we more often than not got a penalty on the defense with the game on the line.


Thats the difference between playoffs and cleaning out their lockers.

The defense needs to be blown up.

(BTW Seymour in no shape or form deserved the pro-bowl this year... he may be a leader at practice and off the field, but he did little on the field this year.)

4:07 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

The offense played well enough to win 11 games, and scored 27 and 26 points in losses down the stretch with the playoffs on the line (with a new QB, and their star RB injured).

It is completely disingenuous to point fingers at any of them and call them losers.


The defense needs to be blown up.

I am very happy with our young offense, as would be most NFL fans.

You are embarrassing me...

4:16 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Sure, Rod Woodson might be a guy with leadership qualities and coaching abilities. However, the reality is that he has 1 year of coaching experience"....

The point was, why didn't Hue do something to "fix it"? A REAL HC would have done something, right? We all saw how poor the High School scheme works, we've seen it for decades. Mr.Davis had passed, Mr.Fix it could have done something, ANYTHING to change what he saw on the D side of the ball, he did NOTHING.

In the biggest game of the year, they played the most predictable and basic defense EVER in a Pro Game since 1985. Where was the HC, why was there no adjustments? Was Mr.Davis still telling Hue that Chuck was in charge?

I would like to know why Hue did nothing. I would like to know why Hue didn't have his team ready to play on most weeks in the last half of the season. I want to know why Hue wasn't there to prepare his QB for should I go into game management?

Taking forever to get the plays into the QB so that time just clicked away? Sending in replacements on the last play of the 1st half when/during the QB was trying to spike the ball?

Not using a different RB during the game to give the other team different looks and maybe a guy who could get outside a little (Cartwright)... What about all the insane penalties? Sure signs of a poorly coached team. Why must Raider fans have such low standards? COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE? MY ASS.


4:45 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...


First, I am agreeing with you about the Raiders defense. It sucks.

However, let us not overlook.

In the Nov. 6th game, in Oakland, right after bye vs Donks.

Palmer throws 3 picks, and Raiders special teams give up an 85 yrd punt return for TD.

Dec. 4th, at Miami. Raiders offense shut down for 3.5 quarters. Score two meaningless TD's at end.
Palmer also throws a 34 yrd int. returned for TD.

Vs Lions. Yes defense folded in last 5 minutes. But offense failed to get a crucial first down, which would have killed the clock.

Jan. 1 vs SD. Raiders special teams give up 105 yrd kickoff return for TD.

As for Mcfoothurts. He is best player on team. But he has missed nearly 2 seasons with foot injuries,(remember turf toe?).

Bill Walton was a great Basketball player too, but he had the bad feet, and hardly ever played. That's all I'm saying.

We can't count on Mcfoothurts to be there in the big games.

So yes, the D stinks. But just when we needed Raiders offense, & special teams to step up, they flopped as well.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

McClain will be a better MLB in a better scheme, blaming the kid when he is supposed to cover not only sideline to sideline, but goaline to goaline as well. In a real defense, McClain will flourish, ever wonder why the Raider D has been a MLB killer? It's what they are asked to do in the scheme. Gannon touched on it in the broadcast.

Wimbley trying to cover Gates deep, McClain chasing Wr''s nuts and won't work in the NFL. Where was Hue to tell Chuck to knock that shit off? The D-line in straight lanes all game, not once did they change up and teams exploit it, duhhh. McClain is a sitting duck 5 yrds off the line. McClain showed that he can blitz and be effective, yet, not once, Rivers never got touched all game. Where was the HC to knock that shit off?


4:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones, I get what you're saying, but I don't know if another Jim Harbough-type HC will become available to the Raiders.

Despite all his faults and rookie mistakes this year, Jackson might be the Raiders best option next year.

He's had moments of clarity as well as moments of confusion.

I believe the Raiders are capable on offense, but completely inept on defense (scheme and otherwise).

As with Cable spreading himself too thin with HC and playcalling, I believe Jackson is doing the same thing... and taking on more in 2012 may only compound the problem.

Short of hiring the next Jim Harbough, I don't mind Jackson staying on as HC, and perhaps handing off the playcalling to the OC.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Cable isn't a HC either, the only reason he was in Oakland as a HC is because......there was NOBODY ELSE who would take the job. NOW, right NOW, that is no longer the case IF the Raiders play their cards right in the time to come.

The HC job is will longer be looked at as a 'crazy train' if the F.O. shows that they are willing to run the team in a manner that is welcome in today's market. So now, the Raiders would be able to pick and choose whoever they want and that candidate could very well say YES.

Imagine that, when was the last time we saw a HC that was toughted as a top HC or prospect HC said yes to Oakland? This is the opportunity and now is the time to get it right. Hue isn't good enough, you can make all the excuses you want, he isn't good enough.


5:33 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Jones, my point is this. You can call it excuses as much as you like, but that don't change the facts.

Your way of "fixing" the team seems to be to blow up the whole organization each year until you see what you want.

With each new HC we will get a new PLAN to fix the problems. Most plans generally take at least a few years to complete. However we have not had the same coach for more than TWO seasons since 2000.

Hue has had ONE year. He didn't get us to the playoffs, so you want to blow it up and start over. Then next year, you'll be happy at first, but at the end of the year we'll have another 8-8 record or worse. Then you'll want to blow it up again.

You complained bitterly about Al Davis. When I've complained about Davis, THAT has been exactly my complaint. You view it as "excuses" if a new HC doesn't achieve the playoffs his first year here, no matter the circumstances.

The longest tenure for a Raiders HC since 2000 was Cable (2 1/2 seasons). With him, we climbed from 5 wins to 8. I'm confident that with the same amount of time, Hue can bring us to 11. Frankly, I think with the talent we have, we can do 12 or 13, but only if they remain healthy.

For the whole off season are you really going to be demanding that the whole organization be blown up (I guess because you love the Raiders so much, and we always destroy the things we love - right)?

Sometimes things require a bit of patience. I know. I know. You've been patient with the Raiders for eight years. The problem with that is that Hue hasn't been the coach for eight years. This is his first. Mark Davis hasn't been the owner for eight years. So far it hasn't even been a year.

So go ahead and scream, Jones. I'll just try and ignore it.

6:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones -

Obviously, you've pointed to a number of mistakes Jackson has made this year, but I think you have to separate rookie mistakes from ineptitude.

Jackson is our best HC since Gruden. I don't think you can just say he's incompetent. He's been working with a mostly broken model.

It's not like he can start playcalling the defense in the middle of a game (Sunday). He claims to have had numerous talks with Bresnahan about the poor play of the defense which, apparently, fell to deaf ears.

I'm sure you've already shot this down, but Gruden went 8-8 for two seasons, with arguably a better Raider football team.

Jackson has had exposure to quality programs, like the Ravens. Perhaps he can draw from that experience and his rookie year and grow from that.

Short of finding the next Harbough-type, I'd like to see him try.

6:19 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

On that same kind of note, I remember when some folks around here wanted Jano cut during a bad season. There is no question, Jano and Lechler are the best in the NFL. Folks didn't want him cut because he was a bad kicker, they wanted him cut because they were mad at Davis for drafting him in the first round.

Well, if we'd cut Jano, he likely would have been signed by Denver and kicking in the Mile High city for 8 games a year, and he would have screwed us every time we played in Denver.

At the time I was also making "excuses" for Jano. And thank Heaven that the team listened to my excuses because without Jano we'd have absolutely nothing for that first round pick.

Same thing for DHB. I don't know if anyone noticed, but he was our best receiver this year. Now, I'm not saying he's showing the skills of a #7 overall pick, but the man obviously is working very hard. I'm confident that DHB WILL show those skills relatively soon.

As it turns out this season, we didn't get anything out of Ford and Moore that exceeds their draft level. Neither played half the season. To that end, McFadden continues to be a bust.

6:32 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

One more thing. While the population seems to desire a black and white world, things are rarely so simple.

It is fair to argue that this is no better than an 8-8 team because they finished 8-8. But it must be added that this is an 8-8 team WITH the adversity they faced this season. Just as GB is a 14-2 team with the adversity they faced this season (almost none).

The Raiders finished the season with a different owner and a different QB than at season's beginning. They went through most of their season without their starting RB, without two of their starting 3 WRs (sometimes less than half of the WR corps was even available), without their starting corner and without their starting FS (at times playing with less than half of their DBF players).

GB has had NO SUCH TROUBLES! I'd like to see their record if they had gone through the same. I'd like to see the Raiders be able to replay their season with all of the injured players available for at least 14 out of 16 games. I think we'd have done better than 8-8. Frankly, I think we'd have a first round bye.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

Oak town blues-
So you are a Raider fan - Great! We would love to see your memorabilia collection or maybe we could hook up at a game? Well?

7:00 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

Oak town blues-
Enjoy the rest of the post season? It might just be me but I will not watch another nfl game until next season. I guess you will enjoy the off season as your pats and broncos continue on. GFY!

7:23 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:24 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

memdf... dude if it's just about gear, you're queer. If it's about paying too much for an NFL seat versus investing for my kids, that's just dumb. Got Timmy Brown and Rich Gannon on my desk, and that is the LAST time the Raiders played Raiderball. They are my team, and I am always gonna call it like I see it. Wanna buy my Otto autograph? It's perty cool. But my USMC retirement plaque with the LA Raiders smack in the middle is a keeper, but your type of ego would prolly think that matters. Keeping penalties in check and playing for an entire hour (what a concept) might help. Take notes from winning teams, because, apparently, Gannon and Brown kept the recipe, and, well, even Gannon said, blow it up.

Oh, sorry, you're still there... you may go now. :)

7:29 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

Where's the gm article you read?

7:32 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said... more time: healthy recipe is football fan first, Raider fan second... wash, rinse, repeat...

Raiders played mediocre ball, that's a fact, and did not commit to excellence. This is not my opinion. Juz the way it is.Anyone with facts to refute, feel free, maybe we won more than half our games and I'm wrong... (?) The last two minutes of that game were a Commmitment to Flatulence, and yes, local Raider buds agree. Peace Owt.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is on the D, not Hue. I believe he earned the right to coach next season with a staff of his choosing. Good bye Al Saunders and get the fuck out Chuck.

I know I have been a pessimistic Raider fan over the past 5-7 years, but the over reaction here is astonishing. I hope Mark does not panic the way most of the fans seem to be. We have a good core and we have something to build on, something I have not been able to say in years.


7:40 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

memdf, wow, for real, you are not watching the playoffs? OK, roll call... show of hands: Who's curling up in the fetal position because the team out there played sub-prime ball at home? I stopped attending games in LA because the majority of the attendees in Silver and Black were just stoopid drunk. I like the game, and will enjoy quality ball. whatever dude.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Your way of "fixing" the team seems to be to blow up the whole organization each year until you see what you want"

Oh bullshit....since I have posted on this blog, I have been consistent in my message in what I think should be done by this Org. And what I have preached is STABILITY, that's the problem with the Raiders, there has BEEN NO STABILITY. Are you forgetting things as you get older, Blanda?

Blanda, you are starting to fall back into half truth's and make believe scenarios. If the Raiders would have hired a top GM and Mr.Davis would have backed many times did you read that from me Blanda? And now you are accusing me of wanting to blow it up every year until something sticks....if you want to have a dialogue, you need to be HONEST, if you are just trying to piss someone off...may as well join the pantyraider alias team.

I think what makes our opinions different is that I can see the signs of a poor coaching job. By the way, the poor coaching of Hue that I pointed out, was from one (the last) GAME not the season, stop trying to twist words, Blanda, it shows you are insincere.

I don't care about the coaches before him or how long they stayed. In order for the team to reach a higher level, they will need a higher quality HC. That is a fact, you may believe it or not, Hue isn't good enough to make the team a TOP 5 team. You guys who are saying that anything other than a Harbaugh type or it's Hue.... Like, there is no chance now to get a Harbaugh type because he went to SF? Again, acceptance of mediocre. Hue isn't a top HC, he was never a HC before this yr...there are better options and if Raider management has the same closed mind as people on here....


7:56 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Just as GB is a 14-2 team with the adversity they faced this season (almost none)."

They won the SB with much adversity last yr...the silliness continues.


7:58 PM  
Blogger Mr.Duva32 said...

Interesting post season new conference from Hue, bottom line is: Hue isn't going anywhere in 2012. Though I've also called for his head, Mark and Amy will not pull the trigger just yet. I believe that they have bought into what Hue is trying to do however; I can’t say the same for the players.

“That as a Raider, you’re expected to win. And 8-8 is not where we want to be and I don’t want to use the old coaches’ cliché — you look at the wins you possibly could have won, and you didn’t. To me, that’s just…you’re setting yourself up again to be able to say, hey look, if we did this, we’d be here, you did that, you’d be there. You didn’t. At the end of the day, you didn’t win those games. We got what we earned. We’re 8-8, we’re a .500 football team for the second year in a row and, that’s disappointing. But the guys that come back here, that get ready for the offseason program; they’re going to buy in…all the way to what it is that we’re selling. Because we’re going to win a championship here, and that’s what I told them. And if you don’t feel comfortable at the way I think you’ve got to buy in, then maybe this is not the right place for you.”

Defensively the bottom line is we have no game changing players on this defense. Call it scheme; call it gap assignments or whatever excuse you want to call it that helps that 2011 roster sleep better at night. The best scheme in the world is not going to help stop the run if you don’t have the right players to make those tackles and plays. Chuck is definitely not the answer and was Al’s crony. We need a fresh, sound, methodical, and disciplined Defensive Coordinator whom the players are held accountable to. Without the right players and great D.C. were doomed to repeat the same mess that gets displayed on field day in and day out.

Changing to a 3-4 D will be somewhat of a challenge because we need to have a game changing player at NT. We’re without our first 4 picks in this year’s draft, not to mention we were only a few million dollars below in cap space. This will be a difficult challenge for the new G.M. and Hue in getting enough players to play in a 3-4 scheme. But players’ like McClain (?) could potential flourish. Our secondary is not even worth mentioning.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Just as GB is a 14-2 team with the adversity they faced this season (almost none)."

Just thought of the Saints winning the Bowl when they had no home field (Katrina).

McClain was a non issue, if that took Hue off his game, then he ain't got no game. Mr.Davis dying SHOULD have inspired the team to win, instead it hindered the team because they became leaderless in the coaching dept. Hue couldn't fix anything unless he had Mr.Davis telling him how to do it.


8:44 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Yeah, Hue talks the talk.....Hue's words are empty until he proves it in actions, so far, he has failed. Build a bully? Get it fixed? He knows what he has with this team? Raiders can do better.


8:52 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I guess I don't understand the logic of being supportive of Hue but not being as "pissed" as Hue after what transpired yesterday, and over the second half of the season.

Hue didn't say the word "pissed" nine times yesterday by accident.

He knows that this was an inexcusable backslide into mediocrity. He knows this wasn't about injuries or zebras. He knows it, I know it and YOU know it.

Now how much he's to blame for this situation is up to debate, but that doesn't change the fact that this was an inexcusable backslide into mediocrity, and this worthy of making him, me and you "pissed."

If Bresnehan is so responsible for the problem, why was he hired in the first place with his flimsy resume? Why wasn't he stripped of his duties like Tom Walsh was once his ineffectiveness became doubly clear (ie: more clear than it was at the time of his hiring)? And some of you blame the players for this type of epic mismanagement?

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones, seems like you can't knock any common sense into these clowns. This is the type of Raider front office SUCKAAAASSSSS mentality that has been screwing US for years.


9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throw the logic out the door. It's more like some sort of stupidity virus that has been inserted into these people's brain.


10:22 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Hue-Jack puts it on the line on a few points that are really worth mentioning:

#1...That Fuckin "Zebra"!!

What is undisciplined?
“To me, and I am going to say this because this is what I feel, I wish sometimes when I get things back from the league, you guys could see them. To see some of the things I see, because I think you would be shocked.

One of those areas is we have to eliminate penalties and then we have to get some of these other things right that we got wrong.”

#2...That disgusting "D"!!!

Q: How do you really feel about the defense and how it played down the stretch?
Jackson: “It’s unacceptable.”

Is there a time you can look at and say this was the signature moment that dictated who you really were?
“Well, if you go back to Buffalo game, because when you’re winning 21-3 and the other team comes back and beat you, that’s who we really were. And that’s who we were all year, and that’s very disappointing to tell you that, but that’s the truth. We have had leads, and teams have found ways to catch us in the end and beat us and defeat us,

I just know this: we cannot look at what we’ve done on defense and say it’s good enough, or say it’s even close to being good enough. It’s not, and my players know that.

Q: How much mental shortcomings vs. physical shortcomings defensively?
A: “Well, it all goes hand in hand. The physical is the mental, and the mental is the physical. As you work through some of the things that we’ve had happen to us on defense from week in to week out, it’s very apparent that it’s kind of the same theme. So, like I said, I know exactly where we are and what we need to fix. We cannot let quarterbacks come in here and play pitch and catch. We can’t let guys take the ball and just bring it back at us. We can’t do that. At the same time, on offense we got to make sure we score more in the scoring zone than we did, and finish.

offenses are too good in this league. You can’t just line up and do one thing all the time but you also got to make sure that your players know exactly who you are, and we’ll do that.”

Q: Do you think teams such as the Ravens and Steelers do that?
A: “I know that’s what they do. My time in Baltimore, that’s why Baltimore is playing in the playoffs. That’s why they got a first-round bye. They’re really good on defense and they play well enough on offense to make things happen.

Q: What kind of defensive identity do you want for your defense?
A: “Well, I want a team that, one, stops the run. And, two, I want the opposing quarterbacks, when they get off the bus, to be worried about getting hit. Then, I want us to be able to take the ball away from the offensive football team. Turnovers is the key to any championship in this league. The teams that are in the playoffs, they get a ton of turnovers. We need to get better in all three of those areas, and we’re going to.”

We went from a defense that was 11th a year ago to 29th. We went from an offense that was 10th a year ago to ninth. There’s a discrepancy there.

Yes...And that coupled with the Flags is why my Raiders are sitting home...Just like back in "97"....When your "QB" throws for 400yds but your "D" gives way to massive bleeding your NOT going to win...This "D" is no where near as bad as that "D" then but you wouldn't know it from the stats..."DC" just sucked!!!

PantyRaider....Wholesale Changes On The Way!!!/_

PS...I'm NOT reading anything because I have NO stomach for the stupidity of the tears and weak ass "BS" bitches from punks who were never manly enough to strap it on...EVER!!!

11:08 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

In other words I'm NOT willing to ingest the weak ass putrid vomit of the "Criers Circle" when some of you punk asses were already crying before the game was even played...

Now that's as weak as it gets!!!

11:10 PM  
Anonymous scorer said...

member, hold on. i'm trying to find it...

11:41 PM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

dammit, I HATE this autocorrect on my iPad!

anyway memdf, I'm trying to find that article...

11:43 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

..."seems like you can't knock any common sense into these clowns"...

The old saying, if common sense is so common, why do so few have it? It's the world we live in, unfortunately.


1:00 AM  
Blogger H said...

Been on the road guys.

One game. One game against a team we dominated at their place on a three day break. Or, a fourth down stop against Buffalo. Or a defensive stand, or running out the clock against Detroit.

Three HUGE missed opportunities, any of which would have sent this team to the playoffs.

Not a single sack and only one quarterback hit. Last season, with Marshall, we were second or third in the league in sacks. Some folks wanted Marshall gone. Well, they got their wish. He may not have been the best in the league, but he was way more agressive than Chuck.

With the talent that is on this team, there should have been a minimum of 10 wins. We will be losing some of that talent.

Unless they put the franchise tag on Michael Bush, he is gone. Over 1300 yards rushing and receiving. Just my opinion, but he was the team MVP this season.

At least when Cable said he knew how to fix this, he went about doing it without a lot of bluster. We saw marked imporvment in the team. We haven't seen any evidence of that "bully" we've been hearing about.

Jackson can get as "pissed" as he wants, but this team went backwards this year in my no longer humble opinion and lost two high draft choices in the process.

There's a chance for Jackson to turn it around, but he needs to start yesterday and use more than catch pharases.


5:44 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Is it possible that Jackson wanted to fire Bresnahan in-season but didn't out of respect for the man that hired him?

How much could Jackson really change the Raiders in half a season, post Al Davis, without disrespecting the man he was trying to honor?

This has become a lynching mob here. We don't know all the facts.

I believe Jackson deserves another shot, under the guidance of a new GM and with the help of a qualified DC.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

I think if we are to change into a 3-4 defense, then Seymour is not on the D-Line, but at LB, because of his versatility.

We would have to pick up a valid NT, because Tommy Kelly cannot get off the block by himself. He constantly complains that he is double teamed, and sometimes triple teamed. What's going to happen if he is the Anchor Tackle in a 3-4? I don't think we make the switch. I think the majority of our focus in free agency and draft (what little there is) should be on defense.

We do need to get some depth on Defense. Here are some guys I wouldn't mind going after:

Amobi Okoye (DT-Chi) and Aubrayo Franklin (DT-NO) would be good pick ups at the DT position, that are strong in the 4-3 scheme.

Carlos Rogers (CB-SF), Ronde Barber (CB-TB), Tyvon Branch (S-Oak), and Jarret Bush (CB-GB) is how we can "cheaply" help our secondary. I think we need to look at what Pittsburgh does with Polu and do something similar with Tyvon. Let him disrupt things. Start using our players strengths and abilities to create havoc, instead of making them fit a system. That is what has made Pittsburgh's defense so stable, and why Dick LeBeau has been there a long time.

On offense, continue to fix the O-line. I like what I saw this year, but there are still a few things to iron out. The unknown is Bruce Campbell at G. We need to rid ourselves of Khalif Barnes and Cooper Carlisle. Replace Carlisle with Deuce Lutui (AZ) and Khalif Barnes with Jared Gaither (KC) or Mike Otto (Ten). We need to try and bring back Stephon Heyer as well.

I'm fine with McFadden at RB, but we need to find out what Tawain Jones can do. If he can help lighten the load for McFadden that would be nice. But we also need a power back. Bush is a nice addition, but I think we lose him to Free Agency. I think Marcel Reece may fit that role nicely if we can utilize him like we did with Garner/Wheatley. Tim Hightower (Wash) or Steve Slaton (Mia) might give us that option cheap. Slaton was a beast out of the backfield before Arian Foster came for the Texans. Maybe we can draft a guy too, like Marc Tyler (USC) or Brandon Bolden (Ole Miss).

Definitely need to look at LB's in the draft. Emmanuel Acho (Texas) would be a nice pick up, as would Keenan Robinson (Texas), Greg Williams (Pitts), and Nigel Bradham (FSU). All of these gents are OLBs. I would bring back Groves, and cut Wimbeley. Try Groves on the other side.

This is where my focus would be.

6:35 AM  
Blogger H said...


Sunday was not the only clock management problem we had this year.


"Cable isn't a HC either".

Maybe not, but the first thing an HC has to do is get the team to "buy in" and play hard every down. Cable got that from the players. He identified a culture of losing in the locker room and set about changing it, much like Gruden. Belichek was a huge failure in Cleveland, now he's going to be in the HOF.

I would have liked to have had one more season with Cable, Marshall and Jackson to see what the consistancy could have done, especially with the lockout and no OTA's.

Some coaches grow into an HC and I think Cable was doing that. But, that's over. Spilt milk and all that. I'm not in favor of blowing up the entire staff again even though I questioned some of his in game decisions this year. But, something needs to happen on defense. There's too much talent there for us to look as awful as we have at times.

But, Jackson was a little contradictory in his news conference. The players being hungrier is his responsibility, so how is him taking a stronger position in the organization going to fix that?


6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hue Jackson is so full of shit. It was HIS responsibility to have the team ready to kick some ass and he FAILED.





7:27 AM  
Blogger H said...

There are some positives, however.

This year we passed for 4,119 yards, last year 3,471. This year we completed 60.1% of passes, last year 56.8%. But, the big change in the pass offense was last year we gave up 41 sacks, this year 25.

While I think we should get the TE involved a little more, these are significant improvements. And the O-Line deserves most of the credit.

DHB deserves some kudos - 64 catches for 975 yards. Maybe he'll shake the lable yet.

It's the reverse on defense. Sacks were well down. Last year Huff and Branch had 4 sacks apiece, this year only 1 between them. McClain pushed his total from 1 to 5, but overall we were down to 39 after having 47 last year.

Just think of the conversation we might be having if Branch had blitzed Stafford when Detroit had the ball on the 1 yard line, or maybe even wacked Phillip Rivers upside the head a couple of times like he and Huff did last year.

There are some positives to build on, but we have to get past the construction phase.


8:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sounds like you're firing Jackson for one game... albeit a big one.

Personally, I look back at the coaching over the last nine years and Jackson appears to me as the cream of the crop.

Raiders haven't even hired a GM yet and folks want the HC replaced.

Been there, done that.

I'm ok with leaving the decisions in the hands of a competent GM, with Jackson a candidate to remain.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider I agree with you and H. There are major positives to build on. Before the season I thought we would severely regress. I was really worried about the O-line without Cable and that improved significantly. I give Hue the lions share of the credit for those improvements.

On defense it was the opposite, we regressed. We all know Hue did not hire Bresnahan. We all know, he had no say in that matter.

I want to see what we can accomplish with a real front office, and a talented coaching staff. No more retreads.

I am pissed that we lost, but I am more optimistic about the future than I have been in a long time.


9:15 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...already pumped for next season! (are you?)

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

Blanda said, "Just as GB is a 14-2 team with the adversity they faced this season (almost none)."

Uh, Blanda, the Packers finished 15-1. Their only blemish was to the Chiefs.

OTB, not looking forward to next season yet. Want to see what the Raiders do in the offseason. Build-A-Bully; or Build-A-Dummy; or Build-A-Bear?

9:39 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Take said: "I guess I don't understand the logic of being supportive of Hue but not being as "pissed" as Hue after what transpired yesterday, and over the second half of the season."

Apparently Hue didn't take enough responsibility by using phrases such as "it begins with me," and "it's on me." Apparently since everything is his responsibility, he not allowed to pinpoint the problems that he sees.

Also, saying that injuries have no baring on the season sounds very macho but, unfortunately, it's a little out of touch with reality. OF COURSE THEY DO! If back up players and scraps off the waiver wire were as effective as the starters, they'd be starters. I will agree that we still need to find more depth (better backups). But then, we all knew that at the beginning of the season.

JONES - Your GB and NO examples don't really hold water. First, GB began getting healthy at the end of last season - which is why they started winning at the end of the season. We had no such luck. And don't tell me that being forced to play in a different stadium is adversity. Teams having their stadium rebuilt do it all the time. And very few of the NO players actually LIVE in NO.

Lastly, you remember teams that triumphed through adversity because it is rare and remarkable - not because it was expected.

9:54 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I'm going to get out of here until July because I'm really not in the mood for flame wars for seven months. On my way out, here's what I expect to see, and something of what I hope to see.

Between now and the day after the SB, I expect to hear very little other than rumors surrounding who will become the Director of Football Operations and/or General Manager. Since the cone of silence operator is no longer with us, some of those guesses might even be more than guesses. But someone will be named by the end of February.

Hue Jackson will begin to tweak his coaching staff. I expect this will happen mostly with the defense. I think that Bresnahan will likely be let go. I think the Raiders do best when they promote from within, so I'm thinking I'd like to see Rod Woodson get a shot at DC. He could also conceivably pick Waffle.

I expect that Hue will spend a couple of months looking at FA prospects. He'll be looking at leadership to bring in for "the attitude adjustment." He'll be working with the new GM on that issue.

Hue will spend a lot of time with Carson Palmer during the off season, getting on the same page.

A while back, Hue said that they looked into the injury problem and determined there wasn't anything wrong with the way they were preparing the players - that it must be the result of the lockout. I disagree. It's been going on for longer than this season. It's been going on for about five years. I believe that not enough focus is given to injury prevention - especially stretching regimens.

While Hue greatly respected Al Davis, he is NOT Al Davis and will deal with things his own way. There will be a much more open facility this off season than in years past. We will be getting more information. However, we will hear far less from Mark Davis than we ever did with Al. Instead, we will be hearing from Hue and whomever becomes GM.

There is absolutely NO evidence that Hue has lost this team. In fact, the evidence is precisely the opposite.

The Raiders, if we can solve the injury problem and find a bit more depth, will go deep into the playoffs in 2012.

See you in July.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Personally, I look back at the coaching over the last nine years and Jackson appears to me as the cream of the crop."

So what if he is the best the RAIDERS have had in 9 yrs, wouldn't you want the best of the best? Talk about low standards, yuk.


10:31 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"How much could Jackson really change the Raiders in half a season, post Al Davis, without disrespecting the man he was trying to honor?"

Are you kidding? Wouldn't he be 'honoring' Mr.Davis with WINS? How much could he have changed? Look at that defense on Sunday, now tell me, what could he have changed? You say there is a lynching mob when you have turned into an excuse machine?

I think your 'side' has made excuses for mediocre and have become comfortable or unable to recognize mediocre. Look at SUCCESSFUL teams and see what they have as far as coaching, now compare that to the Raiders. It isn't even close, but some of you will accept that because that's how the Raiders do it? Wake up, a new day is upon us.


10:43 AM  
Blogger H said...


"I think if we are to change into a 3-4 defense, then Seymour is not on the D-Line, but at LB, because of his versatility."

I'm not sure a 315 pound LB would work very well. He would do well at DE as would Kelly and Houston. On passing downs Seymour's power and quickness would work well going up the middle.


10:45 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Blanda said..."First, GB began getting healthy at the end of last season"....

Look at the SB game, by halftime, they had lost Woodson and already had injuries to their starting DB's. Starting S gone, starting TE gone, Starting RB gone, in total, they had 16 players on injured reserve. If that isn't a possible excuse, then what is? Meanwhile, a thousand and one excuses come from you to cover a poor coaching job and injuries....nothing but excuses and make believe scenarios...


10:52 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Raiders haven't even hired a GM yet and folks want the HC replaced."

So, in true Raider fashion, you want the Org to hire a GM under the orders of "we already have a HC so you can't hire your guy". Now, what GOOD GM would look at that and say NO THANKS? I would bet ALL OF THEM. Don't you see that a football team cannot be run in this manner and be successful? Haven't you learned anything over these past years? What is the definition of insanity?


10:56 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Maybe not, but the first thing an HC has to do is get the team to "buy in" and play hard every down. Cable got that from the players."

H, I guess you don't remember, I lobbied for Cable to stay. I saw the team buy in as well. Under the 'unique system' that was the Raiders under Mr.Davis, I thought Cable was the best they could get who could handle Mr.Davis and keep the team together as well. He represented CONTINUITY that those now are preaching. Funny, those who are now preaching continuity, are the same ones who called for Cable's head after an 8-8 season. Humans are funny, huh?


11:04 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

In keeping with tradition I must respond: Unlike those who promoted "Intellectual Honesty" as substance!!!

As always I have been "Man Enough"..."Honest Enough"..."Real Enough"...."True Enough" to readily admit when I have been wrong...Today shall be NO exception!!!

Bresnahan...I was the 1st and foremost to pimp the release of the "MarshMallow" as "DC" due to his failures on the job...I did NOT pimp you for that vacancy...However when your name surfaced as the only candidate I was on board with it posting that when the "O" has been good that your "D" has been good also...Well in retrospect that was and still is complete utter "BS" and I should have known better!!!...

Phoney "D" #'s due to the high effectiveness of an "O" that was #1 which took teams out of their "O" game plans and exposed them to making far too many mistakes...NOT because you put a decent "D" on that football field!!!

Such has also been the case this season as you blew lead after lead with your piss poor game management while throwing this very special season away...In the face of the man who brought you here....You are an complete utter failure by all accounts!!!...

PantyRaider....I'm Guilty As Charged!!!/_

But still amongst the few posters here that are "Manly" enough to take this step rather than to hide behind those always movable "Rubber Walls" in the manner of that "Liars Creed"!!!

12:46 PM  
Blogger H said...


I was in the Keep Cable Camp also. I saw marked imporvement on both sides of the ball, attitude and effort. For an HC that's half the battle.

I'm for keeping Jackson now. But, he has to get more out of the defense and more consistancy overall.


I was for keeping Marshall. Just as with the team overall, I though we were much improved on defense last season. Top tier in sacks, pass defense, needed more work on run defense, but the overall body of work was showing an upward trend.



12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears you are projecting onto other people. I too called for Cable to stay for continuity. In fact if I remember correctly most on this site wanted him to stay as well. It was only after he was fired that the Al apologists were on board.

I believe Hue is one of the best coaches in the league. He is a rookie with no OTA's and a shortened training camp. He navigated a dysfunctional organization and was able to install a dynamic offense.

We had our 3 playmakers out form at least 6 games. Our best player was out 9 games. We also introduced a new QB in the middle of the season.

Perhaps this is crap to you, but I saw progress and a dynamic offense. I for one want to see how he can perform in a much more stabilized environment.


1:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones -

Careful, you’re shooting for idealism.

I stated before that I’m ok with replacing Jackson with a top quality HC, but I’m not ok with replacing him for the sake of replacing him.

I also stated above that Jackson staying should be subject to review by a competent GM.

IMO, that’s more rational than the cyber lynching going on here.

You want me to admit that Jackson is the HC and should have done something more definitive about Bresnahan’s incompetence?

Ok. Yes!

But I can’t pin a year of defensive failure on Jackson without knowing more than I do.

My uninformed opinion is that Jackson was stuck with certain bad elements left to him, particularly on a defense which he had little or no control of prior to Davis’ death.

Obviously, he f’d up and relied too much on Bresnahan to fix the problems.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR, when Mr.Davis passed, Hue had all the time between then and the final game to make sure there were adjustments. What we saw, was a TOTAL failure of that. A HC is supposed to "fix that". So, by that example alone, what makes you think Hue has a clue what to do on that side of the ball?

A HC is responsible for the TEAM and Hue was responsible for making adjustments to any part of the team that was bunk. Hue did NOTHING as the team sunk into failure.

The Raiders hire a new GM with full reign of who the HC will be. If the GM is a good hire, Hue will not be here as a HC.

Idealism? How bout make it a reality?


1:50 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Take... thanks for a great season of posts. Cya next season, OTB.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"I believe Hue is one of the best coaches in the league"

Really, what has he done to warrant being "one of the best coaches"? Since the passing of Mr.Davis, he has shown not to be a HC, maybe he is one of the best QB coaches, or, MAYBE one of the better OC's, as a HC, he is lost.

Creating better Offensive numbers does not make one a good HC. I think many of you are confusing the better Offense with a good job at HC. HC is more than numbers in the Offense. The team was 8-8 last year, 8-8 this year with some better Offensive #'s. Don't forget when you say he did it with a QB who was on the couch, Last yrs QB's were Gradkowski = at best a #2 QB and Campbell who took a while to come around.

Palmer is a huge jump in quality, a vet who showed his moxy without even knowing his WR's and playbook. Palmer said that Hue wasn't around to get the gameplans perfected...THINK.


2:02 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"As always I have been "Man Enough"..."Honest Enough"..."Real Enough"...."True Enough" to readily admit when I have been wrong"...

Talk about puking, the self promotion bit is getting old, a legend in his own mind. When will you admit that there was no "big splash"?


2:07 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

OTB, remember to wash that finger before you touch the door knob on the way out....hope your Pats get tossed, and your Broncs get kicked and your Chargers get bolted....did I miss any?


2:10 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...


Whem last season ended, I was in support of Al Davis replacing Tom Cable with Hue Jackson.

But when you look at the total breakdown of offense, defense, and special teams at key times during season.

Plus the record setting penalties.

One can only conclude that the Raiders are a poorly coached team.

And let me say about the Raiders penalty problems.

As long as Raiders remain in the Davis family, those little yellow devils will continue to fly.

We've seen it over the years. Doesn't matter who the HC is. The flags keep on coming.

Some penalties are real. But most are imagined.

Just NFL's way os sticking it to the Davis name.

So Hue, or whoever is HC next year. If Marc Davis is still the owner, get used to seeing the yellow flags all over the field.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Thanks dbl far as the penalties...approx 60 of the penalties were false starts or D offside. Stupid penalties, over and over = poor coaching, you are right.


2:46 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said..., Steelers, Jones. You forgot Pitt. They'd have beaten Oak too, just in front of more people. It's better this way. You'll see. :)

2:55 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

That sure is a lot of sites to troll, OTB. Now get out the door, it's rude to say you are leaving when you aren't.


3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones, You seem to think that Hue assumed Al's role after he died. He did not. He did gain more power, but he did not get a free pass to fire any coach he wanted.

Even if he did have that power, what was he going to do in the middle of the season? Fire the coordinator? That would risk losing the team and all good candidates to replace him would be already employed by other teams.

Hue has earned another year.


3:15 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Breaking? I was listening to the radio and they just announced that the Raiders have let go of:

Bresnahan - DC
Biekert - Linebackers
Woodson - Corners
Ross - Safeties

Cleaning house on the defensive side of the ball. I wonder if this means Hue is the new GM.

3:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Those moves, this early, with no GM in place, indicate that Hue Jackson is now supreme ruler.

I'm not saying that's my wish, but it seems pretty clear.

3:36 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

oops... I do apologize Jonesy, walked away for a few... forgot you LIVED here! Anyway, landlord RT has the key, and he said for you to keep it down... the property value is dropping. Cya!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone been able to confirm these firings? I have checked twitter and the Raiders blog and nada. Not sure if I believe this.


3:39 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Roy, I heard it on 95.7 FM The Game. It came from Chris Townsend who said his source within the Raiders organization told him.

I would hope before reporting something of that type, his source was true. Because they announced it a number of times on the radio.

Until it's official/verified, I guess take it with a grain of salt.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toni, I still have not seen any other verification. Perhaps, this is something that is going to happen in the future. Still nothing announced on any of the sites I visit.


4:05 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Firing Hue would be a huge mistake of Al David proportions. Anyone remember St. Gruden being perfect his fist season as head coach??

MAYBE if a new GM could bring in a proven SB winner not past his prime as coach, but even then, this team doesn't need any more HC's. It needs a new DC, and new defensive players. I think the players know that. Hue has the team bought into the system, and that is half the battle, if not 2/3 of it. You don't pull the rug out now.. it is insanity.

I like trying Huff as CB... maybe 4 years too late? He didn't have the instincts for free safety... but might be a decent M2M corner... just one job... mirror the WR.

The only good thing about losing to SD is it looks like it saved the GM and Turners job. Thats good for 3 losses for them right there.

I actually have a few more SD friends than KC or Raiders... oddly enough here in the heartland... they all HATE Turner.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

There is no way they fire ALL of the defensive coaches... although all of them obviously underachieved. Biekert did NOTHING with McClain, so that wouldn't break my heart, but I saw some spark from our rookie CB's with RWood... I can't see dumping him so soon.

Although its puzzling to me why he couldn't break Routt of his moronic habit of wrapping his hands AROUND the WR's in coverage. Contact outside the body doesn't get called very often... contact around a WR is an easy call. It just LOOKS illegal. This should have been drilled out of him unless he is uncoachable. Which maybe true... never struck me as the sharpest pen in the drawer.

4:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Corkran is reporting that Huff will play corner in 2012. That discussion is ridiculous at this point. We might as well let him play QB too.

The Raiders (and media) should be in GM lockdown mode right now.

Along those lines, Chargers announced Norv Turner and A.J Smith are to return. Is that their reward for sticking it to the Raiders in the last game?

Here's a player question: No disrespect intended, but did Pryor's chance to ever play for the Raiders die with the man that drafted him?

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider, I am very anxious to see what happens next year with DHB, Boss and Prior. These were all Al guys. However, we have almost no draft picks so cutting players will be a luxury this year.

This is going to be the most interesting offseason I can remember.


4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read on a fantasy site reporting that 95.7 reported these firings. I have no beef firing every coach on the D. I love Woodson and respect his playing career, but this unit was pathetic.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

"did Pryor's chance to ever play for the Raiders die with the man that drafted him?"

I say no.

Pryors playing time should begin and end with his own abilities.

If Pryor works hard, learns the playbook, shows he can control the offense, and lead. This should get him on the field.

I say never let a young player wither on the vine.

Get his butt on the field, and let's see what he can do.

4:47 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Roy - I agree. If the Raiders can first secure a solid GM, that may quell some folks demands for Jackson to be fired.

Sure, Jackson gets a failing grade for 2011, for many of the reasons pointed out by Jones and others, but he's still learning on the fly.

Jackson spread himself too thin, much like Cable did in his first season as HC.

Addition of quality GM could put Jackson's role in a better and more manageable perspective.

Then add a proven DC and we're in business.

One bad semester doesn't get you kicked out of school, just placed on academic probation.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

NYRaider, I wouldn't think so for Pryor. He was an Al guy, but so was Hue so I would assume they were of like mind in drafting him. Or at least on the same page.

With the signing of Palmer and especially with how much we gave up for him in terms of draft picks, I would assume Boller is out as first back-up QB. I would assume that position would now go to Pryor.

And nothing against Palmer, and no disrespect also intended, but he's one low cheap-shot away from going the way of Campbell this year. His knees worry me a lot.

I think Pryor will get his chance.

I'm curious as how good you think Pryor is. Do you think he's in the same class as Cam Newton? Obviously that's currently a pretty high bar, but this is the decade of the QB, that's for sure.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"You seem to think that Hue assumed Al's role after he died. He did not." I assume he was the HC.... who no longer had to wait for Mr.Davis' word on what to do on the Defensive side of the ball. He could have punched Chuck in the face and told him to stop playing his basic high school defense. To call a more complex defense and a more attacking defense....he could have called for the stoppage of Mitchell/Wimbley/McClain/... being placed in certain situations that he has no place being placed. There is plenty Hue could of done without firing or hiring...why can't you people think of this shit yourselves? Doesn't take a frikin genius to figure it out.


5:40 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

One of the reasons I stopped frequenting RT for a while was the petty bickering between posters. Rather than be a part of that I will disregard the queer comment.
I will not watch any post season. I will look at point spreads and watch college football. I have no emotional attachment so, therefore, enjoy the game for itself. I agree with the Tim Brown - Rich Gannon mention as possible last great Raiders.
I have over 75 autographed pieces including a Tim Brown rookie jersey and several Gannon items; jersey, sweat band from the pro bowl and a photo with him, me and my daughter. Plan on going to the HOF when Brown gets in.
Not interested in the Otto autograph because I have one. Had the chance to meet him, Blanda, Hendricks and AD and posted that some time ago, as well as, a story about Fred Biletnikoff calling my wife to arrange for a custom made jersey.
I can appreciate the budget constraints posed by raising a family but I still manage to get to a game a year. Actually loved games in LA. I hung out in the east lot with some of the Hells Angels. Had a buddy who went to prison with some Angels, it's a long story. For the record - Charles Manson is a Raiders fan. Controlled the tvs in the joint and that was the game that was on per Manson. Looks like next year I am headed to Cincy.
Can't get my head around your happy crap and other organizations. My choice to be a hater. Nothing wrong with that and I don't need a show of hands for support. USMC? Sometimes sounds like you aren't old enough to drive. Sorry - said I wouldn't do that....

5:42 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Those moves, this early, with no GM in place, indicate that Hue Jackson is now supreme ruler"

No it doesn't, if you watch the press conf of Hue yesterday, he said what happens is in Mark's hands....I'm thinking this is a F.O move, Jackson was speaking a different tune in that P.C...he was saying he hopes Mark will want him back.


5:43 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

this is from Hue's P.C. yesterday.

..."I know how that works. I know when people mention that, ‘well, if they hire a GM then he’s gonna want to bring in his own head coach.’ And hey, if that’s what Mark decided to do, that’s his right. I don’t think that that’s the case, but that is his right. But at the end of the day, whoever comes here, I think it’s gonna be somebody who wants to share the same vision as a I do, which is winning a championship, which is getting the organization back to being better than average. Because we should be, and we can be.”

Q)..Have you been involved in that process yet?
“We’ve had conversations, but we haven’t said exactly who, what, when, where and how. But I do know that there’s gonna be somebody that we do bring in here and talk to and do those things with. But we haven’t just nailed it down or anything like that.”

Q)...But you are a part of that process?
“Um, I think I will be. But how involved, I don’t know that. I mean, he’ll let me know that as we move forward.”......

Doesn't sound like Hue is in charge to me.


7:16 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR, sorry for picking on you, but your ideas are pretty wacked....

..."If the Raiders can first secure a solid GM, that may quell some folks demands for Jackson to be fired.

Sure, Jackson gets a failing grade for 2011, for many of the reasons pointed out by Jones and others, but he's still learning on the fly."....

If the Raiders hire a top GM, I think that would push more people to think of a top HC? What does hiring a top GM have to do with accepting Hue as the HC? You are stuck that Hue is the Boss of the team, he isn't. From his press conference, it is sounding like he is on an island right now.

As far as learning on the fly...again, your expectations are so low, you are like a beaten dog, accepting ANYTHING as 'good'. How bout this, how bout a HC that has ALREADY LEARNED AND IS WELL VERSED? I'm thinking you are stuck in the thought process that the Raiders can't get any better so we have to accept mediocre....poor, very poor. Raise your expectations, just a little, it's a new day in Raiderville. If Mark has pulled the plug on these coaches, GOOD FOR HIM, that would be a very good sign. AND, I'm sure Hue will be looking over his shoulder and wondering why he wasn't talked to first?


7:31 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"This year we passed for 4,119 yards" - H

I am really excited about the possibility of our passing game being at an elite, top 5 level in 2012.

We have an OLine that flew under the radar and provided consistent, solid protection ALL year long. Add a veteran RT, slide Wiz to center, and move a FA, Heyer, or a draft pick to LG and this unit could be even better.

Our core group of WRs is good with 2 playmakers (Moore, Ford) and a guy (DHB) who proved a lot doubters including myself wrong, good depth (Murphy & Shillens).

I expect Palmer to be a better version of 2011 with a full camp, knowing our personnel, and a complete understanding of the playbook from OTAs on.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"Also, saying that injuries have no baring on the season sounds very macho but, unfortunately, it's a little out of touch with reality. OF COURSE THEY DO! If back up players and scraps off the waiver wire were as effective as the starters, they'd be starters. I will agree that we still need to find more depth (better backups). But then, we all knew that at the beginning of the season." - BR

Everyone keeps going to the injury excuse but how many significant injuries that weren't manageable did we actually have?

The most significant injuries that we suffered through were McFadden, Shaunnessey, and Ford. The other injuries hurt (no pun intended) but should have been overcome.

I already pointed out and listed the injuries on another post and how many Raider fans are blowing the Raiders injuries out of proportion.

2 big injuries are examples;

We lost Campbell but a few games later were rolling with Palmer (game in SD we were clicking on all cylinders).

We lost McFadden but Bush did an admirable job (a few yards shy of 1000) filling in.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"I expect that Hue will spend a couple of months looking at FA prospects. He'll be looking at leadership to bring in for "the attitude adjustment." He'll be working with the new GM on that issue." - BR

Agree 100%. The defensive side of the ball needs an additional, fiery, proven leader to demand more accountability.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"I think the Raiders do best when they promote from within, so I'm thinking I'd like to see Rod Woodson get a shot at DC. He could also conceivably pick Waffle." - BR

Disagree. Woodson simply isn't qualified to be a DC. Everyone likes him but the performance of his unit (secondary) was a complete failure. Waffle is a very good DLine coach but not a DC. Clearly the Raiders need to find an external, proven DC to shake things up and provide a NEW vision for how a defense should be run. The current model is broken. In our last 5 games, we went 1-4 with the opponent averaging 38 points. Promoting from within is fine under the right circumstances but NONE of the current staff merits promotion.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Jones will love this article from Adam Schein:

"What happened after the game showed Jackson’s power trip spiraling out of control. He made this season all about him. At the end, when the Raiders failed to make the playoffs in a season in which they seemed, at times, to be destined to finally break their playoff drought, Jackson passed the buck. Jackson took no responsibility for anything that happened on Sunday or in my previous examples during the season."

"Some players turned a deaf ear to Jackson, who on Saturday nights before games, according to sources, would talk to his team about cutting players next year. It drew a collective eye roll. The undisciplined Raiders set a new record for penalties in a season, a reflection of the coach."

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it be wrong to take a look at steve spagnuolo for dc

8:43 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Unconfirmed reports that Hus has fired his entire "D" coaching staff should be taken for what they are..."Unconfirmed Reports"...All names remain posted at at this time and NO official word has yet been given...

Also reported that only 4 were fired...Bresnahan/Biekert/Woodson/?...

Again these are unsubstantiated reports being trumpeted by some "Mediot" who wants to be 1st with the word but doesn't give a damn if that word is wrong!!!

Much the same as many on this board...Lots of words with absolutely NO concern over truthfulness/honesty or factual reporting!!!

9:00 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Blogger OakTown Blues said...

oops... I do apologize Jonesy, walked away for a few... forgot you LIVED here! Anyway, landlord RT has the key, and he said for you to keep it down... the property value is dropping. Cya!

3:38 PM

Nice!!...Now that was a classic reply...Too bad he's so ignorant that it went completely over his pea size head!!!...

The brain doesn't even fill that tiny void!!

9:07 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

memdf, despite leaving for the year, I came back one more time to see if there was another post by RT, and yes, I appreciate all your comments. Even the ones that smack me upside. That's ok. I find the banter amusing, and, honestly, I don't get too upset about anything, especially football. I spend zero time in other organizations, because I don't care about them. I care about Raider Football. I prefer it to be played well, and if not, oh well. I appreciate your Fandom too, I got some cool stuff. But, so many fans rely on that as a mask, and they are fairly criminal in nature. The language I hear at games makes me sick, and it matches the behavior. Dude, seriously, I like to have fun here but some dudes get bent when I say something nice about a kid like Tebow or Brady. I find it amusing as all get go. Anyway, no sense posting in the offseason, so that's my exit rationale. (Unless I want to bicker aka clown around with the clown car) But, as a football fan, the games look great, and my bride's a Pats fan (but not for much longer... her first season was our Super Bowl run, and she was pretty busted up, but I was used to it, after Marinovich and Schroeder, etc etc...) (and if there were a Gruden statue, I'd have that too).

9:08 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Some Alzadoesque Reminiscing. This was Raiders Football.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

The current model is broken. In our last 5 games, we went 1-4 with the opponent averaging 38 points. Promoting from within is fine under the right circumstances but NONE of the current staff merits promotion.

I couldn't agree more!

Someone on the defensive staff had to make ONE adjustment for the playoffs.

ONE play. Somewhere someplace. In the two games we scored 35, and 27 points in last second losses.

Somewhere in the sky making one adjustment? Seeing ONE tendency??

Det and Buff.

I disagree that the entire staff will be fired, but I do think they deserve it.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

I'm curious as how good you think Pryor is. Do you think he's in the same class as Cam Newton?


More like Tebow, at best.

Perhaps without the leadership ability.

9:27 PM  
Blogger x said...

I can't agree with the person who insists that the lack of a hurry up offense was pivotal in the loss.

Look - the Raiders were only down by five with a whole eight minutes left in the game and San Diego backed up at their half yard line. It was an epic failure by the defense on Sunday and they pretty much failed all year.

C'mon man. Numbers don't lie. 2nd worst Raiders defense ever and they were 29th of 32 teams in points allowed this year. I'd bet they lead the league in long runs as well.

I'm actually pretty excited to see this offense with Palmer, and hopefully a healthy Mcfadden, next year after a full training camp.

9:32 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


"Some players turned a deaf ear to Jackson, who on Saturday nights before games, according to sources, would talk to his team about cutting players next year. It drew a collective eye roll. The undisciplined Raiders set a new record for penalties in a season, a reflection of the coach."


Fire, or bench all of the penalty leaders and start from there.

If Seymour, Routt, and Veldeer have to start as a backup and prove they can stop committing penalties, it will be the first step towards a very strong perennial playoff team.

I don't blame Hue for being pissed except for maybe not benching them... the union contract doesn't allow any other penalties..

9:34 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


I'm actually pretty excited to see this offense with Palmer, and hopefully a healthy Mcfadden, next year after a full training camp.

No kidding! This offense could be OFF THE HOOK with a healthy McF all year, and a QB not scared to do anything besides check-offs.

McFadden has never played with a good QB... just one that didn't suck (Campbell).

And its not like he has taken a lot of hits and his knees are shot or something.

Foot injuries are not usually a career killer in the NFL... at least not that I recall.

9:40 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Taking A Simple Look At Reality Here..."D" Is The Issue NOT "O"!!!

With exactly the same “O” and production as what we witnessed this season what would our record have been if the “D” just played up to the #10 level of last season instead of falling off to #30???…Give or take one but you get the point!!

Prolley 12-n-4 rather than 8-n-8!!!

Week #2 OAK 35 @ BUF 38
Week #9 DEN 38 @ OAK 24
Week #15 DET 28 @ OAK 27
Week #17 SD 38 @ OAK 26

9:53 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

X - Xctly.

All the D needs to do is make 1 play ... 1 play.

Down by 5 with over 9:00 to go with the opponent literally on the 1 foot line and the D failed.

It is sad ... here is a unit that had failed miserably for 3.5 quarters of the game with a GOLDEN opportunity to make a stand, when it counted, and the game in the balance. Yes, you've been horrible for the majority of the game then you have the perfect chance to set things right and you lay down, bend over, and come up small. Sick.

A sack, a safety, a 3 and out, an INT, a fumble, a deflection, a QB hurry, a batted ball, ANYTHING to get off the field and a chance to take the lead. To allow Detroit to go 98 for a game ending, game deciding TD was pathetic. To have the same type of failure where we allow the Chargers to go 99.5 yards to game deciding TD is a total disgrace.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Occasionally one finds some gems in the Corkran blog:

JB Says:
January 3rd, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Here’s some things to think about:

• Romac s a 3-4 ILB placed in a 4-3 MLB position
• Seymour is a 3-4 DE playing DT in a 4-3
• Kelly is a 3 type DT who goes after the QB but forgets to intercept the runner who goes by him regularly.
• Houston is a natural 3 slot DT playing DE
• Wimbley is an underweight 4-3 DE playing 4-3 SLB
• Curry is a fast 3-4 WLB that can’t pass cover. He can blitz well.
• Bryant was playing both 4-3 DT & DE but is better suited for 3-4 DE
• Scott is a tweener LB/DE and not the same rusher he was before his knee injury.
• Shaughnessy was a great DE prospect with a great motor. Let’s hope he’s the same upon his return from shoulder injury.
• Groves is a BU-LB at best but appears to be a decent ST’er.
• Gothel has shown some promise 2 years in a row right up to when he got injured.
• Routt is our best CB right now, very aggressive but gets too many PI calls.
• CJ37 just never was this year and is probably history.
• Lito Sheppard is 5′10″. He’s not a real man player and just to short for today’s taller receivers.
• MM34 is simply a disaster. He’s just looking for a collision and forgets about stopping the reception first.
• DVD & Checkwa are yet to be really quantified. Both need to be bigger and stronger.
• Branch is probably our best safety right now and should be kept.
• Huff was injured most of the year. Not sure how he’ll do at CB.
• Giordano played because everybody else was hurt. He always seemed late to the party but was lucky to be in the right spot at the right time a couple of times. Can’t tackle but nobody else can either.
• On top of all the above, we have a UFL reject, Bresnahan, as our DC. Is there really any wonder why our defense is/was a mess?
If Hue spent the same effort on the D as he did the O, we’d be in the playoffs now. Hue needs to let Saunders be the OC and call the plays. Hue needs to manage the total team on the field and motivate/coach those in need at the time rather than worrying about what lay to call next. Hue really needs to decide if he wants to e a HC or an OC. His results next year will answer that question.

And yes, we need to be a 3-4 defense next year – with a real 3-4 DC.

10:48 PM  
Blogger x said...

About that 99.5 yard drive....not only did the Raiders have them backed up to the 1/2 yard line, when SD did get out of there with the 19 yard pass to the 20, they committed a holding penalty to go back to the 10.

It was first and 20 from the 10.

What did the D do? Let them reel off a 40 yard run. I'm no fan of Bresnahan's schemes, but that play (and all the other long rips this year) seems to be more on the players. Just not getting off their blocks and making a damn play.

Makes me wonder if the Shaughnessy injury wasn't the worst of the bunch.

Oh, by the way, anyone agree that they could have called that muffed KO return a safety for the Raiders. Of course, Raiders never get those calls, but that would have been interesting. Don't think they would have overturned it if the call on the field was a safety.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Unconfirmed reports that Hus has fired his entire "D" coaching staff should be taken for what they are."

Can you get up to speed? It has already been established, by Hue himself, that he is not making the F.O. decisions. He said he would like to be included but up to this point, he hasn't. Keep trying Jethro, you might get a bone some time? Maybe a Tbowne...hows the guys on the Chargers site? Making any friends there? Do they think you are 'cool'?


11:00 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Jones will love this article from Adam Schein:"

I won't hang my hat on a writer hack, so whatever they write is taken with a grain of salt. When a team tanks like the Raiders did, there are problems and you could see the problems on the sidelines with Hue and the team. The players weren't happy and Hue had a sickly look on his face after the 1st qrtr. Not good signs that all is well. I could see what this writer is writing as having some truth to it.

Hue's outpouring against the players, saying he covered for them all year and now he is going to let it out....what does that tell us? Hue drew a line in the sand and you know the players are saying F YOU. Then you hear the new QB say that Hue wasn't available to get the gameplans right.....these are signs people, signs that are not right.

One more point, how did Gannon get the info from Palmer about Hue not being available? Isn't Gannon still banned from meetings with players? Or has that been lifted? If it has been, changes are happening at Alameda. Maybe Gru's pic's can be put back up at Ricky's?


11:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones -

The "Gannon ban" was lifted. He was seen talking to Herrera, who was the man responsible for kicking him to the curb.

No question things are changing, but don't count out the fact that Jackson may be in charge. That's not a wacky assumption; it's a distinct and likely possibility.

I think you better get used to it. Hopefully, he will prove you wrong.

5:14 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Toni - "I'm curious as how good you think Pryor is. Do you think he's in the same class as Cam Newton?"

No, I don't. From what I've seen of Pryor (mostly You Tube), he has yet to throw a spiral in his career.

IMO, he's a cross between Newton - in terms of running and athleticism - and Tebow in terms of passing ability (not pretty but can make some throws).

I could be way off, but that's my current observation.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Doobie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Off into the great unknown...

With Al Davis gone, the 2012 seasons and beyond are a crapshoot at this point. What the Davis family does now is going to dictate the future of this team (although I suppose that's a rather obvious statement).

Should Hue Jackson stay? I'd say yes, simply because I've always felt a coach needs at least three years to shape his team and get them to play the way he wants them to play. However, that may be a moot point if the Davises bring in a GM which is what the bulk of us WANTED Al to do for YEARS.

With Al gone, all we have is giant question mark in his place. So here's to the future, guys. May it shine as brightly as Al's white jumpsuit and the Raiders glory days of the late '60s - early '80s.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

The official word from the Raiders is that the reports that all defensive coaches have been sacked is untrue.

This tells us one of two things:
1. None of the coaches were fired.
2. Some are fired, some are not.

I choose the latter. I think only Bresnahan is canned (or is going to be soon). Say what you want with Woodson and the secondary; he's done a good job with young players. Nobody can coach CJ, he's always been this horrible. I think Woodson stays, and you see a different DB scheme with more blitzing. Given the chance, I think he could utilize Tyvon Branch more with the right system. I think this would be similar to how Pittsburgh uses Polamalu. Let him disrupt things. Woodson knows how to do it, he did the same for Pitts and for us.

He definitely can put the secondary in position to do some damage, and he proved that this year. Look at what he did with Routt. The guy was a nickel back a few years ago under CJ/Nnamdi; and now he's our #1 CB; and he played better than Nnamdi did his first few years at CB (after Woody went to GB)! I think Woodson stays.

Not sure about Biekert. He did have his LBs in position to make plays; but all 3 continually overshot their gaps on the running plays. Biekert was a great run stopper up the middle for us. I was hoping he'd be able to help those guys.

Still don't think 3-4 defense is going to work. Like I said before, it is more complex than a 4-3, and we can't even do that right. I think Del Rio is one of the best options as a DC/assistant HC (assuming he'll accept) that can solidify our 4-3 scheme. Let him work with Woodson, Waufle, and Biekert.

7:07 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

It's being reported that the Raiders are interviewing Reggie McKenzie today.
Raiders | To interview Reggie McKenzie for GM job

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 07:29:14 -0800

Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie is expected to interview for the Oakland Raiders general manager position Wednesday, Jan. 4, according to a source.

Raiders | Will have few 2012 draft picks

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 07:22:04 -0800

The Oakland Raiders currently have just two selections in the 2012 NFL Draft: one each in the fifth and sixth rounds. Although the team is expected to receive compensatory draft selections, none will be higher than the No. 97 overall pick.

Raiders | Deny Chuck Bresnahan out

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 06:03:46 -0800

Oakland Raiders senior executive John Herrera denied a report that defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan has been fired. However, a decision on Bresnahan's fate is coming soon.

8:56 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

skjensen Sean Jensen
Reggie McKenzie, Packers director of football operations, is expected to interview for Raiders GM position today, according to source

skjensen Sean Jensen
Per NFL policy, a potential GM candidate can interview whenever employer club deems it appropriate. Not limited to bye week of playoffs

skjensen Sean Jensen
S-T Blog: If #Bears are interested in Reggie McKenzie, they may have to move fast. He's interviewing in Oakland today

skjensen Sean Jensen
I can assure you that Packers GM Ted Thompson is rooting for Reggie McKenzie to head to the Raiders. Wouldn't want him in the NFC North

skjensen Sean Jensen
And now that the Packers have granted one request, they cannot prevent any others, meaning #Bears can also interview Reggie McKenzie.

skjensen Sean Jensen
NFL policy also makes clear that while interviews can take place, a contract cannot be executed until employer club's playing season is over

Pertaining to "KC"s "HC" search:

skjensen Sean Jensen
Per NFL policy, because they've allowed McKenzie to interview, Packers could deny opportunties for others to interview, like John Dorsey.

9:06 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Per media source, teams have only a 2-week window for coaches under contract to be informed they will not be retained.

Raiders will probably have no choice but to fire coaches before they hire a GM.

Firing Bresnahan should be a no-brainer. But letting Jackson go is far more complicated.

Short of hiring a GM within two weeks, the Raiders don't have anyone truly qualified to make that determination.

9:07 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Perhaps "GB" has already given permission???

Chiefs plan to interview Packers OC Philbin for head coach

Kansas City's search for a new head coach has begun, with the Chiefs scheduled to interview Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin on Wednesday, according to a league source.

9:13 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


If during today's interview process with X-Raider Reggie McKenzie the subject is discussed as to what would be the best approach for his homecoming than I really don't see much of an issue???

"SuckChuck" decision can be made as well as other assistant coaches such as "WR"s coach who hasn't been discussed....Than those processes can take place so the slate is already clean for the homecoming...

This than would mean that Reggie McKenzie has signed off on Hue and Hue has signed off on him...I would suspect??...

I'm just very excited for it to get done so we can move onto other very important issues...Such as who has been tagged as replacements which could also be discussed today???...

And don't forget it was the "GB" "GM" Ted Thompson who was recommending Reggie McKenzie shortly after Al's passing...So presumably the 2 teams are willing to work together...Which means other opportunities may be there for further discussions prior to the actual contract being signed with respect to potential candidates for "DC" and assistants...

PantyRaider....Exciting Time In The Nation!!!/_

9:24 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

This is rather funny...I can't imaging such a grim proclamation had the Raiders not SUCKED and made the final cut???

Power RANK #12


AFC No. 4 seed. Telowmania. It's gotten rough in Denver, with the low water mark the loss to former starter Kyle Orton at home while backpedaling into the playoffs at 8-8. Speaking of backpedaling, the Broncos' zone-read offense has taken a step back the past couple of weeks. Without question, 2011 remains a successful season for the Denver franchise. But to build on it, the pass rush must force Ben Roethlisberger to test that healing ankle, while Willis McGahee and Lance Ball use their vision to find the seams in the Pittsburgh front seven. Otherwise, it's 8-9mania.

For real!!!...That really was Te-Low-Mania...Copy posted just as written!!...And the 8-n-9 Mania as well...

9:33 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Reggie McKenzie to interview with Raiders Wednesday
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on January 4, 2012, 11:45 AM EST
R. McKenzie AP

There was a power vacuum in Oakland’s personnel department during the season following the death of owner Al Davis.

With the regular season over, Raiders ownership is moving quickly to fill a general manager position.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie will interview for the G.M. job on Wednesday.

This is a move that former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf has been pushing for a while. Florio delved deeply into the issue this morning in a post everyone should read. (If you are into this sort of thing. Which you should be if you made it this far.)

It’s a fascinating dynamic. Raiders coach Hue Jackson may not be entirely comfortable with the direction that this G.M. search is heading, especially if McKenzie brings along Wolf’s son Eliot Wolf.

Jackson wants to be involved with the G.M. search, but his role in the process remains unclear. (Like a lot of things in Oakland.)

Post-season hiring drama is nothing new with the Raiders. Hiring guys like McKenzie and Wolf, who come from the Packers organization, could help them avoid so much drama in the future.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"don't count out the fact that Jackson may be in charge. That's not a wacky assumption; it's a distinct and likely possibility.

I think you better get used to it. Hopefully, he will prove you wrong."

Geez NYR, Hue himself said he wasn't 'in charge' in his last P.C. I even supplied the quote and you still deny it. For you to hope that Hue is in charge, just shows your low expectations... Your mind is stuck in a rut, snap out of it.


10:12 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

The only way we DONT move to a 3-4 is if we can't pick up even a decent nose tackle. In that case, we have got to either bench McClain, or spend another year as the worst defense in the NFL. I just don't see either happening. The MLB has too many responsibilies in the 3-4... and McClain came out of a 3-4 system in college. Most of the rest of our players are more natural 3-4 guys... this almost seems like a no-brainer.

BTW... there is a good article today about what if Al hadn't died that would give the IAAFers a heart attack... especially if they hated the Palmer trade.


10:13 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Speculation: Al's Short List....

I wonder if Reggie McKenzie was on top of the list…Also if prior to Al’s passing if conversations where already held as to him be a desirable candidate?…If so this process can move very swiftly…Him being an X-Raider may have opened the door for such dialog to have already taken place??

10:13 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

Correction that should read: "The MLB has too many responsibilies in the 4-3...."

10:14 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


Interesting read...But as I posted already if "SuckChuck" would have just stuck to what we do best that damn Donkey Armless ASS never would have ran all over us and that would have been another "V"...

Other teams have gone to our "D" Scheme to shut that ASS down...."M-M" Single Deep "S" 4 Man Rush!!!

10:25 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"[NYR] For you to hope that Hue is in charge, just shows your low expectations"

Jones, please don't put words in my mouth. I stated that is not what I wished for. I want the Raiders to hire a GM and find ways to take pressure off Jackson.

And Jackson stating that he's "not in charge" was an obvious backstep to cover his power trip in the press conference a day earlier.

C'mon, we're both smart enough to recognize that much.

Right now, Jackson is the highest ranking Raider with football acumen. Therefore, it would make sense, particularly if the Raiders intend to keep Jackson, that all football-related decisions go through Jackson.

10:45 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

"Right now, Jackson is the highest ranking Raider with football acumen. Therefore, it would make sense, particularly if the Raiders intend to keep Jackson, that all football-related decisions go through Jackson."

Sounds very logical to me...

However there are a few above him with lots more time in the system -n- "football acumen"...

Jim Otto for instance listed as Administration along with Amy Trask....It was Otto who back in the day during that whole "Chuckey" turmoil crap that spoke to us to clarify what was really going on...And it was Otto who was always at Al's right hand in the sky-box too...Just that folks don't always get to view things behind that "Cone-o-Silence"...

Just a privileged few of which we're not included...

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect that article is pure speculation and crap. It fails to mention one key thing. Bresnahan was Al's guy. Al choose that piece of crap. This was bed & breakfast part two. We all saw it coming, only Al's ego prevented us from hiring a real DC. No exceptional DC is going to work for a team that is going to dictate the scheme.

Secondly, with Boller or Edwards at QB we would have been blown out by the Lions. And as the GM it is Al's fault we did not have a respectable back up QB.


11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real news of the day is the McKenzie interview. I really hope this happens. I am a huge Hue Jackson fan, but we need a strong Gm who will implement a professional process.

This is way past due and has me feeling minty fresh.


11:08 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Nice To Get A Very Positive Vibe Going After What Was Last Sunday-Monday-Tuesday...

HumpDay is sweet!!!

I Think It's Important That The Man Who Comes In Shares Some Of Al's Visions...

Hate to see the new “GM” start tearing everything down now that were so close to be highly competitive and starting a rebuilding process for a new Raider era!!!….Aside form the “D” of course…Chop away and repolish adding luster to a very lack luster squad…

I don’t think “Hue-Jacks” will be any issue at all…There’s plenty of time for him to get involved in personnel during the off season in prep for the draft and “FA”/Trades…Also with his final roster moving forward next season…Than the usual last tick deals that need to be made when injuries strike like this past season….He only said he want’s to be involved but nothing there sounded like he needs to be the Man!!!

PantyRaider...Poor Me Another Round Of That Raider Brew!!!/_

11:18 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I think folks have to understand that the Raiders were (are still) riding a wave of dysfunction that has lasted for, well, a long time. That has to account for something when assessing Jackson and the 2011 season and looking forward.

Al Davis, for all his strengths and wisdoms, would not allow the kind of help he admitted he needed years ago.

I don't think it was possible for Jackson to just flip a switch and fully correct this during the season, like some folks here seem to be implying.

The addition of a qualified GM and a strong, proven DC should be tremendous for the Raiders.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider. I agree with your sentiments 10000 percent. Onward and upward a new day is coming for the Raiders and I am excited.


11:50 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"And Jackson stating that he's "not in charge" was an obvious backstep to cover his power trip in the press conference a day earlier."

Time will tell and it will tell that Hue isn't in the process of making the decisions, you'll see, I'll leave it at that.


11:54 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"I don't think it was possible for Jackson to just flip a switch and fully correct this during the season, like some folks here seem to be implying."

Jackson doesn't have the ability to fully correct it, he needed to be mentored to be effective. His mentor has passed and now he is toast. He threw the team under the bus, that is done and will not be forgotten.

He showed his true self that day after the loss to S.D.. His last P.C showed a man who had been shown the reality of the situation and he undrstood that he wasn't running the show. Hue is a spectator right now who is HOPING he will have his job after the dust has settled. By the tank job of the team and the many aspects that he came up short in....I don't like his chances.


11:59 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"The addition of a qualified GM and a strong, proven DC should be tremendous for the Raiders"

You forgot to mention, a strong HC would send this team to a division win and a possible conference win. Hue is not a strong HC, the last half of the season is plenty of proof of that. Some here are just unable to accept that for some unknown reason.


12:03 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

The more I think about, the more I realize I wouldn't be bothered if we got a new GM who wanted to clean house and sweep Hue Jackson out the door along the way.

The problem is, if it takes another month or so to find the GM, a lot of the top head coaching candidates may already be locked up.

When is the last time we seriously interviewed an elite head coaching candidate?

When is the last time someone was given a head coaching or executive position without being forced to inherit key members of their immediate staff?

Right now, after the way the season ended, and after listening to Jackson flail around his press conferences, I see the arrow pointing sideways instead of up.

I think it may be time, finally, for radical change: GM who hires elite head coaching material, and we go from there.

Just a thought.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"I think it may be time, finally, for radical change: GM who hires elite head coaching material, and we go from there."

Gee, what a concept...but those stuck in the time warp just won't let go of how it used to be. They think it just isn't possible any more, thus their inability to think past a team with a HC other than Hue Jackson. There are even those who say they think Hue is a top HC, HUH? Then when pressed on all the obvious mistakes by Hue, they say that he needs to grow into the job and that he deserves the chance, HUH? WHY? What has he done to deserve it?

There are many reasons that show there are BETTER HC's than Hue, but they say "what about continuity". What about it? You keep a sub HC for the sake of 1 yr of continuity? Like Scal8er said, there is no beating common sense into have to let time do it, I guess.


12:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's easy to say let's hire a top level coach and start over, but even top coaches can fall flat on their face (too many examples to list).

Honestly, who's available? Has anyone developed a list, or even identified one HC they'd like the Raiders to pursue? John Gruden?

What are the options?

"It's only a problem if you have a solution." (Up In The Air)

Jackson has built a foundation, particular on offense, that is worth carrying forward. Hopefully, he will learn to deligate better and perhaps hand off the playcalling.

Meanwhile, the comments made in his initial PC were probably out of frustration and disappointment. He said nothing that can't be repaired with the players or the organization.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Honestly, who's available? Has anyone developed a list"

NYR, there is a reason why GM's and their hires get paid the big bucks, they know who is available and who isn't. It's tough for us on the outside to know exactly who those people are. For you to suggest we all throw up our hands and say "who is there, I don't see anyone better than Hue", that's why they get paid to do what they do.


1:52 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

What the Raiders need now, is for John Madden to make a statement.

Something along the lines:

I am currently involved, along with Marc Davis, and Amy Trask, in the proccess of hiring the next GM for the Oakland Raiders.


I don't know about you guys. but hearing this would make me feel a hell of a lot better.

At least we would know something, and know that Madden is involved.

Right now, we know nothing. Don't even know if Madden has a say in this proccess.

I'd like to know.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Meanwhile, the comments made in his initial PC were probably out of frustration and disappointment. He said nothing that can't be repaired with the players or the organization"...

That is just one example, there are more...when a team tanks the way the Raiders did the last half of the season, that should give you a big clue right there. Also the penalties are another sign, there is more, do we need to rehash?


1:55 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Right now, we know nothing. Don't even know if Madden has a say in this proccess.

I'd like to know."

There are rumors that John Madden and Ron Wolf are helping Mark in this...time will tell.


1:57 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones -

"...that's why they get paid to do what they do."

At the risk of repeating myself, I have no problem leaving the decision in the hands of a competent GM. I'm not married to Hue Jackson as HC but, too, I'm not going to cry foul when he is retained.

For discussion purposes here, it would be interesting to hear a solution that goes along with your plan to fire Jackson. To just say fire him and let a GM solve the problem is a bit of a cop-out, isn't it?

Do you want Gruden back? Who in your mind, available or not, is an ideal replacement? I think it's a fair question.

2:17 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Raiders | Darren McFadden would have practiced Wednesday

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:02:55 -0800

Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson said RB Darren McFadden (foot) would have participated in practice Wednesday, Jan. 4, if the team had made the playoffs.

LoL!!...Nice...Like we really need to know that now!!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones, what was your prediction for wins and losses before the season? Did you predict playoffs? Superbowl? If so, I can understand the frustration.

However, many of us believed this team would take a step back. It did not, we were better than last year. If the D had just been average we are a 10 win team and headed to the playoffs.

Although I disagreed with Al on many things. He did have an eye for talented offensive coaches. Even Kiffin has proven that Al still had the touch. We would like to build on this not tear it down.

Hue has modernized our offense and in my mind is one of the brightest offensive coaches in the game. Firing a coach for one 8-8 season is counter productive.


3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One question for you Jones. If we do hire a top flight GM and he decides to retain Hue, will you be on board?


3:07 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Our "WR"s were lame but also not very productive overall...Miscommunication was rampant and I know Palmer being new had something to do with that but after several weeks no improvement???...NOT good...

I called for it last season...A new "WR" coach who has actually played the damn game instead of college boy who wasn't even good enough at that level to get drafted!!!

Perhaps "TJH" is that man and why he was brought on board??...He's not really worth keeping as a player at his age...But if that's not the plan than a new "WR" coach needs to be acquired...Timmy Brown are you interested???

"DB" coaches...

That unit was absolutely terrible!!!...Even if we got good play from one "CB" and one "S" there were still far too many times that their play also cost us..."PI"s and dropped Int's along with being in the wrong places at the wrong times...Than too injuries certainly had their effects as well...Hard to be a consistent unit when there's no consistency in the personnel week to week...

Having big name X-Players and having high quality "DB" coaches may not translate to the same outcome...In this case it didn't...How much of that was on them and how much was on "SuckChuck"s fucked up schemes is also an unknown...So I'm willing to give them a smi-pass if retained but as assistants to the assistant coaches....In other words bring in the real "DB" coaches and let these guys watch-n-learn rater than to risk going threw another season of backfield failure....

Huge misconception abound...NOT every new "GM" automatically restructures the entire team when he comes on board...Case in point!!...When Bruce Allen went to "TB" how many changes was he allowed to make???...

Please try to find a dose of reality if your going to vomit this crap up!!!

When a team is in complete disarray such as Miami was when the "Tuna' came in and is again today than you want a "GM" to remold that team...That is NOT who we are!!!!

We are a franchise that tied for the lead and was eliminated from the "PO" due to tiebreakers and final game "D" collapse while the AFCW Chaps are smudges who lost 3 in a row with total piss poor performances but held the final leverage in the end...NOT a better team!!

We are a top 10 "O" (#9) who went threw devastating injuries and adversities getting there but excelled despite those ill effects...

We are a bottom 5 "D" (#29) and here in lays the problem....

NOT a team in need of a complete overhaul!!!

PantyRaider...Just Get Real CryBaby!!!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

"There are rumors that John Madden and Ron Wolf are helping Mark in this"

I'm sorry Jones, but "rumors", just won't cut it.

Raiders haven't made playoffs since 2002.

We need somebody,(Madden?,Wolf?), to say something, in public, soon.

I can understand if Raiders do not want to tip their hand as to who they are interested in for GM position.

But why can't we know if Madden, and or, Wolf, are involved in proccess ?

What's the big secret ?

I have a sick feeling that Madden/Wolf, are NOT involved.

I believe Mark Davis, Trask, and Hue, will hire the GM.

It will be someone they can push around so as to cling onto their own power.

It looks like we are in for a long, tough road ahead.

And if I'm wrong. John Madden, or Ron Wolf, need only to speak a few words to the Raiders nation.

But all I hear, are the sounds of silence.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

can't stop the new GM from bringing in his own guy roy...

personally i'm 50/50 on whether or not to keep hue. if he stays, fine. he can learn from his mistakes BUT if the new GM (mckenzie PLEASE!) does his research and comes to the conclusion that hue isn't the guy, then i'm ok with that too.

heck man, when are we NOT used to new coaches around here anyway?

and yes, i was a gruden guy. only problem with gruden was that he wanted older vets and wanted to win like RIGHT NOW. that's how we became one of the oldest teams in the league. i also like david shaw from stanford too. he's a former player and he was a raider coach for a couple of years so there's some familiarity there... don't mind me, i'm just dreaming... :o)

3:27 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


Right now, we know nothing. Don't even know if Madden has a say in this proccess.

Corkran today:


He (Ron Wolf) is advising Mark Davis on football matters in the interim, along with former Raiders coach John Madden and former Raiders personnel man Ken Herock.

.end quote...

I don't recall Corkran putting out false information... thus unless I hear something to the contrary, it is a FACT.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider00; I understand your concern, but it widely reported that Wolf is assisting in the process. We interviewed his number 1 recommendation today. This seems to be more than rumor. All reports I have read claim he is helping, they do not qualify that statement and he has not contradicted that report. I think the fact that we interviewed McKenzie today is enough proof for me.

Also, read what Hue said about the situation:
"I know whoever Mark decides to bring in to the organization will have the same vision because my vision is winning, and winning championships...Do I want to make sure I have an idea and have some input on who I put on a team? Yes. But at the end of the day, if the chain of command starts with the GM when it comes to those decisions, I’m fine with that, too.”

That sure does not sound like he is hand picking a puppet GM.


3:32 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Folks simply ought to read Cockran before spouting.

Madden, Wolf, Jackson and Halock are assisting Mark Davis in the GM search. Reggie McKenzie (former Raider play) is the front runner upon the recommendation of Wolf. They can't sign McKenzie until GB completes their post season play.

McKenzie (apparently) has been the leading candidate all along - but they couldn't talk to him until the window between season's end and post season play.

Gee, just the kind of thing one might naturally expect.

By the way, McKenzie has been the guy responsible for bringing the talent to GB. It's rumored he might bring the chip off the old Wolf along with him (Wolf's son).

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scorpio, I really like Hue and want to retain him. However, if McKenzie comes in and decides he is not the guy, I can live with that. I do believe the best path forward is to continue with Hue, but I want a strong dynamic GM more than anything.


3:34 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

..Davis might have to wait until early February before hiring McKenzie, who is considered the front-runner. There also is speculation that McKenzie might bring along Eliot Wolf, Ron Wolf’s son, if he gets hired by the Raiders. The younger Wolf is an assistant director of player personnel for the Packers..

Raiders coach Hue Jackson said in a radio interview Tuesday night that he is looking forward to working with a general manager who thinks along his lines.
"I really want to work on conjunction with someone who shares the same vision," Jackson said on NFL Sirius radio. "I know whoever Mark decides to bring in to the organization will have the same vision because my vision is winning, and winning championships.
"I don’t have any other vision or any other ego. My whole thing is about winning and whatever it takes to win. Do I want to make sure I have an idea and have some input on who I put on a team? Yes. But at the end of the day, if the chain of command starts with the GM when it comes to those decisions, I’m fine with that, too."

3:36 PM  

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