Monday, November 21, 2011

One Postgame Take

1. I know it was just the Vikings, but that was an impressive victory in my book. It had all the makings of a letdown game, but the Raiders didn't let us down. They went into a loud hostile environment and took command of the game. Of course, they had to make it unnecessarily close, because that's just what the Raiders do, but when push came to shove, they shut the Vikings down and took command of the divisional lead. Bravo!

2. This Carson Palmer dude, he's all right, eh? Watching him, it's easy to forget that he's been with this team for just four weeks and three games, coming in cold off the couch. I'd say that this bodes very well for the Raiders' playoff fortunes. He didn't have an amazing game, but it was solid enough, and he avoided the big mistakes. Keeping him healthy is so paramount that I can't even think or talk about it, so I won't.

3. Regarding the penalties, I do think that the zebras got some wrong, and that sometimes it smells of vague conspiracy, but it seemed that the worst of them were early in the game, and had little to do with the Vikings scoring so many unanswered points and turning a prospective blowout into a nail biter.

Instead of taking his case to the media, I believe that Hue Jackson should have simply made his case in the locker room. And while he was at it, he could have used the words that BlandaRocked posted in the comments on the previous take: "This has been going on since the 70s. There is absolutely nothing the team, the coaches, the players or the fans can do about it. Al Davis could never do anything about it. It is, quite simply, a fact of life. So how do you instruct a team to deal with this fact of life? You tell them to deal with it. The great Raider teams of the past were well penalized too! You suck it up, and you win right in their faces."

I will say that there is one thing the Raiders can do about it, and that is cut down on the stupid penalties. Even if you remove the questionable calls from the record, it seems to me that we're still a perennial leader in stupid penalties. In other words, control what you can control, and, as BlandaRocked noted, don't get distracted by what you can't control.

4. Michael Bush and Marcel Reese are stepping up, big time. This is what depth looks like, and it's a wonderful thing.

5. Nice to see Kevin Boss with five catches. Overall, Palmer did a great job of distributing the ball, completing passes to seven different players. Now it's time to beat Da Bears and take the divisional bull by the horns.


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Blogger Pride&Poise said...

Job well done. Da Bears up next without Jay Cutler I might add.

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Blogger H said...


Good post. On the zebras. It isn't a conspiracy. I just think some teams get the benefit of the doubt, some don't. A lot is based on reputation. Just my opinion.

Bush is definitely giving the front office something to think about. The use of he and Reese in the backfield is quite unique in today's NFL. It harkens back to the days when both backs ran the ball, both backs blocked for each other. Bush was the lead blocker for Reese a few times.

I'm a bit bummed about DHB. He was coming around and shaking that bust label. Hope he comes back well. McCann was quite the pickup. He did a good job filling in on special teams.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't hate the playa, hate they game....Or in this case don't hate the Zebra, hate the rules. TK grazed the qb's helmet when he chopped at him. Curry hit the receivers helmet. After that, we just kept giving them reasons to throw the laundry.

As far as Coach is concerned, he'll have nothing to do with the conspiracy crap. He clarified that what pissed him off so bad was all to do with the Zebras doing a piss-poor job of explaining the calls, and basically that the refs were giving the other team WAY more time and attention.

But conspiracy? Nope. He's dismissed that since day 1.


Go Raiders!
DAMN! It feels good to actually have a functional team again! And I've been waiting for a real QB since week 3 of 2003 season :-)

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Blogger Calico Jack said...

Bush has 461 yards in his last 4 games.

Reece is the "X" factor in the passing game causing matchup nightmares for the opponent.

Boss should become Palmer's security blanket for moving the chains and red zone opportunities.

Watch Palmer in complete command of the offense, audibilizing at the line, running the no huddle is a treat. He has a laid back swagger that the young players are gravitating towards.

The 4th quarter droughts needs to end with Da Bears game. 5 consecutive 4th quarters with ZERO points.

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Anonymous scorpio said...

we couldn't see deer in the headlights campbell and swagger ever in the same sentence!

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Blogger PantyRaider said...

"CP3" was a 75% passer...Hard to get down on that...Then he lost key "WR"s and spread the ball around to his "RB"s -n- "TE"s...Just what we would have expected him to do...

I pimped him and I'm damn glad to have him on the team...By the way the other "QB" I was pimping played well in "V" this week also..."VY"...

Bush is carrying the load now with "TJ" hobbled as well as "D-Mac" but it was rather nice to see what Reece can do...He did very well...We have great depth and need to keep them all...


Where's the post about what the NFL has to say???...That's total "BS" and I hope Hue and The Raiders take it to another level and not just turn the other cheek...

Time to invoke the "Shell I" tactics when this crap got bad...He ran plays right at the bastards as if to say lets see if your 50-60 year old asses can get up from this one...2-3 weeks in a row "Zebra" lay on the turf...One game as I remember there were 2 out and a replacement was not yet there...That Game was postponed for several minutes...I'll tell you true me and my friends cheered loudly!!

I will try to look it up..

After that the crap sorta diminished for a spell....By definition they are just part of the field so run on them like it!!!

One thing regarding this is that one bad begets another...So the "Zebra" come out with the "BS" flags and the players respond in anger which provokes more flags...There's a fine line between playing aggressive and out of control...This make tip toeing that fine line much more difficult...


The rules are too vague and too many but it's the "Zebra" who misuse them...Much like the courts interpreting our Constitution and twisting things toward their agendas...

Their are how many up in that "Zebra" booth??...And the score board showing the downs -n- distance...But no one could get it right????....Come'on!!...In this modern age of advanced technology???

Time to call foul on that "Zebra"...

"RT"....Nice Post!!

PantyRaider....6-4 On Top Of AFCW!!!/_

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Blogger PantyRaider said...

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said coaches can call head of officiating Carl Johnson for explanations of any calls and that the league looked forward to answering Jackson's questions.

That's all I can find to this point...


Did you have something else??

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Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders have 17 personal foul penalties on defense so far this year. Apparently, the record for an entire season is 19.

I don't believe in any current day conspiracy, per sae, but I do believe there is some bias out there against the Raiders. Sounds like a fine line but there's a difference.

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Blogger PantyRaider said...

Well Hue has spoken his peace and the NFL has shown very little concern...Almost comical......

Nothing to do now but and and watch...Does it have an effect this week as a Positive-Negative-NONE??

I rather suspect that the public display of disapproval will get enough embarrassment to tone it down a bit...At least make them think a little before pulling it out of their asses...But I could be wrong and they are provoked and childish to the point that they become even more aggressive throwing the yellow over anything seen???

PantyRaider...We Will Take This One If They Let Us!!!/_

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Blogger PantyRaider said...

Tim Tebow's passes aren't pretty, his stats aren't spectacular, his footwork is flawed and his mechanics are a mess...LoL!!

Gary Miller asked the Broncos’ chief of football operations if he was “any closer to feeling if you have your quarterback on this team?”

Elway paused and answered, “No.”

LoL!!…John Elway knows how to play “QB” and knows Tebow’s NOT the answer….But he’s playing with fire and it’s prlley going to bite him on the ASS!!

Elway and Broncos general manager Brian Xanders have been watching some of the best college quarterbacks, including Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, Robert Griffin and Landry Jones, in person this fall. And on Monday, Elway sprinkled in praise for Tebow with some dollops of pragmatism.

Tebow has a 44.8 completion percentage. The silver lining is that the opponents aren’t catching his passes, either. He has only one interception to go with his seven TD throws.

LoL!!!…Finding something nice to say about that AniNule!!!

Listen as Cowher weighs in:

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach and current CBS commentator Bill Cowher suggested Sunday that maybe the Broncos should consider using backup Brady Quinn or even going back to Orton in special packages to jump-start their offense before Tebow’s fourth-quarter heroics.

Elway has to think about it…LoL!!…Consider 1st all the Hate-Mail he gets if he sits the “Glory Boy” for 3 quarters….Yikes!!!…They want to crucify me!!!

PantyRaider....Glad To See Them's "Donkey" Having Fits!!..Hee! Ha!!!/_

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Blogger BlandaRocked said...

No conspiracy is ever necessary. All you have to have is a mindset. The officials work for the league, the league has constant issues with Al Davis and the Raiders, and the Raiders trade on a bad ass reputation.

The officials know which side of their bread is buttered. The reputation says the Raiders always play too rough, so the Raiders will never get the benefit of the doubt. Nor will the refs even look for any reason to doubt. Kelly's hand gets raised over the QB's head while trying to make a tackle, then he's obviously attempting to take the QB's head off. All you have to do is see the raised hand, and that draws the flag.

The league needs PROFESSIONAL referees who DON'T work for the league (but are contracted for by the league). It's the only professional sport that doesn't have professional officiating.

7:27 AM  
Blogger H said...


I’m pretty much on the same wavelength with you. It’s human nature to have some bias. The league may not do things in meetings, but these guys read and follow the sport also.

Jackson has said his piece with the league and says he is ready to move on. He did in intelligently and diplomatically. He also picked the right game to make his case. There were definitely some irregularities including inability to keep track of downs and trying to charge the Raiders with their second timeout when they called their first. Also, he has shifted the public spotlight to the league and the refs. It will be interesting if we suddenly drop to 5-6 penalties this Sunday.

Many will say he’s whining. But, I liked his statement that at some point he has to defend his players. He wants them to play hard for him, so he needs to go to bat for them.

He has the league’s attention. Let’s see where it goes from here.


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Blogger PantyRaider said...

Caleb Hanie The Next Target Of Our "D"...Not Allot To Look At???

Hanie was 13 for 20 for 153 yards, with a 32-yard completion to Johnnie Knox to set up one score and a 35-yard touchdown pass to Earl Bennett in a 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers. He also threw two interceptions.

College: Colorado State
Undrafted in 2008
Height: 6 ft 2 in Weight: 225 lb
40 Time: 4.96 40 Low: 4.85 40 High: 5.08
2010 Regular Season 5/7 55yds 71.4% 94.3 Rate
2010 Postseason 13/20 153yds 65.0% “TD” 2 "Int"s 65.2 Rate
“TD” 3 "Int"s
1 Rush -1 yds

This Video is evidently a pre-season game but shows his play..

8:17 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

One thing about it... once the Raiders reach the playoffs, you usually get the best reffing crews, and they usually let the teams play a little more.

There are still refs that want to play GOD (Cough.. Coleman) but one doesn't usually see blatant bias in the playoffs... as it is now I only notice it every thrid or fourth game. I doubt you would notice it much in the playoffs... if at all. Too much is at stake.

I do think it was time for Jackson to address the bias (never getting the benefit of the doubt)... and if its true they wouldn't even go over to explain to him their calls... the league needs to step in on this. There is no reason for Jackson to let the refs give him the finger.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

Corkran pointed out that the refs are evaluated and graded after each game, and if they get too much shit wrong, they don't get the playoff spots... so there might be too much at stake for a crew to throw flags on penalty free plays... and extra paycheck.

OTOH... I can imagine the people doing the evaluating and grading also having an anti-Raider bias... we all remember the blatant lying after the tuck game! I bet the video is still out there somewhere.. where Perella? was saying that after a QB pump fakes the ball he is immune from fumbling!! I think his words were "He can do anything he wants with the ball."

The conspiracy never dies which such things!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

I FOUND IT! The blatant lie:


The then NFL sanctioned spin doctor Pereira, couldn’t retreat fast enough from his assinine lectures about how the NFL rule book said something that it didn’t say at all. Attempting to rewrite the NFL rule book, Pereira at the time of the tragically bad call, explained to broken hearted Raiders fans that ”once you pump and bring the ball back to the set position, you can’t fumble. Period.”


What Pereira delicately avoids is that tisky bit at the end of rule 3, section 21, article 2, note 2, of the official NFL rules: “… also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble.”

...end quote....


(This is an awesome page I had never seen before!)

11:04 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

During the game (I can't remember who the announcers were) it was amazing to watch the announcers saying each PF during the second drive didn't look worthy of a flag. When Minn finally scored on the drive they said, "this is just another incident of the Raiders shooting themselves in the foot."

So even when the facts are right there in front, the bias rules.

12:48 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Kyle Orton has been waived

Wonder What Elway Gets Out Of This???...He Didn't Do It For Free!!!

Just when some pressure was coming to start Orton again or go to Brady Quinn Elway pulls the trigger on the release…Very strange!!..But the Trade Deadline is past so the only way the bears could get their hands on him is to be released…

Does he have to clear the wire?…Miami was interested in him before and a few other teams also need "QB"s like “KC”?

This makes it more than just strange: ( Week #14 Dec 11 CHI @ DEN)

Elway has got to be getting some kind of future considerations here…Under the table deal that needs to be investigated…Like “Spy-Gate-West”!!…

I’m calling Foul and I demand an immediate investigation into this matter….Them damn “AniMules” are trying to do us harm...LoL!!..And harm themselves too…

PantyRaider...The "MuleValley" Is Wierd!!!/_

2:39 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Does he have to clear the wire?…Miami was interested in him before and a few other teams also need "QB"s like “KC”?

Absolutely. Indy would have first chance at him.

2:49 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

With all of the teams in need of a QB, some in need of a permanent replacement, I wonder what the going price on Palmer would be right now. I think that circumstances timed this perfectly, and Jackson was right to pull the trigger. Since we'd essentially lost Cambell for the season, and Cambell's a free agent at the end of the season, I think Al himself would have pulled the trigger on that trade.

2:51 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Trying To Cut $$$$???

If Orton is claimed off waivers, a team would pick up the remainder of the $8.8 million salary that he is owed this season. Should Orton clear waivers by Wednesday afternoon, he would become a free agent. With his current contract on its final year, Orton will become a free agent after the season.

The Chicago Bears, who traded Orton and draft picks to the Broncos for Jay Cutler, plan to add a veteran quarterback with Cutler set to undergo surgery Wednesday to repair a broken thumb that will sideline him for several weeks, if not longer.

The Bears will start Caleb Hanie this weekend against the Oakland Raiders, but with a playoff berth very much in reach, adding a veteran with as much starting experience as Orton would seem to be an option, although he’s not familiar with offensive coordinator Mike Martz’s system.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who are in last place in the AFC West but still in position to win the division, put starting quarterback Matt Cassel (hand) on season-ending injured reserve Monday. Tyler Palko struggled as the Chiefs’ starter in a 34-3 loss to the New England Patriots on Monday night.

The AFC South-leading Houston Texans also expect to find out if starting quarterback Matt Schaub (foot) will be lost for the season when he visits a specialist Wednesday. Matt Leinart will start this weekend, but the Texans have explored adding a veteran quarterback as well.

3:18 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Elway is hoping to lure Da Bears into taking over Ortin's contract. It's a smart, yet obvious move.

6:22 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Word is it's working...Bears put a claim in on Orton but not likely we will face him this week...Remember "CP3" with only 3 days practice and he was familiar with Hue and 10 time the "QB" Orton will ever be...

"KC" could trump that but I think Houston is behind da Bears...

Texans | No interest in Kyle Orton
Tue, 22 Nov 2011 19:21:52 -0800

The Houston Texans aren't interested in free-agent QB Kyle Orton (Broncos). If they sign a veteran QB, he'll be used to run the scout team.

Bears | Kyle Orton would like to return
Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:21:30 -0800

Free-agent QB Kyle Orton (Broncos), who was waived by the Denver Broncos Tuesday, Nov. 22, would like a chance to return to the Chicago Bears after QB Jay Cutler (thumb) broke his thumb in Week 11. Orton and his agent, David Dunn, initiated talks for the Broncos to release him after they found out that Cutler may miss the rest of the season. The Bears and/or the Kansas City Chiefs will put in waiver claims on Orton. The Chiefs have first priority because they have an inferior record. The Bears could turn to free-agent QBs Josh McCown (49ers) or J.T. O'Sullivan (Raiders) if they lose out on Orton. There are indications that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz isn't very comfortable with QB Caleb Hanie for the rest of the season.

12:10 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Report: Bears will put in waiver claim to re-acquire QB Orton

A league source confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that the Bears (7-3), who are 30th in the current waiver order, will put in a claim on Orton. Backup Caleb Hanie will replace injured starter Jay Cutler for the foreseeable future, but the Bears could use a veteran like Orton, whom the team traded along with two first-round draft picks and a third-round selection to acquire Cutler from the Broncos in 2009.

The Texans (also 7-3) are 25th in the waiver order, but NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi said Tuesday on “Around the League” that the team would have to make roster moves in order to fit Orton’s number under the salary cap.

A league source told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora that Kellen Clemens, Chase Clement, Brodie Croyle, Trent Edwards and Jeff Garcia worked out for the team.

As for the Chiefs, coach Todd Haley said the team has discussed bringing in a veteran but remains committed to Tyler Palko as the starter and rookie Ricky Stanzi as the No. 2 now that Matt Cassel is out for the season with a hand injury. Kansas City (4-6) is ninth in the waiver order.

12:42 AM  
Blogger H said...

I doubt there is anything nefarious on Elway’s part in releasing Orton. Even if the Bears claim him, it’s a different coordinator and system in Chicago than it was when he was there last. Plus, if a team claims him they have to pay him at his current contract levels. If he clears, he could be signed for significantly less. I personally don’t think there would be some bidding war.


There were insinuations from the announcers about the calls being suspect. They weren’t strong, but they did say the tight end did make a football move, which is part of the rule, on Curry’s hit. So, how can someone indicate the calls are questionable then make the leap to the Raiders shooting themselves in the foot again? For Branch, before the call was announced they thought it was maybe him slamming the guy to the ground, not a facemask.

On the TD after the three calls the defense seemed to just stand around confused. I would be too if I had just been told by the officials no tackling on this drive. Kudos though for them regrouping the remainder of the first half.

Speaking of Branch, he was the unsung hero of the game. He made the play on the botched field goal by the Scandinavians and broke up the fourth down pass at the end. The former set up a touchdown drive and the latter sealed the game.

What will be interesting on Sunday is if Brian Urlacher makes a similar hit on Boss, Myers or whomever, if there will be a penalty. Urlacher is known as one of the hardest hitters in the league.

Currently we are opening as an even four point pick. That sounds about right. Even though Cutler is out, we have shown a propensity to let teams back into games. We covered against Minnesota, but barely.


5:35 AM  
Blogger H said...

As far as Mike Pereira goes. A few years back he publicly insulted Amy Trask at an NFL function. She complained about a blown interference call at the end of a game. He basically said it was a bad call, but she didn’t know anything about football and it had no affect on the outcome.

Arrogant, condescending and a few other adjectives come to mind.


5:50 AM  
Blogger Doobie said...

"This has been going on since the 70s. There is absolutely nothing the team, the coaches, the players or the fans can do about it. Al Davis could never do anything about it. It is, quite simply, a fact of life."

I have to disagree with Blanda on this. Gruden had this team well-disciplined during his tenure. If I recall correctly, his teams had some of the fewest penalties ever for a Raiders team.

The problem is that discipline issues can't be fixed overnight. The main issue is that Al never put a priority on it, so it usually didn't happen. The big question is now going to be what happens now that Al is gone.

6:31 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


Almost weekly Gruden would complain about calls that were made against us being bad...He would talk about his complaint that he filed every week with the NFL...It did very damn little to stop that shit...See "Tuck Rule"...

As far as the false starts and personal fouls I don't actually remember...What I do remember is the Pass Interference/Holding and Possession calls that were bad..A catch not a catch or score not a score....Than all of what was never called against our opponents...

This season it's the "PF"s that are being advocated against us...Some seasons it's the constant holding variety and other times it's the "PI" crap...Seems to go in cycles...


There are enough teams with injured "QB"s that the possibility of Orton clearing the wire are very slim...Houston can't make space under their cap...Or can they??...If so it will prolley cost us if we meet them head on in the "PO"s...

A few other teams may even have interest thinking they can negotiate a new deal for the 2012 season once he already is with their team...Miami who we face in 2 weeks..."KC" in week 16....

PantyRaider...Rather He Goes To The Bears!!!/_

7:43 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Now The Picture Becomes Clear...It's All Turner's Fault!!...LoL!!

Haters can blame the Chargers for helping spring Tim Tebow on everybody and turning the football world all topsy-turvy. Finally entering the game with the Chargers ahead 23-10, Tebow ran for a touchdown, threw for another and almost another in a 29-24 loss. Had that last pass of the game not been batted away by Dante Hughes, the Chargers might now have lost six straight and the Broncos would be tied for first with Oakland.

From looking at the "SD" board it appears they are worried about playing that "Donkey" this week...They be in the dumper big time...

Personally I don't see an opportunity for those "Tebowncos" to win but that was also the case against those Jets...The match-Up overwhelmingly favors "SD"...The stats and everything speak "V"...BUT!!!...

Holly Prayers BatMan!!...It's Working!!...LoL!!


PantyRaider...7-n-3 Raiders!!!/_

7:50 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

It still irks me that we lost to Tebow and let him score 38 points.

As a starter this year, he hasn't managed to score more than 18 points on any other opponent. His success is a mirage born of a suddenly stout defense. If he ever needs to score real points (and if he's not playing the Raiders), he'll start losing games.

7:59 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


How much did he score on the Fish -n- the Jets??...

Maybe 14 on the Fish if it was 2 passing "TD"s...Don't remember...But I think it was 17 points in 1/2 the 4th and the "OT"...

I think he only put up 7 on the Jets with the run...They also had a Pick-6 right??...

But "RT" just how the hell did you come up with this??

"It still irks me that we lost to Tebow and let him score 38 points."

Perhaps you just have a rather limited memory or want to pimp as worse than it was???


Eddie Royal returned a punt 85 yards for the tiebreaking score, Willis McGahee ran for 163 yards, and Tim Tebow threw two touchdown passes to lead the Denver Broncos to a 38-24 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

McGahee had a 60-yard touchdown run that tied the game on the first play after Carson Palmer threw his second of three interceptions for the Raiders (4-4). McGahee then added a 24-yarder to ice it.
Looks to me that Tebow amassed a grand total of only 14 pts...

McGahee added his 14 pts...

Eddie Royal's punt return added 7 pts...

Than there must have also been a "ST" score of 3 via "FG"...

But I guess your right...It was Tebow handing the ball off!!!...LoL!!!

8:46 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

1st Quarter
OAK FG S.Janikowski 48 yd. Field Goal (7-43, 4:08)
DEN TD E.Decker 27 yd. pass from T.Tebow (M.Prater kick) (5-65, 2:06)

2nd Quarter
OAK TD M.Bush 11 yd. pass from C.Palmer (S.Janikowski kick) (3-14, 1:38)
OAK TD M.Reece 40 yd. pass from C.Palmer (S.Janikowski kick) (4-72, 1:16)

3rd Quarter
DEN TD E.Royal 26 yd. pass from T.Tebow (M.Prater kick) (9-80, 4:12)
OAK TD J.Ford 18 yd. pass from C.Palmer (S.Janikowski kick) (8-80, 4:07)
DEN FG M.Prater 43 yd. Field Goal (7-52, 3:49)
DEN TD W.McGahee 60 yd. run (M.Prater kick) (1-60, 0:07)

4th Quarter
DEN TD E.Royal 85 yd. punt return (M.Prater kick)
DEN TD W.McGahee 24 yd. run (M.Prater kick) (4-77, 2:02)

8:50 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Obviously, I didn't mean he literally scored 38 points, since he wasn't kicking the ball.

However you want to spin it, the Raiders allowed the Tebow-led Broncos offense to more than double the points of any other start under Tebow this year.

A Tebow-led offense that looks utterly putrid against all other opponents to date looked positively dominant against the Raiders.

That's a fact, it happened at home, and it should have never happened, and yes, it still irks me.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

By the way, you're the one who keeps bringing Tebow up despite the fact that we won't see him again until next fall.

All it does for me is stir up the bad memory of him running all over the Coliseum turf for 100+ yards and chucking two touchdowns.

9:13 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


But he won't last...LoL!!...I'm Having fun with all the jokes about him as he begins his assault upon the legacy of John Elway...LoL!!!

OK..So knock off 10 pts for "ST"s and our "D" gave up 28 pts...

2 pass -n- 2 rush "TD"s...

Not good but hay!!...We be #1 in the west...Cheer up by just thinking about all those "SD" -n- "KC" fans and the tears all over their keyboards...LoL!!...While we be celebrating "V"!!...

And remember back when it was us in that "Black Hole Abyss" with no sight of escape...

Chances are we have at least a 2 game lead on everyone after Sunday with only 6 weeks to go...

PantyRaider....Just Laughter From My End Of The World!!/_

10:19 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Chiefs | Kyle Orton claimed
Wed, 23 Nov 2011 13:13:12 -0800

The Kansas City Chiefs have claimed free-agent QB Kyle Orton (Broncos) off waivers.

FANTASY TIP: Orton should be considered a solid QB2 now that he's starting once again. KC's offense has struggled to put up points for much of the year, and Orton will likely require a period of adjustment to a new scheme, similar to what Carson Palmer went through early with the Raiders. Still, Orton can help your QB depth, especially if you owned Matt Schaub (foot) or Jay Cutler (thumb). There is renewed optimism for Jonathan Baldwin's value as a deep threat; he's worth a roster spot again and could be a nice depth piece as you enter the fantasy playoffs.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

With you on the tbow loss. I Googled the distance between my basement, where I was watching the game, to The Colosium, 2,141.61 miles. I knew from that distance that tbow was going to keep the ball on the majority of high school plays they ran but Bresnahan could not.
I think the problem is over pursuit and general lack of discipline on defense.

For the record, walking out of the dome in MN last week I walked past the press box which was right
behind our seat section. I saw Steve Corcoran and told that I thought he and Jerry Mac do the
best job covering the Raiders.
I then saw Kawakami sitting next him and added,"unlike this clown.
Kawasaki did not even look my way Corcoran laughed and Amy Trask was standing behind the both of them and gave me a smiling two thumbs up.
I thought she would have been in the owners box but maybe she is an operative there.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

I have also been listening to Chicago sports talk radio, which I never do. Amazed as to how ignorant these guys are and just regurgitate the espn talking points.
They know nothing about the Raiders and are very much dismissive of this game.

Of all the injuries, Janokowski's is the most significant I think. In the beginning of the year teams had to keep the Raiders from crossing midfield. At MN he kicked about three balls in pregame.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

The other thing the sports talk guys kept saying and the idiot bears fans bought into was Orton coming to Chicago.
Real hammerheads with zero knowledge of the waiver process. Good luck with McCown!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Great story, memdf! Classic! You coming out to Oakland this Sunday?

7:54 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

According to 3 teams put in claims for Orton..."KC"/Dallas -n- da Bears...Dallas is one I didn't expect???

We will no doubt be facing Orton now week 16...We have played well against him before but that was with the "Donkey"...He will prolley be up to speed by the time we meet...Funny because now he will also play against that "Donkey" the final week of the season...

We are now also missing Moore...I though he got up slow and it has been reported he's wearing a boot...NOT good...Perhaps the only "WR"s healthy are "Glass Chaz"/Murphy..."TJH" was being rested for some reason...

Time to activate David Ausberry...The "TE"s have to pick up the slack again this week along with Bush/Reece..."TJ"/"D-Mac" are injured...

So just when our "O" looks to be on track the injuries take us apart...Also on the "D" as Houston is now also out of practice...Yikes!!!

That damn "CBA" has cost the NFL greatly this season...just pure dumb stupidity...These players left alone did very little to stay in shape and now with the new restrictions on off season workouts this will prolley continue to be a problem???


Kool to have a reporter on site...

The Vikes' "QB" has 4.6 speed but da Bears back-up only post a 5.0...He's still allusive in the pocket but not as much of a threat on the run...Their "RB" has had some production but nothing great...#14 Rush "O"...Now that should slide with less threat at "QB" sense "O" are no longer afraid of Cutler...

What's the word coming out of da Bears as to how they intend to beat the Raiders??...I have seen talk of going heavier on the run but they also have some injuries to the "OL"???

PantyRaider...If Only We Could Get Healthy!!!/_

9:32 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


"sense "O" are no longer afraid of Cutler"

Should read "D"s...

9:36 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

One thing about our defense (giving up in Buff, and Tebow, etc)... it has not been good overall in the second half, and if things start going poorly, the dam breaks quickly.

Combined with almost ZERO half-time adjustments... this looks to me because of three things:

1. Lack of depth
2. Lack of conditioning
3. No real DC.

We ARE kinda stuck with a bed-and-breakfast like DC.

One of Als biggest failings was not being able to attract top notch DC's... and if there was any talent underneath the DC, they would bail after contract rather than work under Als limitations he put on the DC's.

That all has ended now. I predict one of the first thing Hue does next season is fire Breshnahan and seek out a top notch replacement.

Tough to build a bully with a DC that doesn't even know what he is doing, and never has.

There was a reason he was nearly out of football a short time ago.

Kinda sad that one of the last things Al did might hurt the team more than anything this year... hiring a moron for DC because nobody else wanted the job.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

BTW... I remember back when McF had the two turf toe problems there was some grumbling about the shitty cleats the NFL makes everyone wear... now that we have walking boots all over the sidelines with foot injuries, will someone put two and two together here?


10:03 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

If Moore can't go, I think we will still be fine in the passing attack.

I expect for Boss to get 10 balls targeted to him and for Reece & Bush to be used more than normal in the passing game.

It will be a true passing game by committee where the ball is distributed amongst 7 pass catchers (Boss, Myers, Reece, Bush, TJH, Murph, and Shillens).

10:48 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

This Explains What I Thought I Saw When Moore Got Up Slowly...But He Did Come Back In...

He left the game at one point but returned and wasn’t mentioned by Jackson afterward when discussing the injured players.

Looks to be “Glass Chaz/Murphy?”TJH" as the healthy bodies…But “CP3” did say this:

"We’re playing against a good group, like I said, and we’re not going to have all our guys. But we’ve got that that have been waiting for their opportunity and looking for a chance to step up and help this team. And guys are going to have to do that this week."

Did he let the cat out of the bag….Ausberry???

Hue thinks Ford will be back next week??

"He’s very close to being out," Jackson said. "He’s still in it for maybe one more time. I think he’ll be out of that thing pretty soon. I’m sure he’ll be excited about that."

“JC” in the works??

"He tried a little bit, and it just wasn’t there," Jackson said. "But he’s getting there. It’s going to take some time. He’s working at it, I promise you that. I’m really excited about the potential of him coming back here at some point in time."

Another sell-out??

Raiders chief executive said on radio today — 95.7 FM — that the game is close to being sold out, which means it will sell out by Thursday’s deadline and, therefore, be televised locally.

Hue said his biggest challenge this season was dealing with all the injuries but he’s not willing to use that as an excuse…“Next Man Up” is for real and even though it’s a replacement group on the field now they still have to think “NMU”!!!…

PantyRaider...The Replacement Raiders Roster....2nd String Stepping Up!!!/_

11:50 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


While Bresnahan doesn't look great on the stats some things have definitely improved....Especially in our secondary...4 takeaways this week was no accident!!!..These players have been in position to make plays but failed to do so...Dropped "Int"s and missed tackles was NOT on the part of the "DC"...But his failures in adjustments are...

The "Tebow" desecration was rude and undeniably senile to say the least across the board..."SOB"-Rex also fell to that and he's a top notch "DC"!!!...So what do we have???

No excuse here just the simple facts:

#1...NO off season to implement a "D" while several changes were being made and no familiarity with the players being coached...

#2...3 new assistants also added..."LB"s/"CB"s/"S"s...

#3...2010 season players sent packing and new rookies added...Namndi/McFadden/Ware lost...

#4...Injuries depleted the roster..."FS" Hiram Eugene and "DE" Shaughnessy and "LB" Goethel were lost before the season even started...Added are "CB" Chekwa and "LB" Ricky Brown...

Than the list of players who have been in and out..."CB"s "CJ"/"DVD"..."S"s "MM"/Huff/Giordano..."LB" McClain..."DL" Houston/Seymour...

#5...Replacements who have been brought in mid season and incorporated into the scheme..."LB" Curry.."CB" Lito Sheppard/Ron Parker..."S" Bryan McCann/Jerome Boyd...

#6...Players lost to make room for other replacement players...DB Sterling Moore...It's now too much to keep tack of it all...

#7..."Zebra"s giving away 1st dns when stops have been made and players doing likewise with stupid penalties...

#8...An improving Rush "D" though not yet good enough...

So I think we need to give him a little more credit for holding things together and adapting to all the adversity...

Now as far as no one else wanted that job "Bull Shit"!!...Winston Moss was campaigning for it as well as another "GB" assistant coach who also played for the Raiders...Than there were 2-3 other candidate that were being tossed around before Al brought back Bresnahan without a designation as to whet he would do...Than it was Hue who signed off on him being his "DC"...

I wanted Winston Moss...I'm on record as such and I still do...Weather we keep Bresnahan for another season or not our "D" should be vastly improved just having all our bodies back healthy...Young guys have gotten allot more reps and thus development...We will be a much more experienced and seasoned "D" in 2012...It's finishing out this schedule that's going to be tough and than ampting it up threw the "PO"s without many of our players healthy...

PantyRaider...Work In Progress!!!/_

12:35 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

NFL predictions are in...We be on the short end??

Bears 17-16 Raiders...So how do we get "16"???...Can't be a bunch of "FG"s with Jano's hammie...2-"TD"-n-"S"??..LoL!!

Others of note:

"SD" over the "Donkey" 27-10...Yikes!!...Tebow is crucified and they just cut Orton!!!

"KC"'s Death Stroke Is Finalized...38-13 at the hands of Pitts!!!...Orton can't save the day???

Hou-Jax 23-10....I don't believe that!!!..."D" will decide and I pick Jacks to take it...This will be Houston's 1st post injury humiliation!!!

9ers Get taken down by Big Brother...24-17...

"GB" by 1 over Lions???....31-30!!..Again there must be a "S" involved??

As I already posted:

"SD" 5-n-6
"Donkey" 5-n-6
"KC" 4-n-7

PantyRaider...Raiders 7-n-4!!!/_

5:35 AM  
Blogger H said...

For us, it's time to move on from Tebow. The bottom line is the team is 4-1 with him as a starter. The big thing I see with that team is how John Fox has the defense playing.

If the Dolts win and we win, it's a two game lead with five to play. We would need a combination of wins by us and loses by the rest of the division that equal four games.

I thought Orton would make it through the waiver process. KC was evidently spinning it when they said they were satisfied Palko.

The problem we face is a tough Bears defense and Miami is now playing better. It probably come down to the Chefs and Dolts the last two weeks.


9:16 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I don't see "KC" being a factor other than to knock us off for "SD" who could still make up ground...They are still a very good team...

As for that "Donkey" gasping for it's last breath....NO hopes!!!..Will prolley lose to "KC" the last week of the season to Orton who will have a hard-on for anything Orange!!!...LoL!!!

So here it is as I see it: 2 game lead..


12 Nov 27 CHI @ OAK
13 Dec 04 OAK @ MIA
14 Dec 11 OAK @ GB
15 Dec 18 DET @ OAK
16 Dec 24 OAK @ KC
17 Jan 01 SD @ OAK


12 Nov 27 DEN @ SD
13 Dec 05 SD @ JAC
14 Dec 11 BUF @ SD
15 Dec 18 BAL @ SD
16 Dec 24 SD @ DET
17 Jan 01 SD @ OAK

We have to take care of business and hope for Bal/Det to take care of theirs..."KC" may not be easy by the time we play...Miami might be tougher than we thought...Detroit's beatable but not easily...da Bears "D" matches up well against our no depleted "WR"s..."SD" at the end could mean something???

PantyRaider....It's Not Over By A Long Shot...We Haven't Won Anything Yet!!!/_

1:10 PM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

chiming in late but i hope all my brothers and sisters in the raider nation had a great and filling thanksgiving! go raiders!

10:39 PM  
Blogger H said...


I'm not necessarily worried about KC. We just need to take care of business. The last two games of the season my wind up being critical to the playoffs.

Miami is playing better and only lost to Dallas on the last play of the game. Detroit will be tough and Green Bay is 11-0. The schedule doesn't look as inviting as it did four weeks ago.

But, that adds to the excitment. Keeps them on their toes. We have to earn it.


6:24 AM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

What can you do about the refs ?

I tuned in to to watch the Cowboys vs Skins the other day(I like to see Shanarat lose).

Right away, I saw Ed Hokuli's crew working the game, so I shut the TV. did something else.

Did anybody see yesterdays, Pack vs Lions ?

I mean, how many flags were thrown in that one. Unwatchable.

But that is what the NFL is these days.

Somewhere, in all the singing, dancing, talking, commercials, and flag throwing, is a football game.

You just have to look real hard to find it.

Should call it the NFF. Not Fan Friendly.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

There are no "easy" game left. Each game and opponent poses unique challenges.

4:36 PM  
Blogger H said...


Couldn't agree more on Ed Hokuli. I've said one of the most dangerous places on the football field is between him and the camera. I've seen him push players out of the way who were just in the vicinity of the camera.

For those who say refs never influence the outcome of a game, his crew took a late TD away a few years ago on a bad call. I think it was Denver, and they lost a close one.


Couldn't agree more. What looked like an easy game in mid October takes on a whole different aspect after an opponent wins a few games.


5:52 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

"Any Given Sunday" is a reality....

"seasChickens" took down the Ravens and look what the Ravens did to "SF"...Unreal...

Tebowncos took down the Jets after what they did to us in the 2nd half when they don't even have a legitimate "O" to put on the field...

Shit Happens!!!

8:33 PM  

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