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Broncos Gameday Thread

What's left to be said? Playing for dignity at this point. We'll see if McDaniels is still doing "a fantastic job." GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

I'm sorry but what idiot calls a 35-yard pass to Cole on 3rd and 6 with 3 minutes left and the game on the line?

Jacobs and Adams, and occasionally Moreau, are all the Raiders have on offense. Carr came thru but it took two tries. He just isn't seeing the field well enough.

Play-calling was still marginal, IMO, on both sides of the ball. Once again, it took the Raiders giving up a lead to tighten down the defense. These guys want to play more aggressively but they are being coached to stand off and react.

Perryman and Crosby played their asses off. Webb missed almost every tackle he tried. Who is Hall? Because he outplayed most of the defense.

The win is bittersweet. Raiders need a win to regain some dignity, but it was not a well-coached, nor well-executed game. Unless, of course, the Broncos are on their way to the SB. Then it was very impressive.

Looking ahead, I don't know how the Raiders can possibly afford to not re-sign Jacobs. Jacobs is having a career year... perfect timing for him.

4:52 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I just read Kolton Miller was inactive today. Did I miss something?!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes NY you missed Elemenour playing LT. It was good to see Carr provide some of his old 4th quarter and OT magic. Adams is the man and Crosby is a stud. Good thing Russel Wilson threw the ball away versus slide and run down the clock man he is totally washed up.

I am going ot be happy on a Sunday this is a pleasant surprise lol


6:12 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Tough to see from a distance in a crowded space where I watch the game. Yes, Russell Wilson inexplicably made that possible for Carr and the Raiders.

The reaction for Derek Carr after the game is interesting. At this point, with almost nothing else to gain, Carr can either play himself into another season as starting QB for the Raiders or find himself leaving LV. It might depend on how high the Raiders pick in the draft.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, did you see the postgame locker room scenes, they went crazy when Carr came in. He is loved by his teamates and he loves being a Raider. That being said McDaniels is real awkward with zero charisma.


7:15 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

There seems to be perhaps more cohesion in the locker room than suspected. That looked like the celebration of a team that's still in the hunt. Good to see. Makes me want to watch more Raiders football.

Inasmuch as I'd love for the Raiders to get a high draft slot, I'd rather see notable improvement in the team during the rest of the season, which might have them falling to the upper-middle of the draft order.

Crosby, Carr, Renfrow, Adams, Waller are all under contract next year. IMO, Raiders should either sign or franchise Jacobs. I've always said RBs are a dime a dozen, but Jacobs is clearly in his prime and he's too important to the Raiders offense. He was a legit double threat yesterday.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The team worked through adversity yesterday. It was not a pretty "W", but a "W" is a "W". Carr to Tae to end it, who could ask for anything better? I don't know about you, but Carr's throw there looked awkward, and I didn't think he was going to make it.
O-Line had some serious missteps. There was a blitz in the 4th Quarter, and Elumenor completely let the guy through, the pass went through Jacobs' hands, and almost got picked. It was pathetic.
Crosby, and the new DB Hall played well. Tillery got pressure up the middle that gave Crosby a sack, that was exciting to see. Raiders Defense showed up yesterday and played well, not only kept us in the game, but we won the game because of them. We get Nate Hobbs back next week too.
Raiders dug and found a way, gotta do it again.

1:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

IMO, Carr knew he had a wide-open receiver and did not want to miss. The pass might have been slightly underthrown but was very deliberate. Same with the pass to Jacobs along the sideline. Wide open and just lofted for a sure catch. I think Carr was smart with both those passes.

Tillery got some pressure from the inside, but he was sloppy yesterday. On the goal line play which resulted in a TD, Tillery did a spin move that gave the runner the lane to score (instead of staying with his blocker and pushing him into the lane). When coaches watch that tape they will be like, WTF? There's a reason the Chargers let him go.

Hall was all over the place, including in piles on run defense. That kid wants a job.

I truly believe the Raiders players want to play hard, but I also believe the coaches and play-calling are holding them back. It's tough to balance because players also have to stay disciplined and keep to their assignments.

No trick plays yesterday and balanced attached on offense. Got to appreciate that.

I got pissed off on the 40-yard pass attempt to Cole on 3rd and 6 with 3 min left. That was stupid. They just needed 6 yards to keep the drive going. That was before Wilson gave the Raiders a gift by throwing incomplete on 3rd down with 1:43 left.

Sometimes frustrating but it was a fun game to watch.

2:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I see Will Compton just signed with the Falcons. IMO, Raiders were stupid not to bring him back, especially, with the thin LB corp. Compton was a big part of the Raiders surge last season. So was Philon. Where's he right now?

Raiders need far better personnel management than we've seen in recent years, spanning multiple regimes.

Tillery signing might be decent, IDK. Philon is better, and I don't think it's close.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, are we a good team now? have some changed their opinions about the Pats' guys?

Why is it we are winning off other teams' mistakes instead of beating them?

Why is it o.k. to keep going with free agents off the streets instead of signing guys they wanted(free agents) before season, traded for or drafted- why keep working this way?

The Raiders/ NFL lied to fans about:

1. new stadiums

2. the salary cap

3. free agency

So, now they're a good team again? it was just injuries, set backs by the players, a tougher division and a new staff's mistakes by the Pats' guys?

Raidernation, I understand loyalty but you're looking like suckers, just ready for another con job.

you are so desperate to be contenders that you would:

1. support moving to a small market that's 1 of the best entertainment/ tourism places in the world but may not be good for a pro sports team.

2. to buy the idea that new stadiums help teams win.

3. to buy that the Raiders would spend on star free agents after they got their new stadium.

4. support the Raiders bringing/ letting in wealthy groups/ businesses to get inside team and have say in it.

No Raidernation, the Raiders don't need another go Raiders, we think you're doing great attitude from Raidernation instead they need to be heavily questioned and criticized about their actions with the draft and hiring these regimes.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Always nice beating the Donks. And beating them twice is twice as nice.

Winning is better than losing. Forget high draft picks, win out the season !!

High draft picks overrated. Best players on Raiders, Carr, Jacobs, Crosby, Renfroe, none were high draft picks.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Philon isn't better than Tillery. Philon is a good back up or 3rd down DT. Tillery, a #1 draft pick was a very good DT don't know what happened in L.A. but Raiders made a huge steal but can they do like Al and coach him up?

Compton?: The other regimes wouldn't sign Tillery. They'd probably sign a more average player but they would've probably signed Compton.

Why are we not getting on the NFL's case for all the none sense we've dealt with the past 11 years?

Personnel?! Really? you're the 1's who wanted a change. You didn't want star players but Patriots' types that were good-very good but not athletic, big and fast types(Al) and would be well coached and a winning team.

Well, you can win with that system and its' good to have high-character, passionate guys but you can also win with big, fast and athletic guys too. You don't want to look at the whole slump('03-'11) Al had outstanding front office people too.

The NFL and the owners are not being honest with fans and Raidernation.

1. Pats' guys who are Bellichick students, can't game plan and keep making the same mistakes(?) too many times?

2. why do the Raiders have to get leads then lose them? Then why do they have t

3. how can a DC ever been in NFL with game plans like this? why does' he keep making the same mistakes?

4 why did the Raiders trade for Adams if they weren't sure about Carr's future in L.V. and, they knew Carr isn't anything like A. Rodgers?

5. why get rid of a 1st and 2nd round picks for the so-called best WR in NFL when there were others who were close to pro-bowl level free agents out there?

- the Pats'guys are much better than that! it seems they are doing these things and the media keeps talking replace the old front office. could this strange coaching be some kind of move to get changes? or is it to get the Pats' guys higher draft picks for a playoff run next year?

- if you're losing leads a lot it could be DC issues, bad game planning or the answer above this 1.

- a DC from another NFL team is doing this see the 1st answer.

- I don't have a problem with the trade except I don't think the Pats' would've reached. could it be the NFL just doesn't want them to have top college stars? they don't want the Raiders to act like Al- what about a team(new Raiders) that drafts high-character guys and coaches them up? could that make them happy? just how much reaching can 1 team do?

- when Al traded for R. Seymore('10) and Hue traded for C. Palmer('11) why did Raidernation get so upset?

Oakland already had a top DL and Seymore was moved to DT. Hue lost his starting QB and needed 1. The trade was high but got a pro-bowler. Fans were upset- Palmer was supposed to get us to the playoffs but couldn't- losing to T. Tebow's Broncos. He stayed with Reggie's regime but was quickly traded after the season- Palmer went to AZ and was a pro-bowler again.

Both players were pro bowlers so they did as good as the Pats' guys.

Wow Raidernation! you want to win but you are supporting the wrong group(NFL/ owners) to tell you what to do. Maybe the new Raiders should try and use some 'stuck in the past' NFL people's(Al, J. Johnson, Steelers, 49ers(Walsh's) ideas to help the team win.

3:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Geez, let's not believe our lying eyes. I'm not trying to read into it any more than what I can see.

Tillery, despite being a 1st round pick, was just waived by the Chargers who are in a playoff run.

In goal line defense for the Raiders last Sunday, Tillery single handedly allowed a TD, going into some bizarre spin move instead of driving his block assignment into the gap. Go look at it. It's on tape.

Suggesting Tillery was a "huge steal" is yet to be determined. Unfortunately, just saying it doesn't make it true. Maybe he can be coached up. Let's ask the Chargers. In fairness to the Chargers, the Raiders have more than their share of recent 1st round picks on other teams, and more will follow next year.

Compton played very well for the Raiders last year. Does anyone disagree with that? Meanwhile, the Raiders continue to remain extremely thin at LB. The Falcons just signed him.

Philon is a veteran player who was regularly getting QB pressure before he was injured last year. So far in 2022, Raiders interior linemen have zero sacks. Yeah! I think the Raiders could use a "3rd down DT".

These are observations more than opinion.

6:35 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Probably not surprising but here's one in the record books. During Carr's NFL career, Raiders defenses have given up more points per game than any QB since the 1970 merger (min 50 starts).

Pts Allowed Per Game? 26.3

Next closest was Chad Henne at 25.7 pts per game.

That's an incredible indictment of the Raiders organization, from top to bottom.

However, that doesn't excuse Carr for horrific games he's played, for example, the last Jets in NJ (which I mistakenly attended), and this year's Saints game. Carr was pulled in both those games.


6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, it seems you just don't think its' a good thing to get athletes. You just have to do the Patriots'/ NFL system and be cheap and get average-good guys and use the Patriots/ NFL system.

Tillery was fast and moving all over the place; He showed signs of being a steal for the Raiders. His goal line mistake was a bad move he shouldn't have made.

I don't think he needs to be coached up that much. They should try Al's way and use him as an inside pass rusher on 2nd-3rd downs. You are forever saying Al's era was ancient but his staff knew how to use its' players when media/ NFL people complained guys were getting paid to be specialist and 1 down players but, most of the time it worked.

He's a 1st round pick and I think he could be the best pass rushing DT on the team in a short time.

Raiders' pass rushing DTs' since '10:

1. T. Kelly(Al)/ 7 sacks in '11.

2. R. Seymore(Al)/ pro-bowler with Raiders.

3. D. Bryant(Al)/ very good '09-'11.

4. D. Autry(Reggie)/ 1 of best Raiders' players since '12- was doing everything(sacks, blocked kicks, ints., FFs') and is still a very good player(Oak., Indy, Tenn).

5. M. Hurst(Gruden/ Mayock)/ had 5 sacks in a season.

6. S. Harris(Reggie)/ why they let him walk is a ?. He is a good pass rushing DT who is still in the NFL(Oak. Den. and Sea.).

7. D. Philon(Gruden/ Mayock)/ he had a good year and showed some pass rush skills. the Raiders should look at him.

J. Tillery(Pats' guys)?/ can the Raiders make him a good player?

The Pats' guys probably are looking at the price and didn't really look Philon. most front offices feel they know best so, they probably don't think he's that good. But hey, maybe fans should e-mail/ send their stories- telling them about Philon.

W. Compton could've helped but once again you get a new regime and they think their guys or being cheap will fill these units. The Raiders refuse to look for top players at the LB position and then they go and sign cheap free agents- but some fans feel its' o.k. even though they have problems in games stopping the run.

* Hey, its' the Holiday season and a lot of people could use some help. If you want to help maybe you could send a charity something to help the needy.

The Flu isn't something to play with anymore, do something, do something before you have to get a flu shot. This isn't the regular flu so we need to do something to protect ourselves before we have to get a shot(s) and maybe we should try not to get them or really look into the shots.

Happy Thanksgiving!

12:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I said, maybe Tillery can be coached up. You criticized Philon for being a 3rd down DT. That's all Tillery is until he learns his position. The Chargers were unable to coach him up, so I don't have your confidence, based on what we've seen from the Raiders defense, that the Raiders coaches will do any better. Patrick Graham isn't exactly lighting things up on defense.

To point a finer point on it, the Giants hired Wink Martindale to replace Graham and immediately improve their defense. Giants D ranks in the top 5 and Raiders D ranks in the bottom 5 of the NFL (based on scoring). If the Raiders are holding anyone accountable for the mess we've seen in 2022, Graham should probably be fired. That's my opinion.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider, Graham should be fired? Maybe you feel that way but some in Raidernation feel that's what helped ruin Al's era- firing assistants and HC's too fast.

The media/ NFL said the Raiders said the Raiders can't win because Al keeps firing his coaches and some of you agreed. Just like you supported changing the personnel dept. to a conservative system that looks for high character/ passion instead of speed and athletism. Instead of looking at the situation you wanted to win ASAP and let them tell you how new Radiers should be run.

Now, the new regimes don't fire their assistants too quickly so I don't think Graham is being fired and the front office will probably make up excuses for his issues.

NY- listen, for the past 12 years we've listened to the Raiders and media about new assistants- we got pumped but we threw some under the bus when we were losing. we thought the NFL system would make them winners with us. we don't know about all of these guys so we support the Raiders' claims. maybe if they used Al's-older systems these guys could do well. maybe using old ideas like bringing in ex-coaches to work with them could help. sometimes fans are right and an assistant sucks- teams need to do something to help him or get a new assistant(DC). but maybe spending more on star free agents or every once in a while drafting bigger, faster guys might help.

Tillery is faster, bigger and probably better coached than our guys. Why? media/ fans feel its' just normal for teams to be good at coaching better than Raiders are. Tillery may've sucked or caused problems or is un-coachable but he showed some speed and size at the DT position and he looked good. Al's and new regimes all seem to have a bad rep with the media when it comes to coaching players.

Wink, another ex-AFC West assistant(Broncos) that the new Raiders wouldn't look at. When Reggie fired Al's staff he fired a top 3 staff-, oh yea, NY- they were a top 3 and makes me wonder just how they kept losing for 9 years.

* The new Raiders hire anybody and fans just support it then when/ if they suck then you get angry. Just how many bad DCs' have these new regimes had? We finally got an Al-like DC(Bradley) and some fans wanted him out.

We go with who they say sometimes they hit a big 1(s) we are excited but sometimes we'll throw other good 1's under the bus.

Maybe the Raiders system of bringing in cheaper free agents and building with average-good talent is causing DCs' to work harder or maybe the DCs' sucking is worse because the team doesn't have front office to help him with older assistants and bringing in star players to make a bad DC's look better.

*Philon being a 3rd down DT?: Oh no NY, I was saying they SHOULD use him as a 3rd down DT so he can rush the passer and be fresh off the bench. That's something Al would do if the thought Philon could sack the QB.

Most coaches feel you are paid to play when they say and there aren't any special treatment for talented guys. So guys like Philon play more and get tired quicker and their pass rush isn't as strong as if they just came off the bench.

1:34 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's a performance-based industry. Somebody should pay for the Raiders failures. If not McDaniels, what better place than on defense which has grossly underperformed.

Wink Martindale had no problem vastly improving the Giants defense after Graham left. But Graham can't even match Gus Bradley's defense. The Raiders defense was primed to improve.

Sandy was the first to alert me of this, but Graham is a read and react coach. He plays coverage D and rarely blitzes. Chandler Jones has probably played more coverage this year than any year in his career.

Yet, when the Raiders have been desperate, which is often, Graham dials up more pressure and man coverage, and it's worked almost every time. Yet, to start every game he goes right back to soft zone coverage.

I hope you're right about Tillery. He's only played one game for the Raiders and his day was marred by a colossal whiff on the goal line. Anything past that is speculation.

2:18 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Then that's what it boils down to, Graham being more creative.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing coaches blame execution. These guys are pros. They are scouted by the team and signed for a reason. At some point, it comes down to coaching and scheme.

What we've seen from Graham is a tale of two defenses. There's the soft coverage defense he prefers, and the more aggressive D which he dials up when desperate. Only one of those defenses works.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders need to make some changes IF they want to make a run.

1. use speed!/ let Z. White have some runs. change up from Jacob's power to White's youth sometimes. When J. Richard was here they had a speed back to use sometimes.

2. find that no. #2 pass rusher!/ is it T. Bowers, C. Jones, M. Koonce or J. Tillery? who'll help M. Crosby get the D going? maybe signing D. Philon would help the DTs' bring pressure on the QB and harass RBs'.

3. use F. Moreou more. if D. Waller is out then use a guy who is a good TE himself.

4. Carr HAS to make throws up-field and stop the 'dinking and dunking'.

5. Hollins is not YET a starter he should be a red zone guy, IMO I don't think he's a slot guy either but maybe he can help there.

6. they need to see if J. Brown or Masterson can play MLB and move D. Perryman to OLB. he could use his speed to stop run game. D. Diablo will cover the TEs'. they need to sign some LBs'.

7. they need to sign veteran safeties- both FS and SS. a guy who started and was a good player would be good an ex-star would help but we need guys who can be average starters.

8. they need speed and experience at WR. there are older guys out there but Raiderntion feels only special old guys can play. every time an old 30+ star is signed its' a great move. If its' an ex-Al guy oh no!. J. Ford would be a great signing with the speed and can help in the slot and deep ball and play KR. but no!! we'll accept anybody 30-40 but ex-Al guys.

11:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jacobs is about to punch 1,000 yards for the season and has become a reliable receiver. He is half the Raiders offense. Most fans spent the first part of the season screaming to give Jacobs the ball more. For all the struggles Carr has had acclimating to McDaniels' offense, Jacobs has become the star of the offense.

If it ain't broke.

I get wanting to spread the ball around, but when that happens it usually doesn't work out as hoped. Without Waller and Renfrow, the Raiders have a three-headed offense... Carr, Adams and Jacobs.

Cole is terrible (at WR and PR), and Hollins is inconsistent. In hindsight, Raiders should not have released Robinson.

IMO, if McDaniels switches the lineup at this point, it will be a sign the season is officially over and they are kicking the tires on younger players.

5:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Regarding today's game, Raiders have struggled on the road, and they don't usually play well on artificial turf. So, this is a significant test for the team which has squandered 17-pt leads 3x this year and lost 6 of 7 times when controlling the ball on offense late in games with a chance to tie or win.

If the Raiders are a good team, it's time we see it.

5:37 AM  

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