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One Postgame Take

That was an epic choke for the ages, fire up the Clown Car. 

There's been a lot of disagreement in the comments lately, but this is something we can all agree upon: that was a massive fail that lands squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff. The players and the refs aren't entirely off the hook, either.

Go back and review the drive charts for the last nine minutes of the game. It's a horror show. Every time we needed just ONE more play to shut this circus down, we couldn't do it. Again and again the Raiders let Murray yank rabbits out of hats while seemingly refusing to help themselves on offense, right down to the last possession that ended with fumble (recovered), near INT, fumble, game over. 

Davante Adams: two catches, 21 yards over 60+ minutes. WTF?

This is the kind of game that can change trajectories and careers if things aren't shored up fast. That may be overstating it, but if the Raiders don't bounce back soon, we're going to look at this game as a pivot point for a lost season and a rough start for the McDaniels era. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but anything is possible after yesterday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't long ago that fans would say that we can't blame the refs, they would say that there is no way the refs could influence games on purposes. It is seen in all of pro sports, it's entertainment, not real outcomes.

There was nothing unusual about the refs on Sunday, they have been doing this to the Raiders since the 70's.

With Gruden as HC, he was well aware of how the refs handle the Raiders, new regime, same chit from the refs. It's almost like the league wants to destroy the Raiders as we know them, to destroy the best fanbase in the world. They want cookie cutter teams, another reason why Gruden was forced to quit, he wasn't going to take the crap from the refs or the league, he wanted to build back the old Raider way, Us against everyone else. This new regime doesn't seem aware of the Raider history with the league. Again, they seem poorly prepared.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

From the last blog:
With a 20 point lead at half, and you come out firing passes the way McDaniels called, yes, I didn't like it. It wasn't aggressive play calling because he was calling 2 or 3 yard passes, not 7 plus. There is a difference. Yes, he was coaching not-to-lose, rather than coaching to win.
He has to be smarter than that and call run plays. Jacobs has been the most overlooked guy on this roster since day one. Dude is a beast who can eat clock. You wanna win big, feed Jacobs. Set up the passing game with a strong running game, not a weak-@$$ passing game that dinks 2 or 3 yards. Jacobs can get you 4 yard per carry and then some. The way you help a struggle O-line is with the running game. The Raiders' in the 2nd half and overtime; their drives looked like this:
Punt, FG, Punt, Punt, Fumble. Their first 2 punts were 3 and outs. Their FG was 11 plays, 26 yards, and took 4:25 off the clock. Their 3rd punt was 7 plays for 14 yards and took 3:30 off the clock. Derek Carr went 4 for 11 for 42 yards in the 2nd half and Overtime. PATHETIC PLAY CALLING!
Parham did well at Center yesterday. Held his own the majority of the game, and he was really one of the brighter spots in that game yesterday. Chandler Jones is getting good pressure, much like Crosby, but has nothing to show for it; much like Crosby. I'm waiting for a D-line coach to teach them to go after the ball, not the sack. When does pressure mean nothing? When they try to get the sack only. Go after the ball, then the sack. Create turnovers, make the QB look over his shoulder, and tuck the ball first. That is how you get sacks. Raiders need to get a DT that will create pressure too. Disrupting a passing game is still a problem on the Raiders after 20 years. It is not overly complicated to fix these issues, yet, the Raiders can't seem to get out of their own way.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

BTW, this was the first time in Raiders' history that they lost a game when they had 20 point lead going into the 3rd Quarter. Clown car indeed. I've just about had enough of these circus animals. JUST WIN, BABY!

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless he gets his act together, McDaniels needs to head back to New England - if they will even take him back.

We have a better defense than last year, but our offense has gone backwards - with more talent.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I've never been a big ref conspiracy guy myself, but I have to say there were a couple of ticky tack calls in the final drives that make me wonder. That said, they ultimately weren't the difference. They didn't under-utilize Davante, call bad plays, fail to run the clock down, allow Murray to scramble for 30 seconds only to let him walk in, then go fumble, near INT, fumble to end the game. The refs were a problem, but they weren't THE problem.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new regime should be feeling the heat. Parnham 53 Eleumenor had a 44, Cotton and Simpson mid 50s, and Munford in the 30s PFF ratings. NY, maybe you understand why I called it extreme negligence that they did not address the o line. Combine that with not running the ball in ot makes me wanna puke. Carr has negative turnover to td since Gruden left. Gruden knew how to get the best from him. Even when the o line was shit and he had mediocre weapons. Sandy

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

You're right, Take; the refs weren't the problem.
It seems like the Raiders, as an organization, cannot seem to get out of their own way. The last 20+ years, has been an embarrassment as a Raiders fan, and yesterday's game topped the cake. My son asked me last night, "Why are we still in love with the Raiders, dad?" I said, "Because win, lose, or tie; Raiders 'til I die."
I like Derek Carr, and I think he still is a great QB, but even he has to be smarter with the ball and play calls than he has the first 2 games of this season. Josh McD has to utilize more running plays with Jacobs than he has the last 2 games. The way to beat KC and SD is to keep Mahomes and Herbert on the sidelines for as long as possible; and the only way you are going to do that is by feeding Jacobs and the RB crew. Not only that, the running game will open the windows for the passing game, and help the O-line gel and improve.
The other thing that needs to change is the O-line carousel. The constant subbing of the O-line is hurting our offense's ability to be consistent, with consistent blocking and play calling. Cut the Merry-go-round, or go use some of that $22 million and get a decent line; and for the love of God, get a DT that can get some push on the QB!
Hey, but good news, Mark Davis has his championship trophy, but with the Vegas Aces Ladies Basketball team.

2:22 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Yeah, I'm not a ref-conspiracy guy either but watching the two late game holding calls on the Raiders D gives me pause. Neither was holding, and I believe the absence of either call was a Raiders win (weren't they both 3rd or 4th down conversions?).

That aside, I agree this is a clown car moment. There's no excuse to lose a game after dominating the first half, up by 20 pts. That's egregious elevated to another level.

It's obvious that McDaniels and Graham both went into the game with a good plan. The fact they did not (or were unable to) counter adjustments made by the Cards in the second half, on either side of the ball, is very concerning.

In his presser, McDaniels said the Cards did a good job taking Adams out of the game, but how's that possible? Every team knows Adams is the man, but somehow only the Cards were able to figure out how to stop him? In two games, Raiders went from one extreme to another with Adams. Is this why Cooper sometimes disappeared in Raiders' games? The only commonality there is Derek Carr at QB.

The continued rotation of right tackles tells me they don't have a serviceable RT. Otherwise, rotating players on the O-line does not provide continuity. Who does that? I agree with others that the new regime owns this, certainly if the problem persists. Illegal formation penalties at home looked ugly.

I feel bad for the players who worked so hard. Players are busting their asses but so far lack the direction they need to close the deal. We can point a finger at Renfrow for two fumbles, but we all know he's giving 110% effort.

The simple answer provided in pressers: "We need to learn how to win."

I almost have to reject that on its face. Raiders were 6-0 in walk-off wins during the 2021 season and so far, they're 0-2 in 2022. Yes, some luck is required but yesterday's game wasn't close... until it was.

I don't want this post to be construed as giving up on the new regime. I've said from the start, expectations have to be high and so does accountability. So far, unfortunately, expectations have not been met. Enter clown car.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have been a Raider fan for a while, there cannot be any doubt that there is a bias from the league/refs, but if we talk about that, well, it might bring the credibility of pro sports into question. Can't have that? Useful idiots are those who refuse to call out what is right in front of their faces out of fear of shame from others. As a Raider fan, are you really surprised? I was expecting it, Raiders have to beat the refs and the other team, that is a given every Sunday. Why do the Raiders lead the league in penalties every year? Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful toy, isn't it?

Gruden was giving the team an identity, I'm afraid that will be wiped away. McDaniel could have come in and coached to the strengths of the team, like allowing Carr to run the line of scrimmage. Carr is great at recognizing and changing the play at the LOS. It looks as though McDaniel wants to put a leash on that with Carr.

I'm seeing a HC coming in and wanting to do it his way and not adapting to the talent on hand. Renfrow looks nothing like he did last year, he looks like he has been neutered. I'm thinking Bill had to steer McDaniels in NE, 2 games in and the cracks are showing, could be a disaster. Anyone seen Gruden?

Looks like the school girls might have been on to something?

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fundamentals, fundamentals is a word that has been repeated by the new regime. The play calling yesterday showed lack of fundamentals on the part of the coaching staff. Time management and ball control was poor, when the Cards made it a one score game, coaches needed to have the plays in hand to move it down field and make a 2 score game out of it, fundamental coaching.

I also saw turnovers at critical moments, I see Carr throwing the ball almost always with his feet unsettled. I see a coaching staff who doesn't seem to know what they have as a team and how to maximize it. Something is fundamentally wrong at the moment.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon, school girls rule. Lol. Sandy

5:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The Raiders screwed up plenty, but the refs gave them a little kick in the face at the end. We all saw it.

Is it bias against the Raiders?
Do the refs have a standing order to make games closer by favoring the comeback teams?
Was it one or two officials with a Vegas bet on the Cards? (Where there's money...!)
Are the refs truly that bad?
All of the above?

Refs let CBs and WRs pull and tug on each other for 50 minutes, then decide to make not one but two bogus calls when the game is on the line. Something stinks!

Clearly, the league will not review it and draw any attention to the matter. McDaniels refused to discuss the officiating, as it appears the league has coaches and teams scared to say a word for fear of backlash.

Once upon a time, there was a strong argument for the league bias against the Raiders and Al Davis. When that was prevalent, the Raiders were good enough to overcome bad calls, and almost thrived on being the most penalized team. Those days are long gone, and Al Davis is long gone.

The league is better when the Raiders win. Many people believe that. So after 20 years of stinking up the league basement, not sure I buy the anti-Raiders conspiracy. What's the benefit to the league?

A more plausible conspiracy might be the league is more concerned about entertainment value and wants every game to be close to score (pun intended) their big TV contracts and advertising deals. That would make the Raiders their latest victim.

Or the officials are truly that bad.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no debate.

Even Stevie Wonder can see it. Any Raider fan, who watches the games, could see very clearly that it is real and has been going on since Al was ousted from the Merger comity and stabbed in the back by the other AFL owners.

Been that way since Al started taking the league to court over multiple litigation.

A Timeline show on NFL network, discussing the 1983 draft and the Raiders about to trade for John Elway. The league squashed the deal, Rozelle said that it wasn't going to happen and he voided the deal. The league did not want a future HOF QB going to the Raiders, the agent for Elway was the one who was saying this on the show.

A Davis still owns the team, the punishment from the league will not end until a new owner buys the team. Any real Raider fan knows this.

9:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Only real Raiders fans understand the conspiracy, is that it? So it's not possible in 2022 that the league is so greedy it's quietly rigging the games for max contract and ad revenues? Not saying that's true because IDK. Just getting my bearings.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NFL is probably the most corrupt organization in sports. Nothing would surprise me. Sandy

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Agreed Sandy, I will also add MLB and NBA. Now that sports gambling is legal, and the "house" always wins; I would not be surprised if we see more refs/umpires, players, and managers, etc. getting caught up in illegal gambling schemes. Go watch the documentary on Netflix called: "Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul" about Tim Donaghy (if you haven't already). There was evidence that there were a lot more referees involved, and David Stern powerfully put an end to the investigation. This had the potential to blow the top off of every major sports industry, and somehow it magically disappeared with only Tim to blame. Trust me, I think the guy is a scumbag and did some dirty things; but I also don't think he's the only one. Nothing surprises me anymore, especially with sports.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have been a Raider fan for any length of time, it should be quite obvious by now? The league is punishing the Raiders and have since Al started the feud with Rozelle. The Raiders were so good back then, that they could beat the league and the other team. If there was no grudge, the Raiders would be in the position the Steelers were in the 70's, winning multiple SB's and being called the team of the decade, instead of Pitt.

I will give you a bone to chew on, check out Tom Brady's dad, research who he is and what connections he has.

Check out an interview with a DB from the Buc's who helped them win a SB vs the Raiders, Smith I think. Listen to what Tim Brown says about that SB.

It's one of the reasons why the Raiders have not been able to hire top quality coaches, people within the league know the bias and know that taking a job with the Raiders means, you will have an extra battle on Sundays. Gruden knew this and he relished it. One of the reasons why the league wanted him out.

12:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Clearly, Gruden's exit was orchestrated by the league. Hard to see that as anything but bias.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I would help.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

It's hard to say. I'm kinda with NY on this, I think it may be less vendetta against the Raiders and more, hey, let's keep this game close with the occasional ticky tack call toward the end, to heighten the possibility of drama and spectacle. I know some of you strongly disagree and feel like it's an ongoing vendetta, and I respect that.

Anyhow, there's plenty of blame to go around on this one, let's not get too distracted by the zebras, gotta hold some organizational feet to the fire after this mess of a start. There's nothing wrong with fans demanding better.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know, you probably still think there is no way there could be such a conspiracy.

All you have to do is look at what just happened for the last 3 years. Every country, every government in the world joined up and spread the plandemic, forced and coerced the masses to jab themselves with an unknown substance that still hasn't been clarified what it is.

They made the world hide in their homes, made the world wear stupid diapers on their faces. People lost their livelihood, weren't allowed to see their elders.

They threatened us that nothing will ever change until we are all jabbed. And now FJB tells on 60 Mins. just a little while ago, that Covaids is over, it's done?

99.9% survival rate and they shutdown the whole world and made everyone take an experimental jab that has changed them forever. Changed their DNA and immune system at the least. And you think they couldn't get a few owners on the same page?

Another nugget, Operation Lockstep, written in 2010 by the Rockefeller foundation. Did you know Moderna is suing Pfizer because Pfizer stole their formula for the jab, they said on court documents that this occurred in 2016.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

I would say that most NFL games are badly officiated.

But most Raider games are strangely officiated.

This is the difference that I see.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Great way to put it, Ghost Ship.

Anon, you just cracked open a whole global can of worms right there! We are only beginning to grasp the long-term fallout from the pandemic (economically, educationally and culturally), and I think history will tell us that much of it was mishandled.

Back to football!

9:11 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's rare, and I would have trouble providing specific reference, but the Raiders have also benefitted from bad calls in games (I said it's rare!). I remember a KC game which KC had 2-3 PI/holding calls in the end zone to help the Raiders score a TD and win.

Remember too, bad officiating is the reason for instant replay, and its later expansion to cover more types of plays.

Getting back to Sunday's game, the loss is inexcusable. Tough to describe the emotional rollercoaster of that game and the sour grapes afterwards. That was a tough pill to swallow, for sure. By extension, I would agree the margin for error just got smaller for McDaniels and co. After that game, I think the honeymoon is over for a lot of fans... while for others (some here), the honeymoon never existed... which is unfortunate, and unfair IMO.

Talk is cheap. Derek Carr has to shoulder some of the blame. He has not played well enough, nor been consistent. Carr has Adams, Renfrow, Waller and Hollins. That's an all-star cast I'd match up with any NFL team. And Jacobs looks great in limited use.

We all knew games this season would be won or lost in shootouts. So far the Raiders have not held up their end of that understanding.

Time for the Raiders to score some friggin' points!

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carr is trying to learn McDaniels' way. What Raider fans are upset about is, this team was ready to continue what it had established last year. McDaniel has come in and basically disregarded that and wants it all done his way, instead of trying to build around the talent and using last year as a guide to what the team does well.

This team is ready to win now. This is it's window and tearing down what was established last year, seems like the team is confused.

I was willing to support this new regime and still are willing to support them. Cracks are showing and it's very concerning to see them already. We were hoping the HC and staff were going to be able to come in and build on last year, so far, that is not evident. And that is very concerning.

Not everyone was gushing like yourself over a few exhibition games, declaring this regime miles ahead of the last one. I think it's unfortunate that Raider fans, after 20 yrs of crap, would declare the new regime as top dogs when they hadn't even played a game yet. It is a more wait and see what happens and so far, this new regime is not miles ahead of the last one, we can see that already and that is concerning. We as Raider fans were hoping for another upgrade to take them to SB contention. So far, we don't see that and that is concerning.

Ny was the one to start bashing the old regime while declaring this new regime as great. We were defending the last regime, saying it improved the org and raised the bar. It wasn't so much as putting down the new regime, it was more like defending the old one. We took a wait and see approach and NY didn't like it, so he spouts that we didn't give the new regime time to show themselves. Twist and shout, hey NY?

11:54 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Wait, what? You took the wait and see approach? Show me one post that demonstrates that. All you've done is complain about the new regime. That's what landed you in CAMP A. This whole conversation started when you were already giving Gruden credit for any success of the new regime before a single snap.

Yes, Carr is learning McDaniels way. But that's much different than getting him fixated on one target (Adams), throwing behind receivers and throwing into tight coverage when other options were open. Carr has made uncharacteristically bad decisions and struggled with ball security. Let's not conflate that with him learning a new system.

I remain confident in the new regime but I am also impatient. When you trade first round draft picks for a topflight WR that means you think you're ready to compete. That's what I expect. Raiders need to do better, and I still believe they will.

Don't forget the re-post which you propped up the new regime with your wait and see approach.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn guy, you are one weird shit.

All I have been asking is, how much credit will Gruden get if the team does well under the new regime. NY has made it into a Gruden vs the new regime thing. You are the one who said Gruden sucked, you are the one who said the new regime would be miles ahead. Who told you it was stupid to declare the new regime as the best the Raiders have had in decades, before they even played a game?

When a QB gets fixated, it means he isn't very comfortable. Does Carr look as comfortable as he did last year? I would say not. To say that Carr learning the McDaniel way should not be conflicted with bad play, did Carr all of a sudden lose his ability to read defenses? To throw accurately? It shows he is not comfortable in what he is doing.

Oh, so now you are impatient? You just gave Gruden 4 years and now? Raiders do need to do better and it starts with the coaching.

You are the one NY, who is making the claim of not backing the new regime, so it is up to you to prove it. Why must you be such a goof?

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Derek Carr says,

"I mean, when you get out there and you do it, it's different from the sideline. Training camp's different, right? There's a different clock in the game because now I'm getting hit. I can turn the film on and I have experience from that point of view, in the system. I have experience hearing his voice, knowing what [McDaniels] wants me to get to. ... I want to go to exactly what he wants. ... That's going to grow, obviously, but small sample size, first two games. Hopefully, I'm doing some of those things where [McDaniels is] like, 'Yup, that's what I thought. Next play.'"

"This far along in my career, hopefully I can be able to grab it fast and see something and do what [McDaniels is] teaching me. Again, I'm not perfect, by any stretch ... but I'm trying my best just to execute it exactly as he sees it.

7:24 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"All I have been asking is, how much credit will Gruden get if the team does well under the new regime."

Lol, that sounds so benign. Your posts are there for anyone to read.

It's abundantly clear that Gruden left the O-line a mess. McDaniels and Zeigler look remiss not doing more during the off-season, but we don't know what options they had. Now the Raiders appear to be paying for the mistakes of both regimes.

Btw, I never gave Gruden four years. Mark Davis gave him 10 years, and it looked like he was going to need all 10.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NY said:
" And Jacobs looks great in limited use."
Here is the first offensive problem that needs to be corrected. Jacobs should not be limited; we should be letting him grind and pound. The running game sets up the passing game. Jacobs is the key to opening this whole offense. The Raiders have to get out of the mentality of getting into a shootout with teams like the Chiefs and Chargers. Yes, there is some entertainment to it, but the goal is to win, keep them off the field by running the ball.
This is where I feel the Raiders have digressed the most as a team. If the goal is winning games, let the running game set up the pass. If the goal is to entertain, then get in a shootout and hope for a "W". I believe the mentality of the Raiders is in the latter, their goal is to win, but also entertain. Can't win every shootout, so their goal must be more about a "Commitment to Entertain" the Vegas way. It's sad. JUST WIN, BABY!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders trade for Justin Herron (RT) from the Patriots exchanging draft picks.

12:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, shootouts aren't always by choice. When the Raiders are forced to play comeback, they have to throw the ball. They were rewarded many times last year with that approach.

However, last week's game was different. Raiders with the lead came out and still passed. I will throw Gruden a bone here and say he probably runs the ball and eats up the clock in that situation which, last week, should have been enough to secure a win.

McDaniels may have more to learn than I thought. How can he have coordinated the Pats offense for a decade and not automatically think that way? You'd think a 20-point lead early in the 4th quarter is impossible to squander. Just really disappointing.

1:10 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Unfortunate one for the record books...

Murray became the first player in NFL history with a rushing TD, passing TD, two-point conversion run and two-point conversion pass in the same game. All in the 4th Qtr.

I Read that Koonce has only 2 snaps in 2 games this season. Seems shortsighted given the beating the defense took in Q4 last week with Murray running around the field at will. Still don't know who the QB spy was in that game because nobody laid a finger on Murray once he got out of the pocket.

Lots of cleaning up to do. Titans have a formidable team with Tannehill and Henry. In TN, the Raiders will need to be better than they have been.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point on Koonce. The defense was clearly gassed and Koonce Bauer and Ferrell should have gotten a couple of downs not just to chase Murray but to let Jones have a breather. Arizona wasn't going to run the ball 8n the 4th so having heavyweights like Hankins and Vickers in there made no sense versus someone like Ferrell rushing from DT. Sandy

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may take time for Carr and Adams to jell.

We need to look for somebody on the D-line to step up. The guy from the Pats #96 might be that guy!

The Titans are a powerful offensive team but I think we can beat them.

The Pats' guys wanted Carr in the pocket(a rumor or allegedly) so maybe now they may let him move around more.

The Raiders may be able to go after the Titan D with outstanding receivers.

The run game needs somebody to step up. Jacobs is good but they need some kind of faster rb.

The pass rush need new people. They need to check the street(free agency) or look for a trade.

The Raiders need speed!

They need it at DE, CB and LB!

They need at running back

They need a fast wr

and they need a fast edge rusher

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Take, part II

Gruden II?: Gruden and Mayock really ruined this team, the game passed them by. They were dysfunctional and didn't have it anymore. Mayock was never a real GM and had no business being 1. Gruden was a sports announcer, not a real HC, he was in the past like Al.

Wow! Raidernation what a fan base! you waited for years for Gruden's return and now he's the worst thing since Al?

I thought ANY modern guy was good enough as long as it wasn't Al? So that means 1 of these 3 regimes should have more than 2 winning seasons. Gruden was tutored by Al not Bellichick or the Rooney's. He wasn't
really happy with the NFL/ Reggie's control of Raiders' front office. He didn't draft those guys and he would've made bolder draft picks and tried to get star free agents. He wanted to keep some kind of old Raiders' so IMO I think they didn't let him draft everybody he planned to.

Gruden II was the best of the 3 new regimes: he was tutored by Al, he studied the game at ESPN, he worked with other good teams like the 49ers.

* So Rich Bisscia became a better HC than Gruden? Really Raider Take?! Over a 3 month period? Rich came from the Cowboys and helped special teams become good again. But he wasn't looked at as a HC but a good assistant. You've made him a hot name that could get a HC job or maybe good as Gruden as a HC. Maybe, but he'll have to show it and that may take a long time and no team was looking to talk to him about a HC job.

Gruden II wasn't elite?: Wow! I thought he was the greatest hire since Bellichick! Maybe he wasn't elite but he was more than enough to help this team. He was already a good OC and he does know QBs'.

Gruden didn't have complete control of the Raiders. He had say in some of the draft and free agency but really wasn't able to do everything he planned to do:

1. he didn't draft most of the players.

2. he had hardly any control of the salary cap.

3. he could hire assistants and he did bring some that played or coached in TB. But no-way was he to hire ANYBODY close to Al.

* It was MD who hired Gruden?: Maybe he did, he knew MD but he didn't hang around the game much. He seemed to want to have ex-Raiders or Raider looking guys(Del Rio). He seems to be looking at people he heard of not some deep thinking moves to find NEW and different directions. Was it MD or the NFL hiring ex-Raiders to keep us buying tickets, merchandise and watching games on t.v.?

Raiders gave Gruden a ridiculous contract?: The big contract was the owners' idea, not MD's. It was to buy Gruden's loyalty.

* The draft, was it that disgraceful? You're the 1s' who thought Al's players were big, fast busts with attitude problems- well I thought you wanted great players? I thought a modern NFL front office would build us a winner? The new regimes had 1 outstanding draft and a few good 1s'- Yet you STILL feel they are a far better system than Al's.

Mayock had to go?: I thought ANYBODY was a better choice than Al? You thought it was a great idea to make an NFL draft expert a GM.

What's funny is Al didn't screw up but maybe 2 top picks during that slump- maybe, I see no more than 3 mediocre picks- maybe. But you seem to feel Al was 1 of the worst at finding talent during his last years.

So, 1st it was Al dysfunction, then it was Reggie's bad moves, then it was Gruden's return- was an ex-Raider, loved us and knew how to coach QBs'. Now he's a racist and-, who can come back after 10 years and coach? Maybe he didn't know what he was doing and was overrated with TB! He never really did much(Bucs) and it was Al who really built those winning '00 teams. Wow fans! you sure can turn on your heroes and you really think they were going to let him control this team?

Gruden was hired to keep us happy and buying tickets/ merchandise. He wasn't hired to return us to old glory.

2:24 PM  

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