Sunday, November 13, 2022

Colts Gameday Thread

Playing for pride, down 0-7 in the first, work to be done. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders getting dominated by Colts. Rock bottom here we come.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Bested by the lowly Colts. Jeff Saturday with his first career win as HC. He's already doing better than McDaniels.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The Raiders lack leadership from their coaches who demand their way or no way. McDaniels not letting Carr call plays is atrocious. Jeff Saturday said last week before he was hired as coach that the Raiders looked horrible. He was right, they look lost on the field. McDaniels is destroying this team, and I must say, so far this looks worse than Art Shell 2. Deplorable.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

How low can the Raiders go ?

Losing to a coach that never coached before.

What next, Stevie Wonder plays Qb and throws 5 TD's against Raiders Defense ? Just kidding...I think !

How low can the Raiders go ??

5:53 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I will preface this by saying the play-calling has been terrible on both sides of the ball. McDaniels and Graham have grossly underperformed.

That said, this season is not all that different from last year in that the Raiders are mostly involved in one-score games. The primary difference is they won these games last year, including against the Colts.

I believe they had 6-7 one-score games last year and won 6.

This year they've had 6 one-score games and lost all 6... which is incredibly deflating.

At some point, better players and better play-calling will again get the team over this hump. Question is, will Davis be patient, or clear the decks, again. Either direction is justifiable.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw Derek Carr's presser after the game. Sounds like the players are not giving it their all, obviously, for whatever reasons. How that pales in comparison to just one short year ago when the whole team was on the same page, giving everything they had.

Carr was visibly upset, almost crying because of where the team is again. He wears this team on his shoulders and he really doesn't like what he is wearing (thus the Bulldogs jacket). He said he loves the coaches, but it's some faction of the team that just doesn't care and Carr said it really pisses him off.

Once again, this is on Mark and he is the one who will have to fix it. Someone needs to address the fans and tell us WITF is going on and what is going to happen.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WITF are you writing about? It is vastly different then last year, the team last year, were all on the same page and everyone was giving it their all.

Like Derek said in his presser, almost all games are one score finals, the difference is those who want to win more. Those who are better prepared, usually win. You continually try to justify your ramblings earlier in the year by stating there really is no difference, just a few bounces here and there. It's not even close, don't know what you are watching.

It starts from the top and works it's way down. Mark has to hire competent leaders, same story, different decade. When players are not giving it all for the team, something is wrong in the org and with the players, that all needs to be rooted out.

9:54 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

6 one-score wins last year.
6 one-score losses this year (which the offense had the ball and chance to tie or win each).

Make of it what you want. I am merely showing that comparison.

Good teams make easy work of lesser opponents. The Raiders have not done that in either season.

Of course they played more inspired when faced with a chance to make the playoffs.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A modern football team

NFL people to bring in a breath of fresh air

pro scouts that use modern systems to scout talent

high character, smart, tough, passionate players instead of the worn out way of looking for big, fast and athletic guys and also, overpaying star free agents big salaries; its' cool SOMETIMES to sigh a star(s) free agents but at lower prices.

try to keep your coaches, even if they lose for a short time. give them time to work their plan and build their team because that's how modern teams win later on.

don't go against the NFL! everybody is supposed to be with the program- why sue it? why stand against it(CBA)?

try to get a new stadium and if possible, get the cities to help you pay for it. this is the most important rule- bring in more

try to find somebody/ something to make your team more valuable- a corporation, group, business or billionaire.

Wins and losses are important but the NFL wants to make things exciting so sometimes they cause winners to lose and mediocrity to win, and well, sometimes a feel good story or even let some teams tank games for draft picks.
You watch games and that's it. You have no right to sue or ask for investigations of questionable games. Its' bad decisions and terrible players/ coaches,


* Al:

stood against the NFL because they were forcing teams to be cheap and

responsible for much of the wealth the NFL now has by:

helping create 'franchise free agency'.

helping get t.v. money from Networks (Browns/ Ravens owner Art Model gets a lot of credit too) for the teams.

when Al wanted to make his own deals with businesses the NFL blocked him and made rules that all teams, when they make huge business deals, must share the revenue with the league. so, Al caused the league to create more ways to make money(Cowboys' J. Jones may've angered them into making rules too/ Al and Jones may've been talking about it).

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Lack of team effort, JMcFraud saying in his presser he didn't know what DC was talking about because the captains have a better feel for what is going on in the locker room. This tells you all you need to know about JMcFraud; he has no leadership abilities. He does not have the guys in the locker room. It is like a bad substitute teacher who comes into the class and has absolutely no control over the class. Time to run this clown out.
At the same time, you have Mark Davis giving his thumb all the way up JMcFraud's rumpus, saying he is doing an outstanding job, and can't imagine why everyone thinks he'd be unhappy with him. When asked if he thinks JMcFraud is the long-term answer, he replies, "Why wouldn't I?" A clown owner and a clown coach trying to manage a circus in the locker room spells disaster.
Carr wasn't the only one crying yesterday, a lot of us fans were too. I feel crushed for Carr. I want him to win so bad for us. Devante will leave if Carr leaves. He didn't come out here for JMcFraud; and he makes his feelings known that he does not like JMcFraud. I am afraid we will lose our two best players after this season: Carr and Adams.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now do the other teams and you will see close scores too.

Mark now wants to stay status quo with the coaching, this is getting absurd. Mark doesn't even give confidence to the fan base with comments like that. Mark needs to come out and address the fans and give some sort of explanation to what this is all about. Saying that everything is great, well, that is a slap to all the Raider fans and does not create good feelings across the Raider nation.

Hires a woman Prez, hires a HC that has not shown to this point, that he has what it takes to win games. Taken away any momentum the org had gained prior to McDaniels. And players are revolting and Mark comes out and says this? Wow, I for one am taking a step back from supporting this team. This is outrageous.

Half the team is going to want out after this year, looks like the team will be starting over again. outrageous.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark is the new Joe Brandon, "everything is great, no dumpster fire here". Meanwhile, the universe is burning around them.

1:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Can't blame McDaniels for not airing personnel issues to the media. What you're suggesting is for him to pull a Bill Calahan. Other than satisfying our curiosity, how can possibly help the team?

Who do you think wasn't playing hard?

If anything, the presser Carr gave will separate the men from the boys. We may never know until we see the roster in 2023.

Although, Ferrell was a healthy scratch to the active roster.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better question to ask is, who does Carr and Adams think weren't playing hard or not preparing hard.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, you are a mysoginist who cares if he hires a women as president, and you understand little about the economics if you are balming Biden. I suppose the election was stolen too lol.

Nate 75 I completely agree. I feel awful for Carr he loves the Raiders, is a real talent and deserves so much better. McDaniels is no Raider. wish they had hired Harbaugh, I misss Gruden badly, even DelRio who was a moron loved the Raiders.

NY, every game is one score like CArr said look at Minnesota, Dallas-GB etc. The difference is a few plays, Raiders are nto excuting and not inspired that is coaching. If the talent is not there then thats on the GM and Coach too.

Its a sad state of affairs when your QB cries, your owner says all good and the coach just shrugs his shoulders with no explanation. I miss you Al Davis


2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spare me with your labels. Like Gruden said, woman don't belong in football.

I'm blaming Brandon for the mess the country is in and he just smiles and says too bad. Just like Mark is doing. If you are going to defend politicians on either side, means, we all lose. If you haven't noticed, the gooberment is completely corrupt as is the media, but go ahead, pick a side because as long as you partake, we all lose. Selections have been stolen, corrupted, since the beginning of time, are you new to this world? Do you really think we live in a fair and honest world? That only one side of the coin, lies? All that has happened in the last few years and still you want them to fix it, the definition of insanity is?

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump is a liar and is in the club too, so don't start labeling me as one of those, either.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post is insane, no election has been stolen, take off your tin foil hat no one wants to hear your conspiracy theories. Not sure what has happened in the last few years but there though there may corruption in the world, in sports, in politics, business etc but you paint with much too wide a brush. The only stealing of elections come with gerrymandering, suprression of voters.

I support Gruden the coach. The comments he made regardless of context were backwards, idiotic and hurful to many people.

Labels you have made the women comment a few times, sorry if you are feeling insecure.

As far as the Raiders I think we all agree McDaniels sucks and that unfortunely Carr may have to be the fall guy which is ridiculous.


5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theories? it's a theory that many are dying or are injured from the jab? it is a theory that the gooberment fudged the numbers to make you scared so you would inject an unknown (it's gene therapy,MNRA, not a vaccine) and untested substance into yourself, multiple times? If you can't see it by now, you never will. Living in a cave and refusing to look, doesn't help anyone. It is on each and everyone of us to look for ourselves. Relying on proven liars, politicians/media/tv to give you truth, is just more insanity. If we as a society, continue to live in a false reality of lies, we will never have the power to change it.Time to put your big boy pants on and stop screwing it up for the rest of us with your virtue signalling. Take your dress off Karen and your mask, we have all been lied to on a massive scale.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving our point your post speaks for itself lol.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

If I had to guess which players have packed it in probably wouldn't surprise you. I mean no one on the defense was able to recognize a fumble and get on the ball. What are they watching? 3 players were healthy scratches on Defense (Cle Ferrell was one of them) and McFraud made it seem like it was a disciplinary issue. I think Abram was an issue, I think Moehring and Chandler Jones fit this bill too. I think everyone on defense not named Crosby, Ya-Sin, Hobbs, and Sam Webb are issues. These issues are the cause of Blake Martinez retiring after a terrific week.
There are reports that the longer it is taking Waller to return, the more frustrated the coaches are getting. I think he sees the culture in the locker room and ain't returning to it. I think there are some on the offensive line that are not getting along. Kolton Miller hasn't been himself of late. I don't think he is one who has hung it in, but wonder if he's playing injured again. At some point, that is going to take a toll on his career. I think Zamir White may be one of those players not trying on offense. Carr and Adams both say there are issues in the locker room. Steve Wyche reported that no one has an issue with the coaches, but there are players in the locker room who are not getting along, and it is transferring to the lack of effort on the field because they are not playing for each other.
This is a disconnect with the coaches and players. Josh McFraud has to step in and be the leader who brings them together. Disfunction in the locker room is what is destroying this team. McFraud has to, at some point, squelch the disfunction.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

In NE, Bellichek left it to the leaders to handle dysfunction in the locker. I think this is the idea that Josh wants with the Raiders, but this ain't NE. That is a culture that has to be built by the HC being a presence in the locker for awhile to handle and teach them how to manage that dysfunction amongst themselves. Josh has to build that culture, and for him to say he doesn't know anything about it; he will not be able to build that culture. This is where he is failing.

7:40 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, I disagree. The leaders include Carr, Crosby, Adams and a few others, all of whom practice and play at 110%. These guys are the leaders. McDaniels is probably right to keep some distance in this regard. McDaniels (really Zeigler's) job is to remove any bad element.

In this regard, I think the 3 healthy inactives against the Colts says a lot. Ferrell, Butler and Farell, Jr. All three of these guys play the interior D-line (Ferrell is listed as DE). Plus, the Raiders just claimed a Charger DT off waivers.

I'm guessing something happened during last weeks practices that led to these events. Maybe this and emotional Carr's presser is a wakeup call for the entire team.

Carr and McDaniels seem pretty tight. IMO, if he hasn't already, McDaniels should sit down with Carr and Adams and draw up the plays they want to run. How can that possibly hurt? Hollis is good but he's inconsistent. Cole is not good enough.

9:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

2022 season is a total bust.

Davis has to decide whether to keep or fire McDaniels and co.

And whoever coaches next year has to decide if Carr is the QB. Several QB prospects in the 2023 draft.

IMO, Crosby and Adams are the only players that stand out as franchise caliber. Nobody else plays at their level, except maybe Jacobs (but his price might be too high).

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

"McDaniels (really Zeigler's) job is to remove any bad element."
NY, how do you expect this to happen if McD is not involved in the locker room to know who the bad element is?
McD and Carr could be tight, but if McD has no control over the locker room, then guys are not going to buy into his system, regardless of who the leaders of the team are. They want to hear from the coach, not others. They want to believe in the coach as much as they do the leaders. Hearing from the coach let's them feel like part of the system. If he is only talking to Crosby, Carr, Adams, and a few others; then they don't feel like they have a voice. This was the complaint against McD in Dunver. Again, that is good stuff for Coordinators but not HC's.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


* Anon, why do you keep talking turn against the Raiders' front office?

most of Raidernation wanted Al out and was supporting Reggie, Gruden/ Mayock and now, the Pats' guys.

Well, you got the NFL people the media claimed you needed-, and have had them for 12 years- this is the 3rd new regime. You wanted them to bring in new direction(s) when the team kept losing and they do it after they fire a regime. So why are you attacking the front office if they are doing things that some fans feel is like modern NFL teams and the best way to win?

Election stolen?: What about your money? What about the culture and ideas of Al's Raiders? Almost all the things the Raiders created a culture around and the political statements they made are being erased.

For cooperation with the NFL? to win but this time like 'model franchises' win and to sit in a new stadium and party in Vegas?

other Anon, like Gruden said women don't belong in football?: She don't call plays or draft guys so it's not her problem the team is losing.

Anon, I don't know if you were part of the Al has to go fans but J. Harbaugh was on his staff during the '00s' I think Al felt there were better staff to be HC at the time to me that means he must've had(of felt) vert good staffs during his slump for Harbaugh not to have been looked at as a HC.

* Raider Nate, A clown owner?: just who do you want to own Raiders? I thought owners were supposed to hire guys and let them run the team? There was an owner who ran everything and some of you got tired of it so why call front office a clown when he doesn't run the team?

Don't worry about Carr, he'll be back! They can't trade him AND D. Adams. I love Carr but I thought Mariota would've electrified this team.

Anon, Raiders aren't inspired?: excuse me?!...they have some guys from a dynasty! they have maybe, the best WR in the league and added good players from other teams to the D. What more do the Raiders need to be charged up about their team?

* Ghost Ship- How long can the Raiders go?:

the media told you 12 years ago that things would change when new NFL people come in. You supported that and you've been waiting since. How long will people get scammed in fraud jobs and other scams until they see somethings don't come that easy?

Guys from a dynasty that can't put up a game plan? staff that don't know how to coach? is this just bad decisions or a move to make more changes in the Raiders?

* I've seen some strange football especially in Al's slump but its' whats' happening on the business actions and PR side- why all the:

1. expensive prices

2. hiring-firings of front office people

3. more and more corporations naming their entertainment businesses with Raiders name, logo and colors.

4. the Pats' guys "are doing a great job".

It seems the Raiders are/ on purpose distracted and being charmed by L.V. at the same time they are losing and don't seem too worried about it. They are becoming more like any other NFL team or corporation and actions show more people moving into them. It shows that winning now isn't important and maybe this is more of a distraction and move to bring new people in to start getting a wealthier management and some say and in the team.

* Those injections need to be investigated and people should look at it 3 times before saying "yes" to it.

Beware of flu season and learn what to do about it when it is close or when you find time to read or get info about it in late summer or when early fall comes.

4:35 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This is short and worth the read. Kinda' makes sense. At a minimum, either we were lied to at the start of the year, or we're being lied to now, because the story has changed.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The third excuse came yesterday from McFraud that they are not rebuilding but building. They were hoping for a better season, but for whatever reason it is not working out. They are not building, they are demolishing. MD cannot afford to cut ties with McFraud and he knows it. He's paid out big money to Del Rio, Gruden, and Allen; and signed McFraud to 4 years. We are going to have to ride this one out.
Buckle up, we are in for another decade of suck.

9:06 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, you're splitting hairs. I'm not suggesting McDaniels has no involvement, only that there are leaders on the team that can be, and presumably are, directly involved to help navigate this current mess. You stated (or at least suggested) that the Raiders had no leaders to handle dysfunction in the locker room. Again, I disagree.

Plus, the coaches are directly involved with the players every day. There were notable healthy inactives for the Colts game, so the coaches are definitely sending a message.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider- Wait, excuse me?!

We should draft a starting QB?:

Oh, but wait, I thought model franchises kept their QBs' until they won or started sucking? Oh, but wait! I thought Carr was a top 10 QB?

whoever coaches next year?: this isn't Al's team anymore! you don't fire guys for losing if they come from a winning program you wait! The Raiders don't fire guys anymore, they just give them a vacation.

Why should they fire anybody?: I thought all you needed were modern NFL guys and a plan? I thought Al was stuck in the past and other NFL people could come in and win?

That's what some of you wanted. To be like others'. The Pats guys are from a dynasty, they are sucking and you want them fired; the Raiders say these guys are staying!

Now, if these guys can't win here what do we want now? I don't think that's the problem. I think they're doing some shady things in Henderson. I think fans need to 1st-. maybe ask for NFL people who can take ideas from other legends/ teams and use different systems not just the NFL/ Patriots way and 2 maybe start looking at the actions of the Raiders the past 14 years.

Dysfunction? Well, were is it coming from? The Patriots didn't have any dysfunction- Denver didn't have it maybe it was the NYG?

I thought the dysfunction was Al's?

I see guys who should know waaaay better than to run a team like this.

A front office that talks like a corrupt politician or a corporate robot PR machine that says great things about a company full of corruption, greed and bad work place.

And the best fan base in pro sports constantly making excuses and hating their past leader.

These guys aren't elite but they know how to run a team. What fans need to do is ask why are you trying to look bad?

Look if the Raiders get new ownership:

the odds of finding the new Rooney's, another J. Jones or succeed like R. Kraft is very slim.

the Davis family created Raidernation not the NFL. good luck with finding owners who'll really talk to you, try to keep you coming to live games.

See, when Al was standing up to the league he was saying its' not just Al vs. NFL- it was about huge issues like the unions, the right to move, the right to make big money,

what oh, so you mean that's not your problems it was all about football? really Raidernation?

you just want to enjoy Raiders' football.
See them win?

For years the NFL/ media attacked Al about the new stadium. They claimed they owed it to you and how much it could help them win(?). They finally got their new stadium after leaving Oakland.

They then talked about value of the team(?) how it would bring in star free agents.

Now, when has this team really talked about anything else but:

1. revenue

2. the new stadium.

3. the salary cap.

4. Las Vegas

5. the entertainment and stores inside and around the stadium.

6. how whatever regime is running the team will bring back the glory of the Raiders.

Why don't they explain:

1. why they charge such expensive season ticket prices when they should be trying to lower them until they start winning?

2. why they haven't made discount deals with travel and hotel businesses to help fans pay for their trips?

3. why they don't spend more? why do we allow the NFL owners/ Raiders to lie about new stadiums? why don't we have those expensive star free agents after they said we need new stadiums to pay for them?

Raider Nate: The Raiders seem to have leaders they had them before the Pats' guys came. You said Bellichick let the the other coaches lead or guys he felt could do it- work? Well, if he didn't think McDaniels we don't know it yet, he seemed to be a leader in NE. Its' not that they can't lead, its' that for some reason they're worried about other things- the Raiders are doing some shady things- its on the business side of the Raiders.

Raidernation! you've been loyal but who are you being loyal to? The NFL's never been that nice and the new Raiders are they the same team?

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Al was still alive and running the team the way he was in his last decade, this team would still be what it is today. The reason Raider fans turned on Al, was because he wasn't doing anything conducive to winning. He was making bad decisions, had horrible coaches and was making horrible draft picks and spending cap space on guys like DeAngelo Hall, trading for players like R Moss, who obviously didn't want to be in Oakland. Drafting guys like Heyward Bey and Jamarcus Russell.

Al had lost what made the Raiders great, it was that simple and Al wasn't going to modernize anything to further the team towards wins.

We had fans who saw Al was not going to make a comeback of sorts, he was diminishing as time went on. We as fans wanted a new direction because that one was obviously not working. It wasn't because we hated Al, it's because his way was over and a change was needed.

The so-called remake of the Raiders was slow, Mark had to hire a guy like Reggie, who hasn't been a GM since because the franchise was at it's lowest point and was very unstable so attracting good people was almost impossible.

The roster had to be completely redone and free agents didn't want to sign because the team sucked and was very unstable. Coaches wanted nothing to do with the team until it was stabilized. Gruden was hired to bring stability, finally, but the league put a stop to that.

Bottom line is, Raider fans want to win, we are sick of losing, trying to pretend that doing things the way Al was in his last decade, was going to bring wins, isn't true.

In hindsight, wish Al would have hired his own people so he could of slowly let go of control and passed it on to someone who could make it right. But that wasn't Al, he wasn't going to hand over anything and we all suffered and are still suffering as fans because of it.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McDaniels sucks but Ziegler needs some balme as well. Everyone who follows the Raiders knew they needed upgrades at OL, DL and Secondary to be erious playoff contenders. They really did nothing to address this and had more than enough cap space to make some moves. They could have signed, Gilmore, Moses Morgan for RT and still have money left over for a DT


4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Now, because you said this I'm going to tell why this is not only wrong but totally ridiculous.

Al put the NFL were it is today not yesterday!

If he had to coach the guys would play for him, if he worked with personnel the team would have some good players, if he was scouting the team would find some outstanding talent. No, Al would make Raiders or any other team much better as long as he didn't upset the league.

Al built some of his best rosters in NFL history over that 9 year slump because at 1st, he probably was clueless to the real problems.

* Al was stuck in the past and things would be the same as back then?:

Tell that to K.C. who not only used bigger, faster, guys but have copied a lot of Al's ideas and are WINNING!

Tell the Cowboys, K.C. and S.F. still go after big, fast and athletic players and they WIN!

Tell J. Elway and staff who have out managed the Raiders for years. He drafts press corners and bigger, faster and athletic D linemen.

No, Al could out manage most of the NFL he just lost. He still

Its' your own silliness and wanting badly to find your great NFL front office that you'll listen to or make up any none sense in your mind about Al and his Raiders! doesn't take a genius to see the media was flat wrong about the '03-'11 Raiders on almost every point. Claiming they had no talent even while being defending AFC Champions, that Al was the problem, were the worst team in the NFL and had no chance of success should've not only made Raidernation laugh but scratch their heads.

* Now, do you think the media really believed what they claimed? Do you know some NFL teams didn't have 1 unit close to the talent the Raiders had? So you mean a team couldn't win with some of the units/ players the Raiders had('03-'11)?

1. The kicking game/ maybe the best kicking unit ever(C-Bass and S. Lechler).

2. some guys from the secondary: C-Wood and Nnamdi.

3. Our '10 D-line: T. Kelly, R. Seymore, D. Bryant, M. Brodine, M. Shaughnessy, J. Moss.

4. Our terrible WRs'/ J. Porter, L. Murphy, R. Moss, J. Walker, J. Ford, D. Gabriel.

Yea, I thought you'd change your mind. You can't find a unit that was so bad it could cause a 9 year slump.

And as for coaches, ummm...dude, the Raiders had some of the best coaches and assistants in the league:

The staff in '03 had- D. Shaw, J. Harbaugh and John Fassell was 1 of the best ST coaches in the league.

N. Turner kick our asses for years as Chargers' HC. L. kiffin is 1 of the best OCs' in college football. Hue was 1 of best OC's in NFL and good HC.

No, Al wouldn't be losing and messing up the team. He'd have an awesome roster with good-outstanding coaches and they'd be losing and nobody could explain it.

Bad decisions!? No, Al didn't make many of them. All you can say is they lost the SB to his own coach then- they just kept losing!

No, the Raiders used to be able to find talent, good front office people and had a connection to Raidernation. The haters, NFL enemies and media even say they don't know if there's much of this on these teams. And sometimes it seems its missing from Raiders but don't attack Al for the problems these new regimes are having. I don't blame them for everything and Al's Raiders had more then some teams to win but just stopped doing it.

4:17 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Anon, I never said the Raiders "should" draft a QB, only that suggested that it's a distinct possibility, given the circumstances. I still believe in Carr, but he clearly struggles with McDaniels as his HC and play-caller. Also, there are several QB prospects that will be intriguing to any team drafting in the top 5, as the Raiders appear to be (#2 pick as of today).

Sandy, Zeigler whiffed on both lines. His "upgrades" on the D-line were not upgrades, and the Raiders run defense seems to have gotten worse since Hankins was traded.

It's fair to be skeptical that that Zeigler and McDaniels can pull this off.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NY, not stating the Raiders have no leaders to handle dysfunction in the locker. Anon, nor did I say BB let the other coaches handle locker situations. I said BB, and seemingly McD wants the captains of the team and players to handle locker room dysfunction. The difference is BB built that culture within the locker room by being a presence in it for a few years. McD wants it to just magically happen.
Vic Tafur, Vinny B, and a few others are writing that the dysfunction is coming from other players not getting along; and McD refusing to bring HC leadership to the dysfunction. This is where the problem lies. What he needs to do is say, "Figure it out or you're both gone! Act like men, get treated like men. Act like babies get you cut."

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article and analysis from Richie. Richie was really good and a great leader. Too bad he was injured last year. He really brought out the best in Kolton and raised the toughness of the overall team.

Here is one for oyu NY, Darrishaw who the Raiders could have taken instead of Leatherwood is the #1 rated tackle in the NFL by PFF


10:16 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Wow! What a shame the Raiders didn't draft Darrishaw. Things almost certainly would be different with an OT playing at that level.

Raiders have had one draft setback after another. When you spend high-round draft capital, you're stuck for 2-4 years trying to develop a player that maybe you had no business drafting in the first place. Enter, Leatherwood, Ferrell, Abram, Arnette, et al. Ruggs only became a mistake by his own stupidity.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, the Raiders hit on 2 out of 6 of tge first round picks. No one bats a 100% but Darishaw 8nstead of Leatherwood and Devin White instead of Ferrell would be material. I'm not going to get down on rugs because he was looking amazing before he ended his career and Jacobs looks good. However everyone knew that Darrishaw was the top rated tackle and Leatherwood no one had a first-round grade on. Sandy

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Lamb and Jeudy were there for the Raiders but, I agree, Ruggs was playing at a high level and looked like a good fit with Carr... they demonstrated that much. But the Raiders never could afford chances like Leatherwood, or Ferrell, or Arnette. It's not enough to say they hit on 2-6 when they are reaching for players they have no business drafting early to middle first round. Those are not risks worth taking, especially, with regularity.

If we are left with any hope under the current regime, they have said they will draft best available player (presumably, consensus best). Of course, they also said the Raiders were not in a rebuild.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, but I thought the new regimes were supposed to coach up these draft picks? You know, work them into well disciplined, well coached players that can be 1 tough, smart football team that can beat anybody.

You wanted the Pats' guys to bring that to L.V.

Understand other Anon, NY Raider and Raider Nate!

The new regimes reach for a reason! it is an NFL thing- not just to ruin Al's era, it is something they want fans to accept that teams(the Raiders) NEED to get guys that the NFL feels are high-character and disciplined you draft these types and offer less money than those elite college stars and you TRY to coach them up to be part of a machine that can beat anybody.

They want this to be printed on the Raiders that they NEVER go back to Al's era. Everybody else can get elite players because very few owners are a generous as Al was.

* The draft Al lost his way? fans seem to think Al was terrible at drafting guys and his 1st rounder('03-'11) ain't HOF stuff but it found good players. The new regimes didn't out do Al; yea, the '14 draft was outstanding but still, the new regimes didn't exactly make history.

1st rounders-

J. Russell/ A bust but IMO not the worst QB bust in NFL history. Raiders were losing long before he was drafted.

F. Washington/ average career, later played for Texans.

M. Huff/ good career- some fans don't think so. He was better than they think and I don't think anybody, except maybe, R. Nelson played FS as good as he did. Picked off pass that won game against Texans day after Al passed away.

DMAC/ maybe overrated but outstanding. Got chance to prove it in Dallas. some fans felt it was Cowboys' O-line that helped him get over 1,000 yards.

R. McClain/ ruined his own career but got lots of help. Outstanding player in tough spot(1st rounder of the Raiders)

Note: McClain didn't get into violent situation until he was provoked by other person whom Southern City(?) police didn't really deal with. Although he had attitude issues, Reggie's staff didn't do much to try and keep him. Later played for Ravens.

DHB/ Arguably a bust but had o.k. career with Steelers. Was maybe 1 of best blocking receivers in the NFL.

R. Gallery/ Some fans felt he was bust had o.k. career with Raiders. later played for Seahawks and Patriots.

Nnamdi/ A pro bowler and for a while arguably the best cover corner in NFL. later played for Eagles and 49ers.

Well, you have 1 pro bowler, an almost pro bowl level RB, a huge QB bust, a good but not franchise OT, another bust at WR who turned out o.k.(with Steelers).

It was nothing to brag about but it wasn't close to the worst:

Sorry, Raidernation but both F. Washington would be a starter on this team today. DMAC would be home run machine- the best player on the O making the Pats' guys leap backwards.

The new regimes have been mediocre in the draft and the team is being invaded by outsiders. They want us to keep spending but don't think they have to spend on talent the Pats' guys, Reggie and Gruden aren't fools they know football something is holding them back from spending on free agent stars! They reach because they want to show the league/ owners the Raiders will NEVER be like Al and it will get win or lose with the NFL/ Patriots way of finding players/ coaches and that will keep the team in line.

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Yes NY Annette was egregious in tge same way as Leatherwood, they weren't going to take a second receiver but T Higgins and Justin Jefferson were available Patrick Queen would have made sense. Sandy

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Blogger nyraider said...

Patrick Queen was my choice at the time. He was a consensus high-grade pick. In hindsight, that would have been a home run for the nearly linebacker-less Raiders. As good as Perryman is, he spends most of his time on the injury list.

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I heard the new Raiders:

1. have money problems(?) that need some outside people with cash to help but might take giving them some say in team.

2. are blaming the front office leaders for the teams' problems.

3. have dysfunction on the team(?)

4. players may be giving up on the Pats' guys(?).

5. may've wanted to fire 1 or both of the Pats' guys but have money problems(?).

6. may be looking for a new QB and RB in '23.

7. SOME fans want Raiders to fire the Pats' guys.

8. MANY fans are afraid/ worried this is another REBUILD.

9. are/ have been on purpose, avoiding expensive star free agents to promote the NFL idea that coaching up average-good guys can win too.

* O.K. Raidernation! This is the answers to may questions:

How are they broke/ cash strapped? they're worth over billion. That is strange but you'll go for anything they say when they make a statement.

Oh so, the leaders are the problem? I thought you let coaches/ GMs' run team? So, how can it be them if they're doing what media/ NFL says is the right way? You said Al ruined this team 'meddling' w/ coaches- so why now blame it?

Dysfunction?! where did it come from or how did it start up again? I thought Reggie got rid of almost all of Al's employees? Gruden/ Mayock bought old Raiders' attitude but weren't letting players mess/ act up; the Pats' guys are from the Patriots. So, what dysfunction are fans talking about?

Giving up on the Pats' guys? and firing them?: maybe but aren't you 1st being too hard and putting too much on 1 season? Then again, aren't you letting NFL/ owners tell who is good for the Raiders and not asking for changes before Raiders finally move on a mediocre regime? Firing the Pats' guys?: they'll lose money but they don't seem to want to fire them anyway.

Another rebuild? no, its' the same act they've been doing since '12. they don't want to but all 32 teams need to make them money- so, the teams' got to win a little-so guys from winning teams are hired they can spend more but not a lot on FA's/ draft picks. They want a new Raiders and aren't trying to see them really succeed until it happens.

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