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Broncos Gameday Thread

Well, four weeks into the season and we already have an absolute must-win game, which tells you everything you need to know about how the first three weeks went. GO RAIDERS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by how many Broncos fans are there seems like 50%. Sandy

2:15 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Big win. This team is definitely better than their record.

Can't say enough about the effort of players like Crosby, Jacobs, Hollins, Adams, Hobbs, and many others. The O-line looked decent, and opened some running lanes against a tough D.

However, still some questionable playcalling again today.
-why the on-side kick? We gave them mid-field to start at least 3 possession.
-I hate McDaniels' version of the end-around. Hasn't worked yet this year.
-The three passes in a row to the left side for almost no gain. Those were the same terrible plays that hurt us in the Cards game.

The defense was great except for playcalling. When they played aggressively they seemed to control the game, but when they went into their soft zones it got ugly. Put it this way, the Broncos turned 1st and 30 into 1st and goal. That didn't happen without some help from the Raiders.

Overall, a solid game and a great win (in the division!).

Enjoy the win!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all really needed that. The second half offensive play calling was solid, if they had committed to the run like that in the Cardinals game it would have been an easy win. I hope Perryman can come back next week he is a beast and huge step up from Brown. Crosby is all pro.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hobbs is also an All Pro.

Hollins has been a good surprise. Jacobs had a very good game, but saw Carr chew him out a couple of times for not knowing his routes coming out of the backfield.

Robertson got very upset when Juedy mocked him for being small. Robertson has become a decent CB and can play at a high level.Perryman is an old school MLB. They need him, Brown is below avg. He is a wiff machine in the run game.

Carr making good decisions this game, maybe they can get more comfortable with what they are doing and can just play without thinking too much? Hopes were so high to start the year, this win helps stop the bleeding for now, hopefully they can continue to build on this and keep improving.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

It was a good win, finally! Hobbs is a stud, so is Crosby; we knew that coming into the season. I just thought they would have some help. Rock Ya-Sin was a great pick up, but he was injured yesterday and did not play. We thought Chandler Jones would help Crosby and the D-Line ... NOPE! He has been invisible and ineffective. Nate Hobbs has more sacks than Chandler Jones (1).
Amik Robertson's fumble recovery TD was the game changer. If that doesn't happen, the Doncos are driving for a score.
I said it coming into the game to my son, the Raiders need to feed Josh Jacobs. The first 3 games he only had 11-15 touches a game. He needs 20-25 consistently; he got 28 touches, for 144 yards. Looky looky, Carr scrambled 7 times for 40. Still waiting for the ball to be spread around effectively on the passing game. Play-calling on offense is surprisingly not McDaniels but Mike Lombardi, who did better yesterday, but there were times I was pulling my hair out.
The Chefs are next, and in order for a "W" the game plan needs to be similar. Feed it to Josh Jacobs. Keep feeding him, don't let this be a shootout. Wear the defense down, and then blow them up. Keep Mahomes on the sideline. The defense, at some point, is going to need to get pressure from the DTs; and this would be the game to start. Let the DTs flush Mahomes to Chandler and Crosby. Time to get a much needed "W" against a solid opponent. JUST WIN, BABY!

7:11 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

That was solid and satisfying with a nice exclamation-point drive at the end. Honestly, when they were up by 9 points with two minutes to go, I was thinking of how they could manage to blow it, but they kept their foot on the pedal which was refreshing to see.

9:26 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

If not for a drop on a wide-open long pass on 4th down, it might have come down to an on-side kick and FG attempt. It was that close.

Nevertheless, a huge weight has lifted. Defense has several 3-and-outs.

Did anyone see how dominant KC looked at times against the Bucs? There's no way to defend some of the stuff Mahomes can do. Ugh!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Raiders can somehow defeat the Chiefs, I might start to believe again. If Raiders lose, the season is basically over. Every game is a must win and that can wear a team down over time.

Everyone can look back in hindsight and claim this play or that play, Raiders had some drops too, the score could have been worse for the Donkies than it was.

It was a comfortable win for the Raiders and hopefully they can win again this week.

12:39 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The play I referenced was only in response to Raider Take's near Deja Vu. I think we all had it. But I believe the Raiders took another step in this game. The defense had several three-and-outs, and the offense drove against a very solid defense.

Week 4, playcalling got better, the O-line is starting to gel a little (with return of James), defense is tightening up, and individual player performances were consistently strong. There's reason for optimism after seeing that game.

The Chiefs game is another pivotal game but, in KC I don't think we can hang the entire season on it. I watched part of the Chiefs-Bucs last night and I'm scared.

2:17 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The elephant in the room is, what happened to Darren Waller? The Raiders offense is missing its best weapon since becoming the highest paid TE in the league. I can probably point to more plays Chandler Jones has made than Waller. Jones forced one or two holding calls by the Broncos line yesterday and has had pressures and run stops over the first four weeks. Waller has been a net loss for the Raiders will all his drops, some in the end zone.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martinez signing is a possible sneaky good signing. Coming off a bad ACL injury, older player coming back with that kind of injury is iffy at best. If he can play like he did in the past, it would be a really good signing. Need the MLB to be fearless and fill the holes, Perryman is that guy, but gets hurt a lot, Martinez can fill those boots. Probably won't play vs K.C., if Perryman can't go, would like to see someone else other than Brown.

K.C. is a really solid team, especially in their barn. I don't expect the Raiders to win, if they keep it close, that would be a step forward, IMO. Was hoping these 2 teams would be playing for 1st place in this game, sure tough being a Raider fan.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Offense, missed most of camp because of a contract related injury. Timing is not very good. Give Waller some time, real shame about Renfrow, every year, it never goes as planned.

Crosby said the team is going through a lot of change and they haven't totally grasped it yet. Hopefully, that is the case and as time moves along, the team will come around to it's potential.

7:15 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This is interesting. It's a review so far this season for 10 former players let go by Zeigler and McDaniels. Only Corey Littleton seems to being doing well so far. It's too early to be too critical. I would take Casey Heywood back in a heartbeat.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another legend gone, Sea of Hands legend. Clarence Davis, RIP

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Clarence was not down and is still running. The ref said his elbow touched the ground, review shows he didn't, Clarence is not down or dead. Strange days indeed.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we can say that Carr is the 3rd best QB in the division. Wilson looks bad and so do the Donkies. Good news for the Raiders, Denver won't be good for a while, their new ownership doesn't have a clue. Now if Mahomes can get injured?

9:51 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Broncos were in position for a chip shot FG to take a 6-pt lead late in a battle-of-FGs game, when Wilson threw a really bad INT in the endzone. That was inexcusable.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their coaching decisions during game play is horrendous. Wilson is finished as a top QB, Donkies suck.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmmm.....the Broncos just got a new QB to go with losses on the o-line and D the past few years. But 1 thing is sure, Elway knows how to draft.

In fact the Broncos have 1 of the best Ds' in the league. They have size and speed and the D is good enough to be a playoff D.

If we're gonna put down on our rivals we don't need to make them look worse than their situation really is. I don't know if Wilson has lost something or if the O has more issues

I hope the Broncos are bad for a few years but they have very good D. Thank goodness Mariota didn't sign with them or they didn't sign or trade for top receivers.

When/ if they find some receivers/ tight ends then we can judge them. Hopefully, the Raiders will start winning and pass by the Broncos.

If we had their D, if we drafted press corners and big, fast olb/ edger rushers and fast linebackers like Elway does, the Raiders would be able to protect Carr and a lead and win enough to make the playoffs.

The fact is that the Broncos have been a very good team for a long time. Elway uses Al's idea of D- big, fast and athletic guys yet, media and fans aren't asking him to resign because he isn't just getting high-character, smart, passionate and above average-good guys. Other teams(Dall, S.F., K.C.) use that system and win- when they should be losing, if you believe the media's ideas about football- that those are old ideas that Al overused and teams should use Bellichicks' system instead.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a Donkey fan. Wilson sucks, Colts O sucks and the Donkie's ownership is a joke. Go play with Mr Ed.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a long time, hard core, loyal, proud, committed Raiders' fan!

What I'm not is somebody that cheers for a con job or an image!

Elway and his front office have out drafted us for years mainly because fans got coned by Reggie/ media about personnel. We were told(by Reggie/ media) that over paying star FAs', drafting for speed and trying to coach athletes into football players wasn't the way to win. Even though the Raiders had recently loss a SB.

For years I watched the Broncos ALMOST win games. they were so well coached(Reeves-and Shanahan) and did a good job sometimes but to me they were always just that super star short of winning a SB. Unlike Al, Reeves didn't put a lot of stars around Elway they got their guys from the draft. Al would try and find a play maker. He would get track men, unwanted back ups and sometimes he found stars.

He had success sometimes and he lost but he seemed to know football; he loses and they're happy- he wins and they . The Broncos would go on a winning streak sometimes and the NFL would be so happy then Al would build a great team and start winning and he did it with all kinds of guys big fast and athletic players.

Reggie was supposed to build a winner what he DID do was what Al's enemies wanted- kick Al's culture out and make a fool of the team while doing it. An overhaul? really?

Elway became a GM and started building them kinda like Reeves and Shanahan- which was conservative and no big spending but then he started looking at big, fast and athletic and started drafting press corners and fast LBs, DBs and DLs.

They kept Reeves' system of not really drafting or signing track speed guys but good receivers. And they had trouble signing/ drafting QBs'; Did you know before Mahomes that K. Stabler was the only AFC West QB drafted by his team to win a SB(Elway, P. Manning and L. Dawson played with other teams)? But on D they built an Al Davis like D.

You can talk about them but not their D.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How any Raider fan can have a crush on the Donkies, in what world? John Elway was stolen from the Raiders in the year he was drafted. Rob Lytle did fumble.

Donkies D is over rated. Colts O is horrible and they were moving the ball on them in the 2nd half. Raiders moved the ball on them fairly easily.

Wilson just conned the new ownership to give him an outrageous contract, your warm and fuzzy feelings for Donkies doesn't sit well with most Raider fans, you must get beat up a lot?

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They DID steal Elway from the Raiders!

They Do get happy when an AFC West team wins other than the Raiders!

R. Lytle DID fumble!

But what has happened to these 2 teams since '00?

The Broncos have been to 2 SBs'!

Raidernation has all but accepted the new NFL system.

* Who has been the biggest hater of the Raiders since then('03-present)?

who has Raidernation supported since '12?

who do they(Raidernation) listen to when it comes to some of the most silly and greedy schemes?

who has probably backed the Broncos and hoped maybe helped them keep winning since their 1st real winning season '77?

Its' the NFL!! yea, right. The league you've decided to support and not even question why are they suddenly interested in helping the Raiders become a model franchise.

You got coned and STILL are waiting for some great team of coaches to come and take us back to glory!

You feel the Patriots Bellichick, Steelers' way is the best. Yea, you screw your players and not pay them and keep your cap down. You don't pay big for stars because you can just coach guys up. Thats' what works and if somebody challenges that system with old/ new ideas fine it could work but what about Al's ideas?- Oh, nooooo, that's in the past! you can't pay stars big money and play with the salary cap- and no way do you give a rookie a big contract!

Think they cared about Al winning or losing? it was about money! They got upset with him about his roster and the salary!

They love the Broncos because they won't do those things but now, Elway will build a Raiders' like D.

The Broncos have succeeded with Al's ideas on D.

The NFL wants the new Raiders to succeed for money not because they like us. And they look mediocre and they use the NFL way.

The Raiders use Patriots, Bellichick, Steelers, conservative, corporate ideas. The Broncos do too but they will use some of Al's ideas and they've won.

7:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I was only critical of the MNF game and some bad decision-making by Russell Wilson and/or coaching. IMO, plenty of Raiders fans would have been happy to swap Carr for Wilson this past offseason. It was a good gamble for the Broncos, who made a similar gamble with P Manning which paid off.

Marcus Mariota was never a viable option for the Raiders. Carr is much better. Mariota throws as many INTs as TDs and has so far barely eclipsed 200 yards in any game this season. He had a QB rating under 50 this past week with only 139 yards, 1 INT and no TDs.

6:04 AM  

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