Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saints Gameday Thread

It's now or never, and you never know....Go Raiders!


Anonymous gary said...

CJ: What play calling have you noticed that makes you think this coaching staff cares if they win? With the curious exception of the Pitts game, it seems to me they are playing for draft picks and/or trying to ram the ZBS down everyone's throats. The no-huddle works perfectly but all we hear is excuses why they rarely use it.

Excuses, excuses, and then more excuses.

Maybe it will all change in an half hour!

I guess I fall for it every time... off to the bar I go!


12:32 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Blown assignments are killing the team again. Tiawan who? Don't see anyone complaining that Reece is the guy at HB now. JONES is no more a threat than Reece and Reece is much more fundamentally sound. No Brainer.


2:54 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Look at Tiawan get blown over when blocking...see Stewart make a big play, sit down Tiawan...see a rookie blow his assignment FUMBLE. The mistakes are never ending with this team, it's really ugly to watch as the bumble their way through these games. NYR, you want evaluation, take a look, these players are very poor at their craft.


3:05 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Why does Palmer always throw it short of the 1st down on a 3rd down pass play? It makes no sense.


3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See JONES make excuse after tired excuse for some of the sorriest coaching seen in Raider Nation...and we've seen sorry coaching.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Excuses, anonymous,anonymous? Just stating facts. Tell me how it's on the coaches, pointing the finger with no proof to back it up... tell me with all your wisdom how you hang all the blown assignments on the coaches


3:30 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I've never seen a team full of quitters, and I think I am watching them now.
It is almost like they never gave themselves a chance walking into this game. Time to gut the team and start over.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

The players know it, the coaches know it, these players will not be in Raider uniforms for very long. IMO, they have given up on each other. Coaches want no part of these players and the players want out because they know they aren't wanted. Gut it, toss out the trash. Once again, these players that will be leaving the Raiders will either be done in the NFL or a role player somewhere else....turn out the lights, the parties over...they say all things must end.....turn out the lights, the parties over.......


4:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Don't see anyone complaining that Reece is the guy at HB now. JONES is no more a threat than Reece and Reece is much more fundamentally sound. No Brainer."

Is that some twisted attempt at "I told you so"?

There's no question Reece is a dynamic player. No body ever said stop playing Reece. He lines up at WR, TE, HB, FB. Funny how he's only now getting those opportunities with regularity; after many of us questioned why he wasn't more involved in the offense earlier in the season.

Also, seems like we ran mostly (hell, maybe entirely) power blocking today. So I guess ZBS is all but dead.

It doesn't matter who we want to blame; the Raiders are a very very bad team right now.

Since the coaches aren't going anywhere (and I'm not saying they should!); just nuke the roster and try again next year. There's no question that's where we are headed at this juncture.

4:52 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The players know it, the coaches know it, these players will not be in Raider uniforms for very long. IMO, they have given up on each other. Coaches want no part of these players and the players want out because they know they aren't wanted.

That's a lot of hot air right there. Feel free to tell us what you think, but please stop telling us what other people think. It's insulting.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Since the coaches aren't going anywhere (and I'm not saying they should!); just nuke the roster and try again next year. There's no question that's where we are headed at this juncture.


Agree with Reece and this.

The rest of season is evaluation.

I don't need to hear any more excuses why it isn't happening...

4:59 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Jon Gruden said his favorite band is Bon Jovi, which brings this to mind:

"Shot thru' the heart,
and you're to blame,
OAK gives CLOWNS, a BAD NAME...!"

The 2012 Raders sucketh!

Still a fan,

5:22 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...


5:23 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR, you want an "I told you so"? How bout Taiwan, he is in for 2-3 plays, gets blown up on a pass protection and gets hurt on the other...there is your TOLD YOU SO. The reason why Reece didn't get as many touches before was because the Offense is designed to highlight the HB/McFadden. All power blocking? Or is it that Reece knows how to find the holes a little better in ZB? As far as the "hot air"...just look at the situation, doesn't take too many braincells to see it. If you don't like my "hot air", then don't read it. Besides, did you see where I wrote "IMO" ?


5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider is on the money and you're gassing us with your hot air JONES. You ought to change your name to BONES until you put some meat on your arguments. BTW, why is it that when the Raiders come out of half time where they can catch their breath, see what worked and what didn't and make adjustments they get blown away in the 3rd quarter? Isn't that a coaching problem? Care to explain how the Saints scored a TD just 7 seconds into the 3rd quarter?

5:44 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

All Jones really likes to do is bag on everyone else's takes. It's comically comical. 2067

5:52 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...and that was something RT was trying to squelch early in the season. ScrollPast.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Jones... I admit T. Jones looks like he has some problems.

Now when do you admit the coaching staff does as well?

Did this team look well coached to you today?

Be honest...

6:06 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Anyone else notice the no-huddle didn't show up until we were down by what, 28? And it quickly resulted in a TD.

Glad its too hard to implement...

This coaching staff would rather lose doing it their way than win giving CP control.

How much more obvious does it have to be??

6:23 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Reece & Stewart are miles ahead of T. Jones. Let's please end the discussion of Jones not getting more reps. The Raiders will have to play out the remaining games using Reece, Stewart, and hope Goodison & DMC return. No use crying about Jones "potential".

Look at our D and before you blink your eyes we are down 2 scores. The last 3 games our D hasn't given our offense a favorable platform for a competitive game. In the last 3 games, the opponent has averaged 45 points per game.


Our front 4 doesn't provide consistent run D or QB pressure.

Our LB corps are poor at covering on pass plays and diagnosing and filling gaps on run plays.

The secondary that played today is one guy who is a converted CB (Huff), one guy coming back from a significant injury (Bartell), and 2backup safeties.

It is very difficult in the NFL to play from behind early and expect to win.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

anonymous anonymous gary, tell me where it's on the coaches. If you know so much of the game, be specific, your broad strokes are lazy and without value. this team looks like they haven't played football for very long. mistakes, mental errors, loss of focus. they to open the 3rd qrtr and give up a 75 yrd return, that is the coaches fault? then they let their rb waltz in for 7, is that the coaches fault? do you want the coaches to go out there and make a tackle? do you want the coaches to cover their WR's and not blow coverage left and right? tell the world anonymous, tell them what you would do to motivate these unmotivatible players and have them ready to start a 3rd qrtr. can you is the question, all you do is bitch and whine but you have no answers. my dog can do that.


6:53 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Hey OTB, at least I try to contribute to this site, unlike yourself. Play your little pussy games, if that is what beats your meat.


6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous gary said...

And a lot of guys follow and respect Cork's views on football... and he has been raving about TJ since the time he set foot on the practice field.

He said this guy is SPECIAL.

We watch Stewart instead.

Great... no problem here...

These are things that drove you guys CRAZY when Al was running the show... now... never mind. All is good.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Mr.Duva32 said...

Mark Davis clearly knows this kind of play (Not Raider’s Football) is unacceptable. I do appreciate the fact he was available for a few minutes and answered those questions we so often ask ourselves. I see Davis making it very clear to RM come next year that is roster needs football players. Period!

"Q: Do Reggie and Dennis get a pass this year?
A: “Like I say, I’m patient. I’m patient. But I want to see progress. I don’t want to see regression. Nobody does. And that’s why I’m unhappy today. But as far as a pass, I wouldn’t call it a pass. They’ve got contracts; they’re going to be here.”

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good observation OTB. JONES was asked why the 3rd Quarter is so disastrous for the Raiders and he talks about what beats your meat...but hey, he's contributing!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Mr.Duva32 said...

“I’m patient, but I want to see progress. Not regression,” Davis said. “I’m embarrassed, pissed, disappointed and I take full responsibility.” said Mark Davis.

As are the Fans Mr. Davis!
Now what will you do??????

7:40 PM  
Blogger AvantGrape said...

Sick and tired of blaming the "scheme" for McFadden's misfortunes. He's been wildly inconsistent and injury-prone throughout his career. He looked afraid to take a hit from the get-go this season. His body just isn't going to hold up. In fact, he won't be playing in this league two years from now, guaranteed. How weird is it to actually watch a Raiders running breaking tackles? Reece is the full-time starter from here on out, unless the coaches are insane. Anyway, out with the Al Davis draft picks and time to get some real football players on this team, rather than some idealized track star, football stud.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

STOP IT with the "You said this, he said that."

Unfortunately EVERYONE is right here at RT. Coaches and players alike are to blame for this mess. Missed open receivers, dropped balls, missed tackles, its endless.

Why not play action on the midfield 4th down and have someone sneak out for a pass. They played run the whole time because they knew the Raiders would play it straight.

On the goal line no-one covers the TE. The saints best weapon there - and not even a safety in the D formation. Pathetic. At least they did not onside kick after the last two scores. Too much to talk about. They are the worst team in the league I think. Sad to say.
Where from here?

8:00 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders clearly have talent issues, but their problems are not the players alone. Coaches are part of the equation.

The third quarter has been disastrous for the Raiders this year, getting outscored by 100 or more. Are the Raiders napping during halftime of games?

”All power blocking? Or is it that Reece knows how to find the holes a little better in ZB?”

Go watch highlights. Reece's best runs were behind power blocking. Every week the Raiders have used more power blocking and less zone.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angelic Raider

I have minty fresh toothpaste that I no longer need. Let me know if you need some, first come first serve. Also can I get my clown car in blue?

5:03 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Funny Jones. I think I like you. But then, I'm a Raider fan. VERY forgiving. Speaking of which, I am SO thankful that Oak is NOT playing anyone on Thursday, even KC... that would be awful.

Enjoy the day! This crew might actually squeeze out another win this season. Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Chiefs,Panthers, Chargers.

Well,then again, maybe not.

Nonetheless, GO OAK.

7:44 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...anyone see the fundamentally-sound Patriots highlights? I see missed tackles and failed angles of pursuit losing games for us. Not so much personnel or coaching, but on field responsibility. As a former Gulf War Marine, I'm all about holding the leader accountable IF the team is covering it's assignments, but these guys are not as out-coached and they are out of breath. They are just being beaten up. It's not their fault, it's just the way it is. Sometimes the opponent is stronger, sometimes smarter, sometimes technologially advantaged, sometimes in a pattern of winning, and, many times, all four. Take a deep breath and get off their backs and let it play out. No trophy will reside in OakTown until 2 out of 3 of these areas of combat are secured. "The fog of war" (Napoleon) is upon the field and Oak is confused blinded by it. Just don't be a part of it yourself. There's yer daily dose as I see it, from the wonderfully cheap seats of DirecTV.

7:52 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...oops, 2 or three, out of four, no team ever has all four areas, nor is it needed.

7:53 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

DMV called... Clown car needs a smog check, Take. The car's 10 yrs old, time for a new vehicle? it keeps failing. Just a heads up. ;)

8:11 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

ALL, the last several years have been painful. so painful it makes my heart cry. i know, this is football and there's no crying in football. but there comes a time when you need to let go. for the past several years, i have watched game after game of ineptness, watched players and coaches babble the same thing every year and what do we get? the SAME thing every year.

after church yesterday, my wife, who knows i rush get home in time to see the opening kickoff was surprised when i asked her if she would like to go get some dim sum instead. she asked "what about your game?" to be negative, i told her "they're gonna get slaughtered anyway."

i have been holding on very tight the last several years. i read every article on (even though it;s been repetitive), i comb every sports section online to see if there is any raider news (local papers, espn, si etc), i follow this team through the offseason, watch the draft etc., etc.

it was to a point where the losing affected me, and i made sure everyone around me knew i was pissed off that the raiders lost. this has been going on for several years. no more. it's time to let go man. oh please don't get me wrong. scorpio, you're NOT a REAL fan! spare me guys. i will always love my raiders. i will always wear my gear. i will still follow who they draft. it's just that i won't be so emotionally attached. i can't take this anymore. if they lose, what can you do? they don't know me so they won't benefit me. even if they win it doesn't benefit me. there are more important things in life than just being a football fan. my HEALTH being one of them.

this should be the end of a nice little string of sellouts. i think the fans will speak from here on. i just hope mark davis doesn't pull an al and move them out of the area. while i love both teams, i would rather lose the a's than the raiders from oakland.

so while i do scan raidertake i don't reply most of the time anymore but i will still keep up with you guys and drop in and say hello every now and then. it will be a few years until this thing is corrected. until then, let's all hang in there, active or not. after all - this is what being a fan is all about...

8:23 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Postgame take is up.

Scorpio, keep the faith and keep commenting, please. Good call on church and the dim sum, however.

8:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Scorpio -

It's like Hotel California... you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave (insert rippin' guitar solo here).

We're all trapped. Give Al Davis credit for his branding, which we all love so much!

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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