Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ravens Gameday Thread

Well, a 3-6 record would not be good. So let's avoid that by shooting down the blackbirds today.


Anonymous JONES said...

JONES said...

Hey NYR, I reread that quote and I misread it, sorry, I had just got back from a small vacation and didn't have much sleep under my belt, so I apologize.

Go Raiders


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myers is a horrible run blocking TE, Briesel steps on Palmers foot, too many blunders already.


10:13 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Good job Defense on their 1st drive, Huff and Wheeler.


10:16 AM  
Anonymous 5er said...

Back when we were 1-4, I remember thinking that if we could somehow regroup and get to 5-5 that it would be a new season heading into the home stretch. Den is 1 game better then I thought right now and we are one game worse. Still, I feel like this is within reach.

Anyone out there thinking we have a chance today? Last time we won a road game in the Eastern Time Zone against a tough, playoff caliber team? Thinking Gradkowski over PIT in 09'?? Perhaps we can catch lightning here...

If we are still in the hunt in December it will come down to the tie breaker scenarios. This one will surely work in our favor (as will the win over Pit).

The deck appears to be stacked against us for sure but come on boys find your way out of the darkness for us!

OAK 17-13.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Once again, the Raiders fall behind and have to abandon the run to try and catch up all game. Can Palmer pull another comeback?


10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders need to get some points here in the 2nd Qrtr, or else it's lights out.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Briesel is HORRIBLE, misses his block and then gets a holding on a dbl block that Wiz had covered. He is the worst signing of McKenzies reign so far.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D-line is NOT missing Seymour at all. Bartell needs to turn the WR screen INSIDE, can't let him get outside and get a 1st down.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous 5er said...

Worst Red Zone team of all time. Sea Bass may set a FG record this year

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huff with the PICK, thatta punch it in for 7 and this team is in it. This is what I calkl players making plays. Myers can catch though, just wish he could block. DAMN, Palmer could have run it in and then throws a horrible pass. Way too many blunders by this team...players? or coaching?

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huff is getting worked, Wheeler's game isn't what it was. He is making poor decisions......coaches are calling an aggressive Defensive game and Ravens are using it against them. Wheeler is not playing with any control and the safties are slow in their reads as well.../.this team has no chance.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it worth even watching this shit? Palmer, try the PUMP FAKE, this is Palmers worse game of the year

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DHB is a tank once he catches it, maybe they can?

11:23 AM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

and the rout is on...

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CLOWN CAR...what a joke.....this team is an embarrassment. Most teams make this many mistakes in ONE SEASON, that the Raiders have pulled off in one game. Ain't much a coach can do with this crew, they are uncoachable, this team shou;ld be in the Arena league

12:50 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Seven Ravens receivers had 25+ yards in the air, four had 50+. Now that's spreading the love.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

And yet our receiving stats were similar. In fact, go look at the stats line for QB, RB and WR, it's quite similar.

But that scoreboard, wow, that tells a different story.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Stats don't mean shit when players are making drive killing errors, drive extending errors and just overall bad plays. Look at the stat for drops, 3rd down conversions, missed blocks, missed tackles...those stats will tell you a better picture of what really happened.

This team starts every game from at least 10 points down, they have to abandon the run and go pass happy. They get 3 while the other team is putting up easy 7's. At this point, can't wait until the season is over and then watch what happens after that.

I would put down a 100 spot that this team next year is going to look very different in terms of players. Allen must be talking to Reggie
and sayin....I can't win with these guys, they have loser mentality, they just don't have the skills or the mental compacity to know their situations, FOOTBALL IQ.

I remember on NFL films, they had Bill Walsh talking to his players before playing the Raiders that week. He said they were dumb, they will make mistakes and will take dumb penalties. That was the Raiders for approx 2 1/2 decades. This team has the leftovers from that style of player, dumb, low football IQ, but speedy and athletic.

In todays NFL, you need high motor with high football IQ and desire to put in the work to watch film, train and be ready every week. This team does not have many of those types, just dumb, low football IQ and low on physical skills to make them a top player. It's going to be past this year before it changes.


2:11 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

This was the ultimate stats don't mean shit game.

2:14 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Anyone notice the “WOW!” expression on Harbough’s face when the Raiders left the middle of the field wide open for a walk-in TD, then again on the fake FG for another walk-in TD (by the punter!)?

The Raiders sunk to all new lows today.

Out-scored, out-played, out-coached, outrageous!

Do the Raiders coaches hate T. Jones so much that instead of trying to spark their absentee running game with this kid’s world-class speed, they supplant him with the FB and the 4th string RB just signed off the practice squad. What gives??

2:34 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR, that leaving of the middle wide open for a walkin TD, was on Tom Kelly, who once again, for the 600th time in his career, left his gap and Rice ran right through it. The fake FG was a kick in the nuts that really wasn't necessary and what team would be expecting it? The players look dumbfounded as he walked in. Do you think any coach in that situation would be yelling at the kick block team "watch for the fake"? Ravens rubbing it in, what comes around goes will come back on them.

I didn't see the Raiders getting out coached, I just see mistake after mistake by what are supposed to be professional players but play more like a pickup game. These guys are supposed to be NFL players, able to execute their assignments, able to make a tackle, to cover a WR. To not step on a foot on 4th down. To not fumble a snap on 4th down. To remain in your gap inside your own 10 yrd line to stop a run up the middle. Kelly knew the Defense was playing back off the line inside their own 10 yrd line and decides to peel out of his gap = suicide. Football IQ tells you to stay in that gap to protect what the other defenders are doing.

Selfish, unaware of situations, these are guys that don't care or don't know how to play as a team. Lacking in all areas of the game, it's just horrible to have to watch this clown team 'perform'. Maybe I'll wait till next year to even write about this team again....I'm sure most of the readers here would like that.


3:33 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Do the Raiders coaches hate T. Jones so much that instead of trying to spark their absentee running game with this kid’s world-class speed, they supplant him with the FB and the 4th string RB just signed off the practice squad. What gives??"...

Does it really matter? They are down 10 points every game before they even get a sweat going. No time for running, have to air it out to try and stay in the game. May as well stick a backup lineman at HB so maybe Palmer could have some time from the other team blowing up the middle? How bout that 2 man rush by the Ravens, Palmer got slammed to the ground on a 2 man rush, meanwhile, the Raiders can't get close with a 4 man rush...BLOW IT UP Reggie McKenzie, bring in your players and get rid of these BUMS that can't play a full 30 minutes, let alone 60 minutes.


3:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"The fake FG was a kick in the nuts that really wasn't necessary"

No question. Hardly worth it for the Ravens to risk injury to their holder/punter. Nevertheless, I guess you need to be prepared for anything. Special teams had a number of other failures today.

In the end, the Raiders are the dumbest team in America, again!

Re: Taiwan Jones, I think it does matter. Are you saying the Raiders have conceded they are one-dimensional on offense?

Regardless of the score, I think the Raiders were trying to make rushing part of their offense today. Reece and Stewart had 20 carries to Jones 2. And it seemed to me that they were mostly running behind power blocking, so ZBS appears to be dying a very slow death in Oakland.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Yeah, sure shows that the change back to PBS was the problem all along? I saw Brandon Myers blow at least 5 blocks on the run game. Need a guy who can block there, he is a good target, but blocking wise he scores an F.

NYR, when you fall behind by 2 scores early in the 1st Qrtr of almost every game, establishing the run isn't the top priority. The announcers even told you that, Dumbdorf and the other idiot said it, they have to abandon the run because they are always playing 'catchup'. Once it goes to garbage time, then they ran it more often but what does that mean = It's like practise.

Looks as though it will be a cleaning of almost all of what still are the Raider core. They (management) don't want any of it, it seems clean the 'CULTURE' could be their goal? They don't want anyone with the "Raider way of old"? Maybe a select few and that's it. We will find out more in next weeks episode of the " As the Stomach Turns".


4:54 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

If T Jones is being benched because he might fumble... why do we have Adams catching punts when ALL HE DOES IS FUMBLE? How hard is it to find a punt returner that can at least secure the ball?

The defense must have spent the week working on stopping the run and completely forgot that teams pass the ball too. I can only imagine how much Brees is licking his chops for next week. If frigging Flacco can stick 55 on us... how much can Brees? 100?

Would Giordano start on any college team, let alone any other NFL team?

Why doesn't Knapp ever roll Palmer out of the pocket or bootleg him to give him more time? EVER?

How many clown cars is this?

Allen may be over his head, our ST's coach is obviously over his head, Tarver may be over his head, and Knapp is a complete moron.

Well coached teams don't give up 55 points, and 97 in two weeks.

There's no other way to spin this.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

So who do you think is going to go, Anonymous Gary? You think Reggie is going to fire Allen and keep the players? Now that is funny.


5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there was a stat line for heart the Raiders would be last in the league.

6:22 PM  

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