Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Raiders!

Well, this is a first in the long (by Internet standards) history of Raider Take: the Raiders actually proactively reached out to Raider Take.

The message came from an affiliated "digital strategist" named Andy, who wanted me (and by extension, you) to know about a
new free software download called Raiders DeskSite. Andy is with DeskSite, not the Raiders, but apparently he's been given to the green light to reach out on the team's behalf. So good for him (and them). 

I just downloaded the s
oftware, and it seems pretty cool. Essentially, it's a video player that delivers and downloads team videos in the background, so that you can view them at your leisure. Videos include game highlights, team reports and more.

So far, it has only downloaded a "how to" video about the app, but I presume more content is forthcoming. It definitely seems like a cool tool for keeping up with the Raiders.

Apparently, there's an iPad and Mac version coming soon, to complement the PC version that I downloaded (the iPad would be perfect for something like this).

I'm in wait-and-see mode until more videos are delivered, but so far, this looks like a nifty piece of fan outreach from the Oakland Raiders, just in time for us to watch highlights of a steamroll victory over the Chiefs this Sunday.  


Blogger nyraider said...

Another example of the positive changes being made throughout the organization. Access to Raiders' content on their website has never been better. Advancing technologies and much improved media relations.

Thank you, Raiders.

4:39 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

I found this on their site in the preseason, and used it for a bit but it was actually too much information, which, for some, is a positive thing. It's a pretty cool app though.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous memdf said...

Flying out to kc Sunday morning from Chicago. Keep in mind it's a 3:00 pm, not noon, game.

I am hoping for a Dmac breakout game. Rewatched the jags game and saw what a warrior
CP3 is. He really took a beating.

I rememebr the great games the Raiders and chefs played when I was growing up. I am so psyched. I'll be that 12 year old kid again! Let's win this for the great Ben Davidson!

11:27 AM  

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