Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raider Take Now on Twitter

Just a note to let everyone know that Raider Take is now on Twitter. Check it out at www.twitter.com/raidertake and please spread the word.

I may be lagging on takes these days, but mini takes come easier, hence my new passion for Tweeting. Sometimes I'm not up for cooking an entree, but I'm always game for an appetizer.

For those who haven't experienced Twitter, here's the scoop: Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that limits your entries (takes in my world, also known as Tweets) to 140 characters. You can view the entries on the Twitter page of each participant. If you join Twitter (it's easy, non invasive and free), you can then choose to "follow" others, with their updates sent directly to your Twitter page or mobile device. The brilliance of Twitter is its simplicity. Best of all, it's haiku-friendly.

Here's a sampling of recent Raider Take Tweets:

Welcome Greg Ellis...As long as you don't turn Burgess into trade bait!

Keith Davis: "I think Garcia is better prepared to get us that win right now. Now, that’s no knock against JaMarcus at all." Uhh...Yes it is

Lamenting the fate of Andrew Walter. He looks the part, he arrived with promise, but just doesn't seem to have "it." Is he a total bust?

Old: Commitment to Excellence. New: Time to Stop Playing Like There's a Lion on Our Helmet.

Can we start being aggressive on defense again? I sure hope that Marshall is installing some blitz packages. Prevent the prevent!

By the way, what's with Keith Davis saying Garcia gives us a better chance to win right now? Does he know something we don't? If so, what does that say about Russell? If Russell is even remotely living up to his promise, he should trump the aging castoff Garcia now that he's in his third year in the NFL, right?


Anonymous ButteryPat said...

I wouldn't worry too much about what Davis said, and it really isn't a knock on Jamarcus, who by the way, he's already complimented as a player. What he was getting at is that we've seen that Jeff Garcia is a winner, we know what he brings to the table, and it's all good stuff. We've seen a bit of what Jamarcus can do, but at this point the edge goes to Garcia as far as being a proven and respected player. That's true, and hopefully playing in practice with Jamarcus will show him that ability and he'll change his tune, but I can see where he's coming from. It really is no knock against Jamarcus.

And by the way, I was thrilled to learn about the signing of Keith Davis and Greg Ellis. Neither of those guys can go wrong. And I don't mind if Burgess is trade bait at this point. I like the idea of keeping him in his contract year better than getting rid of him, but I can take or leave him either way.

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