Monday, April 06, 2009

Ahoy, Mateys!

Well, two things shook me out of my two-month stupor today: the signing of Jeff Garcia and a slap upside the head from PantyRaider via email.
First off, I like the Jeff Garcia signing. Even as a backup, he’s better than several of our recent "starting" quarterbacks, including Aaron Brooks, Josh McCown and Andrew Walter. That’s called progress and depth, two things that have been in short supply in recent years.  
Ever since the hiring of Coach Cable, I hardly recognize the Raiders from a behavioral standpoint—and that’s a good thing. They seem to have finally resisted Einstein’s definition of insanity: repeating the same thing over and over while expecting different results. 
We didn’t re-sign Jerry Porter but we did sign Jeff Garcia? We’re not holding out for Michael Vick instead? We didn’t deliver gold bricks to the doorstep of Ray Lewis? We didn’t give Kwame Harris a raise? We overpaid for guys who at least have earned their rewards, such as Lechler and Nnamdi? What in tarnation is going on here? Surely we're going to offer Rickey Dudley a contract any day now, right?
Then there’s the Marquis Cooper tragedy. I was actually going to post something about that, but it was just too depressing. By all accounts, he was a good young man, which only amplified the sense of loss. Did you see that he was honored by the Arizona Diamondbacks today, who had his father throw out the first pitch? 
I’ve never liked the phrase, “At least he was doing what he loved when he died.” I don’t want something I love to be my cause of death. I’d rather have it be something I hate, like heart disease, natural catastrophe or the Broncos. 
Beyond that, I’m not going to pretend that I have a lot to offer right now. This recent break has been good for me, despite the fact that I’m now apparently flirting with blog mutiny, and understandably so. Quite frankly, I can’t blame anyone for jumping ship. Every ship needs a captain, and this captain has let the ship drift for far too long.


Blogger PantyRaider said...

Ahoy! Captain...Welcome back aboard...

Psycho...The last thred is stuck at 1199 so you better go get that #1200...


I would still like to sign the guy but he will understand he is 3rd on the depth chart and have an opertunity to make a name for himself as "Slash" for now until he proves himself so that's a very good piece of humble pie I think...

The Raiders now have tremendous opertunities in the draft and several ways to go but I now say if the "WR" is still on the board at #7 "Crab" will become a Raider...If Not...Look for the position which has NOT yet been selected...

1st "DT"....
1st "DE"...
1st "ILB"...
1st "CB"....

I don't believe we will get threw 6 picks without an...


Already being drafted and Al will not go this high for the second best player at any position on the board....

So now that is my oficaial prediction for this draft....On Draft day I will adjust it as I see player positions come off the board and project who we take of the positions NOT yet selected...


We still may be addressing some needs prior to the draft so keep an eye open..."Tank" could fill the need at "DT" and eliminate that as a #7 posibility...But it still may be a 2nd rd posibility as anything can happen later including trading up back into the 1st rd for a starter....

PantyRaider....CountDown to da Draft!!!/_

PS...Remember just a few short weeks ago how much dispair there was regarding the draft and what could it posibly do to help such a dispicable team....How things have changed...

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

'Bout time, muh bruthuh. We were about to give you up for dead. ;^)

Very good take as usual.


8:59 PM  
Anonymous hipdogg said...

Ahoy Take!

Good to have you back! You have been missed! I certainly am a bit guilty of not following as close as usual as well... hell i think i followed the whole cutler debacle closer than this years draft class!

I'm with you though (I think) for the past 6 years I've found a way to feel "minty fresh," excited, optimistic, even pumped for the upcoming season... but this year... I can't get excited... we seriously need to start winning some friggin games!! Thats not to say though that I am unhappy or depressed with how this offseason is rolling... quite the contrary, I'm pleased so far. Garcia certainly is a solid backup QB... and I love rewarding the proven elite of our team instead of letting them go.

But forgive me if I'm not able to get into a heated discussion at this point with any ass that try's to talk smack about my beloved team! Actually in reality, lately anybody new that finds out that I'm a die hard Raiders fan just kind of takes a step back and says..."ooooo.... sorry." Instead of the usual hate that used to come with that kind of knowledge!

Anyway, it's good read a Take again... and I hope that The Raiders can make some more moves that might inspire you again!

9:14 PM  
Blogger H said...

Welcome back Take. I’ll call in the search party I sent out under cover of darkness three days ago. They were carrying a case of IPA for bait. Funny though, I lost communication with them about an hour after they left.

And, you are correct. This is not the same off season we have experienced lately. And the media can’t stand it. The soap opera occurred at about 5,280 feet, and we don’t have Cutler to kick around anymore. Norv is still in SD (who had their own little soap opera over LT) and the Chefs and Geldings are using the “R” word (rebuilding).


Most things have a pattern to them. If there is one to this off season, Vick will not be suiting up in Silver and Black. Besides, he still has to face the Commis, whom he lied to on national TV about his ties to the dog fighting ring. Could face an additional year’s suspension.

On the Draft:

If Pat White falls to fourth or fifth round I would be all over him like white on rice, unless it’s brown rice, or some other starchy consumable. Just my opinion, but he may be the most versatile player in the draft. Plus he’s a South Alabama guy. He grew up about 12 seconds from mine and Russell’s home town. Just across the bay.

Also, with the Geldings having two first round choices, Al just might trade down to get two of his own. Cable seems to be the type who likes to stockpile good players instead of surrounding one or two great players with mediocre players.


“H noted, "...we got more scenarios than Carter's got pills." (Carter?)”
It’s an old southern colloquialism. Heard my grandfather say it quite often. When growing up there used to be an over the counter product called “Carter’s Little Liver Pills”. There were always a lot of these little pills in a bottle.


4:47 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

So far this offseason, less is more. The moves we've seen are, as RT points out, uncharacteristic of recent years and a welcome change.

If the sanity continues, we'll probably see a focus on defense in the draft and remaining free agency.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous AllyOop said...

Welcome back, Raider Take!

Good to see our Rip Van Winkle of Blogdom finally rouse from his slumber and put his fingers to the keyboard once again.

Of course, during your absense, we have added a steady hand to the helm. Now the ship is on a steady course, while the Captain can take his naps in his cabin, not fearing for the fate of his ship or his crew.

Solid moves so far, shoring up the offensive line, adding a quality back-up for JaMarcus, and planning for the Draft.

Speaking of which, I say we plant a Crabtree in the slot. He of the long arms, soft hands, and the ability to go up and get the ball and then make the game-changing plays after the catch.

The dream of a Raider fan fulfilled:

Franchise Quarterback: Russell
Franchise Running Back: McFadden
Franchise Wide Receiver: Crabtree

Let them grow up together and look out NFL!!

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it...

Blog on, Take!


5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You left out 2 QB's that Garcia is better than, Culpepper and Collins.

Nice to have insurance at the QB position for the first time since Plunkett took over.

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

In my humblest opinion, the draft will make it or break it for me. Satele was a good pick at Center, Barnes is an average pick at LT (I say that because of his work ethic, or lack thereof).

I don't think we are going after a DT in the draft, as much as I would like to. It's been a sore spot for us the past few years, but Al is happy with Kelly, Sands, and Warren. Al still has his input, look at the few moves we've made (and haven't made) to prove it. Sam Williams was resigned.

I don't think we go after Crabtree either, I think he will be off the board (KC?) Here's my draft day scenario:

1st pick-Alex Mack, C, Cal

2nd pick-We trade Andrew Walter and our 2nd Round pick, for a late First Round, and a 5th Rounder. With our late First Round pick we select Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, MD.

3rd pick-Nic Harris, S, Oklahoma

4th pick-Pannel Egboh, DE, Penn State

5th pick (2nd 4th Round pick taken from Miami)-Cody Brown, OLB, UConn

6th pick (From Andrew Walter Trade to put us back in the 5th Round)-Cedric Dockery, OG, Texas

7th pick (6th Round)-Josh Mauga, MLB, Nevada

8th and final pick (7th Round)-Eric Vanden Heuvel, OT, Wisconsin

This gives us a pretty solid draft from top to bottom.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Nate, good call on the draft, except that DT seems to be a much bigger need than WR to me. I would switch out that WR pick for Raji's buddy Brace in the late 1st/early 2nd.

I don't know that we'd need to trade up to get Brace, so if we don't, I've no idea how we get our value out of AW other than trade him for about a 4th or 5th rd pick.



6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, PantyRaider,I hope you are joking.I really do. Because anyone who actually thinks that Michael Vick would be a good addition to any team, let alone a team like Oakland, needs his head examined.Yet there remains a small but vocal minority out there promoting this insane notion. Vick is a cancer, and don't forget he never really turned into the greatest athlete ever as he was billed initially.In te delicate rebuilding phase the Raiders are in right now, the only signing that could possibly be worse would've been TO

6:35 AM  
Anonymous LK said...

Best draft scenario, Eugene Monroe falls to seven in rd. 1. Not in love with any of the top DL prospects so maybe a trade down for Cushing or Matthews at OLB is the way to go. Key pick is in rd. 2...say it with me...Brian Robiskie. Big, fast, best hands in draft and what we need--a WR to move the sticks. We have the deep guy on roster already [Higgins] and we have the KRs already, so no to Heyward-Bey and Maclin.

7:57 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Yes, things are very different from the last six years. But, and I think H will back me up on this, they are far more similar to the Raiders of the 70's and 80's.

I think I know the reason. It's the same reason it took John Madden 30 years to get to the Hall. Conventional wisdom (usually wrong) says that Davis controls everthing and was the winning architect of the Madden years (and the Flores years - which is why Tom hasn't made it yet). As a result, every coach hire since (with the exception of Shell) has tried to publicly distance himself from Davis. Gruden was kind of an odd case. He publicly distanced himself from Davis, but communicated with him on the sly or through Bruce Allen channels.

Cable is different because - well, because he's different. Cable merely does what he thinks the right thing is to do and doesn't worry about puclic perceptions.

But this is a full on Head Coach/Owner coordinated off season. It is the kind of off seasons experienced under both Madden and Flores.

And there is one other difference as well. The Cone-O-Silence has been completely sealed. The media is not able to take leaks of portions of a story and raise controversy where it doesn't exist. They've tried a few times, but with no traction.

The Raiders WILL be vastly improved this season. We are back in Silver and Black. You can take that as a promise from BlandaRocked.

9:03 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I don't understand all the questions surrounding why Garcia would come here if he didn't think he could start. What's the mystery? Garcia is 39, and Russell is 23. No matter how well Garcia plays, unless he can kick field goals like Blanda, he's only got about a one year shelf life. So why not spend that one year in your own home town?

Another reason Garcia is a great signing is that I have a feeling he has more "teaching" ability than folks are giving him credit. Don't forget - Garcia's father was a head football coach. And teaching seems to be what Tom Cable is all about. And Garcia has this to say...

"I realize that JaMarcus right now is the anointed starter. I’m going to support him and help him any way that I can. Part of helping him is by pushing him and showing him what I’m capable of as a player also. I think that it’s important to show that this team has depth in all positions and quarterback is definitely going to be one of those positions that there will be positive depth at and if he, for some reason, can’t do it, then hopefully I’m the guy that can do it. It’s one of those things where I’m going to be very supportive of him. He has so much talent within himself, hopefully I can just help to bring it out, in him, and also, help be a leader on this team, and help bring this team together as a unit and allow us to play together as a team every Sunday and compete at a high level."

9:33 AM  
Blogger RaiderCat said...

Ahh... the Mintiness of your Fresh Take...! Ahoy, Captain!

I echo everyone else's welcome back, RT! Missed ya brah! Many kudos to you, PantyRaider, for stirring the stupor-fied Captain!

Garcia represents to me a return to balance on our team, one that's been lacking for quite some time. Experience mixed in with the youth element, with enough "spice" of talent to make us viable as a whole. Shoring up the defensive sieve and lack of trust in SOB's scheme will hopefully take us back to the elite where we belong.

Awhile back I recall hearing Mike Ditka comment something to the effect that "...the NFL is a better league when the Raiders are good..." Well, it's been a long, long winter, and I'm loving the feeling of the sun on my face.

Gotta love those regional sayings. My x-kitty was from SEMO - Southeast Missouri - and she had a TON of colloquialisms! Her nickname? "Cooter"! (I thought is was a dirty word...!)

If'n we get Crabtree, it could be our own improved version of the "Triplets", yeah? Except that McFadden's versatility, provided he stays healthy, makes him even more threatening. That turf-toe can be something else... but now with the insurance policy of Garcia, Michael Bush, and OL depth, it appears that we're not a mere "injury" away from obsolescence.

Keep 'em coming, CableMan! I'm feelin' the Minty Freshness toward a Return to Glory.


9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to admit it, but things do seem different. I'm not going to go Blanda and proclaim a return to the 70's, but I am cautiously optimistic. I do get the eerie feeling that I am Charlie Brown racing toward the football...Oh, well here is to hope and


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should read here is to hope and optimism.


9:46 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Welcome back RT.

One thing about the Garcia signing might be that we are finally able to get quality FA's again. Although Garcia isn't the greatest player in the league, he was prolly the top FA QB available... for him to come in as a BACKUP indicates to me we have turned at least some sort of corner.

And I don't think I ever will get used to people saying 39 is "old" regardless of the context... lol.

9:53 AM  
Blogger RaiderCat said...

"...I do get the eerie feeling that I am Charlie Brown racing toward the football...Oh, well here is to hope and [optimism]"

Too funny! I love it when my mental image actually plays as if on a reel! That DAMN Lucy!!!

I DO want to "go Blanda" (nice!) though. There IS something very different this off-season, albeit eerily similar. Madden-esque? Hmmm... Let's hope so!

I feel ya on the 39 thing. Funny thing is, the older I get, the better I used to play...!


9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So its official....Garcia is the best QB in the bay area, yet he wont get a chance to start? hmmmm gooooo Raiders...although I'm willing to put a wager in Vegas today that Jamoron Busto gets hurt early in the first half of the season...hell maybe better yet during an exhibition game but i wont hold my breath until then...and as far as draft day goes *sigh* Walters (sorry to see him go hopefully not to the Broncos somehow) a pick out of him will be nice....well see about crabtree im still not convinced but would rather get him than nothing considering our WR's crew

10:03 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Rumor has it that Garcia is already working out in Alemeda. If that doesn't send a push to JaMarcus, nothing will. In camp, make JaMarcus compete against the cagey "old" veteran survivor. It's no longer time for the Lane Kiffin approach of "we need to baby JaMarcus along so he doesn't get frustrated." Instead, "Man up, JaMarcus. Welcome to the NFL."

10:12 AM  
Blogger H said...


If you are going to question Panty’s sanity, or lack thereof, please identify yourself? Very few of us here are actually sane. That’s one reason why we’re Raider fans.


Yep, I got your back on that one. But, then again, my taste in rock music hasn’t moved much past the day John Bonham died.


10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blandarocked 9:03 am: huh? I had to read that twice... are you saying that most of our coaches since Madden and Flores have distanced themselves from Al so as to up their chance at getting in the HOF? These poor guys had the audacity to assume they'd be up for the HOF one day and also had the foresight to distance themselves from Al so the merits of possible success would be seen as soley theirs? And, as a result of this crafty strategy they failed, with, according to you, the exception of Gruden who was really behind the scenes communicating frequently with the GM in some sort of hybrid Madden/Floresesque way? Easy with the champagne glass there, Blanda.
Me thinks the riddle is not so easily solved and the SB trophy not just yet a shoe-in for our cabinet.
I hope we'll be better in 2009, but think the defensive strategy we employ to be the most telling clue. And it'd be nice to bring in some solid, proven defensive front 7 talent.

10:55 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Bama, take a look at the overall picture. Madden worked hand in hand with Davis. However, Madden retired because of ulcers, so no real information there. The next two coaches who worked hand in hand with Davis had their careers shortened a bit. While Flores did go to work in Seattle for a couple of years, after that gig he could never get another one. While Shell had a winning record with the Raiders, he was never offered another HC gig.

White was kind of a non-entity, and Bugel was only one year, so I'll leave them out.

Gruden always held himself out to be completely independent of Davis, even though it wasn't true. Gruden was constantly flush with offers.

Turner, never openly consulted with Davis and was immediately hired after he left Alemeda. Shell - well, nobody was going to hire him after 2006 anyway. Then Kiffin, immediately hired after Davis fired him.

The Hall of Fame has nothing to do with it. Reputation has everything to do with it. If you consult openly with Davis, you are publicly perceived as being dominated by Davis - no matter what record you put up on the W/L columns.

Do you really doubt what I'm saying here, Bama? Really? You're a conventional wisdom type guy, and you consider me an idiot because I defend a man who is very defensable, while you take the position that everything Calahan, Turner, and Kiffin did wrong was Davis' fault.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BoZo Rock first time ballot for HOF of the NFL= Nutty Fanatical Looney... and H obo is in that class too

11:33 AM  
Blogger H said...


Blanda doesn't strike me as a champagne type of guy. I would assume his mind altering substances tend toward hops, malt and barley.


?????????? If you are trying to insult me, try english, I'll enjoy it better. And, if it was an insult it was very amaturish. I've been insulted by the best.


11:58 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

H, actually my drink of choice is the amber nector produced by Scotland. The single malt variety. But that's for the victory party. During the game pass me a brew.

I'll admit that my single malt consumption as dropped some over the last six years.

I'm pretty sure that was intended as an insult, and directed at me. My daddy always told me, "don't let anonymous insults get to you. Consider the source. It either came from nobody, or it came from a coward."

12:53 PM  
Blogger H said...


I didn't take you as a sparking winey type.

Actually it was aimed at both of is. Thing is it was very hard for him to purposely misspell my handle.

Like I said, it's easier to actually insult someone if you use english.


1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, oh WHY did you feel it was necessary to mention the name of Rickey DUHHHHHdey? Zac Miller has finally allowed me to successfully repress the image of that smiling idiot.

3rd & 2, Raiders. Duhhhhhdley false-starts. Now, 3rd & 7. Pass to Duhhhhdley, the dumb bitch ran the wrong pattern. PUNT.

Later on, same game. 2nd & 8. Pass to Duhhhhdley for the 1st down. He drops it. 3rd & 8. Duhhhhhhhdley, false start. 3rd & 13. Pass to Duuhhhhhhdley wide open for the first down. He drops it AGAIN! PUNT! Brutha walks off the field with a "I'm-a-stupid-bitch-shit-eating" grin on his face. Good riddance to his lazy ass. Whatcha gonna do when all your money's gone, DUHHHHHdley?

It is arguable that Courtney Andershit was just as bad, or worse! Another POS dummy with his drive-killing false starts, wrong patterns, or (Andershit classic), easy drops. Whatcha gonna do when all your money's gone, Andershit?

Fuckem both! Let 'em have fun selling insurance, or being a 6'7" 275lbs WAL-MART shelf stocker.

2:05 PM  
Blogger H said...


Heart disease, ok. Natural catastrophe maybe. But, the Geldings? Come on, you never want to die at the hand of your enemies. For as that great Raider philosopher George Patton once said, “You don’t win wars by dying for your country. You win wars by making some other poor bastard die for his country.”

You might fall at their hands, but never include that in your list of ways to go. Not good karma.


2:19 PM  
Blogger H said...


I think the kid gloves came off about week five last season. Also, if I read Al right, part of the treatment of Russell by Kiffin was inspired by him not wanting to draft him.


I got a kid over 39.


That’s not what Blanda meant. He was referring to coaches distancing themselves so as to improve their standing in the media. They didn't want stories saying how they jumped to the strings of the puppet master. Madden didn’t care, neither did Flores. They just kept winning, where as the others, well it just speaks for itself.


2:32 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

It's interesting... JMac was fully on board the idea that the Raiders needed to realign their whole front office. I was reading his Web Chat today, and when someone asked him about that he said that it had only developed into an Al/Tom Cable partnership, and it seemed like a pretty good partnership.

For the folks who wanted to see Al Davis bronzed and used as a pigeon perch out in front of the Black Hole, the development can't be satisfactory. But I'm loving it.

2:54 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I have underwear older than 39.

2:56 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Now here's something I didn't know. Seems Tyler Brayton has a nick name...


3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK! "We" your fans, are glad to see that you still tune in from time to time. This has been the longest one..Ever but I feel ya Bro...Welcome back..There is balance in the universe.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Thanks to all for the warm welcome back. I wrote this take with my tail between my legs, but y'all have put me at ease.

Good points, H. But if we have the equivalent of a Tuck Rule incident against the Broncos at some future date, it could be the death of me. I certainly don't want to croak doing something I love, like watching the Raiders win the Super Bowl or enjoying a fine IPA.

3:18 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

It's okay, Take. The Cone-O-Silence has been very tight this off season. There's been very little to do regarding "News You Can't Use." Even Ray Ratto had an article that didn't sound like a bunch of crap thrown together. There were a couple of really stupid posts from Nancy Gay, but who reads her anymore? Timmy Kawakami has been hiding under a rock somewhere.

The only thing of any consequence at all had Al Davis absolutely certain to sign TO. When that didn't happen, we've heard very little since.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous memdf said...

The prodigal captain doth return.
And not a moment too soon,
the rum was about to run out....

Welcome back RT. The ship now righted!

4:52 PM  
Anonymous AllyOop said...

Lost in cyberspace
The mighty Take took a nap
Until Jeff arrived

Yikes! LOL

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Ok, as much as it pains me to mention this, because the story about Dudley brought back many bad memories, but he has a SB ring... and guys like Gannon and Tim Brown don't.

Gawd that game sucked ass.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Now we sign another young hungry lineman?? Awesome.

Throw in a LT in the draft at 7 and we might have one of the better lines in the NFL!

It sure led to a lot of wins for Tenn last season.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to see ya back at the helm RT!!!! you were well missed. the last article must of set some kind of record for this site. you see Take we're all misfit rebels and have nowhere else to go. If someone leaves for a bit. no big, we're not goin anywhere. when they get back it'll be like they never left. like comin back to ol' homeroom.


6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! was hoping you would notice the progress and come back home.



6:45 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Good to see you back in the saddle Raider Take.

Your blog serves a valuable, much needed outlet for us misfits.

I know you have a very high standard on your posts but don't worry about having something clever to say or earth shaking news to report to put your paws to the keys. Your perspective and witty sense of humor alone is more than enough to keep us amused.

I propose a new "rule of RT thumb" ... whenever the posts gets past 500, it is time for you to drop us a line even if it is to report that Garcia has the hottest wife in the NFL bar none.

The kid from Gilroy, whether you like him or not, has led a charmed life ... a professional QB in the NFL who comes home to a drop dead gorgeous, sexy as hell wife. :D

7:23 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I agree at this point...If the "Crab" in on the board we take him a #7....

If NOT...Look to the positions not yet drafted on "D"-n-"O"...

Anno 6:35...

Fact is I was the 1st here to post a desire to take Vick as soon as it was reported he may have a "Get out of Jail free card"....My take at the time is the same as now...He would come in a a very reduced price and play the "Slash" position until he proves himself worthy of promotion...Failure sends him out the door and than who will pick him up....

The Patsy "Cheatsters" of course who take anyone who failed to play well in OakTown and go win with them....That used to be us so that sucks the big one...


7:24 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Speaking of our poisons of choice ... my top 5 depending on the situation:

1. In a pub or tavern: Black (Guinness) and Tan (Bass Ale).

2. Game Day: Corona & lime

3. Sushi Night: Kirin

4. Fine restaurant: Amstel Light

5. Regular bar: Heineken

Cheers! Calico Jack

7:31 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

Welcomr back RT. you sure are a deep thinker !!!!!

plaxico burress & matt jones are available.

these are bad guys, but talented guys. and WR is a sore spot.

anybody think we should take a chance with either one of these players ?

blanda, if this really is a return to 1970's and 80's, these edgy bad guys would not scare the raiders away. right ?

7:46 PM  
Blogger H said...


There’s an NFL bar where the wives hang out? Send me the address.

You go to fine restaurants? I like the ones where the beer list is bigger than the menu.


I might take a cursory look at Jones, but anyone dumb enough to shoot themselves, then stupid enough to try and cover it up? This guy had to score a zero on the wunderlich.


If there are any IPA’s left when I locate the search party, I’ll send them your way. And, if a Tuck rule situation occurs maybe it will happen in Oakland. Then, as in the Immaculate Deception, the refs would be talking to security instead of the replay official. Just who were those refs talking to back then anyway, we had no replay official.


Who says the front office wasn’t realigned. Just because it didn’t make the press doesn’t mean it didn’t happen with the Cone of Silence in place. Also, realignment doesn’t necessarily mean firing.


4:44 AM  
Anonymous AllyOop said...

~RaiderCat and PantyRaider...

If Crabtree falls to us (and there is a very good chance he may, given his surgery which precluded any workouts), I think Al will be hard pressed not to take him.

Crabtree, McFadden, Zack Miller, all capable of so many things offensively, giving Russell options to dream of...

Oh be still my beating heart!

What can I say about the defensive side of the ball? I am curious and anxious to see how it will be revealed under our new defensive coordinator. So far, we've heard very little.

So if Crabtree isn't there, will we go defense? A big road grader?

Lord knows we need one...


5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He lives! I'd talk crap too except I haven't been around much myself.

Things are beginning to smell a bit minty around here. All things considered, we should do pretty well on paper.

My two cents for the month; Garcia = great signing, even if immediately posted a "QB Controversy" front page to kick things off. I don't see a single negative here.

Thanks for the heads-up, man I'm slippin' these days. But I did get 1,000 though right? Yeah baby! My 2009 is complete, and it's only April!


6:13 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...


The purported Al Davis love of "bad boys" has been overblown by the media through the years. What Al has always believed in is giving players opportunities to prove themselves. Most of Davis' "bad boys" were along the lines of the Stork - free spirits who couldn't lock into the military type mindset of most professional sporting teams at the time. There were one or two over the years, like Warren Wells, who had criminal tendencies. But Wells was only with the Raiders a few years. If Wells had gotten some therapy, and locked on to maximizing his football skills, Wells might have been a Hall of Famer.

Also, in the 70s and 80s, it seemed like Davis always tried to add to an existing team personality. For someone who says he doesn't consider "chemistry," Davis always considered it a lot. Well, somebody did. Personally I think it was equal parts Madden and Flores.

H, that's not the kind of realignment I'm talking about. I'm talking about the kind of realignment that makes Al Davis' position similar to the Willie Mays statue in front of Pac Bell Park. All stiff and bronze, collecting pigeon droppings.

Game day drinking?

Morning - Bloody Marys
Kick off through final gun - California micro brew.
Victory - Glenlivet (aged 15 years)
Celebratory Dinner - California Cabernet or Chardonnay (depending on white meat or dark)
After Dinner - Prager Port
Night cap - Hennessey Cognac.

Enjoy it while you're doing it, because you'll have no recollection of it in the morning.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously though, Plaxico available at a discount thanks to his nonsense? Sign this guy, he immediately makes us dangerous beyond belief. Trade down, stack picks.

who the hell cares if it's anonymous, as long as it's on topic

8:55 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Maclin is coming in today for a visit. Label that "smokescreen."

The Raiders have already talked to Maclin and have seen him work out. I think they've already made the decision on him one way or the other. But the Raiders understand that both Crabtree and Maclin will be hot commodities in this draft.

By showing interest in one of the two, the Raiders hope that someone will bite on the WRs before picking the guy the Raiders want.

9:12 AM  
Blogger H said...


We like to know who we are talking to or about.

And, as I said. If he's that dumb I don't want him.

Gameday Drinking:

Beer, followed by more beer.

Anything from an amber to a stout. If it's lighter than an amber, why bother. But, that's just me.


9:19 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

After reading Jmacs live blog last night, I love what he sez about NFL football types thinking Crabtree will create separation and how he has the ability to GET TO THE BALL.

This is what separates the wheat from the chaff with receivers IMO... something that still makes me wonder what happened to Curry because he used to have "it"... and suddenly lost it.

I'll take a receiver that will come down with the ball amongst 4 defenders every time than a guy that runs a 4.2 but can't come up with the ball unless he is wide open. Hands down. We already have JLH, Crabtree would be the perfect "hands guy" to compliment.

And I still stand by my earliest statement about this years draft... NO WAY AL PASSES ON CRABTREE if he is available... even though I would rather have a LT or a trade down.

I will be happy with Crabtree.

9:23 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Gary, I think Al is looking for a receiver in the 2nd round this time. My feeling is they will look to either Robiskie or Barden - both are considered to have great hands. Robiskie is a fight for the ball over the middle type, Barden is tall and fast with soft hands - I've heard he's a WR version of Miller. I'm pretty sure the Raiders are trying to position for Raji. Imagine a rotation of Kelly, Warren and Raji. Just having Kelly and Raji line up side by side would block out half the sky and require runners to look to the outside.

9:50 AM  
Blogger H said...


" makes me wonder what happened to Curry because he used to have "it"... and suddenly lost it."

Three surgeries for torn Achilles tendons. Injuries, even after rehab, come back to haunt you, and suddenly. I thought my back was all better, went about living my life as if nothing had changed. Then, one day I got out of bed and couldn’t stand up straight.

There are some injuries that shorten your career more than others. I think Achilles tendons are one of those. Look at how small your feet and ankles are compared to the rest of your body. Yet they have to support the rest of the body. Hell, Sterling Sharp had to retire because of Turf Toe.


9:50 AM  
Blogger RaiderCat said...

"... something that still makes me wonder what happened to Curry because he used to have "it"... and suddenly lost it."

"... There are some injuries that shorten your career more than others. I think Achilles tendons are one of those...."

Yup... I used to LOVE Curry's effort. Good observation, H.

Game Day Imbibing?
Heineken - 80% of the time

Clos Du Bois Merlot

When I'm really trying to impress a lady, I go extravagant: Nieman-Coppola's Director's Reserve Cabernet <== "Buttery"

BTW... Are Gary and gary the same???


10:10 AM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

H, & Blanda,

i agree it's pretty dumb to shoot yourself, but on the other hand, there's no way the giants win the SB without burress.

and matt jones was the leading receiver for jacksonville.

i'm of the thinking to sign BOTH these wr's, and try to trade up and draft DE brian orakpo.

who agree's ??

10:19 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

SI has pulled its drug alegation against Raji. So his stock will again rise.

Here's what I think the deal is on Maclin. The Jags want Maclin, and they pick at #8. The Raiders would like to see the Jags trade up to nab Maclin with a team most likely to nab Raji. I think the Raiders believe that the two teams ahead of them most likely to draft Raji are Kansas City and Cleveland.

Since half the mocks have the Raiders taking Maclin, Davis decided to bring Maclin in for a visit to accent that view. He's hoping the Jags get twitchy.

10:27 AM  
Blogger H said...


Not me.


12:12 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Raider00, it's a balance. Schillens and Higgins looked great at the end of the year. If we brought in two WRs, that would be a statement to both of these guys that we have no confidence in them. Adding one WR for the sake of experience and depth is another matter.

I'd like to see us get that one WR, but who? It needs to be someone with minimal baggage and will be a strong team presence. Otherwise Cable is forced to take a step back from what he's been building. I'm not saying we CAN'T get that guy. I'm saying that he hasn't presented himself yet.

I think that presence will show up later in the off season, during the next round of free agency after teams have made their draft choices. It might also come through a trade.

As the off season is a marathon, timing is everything.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H, my champagne line on Blanda wasn't in reference to him imbibing, but rather him "celebrating" a forgone conclusion that we're fixed and assured a SB trophy.. as in "break out the champagne".

12:48 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Bama7, where did I say we were going to the Super Bowl? If you say so, I must have said it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I might be misunderstanding you because you actually said "SB trophy." Perhaps what you were talking about is the Strawman Bowl. I always expect that you'll win that every year.

1:18 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

This is the kind of thing I just love...

This guy's writing an article about what a lazy SOB Russell is...

"I predict Russell to be phased out if he does not produce over the first four or five games or whenever the bye week is (too lazy to check)."

1:40 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

H, & Blanda,

i understand the risk involved with burress and jones.

but, let's keep in mind, these are 2 of the more talented wr's in the league.

picking up these players for probably token contracts, would free up the raiders to persue the defensive players they badly need in the draft.

remember, the other part of my suggestion was trading up a spot or two, and getting blue chip DE, Brian Orakpo.

think about it. adding, burress, jones, orakpo, and the others we would draft.
in addition to what already has been added.

i find it very tempting.

2:54 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Raider00, no doubt it's a legitimate temptation. The problem with Burress is that he's facing prison time if he won't negotiate a plea bargin. We'll know more after his court appearance in June. He's refusing, currently, any offer that requires any prison time at all, even though his lawyer has negotiated that he'd be released by training camp. That's why the Giants released him. They didn't know if they'd be able to count on him.

Jones is another issue. However, there's another aspect in all of this that a lot of folks seem to be forgetting. Schilens was our seventh round pick. Nobody expected that Schilens would make the final cut. Yet here he is, looking at the possibility of being a starter.

The hot commodity last off season was supposed to be Arman Shields. A high draft pick who had developed an excellent working relationship with Russell in camp. But Shields was injured and wound up on IR. I want to know if Shields' last training camp was a fluke, or if he's the real deal.

3:14 PM  
Blogger H said...


I wasn’t doubting their physical talent level. I was questioning their intelligence level.


I knew what you meant, it’s called sarcasm. From Blanda’s answer he got it.


5:37 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Raider 00:

I personally would take a flyer on Matt Jones but pass on Plaxico. Our WR depth chart is too slanted (no pun intended) towards unproven youth.

We need to add 1 veteran WR such as Jones or Drew Bennett,white men who CAN jump, to the equation.

Can we rely on Walker and Schillens as our #1 and #2 WRs? I say no.

I also don't want us to take a WR (Crabtree) at #7. Yes, I want BJ Raji. Run D is our biggest weakness, bar none.

If we are going to add a WR in the draft, I'm quite certain we can land a good prospect in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round. Personally, I think Bardens will more than likely be available in the 3rd round. Robiske is a very polished WR who runs great routes, has excellent hands, and aggressively fights for the ball.

My WR Depth Chart:

M. Jones or D.Bennett

BTW, Maclin is not a good fit for the Raiders. He is too 1 dimensional and not a physically tough WR.

What JRuss needs is a WR who is precise in his route running, can create separation, is sure handed, and fights for the ball in flight. The knock on Crabtree is that he ran basically 4 routes in the spread formation and rarely faced anything but single coverage. He very well might become a fantastic WR but the risk is too high at #7.

6:55 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


The only ones worth a damn who are available are also in trouble with the law...

My personal attitude...I don't give a rats ass what a player does outside the game as long as he put's it all on the field when he's there...

Plexico...Does he lay down like "NO-Moss" or does he give it his all....From what I saw in Pits -n- NY I totally like the guy and would love to see him doing his job for the Raiders....

Jones...I don't know because I have not seen him play much...I could look up the stats but I still would not know sense I have not followed his team....

"Slash" Vick...This is a guy I have seen play and love to watch him on the field...He should NOT be brought in as the leader of any team as in "QB" but if he is willing to come back to football as a "Slash" player with future hopes than I for one would love to see him doing it in OakTown...

He is FAST...He knows the game and can read the "D"...He has great hands as a "QB" and projects well as a "WR"....He may run routs in ways that "WR"s don't because of his understanding of the game and the "QB" position just like Curry a few times as he burnt the "D" for "TD"s...If he can develop a comunication with "JRus" this is something we could see alot of.....

"JRus" may like to have him on the team...He said Calihan was his idol and who he patterned himself after...Vick is symilar but much faster...He has also been durable...And the fact is with him in the back-field the "D" is terrified...Does he run...Does he throw...What is "McFab" doing...And now they have to consentrate on covering the "WR"s-n-"TE"...So this will slow down the pass-rush while they check-down on the players...They want to flood the box but can't because the weapons we have force them to play a nickle or dime...

My starting Back-Field...




If not Buris than the "Crab" at "WR" as starter...Although I would really love to have them both and than release Walker after he reduced his salery so the cap hit would not be as great...


7:53 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...


i agree with you.

plax burress and matt jones are gamers on sunday.
they are vets, but in their primes, and can step in and help right away.

did plax shoot himself ? yes. did jones mess around with drugs ? yes.

is this dumb & dumber ? yes, yes.

but these guys do not seem to be a disruption to their teams.

go ask eli manning if he wanted burress back.
hell yeah, he wanted him back.

they are not like T.O. screaming if every pass is not thrown his way.
ranting on the sidelines, yelling in coaches faces.
ragging on his Qb's, and forming cliques that help divide the team.

burress and jones are guys that get in trouble away from the field.
but on the field, they perform.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

a forgone conclusion that we're fixed and assured a SB trophy.. as in "break out the champagne".

I think most normal Raider fans would break out the champagne with a playoff appearance...and with the suddenly dysfunctional Donks, and inactivity of SD, might be a possibility! KC is no better with Cassell than Thigpen, IMO.

8-8 to the playoffs baby!!!!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

H.. the "it" I was talking about is getting the ball. I don't think an injury changed that with Curry.

He completely lost his confidence.

Think of it as Knaublaugh (sp?) suddenly not being able to throw to first.

Curry suddenly started to drop sure catches when before he could catch anything lobbed in his area. Thats a mental injury, not a physical one, IMO.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

BlandaRocked said...

Gary, I think Al is looking for a receiver in the 2nd round this time.

I am simply going by the past Al... Crabtree just seems to irresistible for him to pass up.

LIke I said, if I see a LT, or even more remarkable, a TRADE DOWN... we are seeing new territory here.

And no this would not a bad thing.

And I am also fine with Raji.

Al can make any of four choices and I will be happy. Crabtree, LT, trade down, or Raji.

I don't think I will be as pissed off as I was last year.

10:41 PM  
Blogger H said...


Injuries that take away from one part of your body, affect you elsewhere. You try to make adjustments. If the adjustments aren’t working, you start pressing. When that doesn’t work you start losing confidence. Some, like Jerry Rice and Tim Brown make the adjustments after major injuries. Maybe Curry just hasn’t.

I don’t know if that’s it, just an opinion based on observation and experience. I hope he gets it together, I like the guy.


You may not give a rats ass about the off field activities. For the most part I don’t either. However, I do care about the locker room. I see major negatives in those areas with Burris and Vick. Jones, I don’t know about. Maybe McFadden does, both are Arkansas guys. Also, Burris had the nickname “Plexiglas” at one time. It was a dig because he broke down easy. Not sure why they chose that, real Plexiglas was developed to not be easily breakable. Think windshield.


Not every military unit is as “militaristic” as one would think. The old Raiders were more reflective of the unit I was in. We just didn’t “fit in”. One of the guys I knew would make The Stork proud, and he won a Silver Star. I’d trust him with my life and the lives of my family.

It appears the Stripped Kittens have snapped up Tank Johnson. He was one of the FA’s I would have brought in. As I said, what he did would be considered legal in some states. Probably why he wound up in Texas. And, he appeared to have been a good citizen with the Cowgirls.


5:08 AM  
Blogger H said...


One other item on Burris.

Remember the basket case Javon Walker turned into after his signing. Part of his problem was due to off field incidents and their affect on his psyche.

Right now this team is not good enough to take those types of risk as we learned with Walker.

I would prefer to continue with the "steady as she goes" approach with this ship.

As in the movie "Destination Tokyo" I see us sneaking through the submarine nets undetected by sonar because of the noise made by the screws in Denver, KC and SD.


7:00 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

As Jmac keeps repeating, and I agree... I don't think we will see the Raiders picking up players with character issues under Cable for awhile.

I think Al FINALLY got burned too often, and Cable wants a united locker room... which is the main reason I don't see Raji picked even if available.

Name one player Cable has even sniffed with character issues since he took over? Hell, he cut our best safety not for character issues, but for simply not being on board with the program. I think this is now a zero tolerance program... at least until he gets the ship sailing straight again.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, Blanda. SB was a bit strong of a description for your serial optimism.
I remain gun shy from past fiascos. It does, however, feel diferent this year (unlike shell II or Turner) but it felt better under Kiffin as well and that one ended up so ugly. And it wasn't all Kiffin's fault. Someone needed to call out our defensive strategy. Our defense needs to start running a modern scheme, period. I'm waiting to see what happens there, cuz we'll all know if it changes. The re-signing of Namdi makes me think it's not changing. The fact that virtually nothing has been done to add physicality on the front 7 (along with the re-signing of S Williams) makes me think nothing is changing on that side. Hope I'm wrong.

10:46 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Bama, a couple of things....

I'd agree with you regarding Kiffin except that Kiffin did not call out the defense. The press and the fans did. All Kiffin did was say he wasn't responsible for it. And that was typical of Kiffin. If someone pointed out shortcomings, he'd throw the entire rest of the team under the bus. No wonder Cable is a breath of fresh air for these guys.

Regarding Nnamdi, he's more than just a corner. He's a team leader on defense. In fact, he's the only team leader on defense.

You're right that nothing has been done yet regarding the front 7. But as I stated yesterday, the off season is a marathon. It's not a sprint. My feeling is that rookie defensive players are ready to contribute faster than rookie offensive player. I think Cable and Davis are waiting on the draft for the front 7.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Good morning, all!

Please pray for our neighbors in Mena, AR, as they lost 3 people in a tornado last night, 24 were injured and a lot of folks lost their homes.

I just love Tornado Alley.


5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff- will do.
Blanda:Kiff didn't throw the team under the bus... just another coach and "upper" mgt. here's a link to refresh your memory.

10:14 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

When you're the Head Coach, throwing another coach and the upper management under the bus, you ARE throwing the whole team under a bus. You either have loyalty for the organization that pays your salary or you don't.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


as far as your comment of dying of heart really don't want to die that way, just thought to let you know.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When you're the Head Coach, throwing another coach and the upper management under the bus, you ARE throwing the whole team under a bus. You either have loyalty for the organization that pays your salary or you don't"

Maybe the loyalty to the coach was non exsistent, ever think of that? It went both ways.. you don't throw the coach under the bus, the team will turn on you, Al knows this.


1:45 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Jones, as I understand it, Al Davis was Lane Kiffin's boss. So, no, it doesn't work both ways. Try telling your boss that it does. Davis was quiet until Kiffin started taking his issues to the media.

Further, the players understand that HCs will come and go while the owner remains. The players will remain loyal to the guy that signs their checks, not to the HC.

Kiffin made his own troubles.

2:54 PM  
Blogger H said...


Will do. Had to repair tornado damage to my house 11 years ago this month. So I completely understand.

Warren Sapp is running his mouth again. He said this about Cable, “Tom Cable couldn’t lead the Raiders to a picnic in his own back yard.”

While he was fairly glowing about Al Davis he added this, “I wish I could have won more for him.” The problem is his continuous use of the word “I”. Most players would have said “we” or “the team”. It’s like I said about him, he’s selfish. His number 1 fan is himself. His only reason for losing weight and coming back that last year was he felt disrespected because he didn’t make the Pro Bowl. It was all he talked about in camp.

He was always talking about “his” stats, and he said “he” created a monster in Tommy Kelly.

Quite frankly, I glad he feels that way about Cable. Makes me feel better about the man. Also, I’m sure Cable lies awake at night worried about what Sapp thinks about him.

As a disclaimer I would like to add I have never much liked Sapp. I always thought he was a selfish player.


3:01 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Charecture Issues...


And the other 100 names I forgot...

It totally depemds on the type of issue in question...

If a player is able to perform at a high level on the field dispite whatever outside problems he may have than I don't give a damn and will fully support him...That was the whole point of my post...A player who did his job is excused while a player like "NO-Moss" is NOT...Same for "TO" who makes problems on the field...

Fact is...The differance in a player who makes it or does not make it may be the result of his issues...Because of those issues he becomes excentric and commited in ways another would not...He becomes dangerous to himself and will risk his body while another who is just as talented physically will NOT because he has something else in life in his mind...

That "Psycho Edge" is what seperates some of the Great Players from ones who could not get up for the game or come back from injury...

PantyRaider....Take'm -n- Play'm!!!/_

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Someone in the comments under the Sapp article gave the best description possible of him:

"His soul stinks."

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes it does blunda, when an owner undermines his's game over. It's called a working relationship, not a dictatorship. If you weren't such a communist, you would know that the dictatorship method does not work. You see blunda, for a SUCCESSFUL team to morph, you need the players to RESPECT and want to play for the HEAD COACH, not the owner. Your " logic" is very warped. It is your type of thinking that keeps this organization in the 70's. Once a coach is dictated to by the owner, which is a major flaw of AD, the team loses respect for that coach and the dressing room will begin to fall apart. This has been proven throughout sports , throughout history. When will you EVER UNDERSTAND the basics needed for a good franchise?


2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In TODAYS game, these players who have problems off field are a problem on the team. Again, this isn't the 70's anymore. I know , you want it all to return back in time, but in REALITY, those days are gone. You need players who do it on and off the field, players who are distracted or are distracting doesn't work TODAY. It would be nice if you and your gang could get up to speed, it would make this site seem like it isn't in the TWILIGHT ZONE.


2:35 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


The 3 most important inter related ingredients in the dynamic of the relationship between Davis and the Head Coach are:

#1 Mutual respect
#2 Open and good communication
#3 And last but not least, winning

If you look at the Raiders history, all 3 components are firmly in place when we've been successful.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Jones, is it possible to make a point without insults?

Just curious.


4:32 PM  
Blogger H said...


Those names you mentioned where characters. Not character issues. There is a difference.

They were team players. Vick, Sapp, Moss, et al, were not team players. Moss quit on two teams, Sapp was interested only in his own stats, Vick was a polarizing figure, in and out of the locker room.

I've met Stabler on several occasions, and know some folks who worked with him on Alabama radio broadcast. Michale Vick couldn't carry his jock strap when it comes to being a team player.

Where those guys odd balls, you bet. But, I would go to war with them, along with Shell, Upshaw, Casper, Plunkett. I wouldn't trust Vick, Sapp or Moss to have my back.

It's just my stinking humble opinion, but I don't think the comparison fits.


5:38 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

According to Stablers book... Madden never cared what anyone did off the field as long as they showed up for practice every day, and most importantly, gave him their all on Sundays. And for the most part, they did.

The problem we are getting into lately is the players we keep picking up with character issues all are just as much fuck-ups on Sundays as they are in the rest of their lives.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

...further. The difference might be that the players these days all have lived such cradled and pampered lives that they think everything else should come as easily. Some of these players have been having favors thrown at them since JH. I saw the VIDEO of highlights of JRuss from junior high on Youtube fer chrissake.

Do they really know what it takes to go to war on Sundays like the party monsters Freddie B, Stabler, and the Tooz?? How would they? All they've known their adult lives is pomp and glory without earning it... especially with horrible coaching on top of it.

Thats why I have come around on this Garcia pickup.

If JRuss thinks he can stroll into camp without lifting a finger and sucking on Sundays and keep his job this year, he has a another thing coming.

Garcia might be the best pickup since Rice for the Raiders if it lights a fire under JRuss's ass.

7:01 PM  
Blogger H said...


"According to Stablers book... Madden never cared what anyone did off the field as long as they showed up for practice every day, and most importantly, gave him their all on Sundays. And for the most part, they did."

I think he cared if they did things that got them arrested.

Panty, you are right. It many times depends on the type of discression. If they beat up the wives or girl firends, I don't want them.

If it's a continual pattern like it was with Vick and Moss, I don't want them. It means they refuse to take responsibility for their actions, which makes them bad team mates.

If they do stupid things, like shoot themselvs then try to cover it up. Nope.

I don't expect saints. Say what you want about Jano, but he appears to have cleaned up his act from his early years.

If you are being paid millions, you have a responsibility to the league, the team and the fans. You want to go out drinking, fine. Hire a limo, you can afford it. Don't show up with your possee at strip clubs armed.

It's called common sense. And, if you have none, you're never going to learn from your mistakes. Vick has payed his debt according to the laws. But, he hasn't proven he has learned anything. I'd prefer he proved it somewhere else. We've been burned too many times the last few years.


6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When it comes to the 3 stooges, I cannot help myself. I have taken my share from them as well, it goes both ways. I offered a truce, they stomped all over it, take from that what you will.

Their idiotic comments are a running joke on this site and they think they are "true " fans. I just like to show them how absurd they are, maybe one day they might break out of their dreamy view of the RAIDERS.


1:32 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

I guess you're entitled to your opinion, Jones...


2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When was the last time AD had respect for his HC? When is the last time AD had GOOD communication with his HC? And of course WINNING, when was the last time?

Isn't this the formula for ANY team?


3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Blandarocked were on the tv show "Lost" then he would be John Locke. I can definitely see Blanda being the idiot who would push the button every 108 minutes.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


Their idiotic comments are a running joke on this site and they think they are "true " fans. I just like to show them how absurd they are, maybe one day they might break out of their dreamy view of the RAIDERS.

JONES (in all capitals) view of a "true fan" is to look upon the team he is "rooting" for with disgust, and predicting doom?

Sorry... count me out on that one, Bubba.

I'll go down swinging hoping for the best EVERY year.

It's the only way I roll.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well how noble of you Gary, you will go down fighting, like a true champ, cough,hack....

Same ole response from the 3 stooges. If seeing things that aren't there is noble and heroic....????? Then count me out.

"Tell it like it is", remember who said that? This is called TRUTH, when you say it how it is , without biased, dreamy if you want to make believe and call others idiots because they don't want to play make believe...then call me an idiot.

You can play make believe all you want, just don't pass it off as TRUTH because I won't be buying it.


5:12 PM  
Blogger H said...


You are definitely in the glass half empty category. It also appears that you are amongst a group I have encountered over the years that feels you are right and any view different from yours is wrong. When you are in on all the meetings, practices and planning sessions, at that point I will take your point of view as "Truth". Until such time it's just your opinion, as it is with every poster here.

It's a sport, a game. Lighten up. Your colon is all kinked up.

This site is for the exchange of ideas and debating the past, current and future state of the Raiders.

I think name calling because you disagree with someon is a bit middle schoolish.

If this site is nothing but idiotic comments and we are all so beneath you, why are you here?

And, if being a true fan means you can only be negative about the team, then I guess I've only been fooling myself the last 45 years of following this team.


5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said H!
I'll drink to that.


8:15 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...


You can play make believe all you want, just don't pass it off as TRUTH because I won't be buying it.

And you will be the first one here to say how wrong you were if the team returns to championship form in two years... right JONES?

Or will you suddenly slink away to the rock you live under?

I know what I am betting on.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Jones (forget all capitals, ok?):

"When was the last time AD had respect for his HC?"

Today. IMO, he fully respects Cable as shown by the autonomy and authority Cable has been granted this offseason. Before that, it would be 2002 with Gruden.

As far as the others;

Kiffin lost Al's respect by his constant bellyaching to the press and negative remarks about personnel.

Davis has always respected Art Shell as a person but it was clear to him that Shell wasn't capable as a HC the 2nd time around.

Davis respected Norv Turner's football knowledge but not his leadership skills.

One last note about 'respect' ... it is clear that Davis 'respects' a HC who wins. As I pointed out, respect, communication, and winning are interwined. You could easily make the case that the HC earns Al's respect by the product on the field AND by keeping him informed by regular communication.

When is the last time AD had GOOD communication with his HC?

Today. He has an excellent rapport and good, regular communication with Cable. Cable openly seeks out Al and enjoys learning from him.

He has not had good communication with his HCs the past six seasons. He deserves his fair share of blame for this lack of communication.

And of course WINNING, when was the last time?

2003 when the Raiders went to the SuperBowl. It has been a putrid past six seasons of double digit losses.

Isn't this the formula for ANY team?

Yes but it even more true with the Raiders due to Davis holding both owner and GM roles.

10:07 PM  
Blogger H said...


I'll drink to practically anything. Thanks,


4:32 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

jones, I'll just stand on Calico's last comments. Calico and I frequently disagree, but we do so with respect for each other's experience and perspective. But there is absolutely nothing in his last post that I disagree with.

From your posts, I only get a sense of sadness. How lonely it must be for you to be the only enlightened individual alive.

8:42 AM  
Blogger H said...

Hey, how 'bout that United States Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9:06 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Some damned good shooting over there, H.


11:47 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I've been waiting for it. Those guys can strike matchstick from a mile away.

11:50 AM  
Blogger H said...

Talk about a pair of gonadas. The most dangerous place to parachute into is the open ocean. You have about 30 seconds to get out of your harness or you drown.

They may have the bouncy compensators to keep them afloat, but when a parachute and the canvas harness, backpack and everything get waterlogged, you're in deep trouble.

I tip my cap to them.


12:06 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I knew it wouldn't end well for the pirates. All the concern was for the captain. Still, sniper fire was a difficult assignment because they couldn't see inside the boat to take a clear shot. Then the pirates were stupid enough to expose themselves all at the same time. They should have known that would close out the chapter immediately.

I figured if they couldn't get a clean shot, the next step would be some sort of gas (a sleeping agent) while the Navy ship was up wind of the lifeboat during the night.

From the one they captured, they will now get information on the location of his cohorts ashore. Then expect to hear the sound of Navy jets firing up their engines.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Yeah, SEALS are one group of sailors this jarhead ain't gonna' call squids--I'll let my Recon/Anglico buddies get into THAT particular firefight...



3:06 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Talk about your "measured response." 3 bullets = 3 pirates. And even one left to give a stern talking to. Yar...

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jury is still out on Cable, he has only coached half a season to garner the respect you claim = not enough time.

AD never respects his HC, he has always meddled, if he respected the coach, he would leave the TEAM to the coach, he can't because he thinks he is better than them. This is why he will never hire a coach who wants and needs to control all phases of coaching.

AD respected Gruden? They had a good relationship? Seems to me, when AD hired Gruden, he was in the worst state he had ever been, he let a coach put in an offense he HATES. As soon as GRUDEN brought the team to respectability, AD forced him out and reverted to putting his stamp on the team. Since then it has been same story as it was before Gruden was hired.

Kiffin lost respect of AD when he stood up to him, AD thought he would make a good lapdog, didn't work out that way. Shell?? Come on, the only reason AD hired ShellII was because he had no other options. When AD fired Shell, he said the teams woes were all Art's fault and then blamed Art for taking Huff. AD had booted Art out the door and Art is still very bitter about the way AD treated him when Art bailed him out of a corner. You guys sure like to rewrite history.

As far as all you other whiners, who cares what you say, the proof is in the pudding = record for most losing, at least 11 gms, seasons.

Lastly, Hey Gary, when have you EVER admitted you were wrong? You are wrong on just about every point you have ever tried to make. So once you " Man up" then I will, problem is, I have never been wrong. I was calling all that has happened back in the 90's when it became very clear that AD WAS causing the problems instead of fixing them.


6:23 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

LMBackSideO@ "Yar."

That there wuz funny. Got me all tickled, like.


6:31 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...



Are you actually a fan of the Raiders?

I'm just wondering, cuz, like, you know, you'd have a hard time proving it in court, judging by your rhetoric.

I'm also wondering if you've ever read this guy, Dale Carnegie?

Just curious...


6:37 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


You are 100% correct ... the jury is still out on Cable. The 2009 season will dictate whether or not the Cable/Davis relationship can be productive and long term.

I don't discount the fact that it takes a unique HC to work in harmony with Davis.

As a Raider fan, I have not been pleased with Davis' overall performance as owner and GM the past six seasons. I think he has been on the right track this offseason.

However, I honestly feel that Cable has a legitimate shot at building some long term stability because he seems to have the right chops and personality (egoless, team first, football lifer) to make it work.

You write, "I have never been wrong. I was calling all that has happened back in the 90's when it became very clear that AD WAS causing the problems instead of fixing them."

Just wondering what you were thinking when the team won 3 straight division titles, appeared in 2 AFC championships, and 1 SB in this decade?

Any guy who says he has never been wrong is only kidding himself. Were you wrong about the 2000, 2001, and 2002 seasons? If you believe the Raiders have been completely hopeless since the 90's what are you doing still following the team 19 years later? Give me a F'N break, Jones.

Even if you can't stand Davis do you find any hope in the young core of players on the team? Is there any aspect of Raider football that you enjoy? Do you like any players? What do you think about Cable? Your viewpoint is so negative that I wonder why you even bother following the team and visiting this site. To each his own ... but life is too short. Find the things that bring you joy and steer clear of the ones that bring you heartache. The day that I get your attitude about the Raiders I will check out.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was right about the Gruden years, I told all that would listen, AD has to back away, get someone who can bring a new attitude to the team. Not the same ole lapdog yesman that AD did before and after Gruden. Lo and behold, AD did it and we won with a new way of doing it.

And then what happened? AD got all prideful again and wanted to do it his way again, look at the results.

As far as you using Cable as your proof of heading in the right's going to take much more than this, you may set yourself up again, I won't.

Being a fan of the Raiders? Have been since '70, once a Raider, always a Raider, could never have another team. Just because I do not agree with how AD runs the team, does not mean I'm going into depression over it. It is those who continue to live through the Raiders, with their dreamy glory of what once was, are the sick ones. As you get older, you grow and part of that growth is understanding what is and what isn't.

What isn't with the Raiders is an owner/GM who hires yesmen and undermines their authority, causing dysfunction within the organization. Having poor drafts year after year, poor FA signings, coaching carousel and on and on.

Insane = doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I see this, on this site, so I step in once and a while to ring your bells a bit. But you are all so bitter at those who are willing to tell and accept the TRUTH. You hate when someone pisses on your "half glass full" outlooks, that you will try to shoo them off without even addressing the points made. I am a Raider as much as any of you, I won't swallow bullshit, I will call out bullshit and if you guys don't like it.....too bad, BAN ME THEN.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

post above by


8:28 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

The "3" Stooges...

Proud to be one of the "In-Croud"...So which one am I...Curlly-Moe-Forgotton Name...

As for the "AnnoAss"s that continue to post and leave a name at the bottom....

You must be very foolish if you think your rediculas little smoke screen is accually working...Any idiot can post as several differant negative ass's with differant names from the same damn computer in an attemp to demenstrat a groupe of negative posters instead of just one "FadaBoy" Freak trying to hang-out with da "men in Black"....

What a group of "Moron"s in the singular sense....One Group...Bet that shot went totally over your colective "Dick-Heads"....

Now onto something actually important...


Something for real and now the captains go threw a class dealing with terrorism that was not presant in "92" when I got my master's license...The training changes with the times...I watched alot of what happended here live from Thailand and liked the way it was handled dispit the way Fox Anti-News tried to spin it against the presant addminestration...,

Than yesterday I was in the middle of a Mini-War at Ban Laem on the Khmer border where my wife is from because she wanted to go there and see her girl friends durring the April water festavel...People were happy and dancing in the rain and than all went silent as a young Khmer boy was beat to death by some Thai's....The police did next to nothing....The boys body lay lifeless in the back of a pick-up without attention...That was at 2:00 and by 3:00 we were on our way out of there...Just a week before there was shooting to the north over a land dispute about a Khmer Wat...

We came here with S'rey's new passport and 2 month visa on the 10th...War broke out at Pataya the next day and now has spred to Bangkok where we were to be going tomorro...Think I will wait so as to not put her in any more danger...

Life has become volitile...The econimy plays an important role as people become desperate...

Loving the Raiders as we do and living in the "Fantacy" of "Pirtacy" has been fun but in the flesh it's quit differant...Nothing fun about it...

Resigned Hiram Eugene...

Keep thy heads above water Mates...Seas appear rough ahead...

PantyRaider...Non GridIron War!!!/_

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh punty, can't argue the points so you attack the messenger. Oldest trick from the book of cowards. You are the one who posts under different names, my posts come from one name and that = JONES.

1:09 AM  
Blogger H said...


It seems I have to repeat this history lesson two or three times a year when the subject of Gruden comes up.

Al Davis did not force Gruden out. Near the end of the ’01 season there was a contract extension on the table, with a nice raise. For whatever reason, at the same time, Gruden’s name was being floated for several college coaching positions. If memory serves, Florida and Notre Dame were amongst them. My only guess is Gruden’s agent wanted more money. The negotiations were postponed until after the season.

A short time after the “Tuck Rule” game, Al got feelers from the Suckaneer owners regarding Gruden. Al called Gruden in the middle of the night and asked point blank if he wanted to stay or go. Gruden said he wanted to be closer to his family in Tampa. Al said “OK” then did the deal. Gruden has never denied that is the way it happened.

Was Davis completely blameless in the situation… no. Did things get contentious between the two… don’t know, but highly possible. But, it doesn’t exactly sound like a force out to me. Sounds more like a mutual parting of ways.


Larry, Moe, Curly and sometimes Schemp. As far as I’m concerned the Curly Joe years didn’t happen. Just a bad dream. I’d volunteer to be Curly, but I actually have hair, so I’d have to be Moe or Shemp. It’s kind of like The Three Musketeers, or is that Mouseketeers, sorry visions of Annette Funicello growing into her sweater just flashed through my mind. Anyway, there were actually four Musketeers, three official and one tag along.


Jarhead, eh. I’ve got a brother-in-law who was a Jarhead. But, I found it in my heart to forgive him anyway. Just kidding. I was Army Airborne. We may kid each other in the different branches, but when one of us pulls off something like that, we stand up, salute and say “Well done”. I've got friend who commanded a boomer in the Navy. I'm always asking him just how in the hell the Navy allowed him to have keys to nuclear missiles. I sent him a congratulatory email on a job well done by his boys as soon as I heard.

Thanks for your service.


5:18 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Thanks, H, and right back atcha'.

BTW, you're damn right about the interservice rivalries, although I'd never allow a SEAL to think he's better than my boys in Force Recon or Anglico.

Still, those SEALS pulled off some outstanding shooting. Hell, they might even get on the scoreboard against some USMC Scout/Snipers. Heh.

I'm a jail chaplain, and one of the corrections sergeants I used to work with had been USAF Pararescue. Those guys are some pretty bad hombres. They train with all the Spec Op types, too. He had some pretty good stories to tell. Of course, I couldn't let him think that the Air Farce was anything other than civilians in uniform... ;^)


6:29 AM  
Blogger H said...


I know what you mean. I was in Special Forces and we were always exchanging insults with the Rangers. That’s why we have all these different units. It all depends on the mission.

We always told the Air Force they were just providing taxi service for us. They would tell us only a fool would jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


6:57 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

Roger that, H.

Don't forget that the Navy is the world's greatest taxi service, and the Coast Guard is our brown water Navy/puddle pirate squad, ya' friggin' doggie. LOL

Oh, and have you heard how to kill a U.S. Marine? Throw some sand against a wall and tell him to hit the beach.

Have you heard that the Coast Guard has a strict height requirement of six feet tall? Yeah, that's so that when their boats sink, the Coasties can wade back to shore.

Just funnin'...


8:00 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...

OBTW, here's an equal-opportunity offender:

Did you know that lifers are like tigers?

They're big pussycats with a lot of stripes...


8:02 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...


But you are all so bitter at those who are willing to tell and accept the TRUTH.

Pass the popcorn... the PROJECTIONist is here.

8:09 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Jones, you wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit you on the backside. You don't have truth. All you have is attitude.

If you're going to argue with someone, you best stick with me. My arguments are annectdotal, Calico brings facts and figures to the table. H has been there and done that. Attitude doesn't go far with him.

As for your arguments, I've been hearing the likes of Jim Rome pawn that kind of crap. And it is crap. It doesn't pay much attention to the facts. It also doesn't make any sense.

Hey, but who needs sense when you got attitude? Right? Just ask Jim Rome. His claim to fame is getting Jim Everett to push his face in on national TV.

9:03 AM  
Blogger H said...


What’s the difference between Paratroopers and Bird Shit?

The parachute.

But, here’s one thats complimentary for you.

If it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight…U. S. Marines.


I’ve been where and done what? Was I drinking heavily at the time, I don’t remember. But thanks for the complement.

I'm just in a wise assed mood today.


9:18 AM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...


Good call, H., and thanks.

So does that attitude qualify your opinion as extra stinky today?



9:34 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Well, for one thing, H, you and Ark served in the military. I never did. I came within about five lottery numbers of being drafted in 1972, but that's about the closest I've come.

I have several friends who were in Vietnam. For some reason, mostly Navy guys. A couple in special forces. One of my friends who was in the Navy told me a joke about Marines - although Marines likely tell the story the other way around.

A Sailor and a Marine are in a public restroom. The Sailor finishes business and starts to leave. The Marine says, "In the Marines they teach us to wash our hands after using the restroom." The Sailor says, "In the Navy we don't pee on our hands."

9:51 AM  
Blogger H said...


I in such a mood today I'll probably insult myself. That's how stinky it is.

Speaking of stinky opinions and analysis. The Raiders are suddenly bringing in a plethora of potential second day choices. O-Line, receivers, LB's, with even more scheduled.

I would assume some of them are just smokescreen types to keep others guessing what they will do.

A potential first rounder, Darrius Heyward-Bey, seems to be of interest to the Raiders. He has the size and speed Al likes, and the locker room attitude Cable likes according to the reports.

If true, it could mean an actual trade down. He's potential first round, but not a top ten.

Wait a minute, that actually made sense and I promised myself not to make sense today.


It's a very versatile one, been used as an Alabama/Auburn joke on both sides. The good ones have a long life span.

I actually was drafted, wound up staying six years. Me and Mrs. H were married in an Army Chapel. Got a friend on The Wall. I stop by once in a while and say hi to him.


10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H, one problem with your recap on the Gruden flight out of oakstown. You left out the two key pieces of the problem. i won't get into piece #1 which is that basically Gruden didn't like being micromangaed. I'l stick with piece #2 that the Al lovers hate to discuss or deal with: when a new coach comes in and turns your franchise from Bugel 4-12 to one of THE best teams in the NFL.. a team that most in the nfl were scared to play because there was the potential to be embarrassed for 60 minutes while their defense couldn't stop a first down to save thier lives, then that coach deserves a raise, don't you think? And don't come back with the "honor" contracts argument cuz I know someone that built an unbelievable reputation burning others in the business world. And when the dust settled on those events all one could say was good for him, he was the better business man. So a coach skipped off and said good luck dumping my system... and here we sit, no longer one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the nfl.

10:25 AM  
Blogger H said...


As I pointed out, at the time of the negotiations, Gruden's agent, or someone, was leaking Chucky's name in conjunction with every open college position. Something that irritates Al to no end as we found out with Kiffing/University of Arkansas.

I was also addressing the idea that Gruden was "forced out."

I, now as I did then, give Gruden all the credit in the world for what he did. But, he was given a choice, and he left. Gruden has never disputed that sequence of events.

I also said Al wasn't blameless in the situation. But, Chucky contributed his share too. That's my point. It's was not completely as one sided as the Al detractors would want you to believe.

Yes, here we sit, and where is Gruden? He ain't on the sidelines. Got canned. But, I believe he will be back, as will we.


10:43 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Bama, you jump over some major points. First off, Gruden HAD an offer and a raise on the table. He also had an agreement to further discuss a larger raise. It appears to me that Gruden was getting the respect he deserved. I've never once heard Gruden say he didn't. Gruden also maintains that the miromanagement issue was resolved by using Bruce Allen as a go-between. You frequently tell us how Gruden felt about things, but the problem is that Gruden doesn't seem to agree with you.

I'd also point out another fact. Davis had no problem with Gruden's system because it remained in place through the next season. Remember - that's why Jon beat us in the Super Bowl. Callahan used Gruden's same offense, he just opened up the passing game. In Callahan's second season, CALLAHAN made the choice to change the offense because he felt that it had been exposed by Gruden himself. That was also the intitial point of contention between the players and Callahan. To a man, Gannon included, the players did not see the point of completely revamping a successful offense because of one game - even though it was the Super Bowl.

It was NOT Davis who changed the offense. Remember this, and remember it well - the man who changed the Gruden offense was CALLAHAN!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your "history lesson" is "as your memory serves you" and "contentious between the two… don’t know" and "My only guess". That's quite the way to prove history.

Seems you are painting a picture, anyone who follows the Raiders knows what happened. Gruden wanted to call the shots and AD said no = Gruden wanted out and AD got bitter. Same scenario as Kiffin, once a lapdog starts pushing AD for control, they get "thrown under the bus" of "rumors" of wanting to go to a college team. Can you not see the game plan?

Do you remember the Super Bowl against the Bucs? Gruden with his exaggerated fist pumps and over the top celebration? All the while looking up at AD's owners box, if you could not see the contempt in Gruden towards AD, you weren't paying attention. Yes there was bad blood between Gruden and AD and your guessing and memory will not change history.

Looking at history of the last 25 years and AD's contempt for HC's who want to control what happens on the field. It becomes very clear what is happening. It will never work for AD to continue his pattern of hiring lapdogs and controlling it behind the scenes. This, over history, has proven itself as failure. For you and your ilk to continue to believe that it will = insane. This is the TRUTH, like it or not, attack the messenger all you want, it won't change the TRUTH.


11:23 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

You're right JONES. No matter what the facts are, you will continue with your own made-up version of the world. Gruden is an outspoke guy. He always has been. Go out and find me one quote from Gruden where he backs up your story. Just one! Okay, I'll wait....

I forgot that Cable has a press conference today. We won't learn much. Pre draft press conferences are more about obscuring than revealing. Cable's job today is likely to fool some teams about which players the Raiders are most interested in. Particularly the ones who draft in front of them, but also some of the teams drafting behind them - just in case they do want to trade down.

12:19 PM  
Blogger H said...

Ok Jones, I'll bite. Prove yours is the truth. You keep saying it is.

I utilize that terminology, precisely because I was not eyewittness to the events. I only go by what I have read. And, as I stated, Gruden has never disputed the sequence of events.

Your writings, on the other hand, indicate a personal involvement in the goings on. That, or your clairvoyance is working much better than mine.

Besides, I'm not out to "prove" history. My postings are analysis and opinion. You seem to promote yours as absolute gospel. So, I ask you, what is your source? Where you there? Did you tape the phone call where Al Davis told Gruden to pack his bags, or did it happen the way Al said it did, which Gruden does not dispute?

Also, you have gone back 25 years. Sorry, not allowed. Blanda and I aren't allowed to talk about the 60's 70's and early 80's.

The fact is that is how Al Davis describe the situation, from contract extension to midnight call. And, Gruden's name was being connected with multiple college openings. How much tension there was between the two, I was not privy to and neither were you.


12:24 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

H, I think what Jones was trying to say is that Davis himself invented the college offers to Gruden as a way of undermining him to the players. Sheesh...

And apparently Gruden is a big liar himself. Gruden has his opinions on paper - remember - he wrote a book. The book doesn't dispute Al's version of events. Fact is, I don't ever remember Davis EVER saying anything bad about Gruden. And yet, apparently, Al wants the world to think that a coach he was very proud of selecting is an idiot. And why does Al want the world to think Gruden's an idiot? Because Gruden did what he was hired to do and created a winner.

God, my brain hurts. How can you feed yourself with that kind of illogic and manage to keep it down?

1:23 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

I read Cable's press conference. I like Cable more and more. It becomes fairly obvious that he has a detailed plan for this draft. I haven't heard that much detail about draft plans since - an era I'm not allowed to talk about.

Here is how I understand it.

1. Narrow down the needs of the team to an achievable draft goal.

2. Identify the strong and weak points of THIS draft class.

3. Identify four players (your achievable goal) in this draft class who would answer your needs.

4. Figure out where those players will fall on draft day in order to set your draft order.

5. Prepare for draft day maneuvers by idnetifying players and picks you are willing to trade in order to be able to move to the right place to nab the players you've identified.

And as Cable said, he's got the four picked out, but he's not talking.

There was a lot more there, but that's the basics.

1:58 PM  
Blogger H said...


Well, I guess your brain hurts a little less now. People have been asking "What's the plan?"

Well, there's part of it.

I like the guy. His approach is very structured. For now he wants achievable goals. But, don't expect him to say 8-8, for next season. As he said last season, his goal on the morning after a game is to be 1-0 for the week. Not a bad approach.


3:14 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Schedule's out! I like it. We have a bye week right smack dab in the middle. There is one problem area in week 4 and 5. We have an East coast game agains Buffalo, then turn right around for an East coast game in NJ. Depending on how things are going, Cable might explore a way to stay on the East coast that week.

4:11 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

My bad. That wasn't Buffalo on the schedule. That was RT's favorite opponent, Texas. So, never mind then. Great schedule.

4:18 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

H, it seems like Cable virtually assured us that a left tackle will be on the shopping list. However, Cable seems to be of the view that we can find what we want after the first round has been selected.

I think OT might be his wild card in the draft. If one of his guys is available at the right pick, he'll make it unless there is something more appealing still on the board. If there is, and that available player is also a need, he'll make that pick instead, knowing he can pick up a good OT in the later rounds.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


"All the while looking up at AD's owners box, if you could not see the contempt in Gruden towards AD," ...

youv'e got a wild imagination, Jones. Too funny!

Do you even know where the press box was in relation to Gruden on the sidelines?

Did you get a camera angle of Gruden and line up his eyes to where the press box was? This is complete, utter nonsense. I'm sorry but your credibility went out the window with this line of horse shit.

I would love to hear your explanation for how you know Gruden was looking at Davis from 500 meters away. I would also like to hear your explanation for how you know what emotions Gruden was feeling. Are you a SUPER hero who can detect this while watching t.v.?

The most likely, plausible scenario for Gruden leaving was as follows;

(1) He didn't get the type of offer from Davis that reflected fair market value for his services and record for winning. Like any contracts, it is a negotiation that takes 2 sides to tango.

(2) He had the opportunity to make much more money and be closer to home in Florida ... and took it.

It really isn't that complicated nor contentious ... just business by both sides.

To Al's credit ... he gave Gruden everything he needed to win in Oakland. The team was highly successful selecting key veterans. Al let Gruden completely revamp the offense to his liking.

To Gruden's credit ... he worked his ass of and turned around a team that had a great run. He battled with Al, used Allen, and maximized his personnel to achieve the goal of being one of the top teams in the NFL. When another more lucrative offer in his home state came along, he bolted for his own personal reasons ($ + family). I respect that.

What has transpired after Gruden has been very disappointing excluding the SB run with Callahan. The Cable chapter feels like a new, true beginning to rebuilding, stability, and a return to Raider football.

We shall all wait and see.

5:28 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Nice post Calico. While it is fairly well known that Gruden's and Davis' relationship was sometimes advisarial (how can it not be when you're dealing with an owner who was the team's former HC), they did find a way to work together for the betterment of the team. It seems to me that most of any additional crap about how the two got along is made up for the amusement of the media. It certainly has never been voiced by either Gruden or Davis. Kiffin is certainly another matter.

But by watching Cable's relationship with Davis develope, it seems to add information regarding what has been lacking over the last six years.

I think what has been lacking is different for each coach who failed, but how each coach perceived Davis coming in seems to be key.

Cable seems to be a breath of fresh air. He makes no assumptions and simply deals with what is on the plate in front of him. I don't know if that's a product of Cable having spent a year in the background or if that's just Cable's personality in general. I think probably the later.

5:53 PM  
Blogger H said...


We have had our disagreements, but we are in sync on that one. He and Al talked it over, he went to Tampa, we got draft choices. Didn’t do much with them, but that’s the draft sometimes. And, we got another Raider rule. You can’t trade your coach to another team anymore.


A solid LT is always good. If we keep stockpiling tackles we’re bound to find one or two in there somewhere. We still need to find Sands’ replacement or get him a better coach.

Looking at the schedule you failed to mention The Dolts, Chefs and Geldings weeks 1, 2, 3. We’ll know in a hurry how we stack up in the division. Five of first nine are division games. Cable loves divisional rival games, so his motivational abilities will be tested early and often.

I still think the Monday night second half double header game stinks. I’ll just have to schedule a day off the next day ‘cause I’ll be useless at work. Maybe I can figure a way to retire by then. Probably not.

You must have flashed back to last year’s schedule, I don’t see the Buffalo Chips on the schedule anywhere. The Biplanes will probably be starting a rookie or journeyman at QB, and half the Striped Kittens will probably be in jail or suspended the way they keep getting arrested. The Washington Sunburns will be interesting. Father-in-Law of H is a fan.


6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have the game on tape, watch it in it's entirety. Once the game was out of hand you can see Gruden looking at the direction of AD's box and giving over exaggerated celebrations. This was a dig at AD without a doubt. If there was no bad blood, Gruden wouldn't have done that.

In Gruden's book, he also denies the rumors that he was trying for a college job while with the Raiders (If you are going to use Gruden's book as proof, it goes both ways). It was these rumors that caused chaos in the Raider dressing room and the downfall of the team that year. Fast forward to Kiffin and you can see the exact same scenario working out. A power struggle ensues, the rumors come out of Alameda and then the push of " insubordination" by AD.

As far as the Tampa deal, do you not remember they tried and announced they had signed the Tuna? It fell through and Tampa looked real dumb, so they overpaid to cover their tracks to get Gruden. It was a desperation move by Tampa and AD found a way out with Gruden. What AD did with that goldmine was HORRIBLE.

AD was desperate when he signed Gruden, he had no choice but to back off. Once the winning started, AD became over-egoed once again and it all fell apart. This is so obvious to someone who looks at the situation without biased. Once AD had grinded Gruden and the rest of the coaching fraternity saw this, AD could no longer hire a good coach. He tried with Peyton but Peyton backed out so AD had to settle for Turner. After Turner, AD was turned down by the likes of Petrino who AD offered crazy money. Art II began because AD couldn't sign a HS coach. Now came Kiffin who stumbled on to the job through Skarsarian (sp). And what a joke that turned out to be. Now it is AD's newest lapdog and we will see another Bugel moment. This is all proven, this is TRUTH, I know you guys don't like it, but that's the TRUTH.


7:17 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


Now it is AD's newest lapdog and we will see another Bugel moment. This is all proven, this is TRUTH, I know you guys don't like it, but that's the TRUTH.

Well, except for at least 2/3 of that entire post was based on OPINION, sure thang!

BTW, thanx for at least trying to have a constructive post without relying entirely on Ad Hominem attacks.


8:35 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

And, we got another Raider rule. You can’t trade your coach to another team anymore.

In 20/20 hindsite, it might have been better if the rule existed before the trade... especially since nearly everyone we drafted didn't turn out.

St. Gruden would almost certainly got us close to the SB the following year, and he would prolly have kept us more competitive until he and Al could no longer coexist.

I've always pointed to Al firing Callahan the year after the SB is what sent us on this maniacal coaching carousel... that wouldn't have happened if Gruden had signed another contract with the Raiders.

Oh well... hopefully with Cable all of this will be forgotten in a few years. Another championship run salves all wounds.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones, you'll get nowhere with H & Blanda. Nowhere. As time passes their anger shifts from older ex-Al employees to newer ex-Al employees. The Gruden years are almost painted as idyllic by Blanda these days. Blanda wants us to think that all in all it was a solid relationship, until Gruden got the big head and got greedy. And then there's gems like this one from Blanda, "While it is fairly well known that Gruden's and Davis' relationship was sometimes advisarial (how can it not be when you're dealing with an owner who was the team's former HC)..."
Why does having once been a team's former HC naturally call for problems with a newer HC? The statement is thrown out there as if the dynamic of such a relationship ALWAYS calls for problems. This is really just Blanda framing a position to continue enabling bad beahvior from our front office... or at the very least a glossing over of what Blanda once referred to as Al's lone contribution to our losing of late, his "problems hiring someone he can communicate with."
Jones, you're a stone in Blanda's shoe right now. He's currently on a honeymoon with Cable and your mucking it up.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the words. I think I have gotten somewhere with the 3 youknowwho's. Can you hear the silence? They no longer respond other than insults and innuendo that I am the "Faider" poster. They know deep down inside what the truth is. This is why they cannot refute it, their dreamy faux reality is being exposed and they can't face it.

It's time Raidernation faced the truth and pushed for change, otherwise, we will continue down this path of complete failure. To me, these enablers are willing to continue with failure as long as they can keep their dreamy reality of AD alive. The sacrifice of having a winning team for the "patriotism" to AD. Are these true Raider fans?


10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite the vivid imagination around these parts. the "fact" is gruden wanted to coach near his home and family. this is proven by the way things went down. the trade was a "sign and trade deal" since chucky had just the one year left on his current contract we couldn't get the ultimate value unless he had an extension worked out prior to the trade, so the glazers made the new contract offer, presented it to Al and Al took it to chucky. Al told chucky of the offer and told him he would match the offer if chucky would prefer to stay put. PERIOD. the decision was Grudens. to go home and coach the local team, to be with his family every night. geez, it's not really that difficult to understand why a guy in that job would make that decision is it?
its a tough job with alot of travel, if you were a football coach and won the lottery and the local team wanted you to run their team wouldn't you make that same choice?

as for why would it matter if Al was once our HC, it matters because Al is a football coach, once a coach always a coach. he has beliefs in the things that have worked for him, like every other coach out there with any success to his name. does that mean that two coaches with differing beliefs can not work together or come to some compromised plan with input from both? hell no, happens on every team every year and every week. these guys all have to work together, its football, it's about team, us against them. lets use every intelligent facet we have access to!!!! thats how it works!!! so Al didn't believe in the wc offence, we still used it. compromise. so Al didn't like cover 2, we still used it. copromise. Al doesn't like blitzing, we did. (not as much as i would like tho) compromise. but you know what, i'm a football coach and i understand that the system in place is the one that came from utilizing everyone on that staffs opinions and ideas. i don't just point fingers and blame one guy and say he is a dictator and this will never work until he is gone!! the HC has the final say of what happens on the field, but thats why there is a hierarchy for the staff and when things don't work out HE gets canned. thats the bussiness, thats just the way it is. or rephrased, that the TRUTH. get used to it.


ps. i chose not to put in there my personal opinion and extra motivation for chucky's choice. he built a very old team that was about to "come of age" and chucky doesn't deal with younger players very well, he ruins them. he saw the writing on the wall where we would be in two years, he bolted. Al made one of the most lopsided trades of all time for a coach with one year left, a lame duck coach. he was leaving us one way or the other to be closer to home, just so happened they had an opening at just the right time for us to take advantage of them and their lust for chucky. give it up to Al on this one, he made out. our choices with those picks are for another post.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? the guy cooper was a no talent but because he once wore a faider jersey he's now a martyr? You probably think he now belongs in the hall of fame along with "tommyboy flowers" and "jimmy the plunk plunkick" too huh? You MAROONS kill me!!!!!Ha ha ha ha.....Just wake up to reality babies, defund the "nation" 0-16 in "09"

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "cable gay" will not last for more than 10 games before big al (MR.) davis decides he "isn't faida material"! The "genius" wil fire him and put 'Freddie boy balitniwitkoff" in as interim HC!!!!You heard it here 1st. from the Great KarnaK....0-16 in "09" Just cringe babies, defund the "nation" NOW before it's too late faida fanatics, it's time that the crew mutiny and take over command f the ship!!!!! Dam the missing strawberries!!!!! The fdaida "nationals" deserve better!!!!!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd be better off putting "panty smeller" in at qB than "j-rustus", "panty" really believes in the faidas.....something "j-rusticus" will never do! Just cringe and duck! babies...Defund the insanity NOW before it's too late, 0-16 is the goal in "09"

11:52 PM  
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