Monday, September 08, 2008

"We Are All Embarrassed"

"We are all embarrassed."

- Lane Kiffin during the postgame show

I don't know how it looked on television, but it was sure grim inside the Coliseum. This was a gutless, confused and undisciplined performance, especially on defense. Not much silver lining in this one. Lots of work to do. For now, all I can do is quote Lane Kiffin.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am embarassed by doubt

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really pissed too

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really really

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How you like Jamarcus Russell now people???? huh well i heard some chants going for Walters in the stadium... I guess I wasnt the only one thinking that Mega Pep Jr shows no strong abilities to read defenses our have much awareness for blitz coming in quick for him to continue to hold the ball too long and much less to hold on to the football firmly with those bear claws of hands and a arm like a cannon but touch to his throws.what a bust he is going to be like Alex Smith is with the 49ers. on defense I saw Deanglo Hall get burned all day! I guess his not such a shut down corner as we thought he was. I want Fabian Washington back at least he wont commit back to back personal fouls in the same drive, what a fcken moron, no professional qualities with this guy.Defensive game plan sucked and I dont understand why Rob can just switch up or change in the middle of the game to have the corners press on the line and stick to them on man on man (like we were suppose to do since we have the secondary to shadow any short or deep threats instead of his soft Zones with Cb's giving up ten yard cushings and Cutler picking us apart since also we have no pass rush coming from our lacking defensive packages that should include stunts and or blitz coverages that would make or defense less so predictable. Offensively still lacks creativness, skeems that accounts to same predictablism for which opponents defense can pick up on and needing little adjustments to making it too easy on stopping our plays and eventual stalls to drives and forcing punts. God we do not look good at all on both sides of the ball. and Darren McFadden is ah some what good but i dont see him as a superstar RB qualities, like in some other rookie RBs for instance Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Felix Jones, etc.

1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely crushed. crushed.

This has to be a major wake-up call. Shanahan obviously saw what a liability Hall is in coverage and it was just embarassing - hopefully it's enough shame for him to get his act together.

I'm definitely giving JaMarcus a long leash here - the problem is on the defense, plain and simple. It had to be expected, but Tommy Kelly was a non-factor (where IS terdell sands, anyway?). The run defense wasn't tested, mainly because the pass defense was a sieve...

JaMarcus will have to learn fast, because the rest of the raiders opponents will make them one-dimensional too, and force the young man to throw - and the rest of the season will come down to how quickly the passing game becomes a viable offensive option.

I don't think I'm ready to buy into the doom-and-gloomers at this point, but next week will tell us a WHOLE lot about the rest of the year.

If LJ runs all over the D next week, or worse, if Huard has a career day against the back-4, we're in big trouble.

If the Broncos get blown out by the Dolts, we're in big trouble - the Broncos are as bad as everyone thought, which means the Raiders are even worse. And we're in big trouble.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are my 5 keys to victory I posted yesterday:

"1. Stop the run. We expect the Doncos to stack 8, but seriously, we should do the same. We need to give our front 4 help in stuffing the run. STOP THE RUN! Do not give up big plays on the run."
We did a great job stopping the run. The mentality to stopping the run helps create pressure in the passing game by using 8 to disguise blitz packages. Culter looked like Montana last night, because we gave him all the time in the world to throw. I wanted to see Cutler get hit more, the way Nnamdi blew him up.

"2. Special Teams. We have to play smart on Special Teams. Higgins cannot afford to make a catch on a ball inside the 20 yard line. He should stand on the 20, and if it is over his head, let it go. Janikowski has to be consistent when called upon for Field Goals, and our punt/kick off coverage has to be crisp. This part of the game is always HUGE against Division Rivals."
We did an okay job with Kick offs and Punt coverage. Kiffin killed us not going for the Field Goal on our first drive. I thought he learned his lesson last year that you ALWAYS go for the points. Points build confidence, something the Raiders need and lack severely.

"3. DeAngelo "Dante" Hall. Cutler referred to DeAngelo as "Dante" Hall (Former WR for the Chefs). This tells me they are going to attack DeAngelo, and get him to make mistakes. He also said that they watched endless tapes of DeAngelo with Atlanta to get a feel for his style of play. They are going to attack him in the passing game. Either he needs to step up big, or we need Huff to slide over and cover his @$$!"
How do you not bench his @$$ after the 2nd personal foul penalty for a drive? He was flustered all night by Royal (a rookie). How do you not build his confidence by blitzing him, and letting Gibril Wilson cover his backside?

"4. Pass Protection. Run blocking is the easiest thing a lineman can do. They could run block all day. But the game of Football is a game of Balance. As much as we could run, we need to pass the ball as well. When we pass the ball, we need good (not outstanding) protection for Russell to make his checkdowns and get the ball out."
Our O-line suprisingly gave Russell a good amount of time to check down his receivers. This is where Russell excelled last night. He was able to get his passes to his receivers with great accuracy. Jason Jones blogged that there was one play where Russell aired it out to Curry (wide open), and the Denver Coaches were heard in their box yelling, "OH S***!"

"5. This leads me to the next natural spot on the passing game. The WR's. They need to get their routes done quickly, and catch the ball. We have not seen quick route-running since Brown-Rice. This is what our passing game has lacked with the Quitter, and the Pouter. The only WR who's worked hard for us has been Curry. The bottom line is we need crisp, quick route running; with consistent catching."
After the Denver coaches were heard yelling from that pass to Curry, they collectively sighed a big relief because he pulled up, realized the ball was coming to him, and couldn't bring it home. Russell and the O-Line did their part, the rest of the receivers (excluding Chaz and Lelie), didn't do their parts. Too many balls on the turf.

The only poor play was from DeAngelo Hall and the Receivers. This game reflects poorly on the coaching staff of the Oakland Raiders. Kiffin made some terrible calls. In the Red Zone on 4th down, early in the game; you go for the POINTS! I can understand you were trying to build confidence; but you go for the POINTS!

The other drive we had that Quarter on offense, we were moving the ball well, and starting to get a rhythm with the passing game, and Kiffin calls for a Reverse? Are you kidding me? This isn't college bro. You don't build confidence back by calling for "trick plays." You build confidence by continuing to make those plays that are working. What was working were runs up the middle, and off tackle; quick slant passes, and skinny post routes. He called for a reverse to "Sure Hands" Higgins, and that play cost us 15 yards killing our drive and our spirits.

By not moving the ball, we wore our own defense out. But we shot ourselves in the foot early by not creating pressure. The first drive of the game, we had Denver on Third and Nine Yards to go, twice. We didn't blitz or put pressure on Cutler, they get the first down both times, and eventually score the opening TD. Then we were content to let Cutler take his time and pick us apart.

A terrible display of coaching, a terrible display of discipline, and a terrible display of football. I'm speechless, and all I can say and think is, "Here we go again."

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get a deal on a few thousand paper bags on e-bay. Free paper bags for all!

P.S. -
The F*@& ???????
Was THAT?!?!?!?!?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Embarassed beyond belief.

Al did not invest well in his off season transactions. That said.

Kiffin has to have these guys win. If not the fans will be calling for someone's head for this. Al will blame Kiffin while Lofton waits in the wings.

We all know here that Kiffin is not all to blame. Al will once again shift blame on someone else other than himself.

Mr. Duva

6:54 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

please sir... may I have some more kool aide?

What the crap was that last night? This has to be the low point... It is pitch black. Well buck it up we got 15 more games.

7:08 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

No QB pressure. Numerous and uncorrected breakdowns in coverage. No adjustments at halftime. Poor run defense, even after the game was out of reach and we knew they would run. Morrison in coverage on the 72-yard pass to their TE was just pitiful. Hall got schooled by a rookie.

With the exception of Nnamdi (play of the game - up-ending Cutler), everyone in the secondary got torched. Hall was absolutely victimized.

There was at least one play that Hall covered his man for about 4-5 seconds, then let up. I guess he figured the pass rush would be at Cutler by then. Guess again. There was no pass rush. Did we even blitz once? Cutler was alone in the pocket all night. Coverage is worthless without QB pressure.

Early in the game, Ditka said “the NFL is better when the Raiders are a good team.” By the end of the game Ditka was chastising the Raiders front office for poor personnel decisions.

Folks, we knew the offense was going to go through some growing pains, but a solid defense should already be in place. We gave up 41 points.

Truly embarrassing.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ano, chill. get him some receivers and see how he does.
ZERO int's.


fYI, the first personal foul on hall was BS. When he pulled the guy the guy was still in bounds trying to stay in bounds, once he was out of bounds, hall tried to keep him from getting slammed to the ground. BS call.

WTF was up with the play calling? Line up and run the f-ing ball at them. Kiff took a big step backwards in my book.

He also needs to realize that division games ARE more important than non-division games in the NFL.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Come on guys, I understand the frusration of being down on the scoreboard, but that is when we all both fans and players alike need to reach down very deep, contain yourselves, pay attention and then when they least expect it we are back in it! When you play mad then you can't focus on the task at hand. Don't take this lightly I have been a fan for over thirty years from my first silver and black starter jacket in the first grade until today I have never waivered. That is all I am asking the players to dig deep when the other team least expects it and when they think we are mad and not focused then we can strike! Coach, lets see some reaction when it comes to these stupid mistakes on the field, be it blown coverage, dropping passes not getting to where you need to be so that our quarter back can do what he needs to do to win. Now Fans I understand beings pissed as well but we need to stand behind our team and get ready for next week I know I am. Oh and coach if someone needs to be smacked upside the head then do it I know that the fans would love to see that on the highlights!

8:01 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

There are no two people in the world right now who should be more emabarrassed than Lane Kiffin and Rob Ryan. I have NEVER seen a team more unprepared for opening day. This one was vastly worse than Shell's debacle against SD in his season opener, and against an inferior oponent.

Yes, Hall was bad, but Ryan was far worse. Every DB was constantly out of position with the one exception of Nnamdi. We got the bet two corners to play FREAKING soft ZONE!!??

It looked to me like the Raiders spent the off season working on stopping the run (which was fair), but it looks like they never practiced ANY pass defense.

The officiating was an NFL sized embarrassment also. I would like to say that was somehow responsible, but Kiffin proved to me it wouldn't make any difference.

Kiffin can complain about personnel all he wants, but all that we saw yesterday was some of the worst coaching EVER!

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the NFL front office and the NFL owners realize that Al davis is no longer capable to run a professional football team. Profit sharing is killing the other teams when one owner (Davis) destroys his team.

9:07 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

On one side of the field, Nnamdi was in press coverage all night. The Donkeys barely went to his side of the field. On the other side, Hall was playing zone coverage the whole game. Royal found the hole in the zone coverage early, and found that hole repeatedly. Ryan never altered the coverage.

With Hall playing zone, Wilson needed to adjust accordingly, leaving him out of his best coverage positions all night. To top it off, Ryan played passively all night, never bringing pressure to Cutler.

The offense looked like they could sustain a drive, doing what they do best, with time and patience. The defense never gave them that time.

We will have no defense until we replace Ryan. He's had enough time and he's been given the tools for better than what Ryan has thus far formulated. Ryan is, at best, a LB coach - he's not DC material, and certainly not HC material. But, "that's life in the big city."

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question: How many freaking times can one team fall for a PA rollout pass, and totally bite on it?

Do we NOT play Denver twice a year?


9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its bad enough watching the crap on the field. having to sit next to someone on my left who was incredibly negative, who was a broadcaster calling plays and was just talkative the entire game made me wanna punch him in the nose. one of his sarcastic comments was "oh here comes a lil' 5 yard run". what the hell do you spend over a hundred bucks watching a game for? idiot. then there was this cat on my right who kept farting the whole game.

needless to say, it was a crappy game from beginning to end. there was absolutely ZERO pass rush & dante hall IS an idiot. thanks al. the freakin taiko group at halftime provided better entertainment than our own team.

the consolation is, KC is next. if we don't win that game, its gonna be one hell of a long season.

9:49 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

"OK" RaiderFan's....Take a real deep breath and look at the team from a differant angle....Don't look at the "Donko"s just look at our "O"....

Don't hold your breath because I'm still positive....Positive we sucked but also positive we improved over last season....

Now let's take a look at last night...

14pts is more than most of last years games....

300yds "O" is much much better...

We are now the 14th ranked "O" in the NFL which is far better...We never even got close to that the last 4 seasons....

"NO" INT's....When was the last time we had a "QB" go 65% compleation 180yds and 2 "TD"s...But he did have a Fumble...

150yds Rushing and Bush was hardly used....Question....Anyone know about "D-Mack"s shoulder injury...Up-Date please...

"WR"s....We are not adiquit at the position but if some of the young guys develop we will be better as the season goes along....We all knew this was a weak point and we failed to adiquitly address the position in "FA"-n-Draft...Walker was a waisted signing....

"OL"....The "OT" depth is going to be a real big problem here...We had 2 injuries on the left side this week...What is their status...

Coaching was at times "Sub-Par" but at times the "O" was moving the ball very well....But let's look at it in a more reasonable light....Kiff is complaining about personel with good reason....Who the hell does he have at "WR"....Carter is out for the season...Walker is a F"&%-UP...Curry did not get good reps in Pre-season and it showed....The rest are 1st-n-2nd yr players in development....

"D"....You won't here any support for this group from me...

NFL Rank #29....Now that's prety damn "RANK"....This was suppose to be our streingth....

A small word out to "MrD"....Please listen to your "HC" and let him fire that "SOB" before someone in the stadium takes him out with a "Battery"....I'm NOT advocating Violence here....But I will pay for the "Battery"....

There were a few players who played their hearts out on this unit dispite the obvious let-down by the coaching staff and the "LAZY-ASS" play that was stinking up the stadium....They made the "Donko"s look like a "SB" Contender...I don't believe it...But for the last 5 years this unit has given one rookey after another their best games ever...Fortunatly the players come back to Earth when they have to play against a real "D" which we don't have in OakTown....

Goes to show you can't go out a "Buy" a team....Washington failed..."Donko"s failed and we failed this year....The man who deserves to get paid has the "F" tag and is a "FA" "09"....We are far better off to pay less $$$$ and get players who will develop under a real "DC"....

Lookin Ahead...KC does not have much and we are tied for 2nd in the West...SD is suffering threw player losses and "Turneritis" is a terminal infection on their team plus they are now an "OLD" unit on the Down-Hill-Slide....The "Donko"s are not as good as we made them look...If our "O" did not shoot it-self in the foot their "D" could not stop us....

A fair OutLook is that we are and will improve on the "O" as the "QB" and young "WR"s get more time together..."McFab" may spend more time at "WR"....I liked the "Wild-Hog"...Creativity will come....

The down side is we will be forced out of our game plan because that "D" can't stop anyone so we will play from behind all season...

PantyRaider...Prozac anyone....DePresion!!!!!

9:57 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


"JRus"s "QB" Rating.....

10:09 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Folks shouldn't kid themselves that this one was about the personnel. Even the worst of the NFL can come prepared with quality coaching. This team looked like the time spent at OTAs, minicamps, and preseason was completely wasted. With the one exception of J. Russell. The coaching staff seems to have brought Russell along well. It would have been nice if they spent a little time with the rest of the team.

10:17 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I totally agree when it comes to the "D" but there is enough improvement on the "O" to believe that the coaches are doing a better job than in the past....

The "OL" played against a stacked "D" set on stoping the run but held up very well even threw injuries....

"TE" was interfered with repeatedly but still played well...

The "RB"s played against a stacked "D" but gained 150yds...

This shows some good attention was give to these units....

"WR" was a problem and I have to give the "QB" an extra dose of credit because he does not have the support he needs at that position...The young "WR"s are making progress...

"D" Sucks.....

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan Must go!!!! Nothing else to be said.


10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I'd never leave the Raiders, I'd compare them to my job right about now. Which by the way I now hate and I am leaving next month.

What's the comparison you ask?

Break out the dancing bears and the VW packed with 20 clowns, it's CIRCUS TIME! {Circus music in the background}

Step right up ladies & gentlemen. Just enter a turnstile, we've got 5 of them, take you pick! Keep your arms and legs behind the line of scrimmage. Don't worry folks, the dancing bears can't hurt you because Rob Ryan won't let them cross!

Yeah, we've got monkeys smoking cigarettes while doing flips over in THIS corner. You know, the corner everyone throws to. Feel free to throw some balls around but don't expect anyone to catch it.

Aw hell, ya' know what? Go ahead and cross the line because chances are the dancing bears won't catch you!

Psycho - Ringmaster

10:38 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Prior to the game, I watched Ryan standing around the 40 yard line, doing this weird shuffling back and forth with his feet, watching the Broncos run simple drills in the opposite end zone. Back and forth, shuffle, shuffle, five minutes, ten minutes. Not talking to his players or really doing anything, like he was in a trance. Just shuffling back and forth, as if staring at the Broncos was going to reveal some sort of cosmic idea that would unlock his game plan, or that it was (ha ha) going to intimidate someone.

Honestly, it looked a bit demented. Maybe this is just standard operating procedure, maybe there's a good explanation, but it wasn't exactly an inspiring sight. Whatever the reason for it, we can conclude it didn't work.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed Blanda, this game was more about the play calls (or lack thereof), than it was about the play of the team. Argue all you want that Hall and the Receivers muffed it. True, I agree with that 100%. But the job of the coach when things like this happen is to re-establish the confidence of those players by rewarding efforts of the team as a whole; and by utilizing the player in a different way to be able to make some good plays. Kiffin and Ryan did neither. Here are my examples of why I feel that way.
DeAngelo Hall. I'm all for wanting pressure on the QB from your front 4 (look at what it did for the Giants in the Super Bowl, and they topped it off with delayed blitzes), but when you don't have the talent to compliment Burgess on the D-Line, you have to create pressure. Burgess was double teamed all night long. Why? They weren't worried about Kelly, Warren, or Turd-n-Sands. Nor were they worried about blitzes.
When you don't have the talent, you have to create pressure. I would rather get burned blitzing and putting pressure on a QB, than allowing the QB to have all the time in the world, and still burn us. That was a pitiful defensive game plan. Ryan and Kiffin could have easily called Hallfor a corner blitz from the outside, keeping Cutler in the pocket forcing a throw. This would have given Hall some confidence that he desparately needed. The other factor is not pulling him out of the game after 2 personal fouls. Whether you agree with them or not (I agreed with the "out-of-bounds" hit; more because I think they called it a Horse-Collar take down; which is illegal); but the fact is that he gave the Doncos 30 yards on consecutive plays and remained on the field. You take him off immediately, and get in his head, allow him to recollect, and then send him back out as a playmaker to boost his confidence back. I personally think that is a side issue to the fact that I don't understand why the refs didn't eject him from the game; because they should have.
Offensively, Kiffin made some calls that were good, just the wrong time in the game to implement them. The 4th and 1 play on our first possession; it was a good call, just the wrong time. It is early in the game, you need to boost the confidence in your defense (who just gave up 7), and reward your offense's efforts; and the ONLY way you do that is to GET THE POINTS! Jano should have been out there booting a chip shot for 3. When you pull the offense off the field for 3; you immediately game plan for how you will drive to get 7; and BAM! You immediately put 10 points on the board, and it's a different game.
The other call was the reverse (or end-around, whichever you want to call it) to "Sure Hands" Higgins. Good call, wrong time. Not because it was poorly executed. It was the wrong call because that play comes when you have the opponent on their heels, and you can drive the stake in their heart to win the game; not when you are trying to establish your offense, and gain confidence back. Especially when the current drive was showing good rhythm on both the run and pass. That call was beyond comprehension. That call is what I point to as the play that killed our drive, spirits, and game.
Quite frankly, any Head Coach should lose their job after poor game planning like that; especially to a Division Rival. Thanks for nothing Lane.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was making predictions last week, there was no way I was figuring that the coaching could get WORSE than last year. No way.

I was not only wrong, but I was wrongety wrong wrong.

It looked like Vince Lombardi squaring off against Pee-wee Herman. Shanni abused us on both sides of the ball. The players all seemed not ready to play... the play calling was predictable on both sides of the ball. I re-looked to see if I could identify a single blitz last night after the game and gave up at half time. I don't think he blitzed the entire first half.

"Embarrassing" seems too meek of a word for it... I felt humiliated wearing Raider colors. I dunno... I will be in KC wearing them next week... but my answer to the usual toothless Missouri hicks chant to my face of "Raiduhs suck" will prolly be something like "You are probably right."

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We are all embarrassed" Haiku

Play calls on offense so bad
Defense laid an egg

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't know what's worse, getting blown out last night, or dealing with Donco fan at work today. I've had everyone and their mother tell me the "Raiders Suck", and I feel like Gary in saying, "Tell me something I don't know!"
I want Rich Gannon as Head Coach, and Ken Norton Jr or Howie Long as Defensive Coordinator, TODAY! I don't care if Gannon doesn't have any coaching experience, he can call a better game that Kiffin did last night.
Al you need to contact Mark Cuban and sell the team to him TODAY! Seeing him in his box last night was sad. The man used to have an aura about him. Last night nobody wanted to be around him. NOBODY! He needs a GM, and coaches. Once he gets that, he needs to step aside and let them do their jobs.
I will always root for the Raiders, always! But something has got to give here. I'm tired of this.

1:28 PM  
Blogger dhayati said...

Just like the past 5 years, we got out couched. Not just on the field, but throughout the week. We have new players, Rookies, free agents, all looking for leadership. We havent seen that word for 5 years. I really do not have anything against Kiffin, other than the fact that he has no experience in running this kind of zoo. Until Al decides to hire a leader and let him lead, we have to get used to wearing paper bags, and accepting the fact that we, the Raiders, are worse than the Lions. Thin about it.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Press conference in 4 minutes! Somebody better be fired, in fact, 3 specific people; Kiffin, Ryan, and Al Davis!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not so sure how yet ANOTHER head coach is going help the raiders.

does it make curry not drop passes ?
does it make hall a better cover guy ?
does it make russell not flub a key pass in the red zone ?
does it make our d-line better able to apply pressure ?

face the facts. most of our players suck, and couldn't make it on other teams, (see stu schwiegert).

the raiders are full of players like curry, who catch meaningless td's in the 4th quarter, but drop'em when they really count.

we would be far better served to let kiffin have more say in personnel decisions, rather than force him to "bring out the best", of players that clearly do not even belong in the NfL.

and by the way, if kiffin wants to boot the DC....let's not stop him this time.

1:58 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

If this continues, Davis may indeed dump Kiffin by the time we get to the bye-week. Lofton would likely take over. But that wouldn't help because we'd still have Ryan. So we may well be screwed for the remainder of this season.

I can't help but think that Davis hasn't had a winner since Gruden left, and Gruden hasn't coached a winner since he left (we're leaving the single season immediately following Gruden's departure out of the equation). There's a good possibility that Gruden could find himself fired from TB after this season.

If that happens, I say we bring Gruden AND Bruce Allen back. We'll need one more thing. Since Gruden is absolutely crappy at recognizing undeveloped talent, and crappy at development, we need to bring an expert on player development and attach him to Gruden's shoulder.

You guys are seeing a little more anger from me than usual. Frankly, I felt insulted last night. What I wanted from Kiffin in the post game interview was an apology.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If that happens, I say we bring Gruden AND Bruce Allen back. We'll need one more thing. Since Gruden is absolutely crappy at recognizing undeveloped talent, and crappy at development, we need to bring an expert on player development and attach him to Gruden's shoulder."
How about Knapp staying as O-Coordinator to help development? Gruden can't be as bad as player evaluation as Al Davis has been since Bruce Allen left though.

On a different note, Madden, Brown, Howie, Otto, Shell, Sistrunk, Tatum, Blitnekoff, Stabler, and the rest of the greats need an intervention with Al to convince him to hang them up; and then collectively pool together to help the team run. It was sad seeing him in his box, alone, drooling and stroking out last night.

2:22 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Frankly, I think it was largely Gruden and Allen who got us into this mess. Because of their inability to spot developing talent, and to develop it, we wound up with a team full of retiring HOFers. While it was great to be able to watch the setting sun shine on the finish of their careers, when they were gone we had NOTHING. Shuffling in a continual stream of aged talent is ultimately a pyramid scheme. Somebody is eventually left holding the turd. And that, my friends, is us.

But, in that light, keeping Knapp would be a good idea. Make him assistant HC.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the real problem is our roster is full of "project" players, or players that just do not belong in Nfl.

look we just picked up marten from cowboys....yet ANOTHER project.
why waste more time with another future bust ?

why can't the raiders find players that love to play, and know, at least a little something about playing already ?

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...We were playing the was an expected loss, just not by that throat stomping much!

3:16 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Kiffin just finished his press conference. No apology, but close. He said it started as the most enthusiastic crowd he'd ever seen, and felt bad for them at the end of the game.

Well, Kiff, here's a suggestion. During a game where the Raiders were thoroughly punished, where the Donkeys blitzed on nearly every play, Russell threw 2 TDs and no INTS. He had a friggin' 111.1 passer rating with Shanarat spending the whole game attempting to separate him from his head.

I'm not arguing to open up the passing game, I'm arguing for balance. Run/Pass balance is a hallmark of a Raider team. Both Madden and Flores used to track the numbers and keep the team as close to 50/50 as possible.

And what happened to Bush on short yardage plays? His extra muscle might have picked up a couple of extra first downs left on the field.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Expected loss? If not for freak last-nanosecond timeout last year, we would have beaten the Broncos twice in 2007. We allegedly improved our running backs, quarterback and defensive backs heading into this season. The Broncos were missing their lead receiver. This was an expected WIN, which makes this drubbing all the more egregious.

3:21 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

One more note for Kiffin. Let's drop this crap about division games being no more important than the other games.

Let me explain something, Kiff. In the late 70's/early 80's the SF Giants were one of the worst teams in baseball. The LA Dodgers were competing for the World Series every year. And yet the Giants routinely won the season series with the Dodgers, and sometimes prevented them from getting to the post season. And the Giants were quite content with that because the Dodgers were their MOST HATED RIVAL.

Shanahan has been thinking of nothing but the game last night since you beat him toward the end of last season. I guarantee you that he ultimately doesn't give sh*t if the Donkeys fail to make the playoffs again this year. He's happy to take home another victory against the Raiders and hang it on his wall.

You are not going to get that from Buffalo. But you are going to get it from KC, Denver, and SD, so you better start getting used to that fact and preparing for it. STARTING AGAINST THE CHIEFS!!!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is curry even still on this team ?

he's got two bad legs, and two bad hands.

oh, i forgot, he's a converted qb, and the raiders are always trying to show everyone how smart they are.

look everybody, we turned curry into a great wr !!!!
we're the raiders and only we can do something so amazing.

God, how the rest of the league must laugh their ass's off at us.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can the Raiders lose to the Broncos after all the pre-game hype and boasting about how great the new Raiders are and how young and inexperience they Donkeys are!! From all the chatter and postings from Raider fans on this and other sites throughout the pre-season, I expected the Raiders to go undefeated this season....well,now we realoze the Raiders can't win them all..Maybe another high draft pick or free agent signing for a defensive back will solve the problem!! LOL...

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny...too funny. The Broncos may not do much this year but they made the Raiders look stupid on National TV in Oakland on Gene Upshaw night.

Still laughing...

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more Blanda. Kiffin and Ryan made no attempts last night to make the proper adjustments during game time or during the half time.

I am still Embarassed.

And if Kiffin does not make the proper adjustments and make every player accountable for every play during divisional games.......
We'll be at 0-8 and Kiffin will be let go. Bank on that one for sure.

Lofton is not the answer and he never will be. Ryan is no genius.... So why does Al think he is? Oh, that's right; cause Al calls Ryan from upstairs and tells Ryan what play to run next.

Knapp will be gone after this season. Bank on it. He's going to take off and join Jim Mora up north. They have history together since Atlanta days and want to make it big. See Paul Hackett.

Hall was schooled all night long. I am still at awe as to how Hall needed to play off his guy 10 yds, on every down. WTF is that? This guy is an embarassement to us all. He's a true shut down corner. Shit he got schooled like this when he was in Atlanta. F. Washington wasn't great, but at least he knew where he needed to be at; at all times. And the rest of the D had to suppliment Hall all night. Wilson was out of coverage to help Hall and then the LB's had to make adjustments into coverage. Bad news all night long.

The offensive line sucked so bad and the WR's didn't do a thing to help Russell during the game. Not one. I was very heart broken.

Bad Officating....

I am so Angry with Davis, Kiffin and Ryan and the whole team. Man, all the time and money we fans spent to watch our beloved Raiders begin the NFL season in style got flushed down the sewer.

Once again I only blame Al. He's the beginning and the end of this team.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still Embarassed. Posted last post.

Mr. Duva

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will you fizzler fanatics learn? I have been telling you for 6 years exactly what is wrong with the faidas/fizzlers, you always insisted that I didn't know shizzle, well......who's right and who's still scratching his head trying to figure out yet again why the faidas SUCK sooooooooo baaaaadddd !!!!!When you dunp big al (MR.) davis and get rid of your gansta thug bad boy personna,you will begin to make the required changes that can be the start of a new fizzler incarnation. You have to seperate yourselves from ALL THE BAD KARMA.... greg the Pap smear papa, jt the shizzle brick, jimmy boy the plunk plunkett, tommy boy mr. flowers flores, ol' mushmouth atkinson, etc., etc.... Lose ALL of the LOSERS and then you can build from scratch... 0-16 just slap yourselves in the face , it's really happening to you fanatics AGAIN!!!! ANOTHER LOSING SEASON!!!!!!!! Oh yeah defend the "nation".....Ha ha ha ha ha ...

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Christmas time, Easter, & Thanksgiving there is a feast at the Ryan household. At the table is Buddy Ryan & his son REX. NO FUCKING WAY does Rob Ryan deserve to sit at the same table. In fact, how can Rob even show his face in the same room?

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So unless Kiffin makes a miraculous turn around this year (not impossible, but unlikely) the coach next year...

Help me out here someone... didn't that "Insider" think it was going to be Knapp or Cable last fall? Maybe it was at a different Raider website.

Actually now that I think about it... there was someone that said he worked for the Raiders that said it... maybe in marketing or something. Does anyone else recall this?

10:19 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Angelic Raider-

My sister (broncos fan) was over at the house and said this game was boring to watch because we put up such a crappy fight, saying that normally whatever the record we both show up and make a game of it. She wound up leaving in the middle of the third because she lives over an hour away. Every single person at work loved making jabs all day long, but RAIDER FANS I held my head because our love for this team is not on the surface love, it's deep in our souls love like someone making fun of your kid. I am not happy nor do I think this is acceptable football, but in the end are you really gonna give up and go be a Dolphins fans or some bandwagon team. Be angry, thank Sean for giving us this Blog to vent and go stab your local Chargers fan in the neck!!!!!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


My prediction: 4-12

They suck that bad.

My high school football team could walk into the Oakland stadium and dominate them right now. The entire league and all of its fans see the raiders and the fans in the stadium as a laughing joke! In the 80's when bands like kiss where cool and the whole "dark" jerseys thing was scary faded in the early 90's yet you still see that one guy with the spike collar and the one guy dressed in the Vader costume and that one silly fake contact guy sitting in the crowd. Im sure they still feel "cool" but they have to know everyone is laughing at them right? I mean...Vader scared me when I was 6! Now that the entire league is filled to the brim with massive monster football players who could eat you up and crap you out, the "Raider" scary black thing no longer strikes any kind of fear in people...but they sure are intertaining to watch. Oooh...a thin scary skeleton man wearing chains drinking a beer is cheering in the crowd with a man in a gorilla suit sitting next to him...or is that his wife? goosebumps or fear here. Just the giggles. Sorry guys.

2:56 PM  

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