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Chargers Gameday Thread

Momentum? Yes! We actually have a little for once, so keep it going. One thing is for sure, the Raiders ALWAYS make it interesting. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger Raider Take said...

Raiders are gaining mojo.

Oh, what might have been without those preposterous losses earlier in the season.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders should be in a wild card spot at this point, if it weren't for the early season woes. Another year gone but there is some hope there. Maybe with a good draft, for once, this team could make the playoffs next year. Feel like Charlie Brown.

4:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Defense showed up today. Graham changed his scheme to pressure. Made sense because the Chargers were down two OL-men.

There was no disguising the fact that Adams or Jacobs were getting the ball. Adams can't be stopped. Would have been nice if the TV coverage showed the replay angle that prompted the officials to overturn his amazing one-handed sideline catch. Because it looked like a catch.

Indeed, if not for those ridiculous losses (up by 17 or more points) earlier in the season, the Raiders could easily be sitting with a winning record and vying for the playoffs.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Not a bad game yesterday, and then it had its moments, like the 4 and 12 35 yard TD by the Chargers. Amik Robertson had great coverage on K Allen, but he somehow made that catch. Looked a lot like Adam's first TD, except Adams caught it with one hand. Carr's Pick 6 and Josh's fumble in the early part of the game were disappointing, and I didn't like how we started offensively.
But the positives: Chandler Jones had 3 sacks, so that was nice to see. Outside of Davante Adams, WR's were quiet, Hollins with 35 yards on 5 receptions, and Moreau with 32 yards on 1 reception. Otherwise it was the Davante-Josh Jacobs show! I want to see how the offense will click when Waller and Renfrow come back. After the pick six, Carr was pretty much on the money. Defense played a lot better than they have all year; nice pressure on Herbert all day, especially from the DT's.
The better news: Chargers, Chiefs, and Doncos all lost yesterday; and the RAIDERS WON! Hopefully we get Waller and Renfrow back for either the Rams or Patriots. Prime game this Thursday against the Rams, who are without Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Allen Robinson! Aaron Donald may play this next week, or McVey may shut him down as well. JUST WIN, BABY!

9:15 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not sure Waller and Renfrow are the best thing for the Raiders right now. Carr, Adams and Jacobs are running the offense, with the occasional mix of Abdullah, Moreau and Hollins. They are playing at a high level, almost in a Zen place where teams know they are getting the ball but nobody can stop them. Waller and Renfrow come in cold, without reps in the new system, and potentially disrupt the offense. Waller was a mess before he was injured, and Renfrow was part of the late game collision that we all remember too well. Nothing against these guys, but don't expect them to join the offense in mid-season form.

That's my 2 cents.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is a mediocre football team that is being made a playoff team that just got here with bad decisions and injuries.

No Raidernation, this is a team that has been hyped by the media/ NFL and that lacks leadership to bring in different people with ideas instead of guys from winning programs being hyped because of their ex-teams' success.

The Raiders could make a playoff run if they:

signed a fast WR: D. Jackson is in Baltimore and is their deep threat. we could sign a guy like J. Ford and let him be a KR/ back up WR.

signed DT D. Philon: Him and Tillery would be scary on 3rd downs.

signed DL P.J. Hall on a short contract: Make him a DE.

signed a speed back: They need to find a fast RB. Oh no, not like Al signing guys to big money but somebody not playing right now who still wants to play and maybe he could use his speed to run screens and sweeps.

signed a veteran strong safety: they need to find a vet to play SS because they are not playing that good against tight ends and screen passes.

signed some linebackers: The Raiders don't do a good job of building solid LB units.
They need to find somebody to play OLB to help cover TEs'.

Raidernation, this isn't some great team that is fighting injuries it is a mediocre team that media claims is a good team and the fan base continues to go for their con jobs. If you can win with less and average talent and great coaching then they need to work harder at it. To believe that spending big is bad and bigger, faster athletes can't win is not that far off but if they got 'coached up' maybe they could win like when Al was winning in the early 00s'.

They need to spend bigger and look for free agent athletes who are still out there to try and make a playoff run this year.

The Raiders have had great players before but they need to try the bigger, faster athletes again and see if they can help.

There are some free agent athletes who out there who might help Raiders this year. Speed and athleticism Raidernation! We might have a chance with them.

KC, SF and Dallas are doing well with them.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


other Anon,

The Raiders might be in the wild card spot if not for their issues.

Remember, Tillery was a FA signing out of desperation. They refused to trade for a DT who could pass rush or take a look a Philon.

No, they decided to draft and sign 'their guys'.

Instead of keeping Mariota they decided to trade for 'their guy'(J. Stenum).

Instead of spending more on some D star free agents they keep their money and look bad having a new stadium and not spending on talent.

Instead of signing veteran free agent safeties they go with back ups to play FS.

But still they could make the playoffs if they try and find players to fill spots. Now, I don't really like it when they sign guys off the street but there are some talent that could help as back ups or need(speed, athleticism on D) or special teams.

No, the playoffs aren't over but they need to do things maybe like Al or other old legends/ teams to help win, using old ideas isn't going to ruin or slow down their season and they might find some good ideas from them. They shouldn't just use the Patriots'/ 'model franchise' way.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, I have to disagree, Waller is so damn talented he must be respected by the defense if anything he will free up Adams and JAcobs more. There will come a day were bracket coverage against Adams combined with a strong d-line will neturalize our offense, with Wallr or Renfrow there is a saftey valve.


4:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, saying "there will come a day" tells me you missed my point. Again, nothing against these guys, certainly not long-term. But right now, the Raiders have a pretty good combination of talent and they look comfortable in the offense. Waller and Renfrow are not acclimated nor ready to join the offense.

McDaniels apparently agrees. I just listened to his presser from earlier and he said as much. Need to wait and see how they respond to practice. He also said injury may dictate timing. Raiders had a backup TE go into concussion protocol.

Waller did not start the season ready to play. That was very discouraging.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Waller didn't start the season ready to play because he was injured. They have given him all the time he needs to get right, same with Renfrow. Moreau has held his own, but he is not Waller at receiving. To be honest, I think they should move Waller to be the #2 WR. The reason why is he is not a blocking TE, and Moreau has been helping block and chip block. He is better at that than Waller.
Renfrow will be the slot when he returns, but his fumbling issues were exposed earlier this season. He is great route runner, but needs to learn to get his route open earlier. Before his injury, he was trying to do too much to get open, but Carr didn't have that time. Carr may have that time now; but at the beginning of the season, nope. The only ones on the OL who gave up pressure on Sunday were Parham (had the most with 6) and Bars (second most with 2), zero sacks. Nobody else on the OL gave up QB pressure.
Raiders Defensive Line since Tillery's arrival:
11 Sacks
35 QB hits
17 TFL
6 FF
3 FR
average 77 rushing yards per game
Raiders have improved their game since Carr got up on the podium. This was by far the defense's best game in the season; but the Chargers were dealing with some serious OL injuries. But our OL shut down Khalil Mack and their defense.
Waller and Renfrow can contribute to this offense this year, and they both can help the Raiders move further into the post-season. JUST WIN, BABY!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are the Pats' guys slowly building a top NFL DL from free agents?

Wow! I gotta say it, it looks better than it has in years!

They're cheap but they're using a little Al and signing vets(Al traded for them) late in the season- some were once starters, top picks or even pro bowlers.

Unlike Raidernation, the Pats' guys aren't just listening to the Bellichick/ NFL ideas they worked with; they're looking at other kinds of players and ideas- looking at bigger, faster guys. Fans still are waiting for the new regimes to win and don't want too many of those kind of guys but these guys might help them win.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for Anon who loves Jacoby Ford and wants his signed.

Ridiculous idea but this is a Cool pic and a nice tribute by him to Cliff Branch


6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other Anon!


Raiders' legends together at a game!


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new Raiders finally took some chances and looked at bigger, faster players. The Raiders'(Reggie) really should've kept some of Al's assistants like the DL coach and kept a couple of those pass rushers.

Fans feel Al was in the past and the Raiders sucked but I look at the 4 regimes' DLs' and I wanted to put the players down on a list to see how their teams used and succeeded with them.

Al's guys '11:

T. Kelly

R. Seymore

J. Moss

K. Wimbley

D. Bryant

M. Brodine

M. Shaugnessey

L. Houston

T. Scott

Gruden/ Mayock '20-'21(Coronavirus):

M. Crosby

A. Key


C. Ferrell

D. Philon

M. Hurst


Dallas DL about 2 of them


K. Mack

A. Smith(49ers)

B. Irvin

D. Tollefson

D. Autry

S. Harris

Hunter #93

J. Ward/ was doing good in Baltimore

"Jelly" #78/ was doing good in Baltimore.

C. Bilikudi

S. McGee

the Pats' guys:

M. Crosby


J. Tillery

C. Ferrell

C. Jones

K. Peko

T. Bowers

N. Ferrell Jr.

M. Koonce

Al's guys have a playoff level DL its' also a top 5 DL back then and would be in '22. The dysfunctional GM/ owner had a very good DL.

Gruden/ Mayock weren't really focused on the DL. But they found a star(M. Crosby), Still, the Raiders didn't find help for him to make them a good DL.

The Pats' guys really made some moves to try and get some sacks and stop the run. They can't be judged now but it was mediocre at 1st but now they are making changes and the results look good.

8:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Waller didn't start the season ready to play because he was injured."

Nate, if Waller was injured before the season started, as you imply, why would the Raiders sign him to a 3-year $51mm contract? He played the first 4 games. That doesn't add up. Signing him to a huge contract and playing him while he's injured is failure on an organizational level.

4:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Got to admit, I'm a little confused by the "Al's guys" vs. "Gruden/Mayock guys" vs "Pat's guys" discussion.

Are we trying to figure out who would win a fight between Tyson and Ali?

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some fans claimed Al's era ('10-'11) had no talent they were a bad team

bad decisions

bad management

money issues

You then went on a joke of a supporting Reggie when his regime made some really bad moves and they got away with the overhaul and rebuilding talk.

You then got into the Mayock thing, a guy from a sports network trying to be a GM. You thought he would do better than Reggie and really build a team of draft picks and vets and help us get 'back to glory'.

When some fans talked about Al or the '11 team you want to point out things that aren't even true. No talent, bad decisions and other things. You can't stand it when fans/ me say these new regimes would do better if they used some of his ideas.

I look at some of the rosters over the years and I thought of how some of you talk about our WR, QB and TE units and how Reggie, Gruden/ Mayock or the Pats' guys have built some of them. I just pointed out the DL and how Al's may've been the best and some of the best in the league('03-'11).

The '11 unit is, IMO- the best of the all the units since then('11-present). May point? maybe if the new regimes had used Al's ideas on building a DL they might have had success sooner.

Al got a lot of unfair criticism for losing. He had some of the best units in the NFL and the DL was 1 of the best in '11.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would pick Ali, he was too mentally tough for Tyson, if Tyson couldn't intimidate you, he was then mentally defeated. Ali would never be intimidated and Tyson would also fade into the later rounds. Ali by late round TKO or decision.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This vid is for the Al Davis guy.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Waller got a contract and paid because Mark Davis is loyal to the players that produce, much like his dad was. Mark Davis is not going to do his players the way Seattle did Malcolm Butler a few years ago.
Waller will bounce back, and I think it was more than a hammy injury that team docs were reporting. Sometimes the team hides a more severe injury, and McDaniels is coming from a team who is famous for hiding severe injuries; Gruden did the same. I think that is why both Renfrow and Waller are slow in their returns from their reported injury.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Oh, and the other big news right now. Baker Mayfield has signed with the Rams, and it looks like he may start tomorrow night against the Raiders. McVey looking to shake things up a bit. I like the move, what does he have to lose at this point. And that is the scary thing about it. They are going to bring things the Raiders may not be prepared for.
Time to man up, and be able to make adjustments on the fly. This is a game the Raiders must win.

1:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, that's some wild speculation. In defense of signing Waller to a record contract despite his injury, you're suggesting the Raiders were hiding a more serious injury.

I'm sure Davis appreciates loyalty, but at what cost? As of right now, the Raiders are paying Waller for a season which he did not play. That's probably enough egg on their face. No need to add to that.

5:45 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here's my game take.

I have to admit, tonight's game has me concerned. The Raiders have a long history of playing down to their competition, and this year has been no exception. Rams are SB champs, so that sounds bizarre to even say about them... but they are 3-9 and Stafford and Donald are still out. Plus, Carr has started the last two games by throwing INTs and immediately putting the Raiders in a hole.

With Baker Mayfield likely to start, Patrick Graham needs to stick with last week's game plan and put maximum pressure on the QB. Think about it. Mayfield has nothing to lose. If he is given enough time to survey the field, he will find receivers (Ya-Sin is out). He's a pro QB, so that might not end well for the Raiders. If the Raiders force only timing passes, Rams will likely fail for lack of practice.

McDaniels has made many rookie mistakes this season, from his failed trick plays, going for two when extra pt would have tied, running outside on 4th and inches instead of QB sneak, and so on. Just when we think he's learned from his mistake, he seems to field another stupid call or scheme. Let's hope this doesn't become the next example.

So, tonight's game is potentially primed for a letdown, against a team that might start a quasi-gunslinger without a care in the world. Raiders are on a roll. Nothing would be nicer than to see them match the success they enjoyed at the end of last season. To do that, they need to treat every game like war, and come out with everything they have, coaches and players. The Rams are talented and well-coached.

I'm not taking anything for granted. Every game is must win!


10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope they do play Mayfield, there is a reason why his QB rating is in the 20's. He is bad and having little or no practice time will further confuse him. If the Rams play Mayfield and if the Raiders lose, I will eat my shorts.

McDaniels has had his faults, but the main thing is, he is turning it around instead of continuing to slide downhill. His play calling is much better, the team has come together and have that chemistry back that I thought, had been lost. The HC has the team moving in the right direction and it's all we can ask for.

I think we as Raider fans, have learned to not take one thing for granted, as the Macho man used to say, the only guarantee in life is that there are no guarantees, especially with the Raiders.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The Raiders need to win, and they need to come out strong. Just as much as the Rams have nothing to lose, the Raiders have everything to lose, and that should be their mindset every game.
DC's play has dropped a little, but some of the Interceptions (especially the pick 6) bounced off his WR. I really think there needs to be an Interception stat on WR's.
Anyway, DC has to improve his reads, and he has done so as the season has progressed. The problem with new coaches and coaching staffs, you have to get accustomed to what the coach wants to accomplish with each play. Maybe one formation, he has you throwing to the third check down to start the game, only to work up to the hot WR. Unlike Madden Football in video games, the hot WR isn't the only WR you throw to in situations that the coach is calling. Every play is designed to set up the next play, which sets up the in-game adjustments. Carr and the offense has needed time together, and time getting to know what the coaches are thinking. This has been the biggest difference the last few weeks, on both sides of the ball. I think DC pretty much understands JMD and the OC from the get go; but the majority of the offense isn't on DC's level. There are exceptions (Waller, Renfrow, Adams, Jacobs, a few players on the O-Line). This is also done in the film room and team meetings; which is something that most players dread across the League. In the words of GI Joe, "Knowing is half the battle."

NY, this is where I agree with you about Waller and Renfrow not making that big of an impact this year on the field. But, being on the field, gives them a chance to get in the minds of their coaches; and having them on the field causes the opposing defense to make adjustments.
I also believe that if Mayfield starts tonight, this is where he will struggle the most. But like NY, it makes me nervous at the thought of Mayfield playing, because the Raiders usually do not tend to play well in situations like this, because they face something they haven't prepared for. The Raiders should win this game. My predicition is 31-17, but this is why they play the game too. Any given Sun ... errrr ... Thursday.

11:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, I respectfully disagree that Carr's play has dropped off, even a little. INTs are funny because, like you said, they often bounce off a WR first. Carr, IMO, is playing in mid-season form. Even earlier in the season, it wasn't his fault receivers were dropping key 3rd down passes and TDs when the game was on the line. Carr is extremely passionate about football and he's as cool as they come when the game is on the line. For some reason (coaching at least partly to blame), the Raiders did not fare well in close games earlier in the season.

This team knows how to win close games, and it didn't take McDaniels and his staff for them to figure it out. It's just all starting to come together for this team and staff.

To reiterate Raider Take's sentiment, it's a real shame that the Raiders failed to capitalize on winnable games earlier in the season. This game would have a whole different meaning. Instead, we hope for signs that next year will be special.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have vets and bigger, faster ATHLETES! Yea, Raidernation! That's what the Pats' guys are doing!

They're not trying to be picky, they're trying to win!

Sure, there's high-character, passionate football guys(Jacobs, Crosby, Bars) but this team got good quick with some Al-type players the Raiders' signed. And now, they're signing vets who used to be starters on other teams that aren't mid-30s'. Signing veterans and bigger faster guys like Al used to do.

But Raidernation! you thought this kind management was outdated and a losing move.

You've become more conservative and NFL than the Pats' guys.

The Patriots got lots of ex-Raiders during Al's slump but fans thought the players weren't good. They had their guys but when they needed some different kinds of guys they went after Al's guys.

The Pats' guys aren't listening to their own system or are they? They're doing what Bellichick would do sometimes, they're using stars, expensive players and bigger, faster athletes.

They didn't just sign good players on the DL, they went after bigger, faster players and vets who are a little younger and were once starters.

The WR unit- no deep threat is causing problems for the offense with defenses taking more chances blitzing and loading the DL on long passing downs.

The DL- with bigger, faster player is pressuring the QB.

The secondary- without a track guy DB has issues with the deep pass.

The RB unit- looks good but with speed back might cause defenses to worry more.

11:30 AM  

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