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Giants Gameday Thread

Well, here we are after another scandal. Let’s circle the wagons and stay on top. Go raiders!


Blogger nyraider said...

As I said, Giants have a tough defense, but still a terrible effort by the Raiders. I had access to club level seats and I'm glad I didn't go. Still scarred by the last time I was in the Meadowlands.

Far some reason, the Raiders have managed to lose very winnable games against the Bears and the Giants.

The WR group looked horrible. Raiders need to sign either Beckham or Jackson this week. Can't play KC with only Renfrow catching passes in the slot.

This is a tough loss to take.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders had learned that Gruden wouldn't be their coach anymore prior to the Bears game. This game, their #1 wr killed someone while drunk. For some reason? Yes they are pro players, but sometimes, there are bigger things in life that can influence outcomes.

Carr had another bad game in NY. 3 turnovers, terrible red zone play, the D only allowed 110 yds passing. The game was there to be had. Raiders have gotten that 1st game after the tragedy, behind them. Hopefully, they can shake it off and get back on track as the tragedy slides into the rear view mirror.

Would like to ask NYraider, if he had to do something very important, after a brother of yours just killed someone a few days earlier? For some reason?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help is on the way. DeSean Jackson is signing with the Raiders.


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Blogger nyraider said...

"Would like to ask NYraider, if he had to do something very important, after a brother of yours just killed someone a few days earlier? For some reason?"

What does that mean, and why do you feel you need to ask me? That's a bit too righteous. Maybe the Raiders should just pack it in for the season. They've had too much adversity.

You guys aren't Raiders fans, or you would remember Bret Farve lit the Raiders up on MNF for 4 TDs and 399 yards in a 41-7 win over the Raiders the day after his father died. His father was only 58.

You can be sure none of the Raiders will be making excuses.

Carr had a bad game. Edwards and Jones were both non-factors. The refs screwed the Raiders on at least one ridiculous call (personal foul on Martin), and a few non-calls (D-line was held all day). The Raiders O-line continued to improve, both run and pass blocking, and penalties were way down. The Raiders actually had plenty of opportunity to win this game but couldn't get it done.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can say that again the D only gave up 16 points Raiders almost doubled them in yardage. When you turn the ball over three times and get inside the 10 yard line five times and come away with 13 points only you don't win.Tgey will bounce back next week at home.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One guy, who's Dad died, was the Green Bay night and if you believe in such a thing, Farve's Dad was with him on that night.

With the Raiders, one of their own killed someone. The whole team was affected, with Green Bay, it was only Favre. Just because someone died, doesn't make it comparable, imo.

The Raiders have had a lot of adversity and no they do not need to pack it in. They are tied for 1st place. They have had the 1st game, after the latest saga, so the healing has begun.

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Blogger nyraider said...

You don't think Bret Favre's teammates were mourning with Bret that night?

Listen, I don't want to get too deep into this discussion because everybody has their own way of handling a loss. Tragic for certain, but so was the cinematographer getting shot on Baldwin's movie set. Awful and avoidable. There are probably many examples of this type stuff in pro sports. You would think losing your HC would be direct and impactful but the Raiders actually stepped up to the challenge after Gruden resigned.

Raiders had a job to do yesterday and fell short. I attribute that to many things, including some things I posted earlier and their abysmal record in early games on the east coast. They lost a full game in the standings because every other team in the division won. Now they face the Chiefs.

So the test now becomes, are they going to step up and reclaim their early success, or will they fold after another great start as they did the past two seasons.

Carr was sufficiently bad yesterday that the loss falls mostly on him, but his wide-outs weren't any help.

Here's some inside info from my sources at the game:

Weather was outstanding. Sun, warm, little to no wind. (making Carlson's miss even worse!)
40% to 50% Raiders fans in the stands. No blue way.

The table was set. This game was there for the taking!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Damon Arnette has been released after a viral video of him wielding a gun and threatening to kill people. Also, is accused of a hit and run incident back in October. Raiders have also signed Desean Jackson to take the place of Henry Ruggs on the roster. Desean Jackson is a lifelong Raiders fan.
I really like this signing here too. I like it better than going after OBJ, who the Raiders still may go after too.
As for Sunday, this game concerned me, and for good reason. The Raiders haven't done well after the bye week in a long time. I can't remember the last time we won a game after the bye. On to the Chiefs, Bengals, and Cowboys. Tough schedule from here on out, but we must win. With Desean Jackson on the squad, I'm excited that we will rip through KC's defense and come out with a W. JUST WIN, BABY!

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arnette sounds like a mess, a Jamarcus Russell kind of mess.

A swing and a miss, Raiders shouldn't draft CBs anymore, so many wasted picks there. The 2 starters now, who are playing very good, were a FA who nobody really seemed to want and the other taken off S.D. practice squad. Plus Hobbs who is playing at a very high level, a 5th rounder.

Raiders have a decent and deeper roster this year, let's hope it transforms into more wins in the 2nd half of the season.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Arnette leaving is addition by subtraction. Agree with anon, swing and miss with a 1st round pick that had everyone scratching their head. That begs the question, where's Celin Ferrell? #4 pick in the draft and he's, at best, available in case five people ahead of him on the depth chart get injured.

DeSean Jackson is a pro. He will be a welcome addition. But it may take time for he and Carr to create a chemistry.

Inasmuch as it would be great to sign OBJ too, both these guys are divas. Not sure that would work out well. But the Raiders could certainly use two starting WRs. With Ruggs and Snead gone and Edwards just not stepping up, Raiders need immediate help at WR.

Jackson will get immediate playing time, regardless of preparation. The Raiders have no choice.

2:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

From the media...

"The Ohio State product [Damon Arnette] had some character issues on record when the Raiders picked him in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft."

Hate to belabor the point, but I think the Raiders have some introspecting, perhaps even explaining to do after ignoring character issues with Arnette, and possibly missing signs from Ruggs (although I don't know that), and/or at least mentoring these guys for success in their personal lives.

Raiders drafted both these guys in the first round of the 2020 draft, then cut both of them on character (legal) issues in the same week in 2021.

This is no small thing.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said NY addition by subtraction, Arnette was a punk off the field and crap on the field. 20 draft was an abomination. 19 draft gets a B+ grade. 21 seems to have potential Hobbs, Moerhig and Leatherwood look decent to solid and Deablo, Koonce and Gilispe we will see.

Its amazing that the Raiders are 5-3 given everything that has happened its a testament to Carr and the fact that there is real talent on the team.

Not sure what Jackson will bring he really has not played much in over three years. He is probably good for only 10 snaps a game. Edwards and Jones have not played like first stringers so yes they are in a tough spot. Sad the team went from looking set at WR for a few years to the only sure thing being Renfrow. I am in favor of picking up OBJ whats one more crazy guy on the team at this stage


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Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Scratching my head as to why Raiders did not trade Marcus Mariotta at deadline.

Many teams need a Qb, Washington, Chicago, Miami, Saints, just to name a few.

Maybe could have gotten a 3rd round pick for him. Raiders not using him, and will probably lose him for nothing at end of season.

4:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Ghost Ship, good point. Could "not trading Mariota" be another wasted 3rd round pick, maybe more (like another later round pick) because of Mariota's favorable salary.

Sandy, I think Jackson is 100% in football shape. He's been on the Rams roster this entire season and only became available because he was unhappy about not getting enough targets and asked for his release. Raiders got lucky.

But I agree, OBJ represents a real shot in the arm that the Raiders need, provided they can keep both guys happy.

Honestly, I don't see why not. These two guys would become #1 and #2 WRs by default. Edwards is their backup and Stoner heads back to PS.

Raiders need to right the ship. Hopefully, Mayock is on the phone!

It's a real shame because there are some notable improvements. Gus Bradley has done some good things... but I have to say, I'm not a fan of soft zone coverage.

I want to say, too, I heard the game announcers give Leatherwood a shout out for a solid run block. The kid is hanging in there with a move to G. And Olsen ran an impressive misdirection shovel pass that converted a critical 3rd down (definitely not a Gruden play). Cable and Olsen deserve credit for coaching up this O-line.

This season is far from over but the Raiders have to stand up and brush themselves off. It doesn't get any easier.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY just to clarify I was not saying Jackson is not in football shape, my point was he has not played a full season in years and if they send him out for 40 snaps a game, I am not sure how long he will last he is 35 years old.

Crazy thought but what about Tyrell Williams? He was cut by the Lions not sure he has overcome his concussion from earlier this year.

I think next year they will be going after Chris Godwin or Devonte Adams in FA


5:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I can't imagine Raiders reuniting with Williams after getting burned by his last contract due to injuries. And he's coming off injury. He's probably good for like a half game, then out for the season. In good conscience, Williams should come to the Raiders and play for free (vet min. salary).

Raiders will definitely have more cap next season but not sure they will want to spend half of it on Carr's new buddy, Davante Adams. After all the accounting/execs left last summer, is there still a capologist in the house who could make that work? I hope so! Adams would be a huge upgrade for a Raiders team that's been void of top WR talent for many years.

But I hate to even think of next year. I hope the Raiders aren't set on making the events of 2021 an excuse to underperform.

I know you might disagree with this, but I believe the Raiders are a better coached team since Gruden left... giving Gruden some credit for laying the foundation (despite needing 4 years to do that).

So the $64 million question remains: can the Raiders possibly implode more this year than they already have? Seems like, despite a 5-3 record, we are hanging by a thread.

4:51 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Article link below.

While I disagree with the headline that the NFL should send someone in to help the Raiders (it's Mark Davis's show to make or break), this article puts context on a wide range of failures the Raiders have experienced.

Here's some text.

" These [recent] issues may have all popped up had any of these people been working in any other market. But the problem is a seeming lack of realization that this could all happen, at once, without any specific effort to prevent it. ...If you are going to plop a franchise on the Las Vegas strip, you need the right people to succeed in that environment."

Please don't hold me accountable for the entirety of the article. I just thought there is some revealing context on the Raiders troubles. The loss of draft capital is stunning.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I saw improvements in the two games after Gruden going from 16% play action to 27% and the use of rb screens.

However in the last game we could have used a little Gruden philosphy of running the ball inside the 20. They did it well on the 1st TD with JAcobs and then stopped on all the other red zone possesions.

6 times inside the 15 and only 16 points is atrocious and though Carr had his worst game of the season the play calling in the red zone was either too pass heavy and or unimaginitve.

You have to be able to run the ball inside the red zone to be a big winner in the NFL


9:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Give the Giants D a little credit. They did the same thing to the Chiefs a week earlier.
Plus, Jacobs was noticeably injured during the game. He is their only inside RB. Drake and Richard are both better in space. Also, the Raiders are still compensating for an inexperienced O-line. They don't have the ability to just push people around, especially, the Giants front four. They played to their strength, which is passing, and Carr drop the ball, so to speak.

Carr had his worst game of the season. He threw behind and over his receivers, missing behind Renfrow for a pick-6 and over Waller wide open in the end zone. Otherwise, the Raiders were moving the ball really well, but Carr made costly mistakes. When they needed yards most, the Raiders moved right down the field ready to tie the game, and Carr fumbled. You can't blame that on coaching or play calling. The Raiders had every opportunity.

Nate hit it on the head, Raiders suck after the bye. That's largely on Carr, IMO.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NYRaider

Well, the NFL wants to send help to the Raiders? What kind of help? Do we need it or more of it? Some fans just feel the NFL wants to help us and some even listened this is what you've said when a new leader came and after Al passed:

Al is past his time and needs to go. You can't be loyal to/ keep same players for a long time, pay high salaries to FA's and draft guys on size and speed. We want a change!

Reggie is from a 'model franchise' and he learned from real football men. He says he'll clean house, fix the salary cap and draft better players!

D. Allen, sure he has no HC experience but he coached the Saint's great D and he worked for John Fox! He won't throw us under the bus like Hue. Playoffs here we come!!

Stop complaining about the

D. Allen sucked but now we got Jack Del Rio he loves the team and looks like a Raider. He'll get this team going!

Del Rio was o.k. but we need just a little more zapp in our offense. Gruden!!!! The coach who lead the the team, got those mediocre- overpaid players to win and built the better part of the team, is back. Yea, Al was crazy for trading him look at what he did in TB. He was the guy who built those winning teams ('00-'02) and he was

Bisaccia- That Gruden was the reason we couldn't win. Now with Mayock we can build a winner!

Wow! under the bus!?

Why are draft picks being released why is the NFL media or somebody talking about big changes-What kind of changes? Most of the Al era is gone! Even the execs are gone.

What is this thing about changes!? the Raiders have been rebuilding for ten years!

What does SOMEBODY want to change

They don't care about Raidernation or if Raiders win. Why do you think they care about us? When did they EVER show they cared about the Raiders?

Even with Al gone they STILL show they hate Raiders! But what Changes should Raiders make?

1. Getting rid of Al

2. firing all his employees.

3. ruining the image of the franchise

4. moving his team and pretending like it was MD's idea knowing Al wouldn't agree with the plan even if he wanted to move to L.V.

5. overpriced tickets that price fans out of the new stadiums.

But again, what changes? What's left for them to change? They replaced the execs with others, the true image of the team is gone, Who's left to change?

I'm starting to think fans think it doesn't matter who owns a franchise and that the owners/ execs are all the same. Yea, any hard working-high character GM could've built those winning teams 60's-00's. After all it was really Ron Wolfe that built the Raiders right? All you do is be cheap and get Bellichek, Shula or Peyton like HCs and you can build a dynasty! You don't have to be a so-called genius or football man. A real billionaire and execs a real great group of people- they'll see how loyal we are, cry and really put more money into that stadium making it a fun house and promise to build a dynasty.

Ummmm.....DUDE, if the last bit of the Raiders go that's it for ANY connection between Raidernation and the team!

Changes!? yea, bet if there are new execs and billionaires the team will suddenly start winning. But what about loyalty, the Raider way, those slogans, social-work place issues and respect for a family business?

I think they'll(billionaires) talk smack, smile in Raidernation's faces then start raising ticket prices and give us a winning but very generic/ corporate and cheap imitation of what Al and his employees built decades ago.

I don't think they'll be that loyal to us!

You may think Big Changes might make this a winning team but it also will erase maybe the last bit Al' ideas for players' rights and being unique and most corporations aren't into fans just who will buy their tickets- any real connection to the Raiders will be much farther.

1:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Anon, that was the author of the article suggesting the NFL send help, and I rejected that on its face. What a joke.

Mark Davis owns the team, and he has to live with his decisions just like every other owner.

If anything, maybe the NFL should be pointing a finger at themselves, they sanctioned the Raiders move to LV. They also undertook the bogus WFT investigation which they leaked only Gruden's emails.

Don't sell the process short, Raiders have been rebuilding longer than 10 years, arguably since the 2003 superbowl.

My hope is that the ship steers back on course. We all need a win. Even if it's just a playoff berth.

As bad as Mark Davis has been turning the Raiders around, direct involvement from the NFL could only make it worse. One thing the author of that article truly got wrong.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that headline before you sent it and didn't even bother to read it. What nonsense. As I have said ad naseum Ruggs was not the Raiders fault.

Arnette what is so different then the Titans with their first round pick a year ago Isaiah Wilson he lasted less time that Arnette. Shit like that happens every year.

Gruden what he did was not when he was part of the Raiders, its not like the Raiders were fostering a culture of racism and mysogny. Take a look at Green Bay and Rogers talk about dysfunctin and rule breaking, hwo about Detroit, Cinci, Jacksonville, Washington. The Raiders have their issues but are in a lot better shape than many teams. Look at the Chargers they have zero fan base. How about KC with Andy Reids punk ass drunk son leaving a girl handicap after drinking at the team complex not to mention Tyreek HIll child abuser. I could go on.

When you factor in revenue potential, stadium, young talent, salary cap and QB situation the Raiders are in the upper half of stability.


4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NYRaiders again,

It seems media is always saying things or hinting that the NFL is trying to do something inside Raiders. Then they deny it and blame Raiders. They claim Raiders need HELP and fans listen. They send ex-Raiders con us they will win, after a few bad seasons and decisions they start talking about changes again.

You said- "Its' MD's show to make or break"?

No, NY its NOT MD's show!! It's the NFL's/ owners' show!!!

1. MD DOES not handle ANY draft moves!!!! He doesn't know much about college players!!! He sure didn't pick Ruggs III! New scouts and Mayock drafted him.

2. MD DIDN'T hire Gruden- The NFL did to make Raidernation happy moving to L.V.!

3. '14 draft- MD didn't know much about D. Carr. SOMEBODY wanted Reggie to draft him- It was good advise. Although I think Mariota would light up the NFL in Silver and Black.

4. MD DIDN'T fire a lot of Al's employees, it was the NFL using Reggie.

5. MD DIDN'T use his genius to make the Las Vegas deal, those L.V. people, NFL and huge corporations really didn't spend a lot of time with him.

6. MD ISN'T in control of the L.V. deal! Those L.V. people who are politicians, city employees, casino owners, stadium authority, NFL, sponsors and huge corporations probably weren't listening to him and

7. MD didn't know Gruden was going to hire Mayock anymore than he knew about the

8. MD was never interested in football side of the business. He said he wouldn't meddle and he .

9. MD DIDN'T give Carr and Gruden those huge contracts- That was money invested by other owners/ stake holders to get Gruden to come back and keep a franchise qb in Oakland/ L.V.

10. MD NEVER said he was ran what the front office does or most big decisions. He said he'd work with them(staff) but let them do what they know might work/ can be worked out or what plans they have.

The NFL has sent many people to the Raiders and you listened to most of them.

Why do they feel they need to suddenly say it out loud in public unless they really mean they want to replace more old employees or even somebody(in Raiders) with more power?

MD wanted Carr, helped in the hiring decisions, like a guy(s) going in the draft, helped make the Vegas deal. Yea, right, this

Now, the NFL feels it need to make more Changes?!

As bad as MD has been!? What do you mean? I thought an owner was supposed let the football people run his/ her team?

MD doesn't make decisions so how is he at fault for this mess? He's doing what media said owners should do! Now you're blaming him for cooperating!

"The NFL should be pointing finger at themselves" Naaaah! Would they do that?

Suddenly ex-Raiders are hired as leaders, they fire most of Al's employees, they screw Oakland to move Raiders to L.V., lies about spending on FA's and does strange things on draft day.

NFL looks like they're tampering and hints about it and strange things keep happening in Raiders office but media says its' the Raiders' fault and Raidernation listens to it.

You don't see something is going on and it can't be MD or Raiders alone. Think they don't do these things in pro sports?

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

It is not unprecedented for the NFL to help a franchise in distress.

Years ago, The NFL "suggested" the NY Giants hire George Young as their GM. The Giants were hapless at the time, coming off the Joe Pisarchik/Csonka fumble.

Now, the Giants are the NFL's beloved franchise, The Raiders are the NFL's most despised franchise, so I highly doubt any help will be on the way from comish Roger Greeda$$.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Anon said:
"2. MD DIDN'T hire Gruden- The NFL did to make Raidernation happy moving to L.V.!
4. MD DIDN'T fire a lot of Al's employees, it was the NFL using Reggie.
5. MD DIDN'T use his genius to make the Las Vegas deal, those L.V. people, NFL and huge corporations really didn't spend a lot of time with him.
6. MD ISN'T in control of the L.V. deal! Those L.V. people who are politicians, city employees, casino owners, stadium authority, NFL, sponsors and huge corporations probably weren't listening to him
MD doesn't make decisions so how is he at fault for this mess? He's doing what media said owners should do! Now you're blaming him for cooperating!"

Mark Davis did hire Gruden. He said as soon as he took over the team, he was constantly in Gruden's ear for 4 years to bring him back because he thought it was a mistake to let him go in the first place. Those are his own words.

Ask Amy Trask who it was who let her go, and she will tell you it was Mark Davis. Why? Because he wanted to do things differently than his dad. If there was ever an Al employee that ran the show behind the scenes, it was Amy Trask. She was always at Al's side, always. She was let go by Mark Davis before Reggie was hired.

As for #5 and 6, Mark Davis was a HUGE part of those conversations to get the Raiders to Vegas. Marc Badain was also a HUGE part in that, as well as getting 5 different stadium ideas to stay in Oakland. Which incidently, the Oakland A's stole their biggest plan and the city/county finally balked and approved it. Go back and look at the plans the Raiders submitted to the city/county, and compare it to what the A's just got approved in Oakland/Alameda. Let's talk on here a minute too. Who has been the #1 driving factor to get the A's to look at Vegas as a permanent home? Mark Davis and the Raiders.

As for this statement: "MD doesn't make decisions so how is he at fault for this mess? He's doing what media said owners should do! Now you're blaming him for cooperating!"
He is at fault in this mess because he approves it. He isn't doing anything without knowledge of the decisions being made. He is not out there just writing checks; he is involved in Owner's meetings, he is on several different owner's committees to help with the structure of what the NFL wants to accomplish. He is bucking the system a little bit with the NFL over the Gruden/Bruce Allen/WFT emails.

I think Mayock stays as GM. I think Mayock has definitely helped sway how the Raiders have drafted, and I think the majority of this class has shown it's worth. Remember, Mayock came in late to the game last season; Gruden, more likely, had his guys picked out already. This is Mayock's true first year with regards to the draft; and I think this last draft is more of Mayock's stamp than Gruden's. But this is my two cents, and I think Mayock has done wonders for the Raiders roster with all that is happening here. Mayock took the blame for Arnette, because he is the face of the organization right now. The easy thing to do would point the finger to Gruden, but Mayock is a man of integrity, and would never do it, even if he is justified in doing so. I am excited to see what happens with this organization; but yes, there are some very deep issues that Mark Davis has to face; and get right. The first is who he hires as Team President, which he needs to go back to Amy Trask, not because she was Al's gal, but because she was amazing at what she did, and she still carries the spirit of Al's innovation to buck the system and do things differently.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate 75 you need to check your facts Mayock has been with the Raiders since Dec 2018, he has presided over three drafts.

2019 I give like a B+ or A, they ended up with Renfrow, Jacobs, Abram, Mullen and Crosby starting. Might have two or three pro bowlers there. Moreau is solid and Ingold is too and Andre James is starting to look good. With the exception of Ferrel that is fantastic.

2020 is an abomination, I wont blame him for Ruggs that ws looking like a good pick and there was nothing in Ruggs past which would make on think he was capable of the horror he created.

However, Arnette was a mediocre talent whith character flaws so huge reach by Mayock terrible pick. The entire class is gone with the exception of Edwards so that is awful a grade of F

2021 too early to tell but so far encouraging with the play of Hobbs, Leatherwood and Moehrig

Overall MAyock has done okay on drafting and below average on FA until this year.

If I am Mark I only keep him if the team makes the playoffs.

Anon's I appreciate your love for Al I am with you but you conspiracy theories I find incoherent


11:55 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Anon. Mark Davis is the owner. He makes the decisions in LV, or hires others to make them for him. As long as the Raiders stay within the framework of the league, Davis can lose as many games as he wants. To my knowledge, the Raiders have not violated any league rules by making bad choices or losing games.

Davis hired Gruden, and he went over Reggie McKenzie's head to do it. McKenzie was gone the next season.

Davis also wanted Ruggs. He was quoted as saying Ruggs was the only player he wanted in the 2020 draft. Nothing wrong with that, and he got his wish. He's the owner!

Absent the Raiders breaking league rules, and without invitation, I doubt very much the league has the ability to get directly involved in the Raiders internal deliberations.

I believe the article I posted was by an independent author. He doesn't work for the league, as far as I know. I think we are reading too much into, and/or trying too hard to interpret an obscure suggestion.

I not saying the league doesn't meddle, far from it, only that the author's suggestion for the league to openly get involved in the Raiders is far fetched, IMO.

But don't kid yourself. The Davis family owns a controlling interest in the Raiders. That doesn't lend itself to others making organizational decisions without their blessing.

12:32 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I just found this gem:

"According to Pro Football Focus analytics, the Raiders employ the cover-3 at a 15 percent higher rate than the next closest team in the league. There isn’t a defense in the NFL comparable to the Raiders – which is a statement that has been true for years, but for once it can be said as a compliment."

Nice turn of events for the Raiders D, but I hope Bradley doesn't become complacent. He's used Cover-3 61% of plays on D this year. Other teams are learning his tendencies, so I hope he's ready to mix it up and overcome any countermeasures by other teams.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

* Remember Raidernation fans and employees!

Veronica “Bedazzled” Ruiz

Rickey Ricardo- owner of Rickey's sports Bar.

Oaktown Pirate- went to games in Oakland.

Cliff Branch- A true Raiders' star and NFL star.

Tina Tintor- Victim of accident in Las Vegas with ex-Raiders star player.

Greg Knapp/ Good O.C. worked for many NFL teams.

Gunther Cunningham/ DC for Al

* prayers for:

Ruggs family

Tina Tintor's family/ victim in accident with ex-Raiders star.

Hospitals still full of Coronavirus victims.

Family of little boy killed while in car with his mother on or near Oakland freeway-
Sometime between 6th and 8th of November.

Shout out- to Autumn Carver who was in a hospital with Coronavirus. Your prayers were very important and needed.

New Jersey Raiders' fans- For being at game and showing NFL how loyal fans are.

Raiders' Take- for having this blog.

* Remember the old Raidernation houses!:

Tailgating in Oakland

Tailgating in L.A.

Tailgating in the NFL

The "Black Hole"- Oakland Coliseum and L.A. Coliseum.

Ricky Ricardo, owner of Rickey's Sports Bar- was a huge Raiders' fan and had lots of fans and players come by. Vegas may have
bigger fancier bars but Rickey's was a good place for fans to visit and like another home.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is all predicated on getting pressure with a 4 man line. check out the tweet graphic below. Crosby and Yannick are the best DE combo in the league


2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both running backs — Josh Jacobs, who averaged 5.9 yards per carry, and Kenyan Drake, who averaged 7.5 yards — were effective.

The only reason the Raiders didn’t gain more than 117 rushing yards, just their third-highest total this season, is they didn’t run the ball more. They ran it just 20 times, which is their second-lowest number of rushing attempts this season, despite never facing more than a one-score deficit against the Giants. By comparison, they threw the ball 46 times, their second-highest total this season. Neither the game situation nor the results gave a reason for the Raiders to go away from the run as much as they did especially in a one score game

It was not all on Carr a lot of questionable coaching besides going away from the run in especially attempting 2 field goals in red zone in a one score game in the 4th quarter made one missed one should have gone for it on 4th down both times.


8:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I completely disagree. Did you miss Jacobs taking himself out of the game and noticeably limping? He disappeared for most of the rest of the game. I'm not certain he ever came back. If he did, it wasn't for more than a couple plays.

Coaches could have called a different game but it's unlikely that would have made Carr a better QB on Sunday. I have been a huge advocate for Carr this season, but that was by far his worst performance of the year. He missed too many passes.

Let's not forget too, Carr is calling the plays at the line based on defensive alignment. He can call a run. The Giants weren't giving him that option.

We can Monday morning QB this thing until we turn purple, but the simple truth is, if Carr plays at the same level he's played all year, the Raiders win easily (running the same plays).

Carr has 26+/- comebacks in his career. He moved the Raiders into position to attempt another. It's a real shame, no matter how you call it. This loss really stings... not to mention I have to hear it from Giants fans.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes this and the Chicago game could haunt us. Now I hear Richie may not be back at all this year.

We can split hairs, I agree Carr played poorly and had he played well they would have won. However, when that is happening it is on the coaching staff to adjust as well and they did not. They both deserve some blame.

You got on Gruden a lot for being too conservative, Olsen and Biasccia are guitly of the same in this game with their decisions to kick field goals and not go for it in the 4th quarter of a one score game.


10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW good thing Tom Cable is coaching the o-line and not the guys on here who called for Nick Martin to replace this young stud on the rise


6:09 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Turning the ball over on downs on risky 4th down calls became a trademark of the Gruden era. The Raiders were playing a Giants team they should have beaten without the need to take unnecessary risks. If it isn't there, take the points. That's axiomatic.

Sandy, James spent the first 1/3 of the season getting his ass kicked. You said so yourself many times. Martin is an experienced center and started for at least four years. The entire line is playing better. In case you haven't noticed, I've given many props to Tom Cable for holding it together.

Hindsight gotcha is pretty lame. All Raiders fans want their team to succeed. Observations constantly evolve. The coaches and staff get paid to know more than we do. Yet, here we are, 18 years removed from a winning season, still hoping that remarkable streak ends this year.


7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not a gotcha its a good lesson in being positve and patient myself included


10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Court papers, Gruden taking the commish and the league to court. Didn't take long.

4:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This is a bit perplexing.

So DeSean Jackson asked for his release from the Rams reportedly due to limited playing time (lack of targets). I get that, the guy's a 3x pro bowler and wants to play.

The Rams grant Jackson his release. He clears waivers and the Raiders sign him.

But then the Rams go out and get OBJ.


They had a 3x pro bowler WR on their roster. Am I missing something? Why did the Rams drop Jackson if they needed a WR so much that they would pursue OBJ?

It looks like the move paid off for the Rams, who have upgraded at WR.

Jackson cleared waivers before OBJ and the Raiders were desperate to fill a void left by Ruggs. Remember, the Raiders started the season with only 5 WRs on the roster, and no vets.

Maybe both teams improved. Jackson can definitely help the Raiders after losing Ruggs. Zay Jones has not stepped up, and the Raiders PS has no obvious standout.

Best thing that can happen is, Jackson gets involve early and makes a big play against the Chiefs. That will give the Raiders confidence that their offense is better than the group which showed up in the Meadowlands.

5:08 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Brandon Facyson!

This kid has five passes defended in three games he's played with the Raiders. That a season for some CBs.

He's 6'2"

Raiders plucked him off the Chargers PS. Chargers must be kicking themselves right now to have left this kid exposed for another team to grab.

Raiders lose a 1st rd draft pick with Arnette but manage to sign Facyson who is far better.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Facyson has looked solid. When Mullen comes back it will be a good group. If Facyson stays consistent they should look to sign him for a couple of years with Heyward being on a one year contract and the wrong side of 30.


1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Nate,

* MD hired Gruden? O.K. maybe but media gossip/ rumors about issues/ attitudes between employees in Raiders HQ and some rumors had MD caught in it. He allegedly felt they watched him being mistreated (?).

Gruden, well he did win ('00-'02) but I thought MD didn't want Al's employees in Raiders (?) Those were some of the best coaches/ execs if not experienced, in the NFL. I thought it was Al that was the problem, why fire ALL of them?

* He said/ She said- So, MD or Reggie did the firings of Al's employees- Why? Because of the slump? who told him about Reggie? Did MD fire or tell Reggie to fire them?
They just missed playoffs; Did he study Al's staff? if not, why fire ALL of them? Was it MD or SOMEBODY(s) else hired Reggie or, told MD/ Raiders to?

So he wanted Gruden? but he's an ex-Al employee. He didn't want anybody from Al's era except him?

You sometimes have to work with people you dislike- maybe a few changes to get new ideas but because of a grudge or past embarrassment? That sounds kinda silly and ridiculous.

* Wanted to go in a different direction?

What direction? Whose system did he want to copy? the Steelers', Patriots'? The Raiders just missed the playoffs('11). Why would he listen to outsiders instead of people he knew(Al's employees)?

Yea, well, the NFL wanted Raiders in a different direction from Al's eras too.

* MD was a HUGE part of the move to Las Vegas?

Badain, if he really had those plans had to know the Oakland couldn't afford them. That gave Raiders excuse to move. The NFL looked like it was on the outside but was working to move Raiders. Those plans were as ridiculous as the A's demands.

MD's genius helped make the Vegas deal?
The Raiders don't own the "Death Star", they may be in debt and huge corporations are putting big money in the stadium and got/ getting sponsorship for Raiders.
Think Al would accept having no control over the stadium or property? MD's handlers/ partners told him don't buy some of stadium? Who gave him that advise?

MD WAS huge in the Vegas move- he said "Yes".

* It IS MD's fault for this mess?- Media complained that Al 'meddled' with his front office too much. How? What decisions was/ is MD suppose to make? Who gives him advise?.

He hired SOMEBODY to advise him on staff? He was looking at NFL people or did SOMEBODY tell him who to hire and was he working with them or going along with what they said?

If he doesn't make decisions how is he at fault?

Media complained that Al 'meddled' with his staff too much. MD said he wasn't doing things he didn't know about, that he would let others run the team. Who were those people? He knew Al's employees but he/ Reggie or somebody fired them! Who told him it was a good move? Why? Did he want these people or get advise to hire them?

* Bucking the system!?- MD cooperated with almost EVERYTHING they told him to.

He doesn't really make moves that would make us happy, excited, confused or angry.

He's never said anything that would upset the NFL! They don't really comment or stand up for players and 'the game' problems like Al's era did.

He was supportive of Ruggs III/ Family, some important player actions and social issues involving sex, race but nothing too heavy the NFL/ media/ public would stress over.

But MD hasn't 'meddled' or asked them(team) to be anything like Al's Raiders.

The NFL/ owners have a game plan and they don't want any problems. Maybe he/ execs had questions or said no to some ideas but they come up with a plan and if they do tell him he has one job to say "yes"!

NFL makes plans, all owners have say- but after they have the finished plan- they want everybody to go with it. MD is huge and they want to do one big thing- say "Yes"!

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

K.C. Legneds

P. Mahomes #15

P. Holmes #31

E. Podolak #43 (FB)

T. Gonzales #88

A. Rison #80

O. Taylor #89

J. Alt

W. Shields #54

R. Hudson #61

B. Budde #71

J. Tyrer

J. Stenarud

PR D. Hall

H. Long #75

J. Matuzak #72

C. McGlockton #91

K. Mack #52

T. Hendricks #83

D. Connors #55

J. Robinson #57

M. Haynes #22

R. Woodson #26

R. Lott #42

G. Atkinson #43

R. Guy #8

PR I. Matthews #43

K.C. (3-4)

J. Allen #69

D. Saleamua (NG)

A. Still #69

D. Thomas #58 (olb)

W. Lanier #63

D. Hackett #56

W. Paul #51

E. Thomas #18

A. Lewis #29

D. Cherry #20

J. Robinson #45

KR T. Hill #10 (no. #3 wr)

Raiders Raiders Super Team

R. Gannon #12

B. Jackson #34

M. VanEagan #30

D. Waller #83

J. Rice #80

F. Biletnikoff #25

A. Shell #78

S. Wisnewski #76

D. Mosebar #72

B. Wilkerson #68

B. Brown #76

C-Bass #11

KR J. Ford #12 (no. #3 wr)

KC- G. Green (no. #5 DB)

B. Mass #63 (4-3 DT)

T. Kelce #87 (no. #2)

L.V.- C. Woodsen #24 (no. #5 DB)

M. Millen #55 (3-4 ILB)

D. Casper #87 (no. #2 TE)

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wisnewski over Upshae no way Mosebar over Otto no fing way

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mosebar because of his size 6'6" against D. Saleamua.

Wisnewski I was just trying to put in some different line ups Both were great players but Upshaw was a HOFer.

Man, that K.C. speed is something! J. Allen and D. Thomas wow! Raiders O line is nasty and powerful but KC has the coverage and speed to give us problems!

Our D-line. Tooz with his size and speed and Howie with that power!
C. McGlocktin in the middle would make it hard for KC to protect Mahomes and Mack would be a question mark in this game.

P. Holmes would be trying to get past a fast-powerful line and some good LB's.

The Raiders receivers are skilled I didn't put in the speedy legends because there is a ton of speed on this team.

KC has fast DBs' so maybe the skill of the receivers might give them more problems.
Ford would be the #3 WR.

Our special teams might win this game but KC's special teams are good too.

8:54 PM  

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