Monday, October 04, 2021

Chargers Gamenight Thread

This has to be one of the most pivotal and exciting games to come along in years for Raiders fans. 

Sure, it's early in the season, but there's still a lot on the line; namely, first place in a highly competitive division. When you go two games up early on a team like the Chiefs, you have to keep the pedal to the metal. 

It feels like both a marathon and a sprint right now. Time to keep it rolling. GO RAIDERS!


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Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Horrible way for the defense to start the game. Take, you can bet I will be purchasing from your link and help keep the lights on. Just Win, BABY!

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Blogger nyraider said...

Sobering first half. The Raiders were completely unprepared and overmatched. The first 3-and-out set the tone for the offense. Those were scripted plays. In fact, the Raiders have not scored a TD in the 1st QTR yet this year. Folks, those are mostly scripted plays.

Alex Leatherwood has been horrible. He has two penalties and has given up a sack/fumble... and those are just the ones that stood out. He looks like a deer in the headlights. I wouldn't be surprised if Parker replaces him to start the 3rd QTR.

The defense made some impressive stops but the offense is shooting blanks. There is zero run game, the WRs are blanketed and Carr has no protection. Just getting a 1st down is a huge challenge. Not even competitive.

Back to the drawing board.

7:31 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The Chargers broke the code for the Raiders offense. They exposed the Raiders Achilles heel, which is clearly their offensive line. Play man coverage, stack the box and flood bodies into the Raiders' line. Under duress, they can't run block and they can't pass block. Game over!

I get that the Raiders line is young and that they lost both guards to injury, but 4 of 5 O-linemen were drafted by the Raiders. These are the guys they chose to play their line.

It's a real shame because Carr and the defense have stepped up their games. At one point, the Raiders actually had the ball with an opportunity to tie the game.

I'm guessing the Bears will watch the game film.

4:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Take, I am re-setting my Amazon icon right now. I bought a new computer and forgot to reset it for the wife. My apologies for that....

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Blogger Raider Take said...

It was more break than bend for our defense when it counted last night. And that pick by Carr was just terrible. But there are still plenty of signs of life, and I do like how the defense is finding ways to pound our opponents. Gotta find a way to beat the Chargers and Chiefs, or we'll be out of the mix again. No worries on Amazon my friends, just an occasional click through will be appreciated.

6:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

True, the defense broke when it counted most but they also made several stops and gave the offense opportunity. They were simply asked to do too much, including mop up after yet another ill-advised turnover on downs in the middle of the field.

Herbert was definitely the better QB on the field last night. How pathetic was it to see Robertson lined up against Williams, with what looked like a one foot height advantage.

Huge disappointment the Raiders could not hang with the Chargers in what was practically a home game. Even Jacobs can't run behind this line.

Best moment in the game was Renfrow stopping the fake kick. Raiders had so many opportunities.

7:18 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

UPDATE: I said Raiders have not scored a TD in the first QTR this year. I've now read that the Raiders have not scored on their first possession in 10 straight games.

That falls on Gruden. He is scouting defenses and scripting plays to start games. 10 straight games without an opening drive score should be inexcusable for an offense capable of scoring 30 pts a game.

Seems like Gruden comes out with run, run, pass every game. Consequently, the Raiders are never more predictable than they are on their first possession.

Notably, the Chargers had the worst ranked run defense in the league until last night.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The O-line was horrendous last night. Could not run block, or pass block. Leatherwood has struggled the last 2 games, and we are on a short week with Khalil Mack and the Bears coming in.
Andre James looks flat out awful now, should have told Rodney Hudson "No" when he asked for a trade. Is it time to bring in Nick Martin? I don't know. Do we give the O-Line a chance to change it around? I don't know. But something has to change, and Gruden cannot continue doing the same thing until it changes. He has to work with the strengths of the personnel.
Carr had no time to set for anything last night. Bosa was wrong, Carr didn't look rattled, he looked frustrated that his O-line couldn't block $&(*! I know he would never say it was his O-Line in the presser last night, but I'm also tired of him saying that it is all on him. Stop saying that man, you win and lose as a team. His teammates on the O-Line let him down last night.
I'm pretty embittered this morning, but time to move forward. Short week for another tough team to play. Let's see if Gruden can out coach Nagy (one of the worst in the League). If he can't, maybe Marky Davis needs to pull the trigger on Ol' Yeller. However, I will say, Gruden part 2 has been better than Shell Part 2.

11:56 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I would say Gruden has an opportunity to oversee a much better team than Shell II, largely due to Derek Carr. However, 10 straight games without a score on the opening drive is revealing, IMO. Gruden has been guess wrong with his scripted plays every time. The run, run, pass on 3rd-and-long formula too often does not work. Also, running the ball on 4th-and-short has led too many turnover on downs. The line is not up to the task.

After watching the Raiders having to claw their way back to 3 wins, including two in OT, it's not a big surprise that a team as good as the Chargers had so much success against them. By extension, with all the breakdowns on the O-line, there is definitely reason for concern facing the Bears and Broncos defenses over the next two weeks. At this point, the Raiders should be concerned about any NFL defense they face getting the best of their line.

On a side note, ESPN analysts made a good point about Gruden. It's always about the QB he doesn't have. Gruden has flirted with Kyler Murray, Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady while keeping the seat warm with Derek Carr. Carr has matured into a cerebral QB and I believe he could thrive on a team with a solid O-line. He's proven that much even when the Raiders line has struggled to protect him while providing little or no run support.

Derek Carr and the Raiders defense have clearly taken a step forward this year, but the offensive line - so critical for a team's success - has taken a huge step back (albeit, partly due to injuries). Unless Gruden can figure something out on the fly, I'm worried this season may end up like last few seasons, a day late and a dollar short.

Perhaps it's unfair to read so much into one game but the O-line struggles span all four games.

Houston, we have a problem!

2:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

PS. It's only 4 weeks into a 17-week season. Mike Mayock can be a hero right now. Raiders might stick with Leatherwood a while longer, but they need to replace one or both guards asap. They have an immediate answer for James in Nick Martin.

Martin started four years for the Texans. He must have some skills worthy enough to replace what we've seen from James so far.

The Raiders are a decent O-line removed from making the playoffs!

Get it done!

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Did the Raiders sacrifice their O-Line to bring in a strong defense? The answer so far is a resounding yes. Hudson and Jackson were the top paid O-lineman for the Raiders, and they traded one and cut the other. That freed up money to go after strong defenders.
Am I mad about it? A little. The game is won in the trenches on both sides of the ball, we have to protect the QB, and we have to pressure the opposing QB. We did neither of those things on Monday Night.
It stinks, but in order to have something nice and shiny, we have to sacrifice somewhere, and we sacrificed a good O-line for an upgrade defensively; hoping the new O-line would fall in place. So far, adjustments need to be made there, and Gruden's scripted plays need to change. Just Win, Baby!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First off remember to breather. We may disagree on certain things but every single person on this board would have jumped for joy if you were told preseason the Raiders would be 3-1 after the first four games.

Second there is no one on this board that was not worried about the o-line. I myself when asked to predict the Raiders record by NY predicated my answer on Richie's health. You can not start the season on an assumption that both of your starting guards would be out. We all expected growing pains from Leatherwood but having second or third stringers on the inside bookending a center who has started 6 games could put the playoffs in jeprody at worst and at best hamstring an awesome set of skill position weapons.

O-line depth really does nto exist on any NFL team. I believe I said its hard to find 5 good ones never mind 7. I think we need to roll with what we got there are no picks up available out there.

The o-line was medicore at best last year, it did not block well for the run. Gabe Jackson was not much of a loss and is way overpaid. Trent Brown is not even playing. Rodney was great and still is.

So spending money on D and taking the chances with the o-line was a calculated risk that at the moment has paid off with a decent defense, I submit they played well enough to win on Monday.

My suggested solution is work on the running game. They need some sort of balance to protect Carr because no QB is going to play well when under sege. Look at Mahomes in lst year's superbowl. Use the 3TE formations. Let's hope Richie is back soon he brings leadership, physicality and nastiness.

In the meantime there is a ton to like about this team. Strong DEs, solid and deep (wait till Morrow comes back) linebacking core for the first time in years. Good young secondary. I thought Robertson did great against Mike Williams and can be part of the rotation, fantastic skill position weapons. Great coaching.

I see the Raiders getting to the bye at 5-1. Hopefull coming out of the bye Richie is backm, the O-Line settles down and Mullen is healthy by then as well (hav enot hear how injusrd he was).


12:14 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The discussion doesn't begin and end here. Gruden is being asked about the O-line, the poor pass protection, the terrible running game, his conservative scripted plays, etc.

It's all out there is plain sight. The answers so far are:

Gruden admits he needs to do better scripting plays to start games. The Raiders have 1 FG in the first QTR so far this year. That's ridiculous by any measure.

Gruden also said he is 'not hitting the panic button' just yet on the O-line. It's up to the coaches to coach up the players. I will say, I think Cable has exceeded my expectation of him coming from Seattle, where there was nary a good word for him as he exited.

I understood letting Trent Brown go, and I get the Raiders have been trying to trade Jackson over the span of two NFL drafts. But losing Hudson was a huge blow.

My personal opinion is that the Raiders need to sign another guard. Somebody with experience. Also, they should keep the current line on a very short leash, meaning, bring in Nick Martin to play center and be prepared to replace Simpson and whatever his name is at the other G position.

As I said above, and I will restate here for the record. I believe the Raiders are capable of making the playoffs. They have the tools, and Carr is playing some of his best football. But they can't do it without an offensive line.

In some areas, Gruden has no patience, while he is intolerably patient in other areas, e.g., Paul Guenther. This isn't time to be too patient with the O-line. If a team like the Bears gets the best of the Raiders O-line, win or lose, the Raiders need to make changes, IMHO.

Raiders are 0-1 in the division. It doesn't get easier, only harder as other teams iron out their own kinks.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmm......again, Carr carrying the Raiders? Carr is an MVP hopeful? Dude....

Al and other coaches gave an idea of how a team and fans should handle the regular season:

1. Why concentrate on MVP when we haven't done anything in 18 years? That's another reason to criticize the new NFL/ new Raiders' systems.

2. Why put injured players on the field? the new Raiders never had problems with backups and practice squad players in important games so why put injured guys in games and possibly lose them for longer times?

3. you can talk Hobbs, Moerigh and Heyward but I wonder if CB I. Johnson could've helped? Al had projects and was patient with them and some played well.

4. Overpriced contracts, salary cap , terrible draft picks, overpriced FA's? Dude.....this team was run over by the Chargers! Al's overpriced team had pro bowlers but suddenly stopped winning. He at least tried to find players who could play and they did team just suddenly started losing. Maybe new Raiders should try SPENDING to find talent.

5. Do the Raiders have a staff that can make high character, average guys winners?
Reggie should've kept some of Al's guys to help him. Don Shula, Belichek, McCarthy, Ariens prove they can take average but these guys haven't yet Raidernation STILL supports the system the NFL bought to L.V.

They're mediocre but think they can make the playoffs. They refuse to trade for star players. NFL/ media cons Raidernation with new reasons team will win-this player- that coach-this new system will win this year.

What Al was doing was using all kinds of players to win. The NFL/ media was o.k. with it as long as he didn't over pay them. Funny, the owners can make all the money but the players get criticized for trying to get big contacts. NFLPA Pres. Gene Upshaw and Al worked to make sure players got their money. Media/ NFL said it was ruining the game so somehow Al paying players and their slump was the problem.

The new Raiders don't those kinds of players and coaches to win without a lot of talent. The NFL/ owners are playing "money ball" They are watching Raiders moves, they are pressuring them to build cheaply. You know teams don't build after preseason You don't think they can build a playoff team for FA's signed almost every week to replace guys on the roster do you?

The Raiders need to go Al and SPEND on star FA's and trade for players.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Coming into Week 5, here is my Top 10:
1) Cardinals. They have dominated on both sides of the ball and blew out the Rams. Quietly have they earned this respect. They climbed the mountain.
2) Chargers. I said it going into the game, the Raiders are facing a legit Chargers team, the first time the Chargers have ever been legit.
3) Rams. The blow to the Cardinals dropped them 2 spots.
4) Bills. Strong Defense that helps the offense. They are beatable if you can control Josh Allen, but they are a tough team.
5) Bucs. Barely beat a bad Patriots team, and that's because the Patriots kicker missed.
6) Raiders. Chargers exposed the Raiders O-line, and it was embarrassing. Will the Raiders rebound against a bad Bears team? We will see, but I will say, they are 3-1, and I'm still happy.
7) Ravens. Almost the same as the Bills here. If they can get a consistent RB and 1 WR, they would be nearly unstoppable. My pick to win the AFC North.
8) Cowboys. Weak division, better defense, good offense.
9) Browns. Great defense, and potentially good offense. OBJ is their achilles heal, and the fact that we don't know which Baker Mayfield is going to show up. They have to do better at managing the clock on offense when they have the lead.
10) Carolina Panthers. Like the Cardinals, are climbing the ladder.

8:18 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not sure how to respond to that. So should we take Derek Carr out of the conversation but include Isaiah Johnson?

The 2021 Raiders are clearly a work in progress but there's nothing more critical right now than the offensive line. It's a mess!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Media who follow the Raiders are saying we could see Alex Leatherwood move to RG, and Brandon Parker at RT this weekend, with Jermaine Eluemunor moving to LG.
I think they need to stay where they are in order for them to learn the system and their position. I think Eluemunor is doing a better job than James and Simpson at this point, even though I don't think Simpson is a weak spot. Losing our starters at these positions were a loss, but I think they are getting their feet under them, especially as the season goes on, and they become more accustomed to it. No excuses, next man up, and JUST WIN, BABY!

9:01 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, the line is a mess, and Simpson is a big part of the problem. Collectively, these guys cannot run block and they are giving up pressures and sacks at an unsustainable pace to protect Carr from injury. Miller is the only linemen grading at a normal level.

Moving Leatherwood to G is a slap in the face to the org which drafted him in the 1st round to play RT. Plus, Leatherwood is part of the problem, albeit, not as bad as the interior.

IMO, this is an important point in time. Gruden is now on record as saying he has no plan to 'hit the panic button' and more or less plans to stick with the line as-is. If he and Cable can't develop the line into a workable unit, then this will go down as another Guenther-level blunder which the writing was clearly on the wall but Gruden didn't make a move.

Clearly, something needs to change.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only change I would consider to the starting lineup would be Nick Martin for James. If Leatherwood struggles with Mack then bring Parker in mid game. The key is getting Richie back. Kolton has been a top 5 LT.


10:36 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I agree Sandy, the only change to the starting right now would be Nick Martin over James. Leatherwood and Simpson are struggling, but the struggle has (for the most part) not been as consistent as James. Leatherwood and Simpson have been about 50-50, which isn't comforting, but that is a part of learning. James has been more like hitting his mark 30% of the time, while whiffing the rest of the 70%.
Let's not forget that Kolton was about 50-50 his rookie season, but he was also playing with an unknown injury. We don't know the unknowns of this line either, knowing that they have no back up, how many of them are playing through some tough injuries? We may never know.
I think they will get stronger, and definitely the Raiders won't leave Leatherwood on an island against Mack, you will see Carrier, Moreau, and Waller come in with some chipping.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your post is on point.

Leatherwood's constant penalties seem more of a problem than his play. The only differnece regarding your comparison with Kolton is that Kolton's rookie year was on an awful team so him playing poorly was not really that big a deal. This year the O-line situation could derail playoffs.

I agree with the chipping strategy also this week we shoudl get Ricard back and he excels as a third down pass protector so he can help too.


11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much fo that idea. Parker is in at RT and Leatherwood is at RG at today's practice. I worry this may hinder Leatherwood's development but I guess Gruden is in win now mode.


11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

October 8th is the day we lost Al Davis.

Some of the things about him:

An icon and drum major for civil rights (Al Davis):

First team to hire a Hispanic as Head Coach

First NFL team to have an Afro American Head Coach lead team to the playoffs.

First to hire a woman as CEO- not related to the owner or stake holders.

Al refused to play 2 games in the South because Black players couldn't go in the front door of Hotels in some cities. Later, the (NFL-AFL?) All-Star game was moved from New Orleans to Houston, maybe because of this situation in NFL-AFL history.

* Supported Gene Upshaw who may have been the best NFLPA boss ever.

winningest team in pro sports for over 28 years.

and Al was one of the first to draft players from historically black colleges.

Drafted or signed 12 hall of famers (Stabler, Shell, Biletnikoff, Allen, Casper, Upshaw, Long, LAC-Alworth-Mix-/ T. Brown, Millen, Guy)

helped a couple of USC players by telling them to change positions a few went on to become NFL HOFers. (Ron Mix-OT)

helped cause the merger (AFL-NFL) that created two divisions (AFC and NFC) but one league.

Behind Lamar Hunt, he was the most important figure in the history of the American Football League.

Was a scout for the L.A. Chargers and signed HOFs' Lance Alworth and Ron Mix. He also signed, recruited or drafted Earl Faison, Ernie Ladd, Don Rogers, Keith Lincoln, Ron Nery, Walt Sweeney and Paul Lowe; They helped win an AFL Championship in '63 for the Chargers.

Al Davis is the only person to have served pro football in such varied capacities as (1) a player personnel assistant, (2) an assistant coach, (3) a head coach, (4) a general manager, (5) a league commissioner and (6) the principal owner and chief executive officer of an NFL team.

1:18 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Parker is a swing tackle, and not a very good one. Sandy, I'd be curious to know where you saw Miller is a top 5 LT. Last I saw, I think he was somewhere in the middle of the pack. Better than his line-mates but not top 5. Please direct me to that reference.

I agree Martin should be brought in at center, but that's not in the plan. James is getting paid to start and I don't think they are ready to admit they were wrong.

Simpson has been a bust so far. Say what you will about your observations, the numbers speak for themselves. I will try and pull that later when I have more time. Sacks, pressures, run blocking, etc. He has been awful.

1:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here's the story on Leatherwood:

"The Raiders’ latest surprise first-round pick not only grades as Pro Football Focus’ worst tackle but has produced the lowest pass-blocking grade of any rookie in the site’s 16-season history, PFF’s Austin Gayle tweets."

Here are the stats on the two guards:

"Eluemunor has earned a 49.5 run-blocking grade from PFF, which ranks 65th at the position but is still higher than John Simpson’s 40.2 mark."

"So far this year the Raiders have allowed 12 sacks - tied for the fifth-most in the NFL - and average 3.3 yards per rush - second-worst in the NFL."

"Leatherwood is responsible for four sacks and has surrendered 18 pressures, while grading out as the second-worst pass protector at the position."

Leatherwood also has six penalties so far this year. That's excessive.

I pulled these excerpts from different articles. Everything stated is fact, not based on conjecture.

Saying Simpson is doing well, or even suggesting he's doing a decent job doesn't make it so. After 4 games, he has graded out in run blocking lower than 65 other Guards. There are only 32 teams. You do the math. The Raiders offense is built on running the ball.

The entire line is struggling. The media know it, the coaches know it, the players know it... and some fans know it.

Trading Hudson and signing James to replace him looks like a huge mistake right now. Drafting Alex Leatherwood to play RT might be a close third but, admittedly, the jury is still out on that one.

Meanwhile, the prospect of watching Brandon Parker face Mack this weekend is scary.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here is the tweet re Miller's performance. BTW not sure you noticed in the Chargers game Bosa could not do shit when he lined up over Miller.

Now don't start hassling me that if they had drafted Wirfs instead of Ruggs they would be in much better shape. I may have to agree with you lol. Especially if you fantasize that they could have taken Wirfs at 12 and then Jefferson instead of Arnette.


Most pass-blocking snaps without allowing a sack this season | among tackles:

🏴‍☠️ Tristan Wirfs - 195
☠️ Kolton Miller - 185
⚡️ Rashawn Slater - 176

3:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Thx for posting that. Clearly, Miller is a star on the Raiders line. I think his run blocking has been a little off but the Raiders mostly run up the middle, meaning they rely far too much on the interior of the line which isn't cutting it.

IMO, Miller could be better if surrounded by better players. His solid performance means the Bears will look to exploit Parker and/or Leatherwood on the other side.

Don't get me started on draft what-ifs. I'm just hoping they can manage the hand they have dealt themselves.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Davis 7/4/'29- Oct 8th 2011

'03-'11- the slump:

HOFers traded for, signed or drafted '03-'11/

Richard Seymore(trade), T. Brown('88), J. Rice(FA).

Had the best ST's in the NFL for years. Not only were the kickers outstanding the coverage teams and KR/ PR teams were very good.

Lost to it's own coach in the SB (Bucs). Could be the first team to lose to its' HC in a SB the same year he left team.

Had some of the best ever D-lines in 2000-'10s.

Drafted the biggest bust in NFL history?! Jamarcus wasn't the biggest bust in AFC West history. As for C. Johnson we had Moss and Porter so whats with the "Megatron" would've won for us talk?

Some of the better D-lines in the NFL if not the best at times.

Outstanding secondary talent a couple times having top 5 DBs.

Top special teams on both sides of the ball.

underrated RBs' (Jordan, DMAC, Fargas and M. Bush).

*Al worked to make the NFL a better place. Al also stood up for the players:

He worked with NFLPA Pres. Gene Upshaw to
get players benefits and high salaries.

The Corporations and team owners didn't like this. They didn't like Upshaw-, they wanted a 'yes man' in the NFLPA. They didn't like Al and Upshaw fighting their salary cap plans but they were angry too with the paying of high salaries.

So again, Al didn't just do things in the 60's-90s' he also stood up for player's and Union rights.

He also stood up for the fans. Al told cities that the fans needed to be able to afford going to games. Many teams charge a lot for parking and tickets but Al sometimes stood up for cheaper prices.

The NFL was upset with Al, They/ some media and fans hated him/ Raiders for years.

Al said things about NFL people that upset the league.

Suddenly, the Raiders can't have a .500 season, get a wildcard or win one division title in 9 years despite having guys like Nnamdi, Palmer(Hue), Howard, Seymore, Burgess, Vehldeer, Wisnewski and Moss?

* Al was relevant '03-'11:

1. Raiders had developed some of the NFL best pass rushers.

2. Raiders had NFL best special teams.

3. Raiders set a tone by refusing to accept CBA. Al also was the guy that stopped a players' strike and end a player lockout(team buildings).

4. Al stood up for the players and high salaries.

BTW...he also helped NFL coaches, reporters and his ex-players with their medical bills. Wow! Wow! Raiders couldn't win for 9 years but Al sure looked like a winner helping out friends, ex-players and the NFL family (?).

So, Al did do something and kept the Raiders going and relevant despite a 9 year slump.

* Bad decisions, losing a SB, losing Rich Gannon, overpaid players, no talent? Yea, right...Al's Raiders may have lost for 9 years but they were winners in other things in the NFL-they helped this greedy, sorry, mediocre league keep going and had some of the best players and coaches over that 9 years-despite hatred and heavy criticism from media and some fans.

Way to go Raidernation a new stadium, city and NFL friendship and even favoritism.

But there are things like loyalty, caring for fans and the game. For a nice home, casinos and NFL friendship some in Raidernation said that wasn't good enough.

You gotta be cheap and just coach like Bellicheck, Tomlin, McCarthy or Ariens to win. A few stars but just coach up average guys forget about those old loaded rosters of the 80s'-90s'.

A 9 year slump made some fans go for the NFL's con game. Al had some teams good enough to go to the SB but they just didn't win.

Building teams with some stars-average/ good talent-The NFL way!? Reggie/Mayock and Gruden and their great drafts with NFL outsiders giving them training. And the playoffs are coming soon! Al's system is old. Yea, maybe the new Raiders need get some of Al's info on his system.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIP in Al Davis,

It is ironic that on the anniversary of The Great and Iconic Al Davis' death the NFL continues to hold a grduge agains the Raiders.

Without getting into the issue of what Gruden wrote to Bruce Allen 10 years ago it is a completely consperacy that the NFL spends months investigating serious sexual harrasment charges against the Radskins and Snyder gets off with a slap on the wrist and zerop information is made public. Yet the one piece of information made public is an email from Gruden of ten years ago.

Not excusing Gruden but the NFL is scum espcially in the context of the blackballing of Kaepernick.


11:34 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Blackballing Kaepernick? Sorry but that's a conspiracy theory. Nobody cared about Kaepernick after the entire NFL took a knee. Kaepernick disappeared as a afterthought in that picture. Plain and simple, he wasn't good enough.

It happens.

Before you reply with conjuncture, please look and see if you can provide a shred of evidence to back up your claim. Kaepernick had plenty of attorneys ready to sue the NFL and nothing ever came of that. Suggesting otherwise is simply false. He sucked!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The NFL settled the lawsuit and paid Kap a shitload of money. If anybody is a tin foil hat wearing goofball I am willing to put big money on it being you. How "offended" you were on the issue of players protsting peacefully was rather telling.

Rather than try and churn up negativity on the blog as you are wont to do perhaps you would ike to address the real point of my post. I was merely pointing out that the NFL has a long and checkered past when it comes to issues of morality, race, treating players like chatel etc. Therefore, I found it ironic and Raider hating at its extreme that they would out of 75,000 emails choose to leak Gruden's while not providing one bit of information on the fact Dan Snyder was pimping out cheerleaders. Ironic as in those who live in glass houses shall not throw stones.

Gruden's email was idotic and childish and I could certainly see how an African American would find it higly offensive. However, it was also ten years ago and I am sure most of us have written stupid shit at least once in the last 20 years. Can you imagine if they ever did a deep dive into Jerry Jones---lol. Hopefully it blows over because it smacks a little bit of witch huntedness/McCarthyism and though Gruden deserves to suffer a little grief it would not be fair to the team to let it go further than that.


6:37 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The settlement was a copout to the truth. I believe if Kaepernick had the chops, teams would have given him a chance. Winning is everything in the NFL, as much as that makes the Raiders past 18-year run hard to fathom.

Anyway, wrt Gruden, after your backhanded slap, your point was better stated. I criticize Gruden plenty for his coaching but he's a players' coach. I would agree this shouldn't go much further than his apology. This is an unfortunate media storyline on gameday.

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Gruden drama aside, things are not going well for the Raiders. Mullen and Arnette are the latest to be sent to IR, and Carrier is out for the season.

IMO, moving Leatherwood to G and Parker to RT could make things worse. Raiders want to run the ball but so far the 2021 offense's success has been built around passing and bringing in Parker to protect the edge can only make things worse. After all, it's Parker's inabilities at RT that prompted the Raiders to draft (and start) Leatherwood.

I don't believe the Raiders have any viable options except at center, i.e., replacing James with Martin.

"The decision [to shift the line and bring in Parker] is interesting because most of the Raiders' offensive line issues are around communication. The line is struggling to pick up blitzes and stunts and disrupting good plays calls."

That's mostly on James.

Again, IMO, short of going outside the current roster, the Raiders should either go with Martin over James or try and tough it out with the unit as-is and hope they get better as the season progresses. That's a tough pill to swallow for a team that otherwise looks ready to make some noise.

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Now the true colors are coming out. Florio bashing Gruden for using foul language toward Goodell (name one FB fan who hasn't!) and claiming Gruden is only happy if he's irritated about something.

That's lame and lacks integrity all by itself. Gruden is passionate about football and his players and he doesn't always toe the line of political correctness. He's Chucky! It's expected.

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Thanks for sending. Now we know why the other email was leaked. Has anyone in football not called Goddell a mother______ at ne time or another.

NFL is a sleezy business. Check out Vic Tafur twitter Cable said James is playing great lol


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