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Steelers Gameday Thread

On Monday night, the Raiders won a game they've become accustomed to losing - the last-minute contest riddled with self-inflicted mistakes. 

Today, they must overcome another familiar trademark: the letdown game while playing early on the road in a far-flung city. 

The Steelers are beatable. In order to remain in the chase this year while sharing a division with the Chiefs and Chargers, the Raiders are going to have to win these types of games early. 

So here we go. Let's see them take that next step. GO RAIDERS! 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no complaints here.

Another brilliant performance by the whole team.

Something looks different. This looks much different then the last 20 years or so.

Abrams is looking like a 1st rd pick, Ruggs too. Jacobs was a very good pick as well. Ferrel and Arnette, not so much, though Arnette can still grow into a good pick.

Leatherwood is having a tough start, but he is going against two of the top D's in the league, he is still a pup.

Derek Carr is a star QB now, he has a team around him and the coaching to be very successful, this team reminds me of the team Gruden had his 1st time around with the Raiders.

Fun to watch.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See below the quote posted 4 days ago from our Raider hating, Chiefs fan in Disguise named NY.

I know you refuse to apologize for shiting on Gruden maybe this time you will say you were wrong about Ruggs.

Amazing game all around especially considering Jacobs and 3/5 of the offense of Line were injured. D was solid.


Ruggs is not the guy. He wasn't even the best WR on his college team. He's better as a situational WR where he can find better matchups. On the outside, he's playing against some the best CBs in the NFL (meaning the world). He's not up to that.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Great performance by the team, especially dealing with injuries. Heyward was out, so it was Arnette and Mullen today. Leatherwood got hurt, but I don't know who subbed in for him, was it Parker?
Jacobs did not play, and the running game struggled significantly until the last drive that lead to the field goal when Drake and Barber stepped up some big runs. Ruggs with 113 yards receiving today, his long was the 61 yarder, and Moreau with a TD. Derek Carr played balls out, and I was worried when he went down, but breathed deep when he was alright. He hit 8 different WR's today including Moreau and Carrier!
Solomon Thomas was a BEAST today too! So was Philon and Crosby! Defense has been monster the last 2 weeks, and it excites me to see! Mullen with the Raiders first INT of the year, Thomas with 2 sacks, Carlson went 4/4 in FG's with a long of 46. All cylinders are clicking and the Raiders are bowling over 2 AFC North powerhouses. Up next Miami. JUST WIN, BABY!

1:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, your obsession with me is really quite amazing. The Raiders just won a huge game against a conference opponent and all you could think about was to come here and post about me? How long have you had that queued up, since yesterday?

I'll post my thoughts about the game later after your emotions calm down... lol.

Big game! Huge win!!

Derek Carr and Daniel Carlson are hitting it out of the park on my FFB team!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are right I see the work you put into being a Raider fan and I care enough to be obsessed with turning you into a Raider fan who is positive and looks On the Sunny Side of things on a more consistent basis and this is the year I think you finally come around. You can do it man it takes less energy being positive and happy them being a sad sack.

No need to be calm let's all celebrate Ruggs' beautiful catch it's so nice to see the Raiders winning in a way that would make Al Davis proud,throwing bombs harkening back to Days of yore.


3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders are answering some questions after the 1st 2 games.

Fans wondered about the new D, it is looking like something fans haven't seen for a long time.

Wr's are making the grade so far. Edwards looks to be a good pick in the 3rd rd. Ruggs starting to find his groove. Renfrow, the guy takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. These were all good draft picks by the Raiders.

So far, the young gun Wr's are proving the coaches right, by standing pat with what they have now.

The running game wasn't much, the o-line isn't very healthy and Jacobs was missed, so what did the Raiders do, they threw the ball all over the field against another top flight D.

If the o-line was healthy, this team is even better.

Fun to watch.

4:12 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Indeed, a very fun game to watch. And, yes, actually having a defense makes all the difference. Unlike the cardiac testing nervous wreck of the first game, Raiders took a lead today and ran with it, going up by two scores a couple of times.

Ngakuoe was not 100% or it would have opened up more for Crosby, who appeared to be triple teamed at times. He still had 5 QB hits. Thankfully, the Raiders now have other linemen who can get to the QB and Thomas stepped up today. Still minimal blitzing by Bradley but the combination of pass rush and coverage was solid. The rookie Hobbs stood out, as did Perryman, who had like 12 tackles.

But the star of the show was once again Derek Carr. He had 4 receivers with 5 catches and really spread the ball around. Raiders had no running game until the end and surprisingly ran the ball well when the Steelers were expecting run. Go figure. But this is NOT the same offense without Jacobs. He's deceptively tough and he's quick into the hole. Neither Drake nor Barber are on the same level... but Drake's a solid receiver.

Now to Sandy's elephant in the room... Ruggs caught a couple balls underneath and provided a key 3rd down conversion. He showed good hands and then came down with a truly spectacular pass from Derek Carr. A thing of beauty for 61 yards and a TD. Edwards wasn't as spectacular but he was clutch too.

At the end of the day, this team is riding some amazing QB play by Derek Carr. I can't remember a single bad pass today. The one low throw to Waller, I think Carr was keeping the pass away from the defender... protecting the ball the way he always does.

If I'm giving out game balls, it's Derek Carr two; everyone else zero... with a lot of honorable mentions.

Enjoy the win!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

First place, baby!

7:11 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Ravens and Cowboys came through for the Raiders. Ravens were about the lose with less than a minute left and the Chiefs fumbled the game away. It was a thing of beauty.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elephant in the room? I know I am overweight but I am no elephant, how about the Broncos fan in the room lol. It was too easy to leverage the hate you put out in the public sphere about Ruggs. You can't get all bent out of shape when you have to eat your words less that a week later.

I will lay off the teasing but I think you are purposley down playing Ruggs cause you put your foot in your mouth. "Caught a couple of balls underneath" lol. "A key 3rd down" it was the friggin play of the game or are you talking about his 30 yarder on 2 and 9? Yes Carr threw a good ball but that was Ruggs who deserves the lion share of the credit on the long bomb. I know you have watched enough ball to appreciate that tracking a ball that long in the air while running top speed is incredibly difficult and a rare skill. Not to mention having the speed to do it. There are only maybe 3 other guys in the NFL that could have made that particular catch.

If your expectations are for Ruggs to catch 80 plus balls a year you are going to be dissapointed, because that is not his role or his value. He effects the game in a different way. Gruden is an offensive genius and his plan is coming to fruition. Waller the FA signing of the decade, Moreau looks solid, Josh is a stud and 3 WRs each who play a different but complimentary role. Renfrow looks like Wes Welker out there, Edwards will be a medium route physcial guy who can help in the red zone and Ruggs takes the top off.

Now if we can only get Richie and Josh healthy look out.


3:05 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Funny, I thought I was complimenting Ruggs by suggesting he did well underneath the coverage. Being too one dimensional has been a widely made criticism of him. The entire football world knows he's a deep threat.

Not sure I understand your constant virtual signaling me. I'm not eating any words, not now or in two months from now if Ruggs has a great season. I will root for him to that finish. Meanwhile, I make observations as they happen, and without your crystal ball. I certainly don't hate Ruggs. You're being disingenuous and you know it.

Btw, how ironic is it that you see Ruggs as being so spectacular for catching a ball placed into his lap but a 50-60 yard bomb by Carr hitting his receiver in full stride ahead of double coverage is a "good pass." Now who's "purposely down playing?" That's borderline strawman.

Raiders QB is maturing into possibly becoming an elite NFL QB right before your eyes. Where's the love?

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The expression is actually Virtue Signaling, and for once you are correct I am expressing opinions that show good moral character versus your dishonesty.

Regarding Ruggs, comments like "he is not the guy". He is not up to that" that is the comments of a Chiefs fan. You need to own it instad of a weak retort like I don't hate Ruggs. Sorry bro you are the one being disengenous and by not having the cojones to even own your own comments that is weak sauce.

Here is something that is undsputable you are a downer and the only one on this site that is negative about the Raiders. The only one. Your opinion does not equal fact.


11:46 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...


Dishonest? Really? That's what you are labeling my opinion? Then dispute it. Prove it wrong.

Lol... you misspelled "instad". I think you owe Raider Nation and this blog an apology.

And I think you meant "indisputable", not "undisputable," which is actually disputable.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Correcting spelling, grammar or diction on this site is beneath the "good moral character" you aspire to.

Here's a summary.

Fact: Ruggs was not the best WR in college, not even the best WR on his college team.
Fact: There were many WRs drafted after Ruggs who have played far better.
Fact: Ruggs had a subpar year last year for a starter, 1st rd rookie or otherwise.
Fact: Ruggs has one solid game this year, following a not so good performance in Week 1

These are the facts and they are indisputable. Can Ruggs put up better numbers this year and prove he was worthy of being picked top WR in the WR heavy 2020 draft? That's a tall order but he can definitely have a good season, and I am rooting for that to happen with all my heart.

I noticed you didn't comment on the dis you gave Derek Carr for his "good pass."

If I may, I recommend offering your football opinions instead of trying to bring down others. Perhaps that's the moral high ground you should seek...


2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact: You are the only one on this site that hates on the Raiders.

I am starting to connect the dots here from when you used to go on tirades against players for peacefully protesting.


3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy can't get a tryout!?

Tyre Coleman, a guy who didn't get a chance to play-because NO team even gave him a tryout, could be one of the best players in football history!

5 time Defensive player of the year. (4 in College and 1 in high school).

Hobart William Smith Colleges 2011-'15

last played college football 1/'15-3/'15 all-star games

last played in Semi-Pro League in 2018

3 time 1st team All-American

All-rookie team as a freshman

14 time defensive player of the week

8 awards

many All-American awards

team MVP 1, maybe more

6'1" 250 lbs.

51 career sacks

94.5 tfl

13 forced fum.

46 career games

Graduated from HWS and seems to be a positive guy.

Even though this was a div.-III school that shouldn't have kept teams from asking about him. But they didn't-that's a big fall in the competition but still it seems like no (NFL-CFL) team wanted to look at him.
Empire Football League:
Hudson Valley Moutaineers '18
5 sacks ('18)
won league championship in '18
All-Star team 1st team DE '18

9:31 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Fact: You are the only one on this site that hates on the Raiders."

Is that your football analysis? Or have you bypassed strawman and gone right to contempt?

Listen, it is what it is, until it isn't.

Perhaps 18 years of watching the Raiders lose has hardened me into believing only what I see. I certainly liked seeing the Raiders win their first two games. That was a pleasure. But implying Ruggs has made the leap from his subpar rookie season to a true #1 WR after one good game doesn't square. And saying Jon Gruden is a football genius certainly doesn't square with his .500 career coaching record, including three years of coaching the Raiders without a winning season.

Those are some of the things that are at stake this year. However, if you want me to buy those assertions before they happen, you'll have to do better than just criticizing me for stating the obvious.

I believe Ruggs and Gruden are learning and getting better on the fly. At least that's my hope.

I firmly believe the Raiders won the first two games on their spirit and intensity, and on the shoulders of Derek Carr. There's still much work to do as a team.

Why can't you admit you were wrong about the casual "good pass" grade you gave Carr for the 50+ yard strike he threw to Ruggs? Why do you hate Derek Carr so much? He's already on a short list of MVP candidates.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Fact: The Raiders play the Dolphins this Sunday
Fact: This game scares me, even though Tua is out and Jacoby Brissett is Starting QB
Fact: This is a game that the Raiders should win
Fact: These are the kind of games that the Raiders are notorious for losing in the recent past.

What I would like to see, is what I have been saying all year long so far. The Raiders need to keep the foot on the gas on both sides of the ball. They don't just need to win here, they need to blow out here against a horrible Dolphins team.

In other news, my son, is starting QB tonight for his Jr High School (we've lived here a year, no longer in Austin, but still in TX, just south of San Antonio now). He is 14, starts at LCB and Special Team; and has been the backup QB to a "Daddy-Ball" coaches son. He is playing a school that his school hasn't beat in a few years. He told me his teammates are expecting to lose. I told him to steal the Raiders motto and tell his teammates they need to be "Committed to Excellence" tonight and demand that everyone give their best despite how they feel the game is going to go, what do they have to lose? I told him if you can get the team to commit to give their best, all they can do is JUST WIN, BABY! I told him if he can be a person that helps changes his team's mentality, and they give their best tonight; win or lose, he may become the new starting QB the rest of the year. I'm excited for his opportunity.

10:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I don't think the Raiders are taking anything for granted. That should be a lesson well learned by now.

I predict Dolphins will show up with a formidable defense, and might surprise the Raiders with their offense... which features a mobile QB. For what it's worth, Fins beat the Pats Week 1.

I don't expect the Raiders to blitz. They have demonstrated the ability to rush the QB with their front four and to play zone coverage, leaving a mobile QB in their sights. Both these are huge improvements by the defense.

Despite some added flare, Raiders are still run pretty vanilla on both sides of the ball. They definitely play hardnose but do less than most teams to disguise their intentions.

Nate, I wish I could watch that game. Best of luck to you and your son! Tell him he now has national recognition. We are counting on him to rally his team to a victory. No pressure... lol.

11:35 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Crosby currently ranks second among edge defenders with a 91.2 pass-rush grade and leads the position group with an astounding 19 pressures through two games. For reference, Arik Armstead ranks second with 15, and Von Miller and Melvin Ingram are tied for third with 11, so Crosby is significantly out-pacing his peers."

Crosby is channeling Mack. Early on, Crosby and Carr are leading this team like Carr and Mack did in 2016.

I thought the Raiders made a lateral move by swapping DTs with the 49ers and picking up Jefferson from Buffalo but these guys are helping Crosby be better on the edge. That much is clear. Ngakoue is not as much a factor because he's had so few snaps due to injury.

Raiders D has given up a lot of yards and scoring but they have also been stingy on 3rd down and played to win at the end of games.

So far, the Gus Bradley experiment is working. Granted, that can change on a dime but, fundamentally, this is a better defense than Guenther could ever field - with or without Mack. Guenther was a bum and we had to suffered through that for three years.

Casey Heyward leads the NFL at CB per PFF. What huge signing that was.

My biggest disappointment on defense is Littleton. He's still missing tackles and out of position, and he still sucks in coverage - something the Raiders coveted when they signed him.

Can't wait for Javon White to return. He's a converted safety and appears to have coverage skills. Knowing that Gruden will put his best players on the field, I predict Littleton will be on the bench and subbing by mid-season. He's not playing with the intensity that guys like Crosby and Jefferson are. Even Abrams has made noticeable improvement.

On offense, Raiders line is struggling badly. They've held up in pass blocking at times but also had many critical breakdowns. Run blocking has been horrible. In fairness, their two opponents so far are among the best in the NFL at run defense. Healthy Jacobs could be a difference-maker. He's deceptively tough and quick to the hole.

Jacobs is the anti-LaMont Jordan. Remember that guy... tiptoeing in the backfield.

Trying to be more positive!

Vegas, Baby!

3:11 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Incognito has not practiced again this week. Sandy, I think you said Raiders make playoffs if Incognito plays 15 games. That's in jeopardy this week.

Looks like Jacobs will miss another week too. Without run blocking and no Jacobs, Week 3 will need to once again be the Derek Carr show.

Warning: Dolphins like to blitz. Leaherwood practiced full so far this week, so that's a good sign for the line and thin depth.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raidernation need to take a look at their team. Media says they're a contender? I don't see it. They need to make big moves and may have to make trades and sign FA's:

Speed at RB: sign DMAC. there was a story about Raiders signing M. Lynch again and the 49ers signing F. Gore. What about DMAC? He is younger than both and faster than both.

You wouldn't support any of Al's players being re-signed but if Gruden/ Mayock want to sign a 30+ guy from 31 other teams its' o.k.

Need a veteran WR: The Raiders look good but refuse to commit to winning. They need to trade for a veteran WR.

The D-line: They need to trade for or sign veteran DTs and a backup edge rusher.

The O-line: I've never heard of a unit this thin being called a playoff team. They're missing some linemen and traded away some good ones. They need to wait on Incognito and Leatherwood.

The linebackers: they have a patchwork unit and seem to always have issues here. They need to wait on some guys to return and find a spot for #44- is he their MLB or OLB?

The secondary: the Raiders aren't a good secondary. It'll take more than two games to get good. Hobbs is o.k. but after injuries to starters they should've kept CB Isaiah Johnson and FS Jeff Heath.

* Why is NFL media suddenly being nice to us? Did you see anything in the off season that came close to Carr as MVP or a playoff team? I understand Raidernation is pumped about the stadium and the season but where is the proof of a playoff team?

Don't get conned by the NFL, they want that L.V. money and if the Raiders have some success they'll support it but do they finally accept the Raiders?

To be accepted do we forget Al's legacy? Do we buy into the NFL's system and forget the things Al stood for?

Suddenly, they see a contender. They didn't see this in '10-'11? They're thin at almost every position, haven't found a #1 WR and are injury limited but media is making them the surprise-wildcard of '21?

Raiders may win in '21 NFL may let them join the "model franchises" but I feel there's something missing from this situation and that's plain ol' honesty and class.

2:17 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Friend, the 2021 ship has sailed. The Raiders will make or break with the decisions already made, except for some moves on the fly due to injury or ineffectiveness.

I believe you understate the talent in the Raiders secondary. Casey Hayward currently grades out by PFF as the best CB in the NFL. Mullen is on the other side, and Hobbs has been solid.

O-line is clearly the biggest concern. They have to protect Derek Carr and, at some point, they will need to run block.

4:35 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Incognito sent to IR.

5:10 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders lost to the Dolphins last year at Allegiant Stadium, with an unforgettable finish that included matching TDs and matching FGs in the last 5 minutes of the game, with the difference being a missed extra point by the Raiders.

But that's not what's unforgettable. Unforgettable is the last 25 seconds which the Raiders held 25-23 lead and had the Dolphins backed up with no TOs left. In one play Arden Key face-masked Fitzgerald while Arnette blew coverage on a long pass down the sideline, leaving the Dolphins in position to kick the game winning FG. Easily one of the dumbest plays in Raiders history.

Sure, a lot has changed since just last year. Arnette is no longer a starter and Arden Key is gone. But there are some other changes too. Raiders O-line had Trent Brown and Rodney Hudson in that game. Raiders also had a healthy Josh Jacobs. None of those elite players are available to the Raiders today.

Instead, the Raiders have fans in the stands, Gus Bradley coaching the D, and Derek Carr playing his ass off. Let's hope that's enough!

Vegas, Baby!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders come out flat. 85 yard INT on DC, they finally get a safety to end the 1st Quarter and are down 14-2. This is what I feared. We played back-to-back tough games and walk away with a "W" to come out completely unprepared for this one. Just stupid, baby!

1:52 PM  

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