Monday, September 13, 2021

One Postgame Take

It was the same 'ol Raiders, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Until it WASN'T. Wow! Las Vegas, nine lives and one hell of a resilient way to start the season! 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what a game.

if you want exciting and a win, that was it.

rough start, but came back to out score the ravens 33 - 13, after being down by 14.

the defense applying pressure and turnovers, it didn't seem real.

offense was rusty, but when they found their rhythm, they were impressive.

great win, very exciting and the fans were crazy, good to see.

11:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It took the Raiders getting into FG range with 37 seconds left and no timeouts; Carlson nailing a career long 55-yarder; then overtime with the Raiders overcoming a false start at the one; an interception in the end zone through the hands of Willie Snead; Raiders defense forcing Jackson to fumble; Carlson sleeping at the practice net on the sideline and prompting a delay of game penalty when Gruden called for a potential game-winning FG; and Carr coming back onto the field to throw a 30-yard strike off his back foot to Zay Jones for a walk-off overtime win.

"Unbelievable" only scratches the surface.

Until last night, you couldn't write that without it being labeled fiction.

It was truly a great win, but let's hope the Raiders are not content with the way they played. Vegas odds are long on winning like that.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Love those takes. Anon, yours is like poetry that says it all in so few words. NY, great accounting of such a wild and improbable conclusion, and that doesn't even include somehow blowing 1st and goal at the 1 yard line to make all of that necessary.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The Raiders found a way! I was thinking after they nullified the winning TD that the Raiders would struggle to get in, and they didn't disappoint. Snead caused the INT, and the Ravens got the ball, and I was praying for the D to make a play, and they did. Nassib knocked the ball out of Jackson's hands.
I thought they were going to find a way to screw it up when Special Teams didn't get out on the field in time, and they got a delay of game. But the RAIDERS FOUND A WAY! Zay Jones did an in-and-out route, wide open because of Man-to-man coverage, TD, BALLGAME! RAIDERS WIN!!
The Raiders defense kept us in the game. It wasn't pretty, but they had consistent pressure. The frustrating thing about the games was the Ravens O-Line consistently held Crosby, Yannick, and McCoy; but no calls. On the 2 big runs that Lamar Jackson had, it came due to pressure where the O-Line was holding. Can't get a flag to save our life, BUT THE RAIDERS FOUND A WAY! Al Davis is smiling down on them today saying, "Just Win, BABY!"

7:33 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That was an amazing (and emotional) game to watch, on many levels. And I love the win but I can't label the game as a huge success (outside of the win itself), nor even a benchmark for future success. Here's why. In keeping with the Vegas betting theme, it was like winning one longshot after another, one improbable outcome after another. Adding them all together is like the mother of all longshots and I wouldn't touch that parlay with a 10' pole.

IMO, Raiders need to soak in the win and regroup. This team needs to play smarter and start a streak of success that we've waited too long. The schedule doesn't get any easier.

On side note, did anyone else notice how awkward Mark Davis looked giving a fist pump? I think it was after the Raiders tied the game. That strange fist pump was as square as his haircut.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders definitely need to improvement on several levels. THIS is why starters should play together in a couple series in preseason. Training Camp is not the same to fine tune with no pressure. Now, I will say, the scrimmage practice with the Rams is more like it. If you don't want to play your starters, do more scrimmage practices with other teams. It seemed like the offense needed to get used to the contact, and played scared of the contact for awhile.

I say that because the offense, and offensive line were out of sync the majority of the first half; but it started to come together the 2nd Quarter, and then we saw it come together in the Second Half and Overtime. Carr looked uncomfortable in the pocket early in the game, and was making some pretty horrible throws. He seemed to get knocked around a little in the 3rd Quarter, and got sandwiched by 3 Ravens on one play. It was that hit on him that flipped the switch. Sometimes, you just need a big hit to get you playing right, and I felt that is what did it for Carr.

Not only that, but let this sink in: they made an adjustment to the game, which is something we have not seen the Raiders do since Musgrove was OC. LET THAT SINK IN, THE RAIDERS MADE HALFTIME AND IN-GAME ADJUSTMENTS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL!!! If the Raiders had come out firing on all cylinders, this would have been a blow out by the Raiders.

The game really started to change defensively when Gerald McCoy and Yannick went down. I hope they are both well, and come back for Pittsburgh. Yet, even though they went down, Nassib was getting pressure all game, and it started to pay off in the 4th Quarter and OT. He and Crosby wore down the tackles and caused Lamar to make mistakes. The CB/S group held up their coverage, didn't get antsy and blow their coverage wad; and helped out the D-Line in their pressure.

KJ Wright is a BEAST! I love that he is on the Raiders now. NATE HOBBS IS A MONSTER TOO! He has definitely carried over from preseason, and it wasn't a fluke. He is not afraid to hit, get physical, and go after the ball. He is something special to watch and grow, and I'm going to have to get his jersey. Littleton and Kwiatowski still struggled a bit. The young WR's struggled to get open again, but did so when it mattered. I said it in the game post, Zay Jones had been open on a few plays where DC missed him because of pressure. Zay Jones' game winning TD was the same route that Ruggs ran that set up the Raiders to tie the game at 24, and Waller ran that route several times last night. It was their go to play because the Ravens were getting toasted on that play. Renfrow is Renfrow. He had several amazing catches, and the big catch and run that set up the winning TD for Zay.

All of this, and I haven't even mentioned Crosby yet. DUDE IS PLAYING LIKE KHALIL MACK FOR US! HE WAS DOUBLE AND TRIPLE TEAMED, HE WAS HELD WITH NO FLAGS, YET HE KEPT COMING AND KEPT MAKING PLAYS! He is definitely deserving of the Captain title. There was no end to his motor last night, and he was shooting arrows.

So, yes, there is room for improvement after Week 1 of the Regular Season, and there is always room for improvement. But things are looking up, and as I said earlier, INSPITE OF THE OBSTACLES, THE DIFFICULTIES THAT IN THE PAST CAUSED THEM TO GIVE UP AND LOSE, THE RAIDERS DUG DEEP LAST NIGHT AND FOUND A WAY! I don't know about you, but that excites me! JUST WIN, BABY!

10:43 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"The game really started to change defensively when Gerald McCoy and Yannick went down."

I agree, Nate. Yet, that led to one of the most critical outcomes: Carl Nasib getting on the field and causing Jackson to fumble. Without that play, Raiders probably lose.

But you have to remember, it's not just the Raiders holding key players out of preseason, it's virtually every team. The whole league is pretty on the same ground there.

I have another observation. Patrick Queen looks like a monster for the Ravens, who are stacked at the front seven of their defense. This kid looks strong, quick and versatile, defending side to side in coverage and stuffing the run.

The Raiders drafted Ruggs and Arnette before the Ravens selected Queen. And it's not like he wasn't known. Queen was listed as one of the top LB prospects in 2020.

Meanwhile, Ruggs looks lost on the field, getting manhandled by the Ravens secondary, even slipping and falling on at least one go route, and Arnette is already an afterthought on the Raiders defense for nickel and substitution. And the prize of 2019 draft, Clelin Ferrell, was a healthy scratch. He didn't even suit for the game. Thank goodness for Crosby!

The draft is so important. Many who post here have said as much.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Agreed, I was hoping the Raiders would have drafted Queen, especially after his drop. He's a beast, and led the Ravens in tackles last season. That was a miss that I wish we could get back on our side.
Ruggs' issue is the simple training and understanding of how to create separation from the DB. There was a route he ran last night that was supposed to be straight across, sideline to sideline, but he ran it diagonally. Because he ran it diagonally, his speed worked against him, and kept the DB close, and Carr couldn't get the ball to him. If he had ran the route like he should have, his speed would have created more space, and DC's pass would have been on target. He doesn't use his hands, nor good route running like Renfrow and Waller does. He is somewhat a lazy route runner who relies solely on his speed. Which when he gets a little knock on the line, it slows his momentum. This is why we needed a veteran WR, to teach these guys how to separate. I fear that Ruggs is a lot like Cooper, lazy and doesn't put in the work.
Edwards started to get the separation toward the end of the game, which is a positive. Zay Jones had been open most of the night he was on the field, and DC missed him on a few plays. The other thing, when the Ravens started blitzing, and doubling on Renfrow and Waller, these guys started to get open looks more. So I wonder how much they were doubled during the game as well. Overall, Zay Jones was targeted twice, and caught both for 46 yards and a TD. Ruggs was targeted 5 times, caught 2 for 46. Edwards was targeted 5 times and caught 4 for 81 yards. Renfrow was targeted 9 times, caught 6 for 70 yards. Waller was targeted 19 times, caught 10 for 105 yards. Carr threw for 435 yards with 34 completions, which average 12.80 yards/completed pass. They have to get better at spreading the ball in their passing game.

12:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

My take on the WRs is this.

Ruggs is not the guy. He wasn't even the best WR on his college team. He's better as a situational WR where he can find better matchups. On the outside, he's playing against some the best CBs in the NFL (meaning the world). He's not up to that.

Edwards only got hot late last night because that's when Carr decided to make it happen. Carr was over-reliant on Waller last night... for good reason. However, Edwards has shown in college and so far in his young pro career he is tough and can catch balls in traffic. If he stays healthy, the Raiders have at least one good outside WR.

I did not know until last night, Zay Jones and Carr are close buddies. That's big. Jones looked great in preseason. He has NFL experience and has Carr's trust.

Two starting wideouts should be Edwards and Jones. These guys look pretty solid.

Renfrow didn't learn his route skills in the pros, he came with that ability and has only improved his craft. This innate ability is what separates him from Ruggs.

I can't speak about Snead. I don't really know his skills, and I can't only point a finger for the missed pass last night. Carr threw that too hot. I'm not catching that one either, so I'll sit down and shut up on that one. It happens.

That's it! The Raiders ONLY carry five WRs. It's these guys or bust.

2:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Good and McCoy are out for the season. McCoy played nine snaps as a Raider. Raiders should come to an injury settlement with McCoy and hire him as a coach.

To replace McCoy, Raiders just signed Damion Square from the Bears. I guess if you're going to find talent on the D-line from another team's practice squad you look at teams that are stacked at the position.

Ngakwoe and Mariota were both injured but no report yet on the severity of either.

Tough win. Two stars signed to pace the defense are both out.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I just read that we lost McCoy for the season. Man that is a big blow, as well as losing Good for the season. The Raiders have replaced McCoy, and I am wondering if they will call up Lester Cotton Sr from the Practice Squad to the Roster, or if they will go find a few more. If Incognito cannot play, they only have John Simpson, and Eluemenor at Guard with Brandon Parker as backup OT and Nick Martin at Center, but who has also played Guard.
David DeCastro (OG, Pittsburgh) is a free agent still, but has also been riddled with injuries, which is why the Steelers cut him. But he may be a valuable back up that may give him the rest he needs, and regain strength, the same with Joe Dahl (OG, Lions) and Ben Garland (C/OG, 49ers). Some guys I think could come in and play right now at Guard are:
Kelechi Osemele
DJ Fluker
Nick Easton
Cordel Iwuagwu
Anthonhy Fabiano
Trey Adams (OT)
J'Marcus Webb (OT)
Marshall Newhouse (OT)
Jordan Devey (C/OG)

Whoever they bring in, they need help on the O-line, and need help fast.

8:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lester Cotton is a mess. He was horrible against backups in pre-season. Some of the guys are your list are a little long in the tooth. Raiders definitely need help! Losing Good is a huge blow to a line with no depth.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders have signed OG Jordan Simmons off the Seahawks.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

This just in. Raiders have filed a complaint with the League about Ravens targeting on WR's, even when the ball wasn't passed to them. A big part of their concern centers around Renfrow. Several times (go look at the tapes) Renfrow was running a route, and Humphrey knocks him down with a hit without a flag. See one video here:

In the video, Renfrow is the WR toward the bottom of the screen. Blatant foul, not called. Raiders say they have evidence of this kind of play happening on almost every play to their WRs. If that is the case, no wonder they couldn't get open.

Chandler Jones is demanding to be traded from the Cardinals. Should the Raiders trade Clelin Ferrell, and future picks? I say yes, especially with Yannick down.

12:36 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Geez! Lots going on.

Re: foul blocks on WRs, I think they did call it once, but only once. They should have been looking for it after that.

Raiders did not waste any time getting help at G. I don't know Simmons but I appreciate the fact that the Raiders bring in lots of bodies when a need arises. They are quick to react.

Re: Chandler Jones, hell yeah!

Observation: Our interior D line played admirably. I was worried that swapping Hurst for outcasts from SF and Buffalo would be a lateral move... zero sum. But I think that fear was dispelled Monday. Four man pressure was consistent. Even Hankins was getting into the Ravens backfield.

Big Ben is a pocket passer. If the Raiders bring the same pass rush as they showed against the Ravens, with more man coverage and add a blitz here and there, that could be fun to watch.

1:22 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

PS Jones is untouchable. Raiders would have to pay a ransom of draft picks. After a five-sack performance in Week 1, the Raiders have a better chance of getting Mack back from the Bears. Jones wants to get paid, probably meaning Mack money plus cost of living adjustment.

1:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders injury report looks like a who's who from the roster. More guys are popping up.

Steelers beat the Bills Sunday. Could be another hard hitting prize fight... J.T. Watt vs Miller, who PFF scored among the top tackles this week, only allowing two pressures.

But still. Raiders on the east coast for an early game. Doesn't look good on paper. Yet, even if they split the first two games between the Ravens and Steelers, going 1-1 is probably all anyone could expect. So we're kind of playing with house money going into this one.

Vegas, Baby!

1:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Andre James might end up being a solid center at some point but this is partly why the position (and Hudson himself) is so critical...

"Rodney Hudson, the veteran center who arrived this offseason in a trade with the Raiders, was the one who alerted Murray to a cover zero blitz the Titans were showing on Sunday, leading Murray to change the play at the line of scrimmage. The result was a touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins."

James meanwhile had two holding penalties and a botched snap that knocked the Raiders out of FG range. Raiders were lucky to win Monday but that missed FG opportunity could have easily been the difference, had they lost.

James will get better, no doubt, but he may never reach Hudson's level... not many centers do.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you who have critized Gruden as a coach you need to flat out apologize.

The man was brilliant on Monday night with his play calling resulting in 33 points and 500 yards against the very tough Ravens D, all done with a patch work offensive line.

Gruden makes average players (Renfrow) into above average, above average players (Carr) into great ones and great players (Waller) into superstars.

He loves the Raiders, has set a great culture for the team and even on the GM side has built some young talent.

All hail Chucky


11:23 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I will gladly apologize to Gruden. I said in order to win, he needed to keep the throttle down on offense, and that is what he did. Even when the Raiders were out of sync in the first half, he kept making some ballsy calls that brought us right back. It was the most excellent called game since he has returned to the Raiders. Also, a big shout out to Derek Carr for convincing Jon to let the offense win it after the Special Teams didn't make it out for a delay of game. He finally showed that he has faith in DC to make the offense run.

I don't expect James to be at Hudson's level, I expect him to protect, make running lanes, and get good snaps. I think it is the job of Richie Incognito to be at Huddy's level; we just need him to get on the field. Of all the grief Raider Nation has given Trent Brown(trout), we could do the same for Richie.

Alex Leatherwood is only going to get better too. The dude's only visible mistake was the false start in OT that set up the INT in the end zone. He also whiffed on a few blocks, but against a tough Ravens' defense, he held his ground. He has another tough defense to face with the Steelers this week, and I am excited he gets this opportunity to shut the world up and prove himself.

My concerns coming into the game are the Raiders defense playing soft zone coverage. The Steelers used a lot of WR screens against the Bills to come back last week. Big Ben did not have one pass beyond 20 yards last week, and the Steelers had a lot of yards after the catch. They have to press, and punch the WRs off the line this week. At the same time, they cannot give up big yards on short plays. Big Ben isn't mobile like Lamar, but he is hard to take down. If the Raiders can generate that kind of pressure, and the CB's cover the quick screens and short passes, we will walk away with a "W" and probably create turnovers.

Another concern is the Raiders run game. Jacobs is hurt, and will probably play, but I'd rather see him rest and get healthy. This is where putting Richard on IR hurts us, because he was at the facility today without a boot, and walking normally. I'd rather let Jacobs be a scratch this week and call up Ragas and have Drake, Barber, and Ragas while Jacobs gets healthy. With that said, the Raiders have to do better running the ball this week, against another tough defense.

Derek Carr cannot be afraid of the pressure the Steelers defense will create. He has to trust his line, makes his reads, and make a good throw. He seemed frazzled by the pressure in the first half against the Ravens. Then early in the 3rd Quarter, he was hit by 3 Ravens at once, and that shook the cobwebs off. He played differently after that. If you have played football, you know that sometimes you need that first hit to shake off the anxiety, and then you're good. I think this was Derek's case on Monday. He needs to come out unafraid of the pressure and being hit, and play with confidence.

Bottom line, I think the Raiders shock the world again, with a 31-20 victory in Pittsburgh this weekend. JUST WIN, BABY!

12:47 PM  

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