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Bengals Gameday Thread

One way or another, this home game against the beatable Bengals could prove to be a turning point for the 2021 season, one that sends the Raiders accelerating toward the playoffs, or one that unmasks them as more pretender than contender. Time to get back on track. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

Very frustrating that this was supposed to be the season that the Raiders really turned the corner. Losses to the Bears and the Giants have already put a big dent in that hope. I agree that a loss today (at home) would be a huge blow to any playoff intention.

The O-line, with 4/5 turnover, has hurt the Raiders more than any position group. Raiders went from having one of the best O-lines - and a powerhouse running team - to having one of the worst O-lines - which can't run the ball with any consistency.

Carr throwing the ball has been mostly what's gotten the Raiders their five wins. I know folks want to see more running but that's not been a winning formula for the Raiders this year. If it's there, great, run the ball down the Bengals throats. But if it isn't, let's stop pretending it will be and just throw the ball.

Waller has not been targeted nearly enough during the last two weeks, and he's been open. Ingold is out for the year, so the Raiders lose a valuable weapon. Renfrow is having and solid season, and Jackson needs to redeem himself with a big game!

The Raiders D needs to pin their ears back. Stop playing soft zones and giving up passes underneath. The Raiders have given up far too many short plays, with even Mahomes just taking what the Raiders gave him.

So the question of the day really is, as Raider Take says, are the Raiders pretenders or contenders?

Raiders play again in 4 days but today is the game. IMO, it's a must win conference game.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bengal play makers

B. Esiason #7

C. Dillion #28

P. Johnson #46

R. Holeman #82

I. Curtis #85

C. Johnson #85

A. Munoz #78

M. Montoya #65

B. Johnson #54

R. Williams

W. Anderson #71

S. Grahm

KR E. Brown (no. 3 WR)

D. Burgess #56

A. Thoms #80

R. Maryland #67

H. Long #75

R. Martin #53

G. Biekert #54

T. Hendricks #83

W. Brown #24

A. Lewis #29

V. McElroy #26

M. Davis #36

S. Lechler #9

PR G. Atkinson (no. #5 DB)

Raiders' legends

K. Stabler #12

M. Allen #32

F. Hawkins #27

T. Christensen #46

T. Brown #81

B. Chandler #85

J. Vella #75

G. Upshaw #63

D. Mosebar #72

K. Gogan #66

B. Brown #76

C-Bass #11

KR T. Brown #81

C. Dunlap

G. Atkins #

M. Reid #

C. Bacon #79

R. Williams #57

B. Bergey #66

T. Spikes #51

L. Parrish #20

A. Jones #

T. Cassanova

D. Fultcher #33

P. McInelly # (punter and no. 3 TE)

PR J. Brooks (no. #2 RB)

Bengals Play Makers:

B. Trumphey #87 (no. #2 TE)

T. Krumrie #68 (3-4 NG)

J. LaClair #55 (3-4 ILB)

K. Riley #13 (no. #5 DB)

A. Williams (edge)

Raiders Legends:

J. Jett #82 (no. 3 WR)

M. Johnson #58 (3-4 ILB)

B. Golic #79 (3-4 NG)

D. Waller #83 (no. 2 TE)

L. Johnstone #51 (edge)

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coaches are lost on offense without Gruden.


3:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Ugh! How can the Raiders offense be this bad? The play calling was horrendous. I don't think Carr threw single 3rd down pass to the marker. Everything was underneath and the Bengals stuffed it every time. They even ran once on 3rd and long.

The end of the 1st half said it all. Raiders took a time out right before a Bengals punt, only to just sit on the ball and not use their timeouts. Why bother? A long pass down field could have drawn a penalty, but we'll never know.

I was in the Carr fan club through the first 5-7 games, but I think I've seen enough. Either he or Olsen need to go... and I honestly don't know who's more to blame for the last three weeks. Maybe both should sit down.

Bring in Marcus Mariota to play the Cowboys.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

As Don Meredith would say/sing..."Turn out the lights, the party's over!".

Another Nov/Dec swan song, nose dive, crash/burn, collapse!

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bradley has been great. Olsen sucks and there is a reason Bisacci has been a st coach his whole life. I have been consistent for the last 4 years that Gruden is an offensive mastermind and got the best out of Carr. Losing your coach like the Raiders did is just too much to overcome especially combined with the emotional toll of Ruggs crime.

Really depressing considering the Raiders have decent talent. Can't wait for Thanksgiving lol ��


5:01 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Unfortunately, we will never know if Gruden would have been any better. But I will say this, under Gruden the ball was being throw down field. Under Olsen, Raiders' offense has reverted back to small ball. It's a dink and dunk nightmare for a team that can't run block consistently. Teams can once again stack the box and press the Raiders into short gains and critical mistakes. Yesterday is the perfect example of how this season has gone. When the Raiders played conservative, they got nowhere. But when they opened it up and threw the ball downfield, TD. By then, it was too little too late. The defense was already spent from being on the field the entire game.

When the schedule came out, I was excited the Raiders played on Thanksgiving. Not anymore.

I still think Carr is capable but the last few weeks have shaken my confidence. I wouldn't mind seeing Mariota against the Cowboys. Probably the same result.

IMO, at a minimum, Bissacia needs to take charge and tell Olsen to open up the offense. The last three weeks demonstrate a clear trend and should be unacceptable to the Raiders HC.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Gruden wasn't fairing any better running the offense this year. The Raiders have still yet to score a TD on their opening drive. Greg Olsen was dismal his first go round, and proves he is still dismal. We need to bring back Musgrave!
I agree NY, I think Bissacia needs to get into Olsen's ear. If you watched the presser with him and DC after the game, they both looked and sounded pissed! Derek will never blame coaching or other players, and he was asked about both in the presser yesterday, but you can tell when asked about the play-calling from the coaches and the WR's inability to get open, it struck a nerve with him. He was also asked about if these were something the team can correct in team meetings; and he cut the question off with, "Absolutely it will be." You can tell he is not happy right now, and is going to blow some of that steam off in team meetings. Foster Moreau was more blunt about things than Derek, you have to watch his answers.
This is what makes DC a great leader. He will not throw anyone under the bus publicly and takes the blame; but he will speak his mind with the WR's the O-line and the coaching in team meetings.
The fact that the Raiders have failed to have a RB get 100+ yards rushing this season is absolutely horrendous. Jacobs should be reeling and dealing in these yards. We can blame the O-line, which was suspect coming into the season; but the bottom line is the Raiders sacrificed the stable O-line to go after a defense by cutting Hudson and Gabe Jackson and saving HUGE $$. Huddy was the captain of the O-Line, and I don't think it would have been as bad if we had kept him.
Since I've been a Raiders fan, we have never been able to figure out a balance on both sides of the ball. We are either great offensively and horrendous on defense, or great on defense and horrendous offensively. We flipped the script this offseason, and become pretty stellar on defense and are struggling to get offensive momentum. It is so aggrevating!
Up next, a Thanksgiving match with the Cowboys. I hope we can swing this around, we still can do this, it is not beyond the realm of impossibility; but it is a HUGE mountain to climb. We are no longer in first place. Screw the Chiefs and Chargers!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

home alone marv is now DC

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a stat, Gruden files lawsuit, penalties the last 2 games were 14 penalties for 130 yds (Raiders)

4 penalties for 34 yds, opponent. Just 1 penalty for the Bengals. And there was a lot of holding by their O-line and none of it was called, it was the same the game before that, vs KC.

Most of the penalties called against the Raiders were usually on a big play for the Raiders, momentum killers.

Carr won't want to re-sign, like he said, he has had enough of being a Raider. It's very obvious that this year was sabotaged by the NFL, they could have waited till the end of the season to oust Gruden. Instead, they waited until they could kill more Raider momentum by exposing the emails that no one has ever seen yet.

Many will say that there is no way that could happen, well, they shut down the world over a flu. Yes kiddies, the world is corrupt and so is the NFL. You may as well watch pro wrestling.

10:07 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Carr recently said he would retire before he played anywhere but LV. That was just weeks ago. I wasn't aware he did a 180 on that.

I wouldn't blame him. At this point, Carr is far more valuable to the team than Greg Olsen. Carr should be calling the plays. If the Raiders fail, then it truly falls on his shoulders.

Speaking about falling on his shoulders, Note to Carr, get your hair cut. Carr spent half his time on the sideline pushing his hair back behind his ears. Man up!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very telling from @Raiders Derek Carr: "20 years of this crap is enough. I'm fed up."

Watching the game yesterday, Carr on the sideline as the game slipped away, the look of resignation was very clear. I'm sure he is fed up and tired of beating his head against the wall. I'm sure in his own heart, he was sure this year, like all the years before, it would be different. He see's another year implode, another year of the league crapping all over the Raiders. He must be asking himself "why am I doing this?". He knows he won't play as long as Brady, so I am sure he wants to win before he has to hang it up.

I like Carr, he is a good guy, but to me, something is missing. Bosa knows, it's easy to get into Carr's kitchen and rattle him. If Carr doesn't have top protection, he is toast. That has been proven over and over.

The players aren't dumb enough to not see what this league is all about, and it isn't about true competition, it's about power and money. The game loses because it is no longer a game, it's a show. It's not about honesty and honor, it's about slight of hand and a controlled outcome. And if an employee gets out of line, he gets grudened.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Public-media: That we aren't really a fan base but a bunch of people living off past glory and that Al ruined this team.

Raidernation: That Al got old and couldn't change and that set the team back. That Reggie did a good job Al's team but wasn't very good in other areas. Both are the reason Raiders are in this mess.

Public-media: That MD is doing a good job when it comes to the Vegas deal and commenting on social, health and violence issues - but the Raiders STILL aren't quite there as a 'model franchise' maybe

Public-media: Players need to be not greedy and asking for money. They get paid the owners can't make it for long spending on high priced players and other player demands. Owners deserve support and anyway players may even be better if they have to work harder; Cheaper contracts motivate players high spending isn't the way to build a playoff team!

Public-media: The Raiders NEED help! No not player help they need more NFL people- They are dysfunctional, there may be crimes and NFL rules broken and this team may need NFL to rescue it. Gruden is a disgrace and Raiders may be in trouble. This team may be in too shocked to make playoffs in '21 and may need big changes to get them in the playoffs.

Public-media: Reggie/ Mayock/ Gruden did a great job in the draft and free agency. They have really have outstanding talent. And this is a playoff team '21. MD has made great decisions in leading the team- he helped in hiring staff and the Las Vegas deal.

Al was a legend but couldn't find the talent (?) or get a stadium like MD did!

These are some of the things I've/ maybe you've heard the past 18 years. Raidernation loyal to Al just started listening to them. Maybe some of Al's actions or the 9 year slump got fans asking for Al to retire but looking at the past I think maybe we question media's repor

Whether really or not Raidernation has proven the most loyal fan base in America!
No team has ever moved 3 times so we don't know what

The '03-'11 Raiders were loaded with talent and had the front office to win. I don't think losing Gruden/ Gannon was that big a deal to Al.




The '03-'11 teams were loaded! now, you could say not all of them but it's true all 9 teams were loaded with talent! The media looked for

1. the best special teams in the league

2. two pro-bowl level RBs

3. A top 5 pass rush

4. decent receivers

5. decent-very good, fast linebackers (Howard, Groves Morrison, Goethal and Brown).

Now, looking at the new Raiders you still think they are better than those teams? Yea, because of the record and media cons.

They want more changes because the Davis family maybe haven't done enough to make them happy.

Al was WAY ahead of the franchise free agency fad. It's said he started it(No, Georgia Frontier and Joe Robby did) but he reinvented it and it

There's more to Al than we think. He could've gotten a new stadium in another city but he wasn't going to let them get control of his team.

1:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

There's a difference between being made about 20 years of losing and being made at the Raiders. I think Carr is just made about losing, and he should be. But I get what you're saying and I agree with much of it. It's not just the NFL that's changing, it's everything. We live in a different world than we did 20-30 years ago... and it's not exactly getting better.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY old angry man. Carr's hair is too long for you lol. Not happy with the world boo hoo. Cheer up, I will try and find you a rotary phone for Christmas lol.

No team could survive what happened to the Raiders this year---they deserve a mulligan but Mark should focus on finding a good coach for next year.

David Shaw is the man.

NAte you are wrong Gruden had the Raiders playing great ball offensivly last year and this just look at the stats. Musgrave lol he has been out of the NFL since 2020 he is done.


3:33 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...


Al Davis claimed Raiders had territorial rights to L.A.

Son Mark Davis did the easy thing and moved Raiders to LV. He did not fight NFL for the L.A. market.

I do not believe Al would ever have moved Raiders to LV, put them under a dome, with a luke warm fan base.

Notice how NFL did not return football to L.A. until after Al had passed. They were afraid of a big law suit from Al.

I do agree with you about NFL being corrupt. Every week, in the TV market i am in, it's the same thing. Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, and Dallas Cowboys. NFL loves the NY Giants too, just can't push them on us right now because they are losing.

4:42 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

LMAO, Sandy, you're so out of touch you've lost your sense of humor.

I agree with Nate. Musgrave is responsible for the only winning season in 18 years. It's not even close.

If Gruden was a mastermind, we'd have more evidence than his career .500 coaching record, and his losing record since rejoining the Raiders who in 2018 were one year removed from a 12-4 record under Del Rio and Musgrave.

Gruden's legacy is beating the Raiders with Tony Dungy's defense (something Gruden had no involvement) and then presiding over the Bucs sinking ship.

Raiders are headed for their 3rd implosion in as many years because they lack dynamic to offset play calling by teams that break their code of early success. That stems from coaching. They are either too arrogant or too stupid to think they can go out and call the same game every week.

The Raiders best chance this week is that they won't have enough time to game plan. Too many mind! So they will need to wing it.

If the coaches want to take the load off their shoulders, this could be the week Carr gets pulled for ineffectiveness - throwing the ball straight up in the air is not a good look. So let's see who steps up and/or who takes responsibility for the Raiders failures.

Vegas, Baby!

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders were putrid when Gruden showed up 3 years ago, Dude won the superbowl, Dungy could not, built Raidets into superbowl team sounds like success to me. Not sure what too many mind means.

Ghost if you think Al Davis wouldn't be happy about how things have turned out with the stadium in Vegas you don't know Al Davis

11:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

You can certainly try but you can't change the facts. Raiders were 12-4 in 2016. 2017 Del Rio parted ways with Musgrave and Carr was coming off a major leg injury from which he was clearly timid on the field.

Under Monte Kiffin, Bucs had the #1 ranked defense in the NFL in 2002, allowing only 12.3 pts per game. Gruden had absolutely nothing to do with that.

Meanwhile, under Gruden, Bucs had the 18-ranked offense and 27th ranked rushing yardage with only 97 yards per game. Whether you call it Dungy's defense or Kiffin's defense, it wasn't Gruden's defense.

A couple Gruden drafts later, the Bucs faded into oblivion and they would soon after fire him.

Next chapter, Gruden started back with the Raiders in 2018 and the Raiders have sucked ever since. I know that's generalized but there are stats to back that up too. We could start with draft picks and work up to free agency and dismantling the O-line.

Too many mind..., thinking too hard. Less is more.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...


I know that Al hated domed stadiums. So he would have at least had a retractable roof.

And I know Al would have hated the stands being half filled with the other teams fans. But the only cure for that is winning.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al hated domes mostly because of the artificial turf. Al would be quite proud of Mark who increased the value of the franchise by a billion dollars and locked in revenue streams that have been unheard of for the Raiders over the last 20 years which will pay for free agents for years to come. Moving to Vegas is a huge success

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing Al would not be happy with, is Mark not taking the league through litigation before giving into their demands. Al would of taken them to court and exposed all of what we are not seeing in the Gruden fiasco.

Al would have threatened the league into dropping it or taking them to court which the league would not want.

Gruden taking them to court is something if he can get his legal team to extract all the hidden gems.

Mark has been trying to get along with everyone, Al knew that was not the way it works if you want what is right and honorable. There has to be descent within the ranks and one has to stand for what is right. Al did that in spades.

In the end, it hurts the Raiders on the field, as we can see, the league does punish through officiating and the like. It's been that way since I have watched the Raiders, the league has always hated Al and the Raiders, it seems nothing has changed except for Al being gone.

with the game being so homogenized now, a team cannot have league bias against it, because the difference in wins and losses is so small. in Al's day, the Raiders could over come it, most of the time. In today's game, we can see the results.

3:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I agree that court discovery would shed light on the situation and possibly expose the scandal for what it is. However, the content of Gruden's emails makes it a no-win situation in terms of optics. Gruden suing is one thing (they're his emails) but Davis suing could perhaps lead the most extreme folks to suggest he's the racist. Mark Davis doesn't have his father's stomach for that... and nobody with understanding of the Raiders history would believe AL was a racist.

This is probably one MD sits out... and I'm not sure I blame him. So, I guess what we learn (again!) is that the NFL isn't just corrupt, it's very powerful and manipulative to get its way.

4:22 PM  

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