Sunday, January 03, 2021

Broncos Gameday Thread

Well, here we are at the end of another season, trying to scale Mount .500. Again. A season that began with so much promise has ended with precipitous tailspin that really makes you wonder. For years, the Raiders have spun the mantra of "Return to Glory." Alas, this year brought us just another Return to Form. Let's see them beat the Broncos, reach .500 and try again next year. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

Not much the Raiders defense can do against the Broncos Juggernaut offense.

Looks like the Raiders only chance is to win another shootout.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders are playing sloppy but somehow still outplaying the Broncos in the Toilet Bowl.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders defense holds true to form, gives up over 30 points. But the offense was equally as bad, as it turned over the ball on three consecutive drives.

Don't blame Gruden going for two. He probably wishes they missed.



Let's hope the offseason actually makes a difference.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome win and it is a great feeling to end the season on a high note.

Have a nice year everybody and I'll talk to you around draft time.

Regards Sandy

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Blogger nyraider said...

Not sure the Raiders hit a high note with that game but it's a win.

If we've learned anything:

Waller was just friggin' incredible.

Despite being inconsistent at times, Carr played well this year. Simply put, the Raiders don't have a better option at QB.

The Raiders whiffed badly across the board on defense. Gruden's late decision to replace Guenther was costly. Now the whole thing needs to be blown up.

That said, Jonathan Hankins deserves credit. He was among the best run defenders in the league.

Among the biggest disappointments, Abrams had a surprisingly bad year. We found out he sucks in coverage. The obvious call is to keep him close to the LOS, where he plays fast and hits hard... even if he sometimes takes bad angles.

Hate to be too tough on Arnette because he's a rookie, but he was pretty bad. Lawson is a serviceable career backup who was better than Arnette. Mullen had one notably bad game but was the best CB on the team.

Raiders need help on defense at every position! That became more evident when 3rd string replacements outplayed starters at the end of the season. After Littleton's injury, Morrow looked like he was going to be a stud, then fell apart at the end. He can be seen in today's highlight reel looking pretty stupid in coverage about 7-8 yards behind a TD reception.

There are many factors to consider, coaching included, but this defense easily qualifies for the Bill Callahan Award. It's hard to believe there might have been a defense in the league that was worse.

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Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Here is a bold plan for Raiders off season.

1) Trade Carr for biggest, best package you can get.

2) Use extra draft picks, and free agency to finally, finally, build a defense.

3) Sign Marcus Mariotta to a 3 yr extension.

I like Carr but it comes down to this, Keeping Carr and slowly build a defense over next 2 to 3 years, or, build defense quickly with Mariotta as Qb.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

So you are suggesting becoming the Titans? Mariotta had a great defense in Tennessee and did nothing, not too mention he had Derrick Henry and some good WRs. Plus cutting Carr doesn't save them money. Cutting Trent Brown and Tyrell Williams frees up $27 million this next year (which is what I think will happen). Last year was the year to cut Carr if they wanted to free up money, his contract from here on out is loaded and the majority of it is guaranteed. If they freed up $27 million by cutting Brown and Williams, I would make a push to snag TY Hilton.
Raiders don't need much defensively, and don't need 2 or 3 years, nor to I think it will be 2 or 3 years to build a defense, but that depends on who they sign as DC. From what Carr said in the presser after the game yesterday, it seems like there is a lot of guys on the defensive side of the ball who are not putting in the work and going through the motions.
Marinelli proved he is not effective; even as D-Line coach. They should have kept Buckner. I think they should hire Wade Phillips. I don't think Raheem Morris will be available as he will be the HC of the Falcons; but those are the only 2 I would consider for DC.

Regardless, here is what I think should happen:
The #1 thing they need on defense is a captain. Someone who will whip these numbskulls into shape and stick to their assignments. Charles Woodson was the last defensive captain.
#2-Raiders need a DT that will disrupt things. I am not big on Hankins. Yes, he is a good run defender, but that is where his abilities end. If they keep him, they need another DT to make a push on the QB because Mo Hurst is not cutting it either. I would make a serious push for both Shelby Harris (DT, Doncos) and/or Sheldon Rankins (DT, Saints) which are mid-tier level free agents that will not break the bank; but do more than Hankins and Hurst. I love stealing good players from Denver, who may also lose Von Miller too. If the Raiders want to spend big $$, then go after DaQuan Jones (Titans, DT).
#3-Raiders need someone opposite Maxx Crosby. If they want to spend big, sign Bud Dupree (EDGE, Steelers). Reasonable signings Everson Griffen (DE, Lions), re-sign Morrow, Aldon Smith (Cowboys, would love to have him back), Ezekiel Ansah (9ers).
#4-Raiders need a veteran DB. Patrick Peterson (Cardinals) would be a great fit here, but expensive. Other notables: MacKensie Alexander (Bengals), Jason McCourty (Pats), Malik Hooker (S, Colts), Keanu Neel (SS, Falcons). A lot of people on Twitter pushing for Richard Sherman, but he's lost a step, and gets beat deep. Maybe if the Raiders can use him like C-Wood, and move him to Safety, I would be down with that.

Raiders don't need much, nor do they need 2 or 3 years to build a defense. They can have a stout defense with 3 solid players. I would seriously pursue Shelby Harris (DT, Doncos), Everson Griffen, and either McCourty or Hooker; unless they could convince Sherman to play Safety. The main thing they need is the D-line to get pressure on the QB; something they haven't had since Mack left.

Here are the Raiders who are free agents:
Jonathan Hankins, Jason Witten, Nicholas Morrow, Takkarist McKinley, Erik Harris, Nathan Peterman, Denzelle Good, Nevin Lawson, Derek Carrier, Zay Jones, Kyle Wilber, Raekwon McMillan, Sam Young, Devontae Booker, Nelson Algholor, Theo Riddick, Daryl Worley, Vic Beasly, Dallin Leavitt, Trent Sieg, Daniel Carlson, and Kendall Vickers.

Of this list, here is who they should re-sign:
Morrow, Good, McMillan, Algholor, and Carlson. Maybe Sam Young.
We will see what happens now. JUST WIN, BABY!

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Chargers fired Lynn Anthony as HC, this potentially frees up Gus Bradley to be the Raiders DC. I would be down with that too.

Derek Carr's 2020 season:
Career Rank
‣ 4,103 yards (Highest)
‣ 101.4 QB rate (Highest)
‣ 30 total TD (2nd highest)
‣ 256.4 ypg (2nd highest)
‣ 5 GWD (2nd highest)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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No NY, I. Johnson IS the best CB on that team.

If they don't want to keep Mariota they might be able to get a draft pick for him.

They really need a scouting convention to find some steals in the lower rounds. Another Crosby and I. Johnson.

They need to look at what Al's front office looked for in pass rushers(or the Cowboys, Vikings).

Please!, no 3-4 talk! the Raiders aren't going to spend on the talent to build it.

Please, don't trade those other young TEs' even though you didn't use them this is team may have the best group in the NFL.

Some good pass rushers for the Raiders:

Tyre Coleman, UDFA '15//51 career sacks.

Aldon Smith, oh yea, a guy who has overcome problems could help pass rush maybe

Cameron Wake

Clay Matthews III

Margus Hunt (Colts) Tall could play DT- 5th rounder might be a

Montez Sweat it might take a 2nd rounder and a player to get him.

Jerrett a 3rd and 6th rounders

Anthony Zettle

NFL Draft:

Rashad Weaver, Pittsburgh U.

Quency Roche, OLB-DE, Miami

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

No one is talking about a 3-4 defense. We are only discussing that Wade Phillips should be the top candidate for the Raiders as D-Coordinator. Yes, he prefers a 3-4 defense, but has coached a handful of 4-3 defenses in his career and has done an outstanding job with a 4-3 defense as well.

As an update, my family and I are doing well. My wife, daughter, and I are gaining back our sense of smell, and are not showing anymore symptoms. Zinc and vitamins C and D have helped us improved, and are proven to help against long-term affects. I still experience fatigue about 3 or 4pm, unless I play wiffle ball with my son (who never experienced anything), and I have heard it may take a few weeks to regain my stamina. I can see how this virus has adverse effects on the elderly and those with auto-immune systems. It felt like I was dealing with severe asthma, like I used to as a kid. I overcame asthma by long distance running, and strengthening my lungs when I was in High School and College. I hadn't had difficulty in breathing like that in 30-32 years. It was scary.

With that said, I am skeptical with what the Raiders do this offseason. I believed this was a make or break season for Gruden. There were a lot of positives for Gruden in the first 9 games, and we cannot take that away. We saw what the Raiders were capable of in those 9 games; but we saw the team wear out the last 7, going a dismal 2-5; when it easily could have been a 5-2 run. Defense is the glaring issue, fix that, and I think we are seeing a different team; a Championship team. So, yes, he hasn't faired well thus far; but Gruden has had some tremendous moments. I'm not as optimistic as these sentences sound, but he's the coach for the next 6 years. I think the mantra for the Raiders this off-season is "Just Get It Right, Baby!"

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

RaiderNate75, glad to hear all is going well with you and your family.

Yes, becoming the Titans is appealing right now. At least with Mariotta Titans were a playoff team. So yes, I want the Raiders to become that.

You say the Raiders don't need much to improve the D. But you say they need 2 DT's, a DE opposite Crosby, and help in the secondary. That's a lot right there I think.

And what about linebackers? I think Raiders LB's are terrible. Need help there too, so that covers every level of the D.

It's going to be a big fix, and Carr is the best asset Raiders have. i'm not saying cut him, but rather trade him to one of the many QB starved teams in NFL.

Wade Phillips would be great, i'd love it, but even old Wade needs some good players.

12:24 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, first, very happy to hear you and your family are recovering. Outstanding!

I'm disappointed you left Hankins off your list of FAs to re-sign. PFF posted some time ago that Hankins graded among the best run defenders in the league. Nothing's changed IMO he's the best interior lineman the Raiders have.

Anon (Zinc guy), The coaches disagree with you about Johnson. Johnson has been a backup since he was drafted. His extended play this year was mostly due to injury depth. That said, he's a big CB and has shown spurts of brilliance. Most likely he's not going anywhere and should get a legit chance to start (possibly replace Arnette).

My take on Mariotta vs. Carr is that Carr has a bigger arm and is more accurate. Mariotta is better at RPO and throwing on the run. However, once teams seal the edges and force Mariotta back to the pocket, Carr is by far the better QB, IMHO.

I was surprised (but not shocked) to hear Carr had 5 game-winning drives this year. He is among the best QBs in the league in that regard. Those stats don't lie. If not for the Raiders bad defense, Carr would have had more.

Let's face it, Gruden and Carr are not going anywhere. These are the guys the Raiders will have to win with..., or in spite of.

Best thing the Raiders could do for Carr is bring back Musgrave and reestablish that mojo. Of course that could never happen because of the enormous chip on Gruden's shoulder.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Here are a few players I am going to follow closely in the Sr Bowl, Combine, and Draft. I think, right now, they have the potential to be hidden gems because of the schools they have played at. I think the Raiders should have their scouts take serious looks at these players too.
Elerson Smith (DE, Northern Iowa, 6'7,245 lbs) - This is the one player I am truly excited about seeing, and will gain exposure and learn more about his during the Senior Bowl and Scouting Combine leading into the draft. He is not getting a lot of media play because of his school, and the fact that he did not play in 2020. I don't think he will be a hidden gem for too long though, as I think he is comparable to Khalil Mack coming into the draft. His 2019 stats: 14 sacks, 26 TFL, 63 Tackles, and 5 Forced Fumbles. Compare this to Gregory Rousseau (DE, Miami) who did not play in 2020 either. Rousseau's stats for 2019 were 15.5 sacks, 22 TFL, 54 Tackles, and 2 Forced Fumbles; yet all the scouts are talking about Rousseau, comparing him to Clowney, Bosa brothers, and Garrett as a player because he played at a bigger school. Yet, no one is talking about Elerson Smith. Again, depending on Senior Bowl and Combine, he could be the steal of the draft. Keep an eye on this name.
DeAngelo Malone (OLB, Western Kentucky, 6'4, 230 lbs) - recorded 11.5 sacks, 23 TFL, 99 Tackles in 2019. Another sleeper that nobody is talking about; but someone to watch.
Tarron Jackson (DE, Coastal Carolina 6'2, 265 lbs) He is the second DE under Elerson Smith that I am watching, who has put up some decent numbers and has been consistently explosive.
Malcolm Koonce (DE, Buffalo, 6'3, 250 lbs) - Doesn't have explosive numbers, but has been a consistent tackling machine with consistent pressure.
William Bradley-King (DE, Baylor). He transferred from Arkansas St where he had 8.5 sacks, 16 TFL, 49 Tackles, and 3 FF in 2019. He came to a bigger school and in 2020 had 3.5 Sacks, 6 TFL, 26 Tackles, and 1 FF. He could be a late round gem.
Dustin Crum (QB, Kent St, 6'3, 201 lbs). In 4 games this year, he completed 73% of his passes (83 of 113) for 1,181 yards, 12 TDs, 2 INTs, rushed 44 times for 240 yards and 4 TDs. His 2019 stats: 216 comp. of 312 attempts, 2,622 yards, 20 TDs, 2 INTs, rushed 168 times for 707 yards, 6 TDs. Could be a late round pick to be a backup QB to Carr, and maybe the future QB of the Raiders.

Other below-the-radar players to watch for in the Sr Bowl, Combine, and Draft. I think these are all positions the Raiders target in the draft as well:
Jerome Johnson (DT, Indiana, 6'3, 304lbs) - I think he is one of the most exciting DT in the draft, along with the below player Durden. Neither have big numbers, but both are consistent in pressure and tackling. Something the Raiders lack at this position.
Cory Durden (DT, Florida St, 6'5, 312 lbs)
Hamilcar Rashed Jr (OLB, Oregon St)
Quincy Roche (OLB/DE, Miami)
Dillon Radunz (OT, North Dakota St)
Spencer Brown (RT, Northern Iowa) - another small school hidden gem, especially with what Tom Cable has done with the O-Line. I think he or Abraham Lucas becomes a target for the Raiders if they cut Trent Brown, which I think they do. But I like Brown better than Lucas. Something about Iowa O-line and D-line players, they have a mean mentality.
Brady Christensen (OT, BYU)
Abraham Lucas (RT, Washington St)
Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina) - A big RB, and good goal line/short yardage back that could be the thunder to Jacobs power running.
Jhamon Ausbon (WR, TX A&M) did not play in 2020.
Warren Stewart (WR, Colorado St) did not play in 2020.
Andre Cisco (S, Syracuse)
Chase Lucas (CB, Arizona St)
Tariq Castro-Fields (CB, Penn St)
Keith Taylor (CB, Washington)
Elijah Molden (CB, Washington)

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Would the Jets trade Raiders 2nd overall pick for Carr ? Just a thought.

1:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

What I've seen in terms of college player rankings is that the 2021 draft lacks defensive talent at the top of the draft. Combine that with the Raiders lack of success at the top of the draft and trading Carr for the #2 might be a recipe for disaster, IMO.

I think the Raiders are fine in the middle of the first round, and I believe their best work might be in the middle of the draft, which is consistent with their recent history.

Honestly, I believe it's critically important for the Raiders to start this offseason by securing their own best FAs so they don't create more holes to fill in their roster.

Hankins and Good are big guys that the Raiders need. These guys are top priority IMO.

Morrow is serviceable but also replaceable. I'm okay either way.

Erik Harris is no better than a backup. Raiders need to improve at safety.

Booker and Algholor are worth keeping. Algholor was among the best deep threats in the NFL. Raiders would miss him!

Trent Sieg is the long snapper. That should be easy.

Carlson deserves another contract after a great year.

Carrier is probably worthy but let Whitten go. Moreau is a better option as #2 TE at this point.

Take care of in-house business first. There are several players worth retaining.

Btw, Jacobs got a DUI around 4 AM in Vegas. What's he celebrating?

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Raiders have requested interview with current Chargers DC, Gus Bradley. Must be another "FOG", ..friend of Gruden.

4:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Even with a better pass rush, the Chargers defense wasn't any better than the Raiders this year. They gave up 26.5 pts per game. Knock on Chargers D at the end of 2020 was they got burned in the 2nd half of games.

I hope Gruden interviews some serious candidates. Otherwise, he might as well draft for offense because outscoring opponents will remain a necessity.

4:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

So far, media are reporting the top three candidates for Raiders DC are all former Gruden staff members. Gus Bradley, Joe Barry and Raheem Morris. Barry's claim to fame is LB coach who helped develop Cory Littleton. So instead of upgrading Littleton's position, Raiders might go all-in and build their defense around Littleton.

That's scary!

It's early in the process but Gruden is quoted as saying the hunt for a DC "will be a fast process"

Hiring is a fast process but firing a bad coach takes years....

5:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Not to be outdone by Gruden's relationships to all DC candidates, turns out Joe Barry is Marinelli’s son-in-law.

Are the Raiders capable of viewing the NFL outside their personal relationships? I think that's a fair question.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raheem Morris is interviewing for Falcons HC, and now the Jags have requested to interview him for the HC job there too. I think he will be a HC and is off the list.
Wade Phillips is pushing hard to join the Raiders too. I think he is the Raiders strongest candidate, whom both Marinelli and Bary have worked with Wade; so that may be why the Raiders are asking about Joe Barry. Again, I know Phillips likes the 34, but has coached the 43 before too. He is the best candidate, and will prove to me that Gruden wants to win.
I'm not sold on Gus Bradley as a candidate either, just not an exciting name. His claim to fame is Seattle's Legion of Boom, but that was more Pete Carroll than Bradley. Joe Barry has no DC experience, so I am really not sold on him.

10:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I don't believe the Raiders will hire a high-powered DC.

I'm not seeing the Wade Phillips connection to the Raiders, other than reports that Phillips might like to be hired.

Gruden is pursuing friends and relatives of friends. Meaning the Raiders success is going to require luck, something the Raiders have been short on the past 18 years.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Monte Kiffin got some, if not most of the credit for Grudens Tampa super bowl win.

I guess Gruden is sensitive to not being overshadowed again. So a no name DC is what he looks for.

12:06 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I tend to agree. Tong Dungy and Monte Kiffin built the defense that beat the Raiders. Ironically, it was Gruden's offense they beat.

I thought Gruden reached pretty far down the trough for Guenther. He has to do better this time!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Al ('03-'11) had bad luck it wasn't from lack of trying to win. How the Raiders didn't go to another SB those years is a mystery.

When during that period didn't they have personnel? and the coaches?

Oh, I know it was dysfunction, Gannon and Gruden leaving and the SHOCK(?) of losing the SB.

Since '12 we've had two GMs' and three HCs' and a complete erasing of Al's system. Yet we just don't win .

* media- The Raiders need become a "model franchise".
The Raiders succeeded because they refused to limited by NFL conservative, greed driven system. In fact, the Raiders with others, changed and improved the NFL. Being like the other franchises except (Halas, Shram and Hunt) means being about Money and forget changing society and the game.

* media- Al ruined the Raiders with salary cap, overpriced FA and bad drafts.

If Al did it happened over a few months. They were AFC Champions ('03) and maybe the best team in the AFC a few years before that. KC is much more like the teams that lose (Al's) who spend on vets and draft for speed and size. Maybe it was hating Al, not his system that got all that media hate.
If you want a Belichik, Ariens or Dundy coached team that wins with passion, high character ask youself why didn't Reggie's years get us more than one winning season?
Maybe the Pats can beat loaded teams but the Raiders couldn't, maybe some speed and size and expensive contracts might help them.

* media- Gruden/ Mayock need TIME to REBUILD this team.

Excuse me? Reggie had 7 years! How much more time do they need? BTW I thought he could draft a team to winning? Maybe when he fired ALL Al's coaches and players he whiffed on a chance to win faster.

* media- Raidernation some are afraid of change, delusional and into conspiracies.

That the NFL didn't tamper with the Raiders! its' been 18 years of bad decisions that didn't appear until '03? That the firing of All Al's employees wasn't strange, it happens when new staff come in. Not only a loaded team with good coaches not being able to have a winning season but the new Raiders having worse problems. The idea that the other owners took action before Al passed then moved to have some say in and a hand in the Raiders.
No that can't happen it was all Al, John, Reggie, Mike and dysfunction, bad decisions.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The worst thing that happened after Al died and Mark took over, was letting Amy Trask go. The Raiders are a product of their own bad decisions and dysfunction. After we lost Gannon to injury, name a quality QB that they fielded before Derek Carr? Aaron Brooks? Matt Schaub? Kerry Collins? Andrew Walter? JaMarcus Russell? Really the only 2 QB's that deserve any mention during this time are Jason Campbell and Carson Palmer under Hue Jackson and Tom Cable as HC. But neither had any weapons at WR or RB.
Al Davis overpaid players like Tommy Kelly, who were not producing until after they were cut and went to a different team; and yes, the Raiders were salary cap strap with bad players on the roster. Say what you want about Reggie, he came in in 2012, and had 5 years to build a team, get them out of salary cap hell, and still put together the base for the team's success. Under Reggie, they made the play-offs in 2016. The reason Del Rio did not get farther the next year was because they let Musgrave walk. Had he stayed as OC, the Raiders would have done well in 2017; but Del Rio knew at that time that Mark Davis was in contractual talks with Jon Gruden before the 2017 season even began. Mark did not resign Musgrave, knowing it would thwart a good year, so he could have a reason to let Del Rio go. Del Rio knew, because he and Gruden share the same agent. Reggie had 5 years to build a competitive team, and you cannot tell me that when Gruden came in the thought of what he would do with Carr and the offense, and Mack on the defense was beautiful. We all imagined that the Raiders would no longer be the bottom of the barrell.
Yet, what did Gruden do? He dismantled everything that Reggie built, starting with Khalil Mack. The only exception has been Derek Carr. When Gruden came aboard, we had an above-average defense that needed a few pieces around Mack; and an above-average offense that needed a RB and very minimal. Yet, Gruden came in and blew the whole house down, and is not even close to fielding a team that Reggie/Del Rio had. The whole argument "We can't spend $$ on Mack and Carr and be competitive" is bogus; because they used the $$ from Mack and paid Trent Brown, whom they are about to cut. They are a product of their own bad decisions and dysfunction. Quite frankly, their dysfunction stems from Mark Davis giving Gruden "absolute" power when it comes to football operations without accountability.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Nate 75 you make up conspiracy theories and facts.

Raiders had a an above average defense in 2017? what team were you watching? they were ranked 23rd, last in interceptions, they sucked. Reggie was a failure and Del Rio is mediocre at best.

Trent Brown got a 66 million contract an average salary of 16 and 36 guaranteed. Khalil got a $141 million contract 90 million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $23 million. Huge difference. Trent Brown wont be cut and when healthy is more valuable than Mack given the position he plays and the fact he is a better player. Yes he needs to get on the field but when he does he is dominant or perhaps you don't recall last year against Chicago when Brown dominated Mack what he does to Bosa and how he completely shut down Frank Clark.

Your welcome to your opinion but spare us the falsehoods.

1:18 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I seem to remember Del Rio really dropped the ball on defense. Aside from letting Musgrave go, defense was the issue that bothered me most about Del Rio. He had Ken Norton Jr as DC and, like Gruden, waited way too long to fire him. But unlike Gruden, Del Rio is a defensive coach, so the play of the defense fell squarely on his shoulders.

Also, as I remember, negotiations for Mack were in the Von Miller range, just under $20M a year. That figure was inflated with Chicago due to the trade. But I'm past the Mack deal. That's history.

Plenty of blame to go around. It's been a perfect storm of bad decisions, bad coaches and bad players. It literally could not have been any worse. Raiders have the fewest winning seasons of any team in the NFL over the past 18 seasons (one!). They have become the George Costanza of the NFL. Everything they do fails, to the point which doing the opposite is the most logical path.

It's time to take that (opposite) path and NOT hire another friend of Gruden to be DC, but instead hire a high-powered defensive coach to come in and run the defense.

No more excuses! No more failures!

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, I thought that we were supposed to stop listening to guys who aren't consistent who 'meddle' with their coaches (Al). I thought it was ALL IN on Reggie or any "model franchise"/ NFL connected guy did. Why are you now questioning Gruden?

Seems like the Raiders just can't win whether they are rebels as of '03 or finally work with the NFL and become a "model franchise".

Why are you questioning Gruden if all you need to do is draft guys, keep the salary cap low and sign good (not necessarily star) FAs'?

You're meddling, just like Al! All you need is a game manage qb and passionate, high character players. You don't need speed, size. You don't need kickers who can blast the ball 60 yards in the air, you just need to make a qb (Brady, Rodgers or Big Ben) the center piece and pay them guaranteed contracts but nobody else.

You screw your fan base with untrue claims (new stadium are for expensive FAs'). Charging ultra high prices to see the games on a generic product even having the nerve to justify it(PARITY)- So fans will keep spending money on a money making scheme.

You fool the public into thinking NFL players are making a lot more money by giving them big contracts that aren't guaranteed.

Yea, that's your NFL and that's what Al and J. Jones and a few others were taking a stand against. Al took a stand and they tampered with the team. 18 years? after you listened to the NFL telling you all it took was getting the old system out and Al out and bringing NFL people (modern NFL) in and the Raiders would be better soon.

Yea,.....Listen, Al was decades ahead of the NFL both in business and the game.
He did things in the past but was still doing well with coaches and players.

The NFL is about MONEY and Power and they now are more into legal power and politics that ever.
Al and others were standing against this and Al not only tried to ignore this system but he also stood with Gene Uphaw's NFLPA.
Bad decisions? Really? How can a man gone for 10 years make them? Raidernation! I think it was more power of the NFL that put the Raiders in this mess.

10:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Gruden is the guy in charge. He deserves the heat. It's on him right now, just like it was on Reggie before Gruden and Al before that. Water finds its level but the buck stops at the top.

Al certainly wasn't infallible and, much to the chagrin of Raiders fans who knew the Raiders when they were a good team, he proved as much for the better part of two decades before he died. Al is gone, Reggie is ancient history, and the current Raiders are left to be their own caregivers. It's up to the Raiders to navigate the NFL and make better decisions. Dumber organizations have fared better. Being perennial losers is no way to run a $3B sports franchise. Raiders get to pick GMs, coaches and players from the same pool as everybody else. There's no higher power preventing the Raiders from fielding an "average" team for the last 18 years.

6:16 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This list of former Raiders in the playoffs is really interesting.

Many folks posting here over the years have criticized former Raiders players as mediocre or worse as the Raiders let them go. Even Mack, with 30 sacks since becoming a Bear, was kicked on his way out. While Mack may have deservedly lost fan loyalty, other decent players were just shown the door. Yet, some of their careers since have proved to be legit and possibly better than any player the Raiders brought to replace them.

In the past, I've defended keeping players like Feliciano, Benson Mayowa, Denico Autry, Cordarrelle Patterson and most recently Will Compton. All these guys have matched or exceeded the play of current Raiders at their position. There are others too. Check out the list. It's long!

Possibly, some of these guys shined when placed on better teams with better cultures. Raiders haven't exactly exuded a culture of winning.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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wipe down every two days (mon wed fri)

Tyre Coleman UDFA '15 51 career sacks.


Miami U. DE/ OLB Quentin Roche

Pittsburgh U. DE/ OLB

Miami U. DE Greg Rossenau

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad players?

Kelly, K. Wembley, R. Seymore, T. Scott, D. Burgess, J. Richardson, L. Houston, C. Clemons, M. Shaunessey, C. Cooper, M. Brodine and D. Bryant made up some of the best D-lines in football and clearly the best overall in the AFC West (I don't think V. Miller was in the NFL yet '11).

D-line in '11:

K. Wembly 7

T. Kelly 7.5 and 1 int.

D. Bryant 5

R. Seymore 6

R. McClain 5 and 1 safety

Sorry, the Pats long wanted a player like Kelly who was a pro bowl level player. So he was good enough for Bellichick.

DBs' in '11:

S. Routt can't play! Track guy. F. Washington a bust? Well, maybe but Routt would be the best CB over this 9 year slump.

S. Routt 4

M. Giordano 5

Has any db had 5 picks since '11?

T. Branch shut out 'Gronk' the whole game (in Oakland '12) without a good pass rush.

db team Ints.- 18

QB in '11:

* Brooks, Collins and Palmer who played well with other teams and Pryor were all good enough to win; the "new" Raiders just refused to help these guys. These guys didn't need to be pro bowlers, just good play should've been able to win with all the talent around them. As much as they won with other teams they never had that kind of talent around them.

RBs in '11:

* J. Fargas
* M. Bush
* L. Jordan

DMAC was underrated and Raidernation put him down but he showed up in Dallas.
Bush was maybe he best. He was a pro bowl level rb. Jordan was a very good player. Fargas? isn't this the kind of player sports media said we needed- average, high character but he had Al speed too.

Al's TEs Z. Miller, B. Myers., C. Anderson.

Miller was good, Anderson did o.k.
Meyers was one of the best special teamers in the NFL.

That '16 team lost to a bad Texan's team that lost 30-0. That's one thing about Al and Walsh's 49ers didn't do was have bad playoff teams(well, maybe the '90 game against Bills).

Name any other two qbs' that Reggie or Gruden had that was that good?

And 5 years?!? why would it take 5 years in a PARITY system?

Who took away the qb's weapons? Murphy, FORD, N. Miller, D. Moore, F. Gordon. Reggie got rid of all Al's receivers.

Reggie/ Gruden: A. Cooper, R. Streater was o.k. they let James Jones and Jordy Nelson go. Agholor and Renfoe did very well and Waller is a star.

Under Reggie, the Raiders had the worst secondaries in the NFL, mediocre-average D-lines and the LBs were just average-good.

Al's Raiders ('11):

pass rush, run game, secondary, linebackers and special teams.

Gruden and Reggie ('12-present):

QB, receivers/ TEs' and O-line.

Al had the better run game and defenses.
the best STs' in the NFL.

Reggie/ Gruden have overall best receivers and QB Carr only because they stuck with Carr and he got better (Reggie wouldn't give Campbell a chance and they ruined Palmer's .They have had some very good O-lines.

No, Al Never had a bad team personnel wise during that slump and should've been to another SB. You can't explain why they had that slump. The only claims are Gannon retiring, Gruden trade and dysfunction. Not on an Al team.

The Raiders looked as good as, if not better than most 31 other teams in the NFL('11). Oh, but losing the SB, Gannon and Gruden and dysfunction caused a nine year slump.

Anybody claiming to want to rebuild the Raiders can now come in and Raidernation will listen to them.
They put ex-Raiders in the boss seats and fans just accept them and don't question why. A man ruins a team but you think his ex-employees can rebuild the team.

The NFL and sports media wants a Raiders team that will be good guys and not cause them trouble. If they can put a face fans will listen to but get rid of everything that is connected to the real Raiders and move, bring in NFL people and make Raidernation think its a good thing then the fans really aren't asking questions.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Feb 4th there is going to be a new 30 for 30 documentary about Al Davis vs the NFL. It looks amazing, and we will see some of why the NFL hates the Raiders, and how Al Davis bucked the system (and rightfully so). I didn't agree with everything Al Davis did, but he did do things in the interest of the Raiders, and not the League. It's gonna be good.

9:37 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al didn't always do things in the best interest of the Raiders. For example, benching Marcus Allen wasn't in the best interest of the team nor its fans. It was downright painful to watch Allen on the sideline, then even more painful when he left for KC.

As for the previous post, if 2011 was a benchmark of Raiders best effort over the past 18 years..., well, there's not much meat on that bone. Raiders best players were Shane Lechler, Sebastian Janikowski and Jon Condo. Of course Richard Seymour was a great player in his day.

That's the year Tom Cable was let go and Hue Jackson became HC. Jackson was a nut and his power trip with the Raiders would be short lived.

GMs, coaches and players. None exist in a vacuum. They all have to work together to create a product on the field. Raiders have fallen short for too long. It's not up to the NFL to flip a switch and allow the Raiders to win. It's up to the Raiders to take responsibility and figure out how to win. 31 other teams in the league have been better for 18 years, and some for much longer.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


M. Bush- a pro-bowl RB

K. Wembley/ Came from Browns, had 7 sacks last season in Oakland.

T. Kelly/ a guy who could stop the run and pressure the qb.

D. Burgess/ 16 sacks set a Raiders season record

C. Clemons/ FA OLB the Raiders turned into a star.

T.Scott/ good pass rushing DE/OLB

D. Moore/ Reggie's coaches purposely kept him off the field.

DMAC/ outstanding but criticized by
Raidernation. Proved himself with Cowboys.

M. Shaugnessey/ good run defender and could play DT and DE and rush the passer.

D. Bryant/ almost a pro-bowl level DT.

T. Goethel/ this should tell you something about your "new era". This guy backed up McClain, he was 6'2" 255 and Reggie's coaches refused to let him play. There was no reason he couldn't play MLB.

L. Houston/ almost pro-bowl level DT.

J. Ford/ he still has more KR TD's than any Raider since '10 and he could play WR good.

K. Morrison and R. Brown/ good LBs who played well for Raiders. Brown was a good cover LB.

T. Howard/ Raiders haven't had a cover LB since Howard played.

T. Branch/ A pro-bowl level SS

M. Huff/

C. Johnson/ Outstanding cover CB.

T. Jones/ Yea, just a fast guy! this guy was a very good gunner and has been doing it with Bills and Texans. The new Raiders refused to let him run the ball and after he returned a KR over 80 yards they wouldn't let him do that.

S. Routt/ another track guy the Raiders let go. What other CB has had 4 picks in a season? He would be the best CB since '12 on Raiders.

J. Vehldeer/ Reggie claimed Jared said he "Didn't want to be a Raider". Now, then let him walk because of hate for Al.

Marcell Reece/ Some say he was the best FB in the NFL. I don't think so, he was exciting but why Al's coaches didn't use him more I don't know new Raiders didn't use him.

S. Wisnewski/ your "new era" was on this guy from day one. They were biased with him. Maybe it was part of payback on Al (Wisnewski is already connected to the team). He has played in two SBs'.

L. Murphy/

J. Richardson/ This guy batted down a lot of passes and could rush the passer.

Nnamdi/ Really?...dude! ('03-'11) this team was LOADED those 9 years!

If Hue was a nut with Power maybe it was because the whole sports media was going after ANYBODY running the Raiders that the NFL didn't pick.

How many people take over something that is so hated and concentrate? Oh...and why did he go NUTS with power? because he made changes? Like trading for a pro bowl QB and signing a few other guys from the Bengals?
That and because he criticized the players after stinking against the Broncos.

And you think they loss because of the awesome Broncos and the arm of Teebow. I bet Steelers' fans feel the same way.

Reggie got rid of a whole team. Gruden keeps hiring guys Al and Reggie's coaches fired.

I see a team LOADED and good enough to beat the Pats, Chargers and Teebow's Broncos but they didn't.

If the Broncos could beat the Raiders and Steelers then the Raiders could win the SB.
Hue and Tomlin should be upset about losing those games.

If you really believe Oakland didn't have any talent in '11 then maybe you build team cheaply with above average talent and Hue just didn't have a good team and didn't know it.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders have hired Gus Bradley as DC. I am not sold on this hire. Gus is claiming that he established the "Legion of Boom" defense in Seattle, but we all know that that is Pete Carroll's doing. Gus Bradley may have been the DC during that building, but that title is comparable to Greg Olsen's title of OC under Gruden. We all know that the Raiders are not running Olsen's offense, but Gruden's. It is the same with Seattle's defense. They give the same title to Dan Quinn, who was recently hired by the Cowboys. Plus, look at the track record both Quinn and Bradley have had since leaving Seattle; not very promising.
Gruden is allowing him to put together a new staff, with the exception of Marinelli.
I expect Kris Richards and Joe Barry to be a part of his staff in some capacity very soon. Hopefully, Barry will be the new LB's Coach, and Richards an assistant DC/DB coach title.
Gus is not big on blitzes, but a strong 4 man front push to the QB, while LB's and DB's cover. Has not been too successful with this in recent years.

I said it at the start of this search, that if Gruden did not hire either Wade Phillips or Raheem Morris, he has shown that he is not committed to winning or Committed to Excellence. I think this hire proves it. I'm disappointed.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I know I said earlier that I would be down with Gus Bradley, and then I started reading about his recent success, or lack thereof, which in comparison to Phillips and Morris, is what changed my feelings toward Bradley.

11:18 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders were 8-8 under Hue Jackson in 2011. They were coming off 8-8 with Tom Cable in 2010, and headed for 4-12 with Dennis Allen in 2012.

Jackson had Al Davis's ear... so much so, Davis dumped Cable to promote Jackson. IMO, that and Al's death are what emboldened Jackson to make power grabbing comments like, "I'm going change the whole building."

Al died and Reggie was hired. Exit Jackson.

So the Raiders went through three HCs and two GMs in three years. That's not the NFL screwing the Raiders. Those are unfortunate circumstances compounded by bad decision-making.

Even great players need good coaches and good game planning and adjustments to be successful. IMO, the 2011 Raiders, as a team, were only as good as their record. The Patriots went 14-2 without Richard Seymour.

Raiders now have the most continuity they've had since Al died. They squeaked out 8-8 record this year and fired their DC. While I try to remain cautiously optimistic, not much has changed in LV.

Who's Gus Bradley but another friend of Jon Gruden. The most wins the Jags had in Bradley's four years as HC was 5. He compiled a record of 14-48 as Jags HC. His defense was ranked 23rd last year before his HC was fired.

IMHO, the Raiders will need to be better than the people they've assembled. Is that possible? Sure. But only time will tell.

5:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I haven't read much about Gus Bradley but there's an obvious argument to be made why he might be a good fit for the Raiders.

First, before his defense was bad, it was good. He had a couple good years with the Chargers, albeit, with a better roster (he had some guy named Bosa).

Second, he knows the Chargers offense. He knows Hebert, who is going to be the Chargers QB for a lot of years.

Third, Bradley is familiar with the Broncos and, more importantly, the Chiefs. He's coached in the division.

Does that make him a better choice? I have no idea, but it sounds good.

One more point, since I playing devils advocate, I can offer a small consolation to Guenther, who was given amble time to succeed but failed to field a decent defense.

When Guenther was hired, Mack was a Raider. Guenther came on board and Mack never played a single snap in Guenther's defense. That was a pretty nasty bait and switch by Gruden.

Bradley has a body of work. It's not all good but it's not all bad either. In order to be successful, the Raiders will need to provide better personnel.

Where's the 2011 roster when we need it?

4:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not reading anywhere that Gruden went outside his circle to interview or even discuss the open DC position. Nothing about Dan Quinn or Wade Phillips, or anyone else Gruden doesn't already have a connection.

Sounds like a rushed process without adequate due diligence.

What's the tolerance level of Mark Davis if Gruden screws up this hire too?

As I've said before, when Gruden was successful with the Raiders 20 years ago, Al Davis was making all the decisions. Chuck Bresnahan was DC and, boy, doesn't he look like a genius right now compared to Paul Guenther. Raiders defense ranked 9th in pts allowed (18.7/g).

Greg Biekert (one of the Raiders truly stout MLBs)
Charles Woodson
Eric Allen (Woodson and Allen played CB opposite each other... wow!)
Grady Jackson (8 sacks from the interior D-line)
Tony Braynt (5.5 sacks off the edge)
Roderick Coleman (6 sacks from the interior D-line)
Regan Upshaw (6 sacks off the edge)

Better coaching, better personnel, better record!

Hopefully, due diligence won't stand in the way of Gruden making a good decision for the team.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I hope Gruden doesn't try to sell that the Raiders can no longer afford big contracts for QB and defensive player anymore. I mean, Mark Davis just bought a WNBA Team in Vegas. He better be dropping cash on the Raiders needs to win a Super Bowl.

6:52 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

There are provisions - presumably in the CBA - that prevent teams from not spending money. Just like there's a salary cap, there's also a minimum. Teams are subject to fines if they don't spend cumulatively at a predetermined minimum level every three years.

One way or another, all teams have to spend the money. Which makes it even more puzzling why the Raiders couldn't reach parity pay dirt over the past 18 years.

Think of all the top-10 draft picks the Raiders have burned through to still be the worst team over an 18-year period.

Talking about guys like JaMarcus Russell, Robert Gallery, Darius Heywood Bay, DJ Hayden, Fabian Washington, Michael Huff, Rolando McClain, Gareon Conley, and even good players that have been jettisoned, like Cooper and Mack, who are no longer on the team.

That's a lot of wasted draft capital.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY guy just goes on this site to hate on Raiders---he is Chiefs fan for sure. All his comments are putting down Raiders. If it was once in awhile okay but it seems weird that someone who is a Raider fan always hates team

9:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

...coming from Anonymous guy who feels the need to police opinions instead of offering one.

If we're talking about what the Raiders have done to get to the position they currently find themselves in, well..., sorry, if it's not all roses.

The Raiders have among the most recognized brands in the world. Fans (and enemies) are promised commitment to excellence but, lately, shown nothing remotely close to that. We all, including you my friend, deserve more.

Alternately, if there is to be no accountability, then we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

Maybe we can talk about the good ole days, '76, '81, '83. During this period, the Raiders were perennial season winners. In fact, if you go back and look at their season records, you will see they were exactly opposite of today's Raiders.

Those Raiders won 17 of 18 seasons, while today's Raiders have lost 17 of the last 18 (i.e., 17 seasons without a winning record).

What's your take on that?

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm.....NY, the Raiders were pro SPORT'S winningest team for 28 years so just "Good 'ol days" isn't just a few seasons.

The Raiders had some many games they lost or the refs lost for them in the playoffs you'd almost think they were out to get Al back then(maybe).

That Anon was right about one thing it seems the NFL-sports media wants to tell us its' o.k. for other teams' playoffs to count with Championships but what Raiders did is just a few seasons.

That Anon thinks the new Raiders are the same as Al's and that's cool but I just think the new NFL isn't taking the positive Al ideas with them in fact are trying to erase them.

The Raiders' good 'ol days are more than Super Bowls its' playoffs, great games, things they did for pro sports,

Wasted draft capital? No, its' what Raidernation thought Reggie/ Gruden I think Al drafted and signed well but for some strange reason it just didn't help. He spent on stars guys already pro bowlers.

I just don't think the Raiders could slump like that unless something was ruining their operation.

So if being cheap and signing good- real good with a few stars players is the ONLY way to win, then, I think you seriously are seeing something strange.

If Al's teams had good to outstanding with a few more stars then shouldn't they be winning in a league of average teams.

The average team pitch is shady, it keeps the salaries cheap it promotes so called model franchises that promote those ideas and it makes these billionaires who don't want to spend guaranteed money on the players look are doing things good and are changing the NFL into a better thing.

Now, I ask you without loaded teams (other than Pitt, SD, Manning's Indy) to play them all the time, just how did the Raiders lose all those games?

A team that was the model franchise (PATS) because they are cheap and somehow got superstar players in some strangely trades or FA signings can win with mostly average talent and a HOF qb just wouldn't be that big of a thing in the 80s'-90s' I don't think the old 49ers, Raiders, Cowboys or Bills would be impressed and suddenly start losing unless they were forced to play in a PARITY system.

The Raiders HAD more than enough talent win ('03-'11) they just Slumped. They had the players and coaches to win...Oh yea, and a GM to help young coaches but Oh you can't win unless you have above average players with a few stars and a cheap roster?

And you don't see something shady about that?




now '20- : KC

NFC East? NY Giants and Eagles

90s' teams/

Cowboys/ LOADED and very good staff! HOFs' all over this team. Outstanding, quick D.

Raiders/ Not as good as the 80s' but winning team in early 90s'. Great D.(except in Bills loss 51-3).

Bills/ LOADED team on O and D!

49ers/ Young, Waters and Owens and outstanding D.

Packers/ got Reggie White from Eagles and had good DBs', and linebackers. Outstanding players on O.

Vikings/ Loaded with three 6'2"-6'4" wide receivers, good qb and good D. RB Robert Smith just made that Vikings' O more awesome.

The teams in the 90s' were mostly Loaded either built from the draft or signing big, expensive FAs' or draft and affordable FAs' or both. Now, not ALL teams needed that to succeed, some can do it without doing that.

But it does show that spending on expensive FA's and signing some athletic, fast guys (from the draft or other teams) can help a team win. There is no evidence many teams drafted for size and size or signed UDFA or FA because of their speed and size-, other than the Raiders. But it does show that LOADED, SPENDING teams can win too. So this sports media-NFL made idea that you just get passionate guys and game manager coaches is about a sports media trying to get fans to accept the NFL trying to help owners keep salary caps low.

2:29 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I watched the '76 '81 and '83 Super Bowls. I know what the Raiders once were but that period is literally two generations ago. The Raiders held it together for a while after that, but their mystique faded over decades of mediocrity.

Before Al died, he clearly spread himself too thin. IMO, that hurt the Raiders, as did his strange relationships with guys like Kiffin, Cable and Jackson. Suffice to say, Davis had his obsessions and they weren't always in the best interest of the Raiders.

Raiders were always (and still are) swinging for the fences early in the draft, reaching for project players because they were bigger or faster than more highly scouted players. Maybe that works for a team without glaring needs but not for a team that's been in a two-decade long rebuild. When it comes to drafting, over the past 20 years the Raiders have struck out more times than Reggie Jackson. But when they finally hit that home run with Khalil Mack, they trade him away. Gruden dismantled the entire team. While the offense finally has some life, the Raiders defense has never recovered since letting Mack and Autry go.

If I sound bitter or resentful, it's partly because I'm not getting any younger. It's not acceptable to me that the Raiders have been the worst team in the NFL over the past 18-year period, with only one winning season during that span, and zero playoff wins.

Remember, somewhere in the middle of this dreadful period other NFL teams were saying that playing the Raiders was like having an extra bye week.

In his first three years, Gruden has presided over a 4-win season followed by two straight season-ending collapses. I'm tired of the excuses. Raiders should be better than this.

I hate to waste a good opportunity to borrow a phrase...

“If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas.”


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swinging for the fences? No NY, the "new" Raiders don't swing for the fences, they Reach! They reach for so-called football players. What track stars or Olympians or giants have the Raiders drafted since Al passed. They have reached or made some average choices; No, NY, the players the "new" Raiders look for are well scouted for their passion and high character not for size or speed. They refuse to go after bigger, faster defensive players. Mayock is an NFL guy and he is going to get guys that fit his idea of football players.

When have they boldly spent money on a pro bowl FA? Dude....the Raiders are doing what the owners want them to do. Be good guys who are like everybody else.

These are the Gruden/ Reggie not Al, Raiders lets get this fact. These are not the guys Al would've had making decisions the NFL put them here. I'm saying this is what the NFL wants not the way the Raiders wanted things.

Reaching is o.k. but when you decide that a few qualities will make a player good or that you can always make up for his negatives is going too far. Mayock had 5 1st rounders and looks like he had reached you just don't do that with those many picks. Don't put that on Al, when he got those draft picks from the Bucs he didn't reach.

BTW....Al had coaches who could get some of these guys to play. He reached for bigger, faster athletes don't get me wrong those other qualities are awesome but when you try to do it too much you get slow. Maybe Bellichik or Shula could do that but that is a huge job and we don't even know the staffs of Reggie/ Gruden.

But again, Raidernation listened when the NFL-sports media said- spending on expensive FAs', drafting for size and speed ruined Raiders. You need a game manager QB or star, the rest can be average to good players and have a cheap salary cap.

Ummmm......what about the staff?

Again, if Al had the coaches to help these players AND, the talent. How did they lose in a PARITY system a year after going to the SB for nine years?

Obsessions? He was obsessed with winning!

Extra bye week? you were playing a team that was being tampered with and the refs work with the NFL. Of course think I'm saying they were just giving Al the evil eye and curse words? The NFL used its' power to tamper and NFL people finally got inside and ruined the system of the team-and coaches couldn't do much to stop it but use the bad plays and bad spots for the personnel to cause problems winning games; with the refs ruining games on the outside, teams had a fun day knocking down-picking on and getting an easy win against the Raiders.

No NY, their mystique didn't FADE over decades. Otherwise they would've been called "pro sports winningest team". They faded in the mid 90s' and after the 2002 season. But this time the FADE looks very strange if not suspicious.

You have ('03-'11):

* At least 1 pro-bowl level RB (M. Bush)
* good QBs (Palmer, Campbell, Browkoski)
* outstanding pass rush (Sapp, Shaugnessey,
Burgess, D. Bryant, T. Scott, T. Kelly, K. Wimbley, Tolefson, Clemons)
* good DBs (Woodsen, Routt, C. Johnson, M. Giordano, Nnamdi)
* good O-line
* the best special teams in the NFL
* Coaches (N.Turner, T. Cable, H. Jackson)

and you can't win 1 division title or have one winning season in years? the NFL hated, and now, new owners are upset with you because you are messing with their money but there's no reason to see a conspiracy?

Dude....they were losing to teams with hardly any healthy players or few stars on them. To first year coaches above average rosters....Come on!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angry man NY never mentions good things like Darren Waller

5:12 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Swinging for the fences in a figurative sense, meaning the Raiders reaching and missing for players drafted well ahead of conventional scouting. For example, beginning after Al's death...

DJ Hayden drafted Rd 1 following a near-death chest injury that caused Hayden to miss valuable time.

Menelik Watson in Rd 2 the same year. Watson had very little college experience and never lasted in the NFL much past the Raiders, if at all. He spent his short career injured.

Mario Edwards was another reach in Rd 2.

And Jihad Ward in Rd 2. Did this guy even play football before being drafted by the Raiders? The Raiders were fixated on drafting inexperienced project players in Rd 2 for many years.

Obi Melifonwu, another Rd 2 reach, spent most of his Raiders career injured.

Gareon Conley seemed like a decent player but the Raiders never developed him.

In Gruden's first year he reached for PJ Hall in 2nd round, then drafted Brandon Parker in the 3rd. For some reason, Raiders are still clinging to Parker.

No matter what you think of Ferrell, he was a reach with the #4 pick of the 2019 draft. Raiders past on a lot of better talent, and I'm sure there's a consensus that Crosby, drafted in the 4th round, is better.

Both Ruggs and Arnette were drafted ahead of conventional scouting. Ruggs was the first WR drafted and probably isn't even in the top 10 rookie WRs for 2020. And by the end of the season, Arnette lost his starting job to Lawson, a career backup.

I'm NOT saying either Ruggs or Arnette is a bust, just that the Raiders have a proclivity to try and outsmart the rest of the NFL by drafting unconventionally.

Just this year, Raiders completely wasted a high 3rd Rd pick on Lynn Bowden Jr., only to release him before the season.

The Bowden pick is a real headscratcher. Again, there were valuable players still on the board early in the 3rd Rd. IMO, the Raiders don't (certainly shouldn't) have the luxury of taking fliers on project players.

If you look at the Raiders draft history post-AL, there's not a lot to brag about. And arguably the best player drafted by the Raiders in decades was one they traded away.

IMO, this stuff has greatly contributed to the Raiders failures.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whine whine whine my name is NY. I better not mention Renfrow, Crosby, Mullen or Jacobs.

5:23 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

LOl... like having good players is all it takes.

Every year it's the same folks telling us it's all part of the plan. The Raiders are one step away from greatness. Except that never happens. So far, Gruden is no better than any of his predecessors. He still has to get over the hump of a winning season. It's ironic that Dennis Allen just presided over one of the best defenses in the NFL, but he sucked as a Raiders coach.

I'm starting to believe my friend above who says the NFL is to blame for the Raiders hardships.

No team could be this bad for this long on their own. They definitely had help.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a great day in America that piece of shit Trump is gone. Now on to a Raiders superbowl


4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

40 years ago the Raiders were getting ready to play the Eagles in the Super Bowl as the 1st Wildcard teams to ever play in a Super Bowl.


7:31 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

For the 2nd year in a row, there will not be a Scouting Combine; but Collegiate workout days for those entering the draft. This tells me that the smaller colleges and their players will be overlooked again; unless those players were invited to the Sr Bowl (i.e.-Elerson Smith). I think this is unfortunate, because the Scouting Combine is an event where everyone can gather and have an equal opportunity to show their skills, and be assessed by scouts on a level plain.
I think they should have a combine with just the players, and give NFL scouts access to live-video streams of athletes they want to see. If they can play a full season with minimal COVID cases, then they can certainly do ONE Scouting Combine with safe protocols in place. This is the kind of decision that makes me feel like Goodell is the most incompetent Commissioner. I feel bad for the small school players like Elerson Smith and Dustin Crum. Big talent that may be overlooked and never given a serious chance.

8:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I sometimes hated it when the Raiders applied Combine stats to their draft decision-making. Track speed and football speed are different.

Case and point, the biggest criticism of Ruggs this season was that he wasn't able to gain separation. A guy that runs 4.27 can't separate. I get that you can't teach speed but you also can't always coach up players with speed.

CeeDee Lamb, whom the Raiders could have drafted, had 74 catches for almost 1,000 yards and 5 TDs this season. He did that on a team that lost its starting QB.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another day and NY is shitting on another player, hey man how about you move on to Rolando McClain or DHB, such a hater you are

3:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lol. Another day and Jones is afraid to actually voice an opinion. Much easier to troll a blog anonymously and bash someone for having independent thought. Dare to have an opinion that conflicts with Jones and you will feel his wrath.

Please tell us how the Raiders rebuild is going exactly according to your plan. Don't forget firing your DC at the end of the season. That's all part of the Jones master plan.

Saying Ruggs under-performed Lamb isn't shitting on a player, nor is it an opinion. It's fact.

Ruggs had 26 catches compared to Lamb's 74. Even if he doubles that output next year, it won't be #1 WR production.

Am I missing something, i.e., besides what's in your broken crystal ball? You seem to miss the whole point of having a conversation. Do you want us to hand out participation trophies?

You want folks to come here and talk about how great the Raiders are... after the last 18 years we've watched? The time for celebration will be when the Raiders reach those simple milestones, like a winning season, or making it to a playoff game, a playoff win, a conference championship game, getting back to the Super Bowl, winning a SB.

Raiders have none of that. Where have you been, Jones?

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NY said, "I sometimes hated it when the Raiders applied Combine stats to their draft decision-making. Track speed and football speed are different."

I hear ya , NY, and agree with this too. I think the purpose of the Combine is not so much looking for these "stats", but looking at the ability that these exercises can bring. I think the things they have them do help scouts see their potential greatness, and the weaknesses they must overcome. WR Speed alone does not equate to separation. Precise Route running alone does not equate to separation (ask Renfrow). At the same time, both are factors that play into separation. In how the game is played today, young WR's need a veteran's help to pass along knowledge how to create space and separation. The problem I see with the Raiders today is they do not have the vet WR that will help teach these younger WRs separation. Which is why I am hoping they use Free Agency to bring in TY Hilton, Nelson Algholor (though I hear he is wanting $11 million and upward), or Allen Robinson. The best value for this I think is TY Hilton.
I guess individual workouts will get the same information, it will just take longer because the Combine allows them to all do the same exercises at one place. But the Combine is the biggest platform for those from smaller schools to shine and get recognition. The Combine gives those from smaller schools the ability to go from the 3-4 rounds, to the first, and receive a contract that reflects their talent.
So yes, sometimes what is produced there doesn't always equate to greatness, but it is the strongest way to evaluate a lot of players at one place, and at one time.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, Nate!

* I thought all you needed was:

A game manager QB.

Average, above to good with 1-2 stars on the team(expensive players).

A game manager HC.

Passionate, high character players.

I thought you used the Steelers' good scouting, the Patriots preparing, cheapness and discipline. Belichick, Ariens and Tomlin were HCs' you tried to copy.

You can also bring a HC or staff with a O or D system that can beat other teams.

You don't really need big, fast guys. They can't always beat these well coached, or loaded with high character and discipline or new unknown offenses and defensive systems.

No, thats' college football, old time systems, athlete loving teams thats....Al Davis football! And don't even talk about power offenses and 4-3 defenses or press coverage.


Big, fast, athletes Thats' college football, thats'....K.C.! Yep! big, fast guys...athletes they even had the nerve to give S. Routt a chance. From the RBs' to the QB this team is about size and speed.

They also have problem players and expensive FAs'.

Why is K.C. winning? They are supposed to be a wildcard or a losing team.

Wow!....whats going on? This team goes to the combines and drafts for speed and they also have had some bad players.

I thought teams like that can't beat the smarter, more disciplined, well coached, better teams like the Pats, Packers, Steelers, Seahawks and now, the Bucs.

This team well, they kinda look like the '03-'11 Raiders and for awhile had a very good D for a few years but now have a good D.

* Think this is silly?

If size and speed ruined the Raiders why is KC winning with it. If bad players ruin a team don't you think KC should be a wildcard or not making the playoffs so much?

If Al was GM that long, the Raiders just came off from a SB and the team was one of the best in the NFL. Don't you think that maybe his system isn't so bad and there are other reasons for that slump?

Ravens ran a power offense when Flaco was there and went to a SB.

KC drafts for size and speed and signs expensive FAs.

Pittsburg has used that 3-4 defense for almost 30 years and still drafts for LBs' yet they are still winning.

The new NFL wants cheap to be the thing. The Billionaire owners don't want to pay big salaries and PARITY can help them run a system that won't be as expensive.

If all you need are average players you don't need as many super stars and don't have to pay average guys as much.

Gene Upshaw, some players and Al were a problem. They already hated Al and when he stood up for Mr. Upshaw that pissed them off.

The Raiders weren't an average or good team that sneaked into the playoffs they had three division Championships then in '03 started losing. And have been in an 18 year slump.

KC has the same kind of team. The Raiders players and coaches were just as good as KCs. And they didn't need Mahomes with all the talent they had. KC has had problem players yet, they are winning.

Maybe it wasn't Gannon, losing Gruden or Al's meddling, maybe it was your NFL and the other owners.

12:18 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I don't think there's much argument that Patrick Mahomes is a rare talent. Perhaps more importantly, Andy Reid is an elite HC. 22 years as HC in the NFL and Reid has a .629 winning percentage. That's off the charts and among the best all-time. He's .711 in his last eight years coaching the Chiefs, with a winning record in every season. That includes taking a 2-12 Chiefs team and going 11-5 in his first season.

Maybe the formula to great success is a great HC.

Raiders may have the tools for success but they obviously have to be better than they've been. It's been a slow and painful process to watch.

Sure, the NFL hasn't done them m-any favors, but the league and its CBA have some protections, e.g., draft positioning, salary cap, etc., to level the playing field for small market teams and help bad teams reposition for success.

These tools don't always work to perfection but no team has defied the odds more than the Raiders. Arguably, no team has squandered more draft capital than the Raiders, starting with the decision to draft JaMarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson. To his credit, Gruden had that one right.

5:51 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...


Raiders are facing real challenge at WR. Their designated #1 (Ruggs) and #2 (Edwards replacing Williams on IR) combined for 37 receptions in 2020. That's not a good season for a #3.

The Raiders most productive WR, Agholor, is ranked among the top free agents on the market next season. No way the Raiders offer enough to keep him, and maybe they shouldn't based on the high cost. They can keep Williams (coming off two years on IR) but he's way overpaid.

So after all the trades, draft picks and free agent spending, if the Raiders can't develop their young WRs, they may be back to square one at the WR position.

IMO, Raiders should make Agholor a generous but reasonable offer to stay and remain Carr's favorite WR target, before he hits the market.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm talking about Al's era, not Reggie's.

I'm saying the NFL

Russell? Yea, that was a big one! a huge whiff. But as for the Johnson we didn't need Johnson we HAD good receivers (R. Moss) and still couldn't win. What do you thing Johnson was going to do? Maybe drafting anyone but Russell would've been better but Al already had good WRs.

Again, the NFL-sport media SAID you JUST need a game manage HC. Meaning the Reids, Tomlins and Bellichicks (Als', Nolls and J. Johnson's)are awesome BUT a team can win with a game manager HC.

Now, again, if the Raiders, already a SB team HAD the talent a GM who was a legend and could help a game manager coach then how do you go on a 9 year slump?

As for Reid that's great but Al didn't exactly hire Kiffen was a huge pick it just didn't work out, Turner was one of the best OCs' in football and Al saw it. He was a winner in San Diego.
Jackson was a great pick but he had to deal with the NFL, if he was mad with power what was Reggie mad with?

And Cable was a good HC just learning. Jackson was just more what Al was looking for. Jackson was Cable's OC and Raiders were one of best Os' in NFL and weren't too bad when he was HC.

These guys were more than qualified to coach the Raiders and make the playoffs.

Strangest thing I've ever seen, Al can draft well, hire coaches better than anybody (but having to hire a lot of HCs' might be a sign of problems).

Remember, he hired Sean Peyton and for some strange reason Peyton suddenly quit the job. I said QUIT, Peyton agreed to coach the Raiders. Wow, was it Al and dysfunction that made him change his mind? Did he get an offer from a winning team? He would miss a chance to learn from Al to coach the Saints?

* Some really strange things ('03-'11).

The Raiders couldn't win with good coaches and players and I think their guys were a little better than game manager HCs'.

Peyton suddenly changing his mind.

Moss not being able to help.

Suddenly losing right after a SB trip and with a roster full of pro-bowlers.

Somebody (or They) telling FAs' and coaches not to work for Al. Who were THEY?

Strange things going in the locker room that never happened before. (Maybe somebody was sent into the Raiders to cause problems.)

Yea...I don't want to make wild accusations or be a conspiracy guy but dude.....this stuff is so strange.

A team that won and has the HC and talent to win can't win. The Raiders were more than a match for Reid's KC because you saw the talent they had but unlike KC. The NFL wanted the Raiders to cooperate with their money making scheme and Al refused.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Anon said:
"* I thought all you needed was:
A game manager QB.
Average, above to good with 1-2 stars on the team(expensive players).
A game manager HC.
Passionate, high character players."

Where have I ever said any of these things? We have an excellent game manager QB right now. Not sure about the HC. We have a few high character players with Jacobs, Carr, Hudson, and Carr; but are missing those on defense. We have a few stars on the team, but are missing a captain on defense. Raiders are not far away from a championship caliber team, I am worried that Gruden doesn't want it because he has not addressed it's glaring weakness in defense and the running game in the 2nd half of the season. You have to have football acumen, your players have to be coachable, and your HC has to play to the players' strengths. We have players on defense who are not coachable, and we have a HC who does not play to the players' strengths. It doesn't matter what level you play at, this is Football 101. Your rant has nothing to do with anything I have said about where the Raiders are and what they need.
NY, the WR option is due to the youth of that position. Crabtree helped Cooper develop as a WR, and Carr trusted both. Agholor has done the same this year, and the Raiders would do well to get a #1 WR in free agency for reasonable money like TY Hilton or AJ Green. Those 2 will help these young guys learn techniques that will create separation, the Raiders #1 issue at WR; especially in the Red Zone. Carr's problem in this area is much like the coaching carousel, no consistency.
Not a lot of holes on offense, big glaring holes on defense that the Raiders have to address to compete. I am going to wait to see how Gus Bradley does with the defense, especially with some new faces at DB coach and LB coach. I'm still not sold that he was the best option for the Raiders. We will see. In the mean time, JUST WIN, BABY!!

1:29 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, I don't think anon is pointing a finger but speaking more metaphorically. Love the passion and historical knowledge. It's refreshing to read. Actually, reading his takes makes me yearn for the days of Al Davis (that and the Raiders failures since). Although, Al did jump the shark a bit toward the end. When Davis hire Kiffin, he had been pursuing Kiffin's counterpart OC at USC but that failed. Kiffin was option B (or C). We all remember the overhead projector firing a couple years later.

I need to make a correction. It was Lane Kiffin who wanted to draft Calvin Johnson over JaMarcus Russell. This was well after Gruden's time in Oakland. Damn! It'a all a blur. Hard to remember one year after another.

Gruden did some good work in Oakland in his first tour, but that was closely managed by Al Davis. It's yet to be determined if Gruden has the chops without Al. He fizzled hard in Tampa after Dungy's team won the SB.

Nate, as for defense, I'd go back to something I mentioned before... LB Will Compton stated in an interview that Guenther did not coach up his players. He just put the scheme out there. That, IMO, was the glaring weakness on D. Raiders have a young team and need a developmental coach. Guenther is perhaps more of a veterans coach... just show up ready to play.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ Green is totally finished, Hilton over Aghlor no thanks.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... in woooo your horses!! Raidernation threw Coach Delrio UNDER THE BUS when they heard MD might hire MD!.

I'm sorry I was criticizing that idea that the NFL had. Its' an awesome idea and has worked for a few Championship teams.

Above average to good players with a few star or super stars were how some Champions were built but most of these teams had some outstanding coaches (Bellichick, Shula, Ariens and Dan Reeves). But when guys like Al come with the idea that SPEED, SIZE and ATHLETICISM can win and does it gets attacked when it stops.

Gruden knows what Al was trying to do and because of the NFL's meddling he has to work with him. They are drafting like other teams instead of going after speed, size and athleticism.

The Raiders can't keep up with KC. KC is bigger and faster than the Raiders.

Yet, according to media and I understand KC is also well coached but so was the Raiders unless you think Hue, Cable and N. Turner couldn't win with the talent Al got for them.....the Raiders are supposed to be at least winning sometimes because they are now like a "Model Franchise" with low salary caps, new stadium and high character players.

Gruden needs to go after bigger, faster and more athletic college players and see if he can find that Al Davis charm in making them into stars.

Gruden is under pressure NOT to do things like Al! We aren't seeing the fun and excitement of Raiders football with match up issues caused by bigger and faster players.

BTW....Al had average and good players with high character and the media never really said much about them.

Gruden needs to find those bigger, faster athletes and add some SPEED to that team and stop listening to the NFL. He needs SPEED at RB and DB, athleticism on D line quickness at MLB and SPEED DE and OLB.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Excuse me, my other post got mistake talking about when Delrio was still coach and then was fired. How Raidernation just was so excited about Gruden being hired.

This is about Raidernation and they way the treated Delrio.

When they (Raidernation) heard MD might hire Gruden!!! They coach Jack Del Rio under the bus!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Anon, I was not happy about Gruden when the news was breaking. I may have been the only Raider fan to hate the move, and you can go back and look at the posts I made when this happened too.

I'm hating this Super Bowl, this has to be the worst ever. For the 2nd year in a row, I will not be watching it. These last 2 Super Bowls have reflected the last 2 elections in our country: "Which loser do you want to win?" NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

As far as our off-season, we have to address our cap-space problem, which shouldn't be difficult. I see the Raiders making some deep cuts. Trent Brown, Richie Incognito, Lamarcus Joyner, Tyrell Williams, Marcus Mariota, and Jalen Richard With just these cuts, the Raiders would save $54.3 million in cap space while only having $2.5 million in dead money (from cutting Joyner).
Looking at Free Agency, I think we need to target WR, DT, and DBs. I think we need a true #1 veteran WR to help teach our current younger WR's how to separate from defenders. I truly think this was the reason that Gruden traded for Antonio Clown, so that he could help with the young WRs; and that blew up in his face. In my opinion, I think the Raiders most benefit from TY Hilton. He still has juice left, and can still separate and be a threat.
As far as D, Leonard Williams is by far on the top of everyone's chart, and should be. I also like Shelby Harris, DaQuan Jones, Ndamukong Suh is still nasty as ever, and Justin Ellis. Raiders need a DT that can pressure the QB. With this position being slim in the draft, the Raiders have to spend big and sign a free agent here to fill this void.
At this point, I don't know if we need to focus on CB or Safety, or both. There is a lot of noise from some in the Nation on Twitter to bring in Richard Sherman. I agree with this, but only if he agrees to move to Safety (like C-Wood) because he has definitely lost a step and routinely was burned with speedy WR's.
I think McKensie Alexander (Bengals) and Shaq Griffin (Seahags) would be great pick ups at CB in Free Agency. Like the WR position, we have a lot of young talent at CB that lack a veteran leader to help with assignments and techniques in pass defense and putting themselves in a position for an INT. Getting someone like Richard Sherman or Patrick Peterson to play Safety would give the defense a Field General and Captain.
If we can't get Sherman to move to Safety, we can always pursue Kareem Jackson (Doncos), or Malik Hooker (Colts).
Again, as far as the draft goes we can pursue some great young talent at other areas. I think OT, OG, RB, QB (a young back-up to DC who will take the reins in at least 3 years), DE, and LB should be targeted in the draft.
I have given you the names of Elerson Smith (DE, Northern Iowa) and Dustin Crum (QB, Kent St) as my hidden gems in this year's draft; and I really think the Raiders should target these two. Here are some other players I am targeting and scouting through the draft:
Javonte Williams (RB, North Carolina)
Rhamondre Stevenson (RB, Oklahoma)
Nate McCrary (RB, Saginaw Valley)
JaQuan Hardy (RB, Tiffin)
Dillon Radunz (RT, North Dakota St)
Spencer Brown (RT, Northern Iowa)
Abraham Lucas (RT, Washington St)
Rashawn Slater (T/G/C, Northwestern)
Sam Cosmi (RT, Texas)
David Moore (G, Grambling)
Zion Johnson (G, Boston College)
Quinn Meinerz (G, Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Micah Parsons (OLB, Penn St)
Zaven Collins (OLB, Tulsa)
Joseph Ossai (OLB, Texas)
Deangelo Malone (OLB, Western Kentucky)
Chazz Surratt (ILB, North Carolina)
Paddy Fisher (ILB, Northwestern)
Riley Cole (ILB, South Alabama)

Just Win, BABY!

2:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Unfortunately Del Rio wore out his welcome with the players, who more or less quit on him. Plus, he's a defensive coach and his defense sucked.

But I don't think the Raiders are drafting like other teams. As I said earlier, they are reaching too high in the draft for speed (Ruggs), average talent (Ferrell and Damon) and for project players (Bowden, Jr).

I don't believe the Raiders have the luxury of selecting these type players.

Had the Raiders drafted Josh Allen (Edge) and CeeDee Lamb (WR) over Ferrell and Ruggs, they'd be way ahead of where they are now. Bowden was gone before a single snap, so just having that top of the 3rd round pick back would be huge.

These decisions are not being made by the NFL. They fall squarely at Raiders Central.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1/25 is the 40th anniversary of the Raiders super bowl game against the Eagles.

So, put on your old Raiders' jerseys and put in those old SB videos that old things that play them and talk with family, friends or call people about the Raiders' SB. › watch?v=xvjstw2kKpw › wiki › 1980_Oakland_Raiders_season › watch?v=T7DAgkVzEb

Wow! 1980:

Empire Strikes Back

Superman II

working 9 to 5

The Rose


night clubs, Pop(Disco) Techs

Shopping Malls

Packman? was Packman out in 1980?

the park, basketball and tennis courts, jogging, bike riding, dancing,

getting a Jeri Curl, Mohawk or other style

Atari Game System(s)

T.V. 1980:

Dallas- who shot JR?



Happy Days ,Fantasy Island

Mash, The Incredible Hulk

* Other sports in 1980:

rumors of new football league(the USFL).

Lakers, 76ers and Celtics playoffs.

sports stars(college-pro): Fernando Venusuela, Hershall Walker, Larry Bird, Dr. J, 'Magic' Johnson, K. Abdul Jabbar, Pete Rose, Ricky Henderson, Don Mattingly, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Joe Montana, Lenette Woodard, Chis Everett, Jack Nicholas.

NFL Draft 1980: Billy Sims(Lions), Charles White(Browns), Matt Millen(2nd rnd,Raiders),

Who were the best teams in the NFL in '80?









Raiders Eagles

tie QB tie




tie WR tie


tie DL tie




First wildcard team to go to a Super Bowl!

First wildcard team to win a Super Bowl!

R. Kinlaw, 2nd year man, was a huge steal and did well.

Can you believe there was a 6'8" WR in the SB? Eagles' Harold Charmichael.

Eagles beat Raiders in pre-season game that year.

R. Martin had 3 ints. in the SB.

K. King wasn't a pro bowler like Eagles' RB Wilbet Montgomery but he had 80 yard TD catch in SB.

J. Plunkett had one of the best comebacks in NFL history. He didn't play like a first overall pick but was coming close. He wasn't even supposed to start but came in a game after QB D. Pastorini got injured. He was game MVP in the SB.

Eagles' WR Charlie Smith once played for the Raiders.

Herman Edwards was one of the Eagles' CBs.

1/25/'81 New Orleans Super Dome

Eagles were favorites to win.


Eagles: DE Claude Humprey.

Raiders: A. Shell, G. Upshaw, Al Davis, R. Guy, T. Hendricks.


Good game Eagles coach Vermile and coach Flores and Al that was a great game!!!

We may have only a few good memories of a Raiders' SB game but we can have fun looking it up in books, magazines or the web and talk about it to other fans or friends.

Have fun watching the SB if you watch it.

Raiders!!!! Still fans Still with you!! Just Win Again!!

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Negative NY, Ferrell is superior to Allen check pff rankings. Give Ruggs another year before measuring him. way ahead if they had drafted differently you are fool

12:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I don't have PFF. If you do, please copy and post the info. I'm open to changing my opinion.

Allen had 10.5 his rookie season. That's the edge presence the Raiders needed. Ferrell doesn't play the edge well enough, and that's partly why the Raiders played him in the interior D line so much. Ferrell is clearly not a bust but he's still way behind his draft slot. That makes a difference when you're rebuilding a team, especially, when it's not going well.

I have no choice but to give Ruggs another year. That's the plan no matter what I say or think. Ruggs was spectacular at times but his production and ability (so far) to separate is not worth the few spectacular plays he will make every year. He will need to be better.

It's a work in progress. I get that but I don't think I'm alone in thinking my patience is growing thin. Accountability is a big part of managing, coaching and playing. I just want the Raiders to be great, again!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ferrell was drafted high because Mayock thought his football program and his high character and passion would turn into NFL winners.

This isn't something the Pats, Steelers or Ravens wouldn't have done but down in the late teens and 20's.

As for Ruggs it was the program again, despite drafting DHB the Al Raiders wouldn't draft Ruggs that high. They usually drafted their track stars in rounds 2-5 and they usually helped them win.

Maybe Gruden should help the scouts and Mayock with some history. Many of the HOF Raiders did come from big programs but not always the top ones. Villanova, Rutgers, Colorado, Texas U. put some very good players in silver and black.

But your new Raiders are on passionate and high character program. Ruggs wasn't an Al like pick because there are usually other track stars in later rounds to draft, DHB had other things like size and he could block. Ruggs was another player from a big program and the Raiders decided to bring in an old Raiders type and make him into a star. But Al probably wouldn't pick a track star that high. Sports media made Al a speed blind GM who ruined Raiders with bad drafts.

Other than DHB he didn't pick a receiver that high because of his speed. In higher rounds he drafted guys for size, catching and route running to, maybe, become stars.

It's very good to draft for passion and character but there are young guys who can bring excitement and teams with their talent(s).

That's what KC is doing(Dallas has it too but just don't win), speed, size and athletes with good players and coaches. Just like Al was doing and had even during the slump.

KC isn't following other teams, they have a system and its' about winning, not copying.

9:38 PM  

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