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Aaron Rodgers...

How many future top draft picks would you give up to get Aaron Rodgers?

Let me rephrase that: Would you trade Alex Leatherwood, Henry Ruggs and Clelin Ferrel (our top first round picks over the past three years) for Aaron Rodgers? I sure as hell would. I'm not saying that's a viable trade scenario, it just goes to show the supposed future value of picks presents a different psychology than the actual value of realized picks. We often see future picks as gold we need to hoard, even when we continually see that gold turned into silver or bronze. 

It very likely that Rodgers to the Raiders ain't going to happen, but it's fun to discuss. Word is that he'd like to head west, and there are few teams in the west that aren't set at quarterback.

The one that jumps out is the Broncos. That's something to consider as well as a Raiders fan. If Rodgers goes to Denver, we're suddenly in a division with Mahomes, Rodgers and Herbert, which would create a hell of a mountain to climb for the next three years or so until Rodgers tapers off. 

What would you give up to avoid that situation while adding a talent like Rodgers to the helm of our offense? 

Is that something you'd entertain, or do you feel it would be a fool's errand to even consider it? 

Bring your takes!


Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Posted this in the last one about the draft after the new take came up. Will reply to this take next.
Sandy and NY,
I think a lot of people under estimate the Zay Jones signing at WR, this is the most under-rated signing of the offseason. I'm super excited about that one. The Casey Hayward and Yannick signings were huge too. Don't rule out Tanner Muse at LB either. He was injured last year and didn't get on the field, but he was a steal in the draft. I think he is going to be a play maker for that group.

Amik Robertson struggled last year with the playbook, because of other players being out of position. He has spent the offseason with the new DC, Addison Lynch, and the playbook, and I think he is still one of the top young CB's from the draft last year. He is a solid guy who struggled last season due to lack of coaching and accountability of other players.

As far as Leatherwood, the reviews have really been mixed. At the time of the pick, I was disappointed mainly because of who was left on the board. I still have mixed feelings about it, but it is a lot similar to the Kolton Miller pick. Miller was stellar his rookie season, and struggled because he was playing through an injury. If Leatherwood turns out to be similar, then the Raiders struck gold. So, that is the scenario I am hoping for.
I can be disappointed all I want, but it's the Gruden show, and he hasn't really given us much trust with his decisions. IMO, I'd still rather us have Barmore, and thought Dillon Radunz and Spencer Brown were better Tackle prospects than Leatherwood. Both are from smaller schools, have more to lose, and will fight harder than a 'Bama player coming into the NFL. Again, only my opinion.
Can't wait to see what the Raiders do this season, as the ol' saying goes, "winning cures everything." We fans, are in need of some curing. JUST WIN, BABY!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

As far as Aaron Rodgers goes, not sure I would "break the bank" here to get what, one to three years?
For sure Derek Carr would have to be part of the trade, and then you would have to look at one or two future 1st rounders and another player, but would also have to bring in a few 2nd or 3rd rounders from them.
So here is what I think a reasonable trade would be:
Green Bay sends Aaron Rodgers and future 2nd round pick to Raiders
Raiders sends Derek Carr, Foster Moreau, and a future 1st round pick to Green Bay.

Now, I am ok with Derek Carr, and do not think we need Aaron Rodgers. A better trade scenario I would like to see is this:
Green Bay trades Davante Smith and 2nd or 3rd Round pick to Raiders
Raiders send Foster Moreau, Brandon Parker, Corey Littleton and 1st Round pick (same year as GB pick sent to us) to Green Bay.

9:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's a good one, RT.

On its face, I don't think I would trade the picks but when you say, would you trade Leatherwood, Ruggs and Ferrell for Rodgers, I have to admit the answer gets really blurry.

Rodgers is clearly and elite QB and, on a better team, could possibly pull off a Tom Brady-like run.

But I don't see that happening on the Raiders. They have too many holes and are mostly in a reset on defense and with their new offensive line. TB gave Brady a top flight defense and they gave him weapons of his choosing in Gronk and Brown.

Raiders have nothing close to offer, especially, on defense.

I can't deny that Rodgers would be fun to watch in a Raiders uniform. But the timing never works well for the Raiders. IMO, they are not ready for an elite QB with 1-3 years left in the tank.

Besides, didn't the Raiders nearly set franchise record scoring last year and still fall flat?

The Raiders problem isn't at QB.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate who is Davante Smith?


2:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I still carry the image of Gruden celebrating the Raiders season-ending win over the Broncos. That win sent the Raiders to 8-8 and averted another losing season for Gruden. It was a feel good moment for sure but with consequences. Sure, Gruden gave Broncos a chance to stop the Raiders 2-pt conversion but why would they.

Raiders and Broncos would have basically swapped draft slots.

Broncos drafted Patrick Surtain II, consensus best DB in the 2021 draft.

In a game of what-if, Raiders lose that game, draft Surtain in first and Leatherwood is still there in the second round. If not, oh well! There are still FA vet tackles available.

That's the kind of thinking I've been hoping for... Just like, everybody but the Raiders knew Cee Dee Lamb was better than Ruggs in last year's draft. Lamb is a legit #1.

Raiders have been their own worst enemy in terms of draft and free agency. Okay, maybe this year is different - we'll see. If it's not, something needs to change at the brass level.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

My brain said "Davante Adams," I typed "Davante Smith." That is the level of stupidity my thinking is right now.

7:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Let the conspiracy theories fly. From PFT:

"Gruden has had no pre-draft press conference, no in-draft press conference, no post-draft press conference, no press conferences at all, no press conference during the current rookie minicamp, no interviews, no anything."

Last time we saw a HC disappearing act like this was Lane Kiffin... but for different reason. This time, Gruden's the boss.

"Meanwhile, G.M. Mike Mayock has been front and center, on multiple occasions.... Some believed that Mayock could be made a scapegoat after the 2020 season. Arguably, Mayock was saved by the fact that Gruden would have had a hard time finding someone as good or better, especially since he holds final say over the draft and all other personnel decisions."

Gruden channeling Al Davis?

Here's the article.

Watch the video too. Media has not been kind to the Raiders 2021 draft. The point made is that the Raiders can't keep reaching for players in the first round and missing.


Abram was another 1st round pick but he was regarded 1st round talent. "Why" is yet to be determined.

You can argue each one of these guys is a position of need, or that they are (or will be) productive but reaching is still reaching. Better players (of need) were available when the Raiders made these selections, so the overall value to the team is diminished.

It's the Raiders version of paying sticker price for a Corvette and getting a Chevette.

Consider this: In Gruden's three years back with the Raiders, prior to this year, he's had six 1st round picks, and 13 picks in the first three rounds. Add four more in 2021.

Maybe 2021 is the year it all pays off, but that's more draft capital than most teams (maybe all teams) over the same span.

Something has to give (in a meaningful way).
Either we see results of those efforts, or
There's accountability where it truly resides, or
The Raiders change the way they approach the draft....

Football is a war, and hope is not a strategy.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Florio is a total douche and Raider Hater this article is literally creating a story where there is none.

Why would you ever even mention it. Do you enjoy it

7:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Obviously, Florio is not a Raiders fan but don't blame him for the Raiders being so bad in the draft. Raiders have burned through a lot of draft picks without much to show.

I get the media frustration with the Raiders. They'd like to ask Gruden why he continues to reach for players. I'd like to know that answer, but wouldn't expect Gruden to be candid and admit he's made mistakes.

Pro sports is a unique business, and the NFL in particularly, where organizations can make the same mistakes over and over and fail miserably for years with little or no consequence.

The Raiders supercharged this trait by having the fewest winning seasons in the league over the last 18 years while getting a state-of-art stadium practically gifted to them and having their organizational value more than double.

That's a special talent all by itself, and one that could never survive in another private industry.

At least for now, the bar remains low, and Gruden quietly squeaking out fair to middling seasons appears to be good enough.

5:26 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Club seating is cool (link below). Not sure what options are available throughout the stadium but if you only go to a game every few years, like I do, it's worth spending a little extra for the right seats.

Club level at Giants stadium is really cool. You get a ticket in the stands (mid-field area) and access to open indoor space with glass wall view of the stadium, TVs, seating areas, full-service bar, food venders, etc. Best steak sandwich I've had in a long time.

I can't wait to go to Vegas to see a game.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, I found that soft and cheesy, I am not sure how would feel about couches, bottle service and a DJ in the end zone. Whatever happened to the black hole.


5:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lol. True. That's why I suggested other options and pointed out the Meadowlands. They do it right. It's not so exclusive (with u-shape couch sections), and the ticket prices aren't all that much higher. I would hope Vegas has something similar.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the prices look crazy throughout the stadium. I think that club in the end zone has caused us to go from the balck hole to a bunch of a-holes.

On another note NY, have you seen the early info on the schedule? Monday night home against Baltimore to start the season and Raiders at Cowboys for Thanksgiving. Somewhat disheartened to see the raiders as 6 point underdogs at home to the Ravens.


9:31 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Florio and Chris Sims at PFT both hate the Raiders. Sims despises Gruden too, so he has a double grudge. When they report on the Raiders it is through their hatred. I started reading them a few years ago, and after the articles on the Raiders continued to spew hatred, I quit. If they cannot report objectively on the Raiders, then they cannot report objectively on any team, so their "news" is click bait opinions. All of it. They are worse than the ESPN homers.
With that said, Gruden has always struggled with drafting, even in Tampa. He has struggled more so than McKenzie did. Let's look at why though. He drafts and builds a roster based on his system, rather than the strengths/weaknesses of the player. But the view of the "Raiders reaching for this pick" is kinda tongue in cheek. Alex Leatherwood was not a sexy name pick of the list. The "draft experts" go by best available talent, not need, not best fit for the team (necessarily), from what they speculate and perceive, and definitely not from pre-draft interviews.
So when you read their reasoning of grading the pick low, it is mainly because they viewed him going in the second round; but look at some of their statements too:
"Leatherwood has experience at both guard and tackle against the top competition ..." Luke Easterling who graded the pick a C-
"GM Mike Mayock has shown a strong preference for players from blue-blood programs, and Leatherwood's track record at Alabama certainly quailifies." Rob Rang from Fox Sports who graded the pick a C.
"To be fair, Leatherwood is the reigning Outland Trophy winner and has guard and tackle versatility." Brent Sobleski from Bleacher Report who graded the pick a F.
All of the criticism from these armchair draft experts are sour because they had "him going in the second round." Nothing is said about the kid's talent as being the reason. The Outland Trophy is the award given in the NCAA to the athlete that is determined to be the best interior lineman. Think about it, it is the MVP Award for interior lineman in the NCAA, and Leatherwood won it this last year! With that said, the reason why I feel Dillon Radunz and Spencer Brown were better prospects is because they were from smaller universities who have outshined some of these guys from "bigger" universities, and they never had a shot at rewards like the Outland Trophy (think Gene Upshaw effect). I did look at the #17 pick as the best athlete on the board, and still think that Barmore would have been the better pick there.
After looking more at Leatherwood, however, I think he deserved to have his name mentioned there. He has played Left Tackle, but has also played Guard on both sides of the ball in his college career, and played them above average! So, he is extremely gifted as a lineman, and Cable can work with that. Another thing these "experts" consistently say is "he will have to prove the doubters wrong" yet he has every tool to do just that. I think these guys are going to eat their words. I'm already eating mine after watching film and doing a little more research on him. Welcome to the Nation Leatherwood, and JUST WIN, BABY!

10:02 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Thanksgiving in Dallas is a rare treat for the Raiders. I'll be glued to that one, at home with all the fixings!

1:34 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Based on Win-Loss records from last year, the Raiders are reported to have the toughest schedule in the NFL for 2021.

How does this happen to the Raiders so often, because it seems like they recently had the same issue? This is a team which can't break the 8-8 barrier. I thought the NFL has some formula to prevent this from happening to bad teams... another attempt to create parity in the NFL which the Raiders continue to defy.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Quite honestly, I think the Raiders ask for it. I think they want to play the best. In order to be the best, you must beat the best. Another part has to do with the strength of the AFC West too. So I wouldn't look too much into that, and I really wouldn't have it any other way either.
On a different note, I don't know if you have been following, but MLB came out and recommended that the A's look to relocate out of Oakland. Oakland now stands to lose all 3 of it's sports teams. First, the GS Warriors, then the Raiders, and now the A's. I have some very strong feelings against the A's at this point because of how they maneuvered with the Raiders' negotiations with the city/county. The Raiders had 5 different proposals for stadiums/shopping complexes in the area where the A's are trying to build, and funded all by private companies asking the city/county for tax breaks; much like the A's are doing now; and the A's blocked the move by signing a 10 year lease with Oakland/Alameda for the current stadium. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. I hope the city sticks it to the A's the way they did the Raiders and Warriors. I also hope they try to relocate to Vegas and the Raiders block the move. The A's thought they could get the Oakland market to themselves, but are now getting the same shaft that the city's politicians gave the Warriors and Raiders. In the end, however, it is a lose-lose-lose for the people of Oakland.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

just wanted to comment on the original topic.

i would give less for Aaron Rogers, then Raiders gave for Carson Palmer.

Hows that!

5:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Didn't Hue Jackson orchestrate the Palmer deal and overpay out of desperation?

Trading for Rodgers only makes sense if he can play defense too.

7:00 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

RPT: "Gruden is ranked at 10-1 to be the first NFL coach to be fired. It’s the fourth lowest (best bet) behind Mike McCarthy of the Dallas Cowboys (15/2), Vic Fangio of the Denver Broncos (8-1), and Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears (17-2)."

That's absolutely ridiculous and completely uninformed. The Raiders just began another reset on defense with the hire of Gus Bradley. He gets at least one year to "reimagine" the D with absolute impunity.

I'm floored by the stupidity of any assumption that Gruden could be fired.

I'll give 10-1 odds myself... all day long!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

He can blame the defense all he wants, but his offense took a dive last season too. The running game disappeared, and his play calling had no creativity (almost like Olsen was calling plays). He has plenty of blame, and there is the possibility, especially if the defense steps up big this season and the offense struggles. But like you, I will take the 10-1 odds too. Mark Davis will not fire him

12:23 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"On Sunday, May 23 at 10:10 local time, former wide receiver for the Los Angeles Raiders, Mark Pattison, successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest and became the first NFL player to complete the Seven Summits of the world."

Geez! What an amazing accomplishment, but no thanks!

That might be bigger than his football career. Really remarkable.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

That's an awesome accomplishment.
I'm ready for the season to start. Disappointed a little about Julio Jones going to Tennessee, but I heard he is wanting a new contract, when he signed one last season. The last 3 seasons, he has wanted to re-work his contract for more $$. I am keeping my eye on that.
Hope everyone is well. Just Win, Baby!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders and maybe a few others, haven't looked at HBCU players. Now, its' good to be pumped up about the job Mayock has done but I don't think the Raiders are in KCs' level yet and Denver looks very good on D.

There is one HBCU guy whose been out of college for three years. He had to go play in the AFL because no NFL team even gave him a tryout.

Carlo Thomas is a player with the Charolette Thunder. He should be in the NFL.

Yea, I know college stats don't mean a guy can play in the NFL. But Thomas is 6'2" and had 22 career picks at Johnson C. Smith U.

He then had to sign with the AFL if you wanted to play pro football. He was an ALL-Star his first year in the AFL.

The Raiders will sign guys who missed lots of time in college and didn't get to start a few years. They need help and giving Thomas a tryout could be a huge move.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Surprise, surprise! Paul Tagliabue says that he would have fought the Raiders' move to Vegas. NO DUH! He fought against everything the Raiders tried to do, including winning a championship in Gruden's first go round with the Tuck Rule. Dude does not deserve to be in the HoF.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its early but not reading good things about Arnett at minicamp. A lot to prove from Ferrell Abram and Arnett this year it would be tragic if those were all wasted pics hopefully Leatherwood shows well


10:16 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Couldn't agree more, Sandy. All draft picks are risky but the Raiders seem to unnecessarily add to the challenges and risks of drafting. This will (should) be make or break for some recent high picks.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it ironic and fitting that the Nassib is a Raider its another great first for the Raiders: First Black Coach, First Hispanic Coach, First Female executive, First openly gay player. I think Goodell said it well "We share his hope that someday soon statements like his will no longer be newsworthy"


9:37 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Goodell is right in that, it will be refreshing when media and so-called do-gooders stop placing labels on people. My concern is only about the player and the Raiders, and less about setting new precedent in the fight against ignorance and stupidity.

Nassib has been a disappointment and needs to play his ass off to make sense of the Raiders signing him to a $25M 3-year contract with $16M+ guaranteed. He will likely be cut after this season.

Otherwise, it's time for him to step up and make us football proud!

Go Nassib!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks NY that is a nice balance between the social and the football. I agree with you he really needs to show this year with that big contract.

Assuming Richie stays healthy at LG Who you got at RG this year Goode or Simpson? who starts next to Hankins?

On Nassib I think the most important part is not about him coming out. I did not know much about the issue until yesterday but all the explanation on the Trevor project made me aware of how high the suicide rate is for young LGBTQ people, I hope this gives a few of them hope when they see an athlete saying it is okay.


4:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Not sure the Raiders have the luxury of choice. Good is a proven player and, IMO, likely starts at LG. He could also be forced to play RT if Leatherwood is not ready, or incapable. That would be a real setback but we won't know until we see him in action. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Simpson struggled when he's played and may never pan out as a starter. But he still has time to prove himself.

I'm nervous about the D-line. I don't think swapping linemen with San Fran places the Raiders in a better situation. However, upgrading DC might help the line... which is still being coached by Marinelli. My guess is, if the Raiders line improves it will be because of better edge play and Ferrell having some success along the interior... because I believe that's where he ends up on a lot snaps.

Just my 2 cents.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders want to play Money Ball and just sign cheap players. Al was blamed for signing expensive players but his players were good to pro bowl level some even making the pro bowl.

Unlike Reggie and Mayock's guys; Yet Raidernation still supports them. I don't know how much more of this system we are going to support.

I said it before when Al passed- the NFL got control of the Raiders mainly to end anybody fighting them. Now, we see the results.

They got rid of ALL of Al's ideas and do you see any ex-Raiders other than NFL approved guys like Charles Woodsen being bought back? Yet, its' o.k. to sign anybody and its' been like this since '12 except Al's ex-employees.

some teams know how to motivate and build up good players into a very good team. But everybody can't do that some team need stars! Just because Tomlin, Ariens or Bellichick can do it doesn't mean every coach can.

Now, its' ok to be cheap but not every case. Playing Money Ball just make it hard to cheer for the Raiders, I see enough of that with Billy Bean(A's).

The Fans are being played by a cheap NFL that is pressuring the Raiders to just be good guys and not make trouble. We have to watch a team that isn't doing enough, working but not doing everything it can to win.

I thought with a new stadium teams would spend more on free agents. The Raiders are being money ball guys and not finding those winning players.

8:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Money Ball to an extent, but the Raiders also have shown they will spend. Evidenced by the fact they don't have much cap space. It's a balancing act for all teams. It just hasn't paid off for the Raiders yet... to the point which underwhelming has become and understatement.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Money Talk

Loyalty is one thing but what about the Raiders' loyalty to Raidernation?For the past 39 years Raidernation has followed the Raiders from three different cities. Deal with the passing of a legend and a big slump and put up with the strangest rebuild in NFL history.

For that Raiderntion is made as some of the most wildest, unfriendly or worst fans in pro sports but also because of their support of the Raiders they are put in the top 10 of the best fans in the NFL but not and never no. #1.

Well there is some truth to the complaints by the NFL, media and visiting fans. But this new Raiders' team just doesn't seem to want to make things comfortable for its' fan base.

Ticket prices are too high. Fans need to know if this is the business side of the game then fans should stand up for fairness. Fans should tell the Raiders to lower the damned prices.

The Raiders conned Raidernation. They said they needed a stadium to bring in star free agents. They didn't do it. Fans need to tell the Raiders those ticket prices and stadium are making you rich so you need to spend on some stars.

The Raiders aren't reaching out to their fans as in the past. I understand times change but contests, sending free merchandise and free food like Pizza(like at Warrior games when they throw fans pizza) at the live games would be cool not all the time but SOMETIMES.

Raiders should let fans have activities in the parking lot(do they have a parking lot?) The old Raiders' front office would be a little rebellious against NFL rules and I think it would show a little Al if fans had some get togethers outside the stadium.

Raidernation should be treated better and if the Raiders are getting richer they could be cheaper with the tickets, they could be more loser or mom and pop at their stadiums and let fans who can't afford to go in hang out, even have something fun to do while hanging out there. It may seem like spoiling fans or not business-like but the Raiders let the NFL run their team so they should show Raidernation some special Raider attention and events.
The Raiders are richer and being cheap with their salary cap so fans should be charged cheaper prices.

11:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Interesting. However, the Raiders don't control their stadium. The stadium is owned by Las Vegas Stadium Authority and run by a Board of Directors which does not include Mark Davis. Also, its inaugural season was a complete bust, with zero people in the stands.

IMO, fans make the decision to go or not go. The market sets the price. Last game I attended was 2019 at the Jets, immediately after which I promised myself I wouldn't go to another Raiders game until they figure it out...

I'm still waiting.

5:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders picked us this kid Darius Stills as an undrafted FA. He's a little undersized in a position group that's very crowded (but the jury is still out if they are talented).

My sense is the Raiders will stick with veterans on the roster and perhaps move Stills, who was all-American at West Virginia, to the practice squad. The last time they had a solid DT prospect another team picked him up.

Not saying Stills is the next big thing but I tend to have more confidence in young players with his resume than vets who have already failed their previous teams... which is kind of where we're at right now.

Raiders let mediocre players go and signed other mediocre players. That's, at best, a lateral move that could end up bringing no improvement to the position. Stills represents new talent and energy. I will be rooting for him!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul would've been right for once if he blocked the Raiders move to L.V. It may look like Paradise but the heat, distractions and the hostility toward Al Davis memory and his Raiders just makes this a con game.

Understand, you don't get something for nothing. The Raiders don't seem to have any real control in the stadium. The Raiders got a lot of favors from Vegas and a lot of investors(?). They may be more valuable but they are more limited (by owners) and the once rebel attitude is all but gone.

There are a lot of Corporations, Banks and firms that put money into the stadium. They may be in serious debt.

Some fans feel MD should sell the team. So a billionaire can run it; But understand, billionaires don't build sports teams, the Raiders don't have an Al Davis and don't seem to want one.

You may get billionaires, corporations, business group, maybe even casino owners as owners. But the uniqueness will be gone, oh yea, and Al (and Ron Wolfe) built a winner not NFL people and wealthy owners.

You had a mom & pop run team with some loyalty to you--,Think these billionaires care about that?

11:08 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

No doubt the NFL has changed. It's more of a business than ever before, and I don't think that's different for any team around the league ($$). Staying in Oakland probably wasn't tenable. Vegas was the most expedient, practical and lucrative option.

The stadium naming rights alone are $20M. That's not pocket change but also not covering the bills. However, I suspect debt is not an issue. Lots of cash in Vegas and, otherwise, many large loans were given deferrals during the pandemic.

As for Vegas distractions, that falls on team management and ownership. If the Raiders get sucked into the Vegas trap, blame should go right to the top. I'm not saying 1-2 players. That's gonna happen. I'm talking Vegas distraction on a larger scale that would truly impact results. There has to be some safeguards for that when you're running a multi-billion dollar business.

Happy 4th!

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY you are in fine form given training camp has not begun. Every year you appoint an undrafted FA as being a gem that management must be pay atention to. Doss, Gafford, Kenyon Hatcher and Chris Warren III to namea a few of the past players to recieve your compliments or should I call it the "kiss of death" lol.

I see you are giving out your annual Warren III award to Stills. I sure hope you are right as the Raiders have lacked a difference maker at DT since Tommy Kelly/Seymour? I have a hard time seeing him beat out Philon, Hankins, Jefferson and Thomas that is the 4 I am going with, I do not think there will be a 5th given Ferrell's ability to bounce inside. I like Philon as a dark horse quality player he had real man strength during his time at SD.

All the best

3:11 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, it's more wishful thinking than a prediction. And I'm flattered that you remembered all my greatest hits.

Doss is perhaps my biggest disappointment. But I'm not the only one who thought highly of him. The Raiders payed him an inflated salary to pull him from another team (Texans or Jags?) after they lost him following one of the biggest embarrassments in Raiders history. Antonio Brown! IMO, Doss got in Gruden's doghouse for initially refusing to re-sign with the Raiders but he hasn't proven the skills to escape that clutch.

Gafford has has the same skill as Ruggs, speed! Neither one looks like a starter. Gafford is another guy the Raiders keep re-signing. Why?

WRT Stills, I know very little about this kid. What I do know is that the Raiders signed a bunch of mediocre players along the interior D-line to replace a bunch of other mediocre players they let go. And Ferrell has not proven to be a quality starter inside or outside. He has flashed but has been inconsistent, at best.

Stills may be undersized but said to have a high motor. That's what we thought about PJ Hall, who had a great initial burst then faded to obscurity.

Part of the mystique is that Stills is unknown, whereas, the players the Raiders brought in to play DL have already underachieved in the NFL. To that point, Stills success might hinge as much on how bad the Raiders DL is than his excelling to the next level.

Rod Martin was drafted in the 12th round. That would have made him undrafted in today's NFL.

Stills would have a huge mountain to climb to reach that diamond in the rough territory.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous.

Kelly/ Seymore?

You seem to have questions about these guys. they were (my opinion) the best DT team in the AFC West ('09-'11). Both could get sacks and do a decent job against the run. Few winning teams had that kind of DT team.

Oh, but Al should've signed an UDFA or cheaper vet FA's.

Kelly and Seymore were pro-bowlers. Raidernation criticized Al trading for Seymore, didn't give D. Bryant and M. Shaugnessy much attention and criticized Kelly. Who the Pats signed fast when Reggie let him walk.

That's who the Raiders need now; Raidernation and media felt because the team was in a slump these guys weren't good anymore but the truth is the Raiders were one of the best teams by personnel in the NFL. Why the were losing is a huge question.

Oh, yea, decisions, Al meddling and Gruden/ Gannon leaving. Yea, right!

7:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Kelly was an UDFA. Seymore had one of his best years before joining the Raiders, after which his sacks dropped in half and his tackles for loss went from double to single digits. He was still a force in Oakland (2 Pro Bowls).

Another duo: Grady Jackson was drafted in the 6th round, the same year the Raiders drafted Darrell Russell with their #1 pick. Jackson only played 5 years for the Raiders but the last two he had 12 sacks combined, and each year posted more than 65 tackles. Around the same time, Russell was putting up 9-10 sacks per year, and his career high was 64 tackles. Tragically, Russell died in a car crash.

Unlikely the Raiders have anyone on their current roster that will match any of these guys.

Gus Bradly will need to be creative with formations and blitzes to help the D-line. Without blitzing, or at least a consistent push from the middle, the guys on the edges will also suffer.

3:46 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Just looking at the schedule again. I hate making predictions but what I feel about the Raiders before camp is that they will be extremely hard pressed to make a 9-8 record this year.

Glad to have 17 games in a season. Get rid of the 8-8 (participation trophy) BS record. At this point, the Raiders are either winners or they're losers.

So if the Raiders can continue their path of painfully slow, incremental improvements with one additional win per year... it's there for the taking; a 9-8 record (also, a winning record that allows the Raiders to lose the same number of games as last year!).

Hanging in the balance is Gruden's first winning season since he re-arrived four years ago.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks NY that is rather uplifting stuff. Hope the rest of your summer is more fun than that post.

FYI, the Athletic which you should subscribe to you would really enjoy it, is doing the 100 best players of all time so far Otto is at 98 (a joke he should be way higher), Willie Brown at 90, Mike Haynes at 79. They are at 78 lets see where Shell, Upshaw, Hendricks, Allen, and Howie come in.


5:29 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lol. That's my opinion. Sorry but the Raiders have had ample time to put together a winning team. Let's hope Gruden doesn't need his entire contract term.

Most of the moves they've made look lateral in nature and, in some cases, downgrades, e.g., O-Line.

I find it interesting that Drake is being discussed as a WR for the Raiders. So where are the WRs? Raiders don't have a single proven starter on their roster. You can say Waller 1000x but TE will be needed more than ever to block for a depleted O-Line. And what happens if Waller gets injured?

Possibly the biggest setback they will face is O-Line. Trading Hudson could end up being a huge mistake. Raiders have stacked the C position for a reason. C is too important to screw around. Leatherwood needs to be plug and play.

More questions than answers after three full seasons with Jon Gruden. How many positions on the team are secure with starter and depth? Zero positions on D, and possibly still miles away at WR, C, RT.

New DC, dismantling of the O-Line, and reliance on youth at so many positions. This has the makings of another write-off season.... and you know it.

6:00 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I used to put stock in articles like this (below), suggesting players will come into their own, but the three players mentioned in this article are longshots, at best. I take exception to Doss, whom I was once a big fan, and still am to a degree. However, he somehow got into Gruden's doghouse and that's were he resides. His survival on the Raiders roster might only demonstrate how little depth they have at WR. Raiders need to do better at WR than Gruden clinging to a player he clearly doesn't want.

If Doss is the real deal, my guess is he ends up on the Patriots. The Patriots find ways to exploit the Raiders, and they are good at it.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, Some valid points however I think if you allow yourself a modicum of positivity you will admit the d line and secondary is improved. Yannick, Moehrig, Hayward and Jefferson are for sure upgrades on Harris, Collins, Arnette and Yannick is better than Crosby or Ferrell

O-Line let's see on paper i agree it is a step back but considering how much Brown and Incognito missed last year I can't see us being worse if Incognito is healthy. Hudson will be missed, let's see how Jaems does.

Silver and Black Pride, Raiders Wire and Just blog Baby are generally garbage journalism and not worth your time except for the sheer volume of material

Bro, I am telling you, your such a die hard and with your analytical mind you will love the Athletic its 3 dollars a month what are you waiting for. If oyu dont like it send me your address I will mail you a refund myself


5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Raiders!

Cliff Branch NFL for shame! get the letters and calls for Branch for the HOF!

Happy Birthday Al!!! 4th of July!!!!

Ex-players and coaches:

Pray for families of-

OC Greg Knapp

SS Mike Davis

DC Guenther Cunningham

WR Cliff Branch

FB Marv Hubbard

friend of Al Marv Marinovich

Neuron Ball Family- "Once A Raider Always A Raider"!!

Ex-players with health issues need prays:

Barrett Robbins (mental health)

Jerrod Cooper

12:15 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"...if you allow yourself a modicum of positivity you will admit the d line and secondary is improved. Yannick, Moehrig, Hayward and Jefferson are for sure upgrades on Harris, Collins, Arnette and Yannick is better than Crosby or Ferrell."

Let's think about that for a moment. It practically makes my point. These guys might look like upgrades on paper but that's not how it usually plays out. We thought Cory Littleton was a huge upgrade, even Collins on your list was supposed to be the anchor of the D-line. Moehrig is a rookie, so you're getting out over your skiis assuming any rookie will come in and light it up. (You didn't mention Leatherwood as an upgrade.)

Arnette and Ferrell are first round draft picks in the last few years, and you're referencing them as players needing to be upgraded. Have those ships sailed?

Yannick will likely get double-teamed regularly. It will be up to other guys to get to the QB, and they have so far not shown they can do that adequately. It really falls on Gus Bradley to create pressure thru scheme. My understanding is he's another guy (like Guenther) who likes pressure to come from his front four and will be hesitant to blitz.

Of course there's a chance that Bradley will show us Guenther was a bum and had the talent at his disposal but didn't know how to use it.

This all falls under the category of "more questions than answers."

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While in Vegas I think you

Why do I have problems with the Corporate System vs. the Mom and Pop? I admit its' basically because of Al Davis. I'm used to seeing (some teams) doing things by their own systems and its' o.k. to be corporate but their shouldn't be a rule against doing things your own way.

1. Corporations aren't all bad but they are in it for Advertising and investing. They aren't really into loyalty or fans. They can make ads, fan entertainment and stadiums better but they can't build a winning team.

2. They go with the front office (NFL) they don't care about wins or losses so, they will pressure teams to cooperate with the league. This was bad for Al's Raiders and they stopped

3. They go by marketing, computers, so experts (football men) and all kinds of research. This is o.k. for teams that didn't have football men already. There's using your experience and taking chances to build a team but Raidernation thinks the Robert Krafts know more than Al did.

4. Corporations have a system and if you don't want to cooperate it could be stressful for you (Al). They wanted cheaper spending, less guaranteed contracts, huge merchandise marketing, new stadiums and the QB to be the star. When Al and Gene Upshaw (NFLPA Pres.) stood up for the players ('06-'08) all of a sudden the media attacks, penalties, and loses got worse Now, there was a slump

BTW, that losing sure was strange ('03-'11). They STOPPED winning and nothing Al did helped.

5. Corporations want the money and listen to their partners sometimes. I feel like they want a fan base that will their scams. They have been outrageous in ticket prices and rules. If the NFL had issues with Al Raidernation don't you think they might try to price out fans and go after middle class, and wealthy fan base?

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders MAY be able to win 9 games this year!

They did find a steal in this draft and it was somebody I didn't give much a support
(Illinois U. CB Nate Hobbs).

Gruden MAY be able to help Carr get better.

Cliff Branch for HOF!

MAYBE zone blocking that Cable used before can get the RBs' to find more yards.

Hopefully the A's get a stadium in Oakland and not bother the Raiders!

The pass rush could be a surprise this year!

Isiah Johnson may get more playing time (I think he's their best CB)!

Hope Kenyan Drake can help this year!

Tanner Muse MAY be a good linebacker and cover man against tight ends and RBs.

7:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lots of "ifs", "maybes" and "hopefuls" there.

Any team that retains its HC and starting QB should be expected to improve.

At this point, for the Raiders, anything less than a 9-win season will be a step backwards. Not sure there's any other way to see it.

8:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Excerpts from early training camp article.

"Last season, the Raiders finally made the decision to part ways with Paul Guenther, who was just a terrible fit as the team’s defensive coordinator."

That speaks more to Jon Gruden than it does Guenther. That's entirely Gruden's fault, first for hiring Guenther, then for sticking with him so long.

"This offseason, the Raiders brought in Gus Bradley to take over for Guenther, and all early indications are that he has incredible attention to detail, and is involved in every play. That is the kind of leadership that this young defense needs, as it appears he is going to let his athletes play to their strengths, and not get too complicated with his schemes. That will allow these guys to roam free and should have a tremendous impact on guys like Arnette, Cory Littleton, and a few others who struggled under Guenther in 2020."

Playing to player strengths is welcome news. In my opinion, that's always better than forcing players into scheme.

I will say, I don't think Arnette will benefit from that. CB is an island. Raiders will probably continue to play a lot of man and press coverages... which Arnette failed last year. Fortunately, they have options at CB.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ricard is a fool. Cut him save the 3million


11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

* Don't forget Raidernation passed away!!!:

Veronica "Bedazzled" Ruiz of an illness (She did(?) have an OLD goFundme page but I didn't I'm not telling anyone to do anything, I just read about her, her passing and love of Raiders.

Ricky Ricardo, owner Rickey's Sports Bar

Afro American pirate who went to games in Oakland.

* Wow, the A's may come and totally make fools of fans who really thought they would work with Oakland with no competition at the coliseum.

Now, they threaten to move to the same place the team they complained about for years stays.

* "New" Raiders need to stop it!:

won't keep stars who ask for more money, refuse to sign expensive FA stars, overpaid the coach and QB before they started winning, wastes lots of draft picks, don't/ won't try unpredictable-gambling moves like Al did, drafts safe picks.

Raiders need to take good look at their linebacking:

They're trying to find that OLB that can cover a TE. Ok but why not draft one in the first three rounds instead of going into the late rounds?

The Raiders nee

Signing Karl Joseph then drafting three safeties looks like a panicking staff.

Abram should get time as SS were he isn't a problem in coverage. Heath was a good FS but Raiders' D was bad last year. Maybe Joseph, Levitt can keep things going until one of the younger players gets better.

CB has questions too. They may need to give Arnett a smaller role. Casey Hayward may help and may give them a good pass D to slow down receivers. Hobbs is good but we always see lower draft picks play almost better than the top picks.

Isiah Johnson is a good CB and may be a guy who is good enough to be a starter.

2:39 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Truth is, the Raiders ARE desperate in the defensive backfield, at S and CB.

At SS, Abrams would still need to cover TEs and cover WRs in spread formations. He can be a monster in run defense but has looked like a huge liability in any coverage. It will be interesting to see how it plays out this year with Abrams under Bradley.

Johnson has flashed brilliance at times but there must be some reason he can't break through on a team that needs a starting CB and has had no depth at CB. I believe it took Namdi Asomugha 4-5 years to become a starter, and he was one of the best.

If the Raiders D-Line can pressure the QB, that will improve every facet of the defense. Tough to hold coverage for 5-7 seconds on every pass play.

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders should sign ex-Raider Jacoby Ford. He is 34 and still fast. He has good talent and is a vet. He never should've left Raiders. He MAY even help on special teams. He can help teach younger WRs'-he was fast and had good hands.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacoby Ford, the guy had two good games a hundred years ago he hasn't played football in almost a decade are you kidding me

3:07 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Even having this conversation demonstrates how critical Raiders WR position has become. Somebody needs to step up and become a reliable big play target that the Raiders lost in Nelson Agholor.

Raiders still haven't recovered from trade with Steelers for Brown...

Actually, who was the Raiders last true #1 or #2 WR? I ask that hoping to find an answer that measures up to the NFL standard for a starting WR, not the Raiders recent standard.

4:59 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Probably Cooper and Crabtree

Crabtree was a solid reliable target.
Cooper was a disappointment.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

How many times has

* Two games!?:

Al's Raiders used Ford as deep threat, reverses and slot- and never got the chance to really see his talents because Al passed and Reggie didn't think he could help them.

He is '12-present leader in special teams TD's over the past ten years (4).

would bring experience and SPEED, yea, they don't seem to succeed turning their speedy WRs into key players.

He literally beat KC twice ('11 or Reggie era) with huge catches but your Reggie era ('12 his last with Raiders) decided to limit him and let THEIR guys play.

He isn't going to be a starter or the key to the offense just a guy who has played and was almost pro bowler during his younger years.

He could be like ex-49ers WR Marquis Goodwin a Vet with speed. Ford competed against him in track contest.

* You didn't have problems with C-Wood or Marshawn and many guys who were not only in their 30s' but injury prone. If the Raiders said they would sign Adrian Peterson who is 35 you'd be saying super bowl!

BTW it was your Reggie era that sat Ford and after an injury, let him walk. Ford played well for Al and has Branch-like talent.

* A hundred years ago!? How many times has the Raiders signed some 30+ guy and you started the playoff talk?:

Charles Woodsen

Marshawn Lynch

Jordy Nelson

James Jones

Richie Incognito

Jason Whitten

Yea, look at that roster and only Woodsen really did something and didn't put the Raiders in the playoffs.

9:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Reports suggest Abrams is being moved to LB. Strange because at LB he'd be a backup. When do the Raiders ever put more than 3 LBs on the field? Also, what happens to guys like Muse and Gillespie? These guys were supposed to be battling for the spot Abrams has now descended to.

Numbers were published for Raiders backfield coverage. Abrams is the worst coverage DB in the league, i.e., for players who got enough reps needed to make the list.

75% completion percentage (43rd)
QBR Against 129.2 (44th)
14 yards per attempt (46th)

75% completion and 129.2 QB rating. With those stats, he shouldn't play LB either.

Joseph's #"s were really bad too... but we already knew that.

The entire Raiders backfield is a huge question mark.

On paper, Hayward is the best CB and he's played in Bradley's system. He should start opposite Mullen, and Arnette should spend another year developing.

Ironic that Al always coveted skill positions like DB and WR, and these are potentially the weakest positions on the Raiders in recent years and perhaps still are coming in 2021.

4:51 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Divine Deablo is the player I was thinking of as the leading competition for Muse.

4:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here's a grounded (statistical driven) look at the Raiders O-Line from PFF, including the Raiders #26 ranking. James ranking in limited starting action is shockingly low.


The Raiders finished just 24th in our final 2020 offensive line rankings, but that was due in large part to injuries to two starters.

Left tackle Kolton Miller has made great strides after a rough rookie season in 2018, grading out at 72.9 overall in 2020 — good for 36th among tackles. Miller still has work to do in the run game, where his 55.4 grade ranked just 70th out of 84 qualifiers, but he finished with an impressive 81.3 pass-blocking grade (16th).

Las Vegas' new right tackle is first-rounder Alex Leatherwood, a surprise selection at No. 17 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Leatherwood is a toolsy tackle prospect who made some of the most impressive run blocks of anyone in the draft class, but he was just OK in pass protection, with grades of 82.0 and 73.4 in his last two years at Alabama.

At left guard, Richie Incognito returns after playing just 74 snaps a year ago. He hasn’t graded below 71.0 since 2007, proving to be the model of consistency at guard. A healthy Incognito is a huge boost to the run game but an even bigger help in pass protection. The right guard spot will be manned by Denzelle Good, who is coming off a career-high 958 snaps en route to a 56.7 grade, good for 59th out of 84 qualifiers.

With center Rodney Hudson being traded, center will be a battle between Andre James and Nick Martin. James has struggled to a 23.4 overall grade on 117 career snaps, while Martin has been a solid pass protector and a below-average run blocker in his four years as a starter with the Texans. Even with Hudson declining in recent years, it will be tough to match his performance.

The Raiders moved on from three solid starters this offseason, so the pressure is on their young players to develop and the veterans to improve in order to match where this unit was just two years ago prior to last season’s injuries.

O-Line is a huge hurdle for the Raiders in 2021, and largely a self-inflicted wound. Tom Cable will need to earn his salary this year.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Then you look at the video of Leatherwood manhandling Crosby in one-on-one drills in the first day of pads, and you think "DAAAAMN!"
A lot of good reporting coming out on him, Tanner Muse, Trevon Moehring, and others from media writers like Hondo Carpenter of Raider Maven (Sports Illustrated), who I think is passing on the most valuable information for training camp IMHO. At the same time, we've been here before, we have heard the song and dance. It is time to put up or shut up for Gruden and the Raiders. Just Prove It, Baby!

1:22 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

NFL football game tonight. Hard to believe a new season is upon us.

NO more excuses, please! Not from the Raiders, the coaches, the players, the media or the fans.

Guys like Ruggs and Arnette reportedly have added weight and strength, and guys like Leatherwood and James are focused on learning their positions. Guys like Abrams and Drake say they'll do anything the Raiders ask of them. There are similar stories and commitments across the roster.

Based on media reports, it appears the Raiders coaching/organization has the full attention and commitment of its hand selected players.

Assuming that's true (and I believe it is), that puts the onus squarely on scouting, coaching and management to make this right.

Sure, maybe this is the year. But what if it's not? There are 31 other teams who expect to be better this year. Some will be. Others will fall flat. Where does the right combination of scouting, coaching and player personnel reside?

One thing you can bank on, Gruden has not reached any level of being held accountable. I firmly believe he will be allowed to run the full term of his contract no matter what happens on the field... unless of course he displays gross incompetence.

Last two years the Raiders have been fast out of the gate, only to fall flat in the second half of the season. Will this finally be the year we get over the hump?

Hope everyone is well and ready to watch some football.


1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Al was running the Raiders it was go with your gut and listen (sometimes he did) to your scouts.

It was media that said the Raiders didn't use computers and scouting companies to find talent and that was (one of reasons) they were in their slump.

But looking at the past 10 years maybe the computers and scouting companies have the wrong programing and info.

Other than Carr, Mullen, Jackson, Bergstrom, Mack, Murray, Isaiah Johnson and Cooper the team has been bad at drafting players.

But the crazy Ol', senile GM Al was able to find guys like M. Bush, T. Branch, M. Shaughnessey, J. Ford, J. Vehldeer, S. Wisnewski and DMAC but for some reason they just DIDN'T win despite showing huge talent on the field- so Raidernation felt they were bad picks.

Now, I thought once Al was gone....! the Raiders were free from a bad GM and would start winning with new ideas from other NFL teams. They would return to glory with the modern ideas these other front office people would bring in.

Hiring Coach Allen

Firing Hue

Trading Palmer walk

Trading TP2

Letting Reggie make all the decisions

Letting Mayock do the drafting

Trying to build a team with a cheaper roster like Bellichek, Tomlin, Ariens
but not having the coaches to motivate those players

Computers? scouting companies? Wow!

Its seems the media and NFL plays this game were no matter who the new Raiders bring in its' some kind of game changing idea.
The player(s) can be average, backups, low draft picks or UDFAs' and its to the playoffs!

And the Raiders talk how much better this guy or that new guy is. And Raidernation
the hype.

This happens almost every year. Strange that the media is this year. Is it because MD and Davis family STILL owns the team?

The fans are WAITING for the return to greatness and feel model franchise system will help. Wow! the new Raiders are cheap, corporate, don't make gambles on star players, work with the NFL, don't show much loyalty to their players, and manage salary cap instead of spending a little more on star FA's.

Al was an icon and could build a team fast. His Raiders weren't bad personnel wise despite media/ Raidernation's opinions. They refuse to use some of his ideas and thats sad.

Maybe fans should ask why the cheapness and same old ideas and not try to bring in talent or not use some of Al's ideas?

7:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Interesting thoughts.

Seems we may have come full circle, from one eccentric ruler to other.

5:13 AM  
Blogger GaryRaider said...

Al is dead. Get over it

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY you glass 3/4 em[pty man

you lost me when oyu said three solid o line starters. Trent Brown the man never played last year. Waste of money bad attitude glad he is gone. Leatherwood just by playing 16 games will be a step up from Trent Brown in 2020.

a guard combo of Good and Incognito is better than Good and Jackason.

Andre James has a lot to prove and big shoes to fill in terms of Hudson.

But net net the line will at least be equal to what we actually had in 2020 not what was on paper


6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, GaryRaider!! sure can smack hard to wake a guy up!

Al's dead?!....Nooo, I thought he just retired and let MD, a bunch of owners/ NFL and some coaches run his team.

Who wants his ideas. Look at how great the NFL is without guys like Davis, Hunt, Wolf and Jimmy Johnson. This is the best NFL ever!

We have:

* billionaires (owners) cheapness with players but charge outrageously high prices to go to stadiums.

* mediocre play

* ridiculous new rules (the competition committee moved back further kicking extra points (????)

Al was stuck in the past and lost his touch...The new Raiders are a "model franchise" and look at their result:

* They've drafted and lost many draft picks.

* Are conservative and don't make ANY bold moves to try to win.

Gary, some new GMs/ coaches will look for new/ old ideas and legends/ iconic GMs/coaches are a good way to do it. Oh, that cool? get some ideas from the legends and the Bellicheks, Ariens, Tomlins, and Shurmers...Anybody but Al!

The Raiders have history and a legend who has ideas left in the desk maybe if they use some it might help them win.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Las Vegas may not be so hot in the fall!

John Brown may be the vet that leads the WR corps!

The O-line may be a good unit!

We will see another Raider in the HOF (Woodsen)

Our pass rush will be much better!

Go Raiders, Raidernation stay positive!

Pray for Coronavirus victims in America....Don't forget some of the Raiders fans whose families are suffering from this virus.

Hey take time to read about breathing problems and what to do if you can't get to a hospital.

Enjoy this summer its' moving fast. Contact a friend/ relative or sick and shut in and just let them know somebody cares.

8:07 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy -

I will preface my comment by suggesting you have a short memory. Do you not remember Raider life before Rodney Hudson? Any Raiders fan knows the importance of the anchor to an O-line with these two words, Barrett Robbins, and the void that existed between Robbins and Hudson.

There's been a lot written about the Raiders changing 3/5 of their O-line and the challenges they face. I happen to agree with that, so no need to attack me personally for stating the obvious.

But it goes deeper. PFF put out some interesting stats which I cited above. I didn't write this but it makes sense to me....

"With center Rodney Hudson being traded, center will be a battle between Andre James and Nick Martin. James has struggled to a 23.4 overall grade on 117 career snaps, while Martin has been a solid pass protector and a below-average run blocker in his four years as a starter with the Texans. Even with Hudson declining in recent years, it will be tough to match his performance."

Small sample but 23.4 grade is really bad. All this talk about how great he's going be is conjecture. James inexperience is the reason they signed Martin and brought in a rookie C.

Also, Trent Brown didn't play partly due to covid and partly because he was given a dangerous and potentially deadly IV by the Raiders staff. So his absence last year is not entirely his fault. I'd be pissed off too if I were Brown.

Finally, none of us have any idea if Leatherwood can play 17 (not 16) games, let alone play at a level that keeps him in the starting lineup. Raiders haven't even played a pre-season game yet, so I prefer to reserve judgement on Leatherwood's season.

In college play, Leatherwood is more known for run blocking than pass protection. Brown excels at both, so suggesting Leatherwood is a better option is kind of silly on its face. It's likely the Patriots have fleeced the Raiders once again, trading a late round pick to reacquire Brown.

Leatherwood and James don't just have huge shoes to fill. They are replacing arguably the best players in the league at their respective positions. And any drop in level of play will likely impact Derek Carr, potentially, in a profound way. (Hudson barely missed a snap during his entire time with the Raiders.)

So if stating the obvious is glass 3/4 empty in your book, so be it.


5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY my point was the line play will not be worse than last year. Not whether the line last year was better on "paper" than the line is this year on "paper"

Net net the performance will probably be the same, based on the fact Brown was not playing and Incognito is better than Jackson.

Yes Hudson was great and as mentioned James has a lot to prove. I agree with you

Furthermore a revamp was the right thing to do strategically, It was time to start refreshing the o-line, the age was too old and the amount of money allocated to it was way too much.

I will take Leatherwood, Richie and Yannick over Brown any day in regards to salary.


10:57 AM  
Blogger GaryRaider said...

Al Davis became irrelevant when the calendar turned to the 1990’s. If the Al Davis approach ever returns I will be finding a new team.

11:45 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...


I posted this off-season that I thought Brown should be replaced because he's not on the field enough. And we know Jackson has had one foot out the door since Cable arrived.

However, I'm not prepared to underscore the importance of Hudson at center. Inasmuch as Brown missed lots of playing time, Hudson rarely missed a snap. He's been the anchor of the Raiders line since he arrived. In the rare occasions James had to replaced Hudson, PFF says he graded extremely low.

Simply put, the Raiders may have made a critical mistake parting ways with Hudson. We won't know until we know. Personally, I'm very concerned. Saying James will be good doesn't make it so. I want to see it. Fortunately, Martin provides a safety net.

There are enough moving parts on the O-line that the Raiders offense may take a step backwards. I'm certain Derek Carr will work his ass off again, but will that be enough?

Defense is a total mystery. Gus Bradley will need a small miracle to field a solid defense that protects whatever struggles the offense might have.

The irony is that Gruden is in his fourth season as Raiders HC but it feels and smells like Year 1-2 of a rebuild.

Raiders are the NFL version of Groundhog Day!

With the exception of signing one big FA edge player, the Raiders have made mostly lateral moves with some downgrades (aforementioned C position to be sure) and they have some rookie hopefuls (as does every team).

If you were denied a loan at the bank and you returned with this information, I'm pretty sure you'd be denied again. The response might be, "well let's see how your 'business corrections' pan out, then we'll talk about a line of credit."

That's all I'm saying.

The season is nearing and the excitement is building... yet I can't help but hope it's not another let down.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Actually, along with Charles Woodson, Tom Flores was also inducted to the Hall of Fame. Both gave tear jerking speeches about love, family, and togetherness; yet the media is playing Peyton Manning's speech poking fun at Ray Lewis and Tom Brady. If you get the chance, go listen to Tom and Charles' speeches, and break out the tissue.
NYR, I think you should look up SI's Raider Maven reports by Hondo Carpenter on the team, the O-line, and training camp. He has some good perspective, and has a lot to say about the improvement of the team on both sides of the ball. I agree that James and Nick Martin have a lot to prove with the Raiders letting Hudson go, but Hudson struggled in the run game. With Barrett Robbins, he was excellent in both the run and pass. I love Hudson, and think he is still one of the best centers in the NFL, but am willing to give James a look based on the reports I have seen about him, and what players on the team have said. It seems he has a level of nasty and cerebral play that has been missing at this position since Barrett. Plus, with the vet-savvy skills of Incognito, this O-line is going to be stout.
In the end, even if Hudson was still here, the Raiders would have to get on the field and prove it. I'm hoping this is the year they do so. Just Win, BABY!

8:34 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, what reports? PFF gave him a failing grade based on actual, albeit, limited measurements.

Training camp talk is just that, talk. Players, coaches and media talk up players every year. I hope the positive discussion about James is right.

You have Sandy's short memory. Do you remember who played center for the Raiders between Robbins and Hudson, and how desperate the Raiders were to find an anchor at the position?

As I said, James has a safety net, so there's no reason to panic. They have taken respectable action to stack the position. That much I think we can all agree.

8:57 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's way too early to make a big deal about the depth chart but there are some interesting revelations.

Tanner Muse is listed to start at SLB, while Morrow plays middle. Kwlatkoski has been demoted to second string. Even on paper, that's a significant change at LB. Muse has zero experience.

Casey Hayward replaces Arnette at RCB. No surprise there, except perhaps that Lawson is listed as slot CB, so Arnette is simply not going to start anywhere.

Abrams will play SS with Joseph as his backup and Moehrig at FS. Not sure Abrams is better than Joseph, but we'll see. Both these guys are better at the LOS than in coverage.

D-Line is a free-for-all. Gerald McCoy could really shake things up but there are no standouts. Quantity is there but quality is TBD. Hankins is the only sure thing in the middle, while Ferrell will take a rotational role at DE along with Nassib. Both these guys have disappointed.

Not surprisingly, WR lacks quality depth. Even the starters are suspect. Ruggs and Edwards to be given a second chance to start after big disappointments.

Good starts over Simpson.

Nothing earth shattering but as I look at the chart, there's nothing overly exciting either. Still more questions than answers. Will anyone on the 2021 roster truly stand out?... i.e., besides Waller?

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

NY, the report I am referring to is from training camp observations written by:
Hondo Carpenter of Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven. He gives some good detail into Leatherwood, James, and others that no other reporter is talking about. Details from what their coaches and teammates are saying about them. Again, I agree it is training camp, and that it is different than a game; but training camp is where the foundation is laid. As a player, when you display a good foundation, it usually translates into dominating a game. That is what is being reported. Look past PFF, which are stats that do not give the whole picture, and are not based on this season. The past doesn't matter to me, it is where we are currently, and where we are going. This is the season that will define the Raiders (as said by Mayock, Gruden, and players). I believe if the Raiders fall flat, Gruden will be out.

Regarding who has played Center between Barrett Robbins and Rodney Hudson. Well, immediately it was Adam Treu; who wasn't bad but was more like Gabe Jackson and didn't fit in Gruden's system. He was let go in favor of Jake Grove and Jeremy Newberry. Samson Satele played and then Stefan Wisniewski was Center before Hudson. Hope that helps. None of them were as good as Robbins or Hudson. Wisniewski was a better Guard than Center, and Satele had potential but didn't want to be in Oakland (much like Arden Key and Warren Sapp).

I am liking the signing of Gerald McCoy. It gives us a veteran leader at DT who can rush the passer and stop the run. Hankins is not the only sure thing in the middle, nor should he be. He is one-sided in his game, and that is stopping the run. He has not push against the pass and becomes invisible.

I'm not looking too much at the Depth Chart, it's pre-season; let's see how much it changes between now and opening day.

12:59 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Let me preference by saying I appreciate the conversation and actually like that we don't agree on everything. That, and everyone's individual knowledge of the team are what make this interesting.

Nate, you give way too much credit to Mark Davis. IMO, Davis doesn't have the chops to replace Gruden under any circumstance. It will take several more years of failure before that would come to fruition. Let's hope it doesn't....

You answered my question about who played center between our best modern day centers, Robbins and Hudson. Nobody! Ok, Satele was modestly decent. Signing Hudson from the Chiefs was one of the biggest and best moves the Raiders ever made. Now he's gone, and we could easily end up in another rotation cycle for several years. James will have to prove himself to more than a couple beat writers watching him lift weights and practice in a t-shirt. Being smart and learning the plays is not exceptional, it's minimally expected. Center has to be proficient in calling protections, exchanging the ball then making his blocks. Center has to be the toughest position to play after QB.

Yes, Hankins is one-dimensional. McCoy was out of football for a year, and one of the others, Darlus Philon, who is listed on the Raiders depth chart as challenging for starting DT, has been out of football for three years.

So what are we talking about here? This is a wing and a prayer approach to resetting the interior D line. As critical as we can be of Hankins, he's the one player who we know has chops. He can stuff the run!

Everybody else is a reclamation project, or has never had the chops.

Truth is, Raiders could easily regret allowing Hurst to leave. They could actually end up with a worse interior D line than they had last year.

Maybe guys like Stills and Vickers will save the day. It took young guys to pump life into the D-line last year.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Not relevant since 1990's? Not relevant in Y2k? Wow!

I understand! you want the corporate, model franchise Raiders. But Gary, this is the new Raiders and they aren't very good. Is it Al's dysfunction still affecting the team or maybe the front office is still learning after 10 years.

But anyway....this is some info on how irrelevant Al was. Maybe he did more than you think.

From a Bleacher report site:

"The vast amounts of revenue the NFL currently makes each year can also be partially attributed to Al Davis. The majority of the teams in the league have built new stadiums with luxury boxes and increased seat capacity. The ability to get these stadiums built can be traced back to Al Davis' decision to move the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles.

In the late 1970's, despite being one of the best teams in the league and having a full stadium every week, the Oakland Alameda Coliseum was already showing its age and the local governing body refused to make any upgrades to the facility. Wanting more revenue to keep the team competitive, Davis decided to move the team to Los Angeles to the much larger stadium. The NFL attempted to block the move.

Ultimately, Al Davis' success in moving the team to Los Angeles provided other teams the ability to threaten local governments with moving the team in order to get the public to pay for new or upgraded stadiums. These new stadiums vastly increased the NFL's revenue and popularity.

While it was not apparent at the time and while Al Davis was viewed as the villain, his efforts to keep the Raiders competitive saved the NFL from itself."

Gary, I understand this is new Raiders and they do things like a model franchise. That's why they are taking so long to win they want to do it right.I think maybe Al did more for the NFL than almost ANYONE, so when you call him irrelevant it just shows me that people just don't read as much as they used to and maybe you should read up on Al and his work in the NFL.

8:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nobody has mentioned that Raiders' executives are dropping like flies. What does anyone make of that? Is it the Vegas heat? Are these execs being replaced?

I guess regardless of what goes on behind the scenes, Jon Gruden appears to be the new Al Davis. Gruden makes all the football decisions, good or bad. Like when AL was in charge, you have to check your ego at the door because only one ego is allowed in the building.

We shouldn't kid ourselves. The Raiders are still a one-man show.

Perhaps we are getting a glimpse of why AL sent Gruden to Tampa.

5:23 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Be prepared for Gruden to keep Peterman on the 53-man roster and waive someone else who is far more relevant than retaining Peterman behind Carr and Mariota. Remember, Gruden kept 4 QBs on the initial roster a couple years ago when he waived Doss, then had to go chase Doss away from another team when Antonio Brown imploded. Ironically, Doss never really made it to the field that year or since.

I just read that Gruden once had 5 QBs on his Tampa Bay roster. Yikes! Wonder how miffed Bucs fans were.

Clearly, there's a little insanity going on. Decision-making isn't always grounded, as we've seen over and over with trades, draft picks, etc. That's fine, as long as it works.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Regarding the Raiders' execs, only president Marc Badain resigned. He loved the Raiders, but all the work he put in to try and keep them in Oakland to moving to Vegas took it out of him. I don't think he wanted to make the move, but the city/county continually rejected sound stadium plans, which are the same plans that the A's have now proposed several times to the city/county, and again have been rejected. Why? Both teams have asked for property tax breaks to make a city walk with the stadium to attract other businesses and class up Oakland.
Marc Badain worked hard and relentless the past 5 years to get the Raiders where they are, and has been with the club for 30 years. He said when he announced his resignation:
"Now that the project is complete it is time for me to focus on my family and look ahead to new pursuits. I am forever grateful to MD for his unwavering support and friendship. I wish him and the Raider family the best. I will always feel a part of the team because everyone knows . . . Once a Raider Always a Raider.”
There are rumors that the Raiders are looking to make bank in a trade for Mariota. I hope not, from what he has done in Training Camp, it seems like they are creating package plays for him in the regular season. DC said he cannot wait to catch a TD pass from Mariota. WHAT!!! In the end, who knows what Gruden will do, but one thing is for sure, Mariota is looking for a starting job somewhere.
As far as the roster goes, I've heard some pretty insane things, like the Raiders are planning to keep 8-10 defensive lineman. Why? That is absurd! I will make my 53 man roster prediction soon, and hopefully it won't be nuts. JUST WIN, BABY!

6:53 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Badain's right-hand man, VP, Brandon Doll, also left the team. You would think this was the guy most likely to replace Badain, right?

Marc Badain making a public statement might not tell us the whole story.

Of course, we have to take every in print with a grain of salt, but this is not as glowing as Badain's public statement.

Peter King, who recently visited Raiders camp, wrote in Football Morning in America that no one with the team is saying why Badain left.

“I heard lots of theories about why he left,” King added. “That he didn’t approve of some of the spending by owner Mark Davis in the midst of a disastrous first financial season in Las Vegas (including Davis’ decision to buy the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces), that he was just tired of the nonstop pace of running a franchise in a new city, that he and Davis were having significant disagreements on the direction of the franchise at a time when money was tight.”

Geez! Some of those statements (or theories) seem to make a lot of sense. Has MD made any public statement thanking Badain for his years of loyalty and hard work?

8:10 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, take another look. It's not just Badain (and his VP) who left the Raiders front office.

Execs leaving the Raiders since June:
-Marc Badain, President
-Ed Villanueva, CFO
-Araxie Grant, Controller
-Brandon Doll, vice president of strategy and business development

"The exits come as the team has launched an internal investigation, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Front Office Sports. That investigation — which is being assisted by lawyers outside the club — is a factor in why the Raiders haven’t publicly disclosed the reasons for those departures."

That's more front office departures in one offseason than the Raiders' offensive line.

One person, even two leaving seems fairly benign, but four top execs leave and its an exodus. The two top finance guys lends to suspicion the Raiders might be in financial trouble. What's next? Will the Davis's be selling part or all of the team?

What's driving all these guys out? Do they all have other family commitments?

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The investigation is in response to the 4 executives leaving. The majority of what is speculated about why is really just that, speculation. Right now, no one knows why except for Mark Davis and the Raiders brass that is left.
If we are going to speculate, then let's look at this logically. This is usually what happens before a team is sold; especially with outside lawyers coming in. The last team to be "bought" was the Buffalo Bills (if my memory serves it correct). Mark Davis may be striking the pan while it's hot and getting his family out of the Raiders. A lot of the old "AFL" guard has sold their teams because they were struggling to keep up financially with the League. The Raiders fall in this list too, and buying the WNBA team in Vegas may be the move he made to "up his value" while trying to sell. If he wins a Super Bowl, it would further increase his team's worth. He is throwing money at free agents and players like we have never seen since the year of the Tuck Fumble game. All of this is shrouded in mystery, and of course it cannot be made public yet. He has to get a feel for serious buyers, and once he has that, then the League has to approve the sale.
With that said, if Marc Badain has interest in buying the team, he would have to step out of his position. So maybe these 4 guys stepped out do to interest in buying. It's all speculation....

9:05 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's some pretty far out speculation, Nate.

If true, the Raiders would seem to be stepping on their own feet by initiating an investigation. They are the ones stirring this pot, not the NFL or any outside forces.

The two sports franchises Davis owns are apples and oranges and probably have an entirely separate investor pools.

Did you actually type, "if he wins a Super Bowl?" What year do you anticipate a sale?

And I would contest, it's not Davis spending money on FAs, it's Gruden. They also traded or waived their highest paid players not named Derek Carr. CBA requires teams spend up to a certain percentage of salary cap (cumulative over 3 years) or get fined by the league. So spending on FAs is part of that process, plus it's much needed for a team lacking in talent.

I've not speculated beyond citing or questioning rumors being put out. I think the biggest news is what we know as fact, four top executives left the team. That's stunning all by itself, and I don't see that as a precursor to those executives buying the team... for many reasons not the least of which is this strange "investigation."

10:34 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders new presser with Derek Carr is pretty cool. He explains a lot of what's going on with the team. One thing that stood out was the influence that McCoy already has as a leader on the defense. He's a player coach, so his leadership is welcome change on what was a rudderless defense.

Carr sounds and looks good. I believe Carr gets better every year, much the way Gannon did. He's cerebral and continues to learn his craft. He's a savvy vet now. O-line and WR are both wildcards in the equation to Carr's success.

IMO, if the Raiders can't support Carr in I believe his 8th season and Gruden's 4th season, he deserves to be with a better team. I believe he can be a great QB with the right team. Maybe the Raiders are that..., we'll see.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders were the point for moving into Las Vegas? Mayock and Gruden are Corporate store supervisors- running things but only enough to keep team moving- no big spending, trading for stars or high draft picks or signing star FA's.

You wanted a model franchise? this is how the NFL rolls. They want money and more money from the corporate community.

A league as generic and mediocre as the NFL wants to see an independent Raiders' team?Al's ideas and standing up to them (Union and players rights)?

The terrible draft picks and cheapness is just the NFL telling Raiders what to (Gruden/ Mayock) are in the leadership seat but not too much spending-, No using Al's ideas!

Who has say in the Raiders front office?:

1. The NFL

2. Las Vegas Corporations and Groups

3. Allegedly, Robert Craft and Jerry Jones

4. ex-NFL execs. from California teams

5. Stake holders who bought a stake in Raiders in the mid-2000s. You might want to check them out.

Wow, Raidernation! Is there something different than years past the NFL is saying that has you supporting it? The stadium comes with issues -the Raiders don't own it and the ticket prices are a shame.

The NFL wanted the Raiders to succeed? When?

This is better than Al's era?
what a con job !

12:28 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Based on College stats (71 rec, 6 TDs in 10 games) and consistent positive reports out of camp, Bryan Edwards might be the best candidate become the Raiders #1 WR.

Both Edwards and Ruggs were underwhelming last season. Forget those stats. 2021 is a do-over.

With that said, think how much better off we'd be if Raiders had drafted the consensus best WR in CeeDee Lamb? Last year Lamb had 74 rec, 935 yards, and 5 TDs with Dak Prescot on IR.

Lamb and Edwards could have been a great duo. Both big and athletic and both fight for the contested catch.

Ruggs is a speed specialist in the vein of many Raiders WRs before him. He's not a workhorse move-the-chains player that Lamb is, nor that Edwards appears he could be.

I strongly believe this is just one of many miscalculations the Raiders have made in the draft. Just tougher and tougher to get over the hump.

9:41 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I believe, to some degree, the NFL does want the Raiders to succeed. The Raiders have among the most recognized sports brands in the world. But the brand is fading, as an entire generation of fans only knows the Raiders as losers. To them, Jon Gruden is a football analyst-turned-coach, not the other way around.

Raiders have gone through an epic period of failure, and they have yet to prove they are competent enough (at any level of the organization) to escape it.

Tonight could be the start of real change. I certainly hope so.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pray for Cornavirus victims in the U.S. and the world!~=

Get ready for inflation: remember its' always good to study you economy when things get stressful. Go to you tube to study inflation.

Don't let Raiders' comedy depress you, its the NFL doing a lot of this stuff.

pray for victims of violence in our communities (Asians, seniors).

Shout out to Charles Woodsen and Coach Flores for being elected to the HOF!

Maybe the D-line will do well this year.

Shout out to Raidernation fan ("Violator") for getting to the HOF!

There are places to go if you need food and shelter in your city or community. Go to your library, church or web sites to get info. You can get this info by going to web sites about areas in your community.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think the NFL wants the Raiders to succeed too. The Raiders and NFL NEVER had a good relationship and the idea that they suddenly want the Raiders in the NFL family is a little much at this point.

Sure there's owners/ NFL people who respected Al. I even believe some NFL people want a winning Raiders' team.

But Al UPSET the NFL, Networks and Corporate people with his some of his actions.

Because of the "Death Star" Raidernation has the idea that it was built to help the team but in my opinion it was for the NFL and to get into Las Vegas wealth of tourism and entertainment money.

Its' great to have a new stadium but what about class? The Raiders had their own uniqueness and goals; I think that is being erased by new corporate system focused on money, political power and new investments.

You STILL think Al ruined this team? think the Bellicheks, Rooney's, and Ariens know more than Al? If MD sells the team and we got a Robert Craft or GS Warriors ownership I don't think it would be like a guy who knew the game and how to build a team.

Because most owners except Jerry Jones and the Rooney's don't know much about the game.

They'll hire NFL people and we'll have to see if they hit the jackpot like Ed McGrah did back in '63. Raiders may get a Corporate group (like Warriors) that is professional in PR and building stadiums but not very fan friendly or loyal to their cities.

Yet Raidernation supports the NFL system. Understand this, if MD sells-, anything close to what Al built may be gone for a long time. They may win but when they do it will be hyped, generic, Corporate football that doesn't win for fans and profit but money, power, a wealthier fan base and T.V. money.

9:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Here's my 2 cents.

I think you may be conflating two ideas. Al wasn't just great, nor was he just bad.

Nobody can (or would) deny AL had his time in the NFL. He was a savvy and fierce competitor, and it's his name associated with the Raiders brand. He personified the Raiders. But he overplayed his hand, leading the Raiders organization at every level through his diminishing capacity. Decisions like JaMarcus Russell and Lane Kiffin were among the biggest setbacks for the team and the org.

Mark Davis was not equipped to take over, and that's largely AL's fault. If that was the plan, and clearly it was, then AL should have prepared Mark for the inevitable. Apparently, the two did not have "that" kind of relationship.

Reggie McKenzie learned from the best but, as it turns out, he wasn't prepared for the challenges of leading the Raiders either.

Not to be lost in the shuffle is a rotation of bad coaches. That's on ownership (former and present). Some have suggested nobody with chops wanted to coach the Raiders through their toughest period. I don't believe that. I think bringing in Dennis Allen was a calculated decision. He was young and up-and-coming. McKenize thought he had the next Sean Payton.

So here we are with Jon Gruden, who has a career .500 record including a Super Bowl season. Take away one season he coached TB Bucs (and Tony Dungy's defense) to beat his own playbook and the Raiders team he and AL built, and he's just another average coach, getting paid elite money.

Still more questions than answers. Gruden is definitely no dummy. He's a student of the game, which means he's always learning. We need him to break the Raiders out of this epic funk they are in.

So far in 2021, I like the chemistry I'm seeing. The team seems to have new leadership and a great attitude. They looked decent last night, if only the backups (depth). Seahawks media were complaining about the corner blitz Bradley sent early that crushed Geno Smith. Granted, that was unusual for preseason but this is still football. Raiders defense needed to make that play. BTW, James and Leatherwood looked serviceable. That's encouraging.

I'm counting on improvement this year, and not having these same conversations next year.

Expectations are high!


5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NYRaider,

The Raiders ('03-'11) were loaded with good young talent, blue collar and bigger, faster athletes- oh yea and pro-bowlers.

Now, again for the 100th time, in a parity league- how can a team ALREADY a winner go into a slump for years instead of slowly turning mediocre? Many times teams will start losing or slump after a SB/ playoffs trips but I said A slump not LONG slump not in the parity NFL with a roster of many players from its' championship years('00-02)?

* diminishing capacity ('03-'11)?

1. He helped stop an NFL strike.

2. His draft picks far outplayed Reggie's or Gruden's (except Mack and Carr '12-present).

3. His FA's were o.k. to outstanding. Some went to the pro bowl.

4. He didn't give away draft picks for nothing in return as Reggie and Mayock did. Pittsburgh and Pats have robbed Raiders for years for little in return. Now, there were some strange trades between Al and Pats like the Moss and Gabriel trades but I have my own opinions about that. The Seymore trade helped Pats more but he did make the pro bowl with Raiders.

* Bad decisions? What decision did Al make that would cause a 9 year slump? Jamarcus only started two seasons so he wasn't responsible for those other years. BTW...Calvin Johnson was great but we had Randy Moss and still lost-, so why the Jamarcus talk? He isn't the biggest bust in AFC West history much less 1st overall pick history.

* Sean Peyton? Ummmm....Al hired him 1st. And he took the job and then something happened- and it wasn't the great offer to coach the Saints. Go find out WHY Peyton quit. Yes "quit" because Al HIRED him!

Lane Kiffin? Even he would be a HUGE help to this team. Its' wasn't his talent, it was the fact he was immature and was caught in a slump that wasn't his fault. Al was almost right, Kiffin is a talent and has succeeded everywhere he went. Strange he couldn't do it with a HOF'er who was a football man.

* Al didn't give the keys to MD, he had a front office and Reggie destroyed it like the NFL wanted him to.

* Dennis Allen, another who? What did Allen do here and in N.O. that gave you the idea he was like Peyton?

* No good coach wanted to work for Al('03-'11)? Peyton, N. Turner, Hue, Steve Mariucci, Tom Caughlin allegedly wanted to coach the Raiders.

* Challenges of leading the Raiders? (?) there are NO challenges because Al is gone!!! All Reggie had to do was fill the seats with SOME new people-, he fired everybody connected to Al. Now, its' just a football team. BTW...what challenges did new front office people have coming to Al's Raiders?:

1. the refs will 'screw' you if they can.

2. the scheduling is strange if not unfair.

3. SOMEBODY tells coaches and FA's NOT to come to Oakland.

* Bad decisions on coaches?:

Norv Turner wasn't a good coach? One of the best OCs' in the NFL? With the roster they had? It isn't STRANGE to you that they didn't go to another SB ('03-'11)?

Hue wasn't a good coach? All he did was make the O one of the best in the NFL for two years and that's why Al made him HC.

* How can ANY team in the NFL LOSE for 17 years?

That doesn't make sense if many of the winning teams were mediocre. If the Parity system made the field equal then how can a team with good personnel keep losing for years?

Yea, doesn't make sense does it?


* Reggie learned from the who? from the best!!!?

Did you know what Ron Wolfe was doing when Al called him? He was like Mayock working for the media. Al called him and taught him about scouting.

Mr. Wolfe was outstanding but he wasn't better than Al in the 90s' and 2000s' we saw how good he was but Al was doing that with and without his help.

7:23 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I missed part of last week's game so I was re-watching it and heard Matt Millen say, "Tom Cable called Brandon Parker the 'best swing tackle in football'."

I'm sorry but if that was even remotely true the Raiders would not have needed to use a 1st round draft pick on a RT. Parker would be the guy to step into RT.

Or our we just wasting draft picks?

Cable has done a decent job since returning (after Seahawks fans were happy to see him leave Seattle) but please don't insult our intelligence.

4:06 PM  
Blogger GaryRaider said...

Al Davis sucked from 1990 on. Get over it.

3:46 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Rams game observations:

Raiders D gave up a lot of big plays and at times looked inept against an undrafted rookie FA QB who didn't play last year. It's amazing the Rams score wasn't higher.

Tanner Muse is not ready to start, regardless how infrequent the Raiders use a 3rd LB.

White, on the other hand, was all over the field and looked solid in coverage. However, White may be headed to IR.

Keelan Doss. I'm done defending this guy. He looked unprepared to play. Ateman was far better, making a fantastic catch on a crossing route in traffic, then making the game winning TD catch. Not sure either of these guys make the team.

Peterman is just good enough that Gruden might consider a trade for Mariota - who has a no-trade clause but wants to start rather than sit. Peterman is Gruden's project QB.

Raiders depth on the O-Line is scary. Peterman was under pressure all night, and did surprisingly well to keep his composure and secure the ball. I will say, Peterman has gotten better. His play action is decent and he looks off defenders... things Carr sometimes struggles to do, or doesn't do as well as he should (it's part of the game!). Peterman had a receiver open in the flat when he did a shoulder fake then threw the winning TD pass to Ateman. It was pretty sweet.

Nate Hobbs is way better than Arnette. It's not even close. Hobbs was everywhere and made a spectacular INT. Gruden knows it. He gave Hobbs a rare preseason game ball.

Rams are a good team with depth, so Raiders backups got tested.

Ravens, who the Raiders play Week 1, now have 19 straight preseason wins. While preseason doesn't mean much, that's not a fluke. Ravens are a good team with a lot of depth. That has me worried.

Raiders were 2-6 at home last year. Fans in the stadium hopefully will help.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Agrree Omameh, Jones-Smith and Cotton do not look like they could start an NFL game.

O line depth is scary throughout the league, watch any pre season game. Good OL are hard to find and most teams are lucky to have 4 never mind more than 5. Maybe Parker is a top swing tackle lol.

On the positive side I watched Leatherwood exclusivly when he was on the field and while he looked average in pass pro he was an absoulte beast in the run game, he was panickacking guys and opening up big holes.

You getting rained on re Henri?

Other observations Peterman is not an NFL starting caliber QB and I would not get rid of Mariotta for anything less than a second rounder.

Philon looks violent inside, Hobbs should be the nickle and Moehrig looks solid. Secondary will be considerably improved over last year. With all the lbs down I would like to see them sign KJ Wright. Nasib looked better than Ferrel which is not saying much.


6:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lots of rain but no damage, thankfully. Best to all folks impacted.

I believe the Raiders will have some chops on the edge this year but it probably won't come from Nasib or Ferrell. These guys have done nothing so far in extended preseason time against second and third teamers.

Raiders have three competent LBs, but at least two of them need to play better than last year. Littleton especially! Muse is not ready... situational at best, IMO.

Philon does look good but Raiders have a lot of bodies in the middle. Based on what I've seen, I hope he makes the roster.

Hard to speculate on Mariota, or what he could bring. But draft picks have not been kind to the Raiders. We are seeing that year after year, as they waste draft capital with bad trades and questionable selections.

Both James and Leatherwood look decent. The rookie will have some growing pains against NFL edge rushers but he looks the part so far. All three of the Raiders centers look serviceable. That's a pleasant surprise.

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Hobbs has always been decent, he stepped up HUGE last season too; and I agree, is better than Arnette; even though Arnette has made improvements. I'm still a little worried about our offensive play selection. It was pretty vanilla against the Lambs.
I will say, however, I am extremely impressed with RB Ragas. Dude has been a beast this preseason, and I really hope he makes the team.
The thing we have to keep in mind: the players that are playing in preseason, are not running plays that the Raiders will run in the Regular Season. These plays are base plays to set up what we will be running. While Peterman, Ragas, and others on offense look good, these are not "Playbook" plays. The defense is intriguing. With a new DC, and the coverage and blitz calls he is making in the pre-season, I wonder how much of these plays we will see. I like the sub-player packages Bradley has thrown in, and the depth on defense we have seen. A lot of cuts to be made before the next game and regular season, but so far, I think the Raiders will be ok. JUST WIN, BABY!

7:56 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Hobbs was a 5th round selection (this year!) and is already the player we hoped Arnette would be, plus some. Sack, tackle for loss, INT. He plays inside, outside. Hobbs is everywhere. Hard to believe he's a rookie and will get better.

Like Ruggs, Arnette was not even the best player at his position on his team in college. Raiders had no business selecting either one of these guys in the first round.

Hobbs will outplay Arnette, and I predict that Edwards (3rd rd pick) will outplay Ruggs. I'm not suggesting Ruggs won't make some fun plays to watch, but he won't be the workhorse Lamb and Jeudy will be for the Cowboys and Broncos, respectively.

"Vegas" Ragas is a downhill runner. He looks tough and quick to the hole. It's time the Raiders part ways with Richard. Jacobs and Drake are both good receivers, so Richard should be expendable.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Here is my initial 53-man roster for the season:
Offense (25):
QB - Carr, Mariota, Peterman
RB - Jacobs, Drake, Richard
FB - Ingold
TE - Waller, Moreau
WR - Ruggs, J Brown, Edwards, Z Jones, Renfrow, Snead
LT - Miller, Parker
LG - Incognito, Simpson
C - James, Martin
RG - Good, Omemeh
RT - Leatherwood, Good, Parker
OL - Cotton Sr

Defense (25):
DE - Ngakoue, Crosby, Ferrell, Nassib
DT - McCoy, Hankins, Philon, Thomas, Jefferson
SLB - Muse, Koonce
MLB - Kwiatkoski, Morrow
WLB - Littleton, White (? unless he goes to IR)
CB - Mullen, Hayward, Nixon, Hobbs, Arnette, Lawson
FS - Moehrig
SS - Abram
S - Joseph, Gillespie

Special Teams (3):
P - Cole
K - Carlson
LS - Sieg

Protected Practice Squad (4):
Ragas (RB), Vickers (DT), Stills (DT), Robertson (CB)

Non-protected Practice Squad:
Ateman (WR), Coney (LB), Doss (WR), Lee (LB), Carrier (TE), Jones-Smith (OT), Ehinger (OL), Groshek (FB)

IR - Possibly Javin White (LB), Divine Deablo (listed as a LB), Isaiah Johnson (CB), Kamaal Seymour (OT)

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate Hobbs had a very good night but Isaiah Johnson it the best CB on the team.





Z. Jones

The Raiders need a ton on help to win in '21. The idea that somehow they are able to take on the AFC's best teams is a little too much.

They aren't the best at finding talent and if you think Hobbs is starting don't even go there. The refused to let I. Johnson start after he proved he is the best CB on the team. So don't thinks Hobbs will start.

Philon will help but the Raiders refuse to make trades or trade draft picks for good defenders.

They need a WR, DT, and ILB and OLB, FS, back up RB and OG that is a vet and starter. They aren't going to trade for them so I don't know what they will do to try and win this year.

The Raiders either need more trades or sign star FAs' or have a great game plan. They can win a wild card but its going to be a tough road that needs great planning and some guys hit a zone other teams and becoming big play makers.

12:31 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders run 3-TE sets, so Carrier will almost certainly be on the 53-man roster.

I'm done with Richard so I hope you're wrong there. He's been with the Raiders for too long. Time for some young blood. Hungry RBs are a dime a dozen.

I agree at WR, although, I'd rather keep a young WR over Snead (whom I'm not very familiar). Ateman made an excellent case for himself against the Rams, and he's been with the Raiders for 4 years (knows the plays, knows Gruden/Carr, etc.)

O-Line depth is a mess. I hope the Raiders retain Morrissey. He looks like a teenager but plays scrappy, and can probably play either G spot with a little time under his belt.

I believe Konce is listed at DE. Not sure he's serviceable at LB, where the Raiders need real depth due to a rash of injuries.

Robertson played on the 53-man last year. I don't see him being demoted. Nixon has looked decent at times but I think he or Lawson might be a casualty. IMO, Arnette should be out... but that would never happen. Too much face to lose with that move.

12:48 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Former Raiders controller denies wrongdoing amid departures in team’s business office"


The problem with one-off statements like this is that it leaves everyone else and the org out to dry. This person was only with the Raiders 20 months, then makes a public statement she did nothing wrong.

On its face, sounds like she knows of wrongdoing and that might be why she left. Tough to spin this one is a good way for the Raiders.

For a team that has a long history of keeping silent on internal workings, they have to be collectively cringing on this self-serving, kick-in-the-face denial. Meanwhile, this isn't a statement you put on a resume.

1:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm sorry to disappoint you but if Johnson was the best CB, he'd be a starter. Johnson's claim to fame is his back-to-back end-zone stops in a game to help the Raiders beat the Chargers. He looked all-world in those two plays. Unfortunately, he's not done much else, nor has he been given much opportunity. Why? Arnette stumbled all over the field last year and was replaced by Lawson, not Johnson. So something must give.

If you watched the first 2 preseason games, Hobbs will have to take a big step backwards not be a significant contributor in 2021. Gruden gave him a game ball and said he has the "it" factor... "never makes the same mistake twice." Of course, whenever he does, he could be in the doghouse, Doss-style. That's how Gruden operates. Maybe that's where Johnson is.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary!!!! You still there? You really don't know much about Al do you? Here is some more things about him for you!:


AFC West Division Champions


Went to playoffs as Wild Card team.


Finally lost the "winningest team in pro sports" title after about 28 years.


Al Davis elected to H.O.F. (should've happened in the 80's).


Went to playoffs as Wild Card team.


Raiders again made the playoffs at least once in every decade of their existence ('60's, 70s' 80's and 90's).


Raiders make playoffs


Raiders make playoffs


Raiders make playoffs

1/ 2003:

Raiders go to super bowl.


Raiders are defending AFC Champions.


Al Davis once again, helps the NFL avoid a player strike by talking to the players who didn't want to talk with the NFL office and other owners.

Gary! I thought you were gone? I guess you don't have time to look at Raiders history but I here is info for you to see Al did do a lot in the 90's.

1:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Just checked the depth chart... which doesn't mean a lot right now but worth discussion.

Johnson is listed four deep, labeled "other". Is he injured?

Nate Hobbs is listed second behind Lawson as slot CB. That's a slam dunk for Hobbs. Arnette only plays outside. He doesn't have the versatility that Hobbs brings.

Hobbs said he played mostly slot against the Rams, but was playing outside when he made that spectacular INT.

Some guys just have "it"

Hobbs is humble and obviously talented. I am really rooted for him to succeed.

If young guys can't step up and fill gaps, we end up with career players like Richard who will never be able to get the Raiders over the hump.

1:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate Hobbs:

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Isaiah Johnson has been on the injured/PUP list for the last few weeks. Looking this morning (8/25) he is now on the active roster. I agree that Johnson is the best CB on the team, but he cannot and has not been able to stay healthy for the season; but I'd like to see him on the field more.

Nate Hobbs was a fantastic pick up in the draft, and so was Divine Deablo (but he has been injured). Hobbs is an exciting player to watch, again, he is a player I'd like to see against first string guys. He has soaked up film, is eager to learn from coaches and players like Heyward, and a lot of scouts/reporters are saying he is going to go far. He has that Nnamdi-like swagger about him.

If you have been watching pre-season games, Koonce has been lining up as a WLB. So even though he is listed as DE, he has been playing the weakside, as well as DE. Koonce is very versatile, and was Khalil Mack's understudy at Buffalo. He played LB and DE at Buffalo like Mack did. I think Gus Bradley sees a lot of talent in this kid, and they are doing everything they can to keep him on the roster. With Yannick, Crosby, Ferrell, and Nassib at DE, they have to move him around. Koonce is going to be a beast.

I love Richard, he is an undrafted player who has done nothing but spark the Raiders. Sure, he has had times where he hasn't sparked as much, but who hasn't. That is from the wear and tear of the game. He has KR abilities that they don't currently have. I'd like to see Hobbs, Zay Jones, Isaiah Johnson, or Divine Deablo in the KR spot too, but the Raiders haven't really utilized that spot.

With that said, I love Ragas too, a lot. Kid has shown nothing but effort and heart, much like Richard did when he first got to the Raiders. I'd like to see what he can do against a first string defense. He and Richard are similar in their build and make up. I haven't noticed his pass protection abilities yet, and that is where Richard is a beast as well.

I think the Raiders are going heavy on the O and D lines, however, which means some tough cuts. I know they have gone 3 tight ends, but they don't utilize all three tight ends; and that is frustrating to me cause all 3 are starters elsewhere. I would like to see them put Waller as a slot WR, and use Moreau and Carrier as TE's; unstoppable!

Speaking of O-line, go check out video of John Simpson the last 2 games at Guard. Dude likes to fight, and has that ol' Raider toughness. He is flat out pancaking people to the ground, almost every play. Dude is a beast!

The Raiders cut Ateman and Stills yesterday, they can still bring both back for the Practice Squad, which is what I think will happen. Still, they look on the up and up this year, let's hope Gruden doesn't screw the pooch with vanilla play calls on offense.

7:54 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I like Johnson but I scratch my head reading he's the best CB on the roster. That doesn't say much for the other DBs. Johnson may not even make the roster. He's been with the Raiders for 4 years. The Raiders know what they have in Johnson, whether we can see it or not.

Johnson is clearly behind Haywood and Mullen. That much is obvious. But Arnette and Hobbs are also ahead of Johnson based on status, e.g., first rounder and a versatile rookie upstart.

That leaves Johnson fighting for his life with Nixon and Lawson. Nixon has been tearing it up in preseason and he plays special teams. He's more versatile, therefore, more valuable.

If Johnson is injured, his fate might be sealed. Johnson might someday prove he's a solid CB but it might not be for the Raiders.

Richard offers nothing we don't have in other players. His salary is too high for a situational back, and most of carries and catches will now be Drakes. Raiders have no dead money to release him, and they need cap space for a LB. The writing is on the wall.

Simpson was reported to be struggling in pass protection, something Raiders badly need from him. Raiders have NO depth on the O-line. It's scary how bad they are beyond the starters. Martin is strictly a zone guy and has struggled in the Raiders hybrid system. Morrissey might be a better option to backup James.

The Raiders still have many questions to answer.

They will likely need to quickly sign a vet LB and another swing tackle. The two options they have behind Parker are epic failures (worse than Parker!).

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want UDFA's that might help?

Tyre Coleman, DE, Hobart William Smith Colleges, UDFA '15

Jermaine McDaniel, DE, N.C. A&T, UDFA '21

Lucas Rice. DT, Indy U., UDFA '19

11:33 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders have immediate need at LB and OT.

Anything else is probably moot until the 53-man roster is established.

Releasing Richard would open up about $3mm with little or no dead money. That's enough to sign quality talent at either position of need.

IMO, this should already be in the works. Gruden and Mayock should be all over this! The margin for error for both these guys should be razor thin... even though we know it's not.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Johnson ISN'T the best CB on the team it's not saying much about your front office.

FOA...he was injured the first year. In year 2 the Raiders once again drafted 'that guy' another DB. Now, there may have been issues with Johnson- maybe injuries or some mistakes in games or bad habits but he proved he deserved to play but the coaches would take him out and not put him in again
while time passed by.

This guy is a press CB and he has constantly swatted passes. But they are WAITING for their guy(s) to make plays.

That Hobbs is considered a star only shows how this team just refuses to let the best players play if they like other guys. As for Hobbs I hope he really is this good but we've seen this before- preseason stars and hyped stories from Raiders/ media on FA's and lower draft picks.

You just said it, my point!....the fact the Raiders signed J. Witten last year and didn't use him in any game plans to win and refuse to use ALL their TE's proves how they let good players sit or even walk for 'their guys'.

8:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The Johnson saga will play out on its own, very soon. Raiders will be playing more zone this year which, as you point out, may not align with Johnson's skill set. Teams have to disguise coverages and play both zone and man-to-man coverages to beat today's QBs. Under Guenther Raiders obviously did not do a good job of either.

I was equally frustrated that the Raiders didn't play Doss when they were struggling at WR. But I've since learned that Doss may struggle in running routes and getting separation. There's a lot behind the scenes that we don't see.

But I do believe the Raiders are also prone to making bad decisions. They've left talented players on practice squad when they needed them, and allowed other teams to sign them away.

On defense, I imagine that falls on Guenther more than Gruden. Gruden has very little involvement with the defense. Which means, it's up to Gus Bradley to keep Johnson. If Bradley lets him go, that will be two different coaches giving Johnson the cold shoulder.

Hobbs is versatile and instinctual (which Bradley covets). He can play outside, where Johnson plays, and slot, which Johnson does not. He has apparent ball hawk skills which the Raiders badly need. Johnson has had four years to prove himself. It's not Johnson vs Hobbs but Hobbs is definitely worth a look see.

I would be fine with keeping Johnson over Nixon and Lawson, but Johnson needs to be ready to play, meaning man coverage, zone, outside or slot. He might not have all those skills.

We'll see.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY why are you wasting your time engaging about Johnson the guy is third-stringer at best and will be out of the NFL within 24 months. The guy made one play in three years against San Diego I've counted numerous instances where he was badly victimized and he doesn't have a clue Endzone look at the Miami game from last year


2:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

First, it's just conversation. Not sure about third string. Johnson is battling for one of only a handful of spots at CB which all CBs will get playing time during the season. So labeling that, or him inconsequential is wrong, IMHO. The same could be said of his competition: Nixon, Lawson and Robertson. There's no way Robertson has scaled the ladder and surpassed Johnson. Robertson struggled badly last year in nickel and has only improved since being moved outside (where Johnson also plays).

Johnson has all the measurements to be an elite CB. He's tall and athletic and he made two of the best plays we've seen from any Raiders CB in helping the Raiders walk away with a win against the Chargers.

That said, he's four years in and his time is expiring. He's also injured and giving up critical reps to other players who are improving. That doesn't bode well for him.

Johnson, Robertson, Lawson and Nixon are competing for maybe one or two spots. It will come down to the best and healthiest players, as it should. Perhaps the Raiders will put him on IR and somehow retain his services for another go next year.

I think most Raiders fans had high hopes for Johnson after that great Chargers finish. Personally, I trust Bradley to get this right. He will pick his best 5-6 CBs and we will go into the season with them.

I'm far more concerned about LB. Javin White looked great in coverage, now he's injured along with Morrow. I'm also worried that Littleton is not going to step up. Even with a new addition yesterday, we look weak at LB.

Also, O-line seems incredibly lacking depth.

These are big concerns for a team trying to gain traction on years of painfully slow rebuilding.

Another season is upon us. Are the Raiders prepared? What's your take, Sandy?

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you think the Raiders are interested in giving a good player time you need to open your eyes.

If he's good he's on the bench or gone!

I guess the Patriots will pick him up and we'll hear how great Hobbs WILL BE and how these other guys are rising slowly.

Listen, its' just as tough to keep an injury prone play maker as it is to release him and the Raiders have no problem letting good players go for 'their guys'.

It helps that they or Reggie drafted Johnson at all. But the fact that they seem to look like fools and will ruin their units by getting rid of a good player for another preseason star(s) (UDFA, FA or low draft picks).

Gus Bradley? Listen, the "new" Raiders are into bias and favoritism, Its' up to Mayock to look tell them to keep a star and hope he can overcome injuries and other issues.

They could have a solid unit of three very good players (Heyward, Johnson and Hobbs) but they have to be willing to give them time. Gruden has a problem with time, it would be a little understandable if it helped but it doesn't it just makes them look even more like a comedy story.

You let media/ Raiders tell you about these guys when you see them in the games then when they keep their guy and another team gets a good player they tell you how the team is getting better.

But don't worry the Patriots, Broncos or Steelers will make Johnson into a good player.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raidersnation! Don't get taken! We ALWAYS hear this from all 32 teams in the pre-season!

One of the problems is the cheapness of the team! Once again instead of trading for a solid vet they get

They need speed a RB badly! the main reason for their problems is a lack of speed. The Al hating media claimed they had too much size and speed over real football players.

They need to do something with their TE's. The Raiders could've made a playoff run but for some reason didn't use all the talent they have.

They seem to think a free agent or UDFA DT will help bring a pass rush. This has been going on for 10 years. Why not make a trade for a solid veteran DT?

They really don't care much about special teams. They don't have a TD threat kr or a pro bowl kicker.

Our WRs once again are free agents replacing free agents. They had Cooper, Agholor and Nelson. Just throw a new guy in and expect things to work out?

11:02 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Don't shoot the messenger. We're about to get the answer. Tuesday is the deadline to cut down to 53 players.

You talk about drafted players as having some priority. Did you forget Mullen? He and Casey Heyward are on the outside. The rest are battling for inside and backup roles.

The Raiders have always dealt with bias (egos!). That's why Marcus Allen sat on the bench at the end of his Raiders career.

In terms of development, there are two things to remember. 1. Gruden is not a defensive coach. 2. Guenther was let go in large part because he wasn't developing players.

So it's possible Johnson is a victim of the system. We can probably agree on that.

Your comment about the Pats is sad true. They've been eating the Raiders lunch since the Tuck game.

Not sure why you think the Raiders need RB and TE. They are stacked at both positions.

Raiders only had about $2.9mm in cap space before they signed a vet LB. They have no cap space or ability to sign another quality player. I don't think they have a choice but to release Richard, which will open up about $3.0mm for additional moves they will need to make.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I previously mentioned my concerns on o-line depth, but with the caveat there is not a team in the league that go past 7 deep on the o line. I think PArker has become serviceable for a game or two in a pinch, Martin the same, let's hope Simpson is up for the task because I have a hard time seeing Richie healthy for all 17. Leatherwood is looking like a good pick a recent article int he Athletic by Ted Nguyen really laid out what a beast he has been in the run game and how well he is picking up pass pro. Couple that with the fact Jenkins is out for the year and Darrisaw is not ready to start in game 1 I feel thankful they picked him.

LB is a real concern with Morrow out. Yes Bradley plays mostly a 4-2-5 and will use a box saftey. However, if Tanner Muse is taking any meaningful snaps that is sucide. Perryman is depth I don't understand why they did not cut Ricard and use that money to sign KJ Wright.

Robertson has surpassed Johnson, cause he is on the field making plays. If Johnson makes the team which I doubt it will only be until Lawson is back after his suspension, then he will be cut. The guy is not an NFL player. The CBs will be Mullen, Heyward, Arnette, Hobbs, Robertson, Lawson.

WR is loaded and I am confident we will be better than last year. Zay Jones looks vastly imporved and is a solid 3 or 4 and could start if anyone goes down. Renfrow continues to imporve and is becoming uncoverable from the slot he torched Jalen Ramsey in practices. Edwards and Ruggs need to show but all indications are they are much better prepared than last year. Brown and Snead are solid depth.


10:56 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Funny, I pretty much agree with your assessment. However, I like Nixon over Lawson. Nixon has played well and I think he offers more upside... but Lawson is a serviceable backup.

Johnson has measurables but he's an enigma. Who knows if he can play.

Perryman is a run stopper, so he can help the Raiders. But they still need guys like White in coverage.

Zay Jones has stepped up. He's solid, just needs consistency. Edwards and Ruggs are wildcards. Which one, if either, will step up and be a reliable playmaker.

Raiders need some ballers this year... who's not named Waller.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever gets the last CB slot will be replaced by Lawson once he comes off the suspended list. He is a vet who is mediocre but reliable.

4:31 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Mediocre at best but he beat out Arnette last year.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

49ers vs. Raiders

Pass Rush- 49ers

Linebackers- 49ers

CB- tie

safties- 49ers

punter- 49ers

punt return- tie

QB- tie

RB- 49ers

FB- Raiders

WR- 49ers

TE- Raiders

OL- 49ers

PK- 49ers

KR- tie

Arden Key- hasn't done much but 49ers are looking to see if he can start rising.

Maurice Hurst- The Raiders let him go after hiring Bradley (?).

Solomon Thomas- Hopefully he will play well in Bradley's D. The Raiders need a DT that can rush the passer and Thomas could help.

Isiah Johnson- He is a good CB but can he prove it to them? The Raiders don't keep injury prone guys if they don't start playing soon. Other teams will pick them up then Raiders put their guys out and sometimes its good, o.k. or mediocre.

K.C. went after the QB against S.F.'s starters (maybe). The line had some tough times and SD got to the QB too.

The Raiders pass rush again, not looking solid. They need help maybe letting both Arden Key and Maurice Hurst go hurt them. Hurst would've been a good player for them.

The 49ers can find D-linemen and they may have to release a good one(s). The Raiders should watch 49ers' roster trimmings for D-linemen.

11:29 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Excluding McCoy (whose return apparently is still in some doubt), it's hard to say if anyone the Raiders signed on the interior D-Line is as good as Hurst. Thomas has underperformed so far in his career. So letting Hurst go without a decent plan seemed ill-advised. If it doesn't pay off, that's on Gruden and Mayock, who have already made more than their share of questionable and unsuccessful personnel decisions.

Today's game is meaningless other than nailing down the last few spots on the roster... and giving players tape that could land them on another team roster.

Assuming Mariota would be ready Week 1, IMO, Raiders should go into the season with 2 QBS and use that other roster spot for an extra WR, DB, DL, etc. But Peterman is Gruden's pet. I guess we should be happy Gruden isn't carrying 4 QBs right now.

That said, the roster looks pretty well set, with perhaps some minor tweaks.

I think Carrier makes it as #3 TE but there's a chance Gruden could go with one of the younger guys. Raiders will carry 3 TEs. That's a given.

It sounds like Gruden might stick with Richard even though he's out for a while (foot). Ragas is the better option, assuming Drake is as good a receiver as Richard.

DJ Turner has been solid but I think he can only make it as special teamer.

Ateman is already gone, so Doss only has to beat Snead (and possibly Turner). Snead is a scrappy player so that won't be easy.

Tanner Muse is a starting LB by default. Perryman will probably play today just to get snaps. Raiders are badly hurting at LB.

Martin vs Morrissey. I think Martin sticks and Morrissey goes to the Practice Squad. Gruden bragged about how well Morrissey calls the protections, and how smart and aggressive he is. Gruden bragging about a young player late in preseason has been a kiss of death in past years.

It's going to be a long two weeks waiting for the opener - against a team the Raiders probably can't beat. Raiders play a lot of mobile QBs this year. Javin White looked like a player they could use as a spy.

12:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Wow! I am making the mistake of spending my Sunday afternoon watching the Raiders & Niners... at the end of the half.

First, it's tough hearing Papa root for the 49ers.

Second, most of the Raiders quality players did not even make the trip.

That leaves everybody else... who should be cut immediately following the game, with the exception of Arnette and McCoy. Annette had the best play of the game on defense with a clean pass breakup. Robertson had a decent play as well.

Deablo, Muse, Richardson and others seen flatfooted during plays while the ball runs right by them. Players out of position, can't shed blocks, poor angles, bad coverage or just missed coverage.

After watching Isaiah Johnson, I can say without reservation he is the worst CB on the Raiders roster. He was called for two big penalties in 1st half caused by incompetence. Lawson is sloppy and often late to the play but he still looks better than Johnson.

Nate Peterman should not make the 53-roster. Raiders only need 2 QBs.

I know it's just a game of fringe players for the Raiders but it's hard to watch. Raiders enter the season without depth, again!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi NY you're braver than me I only lost of the first quarter. I told you Johnson sucks one of those guys looks good coming off the bus can't play worth a shit. I wouldn't be too dismayed by what you saw that wasn't the Raiders depth those were third-stringers not even second stringers and if the Raiders first stringers win against the 49ers third stringers you'd see the same thing. Have a good night Sandy

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I. Johnson didn't GIVE UP a catch. All DB's get called sometimes. What did he do? he wasn't challenge but 2-3 times and he had to grab one guy and didn't turn around on another play. Wow! Nation! he's been injured. All of the CB's had to work in that Zone D which made 49ers look like HOF passing game.

Don't know why you're so angry this was what you wanted isn't it? That the Raiders being like all the other NFL teams.

"model franchise" football, coach guys up, no size/ speed- just good football players and great coaching. Well, you better take a long look at both of those things.

Oh no nation! can win without that S.F. of the 80's and Bellicheck and the Steelers aren't into the Al thing but one thing--they coach their teams to play all kinds of teams and they will use athletes not as much as Al but put some in their systems but they don't let guys walk just to prove they can win without them but they do win without them

So far the Raiders DON'T!!

The Raiders are losing to AL FOOTBALL!!
that's teams who look for speed/ size.

KC/ fast WRs and DEs'.

S.F./ fast RBs' and DE's. Al could find fast RB's but that's why we lost because we got fast guys instead of football players.

KC WR's/ remind of guys Al could find. The S.F. D-line isn't as good as some of the D-lines Al had before he passed.

The Bronco's pass rush/ reminds me of Al's style. Oh..and their DB's too.

SD/ drafts the best players when they are drafting high; not good football players but the top ones. They drafted Bosa and didn't reach for guys who did good in college but weren't rated high. Al might draft a highly rated guy or trade down.

Oh, why you 'trippin' off Papa with S.F.? loyalty and having the best people was what you thought was less important than the "Death Star". Wow! we had so much in Oakland/ L.A. now we have wealthy mediocrity.

Peterman's gonna make the roster- the media/ Raiders will con you once again. It'll be- he's 'better now'-could help Raiders. Now, maybe he's better but if they're pushing him for no. 2...Raidernation should ask Gruden/ NFL to pay for a couple of star OTs' to protect Carr.

Arden Key had a lot to say about the great front office of the Raiders. I wonder how many times the Raiders have drafted guys looking good off the bus then let them go then see them looking good playing football ?

The NFL/ media really has confused and conned Raidernation. To believe the comedy the NFL puts out about football is sad.

Al had a system and other teams had their systems. Because of the 9 year slump, Raidernation thought it was Al's ideas that ruined team. Maybe he did cause some issues but I don't think the NFL passed Al by in a year ('02 playoffs-'03 slump).

10:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I can only speak to what I saw. I'm not trying to read between the lines. In the Raiders defense, 49ers started the game with their first stringers. Unfortunately, things didn't get much better when Raiders were more "evenly" matched with the 49ers 2nd and 3rd teamers.

The game looked like a matchup pitting one team which is a couple years removed from a super bowl and vying for another shot against a team that has been stuck in first gear of a never-ending, epic long rebuild.

It was an embarrassment for the Raiders, even just from the standpoint of player evaluation.

Arnette, McCoy and, to lesser degree, Robertson and Morrissey all looked serviceable for the Raiders depth. McCoy is a rotational player the Raiders badly need.

Tanner Muse is way over his head, as is every LB the Raiders fielded yesterday.

I will say, Ragas clearly outplayed Edmonds, who fumbled and missed a screen (might have been out of reach). Raiders will need a #3 RB to start the season, unless they only go with two plus a FB.

I haven't read a word of media yet but I'm guessing it won't be good.

Onward and upward. Ravens!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Nevin Lawson has been cut by the Raiders.

11:12 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lawson cut? So there's hope.

I was a fan of Lawson last year when he replaced Arnette. But Lawson has been toast in preseason and Arnette actually looks improved. Arnette had a broken wrist and other issues last year so he may still be a player but he lacks speed to match up with fast WRs like Tyreek Hill. That's a problem if you want to beat the Chiefs.

That said, Arnette made the single best play by any defender yesterday against the 49ers with a great pass breakup. It was the highlight of the game... which isn't saying much.

IMO, Raiders should have handed out at least 20-25 pinks slips on the plane ride home. No reason to prolong the agony. There can't be more than 2-3 players on the buddle and worthy of any discussion.

For example, maybe they keep a young TE (they have 5 good ones) and let Carrier go. Or they retain Ragas and let Richard go. These are the only interesting spots I can think of. Okay, maybe WR. Brown is said to be on the bubble. Yeah, the guy everyone thought would replace Nelson Agholor. He played yesterday because he's on the bubble... and he looked marginal at best.

Ateman is gone, so maybe Doss gets his chance. Snead was on the sideline with a smile on his face, so he seems safe. Raiders are really questionable at WR. It's all a guess.

3:11 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

P.S. I want to add that Dillon Stoner looks like a potential baller at WR. He finds a way to get open and makes contested catches when he's not. He deserves a roster spot more than John Brown, IMO. I could be wrong but I don't see Brown replacing Agholor's production (catches and TDs).

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefuly Stoner can be snuck onto the practice squad hard toee im beating out Brown or Snead for the last spot.

ate not surewher eoyu get your info but no cuts have been annouced yet


5:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Lawson is suspended for the first two games of the season. I'm pretty sure he won't count on the initial 53-man roster, which would mean the Raiders have no need (reason) to cut him.

I'm not positive about that but if he counts, cutting him is an easy decision. He will miss two games regardless. He will have to clean waivers and Raiders could re-sign him if needed.

Let's hope they have the chops to handle it properly and not waster a roster spot.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY you are correct on Lawson. As I predicted Johnson was cut.


11:08 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Isaiah Johnson has been cut by the Raiders. The reason? Couldn't stay healthy this offseason, minimal time on the field, and lost out to younger talent that have shown they can stay on the field. Raiders also waived Keelon Doss, LB Asmar Bilal, and DL Matt Dickerson.

11:42 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Joseph is reported to be getting cut. Here's the Raiders safety situation: Jonathan Abram, Tyree Gillespie, Dallin Leavitt, and Roderic Teamer.

Joseph isn't a great safety but this group has done absolutely nothing. Leavitt is the only vet and he's a marginal backup at best.

You might think Johnson is a victim of the system but he did nothing to help himself. Bradley had no obligation to view the two great plays Johnson made against the Chargers, and he's done nothing else to deserve a roster spot.

Same with Doss. He played monster ball one preseason then appears to have mailed it in since. In the category of "what have you done lately" neither Johnson or Doss belong.

Remember, NFL covid rules allow 12 practice squad spots, and now includes vet players. That's not practical for Joseph but definitely applies to Johnson and Doss, should the Raiders want a safety net.

Indications are the Raiders may keep Nixon and Lawson (2 game suspension) at CB.

Really concerned about LB. Raiders need Morrow and White in the mix. Both can cover.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say Whattt???

I. Johnson didn't get torched or give up any passes!!

Most CBs' get PI calls!

But how many can say they didn't get beaten on passes?

He's been out for two weeks!!

That's what preseason if for, to expose your weaknesses and when you don't play well or bad you deserve an extra look.

A. Robertson nor Hobbs has played in a regular season game. I've seen this before Robertson was beaten or had problems last year and Raidernation didn't go after him like they are Johnson. Johnson actually had good games against NFL starters and then he got hurt or sat on the bench.

Oh boy, here we go!....Robertson and Hobbs-, I wish them the best but they have to deal with not having a proven pass rush or cover linebackers when they do that, then you can have a welcome party for them and hype them like media/ Raiders do.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Patriots, Broncos or Steelers sign Johnson

Here we go!

Oh! he probably will be a back up and won't do much for them. He really wasn't a good player.

Bellicheck will make him into a good player because he wasn't really good and didn't play hard for the Raiders.

He sucked and will suck Bellicheck

He may do o.k. but Raiders have good young CBs.

Johnson picks off a few balls, new team is winning.

Raiders have problems with secondary. Raidernation gets upset. Raiders/ media con them again, sign some vet FA and talk about how they have new schemes and the DBs will play better.

Yea, o.k. Raidernation

1. Like with C-Wood the Raiders, once again are looking for a 30+ FA to help them (Gerald McCoy).

2. Once again they release good players for their guys (I. Johnson).

3. Once again we have a DB playing well and the media is hyping him. This happens every couple of years and either the poor guy

4. Once again we have a new DC with big promises and lets him pick the players. Wow! didn't Raidernation think Gruden was going to build the roster?

5. man picks will I. Johnson have for his new team? Arden Key probably will have more than two career sacks with the 49ers.

6. Will Mayock try to sign or trade for some of the 49er D-linemen?

7. Will they let Hobbs play or will the sit him after he makes big plays like they did Johnson?

8. Will the Raiders trade Peterman, Arnett, Richard or Ferrell?

9. Now, they have the best TE unit in the NFL will they 'screw that up' for an UDFA TE or try to trade one of their TEs for a player they need?

10. Since the Raiders aren't talking about the safety position. Who is supposed to start for them? Should they keep Joseph as FS or trade for a veteran FS?

1:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Recent history proves the Raiders are not good at developing players. Johnson is likely a victim of that. He has size, speed and talent but the Raiders could not develop him into a good CB. It happens... especially, on the Raiders.

The biggest surprise of the cuts is John Brown. For every fan - including some here - who thought Brown was the next Nelson Agholor, that's now moot. Brown was cut before he played a single snap that counted. That's remarkable.

Who's playing WR?

Darren Waller?

I thought the Raiders were counting on Brown.

And they cut Derek Carrier. Nick Bowers is the third TE. As good as Carrier is, that was predictable. The Raiders have to be ready when Waller's contract expires because they won't pay him market value.

It makes sense to keep Martin over Morrissey but I hope Morrissey makes it to the Practice Squad. He's easily on his way to being better than Martin.

Jalen Richard can't play but he's on the roster. And nobody's saying when he can play. If he's out more than a couple weeks, this could be the mother of headscratchers for the 2021 roster.

Tanner Muse is still listed as starting SLB. That's scary because he's not ready. Fortunately, Raiders play a lot of nickel. But who's playing nickel?

This roster doesn't look ready for prime time. Too many inexperienced players are being counted on to compete at a pro level with veteran teams. That may not end well.

However, I will make a bold prediction. Javin White will replace Cory Littleton before the end of the season. I don't see Littleton making enough improvement to prove the Raiders were right to sign him. White is a converted safety who looks to have solid coverage skills and a bit of a nose for the ball.

Next up: Practice Squad.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The fact that they cut John Brown was suprising but it speaks to the great depth they have at that position. I have been telling you the WR position is much imporved.Browns was 6 on the depth chart and wants to play but obviously ay Jones and Snead are better at this point. excepct CArrier back at some point.

I will agree that they are conting on a lot of young players for depth at Saftey, O line and LB and that can be scary. I wish the Joseph and Bron money 3 millio wasted could have been turned into KJ Wright.

CB the team is much better off than last year same goes for DL.


6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They released some of their best players but you never know!

The sad list of guy that were released by the great new Raiders just keeps getting longer and Raidernation keeps getting hype.

1. Isiah Johnson- as soon as this guy gets well, he will begin playing really good.

2. Derrick Carrier- yep, once again the Raiders find ways to ruin a good thing. They should just ask Witten to come back again.

3. Karl Joseph- they needed him, once again the Raiders find ways to take steps back. He was the only true Vet safety on the team.

4. Maurice Hurst- He would've been big in Bradley's D but the Raiders were trying to find the next star DT.

5. Reggie's UDFA DT now playing for Broncos- he kept getting pressure on the qb but Reggie's guys didn't see any talent. He is playing well for the Broncos.

6. David Bass- DE had 40 career sacks in college. But Reggie's guys just didn't think he was good enough. Played for Titans as a LB.

7. Amari Cooper- He had issues and Gruden/ Mayock couldn't get him in top production again. Raidernation didn't think he was playing well either so the Raiders traded him.

8. Khalil Mack- If the Raiders tried to trade for him that is the comedy story of the year!

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The players that surprised me that have been WAIVED:
Cotton Sr., Lester G 6-4 335 1 Alabama. I really thought Lester would make it. He's a beast. I think he will be one of 4 players protected on the Practice Squad, and it wouldn't surprise me if he is on the roster by season's end.
Hamilton, Devery T 6-6 311 R Duke. I think he is a Practice Squad player. Has a lot of potential, but needs time to develop.
Johnson, Isaiah CB 6-2 210 3 Houston
Morrissey, Jimmy C 6-3 303 R Pittsburgh. Definitely a protected player on Practice Squad. I think we will see him on the Roster before season's end.
Ragas, Trey RB 5-10 214 R Louisiana. I thought this would happen, but he will be a protected player on the Practice Squad.
Stoner, Dillon WR 6-0 194 R Oklahoma State I thought he did enough to make the roster, but this position is stacked, and he probably will be on the Practice Squad.

Carrier, Derek TE 6-3 240 9 Beloit
Joseph, Karl S 5-10 200 6 West Virginia
Omameh, Patrick G/T 6-4 327 9 Michigan
I thought Carrier would be cut/released, but it is still so surprising. The guy can be a starting TE on any other team. I thought Patrick Omameh would be a back up to Leatherwood, and felt he was on the up and up. Same with Joseph. These 3 moves surprised me the most.

7:29 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm sticking with my "more questions than answers" theme for 2021.

Ruggs and Edwards put up historically bad numbers last year for #1 and #2 WRs, and they are being counted on to again lead a WR group... which is led by a Hunter Renfrow (a slot receiver good for 40-50 catches). Zay Jones looked good in preseason, but so did Ateman, Doss, Stoner and Turner, all of whom are gone. Jones is not exactly a slam dunk to have a good year.

Willie Snead was thought to be a special teamer and depth at WR. He's not the guy.

John Brown was brought in as a vet WR to replace Nelson Agholor and to lead this group. As I said, that's now moot. I think it speaks more to the Raiders poor judgement than it does to the improvement of the other roster WRs (who are unknowns). Raiders needed to sign a reliable vet WR this offseason and they blew it.

Similarly, Karl Joseph was brought in as vet presence at safety, where they are still thin and relying on rookies and Leavitt. Joseph seemed like the perfect safety net. Gone!

I could repeat a lot of what I've said about other changes to the roster but I'll save you that agony.

By appearances, this looks like the first or second year of a major rebuild... not the fourth year.

That begs the question: Is Jon Gruden taking this seriously?

This roster could easily fail to meet expectations another year but that does not appear to matter based on all the unknowns and risks taken at key positions.

It's entirely possible the Raiders won't get better until there's accountability.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Cam Newton is the biggest player released. I think he signs with the Bears, Dolphins, Broncos, or maybe even teams like the Eagles or WFT. I think his best scenario is the Bears or Dolphins, my fear is the Broncos. Everson Griffen was cut by the Vikings, he has always intrigued me at DE.
Here are some players cut, that I would take a chance on if I were in charge of the Raiders' roster:
Shaquem Griffen (LB, Miami)
Benardrick McKinney (LB, Miami)
Pernell McPHee (OLB, Baltimore)
Quincy Roche (LB, Pittsburgh)
Lorenzo Neal Jr (DT, Denver)
Emmanuel Ellerbee (LB, Falcons)
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (S, 49ers)

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Morrisey, Ragas, Stoner, Madre Harper, Devery Hamilton, Niles Scott, Kendall Vickers, DJ Turner have been signed to Practice Squad along with others. Mayock saying things about Carrier that make me feel he will be back with the team.
Broncos cut Royce Freeman in a puzzling move.
Titans release Matt Barkley
Mayock steps away from a Press Conference to answer his phone. Maybe the Bears are reconsidering offers for Mack?

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do the Raiders love to give away draft picks? How did the Bears and Pats get the Raiders' 2nd round pick in the Mack trade?
Raiders claim Reggie sent the 2nd round pick to the Bears to complete the trade. Why?!! Well, the Bears traded that pick to the Pats.

The Raiders traded C. Patterson to the Pats who got more than enough back from the Bears. He was a good player and Raiders could've kept him and still traded for A. Brown or forgot about Brown. Instead they trade Patterson, end up losing a 2nd round pick and 3 and 5th picks.

The Raiders sent a 3rd round pick to the Steelers for M. Bryant.

Later, they sent a 3rd and 5th to the Steelers for A. Brown.

The Raiders signed TE J. Witten when they had the best young unit in the NFL. Witten wasn't even used and retired this year. The Raiders then released TE Mark Carrier.

The Raiders let N. Agholor walk and sign Buffalo WR J. Brown. They released Brown.

The Raiders release FS K. Joseph leaving rookies and J. Abram as safety unit.

Raiders release CB I. Johnson. He signs with Houston Texans. Raiders again have a CB that had good preseason like Johnson had good games last year.

The Raiders signed DT G. McCoy who will help but why aren't they trying to trade for a younger Vet DT?

Why did the Raiders trade T. Brown BACK to the Pats for a low draft pick? FOA...they didn't think other teams would trade higher pick(s) for Brown?

Are they trying to trade Peterman? Can they get a backup WR, backup edge rusher or DT for him?

This is the new Raiders? I think they need to work on their front office!

Are they making bad decisions or getting bad advise? NFL people and ex-NFL people are moving close and trying to get inside the Raiders, are they giving the Raiders advise that is making them look bad?

12:47 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


Mike Mayock: Jon Gruden and I feel like we need to be a playoff team this year


That public statement falls more on Mayock than Gruden. Gruden makes the decisions and has no accountability to ownership who worships the ground on which he stands.

It will be up to Gruden to hold Mayock accountable for those words. But don't hold your breath. Raiders have ample paper napkin excuses to fall back on going into the 2021 season, e.g., new DC, young team, salary cap-forced changes, etc.

Maybe next year this will get real.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting 1000% for the Raiders to succeed immediately. I just don't see their commitment to excellence. IMO, they continue to scrape crumbs off the floor to make a cake.

Up next: Ravens (a serious contender in the AFC)!

2:00 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Looking deeper into the WR corp., Brown was the guy who was supposed to take pressure off Ruggs, like Agholor did last year. Raiders have nobody listed as backup for Ruggs. Snead, who only has 30 catches in each of the last two seasons, is a slot receiver.

So far going into 2021, the only change the Raiders made at WR was to swap Agholor for Snead.

That's a net loss on paper. It will take incredible effort and improvement just to even out the loss of Agholor.

IMO, the Raiders really blew it at WR.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely disagree on your WR comment.

The mere fact that Ruggs will be improved, and Edwards will get a chance to play and has looked great negates the loss of Agholor and then some. Zay Jones is the backup for Ruggs and submit he is better than Brown at this stage.

Seriously you are acting like the Raiders lost Tim Brown when Agholor left. Last I checked he caught 48 balls and dropped a couple of key ones.

BTW, Snead though best suited for the slot can play the other positions.

Lets also not forget Renfrow has improved every year as well.

Youth needs to be served. You need to look at the passing game holistically not cherry pick one guy. The Raiders have weapons galore in the passing game Waller, returning Moreau and the addition of Drake.

Therefore, spending anything more than 3-4 million on a veteran WR would have been wasteful not to mention the insanity of giveng Nelson 11 million a year given the needs on defense.

Go back to worrying about the oline that is a legitimate concern that would bring the offense down a hell of a lot more than Agholor leaving


6:42 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, your bar at WR is extremely low. Are you allowing emotion to override logic?

Raiders return to the 2021 season with the same WR corp, less Agholor, their best WR in 2020. There's no moral victory in that. Saying Ruggs "will be better" doesn't make it so. Sure, he could be, and Edwards could put up decent numbers, but that doesn't change the simple fact the Raiders made no contingency. No plan to improve their WRs beyond a wing and a prayer of improvement by their underperforming 2nd year players.

If that's the bar they're setting, then job well done.

Most folks thought Brown - who is a speedy and reliable outside WR - would play a key role in this year's offense. In hindsight, the Raiders went through an entire off-season without addressing the elephant.

Putting it into perspective, the Raiders could easily have the least experienced and least productive WR corp in the NFL. You'd be hard pressed to disprove that.

That's exactly where we are. You want to inject speculation of how good these guys can be, fine, but it doesn't change the facts.

No contingency is a strange way to run a multi-billion franchise. It further proves my point that the Raiders' brass operate without accountability.

Btw, I reject on its face the suggestion that TEs and RBs make up for the deficiency of not having quality WRs. This isn't pop warner.

8:16 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I would point out too, the Raiders appear to have kept only five WRs on their 53-man roster... presumably to stack other deficient group(s) on the roster.

Some teams run 5-WR sets. Unlikely, the Raiders will, or can.

If the Raiders had drafted Cee Dee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy last year, WR might not be an issue, but they didn't. Instead, they drafted a guy whose primary use was to be a decoy for a long ball that Carr seldom throws. Long ball is fun to watch but will be less of a factor this year absent an experienced O-line.

This is not well thought out after an entire off-season.

9:53 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Hold the phone. Raiders are signing LB K.J. Wright.

That's a legit improvement at LB... also means their injured LBs might be out longer than thought.

Where did they get the money? I read earlier today they only had $272k available in the salary cap.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders re-sign Derek Carrier and S Dallin Leavitt, signed OL Jermaine Eluemunor and LB KJ Wright; and placed the following on Injured Reserve List: Jalen Richard, Keisean Nixon, Nicholas Morrow, and Javin White.
This is what Mayock meant that the 53 is currently fluid. I still think there are going to be some more moves, and Ragas will make the Roster now that Richard is on IR. Currently, the RB's are Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, and Alec Ingold. Not too mention Special Teams and Kick Returns. Losing Richard to IR is pretty big. The more curious thing is Richard, prior to Training Camp, had removed all things Raiders from his Social Media accounts, so did he know this going into the season?
Another area of concern is the CB position. Currently, with Nixon going to the IR, the CB's are: Damon Arnette, Casey Heyward, Amik Robertson, Nate Hobbs, and Trayvon Mullen Jr. Nevin Lawson is on the Suspended List, but there is indication he will be cut.
The addition of Perryman and now Wright, gives the Raiders some solid players at LB. Divine Deablo is listed as a LB, and has been injured the majority of Training Camp, is he the next to go on the IR list to make room for Ragas? Remember, to move him down to Practice Squad they have to waive him and hope another team won't pick him up; which is unlikely. They did this to Tanner Muse last season too. He didn't have a healthy camp, and could have played last year after the season started; but they wanted to save him, while learning the play book and talking with vets, so they put him on IR. He was still able to participate in team meetings and watch practice, but not participate in practice.
We will see what happens, but it is getting pretty exciting. I believe Mayock and what he said in his presser yesterday, the Raiders have built a nice foundation to win this year on both sides of the ball, and for the first time under Gruden's reign, they have the potential to do it. Yet, Bill Parcells said, "Potential means you haven't done anything yet." Raiders now need to prove their potential equates to playoffs and Super Bowl this season. JUST WIN, BABY!

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders got the money with the contract adjustment to Nick Kwiatkoski, by converting his base salary of $2.885 million into a signing bonus, they created an extra $2.308 million in cap space.

3:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders are projected to have $55mm in cap space next year. Seems they could have easily tapped into that figure this year by restructuring 2-3 contracts.

I guess salary cap is only an excuse if you're lawyers and accountants are incompetent.

Also, just to confirm Mark Davis is not struggling financially, looks like he just contracted to build a $14mm mansion... not long after buying a Vegas basketball team.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why worry about Brown?

I woulds say it's a good sign that the young guns won the jobs. it would be a lot more worrisome if Brown needed to be depended on.

Coaches must feel the young guns are ready, now we will find out if they are.

6:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not worried about Brown. Brown was nobody to me before the Raiders signed him. I'm only concerned that the Raiders put all their eggs in the Ruggs basket, and have left no contingency, and not just for Ruggs to perform at a high level but in case someone important gets injured. Waller goes down and that could blow up the Raiders entire passing game. Who will take the role of being Carr's #1 target with 80-90 catches?

Clearly, we do not see the same thing.


Only five WRs whose career receptions total is barely higher than GPA for Delta House. Same group as last year. Snead brings nothing more to the table.

Bless their soles if they light it up, but that doesn't change the poor planning by Gruden.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY your pop warner comment is bizzare. Do you even watch football. TE and RB are a huge part of a passing game. Look at the Saints and Chiefs as two examples.

You are cherry picking percieved weaknesses rather than looking at the passing game holistically. Drake, Waller, Moreau, Jacobs and any combinaton of Ruggs, Edwards, Renfrow is a an awesome set of weapons for a passing game. Read any quality Raider beat writer like Tafur and McDonald and they say the Raiders are loaded with weapons at the offesinve skill positions.

Stop shitting on Renfrow he has become a weapon in his own right and is more important than Agholor in this offense. He is solid.

Sure based on one year Ruggs ranks 4th or 5th of 2020 rookie WRs, and that is dissapointing but I will wait to judge him. The larger point is that the Raiders are not doomed if he does need to match Agholor by himself. The Raider WR totaled about 2,200 yards last year and the offense was highly productive. It will be again this year pending the o-line and it wont need to total 2,200 again, I would rather they use the run game more.

Belly ache about something real like the oline unproven talent and lack of depth. Its like you woke up this week and said to yourself "I need to be more negative, I have run out of material I got it they let go of John Brown its a crisis" lol


8:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


You're full of excuses and deflections.

Outside WR is a critical position. Renfrow does not play outside. Having good RB, TE and slot WR are not excuses to undervalue outside WR... which is exactly what you're doing.

Apparently, you have a short memory. The Raiders spent the last 2-3 seasons signing WR after WR off the waiver wire with minimal results. Is that where we're headed this year?

This is self-inflicted by the Raiders. They will sink or swim with their decision to run so thin at WR. The waiver wire search for a WR is probably already red hot for the Raiders. When they sign someone right before the season maybe you will understand the urgency.

I find it comical how cavalier some fans, like yourself, are about the state of the Raiders in their fourth season under Gruden. On any other team, Gruden would be on the bubble to perform in his fourth year. Not on the Raiders. This is just another year of, "oh well, let's see what happens."

Poor decisions, poor management, poor drafting, and poor coaching have plagued the Raiders for way too long.

Looking for results. That starts off the field with smart decision-making and preparation.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I talk specifics you make the same boring negative and macro statements. Your once in a blue moon positive comments are so much more insightful. Really who the hell cares what happened with Martavias Bryant or Antonio Brown, move on.

In Gruden's offense WRs caught 44% of passes this year, why would they waste $$$ and a roster spot on a position that will not be utilized barely at all. That would be poor roster management. Look on the bright side they spent money on plugging holes on D KJ Wright, Heyward and Yannick while using homegrown talent on offense rather than spending dracft picks and big money. I consider that progress. Is that not a preferable route


1:23 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I still think Darren Waller can be moved to outside WR, and still put up the numbers he's been putting up. The point is, they have to show up and make the plays. Another thing Gruden has to consider with Ruggs, is using him properly. If you look at his college film, Ruggs was used more like the 49ers did Jerry Rice, on the slants, post, etc. namely going through the safeties. Ruggs is a speedy guy who offers more than the fly route (like he did in the Jets game). Gruden has to find a way to utilize speed, which he basically admitted in his presser the other day. He said the Raiders have a lot of speed on the team, he now needs to figure out how to utilize it. I say not just utilize it, but how to best utilize it.
I am excited for the season, and yet, still cautious. I loved what Mayock said. He is a big believer of what Parcells taught him, "Potential means you haven't done anything yet." Raiders have a lot of potential this year, now they have to go do it. JUST WIN, BABY!

2:06 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


What "specifics" have you offered? Sorry, I must have missed that post.

In Gruden's offense WRs caught 44% of passes this year, why would they waste $$$ and a roster spot on a position that will not be utilized barely at all

"WR is a roster spot that will not be utilized barely at all?" Did you actually type that? Big difference between 'not' utilized and 'barely' utilized. Either way, it ​proves my point. Raiders were weak at WR last year and may be headed for the same fate this year.

Let's drill down on the "specifics."

2020 stats for 2021 roster WRs

Ruggs..... 26 rec for 452 yards (2 TDs)
Edwards... 11 rec for 193 yards (1 TD)
Renfrow... 56 rec for 656 yards (2 TDs)
Jones..... 14 rec for 154 yards (1 TD)
Snead..... 33 rec for 432 yards (0 TDs)

Snead played for another team, and he plays slot, so he's behind Renfrow.

Raiders three outside WRs combined for 51 receptions, 799 yards and 4 TDs. That's not even a good year for one decent WR.

Raiders lost:
Agholor.... 48 rec for 896 yards (8 TDs)

You do the math. There's a net loss at outside WR... so your paltry 44% is in jeopardy of getting worse.

My central point has been very simple: Raiders had an entire offseason to secure a vet presence at WR at take some of the pressure of their unproven 2nd year players. They failed to do so, and now place incredible burden on a WR group that has upside potential but has proven nothing (see Nate's Big Tuna quote above).

The wing and prayer approach. Seems irresponsible for a multi-billion dollar franchise.

Here's another reality. Raiders are only carrying 5 WRs for a reason. They are almost certainly scanning the waiver wire for a vet WR. My guess is they will sign one asap. That's problematic because Carr will not have had time to work with a new wideout. It would be a desperate move after an offseason of inaction.

Plus, it would take a special WR to be plug n play with an unfamiliar QB.

So again, I don't know what 'specifics' you refer to but the math is pretty simple and the numbers don't favor the Raiders.

So it looks like we're going with a wing and a prayer... Raiders style.

Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders offense was top 10 but you are complaining. That is hating in my book.


5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously, Raider coaches believe the young guns are ready.

Gruden's offense is very complex, young players need time to learn it. last year, the team had no time to learn it, this must be considered. they had their one year break in period, and now they will show what they are made of, this year.

if the wr position fails, then that will be on Gruden and Mayock. If they do well, then the point is moot.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raiders need a starter and veteran at WR. Here are some guys who could help.

Jacoby Ford *

Jordy Nelson

Marquis Goodwin- Eagles?


Danny Amandola- Lions?

Dez Bryant (ex-Cowboys) *

* Raiders' News!!!!

They brought back TE D. Carrier so they dodged a big one and still have the best TE unit in the NFL.

* How many more FA veterans are Raiders going to sign? What NFL team won like that. Maybe the Colts when P. Manning lost all his starting WRs' to injury and still went to the playoffs.

*Linebackers Raiders should look for and trade for:

Kiko Alonzo- Eagles?

Donta Hightower- Patriots/ Maybe Ferrell and draft picks would get him to Raiders.

Travis Geothel- FA/ ex-Raider didn't get a chance to play on Reggie's teams.

* They still need some pass rushers they don't have depth and that could hurt them later in the season. Some FA's they could sign.

Tyre Coleman-FA/ 51 career sacks in college. last played football in '18.

(trade) Dee Ford- 49ers

Clay Matthews III- FA

(trade) Jordan Willis- 49ers/ would 49ers take Clelin Ferrell for Willis?

Cameron Wake- FA

Tak Mckinley-FA/ bring him back

Montez Sweat- Washington/ Maybe Ferrell, Richard and a draft pick would get him.

* Veteran safeties?

Karl Joseph-Steelers/ they could sign him off practice squad.

Eric Wettle-FA

Richard Sherman- FA/ he could be a FS and slot CB for Raiders.

* Again, is it a good idea to let Bradley pick the players they sign?

* Wow! is this another rebuild? Are we supposed to go by hype or as you said "By what I saw".

The Raiders again don't feel that speed is important. They didn't think JB was that important after letting Agholor walk. Now, Al would've gotten a fast guy to put in his WR unit. The RBs' are o.k. but KC has everything and much more than Raiders and- SPEED! A fast back up would've been nice but then again that's the Al system.

Wow! no speed and we have to play fast KC and Denver's fast D?

The DBs' well, maybe Mullen and Hobbs run the secondary. There isn't much speed on the team with I. Johnson in Houston-. And that safety position-wow! what a great move releasing Joseph. A guy with Johnson's size and speed could've gotten tryout at the FS spot.

Again, the media hypes the Raiders and the fans listen. Oh, we going to the playoffs we got a good FOUNDATION!?

The Raiders are talking success- building a young team with good vets and good coaching; They are building up a young team but they are loading up on FAs' as if they planned to have a team made of FA's. The Raiders/ NFL con Raidernation with promises and new stars from the draft and FA; with media/ NFL stories of Raiders coaching game plans that will make team win and stories of why the team is much better than it was supposed to be and is close to being a contender.

Maybe if the NFL would stop ADVISING them they could start building a good team. Oh, but meddling is o.k. as long as it isn't Al!!

If the Raiders win this year it would be the most different and boldest move. Building a team in almost a month with FA's and UDFAs'.

Wow Raidernation! what a fan base! that will support a team half run by people who hated Al!

8:14 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

if the wr position fails, then that will be on Gruden and Mayock. If they do well, then the point is moot.

I don't think the point is moot whether or not the WRs do well, or fail. It's fair to suggest the Raiders should be better prepared at WR (with contingency plan) going into the 4th season of Gruden's rebuild.

Sandy, the numbers speak for themselves. Being a top 10 offense on paper means very little. How did the Raiders go about replacing 8 TDs that Agholor caught last year? On paper, they didn't.

Plus, Gruden has said that he wants Carr to throw downfield more. He'll need WRs to do that, and more than ever he'll need pass protection from his TEs and RBs so that Carr has the time to throw downfield.

There are many nuances to having good WR corp. Suggesting the Raiders don't need top WRs because they barely use them, or they don't need them by virtue of being a "top 10" offense last year is copout... which I'm confident the Raiders would not agree.

It is what it is... the Raiders have placed all their faith in a WR corp that may or may not be up for the challenge, with little to no contingency.

As bad as the defense was last year (because Gruden kept his friend Guenther longer than reasonable), the Raiders may sink or swim this year based on the production of their inexperienced WRs.

Seems there's always a stumbling block that keeps the Raiders from succeeding during their epic drought since their last playoff win. My observation is just that, and I believe it's fair. What will the conversation be next off-season?

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Actually, we don't know how the Raiders replaced Agholor's 8 TD's and receptions until what they have proves that we didn't need them. That will start on Monday. We will see if the WR's are ready for that task, or if they need another year of grooming.
I do get it though, Raiders do need a savvy veteran WR that consistently breaks 1,000 yards a season. When was the last time we had a 1,000 yard receiver that wasn't a TE? Based on the last few seasons, we don't have that guy. But can these young WR's do that? We will see.
This statement irks me a little, NY:
"Being a top 10 offense on paper means very little."
First, we were not a top 10 offense on paper last year, we were a top 10 offense in the League during the regular season last year. "On paper" suggests that we had the talent to be, but weren't. No, we were. The only reason the Raiders did not make the playoffs is due to the defense, which we addressed. I think we were the first team in NFL history to have a top 10 ranking in offense, averaged 27 points per game, and not make the playoffs. They were ranked 30th of 32 in the league for defense. I feel the changes made this offseason will improve the running game, and improve the 5.9 yards/play average they had on offense. The improvements on defense will help us make the playoffs, especially if we keep near the top 10 in offense and the 27 points per game average. Could they get more? Sure, but let's see if we can get improvement with what we have first.
Second, being a top 10 offense does not mean very little, it is a huge thing. It meant little last season in the sense that the defense sucked, and we missed the playoffs. But the top 10 offense in the league is the standard the Raiders need to build on this season with. The Raiders were a top 10 offense with rookie WR's last year who were learning things on the fly. Now they have a year under their belt, they had time to learn the playbook in the offseason, and now they have a defense that I can pretty much guarantee will not finish 30 out of 32. All of this equates to playoff run. So, it may seem little to you, but it is a very big deal for us coming into the season.
Now, with that said, losing Agholor (our #2 in receptions last season) is a big deal, especially with the sense that we didn't replace him with anyone. But Ruggs started coming alive toward the end of the season, Renfrow has done a better job, Zay Jones looked good so far. I think if they can grow from last season and get open in the end zone this season, we will be alright. Again, they didn't have an offseason last year due to COVID, and that played a HUGE factor in their development. Now that we are past that, let's see what we have, and then make judgments. JUST WIN, BABY!

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate, Great insights. Just an average defense last year and they would have made the playoffs. NY always emphasizes the negatives and whitewashes the positives.

At this stage I take my chances on Edwards over Agholor he has far better upside. And don't sleep on the addition of Drake he is solid.

I also agree with you that the defense is much improved. Look at the linebacker room Morrow, Nick, KJ Wright, Littleton and Deablo that seems pretty solid and deep to me.

Regards Sandy

5:08 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Please don't mash my words and make like I'm suggesting the Raiders will be bad, or even worse than last year. My point is incredibly simple and I've broken it down 50 ways.

You guys like to speculate about who will be great this year. I get it, it's the same thing every off-season.

Again, my point is that smart decision-making is not always the Raiders strength.

Having a veteran WR in the mix seems axiomatic to move this offense forward. Not just for yards (and that highly regarded "TOP-10" ranking) but a reliable savvy vet who can at least mentor all the young WRs the Raiders have decided to go with, as well as provide a reliable target if all else fails.

Raiders have 5 WRs and there's not a savvy vet in the room. I think that's a mistake. It's not been well-handled by the Raiders and it may come back to bite them.

So, please, it has nothing to do with last year's ranking and nothing to do with the defense which has nowhere to go but up.

Playoff run is pretty high bar. It starts against a loaded Ravens team. That game will tell us a lot, including if Gruden was ready for primetime in his 4th year of this rebuild.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY you're wrong again they've signed David Moore a few days ago not much difference between him and Agoh[lor. You're going to have to find something different to bitch about


4:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Houston, we have a problem... in the 3rd round.

Bad trades and poor drafting have led to a recent vacuum in the 3rd for the Raiders.

Antonio Brown (traded 3rd rd pick), gone!
Arden key, gone!
Lynn Bowden, gone!
Tanner Muse, gone!

Raiders actually traded up in the 3rd round to draft Brandon Parker, and he's barely serviceable. He played some swing tackle last season and got benched.

Bryan Edwards was a 3rd rounder last year, and the Raiders selected Koonce and Deablo this year. Hopefully, these guys don't fall into the same curse.

3rd round has not been good to the Raiders... or maybe it's the Raiders that have not been good in the 3rd round.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I will gladly take KJ Wright over Tanner Muse right now. Muse wasn't fitting into the system, and that showed during Pre-Season. I wasn't too excited going into the season with Muse starting.
With that said, yes, third Round has been a big issue since Gruden got here. Before him, we had Gabe Jackson, whom Gruden let go this offseason. Shilique Calhoun, Sio Moore, Clive Walford, Eddie Vanderdoes (wasted), and Jared Veldheer. We've also had some pretty bad misses in the 3rd round as well. I think Koonce and Deablo change that trend in the 3rd Round. I'm pretty happy with those picks.
Where we miss in the 3rd Round, let's talk about our 4th Round picks of late and historically. We've seem to nail the 4th with some pretty big names:
Tyree Gillespie, Maxx Crosby, John Simpson, Amik Robertson, Foster Moreau, David Sharpe, Jon Feliciano, Justin Ellis, Miles Burris, Tawain Jones, Tyvon Branch, Jacoby Ford, Michael Bush, Rocket Ishmail, Torin Dorn, Steve Buerlein, Napoleon McCallum, Greg Townsend, Mickey Marvin, Cliff "Freakin" Branch, Dave Dalby, Clarence Davis, and Gus Otto (not to be confused with Jim Otto who was a 2nd round selection). Raiders have knocked it out of the park with 4th Rounders. Just Win, BABY!

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate, love your positivity especially juxtaposed against the sourness of NY.

NY you never ever talk about anything positive only negative even this issue could be looked at differently. We do currently have 6 LBs on roster who are all significantly better than Muse so I'm not sure why it's worth freaking out over that they had cut Muse.

We've known the Raiders have at times sucked at drafting the last few years, but as long as we have good players at the positions, why get worked up over it. The linebacking corps has not looked this good since we had William Thomas and Bill Romanowski.

Regards Sandy

12:25 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, that's going back a lot of years but there's a pretty obvious point to be made; the Raiders should not be consistently better in the 4th round than they are in the 3rd round. That's not a good look for scouting, coaching or anyone involved in the process.

Deablo was drafted in the same mold as Muse. After watching him in preseason, I hope he can play special teams because he's not ready for anything more.

Funny thing is, with roster changes being made right now, we sacrifice position players to open spots while we retain a 3rd QB that nobody wants.

12:49 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


Players are drafted for a reason. Muse was a reach when the Raiders drafted him. The Raiders have failed in the 3rd round with unusual consistency. IMO, it's worth pointing out.

I appreciate your concern over my posts but I have yet to find a pair of the same rose colored glasses that you breakout every off-season.

It's tough to only pat the Raiders on the back for job well done when, well, they haven't done their job.

Explain to me your expectation, so I can understand.

#1 Do you expect the Raiders to make the playoffs this year?

#2 Win in the playoffs this year?

#3 Or are you okay with another incremental year which we head into Year 5 of Gruden's rebuild? (Meaning there is no timetable for you.)

Every time you gloss over something it leads me to believe you fall into category #3.

I guess I can say your lack of concern for some of the Raiders shortcomings is as striking to me as your impression that I'm just being negative for the sake of it.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I can't answer for Sandy, but for myself. I expect the Raiders to not only make the playoffs, but to win the playoffs. Not this year, EVERY YEAR! I know that is unrealistic to expect that, but that is how passionate I am for this team. I think the Raiders have placed themselves in a position to meet my expectations this year. If not, I will be angry and complain, and will think that Gruden should lose his job.
This isn't another season for us to get acquainted and rebuild, it is time to JUST WIN, BABY!

2:31 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, I appreciate your sentiment but I think "hoping" or "expecting" the Raiders to win every year goes with territory of being a fan. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain everything and it's not realistic, as the Raiders have proven to us for the past 18 years.

I like to be a little more cerebral about the discussion and not be pinned into a corner of, "well, that can't true be because it's just too negative."

I just read an article that reminded me that Muse played at Clemson. That's a trap that the Mayock-led scouting have fallen into, reaching into the well of championship teams perhaps a little too often... Ferrell being the most obvious example.

3:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

So as to dispel any false rumors of my so-called negativity, I completed my FFB draft last night, during which I selected Carr, Jacobs and Carlson. I would have taken Waller but he was gone before I made my pick.

I plan to keep a close eye on Ruggs, Edwards and Foster Moreau for any potential sleeper activity. At least one of these guys has to shine for the Raiders to succeed, IMO.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect the Raiders to finish 10-7 (if Incognito plays at least 15 games) and miss the playoffs due to a tie breaker


6:22 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Interestingly brief yet specific. Not sure Incognito can stick for 15 games but your using his presence as a linchpin to the Raiders success implies you believe they have no depth on the OL... which I tend to agree.

Hard to believe there are so many variables and unknowns going into Year 4.

Inexperienced OL
Inexperienced WR corp
New defense

Still more questions than answers.

This Monday could be a day of reckoning. We will see if the Raiders can field a competitive team.

Without seeing a single play, I will predict 8-9 to 9-8. I don't think the Raiders are ready to let go of mediocrity just yet. I hope I'm wrong. 10-7 sounds more respectable.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders need to do something before season starts!

They need to make some big moves before the season gets to week two:

* D-line:

Guys like Tyre Coleman can't get a tryout and

Is Gruden friends with 49ers HC Shananan? Maybe he could talk to him about a trade?guys like DEs' Jordan Willis or Eddie Yarborough would help this team.

trade for Washington DE Montez Sweat or Colts' Margus Hunt.

There's some cheap FA's: Lucas Rice, P.J. Hall, Tak McKinley.

* They need a veteran WR:

Jacoby Ford is one of the old guys that might help this team. I bet if I said Marquis Goodwin you wouldn't complain about it. Ford had 4 special teams tds with Raiders but it wasn't good enough for Reggie.

Jordy Nelson, Goodwin, TP2, Amendola, or- D. Jackson (might be with TB).

* 3rd RB:

DMAC- size and speed 34 yrs. old.

Adrian Peterson 35 yrs. old

Please don't talk about age, they may've been talking to Marshawn!

Latavius Murray

* DBs' Raiders need veteran Saftey:

Carlo Thomas- look at this guy's college career.

Richard Sherman

Eric Wettle

Mike Mitchell

Jeff Heath- bring him back.

Raiders vs. Ravens what Raiders need to do:

Raiders have to stop Baltimore's run game.

Raiders don't need to worry about sacking Jackson just keep him from running.

A nice, passing game with the TE unit. then screens to try keep Baltimore D from targeting Carr.

Use Mariota, he might be the surprise the Ravens aren't ready for.

1:33 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This is no time to panic. It is was it is. Raiders have no salary cap space and they have shot the moon on the off-season player acquisitions. Raiders probably have enough squeeze left to pull off a few in-season FA signings which they will need as players get injured, or underperform themselves out of a job.

All I can suggest is, buckle up and get ready to rumble.

The waiting is over!

1:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This contrast is absolutely stunning.

During Al Davis's heyday, Raiders won 11 games in a season 11 times from 1967-85 -- beginning the run well before the 16-game era -- and were in 11 AFL or AFC title games. That's a span of 18 years.

Over the last 18 years, the Raiders have only one winning season and one playoff game, a wildcard loss to TX.

Wow! What a difference.

It's not a reach to suggest the post-Davis era has been a total failure so far.

It might be the curse of Jon Gruden. The last time the Raiders were successful in any era was when AL traded Gruden to Tampa. The Raiders have been bad since Gruden beat them in the SB and since his return.

It might be time for an exorcism.

1:33 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Incognito is injured and will miss the Raiders first game of the season.

Sandy, that doesn't lend well to your prediction of 10 wins if Richie plays 15 games.

The Raiders have no depth at guard. Simpson has struggled, and the Ravens will certainly try to exploit that.

Meanwhile, Ravens have a slew of injuries, with several players placed on IR. The difference is, the Ravens are perennial contenders and have two things the Raiders don't, depth and Lamar Jackson.

To beat Lamar Jackson, Raiders will need to stop his ability to run. No easy task for any defense, let alone a new defense and, otherwise, one that has a history of bad performances against mobile QBs.

The Raiders real advantage in this game is that it's the first game of the season. Anything can happen!

5:05 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Going back to the original topic of this thread, Aaron Rodgers may have proved today that he was not worthy of any blockbuster trade. He'll probably bounce back, i.e., if the Packers will let him. They may stick with the rookie. Lot's of off-season drama for nothing.

Raiders need to mind their own house. Derek Carr is the QB.

4:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Friggin' Browns had the Chiefs beat and botched a punt. Then Mayfield threw an INT with less than 2 minutes and potentially driving for the win. All AFC west teams won. Raiders could easily find themselves a game back of everyone after this week.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders need to come out firing on all cylinders the way the Saints did yesterday. The message needs to be, "Keep the offense full-throttle." Yes, the defense needs to stop Lamar, make him beat you with his arm; but the Offense needs to run the show today. We need to control the clock. Gruden cannot allow this offense to repeatedly go 3 and out in the 2nd and 3rd Quarter. He needs to keep the offense full-throttle. Much like how the Saints did the Packers yesterday.

So, where do DeShaun Watson and Cam Newton go? Does Cam reunite with Ron Rivera in Washington, especially after Ryan Fitzpatrick was hurt? Watson was a healthy scratch yesterday and the Texans went with Tyrod Taylor. Fans in the stands had signs saying they didn't need DeShaun anymore. Do the Bears, Dolphins, Patriots, Doncos, 49ers, or Lions go after one of these guys? I think the Bears or Redskins go after Cam. The Bears look dismal on offense and need a QB in a bad way; but they didn't look as bad as the Packers did yesterday. Hey-oh!

My thoughts for tonight. Raiders win 27-17. Defense looks swag, and offense takes big swings. The energy in Vegas is going to be lit, and the Raiders will be turning heads in the media; and we the fans should hold them for their negativity against the team. Bottom line, they have to go prove it. JUST WIN, BABY!

7:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Bears are grooming Justin Fields, and Dalton is their guy for that job because he's a vet and because he's willing to split snaps. So I'd be shocked if da Bears were looking for another stopgap. Makes no sense, IMO.

Cam Newton will likely have to wait for an injury, and he probably will only come in to backup. Both Watson and Newton are on their way out.

Would love to see the Raiders firing on all cylinders but this is perhaps the most unpredictable game I cam remember. Despite the fact that the Ravens are perennial contenders, Raiders are a wildcard in this (no pun intended) one and still have more questions than answers. Who knows what we'll see. Regardless, don't expect the Ravens to roll over. They are loaded with talent, especially, on defense.

Raiders defense will need 1-2 spies on Jackson. They can't just rush into the backfield and let him run for first downs. They need to stay aggressive but also very disciplined.

On offense, the first 1-2 series are scripted. Will Jon Gruden be (look) prepared? The Raiders have had two weeks to prepare for this game. Plenty of times last season Gruden's scripted plays came out flat.

Honestly, I'm not feeling good about this one. The Ravens are a well-coached, well-oiled machine going up against an upstart and improving Raiders team which will be finding its way in 2021. Not sure playing the Ravens is a good way to start that process.

With that, anything can happen, as we saw yesterday.


9:55 AM  

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