Sunday, November 22, 2020

Chiefs Gamenight Thread

 Do you believe in miracles? Can lightning strike twice?

We will find out tonight! This is a golden opportunity for the Raiders to make their biggest statement in ages. 

There are a lot of AFC teams with similar or better records, so despite being 6-3 entering this game, the path to the playoffs won't be a cakewalk. To be 7-3 after tonight would be huge.

Have to find that defensive aggression off the line that rattled Mahomes last time. Gotta play smart and physical. Mistakes to a minimum. If that happens, we've got a chance. 


P.S. Sorry about the missing game thread last week.


Blogger nyraider said...

Tough loss. The consolation prize? The Raiders are formidable. Having already lost to the Raiders, the Chiefs brought everything they had and barely survived the Death Star.

Derek Carr played his ass off!

Raiders receivers had a few critical drops (possibly the difference in the game). Raiders fans got a glimpse of what Philly fans saw in Agholor. Ruggs needs to be the guy who gets those opportunities next year, ala Tyreek Hill.

Lots of breakdowns in coverage but also some good breakups. I don't get why Arnett sometimes plays miles off his receiver. He should switch to deep safety. And Arnett playing coverage against Kelce, what's that all about?

When Robertson was drafted, I thought he'd be the steal in the draft. His college highlight reel showed him as being fluid and like glue on WRs. Yet, he's been over matched every time I've seen him on the field.

Abrams was the player that broke coverage at the end and left Kelce wide open in the end zone. He also cost the Raiders a PF on an unnecessary push out of bounds. He's a great player but lacks discipline at critical times. In addition to over pursuing plays, he regularly pushes players or hovers over receivers after the play. He's got to control himself more.

In the end, it's a loss, leaving the Raiders in an extremely crowded field of playoff contenders. This thing is far from over but the Raiders' margin for error just got razor thin.

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is not a lb on the planet who can cover Kelce, so you need to put a DB on him and we don't have a safety that can match up hence why Arnett was on him. He is not a safety he is a press corner and he looks solid given he has only played about 5 games so far this year

hopefully Abrams learns form his mistakes. the offense is dynamite and if Incognito and Brown come back it will be unstoppable.

Raiders will finish 10-6 and make playoffs

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

That was a tough loss! I'm bitter about the results this morning. Our defense only stopped them once, and not when it mattered. We saw a big reason why the Raiders needed Clelin Ferrell last night. He is the difference maker when it comes to stopping the running game. I threw up when the Chiefs had the ball in the 3rd Quarter for nearly 9:30 minutes on a 16 play drive. That was horrendous, and cost us dearly!

The Abram penalty shot put the Chiefs in a position to win the game, and he sealed it by breaking Cover 4. Kelce was his responsibility, and Mahomes was Kwiatkowski's in that situation. Arnette was pissed that Abram left his assignment.

Robertson looked lost on 2 plays last night. One was against Kelce, and the other was a pick while covering Ty Hill. He was covering Kelce until that mistake (early in the game) and they took him off. Other than that, he and Lawson were solid against Robinson and Williams and held them quiet all game. They finally moved Lawson to cover Ty Hill (after lighting up Mullen), and he knocked the pass, but Ty Hill made an unbelievable grab. Nothing he could do about that. All in all, Guenther has to go. Time to call Wade Phillips to be our DC. He is ready, and wants back in.

Derek Carr is amazing! He keeps getting better and better. His lone mistake came at the end of the game, and there was nothing he could do about it. How he is not in the conversation right now for MVP, or in the top 10 QB's of the League talk is beyond me. He has been consistent like this for the last 3 seasons now, and in 2016 (4 of his 7). He is firing dimes! Now he and Ruggs need to get on the same page and extend the field. It's shameful that Ruggs only had one catch for 5 yards last night. Raiders need him in the game, and I blame Chucky for that.

I think we will see the Chiefs again in the playoffs, and I hope we take it to them and knock them out. Did you see their press conference after the game? They are scared of the Raiders, and you saw it in their eyes! They know they will not be on top for long. Then, hopefully, we will knock the Steelers out after them. But for now, on to the Atlanta Crows. JUST WIN, BABY!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Oh yeah, another note. Brandon Parker did not allow ONE QB Pressure last night! I had to read that 5 times on PFF. BRANDON PARKER! Tom Cable has BRANDON PARKER PLAYING LIKE A PRO-BOWLER!!! MUCH PROPS TO CABLE, MUCH PROPS TO PARKER FOR ALL HIS HARD WORK!! JUST WIN, BABY!

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Raiders don't like to spend money now. Fans think because Al didn't win his last years that spending on ATHLETES destroyed team but why then did KC and 49ers go to SB and Titians and Seahawks constantly sign stars.

Steelers, KC and Cowboys are only teams who really build successfully through draft.

True, sometimes it doesn't work but Al had success sometimes and the NFL only wanted him to STOP spending so other owners didn't have to spend. We let sports media con fans into believing what NFL owners tell them- you don't have to spend A LOT to win- Al's system was bad and it was the reason why Raiders lost.

Steelers, Packers, 49ers and Pats don't spend a lot of free agents but that doesn't men others can't succeed spending.

Even after years of changing the culture and FIXING (?) the salary cap the Raiders refuse to spend on stars and Raidernation thinks thats how you build a team.

They just won't use their tight ends. Whitten and other tight ends need to get a chance to play.

The really need to do something about their D and maybe get another DC or have DC work with a new assistant DC.

Pass Rusher free agents:

1. TYRE COLEMAN!!!!! 51 career sacks

2. Cameron Wake

3. Clay Matthews III

4. Anthony Zettle

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3:35 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, Derek Carr is a different QB this year. He is playing at a much higher level than last year, going through his progressions and reacting quickly when he sees an opening down field. Against the Chiefs he was imitating Mahommes, scrambling and throwing on the run.

It's easy to attribute Carr's success to better receivers, or more confidence in his O-line, but I think Carr has a heightened level of determination. Perhaps he's still playing pissed off at criticisms thrown his way during the off-season. He's a leader on a field and an excellent game manager.

Raiders D had 3 stops, with forced two punts and a very timely INT. Obviously, that wasn't enough because the Chiefs still scored 35 points.

The way Carr and the offense has played this year, it's safe to say the Raiders losses are on the defense! Guys like Littleton and Collins seemed like smart acquisitions, but these guys have been silent. Morrow has outplayed Littleton at every opportunity.

Abrams is trying to do too much. I think he's frustrated with the rest of the D but it's only hurting the Raiders more when he's out of position. He had time to stay on Kelce and still make a play on Mahommes if he crossed the LOS.

P.S. I don't think the Chiefs are afraid of the Raiders. Far from it. Andy Reid said it best after the game, "I wasn't worried [at the end of the game], I have Patrick Mahommes." Mahommes is out there shattering every QB record in the books. They will continue to dial it up a notch when they play the Raiders.

4:37 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Broncos are playing without a QB today. They have a WR playing the QB position with a RB as emergency backup. Of course health and safety come first but, if and when this level of impact hits a playoff contending team, it will be tough to take the 2020 season seriously. Today's Broncos game proves it's already a reach.

For today's Raiders game, nobody should be fouled by the Falcons 3-7 record. They still have a high-scoring offense, which plays to the Raiders biggest weakness... defense!

After blowing coverage on Travis Kelce in the Chiefs final drive last week, it's time for Jonathan Abrams to step up and play team football, i.e., he doesn't have to cover every position on the field. There's still a wide gap between ranking PFF's 2nd worst cover safety in the NFL and becoming an elite safety. Closing that gap will require more discipline on Abram's part. I believe in Abrams and hope he will be the next Ronnie Lott.

Finally, the Raiders were 6-4 this time last year, and ended up 7-9 on the season. This year's version is a better team. By extension, the Raiders can't afford to fall back in record. This is a game they must win to keep pace.


5:39 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Looks like we are playing down to our competition today. Lots of mistakes, not testing the #31 ranked passing offense, and letting them get the better of us. SMH! Just Win, BABY!

10:54 AM  

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