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Texans Gameday Thread

 I am a little late to this one, but it’s now the fourth quarter and so far so good. Got to hold the line! Go Raiders!


Blogger nyraider said...

Tough loss. This one was within reach. Raiders had some tough calls and they had way too many penalties. Williams was great in his return but dropped a critical pass.

Funny, Carr threw more passes over the top today, and the TD to Waller was on play-action.
Hey, they got the memo!

No late game comeback for Carr today.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Would have been nice to win this one, and come home 4-3, but it didn't happen.

Tough loss to close out a hard, grueling, 5 game road trip, including one over seas.

A lot of home games left. Have to take advantage.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Lousy penalties on the Raiders in this game, and the fact that the defense was on the field for the majority of the second half was deplorable.

The TD at the end of the 3rd Quarter to make it 21-20; the Texans had the ball 7:57 for a 15 play drive. The Texans held the ball in the 3rd Quarter (2 drives) 12:29. The Raiders held the ball for 2:35 with one drive.

The Texans ended the game in the 4th Quarter killing the clock at 3:56, and held it for 8:18 the entire 4th Quarter on 2 drives. Raiders had the ball for 6:38 on two drives. So the entire second half, the Texans had the ball on the field for 21:47; and the Raiders 8:13. This game wasn't about the Raiders offense, but the defense not being able to make stops in the 2nd half.

I did not get to go to the game as planned, and I am ok with that. I had a family emergency that prevented me from going, which is why I disappeared last week after Wednesday morning. Everything is now ok for us.

NY, the Raiders used the Play Action because we got Tyrell Williams back, who is able to stretch the field more. Waller's TD on play action was the right call on the goal line too. The red zone is where play-action needs to be utilized more. Short field, defense playing up and will bite on the hand off, opening for TE or slot WR with a skinny post.

Renfrow with a HUGE 65 yard TD, Tyrell with a 46 yard TD, and Gaeron Conley in coverage on both. That is the biggest reason why Gruden pulled the trigger on the trade. Now they either need to build the defense to fit Guenther's scheme; or rid themselves of Guenther and get a new Defensive Coordinator and still build the defense to make a stop. The Raiders problems are not offensive, but on the defensive side and need to address these concerns along with a #1 WR.

I don't think our Defensive Backs are the issue, I think the issue is pass rush and linebacker play. Morrow looked lost, and other than Crosby and PJ Hall; nobody was getting push off the line. All 3 sacks should be recorded as assists from Crosby and Hall, flushing Watson into the arms of Mayowa, Hankins, and Key. PJ Hall had so much push on the tackle for loss on a running play, but was in the backfield all day. The same with Crosby, he had a tackle for loss on a running play, but was in Watson's face all game. Even got a garbage penalty for roughing the passer in the thick of it. All that to say, the Raiders need a solid and consistent pass rush, who is going to bully the offensive line.

Any way you look at it, the Raiders snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Now our first home game in Oakland in 5 weeks against the Lions. Not going to be easy with a pass happy offense, but the Raiders need to find a way, dig deep, and pull out the victory. JUST WIN, BABY!

6:57 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders are bringing back Brandon Marshall. There are still so many problems with the defense, which mostly collapses by the end of games.

Maxx Crosby has noticeably outperformed Clelin Ferrell and Arden Key. I'm stunned to find out that Ferrell only has a total of two tackles in the last three games, and he's played (on average) over 50% of the snaps on D. His edge play has been so bad that he's being moved inside on passing downs.

Key has 3 tackles for the entire season, and he's played significantly in every game. How's that even possible?

Ferrell and Arden Key have been the Raiders top defensive picks over the past two drafts and both have laid an egg so far this year.

Hopefully, Gruden will show the same patience with these guys that he's shown everyone else because the Raiders need to upgrade. No time to play favorites.

DE is still a huge priority for the Raiders.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you are hedging on Ferrell being a bust, am I right?

Key was a 3rd round pick and was considered a project player, Hall was taken ahead of him in the 2nd rd.

You said Miller was a bust, you said Hall was a bust, you try and predict at an awful rate.

Crosby is going to be a star player in the NFL, he has that it factor.

Ferrell needs more bulk, next year he will have more impact, no way does the team give up on him, he has the talent.

Of course the D still has problems, imagine the offense with a decent D next year opening in Vegas, it's all being setup for Vegas.

Mack lost again, draft pick starting to look good, that was a good trade. Mack is not winning a SB for anyone, so why should he be paid that way? A Rush DE is very important, but not QB important. Raiders will pick up another good player in the draft that will contribute as much as Mack did to WINS.

Raiders are looking better than last year and are on the way UP, some will keep crying like the SB was expected this year, but it wasn't. Progress is being made and the team is competing every week.

That Stadium in Vegas is looking really cool.

I am a Raider

1:55 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's unfortunate that you feel the need to make stuff up. I never said Miller or Hall were busts... only leveled some much deserved criticism on both of them last year.

I said Parker was a bust which, no offense, you absolutely denied. Please feel free to check back when Parker makes his mark.

Raiders had plenty of options with the #4 pick. They picked Ferrell. Sure, it's too early to make final judgement but he's been less than advertised.

Jags drafted DE Josh Allen and he has 7 sacks and 12 QB hits. He's exactly what the scouts said he was and the Raiders ignored their biggest need and picked Ferrell instead.

Key is making a strong bid toward being a bust. This guy disappears for games at time.

I agree Crosby is a player. Actually, the difference between Crosby and Ferrell and Key makes my point for me. Crosby is as raw as it gets and he's everywhere.

I'm pretty much over the Mack trade. I posted that after the Bears game. Very pleased Gruden got his redemption. If I had to pick between Jacobs and Mack, I'd take Jacobs right now. Doesn't mean we don't need Mack. He's as good as it gets at his craft.

Meanwhile, every time the Bears lose it's a win for the Raiders!

I'll be going to Vegas for a home game. Can't wait!

For now, the stakes are high and so too should be expectations.

2:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders released DT Corey Liuget.

See, this is the crap that bothers me. IMO, they should have had Anthony Rush on their roster, testing his skills at DT.

Rush was a standout in preseason and signed to the Raiders practice squad where another team grabbed him.

Rush was worth a look. Now he's gone.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Miller and Parker lend to the notion the Raiders still need to draft another tackle(s)... meaning the position that has already spent so much resource may still be a high priority.

I don't think there's any doubt that Tom Cable is a factor. Media had reported that the Seahawks' struggling O-line immediately improved after Cable left.

Mercifully, the season is almost over, but is there any plan or direction?

Plus, Miller was their #1 draft pick, which amounts to a one-and-done bust at LT.

Sure Trent Brown is better than Kolton Miller, but to have such little faith in your #1 draft pick in his second year is astounding. It's much easier to argue we needed a #1 WR than it is a LT - after spending the draft capital on Miller. Worse, the Raiders are left without a competent replacement for Mack. Flowers was the best edge rusher available.

Meanwhile, let's hope Mayock helps avoid the Miller/Parker mistakes of last draft.

PJ Hall has been disappointing from the start but I'm not sure Gruden is ready to cut bait with the 2nd round pick from last year... because he might also drop last year's 3rd rounder (Parker).

Just a few of NY's quotes....plenty more if I took the time.

I also saw many quotes of Gruden being 'out of touch' and over his head.

Also plenty of obssession over Parker who was a 3rd rd pick and a project at best, calling him a bust. He calls Key another bust in the 3rd rd. How many players make it from the 3rd rd to be good players? Not many. So calling 3rd rd picks a bust is dumb.

Hey NY, suck on that.

7:05 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


Jones, that post puts your obsession with me on full display.

I stand by what I said, at the time I said it. Nothing jaw dropping there.

Maybe you should go back and look at your posts which you gushed over Reggie McKenzie, Dennis Allen, Jack Del Rio and other failures as well as all those years you claimed the Raiders tanked their record to get better draft picks... what was that, like 15 years in a row?

But, hey, thanks for your thoughtful posts.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sure, so obsessed. Maybe you should get over yourself, just a little.

I gushed over Dennis Allen? It was you who gushed over JDR. And yes, the Raiders tanked last year, can't you tell the difference this year?

Go on, keep writing to yourself and think you are reaching a wide range of audience, with your genius takes.

You are the AB of blogs. You should be happy someone actually responds to you.

Talkin to yourself

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Miller struggles last year were due to a hidden shoulder injury that the team didn't talk about until the end of the season. He's been a beast now, and looks like he learned from Donald Penn tremendously. Locking up Trent Brown for RT put an end to the right side of the line woes too. This o-line is legitimately better than the 2016 o-line, and that is saying a ton!

Our defensive struggles are an enigma that I don't understand. How difficult is it to hit the pads, and get a push on the opposing O-Line that is going to generate QB pressure? We have some studs on the inside; but are pretty puny on the outside. The most important position outside of DE on defense is LB. LBs are the ones who create defensive chaos, and the Raiders are sorely lacking in that area due to injury, and a lot of playing the nickel. This is why I wish the Raiders would get a bigger CB to play the slot, and this is where I thought Obi Melifonwu would have been great, but he's on the Practice Squad in New England now. A big DB like him can play nickel in a way that will stuff the run too. I think that is what they were using Abrams and Joyner at the beginning of the year for; but if we had a big DB to play the slot in the nickel, it would help as well. It is great to see BMarsh back though.

A lot of calls to rid of Guenther, but I'd like to see what he could do with the proper roster on the defensive side before we oust him. A lot of injuries have hurt this team this year on that side of the ball, especially at DB and LB. Before that, defense was looking pretty good; especially against the Colts (when the injuries happened). An all purpose DE/OLB and a shut down CB.

It appears that the Raiders are going to address these positions in the draft again, and maybe free agency. Chase Young (DE, Ohio St) is probably the best DE in college right now heading for the draft. There is some depth at CB in the coming draft too. I have my eyes on Jaylon Johnson (CB, Utah), Trevon Diggs (CB, Bama), and Jeff Okudah (CB, Ohio St).

On the other side of the ball, we need a WR. Tyrell Williams is looking more and more like a #1; but we need a solid #2. Unfortunately, this draft is pretty slim in that area. Last year was the best class at the WR position, and the Raiders pretty much missed.

With that said, I am not giving up on this year. I am just forward looking at some of the glaring needs we have right now. A lot of season left, and if Gruden and the staff can get it together, the playoffs are not in the realm of impossibility for us. They are definitely showing that they are Committed to Excellence; all that's left is to JUST WIN, BABY!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO.......FIRED. Karma is a wonderful thing.

9:03 AM  

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