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Emergency Take: A.B. Edition

I didn't think I got HBO, but when the premiere of Hard Knocks approached, I was about to give in...Then I discovered that I've been getting HBO all along. Will wonders never cease?

(Side note: I've enjoyed my offseason absence and appreciate y'all keeping the lights on as always. I've been at this for 15 years or so now, so perhaps you can forgive me for losing a bit of steam lately)

I enjoyed the first episode of Hard Knocks. One of my main takes from it: Abram better be ready to back up his bluster. Cheeky is one thing, disrespectful is another. He's walking a fine line and he better be ready for his Welcome to The NFL moment once the games count. 

But that's not the real story, nor did Hard Knocks give us the real story on Antonio Brown. Oh, we got a lot of references to "foot problems," but no insight into what they were or how they happened. Now we know, of course. But even crazier is this whole "helmet" issue and "radio silence" news that's breaking today, look it up if you haven't seen it.

I don't know if it's all true, but there's too much smoke there for there not to be a pretty big fire. 

Honestly, I've been bracing myself for something here. Not just only because it's Antonio Brown, but also because it's the Raiders. Randy Moss, Javon Walker, etc. Our history with big splash WR signings is littered with clown show material, and so here we are again. 

That said, if these reports are true, it's gotten nuttier much faster than even the most jaded observer could have expected. 

Let's hope all the nonsense is confined to camp and that A.B. hits the ground running once the season starts, because if he doesn't, it could get real ugly. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you're having a good summer. The AB situation is depressing. He is taking Diva to a whole new level. That being said I'm sure he'll be there when the lights come on and he needs his game check. I sure hope so because he thoug me he might be a big distraction man oh man that one practice he played he absolutely torched the Raiders secondary he could not be covered, he truly is on another level athletically compared to your average NFL player, it was stunning to watch him in action.

On another note the thing that has impressed me about Hard Knocks is Richie Incognito the man is a beast.


7:36 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

15 years is a long time, RT, made longer by the fact the Raiders have sucked during that period (except for a brief moment). So, Cheers!

The AB thing is so absurd, I can't really give it much credence. If his diva is so big this gains more traction than he will confirm it was a mistake to sign him.

Your are spot on about Abram. His bluster is borderline disrespectful. He better have some chops to back that up. Gruden is definitely working with a lot of personalities.

I was impressed by Incognito's exchanges on Hard Knocks, but also concerned about reports he got burned by the Rams pass rush in scrimmages. This is part of what I feared about the guy; he plays when he wants to... but he might also be out of shape.

It's still very early to be making judgments... but observations are fair game.

Thanks for the new post!


5:21 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I finally saw the episode online. Good episode, Abram is definitely a character that is funny. He better back it up, because he is putting a big target on his back. Not much is being said about Clelin Ferrell, especially on Hard Knocks. I know Gruden has authority to say what is and what is not allowable on the show, and I think he purposely kept Ferrell on the down low. A lot of rookies were profiled, but not Clelin, except on a horse.

I am worried about Jackson, no reports anywhere, or updates on what happened. That is bothersome to me. The O-Line is my biggest concern coming into the season. I have no confidence in Tom Cable as the O-Line coach. My other concern is Chucky himself, who is now more of a TV celebrity than a head coach. That was shown with the banter between he and Abram about hitting players without pads. Abram was clowning Gruden like "You're just a TV Guy, and you're not a real coach" attitude.
He may have this attitude, because he probably watched Gruden on ESPN his whole life growing up. I'm still not sold on Gruden as our HC. This is a HUGE prove it year for the Raiders to me. A lot of the same ol' talk about how we are developing a tough team, and the Raiders are explosive and going to have a good year. They have to prove it.

Now the rumor about AB not wanting to play because the NFL banned his helmet style is concerning, but a lot of local media has said this is old news from OTA's. The reports that he keeps trying to bring in his old helmet on the field, in my opinion, is his way of clowning the staff. I think the silence on the team has to do more with the frost bite on his feet. My theory is he has had to have surgery on his feet, and the Raiders want to keep a tight lip on it. They expect him back before the season starts, and a guy like him who works hard probably already knows the playbook and doesn't need the risk of further injury in training camp. I am concerned that the frost bite is worse than first reported.

AB is a lot of things, but he is not a quitter. I don't see him "quitting" football because of a helmet. I think it is absurd, and I think the Raiders leaked that to take the focus off his feet and what is going on. One thing is for sure, the shroud of mystery is in full fog mode once again in Oakland.

12:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jackson has an MCL injury and is expected to be out two months. That probably means three months because he's a big dude and will need to get back into shape after the injury heals. He could be headed to IR.

Raiders will probably need to pick up someone off the waiver wire when cuts start, just to have enough competent bodies on O-line to start the season.

And as hard working as AB might be, he and Carr need reps.

2:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders finally have WRs who can make contested catches... including my preseason favorite from last year, Keon Hatcher. No way Hatcher makes the roster this year with the talent Raiders have at WR.

Brandon Parker is a bust! Raiders reached in desperation to draft him, and took two LTs at the top of the draft - because they understandably lacked confidence in Kolton Miller - instead of drafting another position of need. If he makes the roster it will again be out of desperation.

Turns out, decent backup QBs are hard to find. Even the Rams QBs sucked. Wasn't Blake Bortles drafted ahead of Derek Carr?

Raiders had some pass pass. Arden Key is quick around the edge. Good sign that he can beat Rams backups, but can he do that against starters?

Marquel Lee was everywhere. Dude took Mack's #52 jersey and became super-human. Burffict will be the starter but Lee should probably be on the field.

Lastly, dumping Chris Warren III in favor of Butler was a mistake, if for no other reason than keeping the mop-up sessions of preseason games interesting. The chip on Gruden's shoulder gets the best of him sometimes.

It's football season!

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parker, a 3rd rd pick and a back up, is a bust after 1 season?

Yes, on almost every team, when the 1st string QB goes down, so does the season?

Marquel Lee was terrible last night, what were you watching?

Chris Warren? You don't keep a young, out of shape player around to mop up pre season games?

The chip on your shoulder makes you stupid?

All this drama around AB is the push to sell Hard Knocks, all the hell hounds are circling AB because he does things his way. The helmet issue happened in OTA's but the hell hounds make out like it just happened. When it comes to shekels, the hell hounds sure get nasty.

Where's the beef?

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Marquel had 3 tackles and 2 assists, and one tackle for loss. Raiders had one sack on the game last night from Arden Key (again, against 2nd string), and 3 QB hits/pressures; so pass rush could still be a concern. All around, I don't think this is due to spectacular Raiders Defense, but a Rams offense that sputtered to get anything done last night. Blake Bortles, is well, Blake Bortles.

Mike Glennon had over 200 yards passing, but the 2 interceptions were huge. The one at the 2 yard line hurt the worst. I know Gruden likes him, and he can be an aggressive QB, but there is a fine line of too aggressive, and that is what happened on that pick. He was too aggressive to try and get a pass that wasn't there. He has to read those. He also under threw a few passes, one to a wide open Nelson that he could have taken to the house had he hit him in stride.

Peterman's QB scrambles were impressive. Reminded me of an early DC. Other than that, he wasn't that impressive. A lot of exciting WRs on the team. I was surprised to see that Hunter Renfrow was not even targeted once last night. Overall, a lot of short passes, and a few long ones; so it looks like we are stuck with dink-n-dunk.

Losing Gabe Jackson like that hurts. It happened after the fight too, so I am thinking the Rams did dirty on that. He was engaged with a guy, when another defender rolled into his legs. I know it happens, and it is football, but it is dirty football at this level. Definitely have to find a replacement soon (or at least for 8-12 weeks). Kirkland was also injured on a play, but came back in and played 60% of the game. Brandon Parker played 86% of the game last night, and with his performance, he may be cut. We didn't see our starting O-Line, but the back up showed why they are the backup.

I'm excited about Tey'von Coney, Mo Hurst, and Jason Cabinda. Those guys didn't play much last night, but made some noise on defense and special teams. I still want to see how Vanderdoes, Hankins, Ellis, and PJ Hall do when on the field with Crosby and Ferrell. I think Vanderdoes is the odd man out at DT though.

Bottom line the Raiders won their first Pre-Season game. The Cardinals are next, and I expect the Raiders to thump them soundly.

11:50 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, I thought I saw Renfrow targeted once, and he was mugged without a penalty flag.

Actually, it was ironic to see McVay challenge a non-call on pass interference against the Raiders, only to have the non-call stand. His team is the reason for this new rule.

Lee was quick and aggressive, and was around the ball a lot. He was QBing the defense and led the team in tackles. I was never a huge fan of Lee. In fact, I've been critical in the past, especially around the time Bowman was brought in. But Lee looked decent to me. I couldn't take my eye off him because he was wearing Mack's jersey.

Brandon Parker is a bust. You can bank on it. Fringe players ate his lunch. If he can't contain 2nd and 3rd string players after starting all last year and his so-called "strengthening" program during the off-season, he has no chance in the NFL.

Alec Ingold (4 catches) should supplant Keith Smith as FB. Ingold looks like a dynamic player who can run, catch and block. Stone-hands Smith is one-dimensional. He's a blocker. Period!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lee did not lead the team in tackles. Maybe you had love in your eyes because of his new number? Don't they call people like you fan boys? It isn't Mack's jersey any more.

Too early to give up on Parker, it seems you have your fav's to like and to kick as well?

your gone and out of this world

1:37 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Did you watch the game, Jones, or do you just disagree for the sake of it?

Who had more tackles than Lee on the Raiders?

Mack will go to Canton with his #52 jersey but, you're right, by that time it will be like he never played for the Raiders. His season MVP and record breaking two position all-pro year will be a faded memory, and hardly worth your time.

Personally, I was happy to see the #52 out there flying around like it meant something. Maybe it will inspire Lee to play better... looks like it already has.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Player Comb Total Assist Sck Fumb
Nevin Lawson 6 4 2 0.0 0
Alex Barrett 5 4 1 0.0 0
Marquel Lee 5 3 2 0.0 0
D.J. Killings 3 3 0 0.0 0
Anthony Rush 3 3 0 0.0 0

Gee, that took me all of 5 seconds, why can't you do that? Too stupid?

By the way, Parker played mostly RT and did a decent job. Just because some blogger says he didn't, and you parrot it.

Mack is gone, he didn't want to be a Raider, you are right, hardly worth my time and your worship.

Lee was very avg and your fan boy take is very revealing about how you look at the game.


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Parker did not do a decent job. On 3 plays in a row, he looked stupid and lost. The first was a pass play, the defender smoked him as he tried to lay a hit off the snap, and got around to pressure Glennon who had to get the ball out quick, and fell incomplete. The very next play was a run play, where Parker got off the line and left his feet to smoke a LB, only for the LB to juke out of the way, Parker ends up in the dirt with no block, and the LB takes the RB down (I think it was Butler). The third play he was called for holding, while giving up a shot on Glennon. If you're gonna' hold a player, you better not let him get a shot on the Q. Dude did not have a good game, and he fell way short of a decent job.

You did beat me to the Lee stats, he had an ok game but didn't lead the team in tackles. He was around the ball all night though, and compared to Brandon Parker, Lee had an excellent game.

BTW, the official game scorer showed Renfrow had zero targets and catches. He may have had the hot route that was taken away on what should have been a penalty, but the ball did not fly his way.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parker had switched from RT to LT at that point and it took him a few plays to adjust. He was steady other than those few plays. Lee missed tackles and was a couple steps behind the play usually.

Did I upset you by scolding your boyfriend? You seem just as dumb as him, you make a nice stupid couple. Maybe you two should get a room?


9:14 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Brandon Parker was not deserving of a third round pick, most scouts had him 4th or 5th round as a project. There were a lot of great players still on the board the Raiders could have picked there, and passed on. Parker played LT the entire game, and is listed as the #2 LT. It wouldn't surprise me if he continues to struggle that Gruden cuts him and finds another LT. Kolton Miller isn't fairing any better either.
I blame Tom Cable here. His lack of coaching ability and his lack of scouting is rearing it's ugly head again. Mark Davis should have told Gruden to find another coach.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should check out what you write, before you write it. Parker played RT to start and switched to LT.He did it again when Peterman came in. Are you really this dumb?

Miller is doing just fine so far this year....Dumb and dumber strike again.....trying to act smart and make themselves look even dumber, if that is even possible. No wonder this place is as dead as pedo island.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... Panty's trade mark...

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Go look at the depth chart, Parker is listed as the 2nd string LT. Played LT the entire game. Did you watch the game? Sounds like you didn't, or maybe you get confused when the team switches direction on the field?

Miller hasn't played in a game yet, but will this weekend. He has severely struggled in Training Camp, and struggled in the joint session with the Rams. Again, I think both can be better players, and this is where I blame Cable. I don't think he's a good coach, never have.

The one area that did not need to change on this roster was the O-Line, and that is the one area that Cable changes. He didn't like Penn, he didn't like Osemele, because they were not soft and hate the ZBS.

Gruden said he was coming in to implement a hybrid ZBS/Power system, and we still have yet to see it from Cable. Cable is a straight ZBS guy, and likes his O-Line to be finesse. Hudson can do both, which is why he is such a great player. Gabe Jackson proved he can do both, and he has learned a lot in his few years; and doesn't get as much attention from his draft class (drafted after Mack and Carr btw). Tackle is going to have to be addressed after this year, again. Miller reminds me of Robert Gallery. So much talent and is a smart guy, but cannot translate it in game time.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck, you are stupid .... ......see # 75 playing RT? I can see it, why can't you?

Miller has done well so far in camp, what reports are you listening to? Some Raider hater blog? Penn is done and Osemele is injured again. Are you going to start crying about Feliciano again? Mack? Cooper? Little snowflake is still mad?

Raiders are on the way up and you still whining like a little girl.....change your tampon.

Bloody hell

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going with NY on this as of now Parker does not look like a serviceable NFL starting tackle. Hopefully he improves but he seems very much the project he was viewed as coming out of college. Hence why they paid huge money for Brown.


5:49 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I thought the Cardinals wouldn't be that good, but I didn't think they would be this horrible. 26-0, Raiders have scored on all 4 possessions, and a safety just now. Anyone else think Kingsbury is over his head? I wasn't sold on Kyler Murray as a QB, and I bet he is wishing he stuck with the A's.

I am excited the Raiders are having an excellent game so far, and I am hoping that no one is injured this game. That said, I think that next week's game against the Packers is really going to show what the Raiders team may look like. Next Thursday is going to be a season indicator for me. It is also a special day, as my son turns 12. Just Win, BABY!

6:12 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Haven't had a chance to see the game yet. Might watch it later tonight. Saw the early 26-0 score and was really pleased. My guess is Murray is probably not that bad, and the Raiders are probably not that good, but it's a really good sign things are moving in the right direction.

I really believe Gruden would have drafted Murray had he dropped to the 4th spot. Thankfully, he did not. Everyone is looking for the next Patrick Mahommes.

Raiders are stacked at WR and have plenty of depth in the defensive secondary. Joyner looks like a great acquisition. A real leader and a class act.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Murray did not look good at all. He looked lost, and kept clapping his hands without the ball being snapped, which produced 5 false starts against him. Brett Hundley should be the starting QB for the Cardinals. I bet he wishes he would have played ball with the A's after last night.
To make it worse, Kingsbury looked lost as coach too, and it wasn't until after the 5th false start that he asked an official why, and relayed it to Murray. Should have been done after the first or second time; or he should have known as Head Coach what his QB could and couldn't do. The whole first half was Kliff and Kyler trying to play a college game. Cards are going to be terrible.
Unfortunately, PJ Hall is losing a battle against Ethan Westbrook for a DT spot. PJ has been battling an injury and hasn't shown much. He looked lost last night. I really like Hall, and am disappointed how he has come out flat this season.
Keisean Nixon led the Raiders with 5 tackles, Benson Mayowa was second with 3. Te'Von Coney had 1 tackle and 1 assist, but was around the ball. He's going to be a stud in a few years. The second half Raiders was very different than the first half though. The Raiders still need to work on depth, but I know that will come in time.
On to the next game against the Packers, and then the Seahawks. These 2 will be a barometer of where the Raiders are as a team going into the regular season.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nate, NY

What do you guys think of the play of Kirkland? He looks like he could start until Incognito and or Jackson are back. It seems to be him or Dervey who obviously has experience. The wild card is Good who has been activated.

I dont think Cotton makes the team.


2:45 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I think Kirkland starts on the Left Side, and Devey starts on the Right side. Another good sign is Denzelle Good is back from injury and getting into football shape as well.
Parker had a better game against the Cards, but again, Packer and Seahawks will be the litmus test, especially since it doesn't seem the starters will be playing. I agree about Cotton too, not sure he makes the teams, but that depends on how Good recovers and Gabe Jackson timeline.
Most of the time, a guy like Devey is kept as depth for multiple positions, while a few guys are cut. I think the line shapes out as: Starters-Miller, Incognito, Hudson, Kirkland, Brown. Depth-Cooper, Devey, Hunt, with either Good or Cotton. Right now Cotton has the upper hand, but it depends on how Good recovers. IR-Jackson. I am not sure if we see Gabe Jackson return this season.
Now another surprise is Bleacher Report recently reported that they feel Incognito may be a surprise cut because of how well Cooper has done. If that happens, Cotton could be a good keep; but I honestly would be surprised if they cut Incognito.

7:41 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jackson's injury is a bigger setback than Incognito's suspension. However, Raiders look like they might be able to piece together a serviceable line to get through the first couple weeks. Proof will be in the pudding. Can Miller stop pro edge rushers, and can the interior create running lanes for Jacobs once the "real" action begins.

Reports said 6-8 weeks for Jackson, but he's a big guy who will have to get back into football shape once his injury heals. IMO, best case is if the Raiders put him on IR with designation for return. That's like 8 weeks into the season. He shouldn't miss the entire season, but let's not pretend he'll be back during the first month. Plus, placing him on IR opens a roster spot. Raiders won't have much choice.

I can't imagine Incognito not making the team (especially with the Raiders lack of O-line depth). He can still dial it up. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Raiders pull a lineman off the waiver wire before the season starts.

Let's not forget who's coaching these guys... Tom Cable. Ugh!

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, Nate,

Thanks for the feedback. One player we are forgetting to mention is Sharpe. He looks like he easily beats Parker for the swing tackle roll.

Going to watch episode 3 of Hard knocks now. My favorite line from episode 2 was when Gruden was speaking to Peterman and said the following. "Hey sorry for being a dick....but I am a dick"


7:53 PM  

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