Sunday, September 29, 2019

Colts Gameday Thread

Well, we might already be at a turning point for the 2019 season. Go 1-3 and it starts to feel pretty grim. Make it to 2-2 and you feel like ground could be gained. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

The right team showed up today.
NFL officials used their bias to eject Burfict. 1 PF penalty should not have gotten him ejected.
D was tough against the run.
O hung in there, and Jacobs sealed the win at the end... just like he did against Denver.

2-2 is respectable... but it didn't come without drama.

2:00 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Let's hope we can't project games based on common opponents. Bears are handling the Vikings, despite losing Trubisky. Mack looks unstoppable.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares about Khalil Mack. We have Mad Max Crosby.

2-2 at the quarter mile, I will take it


4:58 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

We should care, Sandy, because we face Mack and the Bears next. This is the game I expect Carr to run out of pressure, see some screens and quick slants to stop/slow down the Bears pass rush. I'm really excited about the win today, we tried our damnedest to give it away. Erik Harris with the first interception, and returned 30 yards untouched for what would be the game winner.
Mad Max is looking good, and looking like a steal in the draft. Didn't think Burfict's hit should have resulted in an ejection, but it was the official in New York that made that call, not an official on the field. Ridiculous!
Now on to London to play the Bears. Would love a win against them. I know Mack is going to be playing lights out, and I have a feeling Carr is not going to want to be bested here. All in all, JUST WIN, BABY!

5:42 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Max Crosby is a pleasant surprise. We knew he was a gamer when he elected to get his broken hand put into cast so he could go back into preseason game. He put his hands to good use yesterday, deflecting two passes.

Meanwhile, did Ferrell have a single stat yesterday? Where has Arden Key been? These guys have disappeared.

It's a tough business. Von Miller just got his first sack of the year yesterday, but I imagine Miller is double and triple teamed regularly. Ferrell and Key can't make a stat around any blocking.

As good as the Raiders D was yesterday, they really struggled to get QB pressure. That continues to be an Achilles heel for this team.

5:02 AM  
Blogger Movie_Dave said...

Not only was he ejected on what appears to be questionable justification... though I have no issue with him being penalized according to the letter of the rule... it appears that he has now been suspended for the season. Awesome.

Movie Dave

9:00 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

ESPN is reporting Burfict will get a long suspension, perhaps season long.

There's no way yesterday's hit on the Colts TE is reason enough to justify season-ending suspension, or even multi-game.

Hate to say it but it's probably another example of an event the Raiders could have anticipated. The AB debacle was perhaps more obvious, but if Burfict was already on a watch list for a season-ending suspension, and he has a propensity for these type hits, then it wasn't a matter if, but when.

Losing Abrams and Burfict from the Raiders defense is about as bad as it gets. Unless Harris can continue to play out of his shoes at safety and practice squad LB pickups can step into an already weak rotation and perform, the Raiders D may not recover.

The Raiders relationship with Burfict may have ended in the 1st quarter of the 4th game. AB's ended before the 1st game. Albeit different circumstances wrt Burfict but these events are reminiscent of last year when guys like Johnson and Irving fled the team.

Apparently, there's no easy road to rebuilding this team.

9:25 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

They called it.

Burfict done for the season.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Total BS. There were about 3-4 hits this weekend that were worse. Season long is ridiculous, if the NFL treated every player like Vonatze you could not field a defense.

Our two hardest hitting intimidating players Abrham and Votaze gone for the season. What could have been sad.


10:41 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

While the Pats defender who hit Josh Allen in the helmet, and knocked him out of the game gets nothing. So stupid! Even if Burfict was not on the Raiders, this was not a season long suspension hit. The league is whack!

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Raiders need to be calling Brandon Marshall

1:01 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Agreed. Total BS. The league used its bias against Burfict and one-upped that with its bias against the Raiders. The Colts TE bounced right up... so the impact was minimal.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vontaze is a dirty player. However, he should not be made a scapegoat for the sins of the NFL. The league has an existential crisis cause guys who play end up with brain damage, dont blame it on Vontaze it is the game. Guys on D are trained to hit and rewarded for such. How about all the opioids they feed these players. Could LT, Lott, Mean Joe Green, Tooz, Tatum, Romo I could go on and on play in todays nfl and be half effective.

Nate it would be good to see if Marshall is okay to go.


2:18 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Great game by Raiders!! Feeling very proud to be a fan today.
fought hard on the road, strong effort til the end, and got the win.

With or without Burfict, Raiders defense not very good. Will struggle all year. Raiders must build a defense!!!!!!!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a more positive note.

This draft class is looking good. Ferrell will come around. Mad Maxx was awesome last game. Abram hard to tell after one game but seems to be a major piece going forward. Jacobs all pro in the future. Renfrow lets see but he is making the occasional play. Moreau flashed last week in the passing game and seems to be solid as an inline blocker. Mullen has seen the field and even Doss caught a pass.

Yes much of this is due to the Raiders rebuilding mode and player turnover and lack of depth. However, this many rookies starting or getting time and producing is encouraging.


7:49 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Apparently, Mack has a chip on his shoulder. He told media that he has been looking forward to playing the Raiders.

Hope the Raiders have some plan to stop Mack and the Bears' pass rush in general.

Bears have 17 sacks (ranked 2nd in the NFL). Mack has 4.5 which is about the same number as the Raiders have as a team (5 total). Mack and the Raiders team are both on pace for about 17-18 sacks on the season.

The Raiders D line with Ferrell, Key, Hall, Hurst, et al is NOT getting it done. Raiders have to be among the worst teams in the NFL in terms of QB pressures.

Coverage was a little better this week but the Colts dropped 6 or more passes right in their receivers' hands. We know how that can effect a game.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Mack is looking to give the middle finger to Mark Davis and Gruden, and to be honest, rightfully so. But the way to beat Mack and the Bears defense is simple. A healthy dose of RB/WR screens, RB draws, and quick slants should stop the pressure of the Bears defensive rush. Start the game with the heavy hand of those plays, and get the defensive rush on their heels to set them up for the running game and long ball. That should be the offensive game plan here. This is where we should see Jacobs, Richard, and DWash go off on these screens. We know that double/triple teaming Mack doesn't work, so the way you beat defensive power and speed are quick offensive plays.

DC's jittery feet just tripled in effect knowing that he has to face Mack. A great way to calm him are these quick plays. The Bears secondary is really untested because of the pass rush. With the LBs also rushing, the Bears rely on the DBs to cover the short-mid passes. The Raiders cannot end up in 3rd down situations where they need 7 or more yards.

The Bears are going to be without Trubinksy at QB, who was injured against the Vikings; but this does not make it any easier for the Raiders because of the Bears defense. We know what Mack can do, and he has made the Bears defense better around him (just like he would have done with the Raiders). I don't think I can ever get over this trade, I'm sorry Sandy. In fact, I don't know which move was worse: Trading Mack or Drafting JaMarcus Russell over Megatron/Todd Marinovich? This is one of those games where Raiders' fans are hoping for the best: which is coming away with a healthy Derek Carr and O-line.

12:19 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

If I'm Gruden, everything I call in the Bears game would be unconventional. Reason being, the Raiders cannot afford to be predictable. Running on first downs is not going to get it done. Look what the end-around did this past Sunday.

Do some roll outs! Fake a punt! try an option play! Get the ball to Waller... the best receiver on the team by far.

The Raiders offense cannot go toe to toe with the Bears defense. They have to be smarter.

On the other side of the ball, Raiders should play closer to the LOS. Bears will pass underneath the coverage... which the Raiders have been giving way too much cushion. Don't let them. Make them throw deep and blitz more.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your guys strategy is missing the most important element.

How about 25 touches for the best player on the raiders, the best player from the 2019 draft class and dare I say a top 3 RB (stats say its true) in the league---JOSH JACOBS

The interview below with Romo is must watch


5:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

thx Sandy. I'll check out the Romo take on Burfict later. Here's a summary I thought was interesting about Ferrell and Key. These guys have done nothing this year.

"Between [Ferrell and Key], they played 88 snaps. Ferrell played 85% of the snaps and Key 54%. And their combined total stats was one assisted tackle. That belonged to Ferrell who was given credit for a tackle that Josh Mauro actually made.

Ferrell was also flagged for off-sides that gave the Colts a first and goal at the 8-yard-line, missed a tackle on a 6-yard run to set up a conversion on third and short. Key was just flat out invisible. If it wasn’t for Maxx Crosby, the Raiders would be getting nothing from their pass rushers."

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

There is a reason I left handing the ball to Josh Jacobs 25 times off the list. The Bears have the #12 pass defense in the League, giving up 229 yard/game. They have the #4 Rush Defense, giving up 246 yards on the ground in 4 games, averaging 3 yards per carry. They have the #2 defense overall, the Patriots are #1 (but they have played the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, and Bills; the last game they should have lost).

You can hand the ball off to Jacobs 25 times, and the stats say the Bears are going to give him 75 yards, but that is not going to work. If a RB has the ball 25 times, he needs more than 100 and a few TDs. RB/WR screens and quick slants will open the seam in the middle for the TE, or a post route; and slow the speedy defense down. Once that happens, it will open up the running game and other aspects of the playbook. You can't devise a whole game plan of running the ball against this team.

NY, Hankins and Hall are consistent in getting pressure on the QB as well, even though they don't have a lot of sacks to show for it. There is no outside pressure though. If the Raiders can figure out how to get outside pressure, along with DT pressure, then they will generate more sacks. The problem with Ferrell is they have lined him up in the DE and DT spots on both sides of the ball. They need to let him get acquainted with one position and develop him there, then move him around the line. It is frustrating to watch. Josh Allen is looking like a pretty good miss right now.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Clelin Ferrell is in Concussion Protocol and unable to practice. Tyrell Williams did not practice due to a foot injury.

There are reports that the Bengals should trade AJ Green. If they do, I hope the Raiders go after him, and hopefully it pans out better for them.

Let's see, so far the Raiders traded for Brown, signed Burfict, and signed Incognito instead of drafting a WR, MLB, and RG. So far it has worked with Incognito, which surprises me; I thought he'd be the first to go. I think the story that is getting lost with AB is this: As soon as the Raiders signed Burfict, they started having "issues" with AB. Go back and look at AB's interview when asked about playing on the same team with Burfict, a guy he's had issues with in the past. Even though he says the right things, it looks forced. But the facts are, from that day forward, he gave the Raiders issues. I think signing Burfict is what essentially cost us AB.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoy most of your posts and insights but your last sentence seems worthy of fox news/conspiracy level nonsense.

So you are saying AB is not really the issue it was all due to Vontaze and if only the Raiders had not signed him AB would be scoring touchdowns right now for the Raiders and behaving well---sexual assault issues aside? I suppose the problems in Pitt where just an aberration as well.

Nate, get back to your deep dive player personnel suggestions this is too much. BTW if you listen to the Carr interview today that can be found on ESPN, Vontaze is loved inside the Raider locker room.

AJ Green is 31 and past his prime and a fa next year. Who else you got for this season. Next year there should be some good WR in the draft.


1:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's pretty obvious that AB is only interested in AB. That door closed when the Raiders pulled his guaranty.

In terms of running the ball 25 times and Raiders get a win (or a chance), that sounds wonderful but unrealistic, IMO.

Bears held the Vikings to ~40 yards rushing and sacked the QB 6 times. That's the same Vikings offense that tore up the Raiders defense.

Bears defense is as good as any team in the NFL. They have yielded an avg 15 pts per game.

My strong prediction is, if the Raiders try and go toe to toe and play smash mouth with the Bears, they will get what they deserve... a beat down.

This is why the Raiders hired Gruden and paid him $10M a year. Right?! He's supposed to be smarter than other coaches.

The Bears have a better team than the Raiders... Period!

Gruden and the Raiders will need to outsmart the Bears. Ali wasn't always the toughest fighter in the ring but he was always the smartest.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The line is 4.5 this is not as big a mismatch as you guys think. As I said the Raiders can win this because the Bears offense is horrible. I like the matchup of Trent Brown against Mack in the run game. When I said 25 touches that included catches. Jacobs is the key. Avoid turnovers, no gimmick plays necessary.


4:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

What we've learned is that each game the Raiders let their guard down it becomes a humbling experience. Bears lost their starting QB, so the Raiders might get lulled into a simplistic approach... like running the ball 20-25 times.

But there are other reasons besides Mack to believe the Raiders won't be able to run against the Bears defense. It's pretty simple. Bears will stack the box and force the Raiders to win over the top... something the Raiders defense should also do, btw. Raiders WR corp is weak and inexperienced. FYI, Davis, whom the Raiders just acquired has approx 9 career catches, which is as many or more than Doss and Renfrow combined. And Williams, Nelson and Harris have all been on the injured list.

Honestly, both teams have issues on offense (which is why the spread is only 4.5), but the Raiders have issues on both sides of the ball.

I agree it's a winnable game but, IMO, it will come down to coaching. If Gruden feels giving Jacobs 25 touches is the path to success, he'd better be right because it's painfully obvious the Bears have the advantage against the run (and short pass).

Bears D averaging 60 YPG allowed against run, and only allowed 40 yards to a Vikings team that torched the Raiders on the ground the week before.

4.5 points may be all the Bears need to win this one.

Certainly not an outcome I want... just being realistic. Gruden needs to be smarter than usual.

10:26 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, here's an article (vote) for running the ball. Jacobs is among league leaders in forcing missed tackles. He doesn't seem that big and has never been a workhorse but he is clearly making his mark.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending NY. Jacobs is amazing after 4 games the best pick in the draft for sure. I think 00 remarked he ran like Emmitt Smith, you can see that in his low center of gravity and how many tackles he breaks. Imagine what this guy is going ot do once Gabe gets back and he has a few more games under his belt so he can get integrated in the passing game. He has only 3 catches but is averaging 19 per.

Given the lack of WR on the team the Raiders need to ride Jacobs on Sunday. Carr dropping back anymore than 25 times is a disaster waiting to happen.

If Akeem Hicks does not play, Jcobs gets 25 touches, the Raiders don't turn it over and force 1 they win.

Have a good weekend

10:39 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jacobs is surprisingly strong with, like you say Sandy, a low center of gravity. He's a pleasure to watch run the ball.

If he gets 25 touches (run and pass) and the Raiders get a win off his back, I will gladly tip my hat.

I would still love to go into this game with a few surprises up Gruden's sleeve, and with Gruden ready to make adjustments.


1:17 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Today's game is especially meaningful, not just because it's the first time the Raiders face Mack, but because the Raiders still stand to get a draft pick from the Mack trade... something which the Bears devalue with every win.

So while there are many elements of the game worth mention, the pressure is really on to:
1) not allow Mack to embarrass the Raiders (which he is very capable of doing).
2) not drop to a losing record on the season.
3) not devalue the trade for Mack even more by handing the Bears another win.

Honestly, #3 is the most important. Raiders traded for Mack before last season and had no idea where the Bears' draft picks would fall, thus, no concept of the true value of the trade. If Bears make it deep into the playoffs and Raiders fall to another top 10 draft pick, their 2020 swap of Bears 1st rd for Raiders 2nd rd might be only a few picks apart... and we will have traded Mack for one 1st rd pick and a bag of chips.

This is arguably the most important game of the season!!

Raiders can add value to their trade draft pick today!

So which Raiders team shows up today?! The Raiders that beat the Broncos and Colts or the Raiders that were handled by Chiefs and Vikings?

Calling Kolton Miller!


7:32 AM  

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