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Colts Gameday Thread

We shall know soon enough. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

Carr looked better until the 4th quarter, then it was back to dink and dunk with time running out, again! It looks by design, so that stupidity might be coming from the sideline (Olsen?).

Turns out, Lafell is better at getting open than Cooper, and he doesn't drop the ball. Might actually be an upgrade.

Doug Martin looked good, until he didn't. Leonard is a rookie LB and he schooled Martin, who was not securing the ball in traffic. Raiders are extremely week at RB.

I've said many times that I thought Lynch had a target on his back when he was on the field... because he was only on the field when everyone knew he was getting the ball. At least today the running game had an element of surprise to it.

Raiders LBs were awful. And, again, there's no pass rush at all. Raiders had like one QB hit the whole game, and that was on a blitz.

Indy TEs were huge mismatch for anyone in a Raiders uniform. That's a recurring theme.

Next up, 49ers. Let the race for the #1 pick continue.

But first, the trade deadline is Tuesday. What else does Gruden have up his sleeve.

Gruden might as well finish the job and trade them all!

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I read on PFF that Luck was not touched by anyone on the Raiders defense 24 out of 31 plays. Carr had 3 TD passes, and rushed for 1, if you think he's the problem, you're not watching the games.

Defense is deplorable, not from coaching, but from player standpoint. How did we regress? Tahir Whitehead was suppose to be an upgrade, and he's a tackling machine, but sometimes he looks lost out there.

Trade deadline predictions:

Bruce Irvin, Gaeron Conley, Karl Joseph, and Gabe Jackson (who is struggling with ZBS) will all be traded, or possibly cut. Bruce Irvin doesn't even look to be trying anymore. Makes me sick. Eddie Vanderdoes would be on this list if he wan't on IR. I hope if we make these trades, we get talent and not picks though.

Carr and the offense did everything they could to win, but the defense couldn't shut it down; until Doug Martin coughed it up. Conley was burned a lot yesterday, so not sure how that affects his trade status. Big ups to the offense, who operated better without Cooper and Lynch. Jalen Richard is outright a beast, and has played better under Lynch. I think he learned something, and hope he continues to improve. He is one of the most exciting players to watch on the Raiders right now. Explosive every time he touches the ball. Big ups to him.

Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were both fired by the Browns today. I'd be okay if Hue replaced Olsen as puppet OC. Gruden calls all the plays on offense, so the 4th Quarter dink-dunk-crap calls are all on him. But it makes me wonder if Olsen designed them because it is so vanilla. Overall, still not liking the coaching; and I don't understand what they are trying to "build". If it is a culture of losing, then I understand it. If they are trying to win, that's where I'm lost. JUST BURN, BABY!

10:41 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Guenther's defense is a complete flop. Like Gruden, Guenther is trying to force a square peg into a round hole, by forcing players into scheme instead of playing to their strengths. But some players are just bad.

Damien wrote:

"Whitehead was the only LB with 20-plus pass-rush snaps without a pressure and the only LB with 100-plus coverage snaps to allow a perfect passer rating when targeted (158.3). Yet it is Whitehead that leads the team in defensive snaps with 380 according to Pro Football Focus."

So the worst defender is getting the most snaps. That makes sense.

Damien also made the point that 5'10" DBs were being used to defend 6'5" TEs. Something other teams will continue to exploit until the Raiders figure it out, and put an athletic LB on TEs.

Here's article:

12:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sorry, the article author was Carl Cockerham; not Damien.

12:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

What else sucks for the Raiders is, while other teams are already making coaching changes as a result of poor performance, the Raiders coaches are all going to get a pass this season and possibly longer, despite their awful coaching.

The Raiders obviously can't, or refuse to, coach to players strengths. So next year they will infuse a new era of Raiders players who they believe can play to their schemes, including zone blocking.

Sound familiar?

It should because we've already gone through this process, and it failed miserably.

I just have a bad feeling that guys like Greg Olsen and Tom Cable are not the answer for the Raiders. If they are, then why not bring back Hue Jackson too? He's available.

While another test of ineptness will come this week against a QB-less 49ers team, the Raiders coaches probably won't be challenged for their incompetence for another 2-3 years. Gruden made sure of that by completely dismantling the team.

It will now take several drafts before this team can be graded.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Nate, I agree, I hope Raiders keep Carr and build up offense around him. Richard is a good start. Now need other playmakers to add in.

The defense is another story. Used to be Mack + ten statues. Now just eleven statues. Really bad. Not much on this D to salvage. Been waiting a long time for a good front seven for Raiders. They just can't seem to locate the talent in the draft.

Hopefully Raiders will add more picks at trade deadline. they will need them. Must build a whole new defense. Plus need 0-line, Wide receivers, more speed in general.

Question is, between Reggie & Gruden, who can find the talent ? I'm worried about this structure. A failed GM, and a novice GM. A split scouting dept. from hell. Have to get the ship sailing smooth before the draft. Can't blow these picks, or else Raiders will badly stink up Vegas.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I am dressing up as Jon Gruden tomorrow for Halloween, and trading all my co-workers for draft picks.

8:40 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I didn't even realize the Packers picked up WR Keon Hatcher. That kinda of exemplifies Gruden's season so far. After Hatcher caught 3 TD's and lit it up the final pre-season game, Gruden vowed to keep Hatcher on the roster. Then Gruden cut him. Gruden does the opposite of much of what he says. Players must love that.

Hatcher is no huge loss, but it would have been interesting to see him play, instead of, say, the many veteran players that have been willingly fleeing the team.

3:03 PM  

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