Monday, December 16, 2013

One Postgame Take

Showtime, it turns out, was shameful.

We gave up the most points in the vaunted history of the Oakland Raiders. We gave up the most points in a single game in the NFL this year. We gave up four passing touchdowns to a single running back, the first time that's ever been done in the NFL. 

How is it that our defense, which looked like a strong point earlier this year, has suddenly become as soft as a marshmallow over a campfire? How does that happen?

Fair or not, it doesn't reflect well on our coaching staff. Dennis Allen's background is in defense. Tarver was being celebrated eight weeks ago for whipping our defense into shape. Now they are both presiding over a defensive grease fire. Last year, the Raiders gave up 55 points to the Ravens. That means that two of the four highest point totals ever yielded in the history of the Oakland Raiders have come under their tenure. 

Amazingly, this game was close for a few seconds. After a shockingly inept start, our offense started piling on points. But the defense quickly made it moot.

McGloin tossed some amazing passes, but also some amazing interceptions. He looked alternately awful and sharp. Right now, I see his career taking more of a Josh McCown direction than a Drew Brees one. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't bank on it.

We need to develop a cornerstone quarterback, pronto. Look at the perennial contenders in the NFL right now, the Seahawks, Patriots, Colts, Ravens, Niners, etc. Throw in perennial contenders and Super Bowl winners having down years like the Steelers and Giants, and teams on the rise like the Panthers and Eagles. All of them are helmed by quarterbacks they drafted.

Sure, you can hit the free agent jackpot every blue moon like the Saints did with Brees. You can change your fortunes with a guy like Alex Smith. Or the stars could align and Peyton Manning could become available. But by and large, the blueprint to success in the NFL has been written. You need a franchise quarterback, and that typically comes through the draft.

As for what to do on defense, well, if you can't tackle or cover screen passes, I give up.


Blogger nyraider said...

Whether or not you want to blame the players for lack of execution, that was not a demonstration of good coaching.

In terms of QB, I completely agree. I don't think the next great Raiders QB will signed through free agency. McGloin will need to get better if he wants to be any more than a stopgap in the process of finding a QB.

I would also go back to what was suggested here at RT, that we should draft or sign a center and move Wiz to guard. Center is too critical a position to make the kinds of mistakes we've seen.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we really want to draft a qb when out defense is so horrible? I feel a good D makes a young qb. Not that
I feel great about what we got at qb but it makes sense to build the trenches and the D then draft your leader of the future.

Angelic Raider

9:49 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Fair point, Angelic. But I think that the NFL has become a scoring league, or more specifically, an outscoring league. I think you have to consider building your identity around your offense.

Our defense showed earlier this year that it is capable of stopping folks. Why they can't do it now is beyond me. But some of these players, with some additions in free agency and the draft, could be made into a capable defense. We need to be able to move the ball, avoid mistakes and score lots of points. Reece and Jennings, Holmes and Streeter. Some building blocks are there. We need a franchise QB.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Looking back, maybe we shouldn't be so surprised by what is happening.

The Raiders were in shambles.

A rookie owner, hires a rookie GM, who hires a rookie HC.

Now we know that rookies will make a lot of mistakes.

And there is no strong hand in the Raiders organization, that can guide the rookies through their learning curves.

So what I think has happened is, the rookie trio of Davis, Reg, and DA, have been overwhelmed by their mistakes.

And any of the good they have done,(they have done some good things), has been wiped out by their mistakes.

But clearly, at this point, the Raiders are headed in the wrong direction.

Instead of showing promise of a bright future, they are setting records of futility.

Sliding backwards at light speed.

Sorry to say, I think Davis has to wipe the slate clean again.

Novices stumbling around in the dark is not cutting it.

IMO, the Raiders need EXPERIENCED, people calling the shots.

We need a blueprint, and not one drawn up by Mo, Larry, and Curly.

So yeah, RT, we can all agree, a franchise QB would go a long way in fixing the problems.

But do you really have faith in Reggie finding that special QB, and DA in grooming him ?

I don't.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Right now, I have to say my faith is shaken.

I'd be inclined to keep Reggie and see what he can do with more cash and another draft. I think his grade is still incomplete. But urgency is now banging on his door.

As for DA, I'd say his grade is quickly going from incomplete to questionable. You can blame the roster all you want, but this roster was at least competitive not that long ago. Now it looks like a clown show out there on defense, and the QB handling has gotten almost bizarre with this cycling of Pryor into the games at curious times (like yesterday, right after McGloin was show signs of life, in comes Pryor).

If DA goes, then that's one more thing Reggie's going to need to get right in 2014, selecting a winner has a head coach.

We are not heading into the magical year three on a high note right now, that's for sure. There are a couple of games left to show some life and momentum.

12:44 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not trying to stir the pot here (and everyone knows I've been mostly in support of retaining Dennis Allen) but was Allen the DC of the Broncos when Jason Campbell-led Raiders scored a franchise record points against them?

If so, that would place Dennis Allen on the wrong side of both Raiders franchise scoring records.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I think that was 2010, prior to him coming to Denver.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Yeah, McDaniels and Tebow led the Doncos that year we busted 59 on them. That was the most glorious day for me in the last 11 seasons, btw.

If Allen stay, then Tarver has to go. His inconsistency as DC is earth shattering. If they fire Allen, then they need to bring in a veteran HC. The only problem is that it will be tough to pull these veteran coaches out of the announcers booth, TV stations (Dungy, Gruden, Billick, Cowher).

Unless there are some veteran coaches who lose their jobs this offseason. Coaches like Coughlin, go after Jack Del Rio, Kubiak, Wade Phillips (who if he is not hired as Houston's next coach will not stay as DC), or we can try Bill Callahan/Hue Jackson 2. But you see the problem is, none of these coaches really stand out. Some people will throw Wisenhunt here, but he really had trouble in Arizona, except for one year; but once he lost Haley, it was over.

The most intriguing of this list, and the one I would be fine with, is Jack Del Rio. But Jack Del Rio never was able to get Jacksonville over the playoff hump; but he had them competing every year he was there.

Coughlin has 2 Super Bowls in NY, but his regular season record is nothing to gawk at. Wade Phillips is the Norv Turner of D-Coords turned HC.; rather have Wade. Not a very stellar coaching scenario.

Rex Ryan is also on the hot seat; but again, not very stellar; but maybe it's the Jets ownership. Lovie Smith, Romeo Crennell, and Mike Martz could be just as intriguing. Ok, not so much Martz; but with the way the League is geared around protecting the offense; it would be interesting to see what he could do.

We could also go with seasoned Coordinators for the HC job like Greg Roman or Vic Fangio of the 9ers; Dean Pees or Don Martindale of the Ravens, or Todd Bowles of Arizona.

Again, if Allen is let go, then Jack Del Rio should be the first person contacted. I wonder if Mack Brown would coach in the NFL? HAHAHA!

In reality, I think Tarver needs to go; and try and bring in a veteran DC like Wade Phillips. The rumor here in TX is he won't be the HC of the Texans and will be looking for another job.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the 59-14 game. Greatest day of my 25 years of rooting for these guys!

Angelic Raider

2:38 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sorry, I lost track of the timeline. That was a great day for Raiders fans... just as yesterday was a tough pill to swallow.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teddy Bridgewater

7:11 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I've been very disappointed with the regression of the D. In 4 of the past 7 games (Eagles, Cowboys, Jets, and Chiefs), the unit was torn open with no answers.

For the most part, it has been a healthy unit that should have gelled and improved as the season carried forward. It is a real head-scratcher.

9:15 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I agree. I could be more forgiving on the other side of the ball where they had turnover in coaching last offseason, injuries across the O-line and at skill positions, and multiple QBs, the latest of which is a rookie FA.

With Allen and Tarver in their 2nd year together, I think it's fair to be more critical of the D.

In his PC, Allen said they called three different plays defending three screen passes that all went for TDs. Turns out, they were guess wrong on every call! ...not sure what to make of that.

4:07 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Looks like Raiders lost Tyler Wilson, who has been or is about to be signed off the Raiders PS by the Titans.

From the media:

"By signing Wilson now, the Titans can get the former Arkansas star under contract just before the offseason begins. It’s possible Wilson could compete for a reserve role in 2014."

This is exactly what the Raiders need to do now; sign players off other teams' practice squads to begin their offseason now.

There is plenty of opportunity to open roster spots; McFadden to IR being one.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Bridgewater is unsure if he will enter the draft, and is leaning toward returning to college.

I think that would be smart on his part. A lot of 3 year QBs do not fare well in the NFL, and have a more difficult time adjusting.
I wouldn't expect Bridgewater to be there at 5-8 (which is where we are projected to land); even if he does enter the draft. I think Jacksonville would take him if he's in the draft.

McGloin made some rookie mistakes against the Chiefs, things that are coachable and fixable. Looking down your WRs is a no-no in this League. He may have gotten away with that at Penn State, but not in the NFL. But that comes from unfamiliarity with the WRs and with the check downs. I think Olsen was trying to bring aboard more plays than McGloin knows, and it came at a cost; and not a favorable one. But the Raiders need to see how McGloin is going to progress; and the only way in doing that is to bring new plays and see how he handles them. Right now, he needs to study them more. This is the time to do that, and Allen even said they would be doing this.

I think this may be another flaw of the coaching staff though (I think Allen, as HC, is the one pushing for these new plays). This type of thing needs to be done in the off-season, not when you're trying to win games. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) applies here. Keep it simple enough to collect the "W's" so you can build the confidence of your team, and take that as the building block into the next season. By adding new plays and expecting young guys (especially a young, undrafted, rookie QB) to perform well with that tells me that as a coaching staff, you have written off this season.

I like Olsen, he has shown us something; and has brought a stable element to an unstable offense. I'm not sold on Tarver. I think it is time to cut ties with him, especially with Wade Phillips and Dick Lebeau possibly not returning to the teams they are currently coaching.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"In his PC, Allen said they called three different plays defending three screen passes that all went for TDs. Turns out, they were guess wrong on every call! ...not sure what to make of that."......

Seriously? You ever think that the players need to make a play? You want the coaches to play the game and coach the game too? The players have to make plays, blaming the coaches because the players aren't making plays is, well, RIDICULOUS.

Raider sites show some Raider fans have their heads cut off, running in circles screaming FIRE THE COACHES.

The season is over, evaluations are now at the top of the list. It doesn't matter if they win now and it has no baring on next year because that roster is going to look much different to this one. Yes folks, this is when the REAL rebuild begins.

Last 2 years was JUST GETTING BY until cap hell was over. NOW IT's go time, once the season ends, the Raiders are going to be in the news with new signings A LOT this off season. MORE TALENT will make the coaches look MUCH BETTER.

But go ahead, cry for more coaching changes, it just shows you didn't learn a damn thing from the last regime that messed this franchise to it's knees.


8:49 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Raiders have close to 60 mill in cap space to garner talent....I don't know if Reggie is looking at raiding practice squad players...I think his sites might be a bit higher than practice squad players to fill the roster.

The Defense is done, the players are beat up and mentally done, no depth to spell them and now it is really showing. They have kept the Raiders in most games this year, they have had a below avg Offense to try and cover for, for most of the year.

Coaching puts this Defense in many 3rd down situations...but this D has the worst 3rd down percentage in the League, if I am not mistaken. That isn't coaching, that is a D that doesn't have the playmakers to shut down the 3rd downs. That's not on the coaching.

Give these coaches some good talent and depth and see what they can do. Calling them garbage because they didn't coach up a garbage roster to the playoffs in the top division of the AFC....really, what did you expect? No really, what did you expect?


8:58 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Jones - easy fella. I’m not clamoring for coaching changes (just the opposite), but it's fair to assume Allen might need to do better than break franchise records for futility if he fully expects to come back next year. Fans deserve better!

Not everybody has your immense powers of prognostication.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Allen isn't doing it on his own, is he? I thought there were other coaches and players on the team? Does Allen tackle? Run? Pass?

I tell you what the fans deserve and got and totally ignored as well as by the 'media'.

Mark Davis came right out and said it, these last 2 years were a deconstruction. Now that the money issue is done, he said the reconstruction can now begin. So to declare the coaching a bust when it's only been involved in the deconstruction...well, it's not complete, is it?

How bout giving Allen a chance to improve his record with a stable roster that has some playmakers and depth? Funny how all the fans think they can judge this staff or HC by watching them just on Sundays/not practise with a roster thrown together as a patchwork.

This team has been coached well enough for the most part, they have been close in most games, showed fight and for the most part have not quit.

What we are seeing now is the Defense being worn out and the fight being taken out because of the roster and depth/losses issues. D is missing tackles, assignments and lack of depth is hurting.

Give these coaches some talent and give them a fair shot, pulling the hook now would just set this franchise right back to where it was = flipping coaches and never gaining stability.

Learn from past mistakes, do not repeat them, otherwise, you just become that abused, redheaded, stepchild. Is that what you want?


10:51 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Not everybody has your immense powers of prognostication."

Yeah, right. Mocking me again? Funny how you all take runs at me, but I am considered the bad guy.

For the most part, I have added truth to this blog and some accuracy and all I have received is name calling and mocking and treated as if I were the asshole. ..I try to help give a balanced view of the Raiders, some just don't want that, right Steve? Phil? Sandy? RT?

Proven record, over time that shows I do know.....yet, you still won't give me that credit or listen to my words because???????IT's CHRONIC, people are so mixed up, they run from the truth...that's what this world is...enjoy.


11:12 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

A new year brings with it a hefty $60M to $70M budget to begin a sizable talent re-construction job.

As the off-season progresses and the new 53 man roster is being built, it should bring renewed optimism to hopefully MANY Raider fans.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Nate Bridgewater would be foolish not to go pro now. He will be the first qb taken maybe first pick overall. He can not improve upon that by going back to school. Look what happened to Barkley why should he take that chance.

BTW Bridgewater is a ten times better pro prospect than Barkley.

I think he would be a great pick for the Raiders to help turn things around. Its not like the Raiders will be good next year so and seasoning he needs can take place as the team improves

7:47 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

You are right, Jack. We will watch Reggie do his thing and he will do it well. There will be a few mistakes because it happens to ALL OF them, especially when making as many moves as Reggie will make and has made.

So strap up, this is what we have been waiting for. It will be Reggie's team by the start of next year, Allen will have his seasoning and it will be full engines ahead. If you aren't aboard the train might want to jump on, if not, get out of the way, you will only slow it down....MOVE, you dumb bastard.


8:44 PM  
Blogger x said...

I'm not one of those guys that's unhappy with the QB handling and mixing Pryor in for a series or two. He had a great chance to play and get better in the first half of the season and he was regressing. I'm impressed with the way McG pushes the ball upfield, mistakes and all. Remember, he's a rookie.

I'm also not for continuing the coaching carousel. Sure DA and staff have made some mistakes, but unless the players totally quit on him these last two games, they should return and get a chance to take advantage of the better talent if the cap money is well spent.

Like CJ, I'm surprised by the lack of performance on the defensive side after looking solid early on. They could have really used Branch back there. I read where Ross is the lowest rated strong safety in football by performance.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Adding significant talent to each individual unit to provide an upgrade, depth, and fierce competition will make a HUGE difference. On top of that, there are individual players who are blossoming in front of our eyes in spite of the struggles. I see guys like Moore, Rivera, Holmes, Streater, Watson, and yes, Hayden, as building blocks to a better tomorrow. Throw in proven FA performers into the mix and you've got a MUCH stronger overall talent base.

Keep DA/McKenzie and the majority of the coaching staff. Upgrade positional coaches when a better one becomes available. Establish stability and create fierce competition and let's see what we've got in 2014.

9:58 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The last several games have been very disappointing. I really expected to see some improvement (progress) this season, particularly toward the end of the year. Yet, arguably, the Raiders look worse now than they did to finish out last season. Remember Pryor starting against SD and making a game of it?

Allen says every week that the players and coaches are up for the challenge but, clearly, they are not.

That said, I am ready to go into the offseason and witness the re-tooling, again.

I do find it a bit ironic (discouraging even) that for all the attention placed and changes made on defense last offseason, we still need more players to fill holes on that side of the ball.

So we've kind of gone from turning over our coaching staff every year to turning our roster every year... I know, I know.. talent pool, money, time... I've been saying it myself. But it rings a bit hollow with what's being seen and spoken right now.... again falling back on the expectation that this team should be better now than it was the last game last season and the early part of this season. I didn’t think that expectation was too lofty.

So it looks like the coaches and players have shut it down for the this season and will be playing strictly on making evaluations for next year.

Therefore, my “new” expectation for the next two games is two more blowout losses to end the season. Maybe we will glean some nugget from those losses that will help propel us to greatness next year.

Go Raiders!

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you guys going to say when the Raiders suck again next year? Will you still blame the old regime the lack of talent? Or at that point will you blame Reggie and Dennis. It seems to me that there is no foundation of talent in place except for a couple of players here and there not of which are all star level. Not sure how the team is better next year.

What about qb what shoudl they do about that? Because if they go into the year with McGloin and Pryor they will for sure suck again

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

"Raider Nate Bridgewater would be foolish not to go pro now. He will be the first qb taken maybe first pick overall. He can not improve upon that by going back to school. Look what happened to Barkley why should he take that chance.

BTW Bridgewater is a ten times better pro prospect than Barkley.

I think he would be a great pick for the Raiders to help turn things around. Its not like the Raiders will be good next year so and seasoning he needs can take place as the team improves"

For one, Bridgewater is seriously considering returning to NCAA; it is being reported by everyone because he said so.

#2. Which is it, he will be the first overall pick, or he will slide down to the Raiders? Currently Jacksonville has that slot; and I don't think they are going to trade down; especially if Bridgewater decides to go pro; and especially since Jacksonville needs a QB worse than the Raiders.

#3. Barkley is a failed USC QB, more than John David Booty and Mark Sanchez. All hype, no bite. Bad comparison.

#4. I said it would be smart on Bridgewater's part to return because if he doesn't feel mature enough, or doesn't think he can handle that right now, then he needs to return to college. I'm thinking if he returns to college, he is more concerned about his future, and knows he can only play football for so long.

NY, saying that the coaches and players have shut it down for the season really bothers me; and that is the attitude that needs to change with this team. It is demoralizing. We could have really shook up the AFC playoff picture by beating the Chiefs. We can still do so by knocking down the Donkeys; and by punching the Dunder Dolts in the face this weekend. Playing to make evaluations for next year is straight up pu$$. They know what talent they have, they brought them in. Save evaluations for the offseason and film; and play the damn game with a chip on your shoulder.

It's not time to quit, it's time to punch your divisional rivals in the face because you're pissed off that you know you're a better team and should be in the playoff hunt but missed a few opportunities. If the coaches pu$$ out on like this, the players will too. NO EXCUSES! This is why I'm losing faith in this coaching staff.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

It would seem that this regime is now looking at next year. Maybe they have been pointing at this timeline from the get go? Would you rather they win 2 meaningless games, or, have a prime pick to work with in this upcoming draft? The higher the pick, the more Reggie will get if he trades down again. I think Allen is tired of having a 'get by' roster and is looking forward to having some meat on the roster.

These past 2 years...never before in SPORTS HISTORY have we seen what is happening/circumstances in Oakland. NEVER BEFORE, I think this regime has handled it well and should continue through with many new signings this off season.

By the time September comes around next year...I will bet it will be the most JACKED the Nation has been in a long it.


9:48 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not on board with blowing games for the sake of draft picks. Never have; never will be. I don't see much integrity there. I expect my team to do whatever it can to thrash divisional opponents on their way, or otherwise aspiring, to the playoffs.

Conversely, losing games the way the Raiders have lost the last few weeks perhaps doesn't send a very promising message to soon-to-be free agents and college draftees. I don't know.

At some point during the next several weeks, or months, we will probably hear from Mark Davis. In the end, his opinion is all that matters.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Ask the Colts who now have another franchise Qb. Ask the Pittsburgh Penguins when they tanked to draft Mario Lemieux. Tanking has been around for a long time and if it's in the best interest of the team to do it....integrity gets you nowhere when you at the bottom of the heap. Integrity my ass, do what is best for next year, this year is OVER.

NY = "doesn't send a very promising message to soon-to-be free agents and college draftees. I don't know."....

I agree with your last 3 words.


12:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I see, Jones. You prescribe to the "Gary" method; when the season is lost, lose out and improve your draft position.

I wonder if Mark Davis is on board with that? Also, the players who are on the field risking injury, particularly the ones that hope to get a fat contract next year.

Have the coaches and players been made privy to this? Is that your explanation why they suck right now?

12:57 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

It's the only explanation I have for what Allen did on Sunday with McGloin. McGloin had gone 4 for 4 and had the momentum going in their favor, what does he do, he pulls him and puts in Pryor? Puts McGloin back in on 3rd and 7. That move made no sense at all other than a HC trying to pull his team back, IMO.

Maybe the players recognize it and this could be a reason for their drop off...players understand it's a business, the team is doing what they think is best. Players also knows it happens in this business, that teams will tank at times and I gave you 2 clear examples of it.

Yeah, NY, Gary was just so wise and had such great perspective, I really had to emulate his METHOD.

Gary didn't make up that method and I gave you examples of Pro teams doing it. But you LABEL it as myself prescribing to this method...and you write that I just want to pick fights....hypocrites, it's what you are.

IF you have a roster full of semi starters, you need as many starters as you can get = draft picks and FA's.

Winning the last 2 games means NOTHING in terms of NEXT YEAR other than draft position.

Mark Davis has already spoken, or did you miss that one? He stated that the RECONSTRUCTION BEGINS THE DAY AFTER THE LAST GAME THIS YEAR. If that doesn't tell you the mentality, then I don't know what else there is to write to you about.

Obviously you are pretty clueless in what you are looking at and listening to.


1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Davis is boob what else is he going to say we suck. Its not all the players fault and its not all the coaches fault. They share equally in the blame. There is a reason top coaches get so much money because coaching matters. Having a good HC is more important in football than any other sport.

Its hard to know if Allen is competent given the terrible talent on the team. However I think the body of evidence that exists is enough to conclude he is far from elite.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

He hasn't had the material to work with to make that distinction. Great coaches don't win Super Bowls with mediocre rosters.

The great coaches have always had great players. Look at what Madden had to work with when he was was an allstar roster. Look at Chuck Noll, allstar roster. Don Shula, Tom Laundry, Vince Lombardi....they won when they had great talent...they also won when they were with a SOLID FRANCHISE/Ownership/GM.

Dennis Allen is a young man in Football coaching terms. He has had 2 years under extreme circumstances as a HC. He will now be able to feel like a real HC because the Org is now NORMALING OUT.

He had his training the last 2 years, to fire him now? Talk about wasting 2 years on a guy....give him a chance and Reggie will do that. If Allen is fired = nothing has that what you want?


2:33 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Its not all the players fault and its not all the coaches fault. They share equally in the blame"......

Why does there have to be blame? Why can't you just understand what happened?

The team had to make a roster with just under 70 mill...that is 53 players at under 70 mill. Rest of the teams were close to 110 mill.

Not only that, the roster was almost fully turned over on D and at this time, the O has many new players too.

Players signed 1 year deals are now understanding that this year is done and some won't be back.

Some of the fringe players (like Ross) know they will be toast after this year because of the cap situation and better talent being brought in.

Yeah, it's in a state of flux again, but WTF can Reggie do about that? Like Mark Davis said, it had to be done and they did it and they knew it would be painful for the fans and them as well....think of the pain as BIRTHING PAINS, cause here comes a shiny new baby in the near future...and now the reconstruction begins.


2:44 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NY...Mark Davis has come out and clearly sstated that these 1st 2 years were the deconstruction....that he knew it was going to be painful, but it had to be done.

He clearly stated that the reconstruction begins after the last game of the year...why hasn't RT done a column on that? Cause it doesn't fit the agenda?

Moves Reggie have made shows that he was looking at this 3rd year as the year of true building. I am sure Reggie has communicated this to Mark and obviously Mark is onboard.

Mark's comments show their mentality was directed to the 3rd years as the TRUE rebuilding of the ROSTER begins. He flat out said it and not a peep.....Raider fans, get off your knees, the begging is over, stop crying and get on your feet, rise up you whiney bastards and get behind this new look Raiders...that or get out of the way.


2:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

You're on a roll, Jones. Sometimes you can actually be amusing.

I don't think Davis has a choice but to allow McKenzie a 3rd year. I have stated that since the beginning.

My concern recently has been the face plant Raiders seem to find themselves in at the end of every season, looking no better than the year before. If that's the price of progress, so be it, but it doesn't sit well... and neither does losing games for the sake of draft positioning. Of course, if the Raiders, by some miracle, happen to win one of their last games, that will blow a hole right through that theory.

If true, I wonder why any fan would pay to go to next Sunday.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Why would most fans want to go to the Coliseum when the 4-10 team is out of it and just admitted that these last 2 years were just a tearing down after 10 years of disgusting before that?

They need the fans to come out and they made a somewhat competitive team this year....In hindsight, they didn't have much of a chance with injuries, lack of depth blah blah blah. And they could have made 7-9 if things went their way...but, they didn't.

It's done, over, time to move on and think about tomorrow. Like Mark said, it starts the day after, there should be plenty to write about all off season because this is an offseason like no other.

Reggie HAS TO SPEND that money by League rules, Mark has already committed to spending to the limit. That is a lot of talent sitting in cap space right now, we get to watch as player after player is signed....this season is done....sooner you let go, the sooner you will get excited about what is coming down the tracks.


3:20 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

DA isn't throwing games. If he suffers two more blowouts, don't be surprised if the axe falls.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

How do you know that, RT? Are you in the meetings with Reggie? It has happened throughout professional sports history, the only ones that truly know, are those who make the decisions.

That move to take out McGloin reeks of it. What coach would take out a QB that just went 4-4 and drove the team down the field with ease? Then call 3 dumb plays that made Pryor look like a fish out of water? Explain that one, even a pee wee coach wouldn't pull a hot QB.....why would Allen? Looked to me like a deliberate attempt to break momentum. Go ahead, mock me, call me whatever = refer to the track record.


3:30 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Mark Davis prior to the Chiefs game:

"We’ve got games to play and the evaluation continues on everything.
These are division games; these are important games; at some point in time, these are the games we have to win. We’ve got to do this right. This is when it gets real.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jones if you think Allen and Reggie are purposely tanking then you should advocate for them to be gone.

That would be disgusting, dishonest and a complete slap in the face to every fan and everything Al and the Raiders stood for.

Jones also were you not the main guy commenting here about what a great job Reggie has done constructing a competitive roster out of nothing with no resources blah blah, especially on defense. Are you not standing by that statement anymore?

I guess Reggie in two years has not acquired any good players since according to you its not the coaches fault.

I hope the future holds something good. I sure don't see any promise

The coaches suck, there is about 3-4 quality starters, the worst stadium in the NFL, a dumb ass owner. The team does not make money. How anyone can look at that and see a bright future is beyond me

4:25 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

LOL, that is your 'proof'....? RECONSTRUCTION BEGINS DAY AFTER THE LAST GAME OF THE YEAR. = Mark's words.

Evaluation as far as players, who REALLY wants to be in Oakland? If a player is humming and hawing, he won't be back, IMO. Who do they want to keep?

Coaches...I am thinking Reggie wants stability there going into the 3rd year, no way he tosses Allen. Can't say that about assistants because we don't see their working relationships.

Do you see Reggie hiring a big name with a big long contract and ditch Allen with a couple of years left on his contract? If so, Reggie will be pulling rank on himself, a big name coach wants big time pull. It doesn't make sense.


4:40 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

It's because the needed steps are being taken towards a winning team. Some can see that, it seems a majority can't.

Reggie put together a decent roster for what he had to work with and in 1 off season to put it together. He has pulled players from out of nowhere to become solid starters for this team this year.

This roster was competitive for the most part, they could have made 7 wins with a few breaks. Look at the expert's idea of the Raiders before the year started...were the Raiders that bad? Not even close, IMO.

Lots of injuries to a roster that has no depth helped kill it. Look at the O-line, Pashos, McCants...guys like this were brought in and did decent.

Running game was much better and with an O-line that never got any continuity...that is good coaching. Wr's look improved, found a solid RB in Jennings. Qb is another ? but there will probably be a move or 2 there.

D is flat worn out, no depth, Burnett, Ross, Porter, Jenkins are toast. D-line is thin with no pass rush now that Houston has flattened out. Worn out, tapped out, you can see that when they play. More studs needed on the D for sure, IMO, coaching got a lot out of this group on D. Earlier, they had moments of being dominant, injuries, lack of depth really hurt them.


4:55 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

By Mark's own words, we can see the Raiders were in JUST GETTING BY mode. It was keep your heads above water, Mark said he knew it would be painful for the team and the fans. THIS IS THE REALITY OF IT.

Now it is time to take off the ball and chain and move forward rapidly. Crying over this year as a disaster is showing the Raider Nation isn't as KNOWING as they believed.

BIG PICTURE is now here, this is what Mark was referring to in RT's quote that he provided. Reggie has the wheel, stop with the backseat are not there yet.


5:16 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I think the team and coaching staff are putting everything on the line to win each and every game with jobs at stake, pride, and trying to improve.

I have witnessed maximum effort and no one "tapping out".

In the big scheme of things, I'm not concerned about whether we have the 4th or 5th pick of the 9th pick.

What I desperately want is a team with stability, talent, and a unified vision to do everything possible to build a SB contending team and have sustained success.

Despite all the negativity in the Raider Nation, I'm genuinely excited and optimistic about this upcoming season. The Raiders organization is FINALLY in a position to build a winning team.

9 seasons of ineptitude (2003-2011) + 2 seasons of a painful deconstruction -- waiting a few months to exhale and move forward.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prognosticate if by the end of the 2014 season doesn't pan out like JONES says it should. He will be on SUICIDE WATCH!!! Hahahaha take a breather kid, and smell the coffee already!? JONESing for some reality check?< >?

10:15 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

If DA and RM are intentionally throwing games to gain a higher draft position, they should be terminated immediately. If getting smoked by Geno Smith and giving up the most points in team history are part of a strategy, the architects of that strategy should be run out of town.

Getting repeatedly blown up to maybe eke out a #2 draft slot instead of a #4 draft slot would only reinforce the culture of losing that has plagued the Raiders for 11 years, and it would be a most shameful chapter in the story of the Oakland Raiders.

If the Colts did something similar two years ago, why were five of their last six games close ones, and two of the last three victories? And even if they did flop at the end, they had a culture of winning behind them, and they had a clear remarkable target in Andrew Luck, perhaps the most heralded prospect at the most important position in many years.

Mark my words, IF the Raiders get blown out over the next two weeks, don't be surprised if DA gets the axe.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Why should they be fired? Mark told us all, to our faces that this was the mentality. 1st 2 years have been a throw away, PERIOD. It was mostly to identify talent going forward when the cap was sorted out. Have systems in place for the 3rd year when the talent starts to come in.

Mark said it, the teams actions seem to bare that out. Coming down to the last 2 games...the cast is already set and Allen will be the HC starting next year no matter how much RT wishes it to not happen. Fire the coaches = you haven't learned a damn thing.


9:40 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

You know why it is the most shameful in Raider history? MR.Davis took the team where it is right now. Mr Davis set this team to be in the worst shape possible...I am not attacking Mr. Davis, stating a PROVEN FACT.

So, excuse this new regime for doing what Mark Davis said.. "had to be done". They have done it and no it's time to move forward....why are people crying over meaningless crap? Oh booo hooo, they won't win the last 2 games that mean nothing as far as this team moving forward.

I think most players and coaches on the Raiders are mature enough to understand what they are a part of. They gave it their best shot, it didn't work out. AND, by his own admission, the owner has come out and said it was a deconstruction anyways....what do you think has gone through the minds of the players when they heard that? It's a realization throughout the's more like a " we got through it, now we are on the other side of it" = let's roll.


9:49 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

No suicide...I have been to depths, health wise, that would make some want suicide. Not me, never. I am a fighter and will be one till my last breath.

Nope, if the Raiders still don't make the playoffs next year and flop horribly, then it will be time to move forward. It's what it is all about = moving forward.

It's so sad that most Raider fans want to be stuck in the past. Wanting coaches fired, wanting Mr.Davis players to be the stars on the team....want all things that were old. Keep moving forward, it's all I ask of the Raiders.


9:58 AM  
Anonymous JONES said... took that term the wrong way = tapped out = faucet is empty. Not the UFC reference.

In the big picture, if Reggie gets a higher pick, the easier to trade down and the package coming back will be bigger. So it may not matter to you....but I am sure it matters to the GM and what direction he takes on draft day.


10:04 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Intentionally throwing games can't be good for business for the team or the NFL, not to mention Vegas spreads.

Think of the broader implications if at the end of every season a half dozen teams decide to blow games and battle for draft positioning. That could change a lot more than the draft selections; it could impact the entire playoff landscape and force the NFL to sanction teams caught doing it.

Besides, isn't it a reach to assume a team as bad as the Raiders has to "try" to lose. It seems to just come naturally.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

How are you going to CATCH teams doing it? Unless the League has someone on the inside = they can't prosecute. Looking to next year and enhancing what you get in the draft and or trade is good for business if you are in a position that the Raiders are in.

If you have an established team that is up and coming or just having a bad year, yeah, you want to win. When half your roster won't be there next year and the Owner announces that the rebuild begins after this it really a reach?

As far as the Raiders losing naturally, NY, you seem to take some glee from that? If Reggie does his job, that will be changing, NY and your glee will no longer be in bashing the Oakland Raiders.


1:22 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

You don't correct a culture of losing by intentionally losing. Mark Davis wouldn't stand for it. He was openly pissed last year with the losing, and he's no doubt unhappy with the fade this year. One thing Al Davis would never do is intentionally lose a game. And neither would his son. Bet on it, if they're in this game Sunday, they are playing to win.

1:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

No glee, Jones. Just disgust for the record they broke last Sunday, and the way they continue to, as RT says, fade. Earlier in the season I was arguing, as you are now, the team was just a few plays away from having a better record and potentially being a playoff race during a season which that is easily within any decent team's reach.

Now we are here debating whether the Raiders are intentionally throwing games with a month left in the season just to notch one or two slots in draft positioning. That's how incredibly bad this has become in just a matter of a few weeks.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

What does it matter if they lose the last 2 games? Mark said it, RT, yet, once again, you IGNORE it, why?

These 2 years ARE THE DECONSTRUCTION...why can't you hear? See? These last 2 games mean NOTHING = may as well be a preseason game. Why do you want to build up these games with a mediocre roster and half won't be back? Like all of next year depends on it?

Next year is going to look very different, players know it, coaches know it, management knows it, Owner knows it. So why don't you? Think of these last 2 years as the preseason to the next 10 years. That's exactly what it was and you can thank the previous regime for that.


1:49 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

It's not bad NY, it's just the NATURAL PROGRESSION of the HEALING OF THIS FRANCHISE. This franchise WAS ON IT's KNEES and so are the fans.

Here we are, at the dawn of a NEW OAKLAND RAIDERS and all we hear is "I want Hue back....why isn't Pryor starting....we need to win these last 2 games"....FFS's, it's embarrassing.

The Owner comes out and clearly tells the NATION that the last 2 years were A THROW AWAY and still we have crying that we need to win 2 meaningless games in a probable 4-12 season.

So short sighted, so short on being able to piece together what is happening...Raider Nation...JUST STOP IT, this BIRTH PAIN is done, it had to be done, the Owner SAID IT, are you LISTENING?

Stop prolonging it with insane ramblings of yesteryear. WAKE THE F UP and realize we are at the dawn of a whole new ball game....or get out of the Fing way.


2:00 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

There is a massive difference between exercising patience and intentionally losing.

If Mark Davis accepts losing this many games as a byproduct of the deconstruction, that's his prerogative.

But that's a long, long way from trying to lose games.

Most of these assistants like Tarver are on two-year contracts that expire shortly. Do you think they are going out of their way to have 56-point beatdowns on their resumes?

Come on, let's just drop this.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Stuporburg said...

I have pretty much been in 'let's wait and see' mode for the entire 2013 season. When the Raiders won some games in the first half of the season, I tried my best to avoid premature celebration. Well ... I suppose it was good thing that I held back. Otherwise, I would have ranted all over.

Now then ...

The last thing this franchise needs is another GM and coaching changes. Let the staff go through the growing pains as the franchise rebuilds the team. Jones has said about this quite a bit, which I concur.

Needless to say, rebuilding requires long-term thinking. First, everyone from Mark Davis down to the rest of the coaching staff must bite the bullet and endure the cap hell. Achieving a bigger cap space and amassing more draft picks are a must.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect Mark Davis to say, he is just putting a spin on it and making excuses. In fact I think there is a real lack of leadership on the Raiders. Did anyone notice that about three weeks ago the OC, DC, HC, Reggie and now Mark went in to excuse mode about not having depth, injuries, cap etc.

You know what be nice for someone to come out and say we suck and it needs to improve. Other than Charles Woodson I have not heard it.

You think Parcells would come out with excuses if one of his teams had a franchise record for points scored on them. No he would raise hell.


3:45 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Maybe the Raider regime is reading/hearing all the negativity towards them and are trying to explain the situation.

Mark Davis came out and laid out the situation quite clearly....yet, you see a lot of Fans/media totally ignore what he said and continue with their bleeding heart whining.

Yes the Org was a mess, yes Mark Davis said in the 1st year he was disappointed, obviously he see's/set straight that it wasn't what he thought it was.

And now, he tells us the truth, it was a deconstruction, a tear down of what was. He also said the new start/RECONSTRUCTION is the day after the game vs Denver.

Mark is clearly telling us that the REAL start is after Denver...the money is there, it's in Reggie's hands, why the Nation cannot get behind their GM and Team to bring them goodwill at this time is mind boggling.


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone finding it hard to believe the team will be good next year. Perhaps improved but not good. I mean half the roster is going to be turned over again. I don't see how its possible for a team to be good faced with that kind of turn over. Please someone explain

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Dennis has not had many good players but at the same time I also see a lot of mistakes. ZBS first year, the defense looks putrid and has not been well prepared for Philly and KC not to mention little good adjustments in the second half. Reece not being used properly the first half of the season etc. Two wins on the road in two years, and not one signature win against an elite team.

Most importantly I don't see the passion from Dennis Allen as it relates to loving the Raiders, the Bay Area and being a leader.

Dont jump on me for bringing up Hue but one of his positives was his passion and how he embraced the city and the job. He loved his Raiders, he pumped them up, he was so emotional after Al died he really cared about the history of the team. Hue was always in the community getting the fans out to games, supported Andre Ward etc.

Gruden was like that also.

Everyone knows Oaktown's love for the Raiders is intense and I have not seen Allen connecting in that manner. Where are the old players bringing back to show the young guys the Raider way.

Something to think about in addition to the underwhelming coaching

5:00 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

The team this year played well until injuries, lack of depth, lack of a real Qb, lack of O-line really did them in.

Now with the cap space, Reggie can bring in QUALITY depth and hopefully a few blue chippers.

The team will be stronger because the talent will be stronger...the Defense/Offense of today, basically, it is mostly 2nd tier talent.

I believe players will want to come to Oakland, they see a new beginning for a very storied franchise. Plus, a lot of guys look good in Black and Silver.

Reggie is going to be a major player in this off season, I believe players will like his message. Time will tell and it's going to be fun to watch.


5:26 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"Is anyone finding it hard to believe the team will be good next year. Perhaps improved but not good. I mean half the roster is going to be turned over again. I don't see how its possible for a team to be good faced with that kind of turn over. Please someone explain"

The simple explanation is by using the available cap dollars to bolster the roster with proven talent.

Yes, the roster will be turned over quite a bit. My best guess is around 35% of the roster will be turned over or approx. 18 players.

But the turnover itself will be a subtraction of poor performers with better players = improved performance, depth, and true competition for starting roles.

When you've got more playmakers and established players on your roster, the close losses can very easily turn into comfortable wins.

If you were to stack-rank players 1 through 53 in 2013 and than do the same in 2014, you will find a huge upgrade in overall talent level.

Guys that were marginal or inconsistent starters in 2013 will become valuable back-ups (if they come back).

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from Charles Woodson ////

“Dennis doesn’t have everything he needs at this point,” safety Charles Woodson told me Sunday. "Really, he deserves that shot to come back. It’s not fair to criticize him now, those that do really don’t have much clue about what goes into coaching in the NFL. These last couple of years they’ve been making changes around here to put themselves in a position to move forward, and next year they’re going to be able to do a lot of things as far as bringing guys in to make the Oakland Raiders a formidable team.

“I understand nobody has patience in this league, and I understand the frustration of the fans. But with the changes that’ll be made, he’ll have what he needs to make this team what he believes it can be. He deserves that shot.”

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the explanation not sure though how you came up with 18.

My math is a little different

I read that 8 of 11 players on D are free agents. If you take the view that at least 4 of the starters on D should be replaced for performance reasons and in terms of those 8 some could the way of Wheeler. You are looking at perhaps 6-7 right there. Compound with the fact that most of the backups on the team suck. lets say that is another 15 plus another 3-4 offensive starters. I think the number is closer to the mid to high 20s.

Even is Reggie could somehow acquire 20 plus "better" players and the players from the 2013 draft improve/produce etc it still will be massive turnover and as we all know continuity is a key to wins in terms of guys playing together etc.

In other words your 8-8 or fire REggie and Dennis look like it will end with the ax

Especially considering the qb situation which in my opinion everything hinges on. Speaking of which what do you guys want to see happen there. I am an advocate of drafting a guy in the 1st round. Without a good qb to develop and grow with the team all our hopes might be dashed

5:17 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Just as long as the Org is moving forward.

With this situation never happening before in history, it's hard to judge the timeline. Time will tell, all you fire Reggie and Allen guys....well, just read Charles Woodson's quote....he believes you nelly's don't know what the F you are talking about and I agree.


9:03 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Now we have a clearer picture...Mark has come out and said what he said. Now Woodson comes out and said his words......BUT, nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to their words are white noise.

I'm telling you, the Nation is full of...won't write it.

Here we had a losing method for YEARS that they defended no matter how many loses. Now, we have a new regime trying to clean up the enormous mess left to them and all these Fans do is tear it down and want everyone gone after 2 years.

No matter that the situation was as bleak as any other in franchise history throughout sports. Now they DEMAND wins when it really isn't feasible....come on Nation, stop making us GOOD FANS look ridiculous....try this, shut your yaps and get on board, otherwise GET LOST.

At this time, the Nation needs to stick together and get behind this new regime instead of tearing them down at every turn. The fans who are doing this...I can smell your sickness from here.


9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's pouring comes the truth...this is a piece from Jim Trotter/SI

But will Allen get it? It would be a bad look for Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie if he doesn’t. Both have said they didn’t expect the Raiders to emerge from the other end of the tunnel until Year 3 of the rebuild, which is next season.

Allen’s future is a topic because Davis has made it so. Unlike his repeated support of McKenzie, he has never publicly gotten behind Allen. He typically says he’ll evaluate the situation after the season, but in the meantime he wants to see progress.
Dennis Allen had been a defensive coordinator for one season before Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis hired him in January 2012. Dennis Allen had been a defensive coordinator for one season before Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis hired him in January 2012.

Those comments aren’t lost on the players, who believe Allen is not the problem. “ He puts us in a position to win,” linebacker Kevin Burnett said. “What we do with that position is up to us.”

For instance, Jamaal Charles took a screen pass 49 yards for a touchdown in Week 15 despite three defenders being in a position to make plays. Burnett was tied up with a blocker, which should’ve freed cornerback Phillip Adams or safety Brandian Ross to bring down Charles. However both defensive backs took poor angles—Adams peeked inside instead of maintaining outside contain, and Ross broke to the ball too quickly and got stuck in traffic—giving Charles an avenue down the sideline.

Also, the defense had a chance to get off the field late in the third quarter of a Week 13 game against Dallas, which had rallied from a 21-7 deficit to tie the score. But on third-and-6 at the Cowboys 39, Burnett and Ross whiffed on tight end Jason Witten in the flat. He rumbled 19 yards for the first down, and six plays later DeMarco Murray scored the decisive touchdown on a 7-yard run.

The reality is the Raiders simply don’t have enough talent to consistently win games. They lost strong safety Tyvon Branch, one of their best players, to a season-ending ankle injury in Week 2. They’ve gotten little production from Hayden. They’re starting an undrafted rookie at quarterback. And nearly all of the nine new starters on defense were signed because they could be acquired on the cheap.

The defense played well early in the year, but physical and mental fatigue is setting in because the unit lacks depth and guys are being asked to push their bodies to places they’ve never been. Tackle Pat Sims has started 14 games this year; his previous career high was six. End Jason Hunter has started nine games; last year with Denver he started two. And Ross has taken more than 900 defensive snaps; last year he was on the field for 174.

The end result likely will be a second straight 4-12 season, but firing Allen would be a mistake. He’s respected by peers around the league and his players in the locker room. Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer, who demanded a trade out of Oakland after last season because of how a contract matter was handled, told me in training camp he believes Allen is a good coach who’ll be successful. Another thing to consider: Firing Allen would mean each of the Raiders’ past seven coaches failed to last more than two full seasons.

“I didn’t know anything about DA when I got here,” linebacker Nick Roach said. “But just seeing how he has handled this progression, I honestly do believe he’s the right guy for the job. He’s realistic, but at the same time he expects the most out of us, which any good coach would. He knows our potential; it’s just a matter of being together enough and building around the core so that everybody is on the same page. I can’t imagine a change being very productive.”

10:02 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I'm not saying Allen should be fired. I don't know all of the inner workings and how things look internally in terms of the locker room culture and coaching command and overall chemistry with ownership, etc.

I'm just saying don't be surprised if he gets canned IF we get blown out over the next two games. I believe that the coaching situation is fluid right now, not fixed.

Long before RM and DA were hired, I said hire and independent GM and coach and give them three years. I'm still okay with that. But that's not going to stop me from critiquing their performance no matter how much I'm told I have to "get behind" them. Belichik gets criticized. Everyone does in the NFL. They're not porcelin dolls. You suck on gameday, you'll hear about it. You pass on verified impact d-linemen in the draft while your top pick looks fragile, people are going to question you.

All of these quotes from the players matter little. You hear it all the time. Look at all of the player support/enthusiasm for Norv Turner just before he was canned by the Raiders and Chargers: supporting the staff

10:16 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Critique, but do it under context. LOOK at WHY, you can't just complain, just because, can you?

That is a shreeker, someone without answers just screaming at a wall.....WHY????? Then, someone presents you with answers and you ignore them, explaining that you have the right to scream WHY?????

Question is, why do you want to keep screaming? When an explanation has been given to you by the Owner, GM, HC, players and STILL you ignore it, WHY? I see someone who doesn't want to understand because they just love to hear themselves scream WHY?????

Face it RT, you and other media types WANT THIS CONTROVERSY, it scores in the comment section, it gives you mthe feeling of power that you can alter a franchise and it's fanbase.... am I right? Ego is a KILLER.


10:44 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

LOL, so you are digging up quotes about a totally different time in Raider history to discredit Woodson's? Woodson is a 16 year vet, he doesn't need and won't blow smoke on this issue.

Face it RT, you have an axe to grind because the Raiders are no longer your dreamy bullshit that you longed for during the Mr.Davis era. And now you want to be front and center in the drive to cut the knees out from the new regime just like all the other stuck in the past morons.

Mark Davis will do the right thing, he will listen to the players, Reggie, Madden, Wolf....they will all tell him that now is not the time.


11:00 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"I don't know all of the inner workings and how things look internally in terms of the locker room culture and coaching command and overall chemistry with ownership, etc."

Agree RT. We don't know exactly what is going on behind the scenes BUT we do know a few things which bodes well.

#1 - Players attitudes has been excellent, professional, and team oriented. If anyone can cite 1 single negative quote from a player about how business is being conducted or hints at a "me attitude", I'd love to see it. The mentality the senior leadership has been "roll up your sleeves and get to work".

#2 - Lack of dissension, controversy, off-field shenanigans, drama, people thrown under the bus, or toxic culture permeating within the building is a strong indicator of excellent leadership. When a team is struggling like the Raiders, it can go "south" very quickly unless there is strong leadership in the player ranks and the staff.

#3 - The players to include 16 year vet publicly backing DA.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

But Jack...where is the Qb? LOL


12:36 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

"And now you want to be front and center in the drive to cut the knees out from the new regime just like all the other stuck in the past morons"

JONES, Who is talking about the past ?

Let's talk about right now.

The Jets game. The Chefs game.

The prospect of going 0 for december.

The breakdowns in offense, defense, ST's.

The turnovers, the penalties.

Cutting Matt Flynn after one game, only to find he isn't all that bad.

Drafting Tyler Wilson #4, only to see him disappear.

You talk about deconstruction.

Deconstructing the Raiders roster was the easiest job in the world.

Who couldn't find bad players on the Raiders roster ?

It was, and appears, to still be full of them.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Double zero.....I've done plenty of "talking about right now".....this page is loaded with it, can't you read?


4:48 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The deconstruction of the roster and severe management of the salary cap were necessary steps to put the Raiders in a better position in 2014 and beyond.

The unfortunate byproduct was having to field a team in 2013 on a meager budget.

Come Jan. 1, 2014, we are finally past the deconstruction phase ... past relying on 3rd tier FAs, undrafted rookies, and practice squad players and on to building a talented roster to win games.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with what QB?

3:54 PM  

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