Sunday, November 17, 2013

Texans Gameday Thread

Well, the Matt McGloin era begins, however short it may prove to be...The Raiders need to regroup and show us something today. The slide ends today. GO RAIDERS!


Anonymous JONES said...

The point about getting a franchise QB...magical fairy dust.

There wasn't one, like I pointed out, imagine any QB behind this O-line. Pryor can run out of trouble, already had a concussion and a knee injury...imagine a QB that can't move = Flynn or anyone else.

When you have no assets to trade for a franchise QB, you have to draft one...there were mediocre QB's in the draft = wasn't the year to draft, Wilson was for depth. Once again, you cry for this and that but refuse to understand the circumstances. You can keep beating your magical fairy dust drum, I won't be listening.


9:14 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

NYR said....."One option: the Raiders could have kept Palmer, who was under contract and coming off a career year (not my first choice but an option nonetheless).

Did the Raiders actually save money by trading Palmer? Between the +/-$6M we guaranteed Flynn and any dead money created by Palmer leaving, how much did we really save? Or did we?" .....

The Raiders wanted to keep Palmer, Palmer told them late, for whatever reason, that he wanted out. If the Raiders keep him = won't work, no sense trying to schmooze a disgruntled QB. So no, that wasn't an option.

Palmer was dumped because he had to be...every other team in the League knew he wanted out and that is why he was given away. A salary dump and a removed disgruntled player. Surprising how little some folks know about football, yet, they call themselves fanatics....

" where are all the Stars, where are all the assets...come on Reggie, what have you been doing all this time " I right? Only those ignorant of the situation will write such nonsense. I don't understand what you people want from him, in reality, I don't think you understand either.


9:26 AM  
Anonymous JONES said...

LOL, where are the young players? Pissed about Wilson why you never mention McGloin? McGloin is doing the job, UNDRAFTED, Yeah Reggie hasn't got a clue = SARCASM.

NYR was right, McGloin is a better option than Flynn...though the O-line is doing a decent job today....I see some YOUNG TALENT out there, if you can't see it, you must be BLIND.


12:09 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Guess we won't be hearing from ANONYMOUS this week? Everything Ano and RT were crying about.....crickets?


12:36 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Phew! Good nail biter outcome.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

BIG FUCKING, come on with it, RT/Ano...where are your words now?

Coached well, played well, Defense ROCKS when they had to...McGloin comes in and wins his 1st game...Pryor, you might not get back in.

This is a big win for this franchise, BIG fucking win. This team is rising, you can see it, if you can't, you are wasting space. GET OUT OF HERE with your whining like little girls...get some COJONES, WHOOOOOW.


1:39 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

If we had an Offensive Line and WRs that could catch; this game would not have been so close. We almost found a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory again!

McGloin looks to be like the McRealDeal! Balls!

Just win, Dammit!

1:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Game balls to the entire defense (Reggie's defense) and Matt McGloin, who McKenzie was smart enough to grab after no team drafted him.

What a great game! No way Pryor can make some of the throws we saw McGloin make today, including the threaded needle to Rivera for a TD. Wow!

If playing time is based on performance, McGloin stays in there. IMO, Allen will find a way to milk Pryor's injury another week... and McGloin deserves every shot right now!!

2:19 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

In Reggie's defense regarding Flynn, he brought in four QBs that each had a shot to grab the QB position by the balls. Nobody stepped up at that moment, but cream always rises to the top. McGloin looked good today but will have to stay good. Meanwhile, Pryor has a fight on his hands. Either way, Raiders will be looking to upgrade this offseason. It all makes sense.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous The 5er said...

Hey RT, been watching the commentary week to week from afar. Wish I had more time to weigh in... but please keep the good stuff coming.

I want to make sure you don't let the big bullies on the block sap up your energy. There are plenty of us out there who come here for your shtick... which is normally a combination of very well presented observation followed with sound questions which are designed to be the basis of good debate.

It was a good win today. It felt eerily similar to the day after Al passed. I was at that game back in 2011... brought back a lot of memories to have them down inside the same 5yd line in the final minute but preserve a W.

My takeaway from today's game was that I think I like the overall feel of the offense better with McGloin in there. I know TP is as electric and sexy as they come... he can make some plays that nobody else can... Especially with a depleted O-line. I also like TP's head. He's tried to be a leader and says a lot of the right things.

However, trying to look into the crystal ball, it doesn't look like he'll be able to do the little things possession to possession and week to week that will lead us to the promised land long term. These run first guys just never seem to stay healthy for 16 weeks either.

Today felt more balanced. McGloin looked comfortable in the pocket. We know quick accurate reads can make an O-line look better then they are. Obviously its only one game against a team slipping into an abyss of futility and therefore too early to measure anything of real meaning... But I liked the feel of it.

Big decision for Allen heading into the Ten game only 1 game behind in WC race? Or is this a no brainer to go back to TP as soon as he's ready?


2:28 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Thanks, 5er, that kind of feedback keeps wind in my sails.

Interesting question there, too. Need to think about that.

Jones, it was a good victory. McGloin did better than I thought. But a razor-thin win over a 2-8 team doesn't eliminate my concerns overnight.

That said, the needle swung up pretty good today, with a much needed win, a desperately needed road victory, our defense forcing turnovers and holding the line at the end, and a promising debut by an undrafted QB.

2:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I grade it more than pretty good. Texans were the #1 rated defense coming into today and had not given up a 100-yard rusher all season. Plus, they have JJ Watt and they were playing at home with their backs against the wall. Kubiack pulled all the stops and put Schaub in to run a hurry-up offense, something the Raiders have struggled against all season... and they beat it, holding the Texans to two field goals and a game-ending stop.

Great road win for the Raiders... and just another hurdle for a growing team.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

LOL, so I am sapping your energy? PLEASE....this is FOOTBALL, no room for being sensitive.

Toughen up, stop whining and realize what is happening. Stop trying to knock it down before it even gets to flower.

Get behind this regime, it has shown plenty of signs that it is going to be a good regime. Let go of your nightmares of the's different now.

Maybe it's time to stop relying on FAILURE as a discussion...maybe we can move on to better discussions? Or will those just be ignored and the main theme is whawsy whawsy woo woo, what about Matt Flynn, Whaaaa? Where are the stars, I want a franchise QB even if there is no cap space or player available...that is discussion? It's freakin whining?

Time to re-invent the wheel in's a new day, breath it, enjoy it, stop trying to reach for Hue Freakin Jackson and all the days of yesteryear...let it go, you are hanging on to FAILURE, let it go.


3:18 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

A razor thin win....with a 1st START QB who wasn't drafted...O-linemen going down left and right, Wr's who dropped a bunch..and like NYR wrote, vs a desperate team that put in their old vet QB to try and pull it out.

That 2-8 team was considered a Super Bowl contender not too long me, for once, this is a HUGE win for this franchise.

Now, Allen has to learn to keep it rolling, not to get cocky, or cute, or any other ego driven mistake. Keep the pedal down and let the feeling of wins take over this Org and Fan base.


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In defense of Terrelle Pryor the WR's showed their true colors today. But my man McGloin (been best friends for hours now) showed us today that quick reads are just as important as quick legs.

Raider Time is an amazing observation and if you support the old ways then you had to have accumulated enough patience for more than 5 years, six years? For years, I have said that we are knocking on heavens door only to be let down and down and Doooooown. Finding myself only to get up the very next year and do it all over again. Are we really not trained to be this way?

By allowing all the variables to play out (ie: Salary cap, Draft, Free agency) over a 4 year period I think we get to solve the problem is Reggie and DA where we ant to go? Another variable to remember is the inheritance of x.

Was I the only one here that had every 4th down from the last ten years run through my head on 4th and goal and the end?

Love Ya so keep bitching if you need to. Go Raiders.


4:04 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

#14, aka "The Scranton Scrapper" showed incredible poise and command for his first NFL start. His decision-making, reads, accuracy, and time-clock in his head was very good. It might be 1 game but it was a very "clean" game for a rookie.

An important win to get the road gorilla off our back and hopefully to build from.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

We've got a supplemental pick (Pryor), an undrafted FA who was a walk on at Penn St.(McCloin), and a 4th round pick cut, signed to practice squad and now on the active roster (Wilson).

It is way too early to determine these 3 young men's fate but we need to sign a Vet QB this offseason no matter how well Pryor/McCloin develop.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...


Or a high draft pick for a franchise QB. Wilson would then go back to the practice squad or maybe Pryor is traded or let go. I don't see Pryor being THE GUY. McGloin showed the O can be more effective with a more traditional style QB.

Pryor, as I noticed earlier, seems immature and seems a ways away from being mature enough. Not telling the coaches about his injuries, his dramatic PC's, decision making at crucial times....he was a spark, but it seems the spark was just that, the flame is dying after a few games, it seems. Not to mention other teams have a read on him and it shows his shortcomings. A veteran would be nice, but I don't think it's something they have to do...we'll see.


8:35 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

You still want Alex Smith for TWO 2nd Rd picks? NO about a DEBACLE that would have been, LOL.


8:37 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Where is this guy/girl?.....where are you SOB?

Anonymous said...
Jones the point Raider Take is making is obvious. Reggie has totally whiffed on the QB position ad that is his most important task. Flynn plays one game and is gone, Wilson completely waste of a draft pick. Those are the qbs Reggie acquired====WHIFF//////....AHHH, YOU FORGOT TO MENTION MCGLOIN.////

BTW the list of Reggie whiffs is long you guys just don't want to recognize it. In case you are forgetting he extended Seymour at ridiculous money last year./////so you are reaching that Seymour was a huge blunder????He was already on the team, ya jackass...redid his contract so they could dump him after that year, ya jackass.////

His most glaring failure though is his drafting something that you can not use the previous regime's mistakes or salary cap to blame.

I know many will say you can not judge the draft this soon while hey I look at other team's last two drafts and they are better so guess what I am judging.////judging anyone's draft is after at least a couple of years, ya jackass//////

Reggie has drafted 6 guys in rounds 1-4 in his two drafts. Only one you can say has what looks like a secure future in the NFL that is Sio Moore. The rest lets review Burris is out, Wilson cut and then the practice squad, Bergstrom out and could not get on the field last year, Watson a project for now and Hayden looks like burnt toast

For a team that is desperately in need of starters going 1/6 is friggin piss poor. In fact if you look at the entire 2013 draft it seems like a lot of crap.////I think a lot of what you write, is a lot of crap/////

The Raiders are very far from having a real NFL roster and it wont be built by the time 2014 season starts. Where is the young talent signed for the long haul? Guess what with the exception of Sio Moore and a handful of Al's picks there is none. So there you have it Reggie has acquired one above average young player who is signed up for the long haul.

Spin that however you want but its true..///////REALLY, I SAW PLENTY OF YOUNG TALENT TODAY, WTF were you watching?

Have a nice day, ANO/SOB/WETF.


8:54 PM  
Blogger x said...

Does Matt McGloin remind anyone else of Drew Brees? Smallish, but works hard, has zip on the ball, is accurate, makes quick decisive reads, moves up in the pocket well, gets the team in/out of the huddle quickly, and is seemingly a good leader.

Here's hoping.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

If McGloin turns into anything close to what Brees is...Undrafted, that would be quite a story.


9:39 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

The WRs and make-shift line showed their colors today. As good as McGloin did, our problems offensively to move the ball were GLARING! I think Rashaad Jennings finally had enough when he sprung for 80 yards. If he played that way every week, he'd be a premiere back.
They can't hide anymore behind the false face of "We-have-a-running-QB, if-only-we-had-a-QB-who-could-throw" syndrome anymore. I hope we go after O-line and WRs this offseason; we desperately need help there.

6:22 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

From PFT:

"Former Raiders and Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard died early this morning, after a high-speed crash on an Oakland interstate which claimed another life as well."

3:12 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Watched the 30 minute NFL Ticket version of the Raiders game focusing on McCloin and came away even more impressed than my first view live.

His quick delivery, pocket awareness, and accuracy on the vast majority of his throws was exceptional. There were a number of balls that he threw that were in areas the receivers should have caught it. I only saw 2 throws that were off the mark.

The other thing that I noticed is how sure footed and calm he looked while navigating the pocket.

It will be interesting to see how the QB situation is handled for the next 6 games. It looks like McCloin has created a very healthy competition for the starting QB role.

I also admired how McCloin handled himself in the post-game press conference. He clearly is mature beyond his years and I love his attitude of proving himself, team first, and being humble. He exudes character and competitive zeal.

Yes, I know it WAY TOO EARLY after 1 mere NFL start but he reminds me of a hybrid between Brees AND Gannon -- Brees in how he leads and plays the position and Gannon as far as having a MAJOR chip on his shoulder of constantly proving the naysayers wrong.

If the Raiders are able to shore up and improve the OLine in the near future and bolster the OLine talent in 2014, I would feel very comfortable with McCloin leading us.

10:28 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

If Pashos and/or Melanik can play RT, then we really only need a couple guards. The two most important positions on the line are solid with Veldheer at LT and Wiz at C.

WR is a position that needs help. I think D Moore is still having problems with his routes and he drops too many balls. Streater is not a #1 WR, IMO.

Maybe the young guys can step up, but the WR position needs improvement.

Also, TE and RB. Rivera looked good on the post for a TD, so maybe he will mature as a blocker and become the guy.

McFadden should be done as a Raider. It's a real shame but I will lose respect for McKenzie if McF is re-signed. Jennings is serviceable and looks 10x better than McFadden (how many here thinks McFadden could have completed that 80 yard run by bulling over the defender and out-running the entire defense to the end zone?).

McFadden seems to have a problem with his training, because he is injured more than he plays. Enough is enough!

Signing a vet QB may seem like the smart thing to do, but I'd rather the Raiders draft another guy and keep a healthy search going until the right QB of the future is identified. Rumor is lots of good QBs in the 2014 draft.

D mostly needs a pass rusher and depth.

4:50 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

2016, and not a year sooner. Ga-ron-teed.

6:10 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

...and if you still think I'm wrong, well, think again. I see not much has changed here, just like the Raider Nation. Thought I'd take a peek at Take's Takes, which are spot-on, and then see maybe if the dungeon dwarves were still at each other for lack of anything better to do, like a a bunch of knitting nags. Well, yup! Sad thing is, even when the RaiDunks win, y'all are the same. There are a few of you who appear to take great pride in proclaiming your so-called Raider Status and diss someone for being anonymous? Because of foul mouthed fledglings like you, with your sophomoric jibberish, well, go play with your little raiders dolls and decorate your boy caves with more tarnished propaganda. Cya' when RaiderCorp fields a real team. In like 2016 or later, after, of course, they are done paying themselves. Take, lose these guys. They make you look bad, because bad company corrupts. Reading your takes and reading their opinions is so night and day, it's ridiculous. Late.

6:21 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

If that was meant to espouse a sense of sincerity, comradery, or meaningful and intelligent football exchange, no thanks!

See you in 2016.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

OTB - Got it for the 1000th time.

You have clearly expressed your true intent which is to be a classic bandwagon fan.

We all know this type of fan's shallow colors of conveniently climbing aboard if and when the team is successful.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous SactownRaider said...

I think it's been a fun season so far. Maybe that's because I'm not so focused on the win/loss column but just on watching this team grow and develop. They are starting to gel together, to work together more fluidly, and to act like an extended family. The defense was re-made last offseason, this next off season will see big changes on the offense. Right now the team just doesn't have enough talent to get it done against top notch competition.

I was surprised and impressed with rookie McGloin's performance, like most everyone. I really hope he is able to repeat those heroics in the next several weeks, as I am sure all of you do. Teams will start to figure him out, so that will be interesting to watch that chess match. I think Terrelle needs more time to rest and develop, but I don't know if the brain trust is going to be that patient with him.

I am enjoying the season because the games are close and therefore entertaining. I no longer have to stop watching after the first quarter, because the team no longer stinks, no longer makes the game killing mistakes and no longer commits the bone headed penalties.

How will Reggie and Dennis grade out after this year? After next year? I don't know. But for now I see enough improvement to not have to hurl a brick through the TV. It's just another journey and I don't know where and how it will end (and nobody else does either, not even Mark Davis.

RT--always enjoy your takes and insights. This is my favorite blogging site, so please hang in there. The discussions here usually are intelligent and lively, with a few exceptions. Please don't dump us all as others have suggested.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Sactown, like I've said before, this place is similar to the Hotel California, you can check in, but few ever leave.

I relish healthy debate and clever disagreement. I'm not going anywhere, and hopefully neither are you (or the rest of you). RAIII-DERRRS!

9:13 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The one thing that is vastly improved and is indisputable is the BIG improvement by the D.

One glaring, positive example of this improvement is run D. The Raiders have given up the fewest 20+ yard runs (1 total) in the NFL.

To achieve this high-water mark is a testament to a team that is well coached, organized, on the same page, rallying to the ball, and executing good tackling skills.

To deny Reggie, the coaching staff, and defensive players the due credit is ignorant.

How many of us have been deeply disappointed and belly-aching about the team getting gashed for big, back-breaking, soul crushing BIG running plays in the past?

Well guess what? The additions of Pat Sims, Vance Walker, Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett, Jason Hunter, Sio Moore have made a SIGNIFICANT improvement in our rush D.

How about giving credit where credit is due?

10:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Losing Velhdeer was a huge blow to this team but Sparano has actually done well with what he has had available.

For example, Raiders makeshift O-line, for all the injuries this year, played well enough Sunday (on the road) to allow Matt McGloin time to throw 3 TDs and Rashad Jennings to run for 150 yards against the #1 ranked D in the NFL.

Perhaps the offense isn't as far removed from success as we've been seeing in prior (errr, Pryor) games.

In one game, McGloin and Jennings did more than Pryor and MCFadden have done just about all year.

Pryor had 1 TD pass and 8 INTs in the previous 4 weeks, and in three games Jennings has as many yards as McFadden has on the season.

Even if McGloin crash and burns, I no longer have the same confidence that Pryor can run this team. I guess I expected Pryor to leap tall buildings in a single bound....

4:14 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

McGloin starts again this Sunday. DJ Hayden out for the remainder of the year.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to see McGloin play a regular game since he threw his first pre-season pass. I was dubious about Pryor, was pleasantly surprised but feel he's plateaued for this year and maybe even next until he can get his passing game and decision making more NFL-like. With McGloin, I see a chance for the whole offense to take part instead of the offense playing supporting cast to TP's lead.

Can't wait for this Sunday


3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hayden = Bust

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hayden = Bust = Too soon to tell


5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Hayden performs and plays like Rolando McClain did, and is not on the Raiders 3 years after being drafted in the 1st round, then I will call him a bust. Until then, even Namdi took 3 years to develop into a top flight CB. So to reiterate,,,, Too soon to tell

What are some keys to The Raiders beating the Titans?
I see a talented Titans team that is 4-6.
A winnable game for the Raiders in front of a wild home crowd, but not if the Raiders don't bring their winning formula which at this point includes a strong defensive effort, big plays on offense, and winning the turnover battle.


5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay not bust but a real disappointment so far. A nickle back who is on IR

5:51 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Call me an optimist but I still believe in my heart and with my head that DJ Hayden has a bright future with the Raiders.

He has the physical tools and mental fortitude to overcome a difficult 1st year in the NFL.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

This seems to be the discussion on here, same old shit. Hayden is a bust/ Nickel back, written over and over, and any points of REASON are ignored. This is the discussion aimed at by those who consider themselves "ahead of the curve".

Call them excuses, but let's examine the situation and come to a REASONABLE conclusion, shall we?

1st, the Kid missed all of training camp because of a complicated surgery and it's after effects. RARELY does a CB come in as a rookie and light it up in his 1st season. Especially when missing camp, but don't let that get in the way of a stupid comment.

He also missed time in his last year at H.U....the Kid has been through a lot in the last year and another injury just piles on more of it.

IMO, what this Kid has been through, will only make him better DOWN THE ROAD. He received an education that you can't teach, he also got in some playing time to ready him for next year. This Kid wasn't taken to light it up this year, this Kid will show what he is made it....

VS the Titans, Pressure on the QB, Fitz doesn't like pressure and will check down all the time.

I think the Raiders have a very good chance at winning this game, Titans O matches up well with the Raiders D. Raiders good vs the run and will not give up big plays in the passing, so I do not see Titans scoring big points.

McGloin has to MANAGE the game, no turnovers or mental errors, pound the ball to wear them down in the 4th Qrtr. If it's close going into the 4th, Raiders win.

Titans have to be able to sustain drives if they are going to win. Expect lots of blitzing by the Raiders. Turnovers will come.


8:22 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Totally agree Jonesy. Context is lost on many of these posters who make ignorant, hasty conclusions when it fits their agenda.

I'm betting on DJ Hayden because he has more heart and determination and has proven that he can overcome difficult challenges in life.

If the guy was a quitter, had a bad attitude, didn't love football, didn't have proven physical abilities, I would feel different. Giving him time to get his body right, mature, grow, and have the chance to blossom in the next year or two is a reasonable perspective in my books.

The key for me in this upcoming game is the Raider WRs winning the 1 vs. 1 matchups AND the Raiders OLine providing McCloin the time and pocket integrity to make his reads. The Titans D is very tough, aggressive, and plays M2M.

10:23 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'd like to see the Raiders keep Rivera involved in the passing game and take better advantage of mismatches against Reece. Also, quick slants work well against M2M coverage.

3:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is you guys that are speculating and jumping to conclusions on Hayden saying he is going to be great because he has been through adversity.

I am judging him on the facts available which are: Could not win a starting position, got burnt numerous times, not physically strong enough to play on the outside so put in the slot. Seems susceptible to injury problems. Those are the facts not speculation. Sure hope I am wrong and he becomes great but for now I think its prudent to draw conclusions based on production and facts not supposed potential.

Bottom line as of today Raiders would be in a better place if they had drafted Mingo, Star, etc. etc. Maybe the future will hold something different but right now that is not the case. Given the state of the team the Raiders needed to hit on their 1st now not in the next couple of years that is disheartening.

This Sunday I think the Raiders will need a couple of game changing big plays on special teams or offense because Fitzpatrick excels in the dink and dunk which I think the Raider D might be susceptible to.

Go Raiders and I wish a good weekend to all

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

"I came up with my million dollar idea. It's a 'Jump to Conclusions' mat. It is a floor mat with a bunch of conclusions on it, that you jump to!" (Office Space)

For some reason this game scares me a little. Yes, we won the game Sunday against the Texans; let's move on. I think we win this game if, and only if, we can move the ball effectively. Our WRs have to make plays. We cannot find ourselves in 3rd down with 6 or more yards to gain. We also have to be consistent in moving the ball in both halves of the game. I don't think we can afford 4 or more series of 3 and outs; and expect our defense to hold. We are too similar in every aspect. Look at the stats:

Tennessee's defense is like the Raiders, in that they are both starting to put it together! They are ranked #10 in total team defense this year; #7 in passing defense; and #20 in rushing defense.

The Raiders are currently #17th in total team defense; #25 in passing defense; and #6 in rushing defense.

Offensively, the Titans are #21 overall offensively and the Raiders are #16 overall offensively; they are #23 in passing offense and we are #31; they are #15 in rushing offense; and we are #4.

They are ranked #19 in scoring offense; and we are #26. They allow their opponents 22.6 points per game (#13 in the league); and we allow 24.6 points per game (#19 in the league).

This is going to come down to who can punch it in and control the clock; and possibly FGs. Jano has struggled with FGs this year. He is 11 of 16; while Bironas is 15 of 18.

I think if we have too many drives that ends in punts, and we cannot be consistent with gaining first downs; we will not win this game. But I think this is the game that we can turn this around and show improvement. Let's win back-to-back games and start building a winning streak.

7:34 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Could not win a starting position, got burnt numerous times, not physically strong enough to play on the outside so put in the slot."

Did I miss something? Hadyen plays the outside corner when a slot WR comes in the game... so that's about every down.

And to simply say he's been getting burned means you haven't watched him play.

On several plays he so-called got burnt, he was with his WR stride for stride but didn't turn to play the ball. He is still getting acclimated to the NFL and this will come with time. He has proven he has the physical tools.

I've never heard anyone so quick to declare a player a bust half way into his first season... not even JaMarcus Russell. Yikes!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY what in the world are you talking about?

Giving up multiple TDs is getting burnt did you see what happened to him against Philly as an example 2 tds and like 150 yards and that was not the only game.

As far as not being strong enough to play outside read Vic Tafur's column it came straight from the coaches: "He needs to get stronger if he is going to play on the outside."

Come on NY are you really trying to say Hayden had a good season? He couldn't to break into the starting lineup and the Raiders did not exactly trot out Haynes and Hayes.

Maybe it is you have not watched him play. Based on his body of work in the NFL so far he has not made an impact and has been closer to crap than starting material. He had 2 passes defended---lol. His rankings are awful.

I know you and most of the guys on this blog crucify anyone who dares criticize anything about the Raiders but taking umbrage with me on this one makes you look ridiculously biased.

On top of that he was a 1st round pick sorry but I cant help feeling disappointing that the first 1st rounder of the Reggie era did not make a meaningful contribution this year.

Sorry to be harsh NY because you usually are very balanced in your approach: Just answer this one question if you don't mind would you straight up trade Hayden today for your choice of any of the following Long, Star, Mingo, Ansah, Warmack, Sheldon Richardson, EJ Manuel, Tavon Austin I could keep going but the list is depressingly long.

Happy to give Reggie credit for Sio Moore he looks like a quality pick but Hayden yikes shades of Al's later years

4:36 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

The Hayden drum is worn out...give it a rest. This is the jackass who says he is here to discuss...the same topic, over and over...because Hayden is the only complaint it's got.

Guess it can't beat that Flynn horse anymore...Hayden has had a rough year and a half, next year he will be better prepared for the NFL.

Why aren't you beating the FIRE DA drum? That one under repair?


6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch this vid...Matt McGloin's letter to teams after not being drafted.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

DA & Tarver have every confidence in the world in DJ Hayden. Tarver raves about Hayden's cover skills.

They both know Hayden is capable of becoming a vital cog to what the Raiders are trying to build. The entire Raiders organization is in the early phase of rebuilding the team.

The fact that Hayden overcame a life threatening injury, had limited time in training camp, is a rookie, and had additional injury setbacks lends itself to giving him a chance to develop, grow, and find his way in 2014.

I don't get the rush to judgment when you consider Hayden's unique backstory. Calling him a bust this prematurely is reckless in my books.

Revisiting the Hayden story deep into the 2014 season to assess his progress seems only fair.

At the end of the day, McKenzie made the decision to draft Hayden. Hayden's performance in 2014 and beyond will determine the value of this decision.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous scorpio said...

newyork - i LIKE rivera a lot. looks like the kid has good hands, has decent speed and just needs to improve his blocking. that'll come... re: pryor - i'm not ready to give up on him just yet. the guy works hard and has improved a LOT since that SD game last year.

calico and jones, i agree with you on hayden. we need patience with this kid and what he's been through. i think he'll be fine...

calico - defense is good, except for the 2 blips - denver/philly. problem is, a lot of these guys are on one year deals. meaning, they're auditioning for us OR other teams. hope we can sign/keep the ones we really want to keep. otherwise, don't get too comfy getting to know their names...

guys - its been a while. just wanted to pop my head in here, say hi & GO RAIDERS!

11:18 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

@ B Bill -

First off, I never said Hayden "had a good season," so please don't put words in my mouth. His first year has been steeped in learning to play in the NFL. The kid missed most of training camp and pre-season, and was thrown out on an island against the best WRs in the NFL.

You have no patience. You want immediate gratification. Yet, where were you the last 10 years? Did you say nothing during a decade of historic Raiders failures – including the worst draft bust in NFL history, plus many others – only to pop up now and proclaim the Raiders new regime is a bust for not immediately turning epic failure into success?

5:02 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Fitzpatrick is a dink and dunk QB who can play no-huddle hurry up offense... something the Raiders havs struggled to defend.

I think the Raiders D should press at the line and bring blitzes from all angles to disrupt Fitzpatrick. Conversely, coverage oriented defense seems to always lead us to failure.

On offense, I'd like to see the Raiders run first and get creative, maybe use some pitches and end-arounds. Titans have struggled to defend the run so this should be the Raiders bread and butter on Sunday.

If the Raiders can run, that should set up play-action and open the door for McGloin to have another solid game in only his second NFL start.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for ducking the question NYC. Your refusal to answer speaks volumes I will take it as confirmation you wish there could be a do-over on the Hayden pick, As would any Raider fan.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

No "do-over" for me and I'm a Raider fan.

Personally BBB, I'm not ready to throw in the white towel on Hayden so quickly like you for the reasons and context that I've outlined above.

I expect Hayden to rebound from a tough year and improve significantly in the 2014 season.

If you around this site next season, we can all re-visit our assessment based on Hayden's performance.

8:46 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

McGloin is a fighter, he has mental toughness and a good arm. He has football smarts and a quick release....I really hope he becomes a big story in the NFL, he has the chance to do it.

Imagine a team full of guys like McGloin and Hayden, tougher than nails and with something to prove. Talent and brains to go with it. The future is bright in time for negative nellies at this point.

Plenty of young talent, a new swell of energy from the Org right through to the players. A new direction with everyone on the same page. 50 Mill in cap space...excitement watching the team play every Sunday, except vs Philly.

Yeah, I'M IN. Come on Raider fans, get behind this team. Stop crying about Pryor, Hue and anything else that is tied to the isn't about that anymore.


10:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"Thanks for ducking the question NYC."


What's the use? My suggesting it isn't going to change anything, and it certainly doesn't confirm Hadyen as a bust.

I've spent the last several years slamming the Raiders org for poor decision-making. With very few exceptions, I don't see that now.

The Raiders are improving every day and you're crying the sky is falling.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Calico, NY and the rest happy to revisit it next year and I will say you guys have been consistent in saying that year 3 is the time for magic. By the same token I will be the first to say I am wrong if Hayden turns into a top flight cb and Bergstrom and or Watson becomes pro bowlers and most importantly a viable qb emerges from McGloin or Pryor

I really really hope it happens. If not I wonder if you guys will be as vigilant in saying Reggie and Allen failed as you are in saying they are making progress.

Being impatient as you term it, I guess is a factor of 12 plus years of crap and I am not willing to give anyone in the organization the benefit of the doubt or make excuses for them.

Yes I agree with you that the D is much improved and that is awesome but I don't see some strong young foundation in place for future success. For example to me the best four players on D have been: Woodson, Barnett, Sims and Houston. The only one who might be a Raider three years from now is Houston and that is not guaranteed

Anyway thanks for the feedback and go Raiders on Sunday a win against the Titans will at least make it worth watching after 10 games something that has not happened since Hue's year. And that would be a small victory in itself

6:00 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's really not about guys making Pro Bowls. It's a process of hiring a GM, who hires a HC, who hires a staff. Together they scout and build a team, while constantly making adjustments. The end product is on the field, and ultimately counted by wins and losses.

Developing a winning formula has nothing to do with finding Pro Bowl players. That's merely a by-product.

If you've been a long-time Raiders fan then you know Al Davis had a propensity to sign Pro Bowl players only to discover they hit a wall and grossly under-performed their status and their pay.

I don't think it was ever the intention of this regime to fill a roster with divas. It's about finding hard working, blue collar types that make the machine work.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"By the same token I will be the first to say I am wrong if Hayden turns into a top flight cb and Bergstrom and or Watson becomes pro bowlers and most importantly a viable qb emerges from McGloin or Pryor"

What a straw-man statement that is worthless. If Bergstrom or Watson become Pro Bowl players? Huh? I think Watson can become a very good football apart of a new foundation. Building a team from one year to the next is an on-going process.

There will be more hits & misses along the way. There will be disappointments and pleasant surprises.

Ultimately, as a fan of a team that has struggled so mightily since 2002, I want to see the team put themselves in a position to have sustainable, long term success.

This will take time and I'm excited about adding talent to the roster in 2014 to the foundation that exists from 2013.

4:28 PM  

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