Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pregame Take: Man Up Edition

Here's what Tom Cable said yesterday:

"I think the accountability has gotten where it needs to be now,’’ Cable said. “It’s not a matter of how we did this or what we called, or whatever this or that is. It’s on all of us and we recognize that, and I think we take responsibility for it now.

"That’s really, really huge for us, for this football team, because it’s the first time in the four years I’ve been here where guys man up and say, hey, that’s on me. So that’s a good thing. The next step is you can’t let it happen."

I'm not sure if I find this statement encouraging or disturbing. On the one hand, it sounds like the team has decided to "man up." On the other hand, it has taken numerous drubbings under Cable's watch to reach this point of alleged accountability.

Too bad this point wasn't reached four games ago, when it would have been much more beneficial for our diminishing chances of winning the division. But I'm going to take Cable's word on this. The expectation is that we are finally going to see a positive shift in the character of the Raiders, one in which resilience and the will to win are the defining assets.

On that note, after losing 13 straight games to the Chargers, it is, indeed, time to man up. Go Raiders!


Anonymous gary said...

From the other thread about whether Raider fans thoroughly enjoyed the three year championship run...

You are obviously entitled to your beliefs (and opinions) Gary but this couldn't be further from the truth.

That would be an interesting poll at a place like "raidernewscom".

Rate how fondly Raider fans look back on those three years.

I suspect you would be surprised.

Like I said... it seems to me most Raider fans only remember the agony of defeat at the end of each season rather than the thrill of victories getting there.

I could be wrong.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

I'd word the poll something like this:

Q. Rate how much you enjoyed the three year period from 1999 to 2001 as a Raider fan.

A) It was one of the best periods of my life as a Raider fan.

B) It was awesome but less than fulfilling.

C) Compared to now it was great, but the pain of losing at the end doesn't outweigh the winning to get there.

D) It sucked,... we never won the big one.

I'd guess the majority would be B's or C's... with more D's than A's.

I would answer A.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous tinfoil said...

As usual, I agree with your view.

I think we should remember two things:

1. If Jano makes that kick v Arizona, we are right in the middle of if. But, it just seems to be a variation on the theme that the Raiders will find a way to lose.

2. The Raiders have never been great without the combination of a strong GM and head coach. Ron Wolfe had John Rauch, Madden and then Tom Flores. Bruce Allen had Gruden then by extension, Bill Callahan.

Two words: Bill Parcels

I'm with you on your Take: not sure what to make of it, but sure as hell think its time to end the Chargers dominance.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I would answer "A" as well, which is why it irks me when people here diss Gruden, Allen, Gannon, Brown and others who were instrumental to that period of success.

Mr. Davis gets the lion's share of the credit from me for bringing them all together (hiring, drafting, fee agency), but I also often hear the point that it's the coaches and players who win or lose the games, so I have a lot of affection and respect for those coaches and players were instrumental in that period of success.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Parcells would be awesome, Tinfoil. Dude has a proven track record for turning things around quickly and decisively.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


I would answer definitely "A" to your poll. To put this in the proper context, consider the following ...

the last time we had a similar 3 year run was 26 years ago.
2000 Div. Champ - 12-4 - Loss to Ravens in AFC Championship

2001 Div. Champ - 10-6 - Loss to Pats in Tuck game

2002 Div. Champ - 11-5 - Loss to Bucs in SB
1974 Div. Champ - 12-2 - Loss to Dolphins in AFC Championship

1975 Div. Champ - 11-3 - Loss to Steelers in AFC Championship

1976 Div. Champ - 13-1 - Win over Vikings in SB

12:45 PM  
Anonymous tinfoil said...

Not sure I wouldn't add Gruden's 1999 team as well. But for a kicker, that team also makes the playoffs.

And what a great ending to the '99 season to knock KC out of the playoffs in a come-from-behind (like way behind) OT win in KC. I watch that game couple of times per year.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"I could be wrong."

Ya think? I agree that you are wrong. As for me getting a boner when you read my posts....again, your ego and arrogance are way bigger than your brain. I would much rather that you leave this site all together...... You always say "that on other sites"...who's the troll? Seems to me you are visiting multiple sites and spreading your stupidity. That is the definition of a troll. Just cause Gary says so, doesn't make it true.


1:21 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

As far as the Gruden era, I loved the fact that the Raiders were REAL contenders again, if that's what they are, it's all that matters. Certain things have to go right to win it all, if something comes up short, good chance you don't win. That's fine, having the team in a position or building towards that position of a chance to win it all, that's all that can be asked.

Incompetence and poor management for the better part of 20+ years = the fans have the right to complain. Al Davis is letting the fans down, the fans aren't letting Al down. He has dug his own hole, he refuses to stop digging it, he is turning his back on the fans for doing it.


1:30 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

How can the Gruden years be anything but awesome? He help build a team with an MVP QB that repeatedly won the division, and eventually won a conf championship and went to a SB.

Isn't that the exact opposite of what we've had since?

I think a lot of us saw the writing on the wall when Davis traded him (let him get away!).

This week? There are NO moral victories, and I'm not looking to be entertained. It's time to break this ridiculous streak. Any Raiders player or fan that isn't ready to kick some ass should just stay home.

I'm looking for blood! We all need a taste of winning a "statement" game when it actualy matters, not at the end of the season when the Raiders have long been eliminated.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

I think a lot of us saw the writing on the wall when Davis traded him (let him get away!)

I wonder if Al would have let him go if the NFL outlawed trades for coaches BEFORE it happened?

I don't think he would have.

I'm not convinced we would have won a ring with him remaining as coach, but I sure as hell am convinced we wouldn't have had all the horrible seasons after the 2002 season.

We sure as hell would have avoided the Kerry Collins/ Randy Moss experiments.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Chargers lost to the Chiefs and Seahawks already. Their wins were against two mediocre teams. In other words, the Chargers are totally beatable.

2:17 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I have to post "A-" to "B+"....

It was great and I was there...Sailed back from Hawaii at the beginning of the Bugle yr and cried...So "98" started bringing some hope and "99" showed some promise...Sorta like now as a matter of fact....

"00" was a fun time in "OakTown" right down to that "SadGoose" BelleyFlop"...."01" was mixed emotions...It was a high time for the 1st 3/4's and than the talk started and the reports surfaced and we dumped off at the end of that season losing during December...We came back and made it threw one "PO" game only to get robed by that "SnowJob" while our beloved coach was dealing himself a new hand elsewhere...So the talk was true and the reports had merit...He forced a trade...

It's what have you done for me lately that is remembered and his last act was to shit on this team and the fans who sponsored his "Chucky" image....Enough said about that bastard...

"02" was supper...I was in "SD" and the total let-down that engulfed us at the end was difficult to recover from...Perhaps this team really never has and that's carried threw to now as Cable talks of acceptance of responsibility....

I think also to many of the fans that "Choke" caused too great of suffering for them to hold their heads high later as we sunk into that abyss...Some still have difficulty recovering...

As for me...I have moved on...Like now I'm enjoying the opportunity to watch my team play as I hope for "V"s along the way threw improvement that takes it's sweet time to develop....

PantyRaider....Please Don't Choke Tomorrow!!!!/_

4:14 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

PR wrote, "We came back and made it threw one "PO" game only to get robed by that "SnowJob" while our beloved coach was dealing himself a new hand elsewhere...So the talk was true and the reports had merit...He forced a trade..."

PR, I highly suggest you read the post below from Jerry MacDonald. You've got your "facts" categorically wrong in every possible way.

"For all the talk of Gruden leaving because of Al’s ego, or Gruden wanting to get away from Al, or Gruden requesting Tampa to be closer to his family, the reasons for his departure were contractual.

The two sides were working on a contract extension in 2001. Even when Gruden’s agent, Bob LaMonte, was making his return sound dire, Allen, an important middle man in the Davis-Gruden alliance, always thought a deal would get done.

Very late in the season, Gruden thought he had a deal. The extension was for three years, averaging around $3 million per season. In it, Gruden had control of the 53-man roster and the ability to pick his own coaching staff. He was fine with Davis running the draft and free agency, where he would have input but not the final say. But his two main issues were picking his own team, and picking his own coaches.

When Gruden and LaMonte met at a restaurant not far from the club facility and opened the envelope containing the contract, the provisions regarding control of the 53-man roster and picking the coaches had been removed. Much of the money had been pushed to the last season.

If this was a negotiating ploy by the Raiders to get Gruden to take less, it backfired. At that point he was intent on coaching his last season and looking for another job.

Gruden loved coaching the Raiders. Loved the fans, the tradition. He was proud of having taken the mess he inherited from Joe Bugel and making it special again. He used to tell Rich Gannon, “If we can turn this place around and win a championship here, it will be our legacy.”

Bottom Line: Gruden was going to sign an extension for 3 more years until the language of the contract was changed.

9:51 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The ole bait-n-switch. What do we have to show for it? Rock bottom!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

Tom Cable sounds like a broken record.

He's always got some silver lining he's throwing at you after every loss. The many losses. The record breaking losing.

Now, Cable has "Manning up" as part of his feel good act.

So is that the new low standard ?

As long as we know the players care, another loss shouldn't be such a downer.

So to hell with excellence. Raiders now have a "Commitment to Caring".

Hey, maybe the Raiders can bring in Dr. Phil as an asst. coach ?

If we lose to Chargers(again), how about a group cry on the sideline after the game ?

Hey Tom, I have an idea. Maybe you havn't thought of this yet, because you're so busy with "Teaching Moments", for team.


Or just take your silver linings, and go away.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous gary said...


Bottom Line: Gruden was going to sign an extension for 3 more years until the language of the contract was changed.

Would the contract have been changed back to the original language if trading coaches for players and cash was outlawed?

I think so.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous gary said...



How much do you weigh Bubba?

And whom do we replace him with?

8:52 AM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

GARY said,


How much do you weigh Bubba?

And whom do we replace him with?

Gary, I am not fat. But I am not so much calling Cable fat, as I am calling him a loser.

In other words, I might say:

John Madden. That fat sob was a great coach.

Bill Parcells. That fat sob was a great coach.

Andy Reid. That fat sob has had a lot of success in Philly.

Rex Ryan. That fat sob is doing a great job.

Tom Cable. That fat sob should stop making excuses, and win some games.

You understand now ?

Who should we replace him with ?

Anyone who refuses to coach team "The Raider Way".

9:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

"And whom do we replace him with?"

The "whom" is not so obvious at the moment, but the "how" is very clear.

You conduct the kind coaching search, interview process and consideration that warrants the position, i.e., one of only 32 of its kind in the world.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

Anyone who refuses to coach team "The Raider Way".

So the coaching carousel continues and you can't figure out why we keep losing? What would that be, 6 coaches in 10 years???

Lets wait at least until after the season ends before we discuss this, shall we, little boys?

11:22 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Gary - If the Raiders win 3,4,5,6 games this year, Cable is gone. If Cable is gone, a new HC will need to be interviewed, selected, and hired. Before identifying the HC, it is critical to establish a basic platform to ATTRACT a worthy candidate. The baseline is;

(a) fair market value contract

Comment: No reason to be cheap when hiring one the most important person for a team's success

(b) control of the 53-man roster

Comment: A HC needs to have the type of players that fit his system

(c) the ability to pick his own coaching staff.

Comment: A HC needs to not only identify the right coaching staff that can teach his systems but be able to run the systems he sees fit.

11:36 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Evidence continues to mount that the 2010 Raiders are not a good team.

Giants are spanking Houston, using numerous blitz packages. So Houston's dominance of the Raiders last week is sandwiched by drubbings at the hands of the Cowboys and Giants, neither of which is all that good.

Also, Chargers totally dominated an AZ team last week that beat the Raiders the week before.

Consider too that Norv Turner couldn't coach the Raiders out of a paper bag, but has beaten the Raiders six straight times as the Chargers HC and is 7-1 lifetime against the Raiders.

Today, the Raiders will field arguably the worst WR corp and worst offensive line in football. It will be up to Gradkowski to compensate for these deficiencies.

The defense will need to keep the score down, something they have been unable to do.

Yet, if the Raiders are as fed up as I am, they will find a way to win today.

Raiders 24
Chargers 17

12:10 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

My keys:

Get off to a good, fast start and play from the lead instead of playing from behind.

Utilize T. Scott's pass rushing skills as a blitzing LB.

Michael Huff will need to play his best game by helping to cover/contain Gates.

Lil' Nicky Miller and/or Jacoby Ford need to make a game altering play as a returner or receiver.

Takeaways & Sacks need to be tallied up by the Raiders D

That's right ... my key guys to make a difference today are Scott, Huff, Miller, and Ford.

Raiders 20
Chargers 16

12:25 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Looks like both Den and KC will lose this week... a win vs SD puts us right in the AFCW.

Do or die Raiders!

12:45 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

crazy half of football ...

you would think with 2 blocked punts (Safety, TD), 2 defensive takeaways to negate red zone opportunities, that the Raiders would be firmly in control. Not sure what to think anymore.

My hope is for Campbell to settle down like he did on the FG drive, for the D to come up with MORE takeaways, a few MORE big special teams plays to get us to the winner's circle.

My concern is that the D is running on fumes and Rivers will continue to torch us in the air.

We shall see ... never a dull or easy moment in Raiderland. Aye Caramba!

2:58 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

I'm a little late to the party. Looks like Campbell came in early in the game. Was Gradkowski ineffective? Or did he get hurt?

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Arkansan Raider said...



5:05 PM  
Anonymous AL DAVIS said...



5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angelic Raider-

And I'm be proud to a Raider fan,
where at least I know we beat SD
and I wont forget the fumble that
was returned for a TD
And I proudly STAND UP next to you and defend her still today
cuz there aint no doubt that I love the NATION!!!!!!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the first time in about 8 years I am alive again as a Raider fan. Yes, we have problems and many are the same old same old... but today I felt a brush of that old autumn breeze. I give up. Al isn't changing anything, but I will quit bashing him and say f' it. It's Al's last hurrah and he has one last piece of straw that is bound to be gold. Watching us blitz on that final 4th down where so many times in the past we'd have rushed 3 and gave up a first down to keep the other team's hope alive, was sweet. Sometimes a team can get a spark from one game. I think this one was one of those magical games that tranforms losers to winners. I predict that with this final monkey off our backs (SD) our fortunes change. Bama 7 believes. There is no logic to it, but I simply feel this game will prove a catalyst to a fun season that ends in the playoffs. Jones, you have made a lot of sense on this board, but I think something strange is in the works after this really strange win.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

This could quite possibly be the biggest win for the Raiders in the past 7 yrs... hopefully a take from RT on it soon.

-We have four winnable games ahead... can we win 3 of them?

-Both Campbell and Grads seem to be better off the bench... not good. Glad to see Campbell lose the deer in the headlights though.

-Loved the blitzing at the end... can we just do this the entire game please?

-Rivers is CLEARLY the best AFCW QB and thus they are still the odds on favorite to win it, but being 0-2 in the AFCW gives everyone else hope.

-If Gallery, Schillens, and McFadden return soon... how good can this team be? I'd argue three of our best players. Bush played great, but the tandem with both at 100% might be something special.

-Asum had prolly his worst game in 4 years. Our secondary looked completely lost at times. Disturbing.

-Run defense? Sweet!... Pass defense... JFC... could there be anything worse?


8-8 and to the PLAYOFFS baby!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Gary wrote, "Loved the blitzing at the end... can we just do this the entire game please?"

Great point. I watched the game live and taped it. I'm going to look at the replay and review the success rate of our D when we blitzed. What I mean by "success", I mean an incomplete, sack, fumble, or short gain.

Seeing us blitz at the end of the game with everything on the line was turning a new page ... playing to win and not being afraid to lose.

This was, by far, one of the most thrilling and inspiring Raider wins that I've seen in a LONG time.

The key to making a statement is what you do the following game. This win was huge BUT we've got to follow up with another win vs. the Whiners.

5-4 at the bye week would be a very positive step forward. If the Raiders want to be in the playoff hunt, it all starts with the divisional games. This division is clearly up for grabs.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

"Jones, you have made a lot of sense on this board, but I think something strange is in the works after this really strange win."

Thanks Bama, appreciate that.

Bama makes a great point about the Prevent defense that we have seen for decades at the end of games that end up preventing a win. I just hope Marshall doesn't get yelled at for the blitzing in the final moments, it really crossed SD up. Al Davis better see what it does to the team when they do what they have to do to win. We have seen the Raiders do this before and then go back to the usual game plan the next game. TAKE THE HANDCUFFS OFF, LET THE BOYS ROLL and we will be able to experience more wins = SIMPLE.

Campbell came in and did well, that is good to see, Special teams should get the game ball. We all love Raider wins, no matter what the "crew" says, we just want MORE. Hey PantyWaste, keep predicting Raider losses, it works. I told ya, whatever the "crew" says, the opposite will happen. Long live the backwards "crew".


8:29 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Great point. I watched the game live and taped it. I'm going to look at the replay and review the success rate of our D when we blitzed. What I mean by "success", I mean an incomplete, sack, fumble, or short gain.

I'm guessing it was a wash because Rivers IS a great QB, and they did very well picking up the blitz, especially early.

That doesn't negate the point though... this defense is better being aggressive and gambling.

Huff, for instance would have almost certainly been useless in coverage on that play (or being the last line of defense)... instead he created a game saving turnover. We aren't talking about an Ed Reed or Palamalau here...

Al drafted all these athletes with few football skills... let em lose after the QB!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous gary said...


5-4 at the bye week would be a very positive step forward. If the Raiders want to be in the playoff hunt, it all starts with the divisional games. This division is clearly up for grabs.

Tied for first in division wins.

8:48 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Old business out of the way 1st...

"CJ"....Go check your info...I posted a whole thread of articles that trump you sweet little "J-Mac"s paraphrasing of what happened during Gruden's departure and have save those threads for further review...Want to see them again????...

Now for "Shit Eat'en Time"....

I was wrong...I didn't expect this team to be able to come out and make a statement like this...I expected they would fold as in the past after finding out their in way over their heads...I expected a collapse...

"Pat Myself On The Back"....

I speculated that the only way we win is if "SD" shoots themselves in the foot and gives this game away....Well that's exactly what they did but it was the Raider's "ST"s-n-"D" that made it happen...

2 blocked punts were generated NOT gifted...3 fumbles were also generated NOT gifted....My "ScullCaps" off to my boyz in "OakTown"....You made a statement today Baby!!!...


#1...The bar lost their Wi-Fi so I was silent....The Cantina in Carlsbad....

#2...I was hangin out with a bunch of Charger fans and hearing it all day...But wait...That was a Pos because I was given it to them all damn day too...What a beautiful sight....They walked with heads hung low as the losers they are...

#3...Damn "Zebra"s continue to make it tough but we showed the "Pride-n-Poise" of years gone by and took it back anyway...

#4...Passive "Zone" "D" that we played in the 1st half...That was some sick shit to watch...Coverage was way too loose....Glad we went to the "M-to-M" and the blitz later which took this game for us...

#5...GradSki" is such a fool....Thinks he's a "LB" or "FB" trying to take on 3 defenders like that....He was very ineffective today...

#6..."OL" continues to suck but got it together later...Injuries are mounting and we're running out of bodies....

#7...As noted by "CJ" we failed to capitalize on all their mistakes effectively in the 1st half...The 1st blocked punt for the "S" was OK...The 2nd netted a "TD" which was great...But out of the 2 fumbles we only netted 3 points and gave the one right back so good but not great....

OK....Now the Pos....

#1...This team fought to the very last minute and never showed any signs of quitting...So go suck eggs "Shoty Marty"....You suck!!!...

#2...Tied at 2-3 for 2nd behind "KC" who are folding....I hope...

#3...The schedule just got easier...

#4...Creative "D" was a pleasure to see late in this game...Lets hope it carries over and we utilize it in the 1st half in "SanFranchise"....

#5..."JC" showed himself to be a dependable "QB" in this game....We now have a controversy but it's a good one....I would suggest resting "GradSki" this week while "JC" gets the start he earned...Than we go to a "2 Headed Monster" at "QB" as well as at "RB" when "Meren McBush" is healthy...

#6...Bush proved himself to be a very dependable "RB" and target in the passing game....Zack is a load and made good yardage after the catch....

#7...Murphy doesn't have "DHB"s speed but he can turn it up-field and get the huge gain anyway...

#8...All in all I say this team is turning the corner and this was the statement game that kicks it off....Now we have to see if they continue in this form or implode like in the recent past where we couldn't put 2 good game together in succession...

#9...We could go 6-3 at the bye and in my opinion should...Than after the bye those games against Pitts-n-Indy don't look nearly as haunting....Not to mention our next one against "SD"...My 10-n-6 forecast suddenly looks very possible...

#10...We be in it Boyz!!!

PantyRaider...Just Like Old Times!!!/_

9:25 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

At least for this week, the Raiders made Marty eat his words.

The Raiders finished plays, and they finished the game too.

It was great to see it.

As others have said, got to build on this big win now.

Cannot slip back into bad habits, and passive defense.

I can get used to this winning stuff. Let's do it again, and again !!!!!!

9:28 PM  
Blogger H said...

A quick drive by.

Been spending a lot of time with the grandson while recovering from the surgery. Which is going quite will. Haven’t had this low a pain level in years. But it will be a short visit, Mrs. H is now taking her turn under general anesthesia this week.

One of the best “team” efforts in quite some time. Big plays on offense, defense and special teams.

This is something to build on.


Good to hear from you, hope all is well.


I did a quick review of the game and when we blitzed or was able to put pressure on Rivers his completion percentage was probably somewhere south of 50.

What a catch by Zach Miller! When I saw the slow motion replay I kept repeating, “One Knee Equals Two Feet.”


4:38 AM  
Blogger H said...

One more quick observation.

It was one of those games where each team picked up the other.

Special teams and defense were outstanding early while the offense struggled a bit. Then the offense started coming around.

Ford goofed on the kickoff after the Dolts took a nine point lead.

The offense responded going 97 yards for a TD.

The defense held in the red zone and SD only got a field goal.

The offense responded with a 73 yard drive for a TD to take the lead.

The defense came up big with the fumble recovery for a TD.

Rock Cartwright, who blocked a punt in the first quarter, made another statement by nailing Sproles at the 15 forcing Rivers to go 85 yards in less than 50 seconds.

Janikowski also nailed a 50 yarder and had two touchbacks.

On to the Whiners, but they will be dangerous after losing again and are now 0-5, we have to keep up the high level of intensity.


5:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Heart and determination trumps talent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many missed assignments in one game... RBs out of the backfield, TEs, WRs, you name it.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The Raiders finished in style. They completed plays (notable was Ford following the catch by Miller and pouncing on the fumble), they did what they had to get pressure on Rivers, who, by the way, has scary accuracy at any depth.

This was a gut-check game. And the Raiders passed the test. Here’s a taste of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The (really) good:

-2 blocked punts in one game (for nine pts)
-Chargers net punting avg -1.3 yards (a record?)
-Jason Campbell led scoring drives of 97 and 73 yards
-Campbell’s QB rating 117.6
-Raiders get a critical call on reply (TD return)
...Charges 3-3
...Raiders 3-0

The bad:

-Over 500 total yards allowed (over 440 last week)
-Rivers 431 yards passing
-Heyward-Bey 0 catches (only 1 last week)

The ugly:

-Raiders 12 penalties
-Jacoby Ford mishandled and fumbled KO returns
-First half first downs:
...Chargers 17
...Raiders 4
-First half yards:
...Chargers 322
...Raiders 93

Another example of the Raiders finishing plays: After Huff forced Rivers to fumble, he followed up with a block that shoved Rivers to the sideline, which caught Rivers off guard.

Ahh! Sweet victory! At last!

5:54 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Still in So-Cal and all I hear about is our game yesterday...Like Gary posted some fans are just "Gloomy" and these punks are defeated in a 2-3 start crying after all those "PO" years while we Raider fans are celebrating the monkey off our backs...Criers will always find a way to cry...

Raiders 35-27 "V" over "SD"...

Raider "O"....#11 coming in...

Passing....14/25 168yds 12yd ave...
J. Campbell 13/18 159yds 1TD
B. Gradkowski 1/7 14yds

Z. Miller 6/62 1 TD
L. Murphy 2/61
M. Bush 3/31
B. Myers 1/12
M. Reece 2/7 -w- one taken by "Zebra"s...

Rushing....30/111yds 3.7yd ave...
M. Bush 26/104 1 TD
J. Campbell 4/7

Total Net Yards 279
Third Down Efficiency 6/15 - 40%
Fourth Down Efficiency 2/3 - 66%
Red Zone Efficiency 2/3 - 66%
Time of Possession 27:14
Punts 4/52.8yd ave...

"SD" "O" #1 coming in...3 Fumbles..

Total Net Yards 506...
Rushing 26/91 3.5yd ave..
Passing 27/42 415yds...
Third Down Efficiency 5/12 - 41%
Fourth Down Efficiency 0/1 - 0%
Red Zone Efficiency 2/6 - 33%
Time of Possession 32:46
Punts 3/14yds ave 2 blocked 1 TD...

Up-Date -w- One Game Left...

Raiders "0"-#15......."D"-#23
"OL"-#28..............Sacks-#12 Tie
......................Int's-#12 Tie

We have faced the #6-n-#1 "O"s back to back so our "D" stats have fallen...Sill on our schedule are the #3 Colts/#4 Muleheads twice/#1 Chargers/#13 Fish/#22 Jags/#23 9ers/#24 Squaws twice/#28 SeaChicks/#29 Pitts....

How many of these games are now winnable???...

PantyRaider....This Schedule Don't Look So bad Today!!!!/_

1:52 PM  
Anonymous raider00 said...

The Raiders showed some grit and I think there is something to this team.

Consider, Mcfadden was hurt, but Bush stepped in to gain 100 yards.

Grad went down, but Campbell didn't miss a beat.

And the blitzing. The beautiful blitzing.
My God, the last time the Raiders blitzed that much, Ted Hendricks & Mike Davis were still playing.

H is correct. Will face a wounded, desperate Niners this week.

But somehow, I think this Raiders squad can find a way to win it.

Here's to the winners. Those who move mountains...

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the main Take, you sound like it's a yes/no decision by individuals, instead of a group vibe/feeling/outlook change-over-time kind of thing. I hope that made some sense as to what I'm trying to convery.

It's not like at Fridays meeting everyone decided "I'll be accountable from now one". Nor was that what cable meant.

Personally, I'm enjoying watching real football games again. We're not out of it in the first qtr, and if we're down, we've proven we can come back.

Favorite part about this game, the defense in the 4th qtr. Over the last 7 years, the soft ass D loosing us games in the 4th has been up there with "Please, Al... LEAVE!" as far as board sentiments go.

Gary, I'm with you and the A's. I wasn't a fanatic back in the '70's (to young) and 80's (to preoccupied), so that was my only real superbowl. I'm sure that loss makes the night out beforehand suck for Barret in retrospect. But it doesn't outweigh my enjoyment of that era.

The Superbowl loss wasn't even THAT bad, it was Gannon's neck the next year that sunk the ship and ushered in these dark years.


4:07 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Let's hope Marshall (Al) doesn't pull the same bait-and-switch this year that he pulled last year after the blitz-o-magic game against the Eagles. The following week, the defense once again dropped back on their heels into coverage D and lost to the Jets 38-0 (Ski was our QB).

If history teaches us anything, then we should believe in the power of pressure. Good things tend to happen to the Raiders when they blitz the QB.

And Sunday was a jailbreak that won the game.

6:08 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Re: Blitz -n- When To...

As I posted we still have to face 3 more games against top rated passing teams...

"SD"-#1.........#12 Rush

The Rest....

"Indy"-#3.......#28 Rush
"Mules"-#4......#32 Rush
"Mules"-#4......#32 Rush

SadFran-n-Fish are #11-n-12 Passing....

These are very one dimensional "O"s...They pass the ball to beat hell but they can't run...And they don't play "D" well either aside from the Fish who are average across the board....

These are the games I say we should gameplan to use the blitz very heavily like we did in that last quarter Sunday....We don't have to fear their running game as much as we had to fear Tenn/Hou/SD....#6/7/12 rushing "O"s....We just need to shut down their Pass "O"s and we shut them down...

Putting their "QB"s in desperation mode is critical to shutting them down and creating "TO"s...Play "M-M" and send the blitz frequently but disguise it better than we did against "SD"....

Rivers was apt at forcing our "D" to show it's hand...He would simulate a hike by raising his leg and than stall while viewing where the pressure was coming from....He would do this 2-3 times before starting the play which made it very difficult to get the pressure on him....So we need to learn to be more disciplined in the blitz scheme and stop telegraphing if -n- where it's coming from....

Bring it and bring it early on and than we can fake it and disrupt their gameplans while falling back in coverage looking for the mistakes...But to be effective it needs to come from all possible angles from all possible positions and several at once on occasion so it's very threatening and unpredictable....Take a lesson from Pitts...They do it very well...

Now that the blitz has been shown we need to continue to practice it as we improve in preparation for those tougher contest....We don't become proficient by hiding it in our pockets...So I would us it this week against "SF" and smother any chance they had to move the ball...Their "QB" play is very suspect so put the hurt on him early and get him rattled...They are #30 rushing so we should take advantage against their only relative strength....The #11 Passing "O" and shut it down....

PantyRaider....We Have The Talent To get It Done!!!!/_

Don't want to be their 1st win of the season....0-n-6 "Puss-Sucker"s....

8:52 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Looks like Farve did what Plunket did...Played one season too long...He just doesn't have it anymore...Sad to watch such a great "QB" fall on such hard times...I admire his guts and determination but when it's over it's just over...

That's very hard to accept I know but real none the less....

Hell....Even at 60 I still spend my day in the gym fully appreciating every time I can compete...There are still several old-timers like me competing against our age...Someone said grow old gracefully..."BS"...I will fight it every damn inch of the way and lose the final game of my life but at least I will play it to the last damn whistle and the clock ticks down for the last damn time...

PantyRaider....Going Out Like I Lived!!!/_

9:38 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Forget that the Niners are 0-5. The beauty of the NFL is that each and every game is unique and has it's own storyline. What your team did the previous week has absolutely no bearing on what you do the following week.

In my eyes, the Niners are a very dangerous team. It is a team that is more than capable of killing our buzz. Alex Smith and Mike Singletary are fighting for their jobs. There is no question that the Niners will lay it ALL on the line to win their 1st game. This will be a very interesting game to see how the Raiders handle their success vs. S.D.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Belated postgame take is up.

10:17 PM  

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