Sunday, September 17, 2006

Haiku: Raiders 6 / Ravens 28

Better beats worse but
bumbling persists; Courtney tries
to catch with his knee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brooks looks done
Walter has a gun
But Al likes George
Jeff, not Blanda

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying a few things.

1. Offensive line is going to have to change the tempo or else. We did play one of the top 1 or 2 defenses in the league. There is a long road ahead of us. But progess takes time. Better job on plenties.

2. Andrew Walter, the next great QB of the century? In time, we will see. Aaron Brooks, what can I said. You've been in this league for 7 years, and you can't hold on to the ball. Then he hurts himself?
I think we as the Raider Nation would like to see Walter play the rest of the year. If we are going into a losing season, let the kid play out his mistakes. He will mature, give him time. 3INT's hurts but he will learn to read coverage better. Remember A.S. across the bay.

3. Lamont Jordan------ enough said.

4. DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Is looking better each week. Way to go. They will get better as a unit. There were some blown coverages and mis-tackles but all in all they are getting solid.

5. S.T. was ok too.

6. Randy Moss, so much talent and we are letting it go to waste. Tom Walsh needs to get with the program. Or catch a plane back to Idaho, because the Nation is looking for you.

7. I don't like Porter's wussy boy act. Art Shell needs to put aside he pride and let him play. Opens up R. Moss for a long ball.

8. Art Shell.........Hopefully you will change the team's spirit in two weeks.

9. Mr. Al Davis. What are you thinking about right now?

Last week I posted some blogs that some of other members thought I wasn't a true Raider Fan, that I was a cry baby. Well none of you are on internet are you, Why? It is hard to lose, guys and girls. We all hate it. But as you all said Rome was not built in a day.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Progress...This is what this game showed me.

I think it was Calico Jack who'd said (sorry if I'm misquoting, CJ) that we'd take the loss for some progress. I love the D, I love the special teams ('specially Jarrod Cooper...Way to go taunting!) and this is an entirely new offensive system. Next time, Walter doesn't miss a wide open Moss in the endzone, we don't spot the opposition 9 points in the first quarter and leave the defense on the field much too long and we will WIN. Obvious offensive line problems, but we'll get there. I know this.

One thing: Who calls a 7-step-drop in your own endzone?

Bring on the Browns...I'll be rockin' at the HOT.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a prediction about the offensive line. We will eventually see Boothe at right guard and McMullet at right tackle. Did you notice that McMullet was benched for Boothe in the 4th quarter? Well Walker still looks clueless to me, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders were moving Boothe in at right guard to eventually slide McMullet back to his original position at tackle.

This team will not get better until the offensive line leads the way...

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read we didn't get our first first down until 8 mins before the half. That's an awful staff for professional coaches and players. There is absolutely nothing to take positive from this team. Maybe Freddy B can regale them with some tips on how he used to get open against Mel Blount circa 1975. Or Willie B can tell 'em how he used to intimidate Nat Moore.
I think most of us were leery when Petrino and Wisenhunt turned their noses up at the job. Then Art came back and deep down we saw it as Al retreating deeper in the bunker, getting more stubborn with his old, worn out act...refusing to let someone build a staff or a philosophy or a team for him... but we chose to be positive. Now it's there for all to see: A mix match of "coaches"... no modern gameplan, track guys slash work out/combine warriors all over the place. What a mess. Remember when Gannon commented about the organization after he left, "I wouldn't exactly put a torch to the place, but something close." It's all out for everyone to see now, as if the last three years weren't enough. We won't be good again until Al swallows his pride and steps aside or passes away. This Walsh is in way over his head and Art is merely a cheerleader. It's just a matter of time before they're gone. And enough already with the Walter crap... what'd he have? Three fumbles and three INT's? The end zone is like Atlantis to this guy. We basically passed on Lienert, Cutler, McNair and Young.. for Aaron Brooks and Walter?? But I shouldn't get down on them because they have trouble digesting the left over gameplan from Superbowl II. Why don't we just go back to the single bar face masks while we're at it? Hell, we're so damn tough, let's just wear leather helmuts out there and try a few drop kicks while we're at it.
In the spirit of yanking last staws let's at least send Porter to Tennessee for Volek (he's better than anything we have, AND it would keep him out of KC or San Diego, who covet him) And what would we lose? Porter. So what. And then make a move for UTEPs Mike Price. AND LET HIM NAME HIS OWN FREAKIN' STAFF!!!!!!!

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. more frustration.

like i said from DAY 1. walter SHOULD start! get him in there, far better for him to get his butt kicked NOW but knowing he'll also grow and get better as he gets that valuable playing time. i can see some grit in this guy but most especially some leadership skills. we all know he's the man eventually. why not get him ready NOW so we won't have as many growng pains in 07? if we wait to start him, then we start over again next year.

i agree with the porter comment. it's time he played. he's learned his lesson. moss is out there drawing double coverage. whitted (who should not even be on this team) doesn't scare anyone.

mcquistan - HAH! a LOT of you were ready to put this cat in the HOF before he even played a down in the nfl. he is having his growing pains but i agree with getting langston walker outta there and moving mcquistan back to tackle.

i think grove is at as much fault as the qb's are for fumbling 4 times. he is too short to play center. did anyone notice how low walter had to stoop under center?

i think walsh will be FIRED by mid year!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I raise my pint glass high in the air and salute our defense.

This unit played with a lot of heart and pride throughout the game no matter how many times the offensive unit shafted them.

Besides being left on the field forever, having to take a short field to defend, bouncing off the bench after 6 turnovers and a safety, the D responded. The 1st 5 Raiders possessions (fumble, fumble, 3-out, 3-out, 3-out) and the D held the Ravens to a mere 9 points. A round of well earned cold beers to the D.

If we can only get our O-line to protect Walter and we cut down on the careless turnovers, I think we can start making our trek up the mountain top.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm willing to give Walter a chance. Moss likes him. I, again, agree with the Porter Take. Play him or trade him. Favre is unhappy in GB, and they are itching to give Rogers a chance there. Porter and one of our traded picks to GB for Favre, and an O-lineman (preferrably one who can block), or a RB.
Bama 7, are you nuts! Trade Porter to Tennessee for Volek? Volek lost the starting job to KFC, and how does that make him better exactly? He can't beat out KFC! Get off Volek, he's not that good. You complain about passing up on Leinart, Young, Cutler in the draft, neither of them have started. You've forgotten that McNair was traded to B-more AFTER the Raiders' signed Brooks, and AFTER training camp was under way. I'm more upset that we didn't sign the likes of Drew Brees, Trent Dilfer, or Jon Kitna. But I really don't think the Q is our problem. I was more upset that we didn't make a run for Edgerrin James!
How can you say that the Q is our problem, when our RB had 13 carries for 35 YARDS! How does take the pressure off our QB, dropping back for the long ball every down (yes, that's a problem too!)
You have to set up the long ball with running, and short passes. Yes, the TE has to make those catches. Yes, the RB has to gain more than 35 F#$%ing Yards on 13 carries. Yes, you have to take the pressure off the QB with screens, draw plays, quick outs, etc. That's FOOTBALL 101! "The Mayor" has been playing too much Madden in the off-season if he thinks that every play is going to be a bomb, and that it will work.
McNasty will come around too. He will be a great O-lineman. He's a rookie at a new position, which is about to change. Then you will see McNasty's fierceness.
I say, we trade Porter for a QB and O-lineman, and Tuiasosopo for another starting RB, that Jordan will actually compliment as a backup.
It's time to panic. It's time to change some things NOW! Starting with the Mayor, RB, Pouter, and Tuiasosopo. Decisions need to be made, and this is where Al Davis' attitude of "I'm going to ruin you" hurts us. What good is all the talent if you don't know how to use it. Unfortunately, we are finding out the hard way, that it's no good at all.

6:22 AM  
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