Saturday, August 05, 2006

Raider Take Express for 8/5

Here is the latest edition of the Raider Take Express, our weekly roundup of input and adventures around the turf of Raider Take. Please keep sending your ideas, tips and feedback to You light the fuse on the long bombs from Quaketown!

1. Damon wrote to report that the 2006 Pro Football Prospectus trashes the Raiders: He (the writer) says that Al decided to take the team backward. He refers to Mike Lombardi as Al Davis' “Smithers” and talks about how Davis dragged “old Raiders like Jack Tatum out of mothballs to recite all the tired lines about restoring ‘toughness’ and ‘pride.’”

Damon also adds that this team overview, written by a guy from, makes no mention of our draft picks. Very convenient, indeed, that he chooses not to mention guys like Huff and McQuistan. Surely, their main Saints preview makes no mention of Reggie Bush, right?

2. In related news, The Analyzer alerted us to this QB ranking feature on, which ranks the Raiders 30th at the position. That's a little gratuitous, don't you think? Five slots behind the Browns? Six slots behind the Lions? Guess what, the author of this ranking is the editor of the aforementioned 2006 Pro Football Prospectus and a big cheese at I know a lot of folks love these guys, but they sure don't have any faith in the Raiders to perform at any level beyond atrocious this year. We shall see.

3. Jim H. wrote to reveal the absurdity of
this article, which takes Al Davis to task for believing in the concept of domination. Since when is the concept of domination outmoded in football? Teams should no longer strive to dominate?

Indeed, in modern football, teams should strive to win without domination. Come to think of it, winning might be overrated, too. Everybody’s a winner, right? Domination? Well, that’s just scary and impractical, and bad for the children, too.

4. The Freaking Pope wrote to point out this article, which features some insightful quotes from Tom Walsh. A lot has been said and written about this man over the past several months. Now, he is speaking for himself, in his first public interview, and it’s essential reading as we barrel toward September.

5. In addition to authoring a
nifty breakdown of the new Raiders depth chart on his Raider Way site, Stick’Em visited Raider Take and posted this link to a 1986 Los Angeles Raiders music video that had me washing my eyes out with Comet. It’s quite classic, in a shameful eighties Tinseltown kind of way. The team was coming off of a 12-4 season. In the wake of the video, they went 8-8, then 5-10. I doubt it’s a coincidence.


Blogger Doobie said...

I blame the Bears for blazing the trail of bad music videos.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Doobie said...

I also recommend the current front page article on"Hated Madden turned into beloved Madden"

6:59 AM  

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