Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Attention Rebel Outposts: Free Tickets!

Are you trapped in enemy territory such as Denver or Kansas City? Are you overseas, or south or north of the border? Hawaii? New Jersey? Washington? Wherever you might be in one of the many rebel outposts of the Raider Nation, there may be a pair of free Raiders tickets with your name on them.

Indeed, Raider Greg of Raider Nation Podcast has officially extended an invitation to readers of Raider Take to partipate in a contest that will award tickets to fans who reside 500 miles or more from Oakland. There will be a different winner for each home game. Apparently, a mystery fan has donated a pair of season tickets to the cause. Says Raider Greg: "It is his desire to give misplaced Raiders fans the opportunity to experience the RAIDER NATION at the Coliseum."

We're not talking about the top row of Mt. Davis, either. According to Raider Greg, these are really nice seats.

The entry rules are simple: (1) You must live 500 or more miles from Oakland; (2) register yourself and your most colorful profile photo on RNP's Frappr Map, to which you will find a link on the RNP homepage; (3) write or explain to Raider Greg via email message, audio file, video file or RNP comments forum why you merit a pair of free tickets; (4) if you win, pick up your tickets at the Coliseum two hours before gametime. The two preseason games are available to win without the 500-mile requirement. Click here for the official rules.

Raider Greg's email is raidergreg@raidernationpodcast.com.

Of course, you must provide your own transportation and lodging. Remember, Oakland International Airport is just a few miles away from the Coliseum, so if you were really feeling adventurous, you could fly into Oakland in the early a.m., take a taxi to the tailgate, and fly out that night with a belly full of beer, a suitcase full of gear and memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to Raider Greg and Raider Randy of Raider Nation Podcast, as well as their generous mystery fan, for extending this invitation and opportunity to readers of Raider Take!


Blogger Roy said...

I wonder how many takers he will have. It would seem that arranging travel expenses from 500 miles out is the expensive and tricky part about attending Raider Games not purchasing tickets. Lets face it games do not sell out and scalped tickets can be had for less than face value. But it is a nice gesture and I hope someone new gets to a game.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

I hear ya Roy. I'd love to do it, but of all the headaches involved with getting the family from NJ to Oakland, actually getting the tickets would be the least of my worries. It is a hell of a nice gesture though.

Anybody wanna have a "Bring-Doobie's-Family-to-Oakland" promotion? I might be able to help sell raffle tickets! LOL

6:13 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Yes, it's tough, especially from 3,000 miles. But from Phoenix or Seattle, for example, it's pretty manageable to catch a cheap quick flight to Oakland.

I would put the value of this pair of tickets at a minimum of $200 per game at the resale level (it will fluctuate depending on the opponent). Tickets are going to be tighter this year. Season ticket holders were given priority on single game tickets this year. I checked out the Steelers game just for fun, and the "best available" tickets were in the far upper decks.

I think that this ticket contest will be especially rewarding for those who were already planning to invest in the trip, like the guys I met from England last year, or Tommy the NY Raider, who's had this year's Broncos game on his radar. It puts $200 or more back in the winner's pocket, which is pretty sweet.

6:54 PM  

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