Saturday, May 13, 2006

The McQuistan Chronicles II

Last time we heard from Diehard Raider Josh, Raider Take’s Official Northwest Paul McQuistan Correspondent, he ignited a powder keg of good vibes with his eye-opening personal take on our third-round selection. Josh now writes again, having spent a little post-minicamp time with McQuistan:

“Paul and family stopped by the house the other day, asked him to sign my tat, of course no problem. You’re right about this kid. Off the field one of the nicest people you'd want to be around, family oriented, polite, well mannered. On the field, well time will tell. My belief is he is going to run the opposition into the ground head first and I'm not just talking him up because he's a local and my buddy's bro-in-law (ok maybe a little). He said that he really enjoyed the mini-camp but doesn't want to get his hopes up until he makes the 53 man roster, I have all the faith in the world for this kid and wish him all the luck, but I believe his hard work and perseverance is going to pay off for this monster of a man ....We’ll keep the Raider faith strong baby.”

Diehard Raider Josh kindly shared the accompanying photos (which I have cropped for enhanced detail). If I ever meet Paul, I’m going to ask him to write a haiku on my back.

And so concludes Paul McQuistan Week here at Raider Take. We have all given him the warmest welcome possible, and perhaps the goodwill expressed to him by the Raider Nation will help accelerate his adjustment to the NFL spotlight. Perhaps we have raised his comfort level just a bit (after all, Oakland is a long way from Weber State), which in turn might give him an edge, which ultimately might result in Paul McQuistan not only making the roster, but smacking down some Chiefs, Chargers and Donkeys in 2006 and beyond.


Blogger Calico Jack said...

All the attention that McQuistan has garnered so far isn't "hype". I would characterize it as more "hope" than anything else.

McQuistan has piqued the Raider Nation's interest and provided a refreshing story line.

Who in their right mind would have expected all of the articles, blog entries, a fan club, a haiku fest within 2 short weeks of this unknown draftee being selected by the Raiders?

I raise my pint of McEwan Ale to our new rising red son, Paul McQuistan. Cheers!

4:22 PM  
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