Friday, May 05, 2006

News You Can't Use: College Edition

Okay, for starters, we need to go easy on this guy. He writes for a college newspaper in Santa Barbara. I’m sure he’s distracted by beer, beaches and girls. This is a place where they start planning their Halloween parties in June.

your article concludes with you “hoping that the Black Hole and Raider Nation do not take offense to the above comments,” you’d better prepare for your “above comments” to endure some scrutiny, and you’d definitely better not write the following:

“What this shows is that sometimes the choices that seem like no-brainers aren’t so obvious to the higher-ups in the football world. Raiders fans, when Kerry Collins is turning 36 two seasons from now and putting up a 75 QB rating, just think: You could have had Leinart.”

When our enterprising reporter Googled KFC’s QB rating, how did he miss the fact that Collins was cut by the Raiders two months ago? At this rate, this guy is going to
get recruited by Sports Illustrated.

And that, Raiders Fans, is news you can’t use.

P.S. Thanks to reader Jason for tipping us off to this piece.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Kerry Collins?

Here's yer first look at Huff Daddy in silver'n'black!

BTW, who's Charles Woodson?

12:41 PM  

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