Friday, May 12, 2006

McQuistan Haiku Fest Recap

Raider Take would like to thank the haiku masters of the Raider Nation for their poetic participation in the 1st Annual Paul McQuistan Haiku Fest, which set a record number of comments for a single take on this site, including more than 50 original works of haiku.

After much deliberation, and after a long consultation with Mr. Davis (just kidding), I have chosen the following Touchdown Award Winners. The Touchdown Award is reserved for works of extraordinary finesse, imagery and emotion. They have the pop of Jack Tatum and the grace of Randy Moss.

But wait…there’s more! I have constructed a Paul McQuistan Haiku Fest Commemorative Program (PDF format). In addition to the Touchdown Award Winners, it features Instant Replay Winners, the Personal Foul Award and the Iron Man Award. It also includes a Starting Lineup composed of every haiku submitted (as of noon on Friday). You see, everyone is a winner in the Paul McQuistan Haiku Fest. Just email me at to request your copy.


Red mullet machine

Brings the lineman to their knees
By Raider Nate 75

White goal line beckons

Crouched in the trenches, he waits
Follow the Scotsman
By AllyOop

Flame headed field ox

Plowing the painted green turf
Making grown men cry
By Doobie

Mullet maned war god--

Scorched fury of the Midwest.
Defense falls, wheat-like.
By Penn73

Bronco Linebacker

Chalk outline on Black Hole Field
Mulleted Slayer
By Raider Navy

Quick footed beef slab

Claret crowned, raging Raider
The new Wisniewski
By Anonymous


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a blast. I do have to admit though, lk had the funniest blast with:
"Art Shell and McQ
Two bad motherf*ckers, yo
Sunday ass whippings "

All of this did give me some Mother's Day haiku's

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mother's Day Haiku for Ally

Davis blubbering
Slay runs 4.8 - inJustice?
Face a mom can love

May your dreams become true ones,
even though they be new ones.

3:04 PM  
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