Sunday, December 12, 2021

Chiefs Gameday Thread

 Honestly, I think this is it. Now or never. GO RAIDERS!


Blogger nyraider said...

The first play of the game speaks for itself.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Another perfect picture in the game, Leatherwood and Parker watching their blocks sack Derek Carr.

Then Jacobs dropping an easy screen pass.


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Blogger nyraider said...

Raiders two offensive possessions for negative yards and a Chiefs TD.

Now the Chiefs high-powered offense takes the field for the first time, up 7-0.

Once again, Bisaccio seen on the sideline with a dumbfounded look, saying nothing.

Just when I thought the Raiders couldn't be more pathetic.

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Blogger nyraider said...

As if incompetence wasn't enough to doom the Raiders, they get bad luck too when Moreau bobbles a pass that gets intercepted.

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Blogger Raider Take said...

What a JOKE.

11:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Thankfully, the Raiders have secured their two kickers to new long-term contracts. I was really getting worried about the direction the team was heading. Now I feel much better.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Barring a Jay Schroeder type comeback, this game definitely deserves a clown car. The Raiders have reached a new low in their attempt to become a winning football team. Unavoidably, soon to be 19 seasons without a winner!

Losing Gruden is one thing, but it seems everyone Gruden had coaching with him is incompetent. The Raiders have some good players, but you wouldn't know it to watch them. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole... which doesn't say much about the coaching staff.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Have to question what Andy Reid is thinking. With the Chiefs up 35-3, Mahomes is still in there taking hits and throwing down the field. The game is over! Save your QB for the next game.

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Blogger nyraider said...

Another sum it up moment in the game. Refs call back Chiefs' TD after Carr's fumble and Chiefs score a TD on the next play.

Fun day for the Chiefs and their fans. Meanwhile, a defining game for the Raiders and their season.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

What's left to say ? New GM, new HC and staff, new Qb.

Tear it down, start it over, back to square one of the drawing board.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Starting pre-game in the middle of the Chiefs field on their logo, plain disrespect; as if the Chiefs need more motivation. Offense comes out flat again. Defense on the field too long, again.
Ghost Ship, I think I agree with you unfortunately, but it needs to start with a new owner as well. It's almost as if the Raiders have totally given up at this point, and they don't care anymore. Not sure I will watch another game this season.

1:27 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I agree, this game was an indictment of the entire organization. The coaching staff is grossly incompetent. Everybody needs to go.

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Blogger nyraider said...

After a despicable performance yesterday, there's no need to wait any longer to sum up the season:

Following their 5-2 start and leading the division up to the bye week, the Raiders are 6-7 and officially in last place. They've managed only win one in their last 6 games, losing to the Chiefs 2x, the Giants, Bengals and WFT. Thankfully, they didn't ruin Thanksgiving for us, as hard as they tried.

In an expanded 17-game season, the Raiders have managed to create even more separation, dropping out of the playoff race after 13 games.

Clearly, losing Gruden was a factor, and we can debate to what degree. But the coaching staff behind Gruden has proven to be utterly incompetent, across the board. That's on Gruden. His authoritarian coaching style brought a subservient coaching staff which can't perform on its own. Olsen is a perfect example.

So, the entire coaching staff is lame duck. There's nothing the Raiders can accomplish in the four remaining games, except perhaps injury and more embarrassment. The dysfunction that has plagued the Raiders for decades is still alive and well. It's now up to an incompetent owner (following his merry band of advisors) to choose the next direction of the team and the organization (no way Mike Mayock and his staff survive this season).

Meanwhile, 2021 is just another gut punch for every Raiders fan. With a shiny new stadium and a new profit center of filling seats with other teams' fans, it's hard to say for sure if winning is still a priority for the Raiders. While winning can't be shrugged off, it may no longer be a key part of the business model. Throw away your "Just Win!" and "Commitment to Excellence!" mottos. Allegiant Stadium will fill up despite the Raiders, who may end up being the Harlem Globetrotters of football, i.e., all flash.

Yesterday was a sad day for Raiders fans, not just for another loss, but for the true reflection of how deeply bad the Raiders are after so many years of failure. Cream rises to the top, but in some ways, so does epic failure. Mark Davis, this one's on you!

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Yesterday was more than a sad day for me. Yesterday has made me embittered with the team I love. They have been Jekyll and Hyde the last 2 decades. When they are good, they are good, and when they are bad, they are bad. The problem is you don't know which one will show up.
The ho-hum attitude from Bisaccia and the players in the Press Conference yesterday angered me more than the game itself. There was a question about being more aggressive, and the answer was basically, "we wanted to run to continue play-action." Talk about taking what the defense gives you, and taking opportunities instead of giving it away. That's a far cry from take what we want, and JUST WIN, BABY!
Derek Carr hit it on the head that there are those on the team who put the work in week in and week out, and there are those who don't. He won't say who those are, but to me it is apparent that the O-line and RB's are not putting in the work lately. Character is huge to turn this around, and right now, I do not see a lot of good character in the coaches or the players on this team. Truly disappointed in this season, and how they have seemed to quit trying.

11:27 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Bisaccia is filling a seat. He's not HC material. He briefly had me fooled with his player friendly demeanor, fancy idioms and early victory, but his lack of involvement in games is stunning. No way he can be a HC in the NFL. Based on what we've seen from special teams in 2021, he's failed as an assistant coach as well, giving up a return TD and a fake punt in just the last few weeks.

Nate, I think what you're saying is, and I agree, the Raiders coaches are so bad they can't learn from their own mistakes.

Four years into the Gruden era and we are headed for a complete overhaul.

As football goes, it doesn't get much more depressing than this for Raiders fans. We have hit rock bottom, again!

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncharted territory, HC forced to quit because of some emails no one has ever seen.

Top draft pick kills a lady while badly drunk.

Waller out for a long stretch.

2 top G's injured before the season started, never came back.

Deflated team that had their hearts ripped out again.

Some may call them excuses, some may call it too big of obstacles to overcome for any team, especially a fragile one.

The team was on it's way and were looking good, then it all started and it was over.

The league has it out for the organization and they will never let the team be what it can be. Gruden said it to the team after the tuck rule game. He knew back then and it is still going on today, those are some pretty tough odds.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

K.C. All-Pros'

R. Gannon #12

C. Okoye #35

M. L. Hill #36

T. Kelce #87

C. Burford

T. Hill #10

W. Roaf #77

B. Waters #54

R. Hudson #61

E. Budde #60

J. Tryer

N. Lowrie #8

PR D. Carter #34

N. Smith #90

C. Culp #63

J. Mays

M. Bell #92

D. Thomas #58

W. Lainier #63

D. Edwards #59

G. Greene #22

D. Carter #34

E. Berry #29

J. Robinson

D. Colquit #2

KR A. Haynes (no. #2 RB)

Raiders' Clutch Squad

H. Long #75

W. Sapp #99

L. Houston #99

B. Davidson #83

T. Hendricks #83

N. Bowman #53

B. Van Pelt #91

W. Brown #24

E. Allen #21

R. Woodson #26

G. Atkinson #43

R. Guy #8

PR L. Brunson #82 (no. #3)

C. Palmer #9

C. Garner #26

T. Rathman #44

D. Hasselbeck #87

R. Moss #18

B. Chandler #85

A. Shell #78

G. Jackson #66

J. Newberry #62

S. Wisnewski #76

J. Lachey #79

C-Bass #11

PR H. Williams #22

D. Connors #55 (3-4 LB)

W. Bankston #46

C. Woodsen #24

Al. Smith #99

D. Bowe #82

L. Burris #34 (no. #5 DB)

J. Houston #50 (edge)

F. Arbanis (no. #2 TE)

G. Spani #59 (3-4 LB)

5:19 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Uncharted? This is exactly where the Raiders find themselves every year. It's uncanny.

To be sure, if the Raiders organization, namely, Mark Davis, believe all those things to be true, then we shouldn't expect to see much in the way of change this offseason.

I think we all know that's not going to happen.

Granted, getting it right probably involves some good luck, which the Raiders don't have, like your HC can't be discovered with racist tropes in his emails, or your top draft pick has a history of stellar and exemplary off-field behavior, or your offensive coordinator is more than a clipboard stand for your HC, and on and on and on. The list is long. Without bad luck, the Raiders would have no luck.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

I would say about Derek Carr, he says all the right things. He talks like a leader. But he is just a 'system" Qb. He cannot make something out of nothing. He cannot put the team on his back and carry them to victory.

Maybe this is unfair, but that's how it seems to me.

Yes Carr can win, but only if you put a great team all around him. And the Raiders look far away from doing that !

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, does that mean the NFL comes to the rescue again?

Oh, you mean you don't know? It was their idea to:

1. Hire Reggie

2. Hire Gruden

3. Move the Raiders to L.V.

4. Fire ALL of Al's last staff

5. Hire Coach D. Allen

6. For Coach C. Peyton to quit the Raiders job.

7. For A. Brown to sign with the Pats.

8. For Reggie to fire eventually, ALL of Al's players.

9. To be so cheap in the salary cap that they REFUSE to sign star free agents.

10. To let other owners/ NFL people give MD advise.

Ummmmm.......I thought this was the team you wanted? What do I mean? You wanted and NFL team....a team that wants PARITY

1. won't sue the NFL

2. builds cheaper rosters

3. doesn't worry about the CBA or player salaries.

4. puts high character, passion and I.Q. over size and speed.

What makes you think MD selling Raiders would do? He doesn't make decisions, that's what Raidernation wanted.

Why do you believe these billionaires care about football? That they know more than than MD and as passionate as Al? The NFL will send them people to advise them on making moves.

I thought money didn't build championships anymore? But you think billionaire's money will build a winner. Why do you think these billionaires are NICER than Al?

Its' not the owner- its' whoever makes the moves and that's the NFL. What, you

You want a Kraft or P. Allen? What do owners know about football? Maybe J. Jones or the Rooney's who know something about football but you HAD a football man but didn't think he had it anymore.

* the league hating the Raiders wasn't about AFL-NFL or Al feuding with other NFL people- no, it was about:

1. CBA

2. Gene Upshaw's NFLPA/ Al stood up for the players and they(owners/ NFL) were upset with Upshaw about high salaries.

3. Player salaries/ Al kept pissing them off because he raised vet and rookie salary caps.

4. Al suing the NFL and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If MD SELLS Raiders You'll LOSE the CULTURE, Real connection to or ANY feeling and relationships in the what the Raiders stand for; the NFL will lose the only thing that BOTHERED its' conscience.

* BTW...K.C. wasn't worried about the disrespect because the rivalry was fading after Reggie took over.

They just don't care that much about the Raiders like they used to.


Broncos' WR Demayius Thomas who passed away a few days ago.

Tina Tinton/ woman killed in the accident in the Ruggs tragedy.

The Ruggs family

Victims of Hurricanes in the Mid-West and on the East Coast.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Tim Brown tweeted:
"@Raiders the end of the 99 season was a game changer for our team. It's the last game of the year, we have nothing to play for but kc is playing for the divisional title. We got down early in the game and by half was down by 17(?). But something happened in the locker room that Changed us. Guys started talking about being sick & tired of losing to kc & losing period. There was a challenge issued, IF YOU DON'T CARE DON'T COME OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM! We came out the locker room, over came the deficit and beat kc, which had only been done once in my prev 11 years. That catapulted us the next 3 years to a Super Bowl, 2AFC championship games and the tuck(ugh) game! Someone in the locker room has to grab this team by the throat and refuse to allow them to fail! The question is who is that guy or guys and can and will they stand up!"
Everyone saying this is a Derek Carr problem, I have a question for you:
Raiders 2021 Stats:
Passing: 2nd in the NFL
Running: 29th in the NFL
Offensive Line: 26th in the NFL
Defense: 29th in the NFL

How is this a Derek Carr problem? You can point to his passes this last game, 35 of 45 were behind the first down marker, but doesn't that make it a play-calling problem? He is having to check down because of the pressure. 28 pressures in those plays, no blocking or running game (due to no blocking). The O-Line, which was suspicious to begin with, has caused issues on our offense. The defense is 29th in the NFL. Yes they are playing better than the last 4 seasons, but there is still something missing. The young safeties are still out of position, blowing their assignments, and struggling. Same with the linebackers. Undisciplined in how they play.
The problem is clear to me. This coaching staff needs to go, and the players need to start looking in the mirror to hold each other accountable to their assignments. Time to fire Olsen and Cable, their act is old. Bring in Eric Bienemy to be the new HC/OC; or bring in a different new HC, bring back Musgrave as OC, and hire Wade Phillips as DC. You want to win and change the culture, then you need to bring in the people who have a proven record of changing the culture.
I'd also love to see if Lincoln Kennedy would try his hand at coaching, and get out of the booth. I'd also love to see how Tim Brown would do as a coach. I'm not talking about Head Coach here, I am talking about starting them as position/assistant coaches first. Get Tim to lead the WR's group. Get Link to lead the O-line group. See how they do, and promote/demote from there. If there is anything that is true, Tim Brown loves the Raiders. Lincoln Kennedy loves the Raiders. Rich Gannon loves the Raiders. Charles Woodson loves the Raiders; and all 4 are saying the same thing, and it is that the culture of the Raiders coaches and players need to change, and it is apparent the coaches aren't willing to bring the change, so the players have to step up and check themselves here. Not sure the Raiders have the fire to do so.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncharted in the fact no other team in history has had to fire their coach in mid season because he wrote some bad words.

Uncharted as on top of that, a week later, a top prospect and a needed component on the offense, kills someone.

Uncharted (for other teams)as the league continually screws the Raiders at every turn.

The coaching staff was constructed to be under Gruden's rule, once the top dog is gone, they become rutter-less. There is a reason why he was HC, he stirred the drink. No stirring, you see what happens.

Throw in the fact that the new HC has never been one, what a year?

If this had happened to the '66 Packers, do they still win the Title?

So, until the Raiders no longer have a target on their back, expect more of the same.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I agree that this season for the Raiders and the adversity they have faced is uncharted.
However in this statement, there is a glaring issue that points out the sickness in the Raiders organization:
"The coaching staff was constructed to be under Gruden's rule, once the top dog is gone, they become rutter-less. There is a reason why he was HC, he stirred the drink. No stirring, you see what happens."
The issue is Gruden built his staff around him. A great coach in the NFL surrounds himself with other coaches who are strong leaders as well. How many coordinators and position coaches has Bilicheck surrounded himself with that are constantly cherry-picked by other teams? The same with other greats like Bill Walsh, Bill Parcels, John Madden, Jimmy Johnson, Vince Lombardi (which yes, if the Packers had this happen to them in '66 they'd still have won), Tom Landry, and so forth. All of these guys had surrounded themselves with people that other teams swooped in and picked from. Currently, the Arizona Cardinals are the prime-modern team that is practicing this, and making Kliff Kingsbury successful!
Al Davis, and now his son Mark, are constantly hiring coaches who make it about themselves, and why do you think that is? Because Al and Mark are all about themselves. If Mark truly cares about the team, winning, and running a successful franchise; he will surround himself with great people to help the business side, and football side. On the business side, he needs to bring back Amy Trask. No one had more success in the Raiders front office than she did. On the football side, he needs to hire a coach that is going to surround himself with other coaches that are going to bring accountability to players and their assignments, and build a winning culture. I believe that is not a difficult concept. I think Wade Phillips as DC is a must at this point. I believe that bringing back Bill Musgrave is a must at this point. Why? Because they have proven that they can cultivate a positive, winning culture that brings accountability to the players. Musgrave has been the most successful coach the Raiders had for 2 years in the last 2 decades. Think about that! He took a young offense to a 12-4 record. The only reason the Raiders did not compete for a Super Bowl was the injury to Derek Carr. He built an offense around the strengths of the players, and held them accountable to how they performed. He was aggressive!
The same with Wade Phillips as DC. Every team he has been a DC of became a top 5 defense, EVERY TEAM! That is not coincidence, that is good coaching. Yes, great teams have good players; but they also have great coaching. That is what the Raiders lack, that is why they have not won a Super Bowl since 1983-84. Want to change the culture and get back to winning, hire gritty coaches.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy Trask, come on, can we get passed the past already? Musgrave? Just stop.

Because of what the Raiders have been through the last 20 years, it's not the easiest thing for Mark to find good quality at the coaching position, because who wants to come to the Raiders and have to face the league, the refs and the media that hates them?

Who would want to join a team that the is forever being capped at the knees? The coaches and players know what is going on, true Raider fans know what is going on. Who would want to put their career at stake to be a coach on the Raiders?

Pro sports all together is really exposing itself as nothing but entertainment and not true competition.

12:05 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Semantics. Simply suggesting Gruden would have done better doesn't fly. The Raiders suffered similar end of season breakdowns the past two years under Gruden. Many of the wins the Raiders started this season with were by the seat of their pants. Two OT wins!

For all the crazy, arguably uncontrollable happenings, I could list 10x more missteps in coaching hires, draft picks, free agents, trades, etc.

Face it, this is not a well-run organization. Al Davis in his prime got it done. Mark Davis is not likely to ever have a prime.

Mark should stop playing Al Davis and hire a talented executive to take over the organization. That would be a good place to start.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ghost Ship givem a break Derek Carr is not the problem

According to TruMedia, the O-line allowed Carr to be pressured on 44.9 percent of his dropbacks, which is the second-worst pressure rate it’s given up this season. The Raiders tied a season high by giving up four sacks and allowed eight quarterback hits, which tied for second most this season. Carr was pressured 22 times, which is the second most times he’s been pressured in his eight-year NFL career.

The tuurnovers were not his fault, the pass bounced off Moreu's chest. Did you watch the superbowl, did you see wht happens when the o-line plays shit or is Mahomes a system cb?

As for NAte and NY, yeah the season is deprssing but 6-7 after losing both starting guards in training camp, top wr under extremely horrifying circumstances, the coach who was the life blood of the team and Waller out for multiple games is almost an achievement.

I think the Raiders are a plum job for the right coach. They have sneaky good talent, pro bowlers at LT, DE, TE and slot reciever. Top 12 qb, great rookies in Hobbs and Moerhig and tons of cap room. Add a wr and improve the o-line they are a wild card team for sure.


3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did I suggest Gruden would have done better? I'm sure if Gruden would have been able to stick around, the team would be doing better.

It's not just as simple as Gruden gets forced to leave and there is no blow back. There was major blow back, as there was with the Ruggs incident. 2 major blows to the team emotionally and mentally, it drains the team.

The point was, the team was given a blow that affected them mentally and emotionally, on top of losing the leader of the coaching staff. . These guys are not robots, drama within the team does affect them.

Coaches see what happened with Gruden, they see the Raiders are in the cross hairs of the NFL, they see how the Raiders were singled out. They see the refs sticking it to them. Being a Raiders coach can lower one's career, why would a top dog take that job?

11:05 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

IMO, the Raiders problems are much bigger than losing Gruden and Ruggs in the middle of the season. And it's bigger than the NFL hating on them any way and any time it can.

Raiders are their own worst enemy. This organization has been plagued with bad decision after bad for what is now decades. So, pointing to one season and saying we were headed in the right direction while at the same time faced with an utter total collapse doesn't really fly.

If the Raiders were set for bear, they'd have quality assistant coaches (you know, the kind of assistants that other teams might be scouting for HC) and they'd be fighting through this period like pros.

Instead, we're getting a rare inside look at how badly dysfunctional and, frankly, incompetent the Gruden regime was. There's no leadership to be found. The decision to hire Bisaccia as interim HC speaks to how void the organization is of leadership. I didn't know Bisaccia before this. I thought maybe the Raiders had something up their sleave and had scouted the next great up and coming HC. That couldn't be further removed from reality.

If you want to point to one season and say, it couldn't be helped, I think you're ignoring the real problem.

Unfortunately, we have no assurance Mark Davis will (or can) self-correct his own mess.

4:07 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I like Derek Carr a lot. I think he's very good. But he's sort of a problem by virtue of being the third best QB in our division alone. Very hard to be a perennial contender when that's the case.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who said anything about what direction the team is on?

It was pointed out that the team was going in the right direction, then it all blew up. Most of it brought on by the league. The timing of the so-called release of the emails says it all. The league purposely ruined the Raiders season. How does a team comeback from that?

I'm not saying they would have won the SB, but when these events happen, it takes the wind out of a team. The players saw they didn't have a chance with the Bisaccia in place. There is a reason why there are Head Coaches, they lead the team. When the head is cut off, the chicken runs aimlessly.

Not many teams have a backup Head Coach. Gruden was the leader, he was forced to quit.

Ruggs event was right after the Gruden event, these events are team killers. Not excuses, just reality. Raiders do have some good pieces, but the coaching staff has to be remade with a new HC once again. This team never gets a chance at stability, it was finally getting some and then the league destroys it.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carr is very good, when all the pieces are in place. He has to have amazing protection to succeed. He hasn't had a running game to keep the horses from pinning their ears back and coming after him. Carr has all the tools, but needs the protection or else he becomes mediocre. Bosa spoke of this and Carr has that reputation across the league.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

When I saw Herbert roll out (under pressure) and chuck a dart 65 yards in the air for a TD with a defender inches behind, I saw the future. Hard to be a consistent playoff winner in this league without an elite QB, and unfortunately we have two of those in our division, and they are not named Carr.

10:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'm not saying losing the HC mid-season wasn't a big event, but when Gruden left and we started peeling away the layers, it was a train wreck. Greg Olsen is no prize but that's the level of coach who would work under Gruden on offense.

Somebody said before, Carr is a system QB. Yes, he can succeed in the right system. He needs protection, but don't most QBs. Not every QB can be Patrick Mahomes. Carr is pretty good at avoiding INTs. He is a bit of a fumbler.

Raiders biggest problem in 2021 was that they completely misread their strengths and weaknesses. They thought getting a new O-line - including injury replacements - they could still be a run-first offense. They spent the entire season demonstrating they are not... Insert definition of insanity here >>>__________

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gruden ran the O, Olsen was nothing more than a yes man to get Gruden some coffee. Olsen is not a top OC, that is well known. But under Gruden, he really wasn't the OC.

Only good/great QB's succeed.

They had to go with a new O-line, the old one was worn out and expensive. Don't forget, 2 vets, both good G's, where expected to be on the starting team, 2 out of 5 gone before the 1st snap. That blows a big hole in the O-line before the season even started.

Wr was looking good until it happened.

The O was looking very good, even with the O-line being patch work. The team fell apart when the Gruden thing was brought on by the league. Everything tumbled down after that. The coaching was missing it's leader and it went down with the ship.

Who could foresee these things happening and how could you ever plan for them? The team was popped like a balloon, it never had a chance to really show it's true colors. Once a team loses hope, they are done.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I like Carr a lot too, and think he has what it takes to get the Raiders to the next level. Something that I have seen with him, and again that starts with coaching down, is that he will not grab a tablet and go over plays with the WR's, O-line, and OC. Granted, the OC should be doing this too, but Olsen does not; if he isn't doing it, then Derek needs to take that responsibility as Captain.
Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patty Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Andy Reid, Bill Bellichek, Josh Allen, Sean McVay, Matt Stafford, etc; all these guys when you see them on the sideline are always going over film, making adjustments to how they are blocking, what patterns they are seeing, how to execute their assignments. You do not see that on the Raiders sideline, and have not seen it since Gruden's first go round. Even then the coaches weren't the ones doing that, but Tim Brown, Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, T Wheatley, Lincoln Kennedy, etc. You just haven't seen that intensity from the Raiders since. There is no will to win. Sure, there is a will to change, there is a will to be better; but all of those take form when there is a will to win.
I am openly questioning if the Raiders' coaches, players, and organization has a will to win anymore.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now the Vegas Raiders get awarded hosting the 2024 Super Bowl.

League screws Raiders by forcing them to fire their coach, then they award them with a SB. Seems a little fishy to me, but hey, we are writing about the NFL here.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay you guys have bitched and moaned for 4 days lets move on. What about the 2021 draft class, it has started to look great, lots to like.

The jury is still out on Leatherwood and Gillespie, but Moehrig, Koonce, Deablo and Hobbs have all shown enough flashes for it to already be worth getting excited about the prospects of this class. Whoever’s running things in 2022 will have a promising group of second-year players to work with. Hobbs could become an elite slot and Moehrig looks like a starter for years to come. Deablo and Koonce have showed well the last two games.


5:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Maybe the league was committed to making sure the Raiders would not be playing a home game in the 2024 Superbowl before awarding the game to LV. At the Raiders pace of recovery, we're talking 20-30-something before we see the light of day again.

More seriously, despite a few head scratching desperation tosses into the sky that Carr threw this year, I still believe he's a serviceable QB. The Raiders are unlikely to get struck by lightning and end up with the next Mahomes or Herbert. Let's not kid ourselves, the Raiders are more likely to get another JaMarcus Russell. So be careful what you wish for. Mariota is not as good as Carr. I feel strongly about that.

For all the talk and temptation of using Mariota, the Raiders looked horrible every time he was out there. Understanding Mariota was injured for a while, it was bush league when he played. Illegal formation call, players out of position, Carr in WR position (Carr can't be put in that position and risk injury making a block or, God forbid, catch a pass). It was ugly almost every time.

I think on the topic of the Raiders failures being attributed to Gruden, Ruggs and injuries, we will have to agree to disagree. Injuries happen to every team. Raiders made a conscience decision to trade Hudson and Jackson, and retain oft-injured Incognito. They also drafted replacements in James, Simpson, Leatherwood, et al, and they promised us James would be great.

Then they continued to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. They're still doing it. More to the point, their conservative play calling on scripted plays mindlessly extended a first quarter scoring draught that started last year. We've seen with our own eyes the Raiders did not have the line blocking chops to pull off a consistent run game, but it's been jammed down our throats game after game. Raiders are the lowest (or damn close to the lowest) scoring team in the league to start games. How's that possible for a team that almost scores at will in the 4th qtr? More importantly, don't the coaches know this is happening?

They refuse to call a game unconventionally despite successes they have when they are forced into that position. The coaches (namely, Gruden, now Olsen) are stuck in a system the Raiders can't run (pun intended). There's no nuance to what they do. Vanilla is either successful or it's not... common sense be damned.

IMO, that's not good coaching. It never has been, and it never will be. Raiders went 5-3 before any of the craziness happened, winning games (including two OT games) by the skin on their teeth. They could have just as easily lost those games... and this conversation would be completely moot.

My apologies for the long rant.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James has been great he has had a better season than Hudson, so that move worked even more so when considering the money saved


4:14 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I think we could agree it's very tough to measure the success of any offensive lineman, i.e., beyond the low scores posted for James by PFF. Ignoring that, "Great" isn't a word that comes to mind for any Raiders lineman. James season started very rough, and he's been the anchor to possibly the worst running offense the Raiders have ever fielded.

Say what you want about Incognito and Good being injured, the Raiders fielded the O-line they procured thru the draft.


These are the guys the Raiders scouted and drafted to man their O-line. As a group, they have struggled badly.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

James started slow, but he has given up 1 pressure and no sacks in the last 6 weeks. Leatherwood and Parker are the worst ranked linemen in the League right now. Hudson and Gabe Jackson were the highest paid lineman, and were let go to build a better defense. Sacrificing good players for a 29th ranked defense. Gus Bradley is not the answer either. I like the intensity that we have seen in the defense this year; but Yannick is out of position, going after the big play on the run, and then gets boxed out while the off-tackle run is wide open. Abram continues to be out of position, even though he has improved this year from last year, there are still plays he will bite on that pulls him out of position. A lot of little things like this are starting to pile up, and its costing the Raiders.
The bottom line, something has changed since the Dallas game. There is no desire to win on this team. The one thing that has made the difference here is that there have been rumblings that Mark Davis is going to clean house at the end of the year. He is pushing for teams to begin searching for a GM and HC 2 weeks before the season ends here at the winter meetings in Dallas.

7:12 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Bradley doesn't blitz, as a rule. Hard to play aggressive defense when you don't blitz. His soft zone coverage gives opposing QBs a field day underneath, week after week. Raiders have probably the best group of CBs they've had in years but the safeties and CBs backpedal on most plays, leaving Abram, Littleton and others to cover underneath. That's been a disaster. Abram is still a liability in coverage, and it's cost the Raiders. How many times has a RB been wide open on the flat? It's a regular occurrence. That's usually Abram's man!

Overall, the Raiders defense clearly has more talent than previous years but still lacks coaching and scheme to keep teams from scoring.

In terms of moral, it's over. Players are criticizing coaches and other players for poor game planning, scheme, performance and professionalism.

The 2021 ship has sailed.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY, you are wrong about PFF and James check the numbers. He has graded out well above Hudson and the last 3 games has been a top 3 center in the league.


1:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I'll reserve judgement on James. I don't have a subscription to PFF and the numbers I've seen are old. Doesn't change the fact that he's part of one of the worst rushing offenses in Raiders history. That's no small thing.

2:04 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Game moved to Monday at 5PM ET. That sucks! I made plans to watch the game tomorrow.

Only the Browns stand to gain from the switch... sounds a little political.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the Browns C, the leader of the NFLPA?

And once again, the league shows itself. It's been this way since Al Davis forced the NFL to accept AFL teams into the NFL.

Anyone who denies the fact that the Raiders are behind the 8 ball before a season has even started, just more proof. Hard to win in the NFL, especially hard when the NFL has leaned on your team for almost it's whole existence. It's not excuses, it's facts.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True that, if the situation was reversed no way the game gets postponed. The league has screwed the Raiders this year.


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Sandy, weren't the Raiders forced to play a game last year when they had several on the line out to COVID? The choice we had was to play or forfeit. Where is that now? O yeah, the Browns Center is the leader of the NFLPA.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is exactly what happened in the Broncos game last year. Not to mention the NFL is inept. Between now and Monday imagine if a bunch of other guys test positve then what? Makes no sense.


7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry my mistake it was the Bucs game where the Raiders entire starting offensive line was out. They did not postpone the game they actually moved it up to early in the day


10:55 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Article below spells out three big gambles that did not pay off for the Raiders.

Say what you will about development of the Raiders O-line, revamping it was a big gamble that did not pay off in 2021. Leatherwood has been less than advertised, and the Raiders are still burdened by Parker whom they also drafted to play RT. Despite these guys and draft capital spent to acquire them, Raiders still need a RT.

Agholor was allowed to walk and Raiders signed a vet FA WR who we understood to be Agholor's replacement but never played a snap. That and the fact the Edwards is a non-factor in the offense, Raiders only have Renfrow at WR.

Drake is another disappointment. I think he's talented, but I'd guess the Raiders did not use him entirely to his strengths. It's moot because he's on IR.

Here's the article...

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I disagree that Drake was a disappointment, he was the highlight of our running game before he went down with an injury. I truly hope he comes back to the Raiders when he is healthy next season.

1:00 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

He only had like 200-300 yards rushing after how many games? That's disappointing.

1:22 PM  

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