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Chargers Gamenight Thread

This has the feel of a potential elimination game.

The sixth seed in the AFC is up for grabs. After this, the Raiders play the Bengals and Jets, and there's no reason for them not to go 2-0 in that stretch.

So if they win tonight, they should be looking at a 7-4 record with five left to play, which would clearly position them to secure a playoff berth.

A loss tonight may not be a nail in the coffin, but it would pin them at 4-5, allow the Chargers to overtake them for second place, and steepen their path significantly.

The Chargers throttled the Packers' passing attack, so they present a worthy foe to Carr & Co. tonight.

Can we get Jacobs more involved in the passing game, get him out in space? He's averaging 9+ yards per reception, yet he's getting just two targets per game.

Regardless, it will probably come down to our secondary. Our secondary ALWAYS makes it interesting. They need to tighten it up tonight and shut Lil' Phil down.



Blogger nyraider said...

Simple game plan... pound the rock and control the clock!


3:53 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Take, you are absolutely right! This should be taken as an elimination game. It is the last time the Raiders and Chargers play in Oakland, and you know there is going to be a ton of energy at the stadium tonight.

The Raiders defense has to step up big time tonight. 3 DE's on the roster for tonight's game, but the DB's have a welcomed addition in Isaiah Johnson; and he should help out our secondary tremendously. The Raiders activated LB Quentin Poling in place of Arden Key. I wonder if they will use him at DE.

Hudson and Trent Brown are back on the O-line, and I am pretty sure they will pancake Bosa and the Charger D-Line. This is going to be a wild one, but I, of course, am picking the Raiders at home. The Crowd has to be loud, and the energy has to be on fire today; even if the Raiders fall behind. The Raiders will feed off the energy and we will get our second win. As Al Davis said,
"The fire that burns the brightest in the Raiders Organization is the will to win." JUST WIN, BABY!!!

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess Ferrell is not a bust you hater

9:52 PM  
Blogger Movie_Dave said...

Hey gang... is there a postgame show radio station? I'm here in Lawrence, Ks, and whatever streaming Option i used last season either isn't working or i can't find it. It would be nice to listen to something other than Chiefs talk. ANYTHING other than Chiefs talk

10:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Two weeks in a row which the defense came through when the game was on the line. Erik Harris was on fire... should have had 3 picks if not for a holding penalty, could have had 4. Best game of his career. As bad as the defense looks at times, they are playing hard and have shown an extra gear when they need it most.

Carr starting to reclaim his 2016 moxie, and Jacobs and Renfrow are stars on the offense.

Interesting when the broadcast highlighted a 3rd and short play which Washington was given a lane that Jacobs regularly exploits but Washington tapped danced to the right and got stuffed.

Just like the Bears game preceding the bye week, lots of time to savor this great win!

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Movie Dave, I know it is too late, but living in Austin, when I listen to the Raiders game, I go to the Raiders web site, hit "Listen Live" tab and listen to it on Compass Media for free. Also, their flag ship radio stations are KCBS-AM (740 AM) and 95.7 The Game (95.7 FM). I am sure you can listen to them live as well.
You can also click the link below for the podcast "State of the Nation", which is epic, to say the least. There are others that you can stream and get your fill of too. I understand the overwhelming Chief crap, I used to live in Missouri.

Hope this helps, and JUST WIN, BABY!

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Ian Rappaport is reporting that Karl Joseph had an MRI on his foot this morning, and the prognosis is not good.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad about Joseph he was playing well and it is a contract year for him.

On a brighter note Gruden deserves consideration for coach of the year. In a 18 months he has completely turned over the roster and is winning with numerous rookies or second year players starting all while dealing with numerous injuries. He has resurrected Carr and changed the culture 180 from the mess Del Rio and Reggie left, tons of cap space and masterful play calling.

Not to mention he loves his Raiders. Great move by Mark bringing him back. Just like the first time he is leading the organization to great places and instilling Raider pride. While, it is satisfying to see many media pundits and certain people on this blog who trashed him having to eat crow. Even more satisfying is watching meaningful football in Nov.


4:25 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That sucks! Raiders have definitely had their share of injuries (and other loses) this year. Joseph made a great tackle behind the line on a run blitz against LA. I feel like the defense is working hard to come together and losing Joseph could be a setback. Joyner left the LA game as well.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully Joyner can get back and play fs, Harris ss, put lawson in the slot


7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on NY you have spent a year and half trashing Gruden it's time to admit he has done a masterful job building the team and is coaching at an elite level

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me Sandy

4:03 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Now Sandy, let's not go from one extreme to another. It took Gruden over a year to get his sea legs back. IMO, the most impressive thing the Raiders have done so far under Gruden's watch includes Mike Mayock, and that's assemble a solid O-line and draft Josh Jacobs... who essentially replaced Mack on the roster (and silenced many critics including me about that trade).

Aside from scoring Hunter Renfrow in the 5th round, Gruden (and Mayock) completely bumbled the WR position this year (top to bottom) but have somehow held it together with table scraps and mitigated the damage with an impressive trio of TE's.

On defense, shout out to Maxx Crosby who is regularly in the QB's face as well as being stout against the run. Also, Abram looked like a baller before his injury. Would love to see Ferrell play at the same level every week. LA had at least two OL starters out, so that may have contributed. But that's how the game is played... Raiders have had, and overcome their share of injuries on the OL.

So here we are, nearly full circle and Gruden is in the conversation for coach of the year. IMO, it's way too early to go out on that limb but the departure and improvement from last year is notable..., as it should be.


5:01 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Joseph sent to IR.

Wow! Injured on the last play of the game which it may have been better to just let the ball hit the ground... it was a 4th down play. But can't blame Joseph for making the INT. Emotions were high and it was instinctual.

Extremely unfortunate!

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Draftin and acquiring talent they have been amazing, draft picks such as Kolton, PJ Hall, possibly Key, Renfrow, Moreau, Jacobs, Mullen, Ingold, Abram looked great before injury, Ferrell lets see and Andre James. that is a whole lot of starters with most playing well or outstanding. How about FA---Incognito you were very down on that one and he has been a pro bowler, leader and positive in the locker room , Trent Brown the best player on the team and Waller who looks like a superstar those three by themselves wash away Brown (who we did not lose cap space for) and Joyner's mediocre play. That is fantastic work in 2 years.

Where I want a mea Culpa from you is on Gruden's coaching. He created a culture of hard work and Raider loyalty that everyone is buying into. His playing calling is still savant and he has Carr playing the best ball of his life.

Grudge just like his first time around is a difference maker and as Raider fans we re blessed to have him.


8:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Geez, Sandy, where do I buy my Raiders' Super Bowl tickets?

Rebuilding is fluid. It's okay for opinions to evolve. It's also okay to expect greatness. It's all part of being a fan.

I stand behind my criticisms at the time I made them. For example, I was torn on the Antonio Brown trade because it seemed like such a great deal for the Raiders, yet I complained it was a luxury they should have avoided. Turns out, that was correct.

I can tell you for certain, I was never down on Gruden for the sake of it. Yes, his playcalling has vastly improved - largely thanks to Josh Jacobs amazing talents - but it wasn't always this way. I can still remember a few ducks from last season... which I am very happy to put behind me.

I'm sure my opinions will continue to evolve. More than happy to give credit where credit is due.

One thing for certain, Gruden is very passionate about Raiders football. That's unmistakable. He did a Black Hole run after the game Thursday night and was hugging fans. Dude is all-in. I can appreciate that!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That was luke warm praise at best, you could not get through a post without bringing up Antonio Brown. That minor setback does not even register compared to the achievement of finding Waller off the practice squad of the Ravens.

Gruden is a football genius and you, nor I or the haters in the media could even begin to understand his grand plans when he traded Mack and cleaned house.

You and most "experts" shit on everything he did and the vast majority of his moves have turned out to be gold.

He completely turned over and rebuilt the team in 18 months into the youngest nfl team, that is playing exciting, and is winning with tons of draft capital and cap space.

Add that to the fact he is basically coaching with half a deck of players and he is worthy of great praise as a master organization re-builder and coaching genius.

I have taken notice that you are farm more prolific in your writing when they lose than win. Are you trolling or is it just a preference to wallow in negativity.

Please give me fair warning when you plan to fully acknowledged and embrace the greatness of Chucky. I want to make sure I don't fall out of my chair in shock.


5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay NY you got my two cents above here is a couple out takes (this site does not limits characters so I can not past the whole article) form an article in The Athletic by Tim Kawakami possibly the biggest Raiders hater in media. If he can fess up even you can lol. An aside if oyu lvoe the Raiders The Athletic is the best place to read period. All the best Sandy

By Tim Kawakami 4h ago 25
Jon Gruden is worth $100 million and not a penny less. Maybe a lot of pennies more.

But that’s also all part of this rambunctious journey and we can all conclude that nobody could’ve guided the Raiders through the last few months — on the road for five consecutive games, against a stack of very good teams — quite like Gruden has. Nobody else has the combination of offensive acumen, abundant charisma, connection to the old days and nutty audacity absolutely necessary to keep this team from unraveling and its fans from wandering off.

Nobody else could’ve jumped into and taken over the whole Raiders experience quite like Gruden has, and that’s why he’s obviously well worth his 10-year, $100 million contract.

why wouldn’t an owner be willing to pay $10 million a year to somebody who can get the most out of $20-million-a-year players rather than go cheap on a $4 million coach who makes $20 million players look like $5 million players?

Just on a micro view, look at the last two Raiders victories. Who got more out of their teams, Gruden with the Raiders or Matt Patricia with the Lions and Anthony Lynn with the Chargers? It’s not even close and everybody who watched those games knows it.

That recent five-game road trip really could’ve throttled the Raiders. I have respect for Gruden’s coaching ability, but I expected this road trip to eat them alive. It did not eat them alive. It only seemed to fuel them. And that comes from great locker room leadership and good coaching.

It all starts with Gruden, though. Even when it looked bad last season, the Raiders were changed the moment he walked into their headquarters and started barking out orders. They needed him, they paid for him and they’ve been changed by him.

Why wouldn’t you pay a premium to have Gruden, Shanahan, Gruden, Pete Carroll, John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin or Andy Reid coach your team? Isn’t it worth an extra few million a year not to rely on Patricia, Lynn, Adam Gase, Freddie Kitchens?

6:16 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Has this devolved to holding me to the opinions of Tim Kawakami?

The great thing about opinion is that I shouldn't have to share it with anyone, nor have it forced on me. Gruden has overcome a lot this year, including some questionable decisions of his own. Those things don't live in a vacuum.

I am happy to put AB in the rear view mirror, however, it's still part of the 2019 season whether we like or not.

You like to point out Gruden's successes in the draft, and rightly so, but prefer to ignore that Gruden could have had another 3rd and 5th round draft pick. That's possibly another Renfrow and Crosby.

Listen, Gruden will have every chance to bring the Raiders back to excellence, and I am 1000% rooting for him.

But forgive me, it's more of a measured wait and see process because, frankly, I'm still a little road worn from stumbling over the would-be successes of every coach from Bill Callahan to Lane Kiffin to Jack Del Rio... (we could go back much farther).

Each game brings its own challenges. Honestly, if you look at my posts after the last two games, I've been praising the defense for their tenacity at the end of those games, while some here and many in the media are still down on the defense.

So perhaps you should be pleased I am finding success where others do not. But I don't expect, nor require that you share my opinion.

Happy Veterans Day to ALL who have served. THANK YOU!!

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do share your opinions quit heartily when it comes to trashing the Raiders. Measured wait and see approach? You must not be talking about yourself because when it comes to Gruden and his play calling, the Mack trade and at least a dozen other examples I saw not wait and see patience from you.

What about Incognito you posted many a negative screed about him. In the meantime he is playing at a Pro Bowl level a good citizen, immensely popular in the locker-room and a great leader. I guess you are ready to retract your lust for keeping Felciano over him?


10:24 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I'm still riding high on Thursday's win. It was sloppy, and there are a lot of things to work on, especially on defense in the LB crew and DB's. Mullen has been less than stellar, and I am hoping that Isaiah Johnson starts this week, along with Swearinger, who was an excellent pick up.

The D-Line is finally getting the push that we have been waiting for, and I think it has to do more with the D-Line coach Brenston Buckner; so kudos to him. Gabe Jackson did not have a terrific game, and that's the worst I've seen him play. I'm not sure he should have played, and maybe sat out one more game, because he seemed to get off the ball slower, and wasn't as mobile as he has been in the past.

Incognito has been one of the best pick ups that we've had in a long time. I was skeptical of that move, but he has proven to have made strides in his mental health; and is a beast! I think he has potential to win "Come Back Player of the Year" award this year. This signing, I think, is the most underrated signing that Gruden has made this season. With that said, Feliciano is doing an amazing job starting in Buffalo, and is a HUGE reason they are successful. So it is difficult to say at this point, and I would like to see the PFF comparison. But Incognito move, I will gladly eat crow regarding my feelings on this.

This season has been very surprising for me. I did not expect this from the Raiders, to be honest. I was going into this season as a lost cause; and it still could be; but they have been extremely competitive this season, and in some ways, even more competitive than they were in 2016 (because they are doing it with less talent at key positions); but the O-Line is better than the 2016 O-Line. Credit to Tom Cable there, who I am still not big on as a coach. I don't want to jinx the playoff hunt here; but I am excited about the potential. Carr is having an MVP-like season, but I think that belongs to Lamar Jackson so far, but we are seeing Gruden giving Carr more freedom in play calls, and we are seeing Carr go back to his 2016 form, and he is playing comfortable. This is what we have envisioned for the Raiders for a long time.

What worries me are the next 2 games, the Bengals and Jets. The Raiders are notorious for playing down to their competition, and have had the tendency to lose games like this. I hope they keep up the intensity, and blow these two teams out. We need these wins. JUST WIN, BABY!

1:11 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

You are using hindsight against me in this weird "I told you so." I don't remember you, or Gruden for that matter, suggesting Incognito would be a locker room charm.

And funny that it's not okay for me to mention AB (failure) because it's old news, but it is okay for you to rehash Mack and Incognito (apparent successes).

You make it sound like I'm the only one who criticized the Mack trade. Of course I was upset about it, and I explained my reasoning over and over. I prefer defense..., and a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

WRT, Incognito, again, I stand by what I said at the time I said it. The Raiders exposed themselves to unnecessary risk by letting Felicino go and signing Incogntion, whom they had no idea how long the league would suspend. Turns out to be a good move because he only got a 2-week suspension and they had serviceable backups. Also, Incognito has regained his form (another unknown at the time of signing).

FYI, Felicino is a starting guard on a winning team, so desiring the Raiders to retain him was not a reach, as you insisted it was at the time.

Not sure why you want to bypass all the past happenings and conversations and hold me responsible for daring to question the unknown.

Sorry but my powers of prognostication are not that good.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


FYI Feliciano has a PFF grade of 62 Richie is 78 a huge difference. Feliciano is not in the same league and could not carry Richie's jock. Did you hear what Aikman said on Thursday he reminds him of Larry Allen. Glad you owned your opinion, I see your boy PJ Hall improving I hope to be able to eat crow on him eventually.


I know you are well read and you often provide nuanced opinions.

However, your history on this blog is easily the most negative of anyone here. You are voracious in putting down the Raiders. These are facts no one else comes close to the bitter posts you put up.

What is perplexing is that you are rather bland and far from loquacious in meeting out praise. "Gruden has overcome a lot this year, including some questionable decisions of his own." You are incapable of giving Gruden a compliment without some lame qualifier like he gave up 3 and 5th. Take a lesson from Nate who just said out loud and proud that he was dead wrong on Incognito. I don't expect you to turn into miss sunshine I know its not in your DNA but at least fess up to all the nonsense you were spouting 4 week ago and say you were wrong. Its more than a little intellectual dishonest to trot out the irresponsibility nonsense of not signing Feliciano.

I am glad you deem yourself worthy to say the D has shown tenacity. I got news for you its not just me who doesn't agree with your opinions the vast majority of Raider fans do not agree with you. I sure hope the Raiders get by without Feliciano its almost like passing on Dan Mariono in the 83 draft huh---lol.


4:14 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


I'm not understanding your need to police my opinions.

Yet here we are...

Hindsight is a powerful weapon in your toolbox. Week 10 grades are out and, apparently, I was wrong to even question during the off-season the Raiders decision to go with a guard who sat out the entire 2018 season, who had a history of locker room concerns and who at that time was facing an unknown suspension by the NFL for violating personal conduct policy (didn't he threaten someone's life?) over a starting caliber guard whom the Raiders already had on their roster.

The fact that Incognito panned out is one of the true gifts of the 2019 season. Other decisions haven't been as bountiful, and that can and should all part of the conversation.

Face it, if it were all rosy and obvious, Gruden wouldn't stand a chance of being selected coach of the year. There has to be some adversity somewhere. Again, that's fair game and should be part of the conversation.

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I heard an interesting take on the radio this morning here in Austin. They were talking about the Cowboys and Longhorns, but it could be true for any team. When you follow a team as closely as we do, we see the flaws more than we do the successes. It's even true in life. We see our flaws way more than our successes in life. I see the same things in my wife and kids. The point of it was, should we focus on the successes, and allow for the flaws to better us? We cannot have successes without flaws; but at the same time, do we see progress in correcting the flaws?

The radio commentators said, "Just when we get excited about our teams (Cowboys/Longhorns) they go and do something that totally deflates our confidence." The same can be said of the Raiders this past decade. We saw extreme strides with this team in 2016, only to see it completely deflate the next year, and be completely dismantled by Gruden the following year. Now we are starting to see some of the kinks being worked out in this team, though far from perfect and with more flaws than successes. The question now becomes for us fans, do we have the patience after 17 years to allow for the flaws to be corrected and better us? At the same time, a loss to the Bengals or Jets will be something that will totally deflate our confidence; and yet in the back of my mind, this is a real possibility. These are the games the Raiders are notorious for playing down to their competition, and finding a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. In all honesty, I think these next 2 games are going to tell me more about the grit of this team, and their will to win, than the rest of the season. Is it sad that I cannot be excited about the possibility of playoffs, and that I expect my confidence to be deflated?

Al Davis says it best, "The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders Organization is the will to win. Just Win, Baby!" These next 2 weeks will give us a glimpse if that fire is still burning the brightest. JUST WIN, BABY!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Buccaneers cut CB Vernon Hargreaves, is Mayock on the phone?

7:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Ravens signed Justin Ellis. Guy is a solid run stuffer and will probably do well surrounded by a better supporting cast than the Raiders could offer at the time they let him go.

I can say this about Gruden and Mayock, they don't waste time when it comes to personnel. Guys are brought in quickly and guys are shown the door quickly. Some positions have been a revolving door across the depth chart.

That's respectable and gives a feeling they are not wasting time.

1:01 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Carr is ranked by PFF as the best QB in the NFL under pressure this year. That's a pleasant surprise, and probably means he has a lot of confidence in his O-line. As I said earlier, i.e., before I was called out for being "overly negative," Carr seems to be regaining his moxie.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Derek Carr has been nominated for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award.
Hargreaves has been picked up on Waivers by the Texans.

11:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Don't let the Bengal's record fool you. This is a potential trap game today against a Bengals team that has nothing to lose except for maybe a #1 pick in the 2020 draft. They've had problems but are capable, as they showed against the Seahawks.

No team wants to go 0-16 under any circumstance. Only a couple teams have ever done it in the history of the league. I kinda knew but had to look it up... Browns and Lions.

Raiders have been playing at a high level and should be able to control this game with a steady diet of Jacobs and infrequent but timely passing. Gruden and Carr have effectively used play-action in the last couple weeks so hopefully that is part of the game plan today.

This is an extremely important game, particularly since the Steelers lost. Raiders have a real chance to make Gruden's 2nd season a meaningful one.

This is no time to take a foot off the gas. Looking for a big win today!


11:00 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

This game scares me, and so does next weeks game vs the Jets for similar reasons. The Raiders have played down to teams with a losing record for years. Games that they should have won, they lost because they didn't come at them. They acted like they should win just being there, and didn't get the job done. Listening to Gruden talk this week, he knows it. He has said he doesn't expect this team to do this. He expects the Raiders to show up and handle their business. That gives me a little hope, but they still have to play.

We cannot overlook a game with a team that is an AFC Rival like the Bengals. This team hates us as much as the Steelers, Doncos, Patriots, Chefs, Dolphins, and Jets; and not to forget the old Oilers. Raiders have to come ready to lay the wood, and not let up!

Dion Jordan and Swearinger are active for this game; so is Isaiah Johnson and Trent Brown. JUST WIN, BABY!

12:31 PM  

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