Monday, September 10, 2018

Rams Gamenight Thread

The curtain is rising. The Raiders are still in Oakland (for now). The Rams are visiting from Los Angeles (like old times). Chucky's visor is fitted. It's time for the opening of THE GRUDEN SHOW, a sequel that is slated to run for the next 10 years.

Make no mistake, this is the honeymoon moment of a marriage between Mark Davis and Jon Gruden, and as they say at weddings, "For better or for worse..."

I'm not sure if I'm bullish or bearish on THE GRUDEN SHOW. Unfortunately, I lean toward the latter, but I'm willing to give it time. I've been blogging here for 13 years and have witnessed only one winning season. So apparently, I've got nothing but time.


P.S. I love the differing perspectives that are represented here. Come one, come all. Every take is fair game for a counter-take. That's what makes this place tick.


Blogger nyraider said...

RT, appreciate that you said the honeymoon between Gruden and Davis, because the honeymoon with the fans may have ended when Mack got his walking papers. Mack was (still is) a fan favorite; but now he's a monster of the midway.

Gruden turned the Raiders around once upon a time. It took two 8-8 seasons to get us there, but it was pretty spectacular until he was traded to the Bucs and showed us why Davis should not have traded him.

What bothers me is what Gruden did after schooling the Raiders in the Super Bowl. Pretty much, nothing!

Yet, there's no question of his work ethic and his football acumen. So what gives?

Is Gruden the Raiders' Messiah? He's a QB guy and he has Derek Carr. Carr's maturation and final ascent should be mostly how Gruden is judged. If he can't take a talent like Carr and make the Raiders a playoff contender, well... then he should have kept Mack!

Guenther is the wildcard here. I believe the Raiders D will be better. Maybe not tonight, as they face the best offense in football, but definitely over the season.

Here's to an unlikely chance for an upset!


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