Sunday, December 09, 2007

Halftime Take

Watching the Raiders in the first half today in Green Bay, they reminded me of a beheaded chicken, flinging the ball up for grabs, patty-cake tackling, randomly flying around. The coaching staff missed a crucial challenge on the punt return for a touchdown, too. Just out of sync in general. And yet...It could be worse, and thanks to Porter's amazing grab, we're still very much in this game. A gut check at halftime could turn the tide in our favor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's the JP that roasted, toasted and posted champ bailey on a regualer basis...D adjusting...optimistic for second half

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My takes so far:
Qb can't audible or make a read... so the line will get blamed again for not providing adequate protection. I've been against putting Jemarcus in while we weren't clicking, but now that we are clicking a bit with Cable's cut block running, what point is there in watching MCown anymore? I know, I know, he had one good game last week. An aberration. Watching McCown is simply painful... a guy that's full of heart, giving it his all, but just not talented enough to play QB in the nfl.
2. Jano is absolutely awful. Nice shank there Jano. I knew it was coming. Did anyone, besides the Al lovers, really think he'd hit that field goal in the 3rd?
3. Still no hitters on the defense... just a bunch of athletes.

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Blogger Raider Take said...

Well, I was right, the tide has been the wrong direction, however.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

tackling SUCKS today! and so does mccown. we have reverted back to our previous m.o.!


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Blogger Raider Take said...

McCown almost literally become the beheaded chicken after the interception.

He needs to come out of the game, for his own safety. He's just randomly chucking the ball, wandering around unaware after the interception, a babe in the woods.

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this game is over man. defense can't tackle or cover. might as well see what walter's got for next year since he IS the only QB under contract not named russell.

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Blogger Raider Take said...

Stu looked like a Girl Scout on that last touchdown.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bama, jano was kicking off the dirt infield. OH WAIT - they don't have a dirt infield. ummmm, another excuse....they'll probably say something retarded like at that point in the game, it was all packers anyway so the field goal wouldn't matter.

schweigert got stiff armed and they just scored again. this defense sucks. cold or no cold. incredible!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jano is the least of our problems.
No tackling would be #2, not enough pressure early on faver #3, ed hock-you-lick as the ref #1.
Nice of these punks to run up the score passing on 3 down with less than 4 minutes to go, up by 4 tds. fartve did the same thing 3 yrs ago. No talk about that EVER. I dare someone to disagree. How about faida boy?
I am in the mood to f someone up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we just out-classed today by a better team. It sucks but the sky is not falling. I'd rather not revert back to bad habits in the process, however.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

stu slap fights anyone who he gets near with the ball...gotta make a tackle man, come on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The KICKER is the fixation in a 38-7 loss?

My gawd.

Just burn your Raider stuff... you are not normal.

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So much for second half optimism...horrible tackling; Huff looks like he's just not strong enough to make sure tackles [decent cover guy tho]...we need tackling skill at safety and Washington also looked bad tackling when he was in there. Start JaMarcus this week and let it roll

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jano's just fun to bitch about because he's such a colossal bust and represents everything that is wrong with the organization (Al).
Here's my third sickest sight of the day (1st being our run D that makes ANY NFL back look like Gale Sayers reicarnated, 2nd being McCown's QB impersonation):
(3) Jordan running softly into Kampman and falling like a ragdoll slightly before the contact was even made. Why were we so scared of this guy ending up on the Broncos or Chiefs? Have you ever seen a more un-physical back than Jordan? Tippy should be his nickname... 'Tippy Toes'.
And there's really no point anymore to Russell not playing. None. As Peyton Manning said a few weeks ago when asked about a rookie QB and either "waiting until he's ready" or going ahead and getting into the action, Manning said, "play, play, play." It's the only way to learn and get a feel for the pro game.
And back to our run d... yes we might need DT's but Burgess is strictly a speed rusher and then, what else do we have at DE? Not one real DE on this entire team.
And Stu... I still remember Flores saying during the 1st Chief game after Stu tagged Gonzales, "I think that's the first time Stu has ever really hit anyone good." Flores said something like that. The S&B, the land of Tatum and Atkinson and we have a safety that has one good hit in three years?

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Be thankful Raider fans. With the last three games against certified playoff teams the Raiders won't be spoiling the draft order by moving down for no good reason. That means a top ten pick. Where to start is the real question. Ready or not Jamarcus, baring injury will be our 2008 opening day starter

So by all means play Jamarcus now and look to the draft and posilble free agent signings in the future.

D Tackle seems to be a major area in need of upgrade. Dorsey will be gone but Sedrick Ellis out of USC, Howie's son at Virgina or maybe the 6'8" end out of Miami, Calis Cambell?

Safety seems to be a major concern. I could forgive Stu's leg humping, hold on for dear life, tackling style if he had picks but since thats not the case pink slip em' and take Kenny Phillips from the U. Back to reality for a moment, we need a veteran safety, remember Rod Woodson? See Rodney Harrison? Someone who can anchor the defensive backfield and pick off some passes. I'm thinking Huff needs to be at Free safety if he's gonna stick.

A speed receiver who can get seperation? Why not Limas Sweed out of Texas or Manningham from Michigan or for that matter DeSean Jackson from Cal though he hasn't really put up impressive wideout numbers.

O line help, Long from Michiagan, Baker from SC, hell we need it all. I'll leave it to Kiffin and Cable to figure out who best fits they're system

I don't care if Janokowski was Al's pick or not, I'm sure we can find some to miss as often as him for less than half the price. We've got to stop getting high on how far he kicks in in pre-game or in practice. Consider this as the smoke settles, he's missed more potential game winners than he's hit, I know this much. Can you say your comfortable leaving the outcome of any game on his foot? Hell NO!

And if we're gonna play man to man on the outside for real, not expecting to be beat, it would be best to pick up a true cover corner unless we're expecting Washington or Routt to morph into Mike Haynes sometime soon.

Jordon and Rhodes we're in hindsight an enormous waste of money. Let's hope Michael Bush is a good fit and team him with a resigned Fargus next year. Still if Mcfadden is available when we draft, do we dare pass? I think not. Check Adrian Peterson and the Vikes.

This year hasn't been a complete waste, I'm sure the coaching staff knows just who needs to be replaced.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all the Jano bashers. Did you also take note of the missies by the other kicker who happens to be number 2 in scoring in the league. He was one for three. I think that equates to 33%, and one of his misses was shorter than Jano's. Plus, if you can come up with a BETTER replacement, name him and go get him. We try more long field goals than any team in the league. Most teams would be punting when we are attempting field goals.

I don't apologize or make excuses for him. I just don't see anyone better out there for the picking. Kicking is not the top need on this team.

Prior to that kick he was 19 for his last 22 according to the graphic on the screen, that's just under 90%.

This team played in Green Bay in 20degrees with swirling cross winds against what is arguably a top five team in the league this year with a Hall of Famy quarterback having one of his best years. This and all some people can say is Jano missed a 44 yarder.

Scorpio, whether or not Janikowski is the best kicker or worst kicker in the league would have been immaterial yesterday. We had a total breakdown against a top tier team on their home field.

To be honest I was more concerned when I saw Ed Hochuli and his crew doing the game. I made that post yesterday in the first quarter.

And, he didn't fail me. Phantom offensive pass interference on Porter, phantom defensive pass interference on Asomugha. I think he even screwed the Packers a couple of times. And what was up with that group flag toss in the middle of the field. Strickly for the camera. I wonder if they rehearshed it in case they got to use it sometime like a TD celebration.


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Blogger nyraider said...

Back to our old ways. There were breakdowns across the board, players and coaching. Plus, an absolutely eery flashback to last year with Andrew “statue” Walter at QB and Lamont “tip toes” Jordan at RB.

Josh McCown reconfirmed that last week’s game was the exception not the rule. However, he didn’t have much help (false starts and holding abound on critical 3rd down and long conversions).

JaMarcus Russell was on the sideline, bundled up like a mummy. I don’t remember the Raiders ever being such babies. Both our kickers succumbed to the cold. Apparently, it was too cold, and the other team was too tough. So, they just laid down and took a beating.

IMO, the biggest play of the game was 3rd and 18 on GB’s first series to start the second half. Huff played way too far off his receiver and gave up a critical 1st down. That set the tone for the entire second half, before which we were still in the game (despite a lousy 1st half).

Porter had another solid game. The TD catch should have been an interception, as it was poorly thrown into coverage. Porter muscled in and stole the ball. Nice! Three good games in a row from Porter.

Maybe we can take solace in spankings levied on the Steelers (vs Pats) and the Ravens (vs Colts). Both losers are solid teams with above average defenses.

Meanwhile, the Packers looked “All-World” against the Raiders.

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Blogger nyraider said...

h-I didn't see any swirling cross winds. The forecast was calm conditions, with occassional winds 3-5 mph. Both our kickers have glass toes (ala Jano's miss and the 30 yd punt by Shane L.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't think we'd win this game so I'm not too bummed out. One of top four teams in the league against one of the bottom ten, what do you expect? Of course, miracles do happen but I wasn't holding my breath. I was just hoping to play a competetive game. Didn't happen. I hope the team hasn't checked out for the rest of the season. That's the way it looked to me. I drove through rain and ice to get to my favorite bar to watch my team roll over. I did, however, sat next to a Packer fan who turned out to be a gracious winner. However, on the other side of me was possibly the worst Chargers fan I've ever encountered. Now, I'm a peaceful guy, very laid back but that's the closest I've come to hitting someone in a long time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'll look at the tape again, but both kickers had a bad game and I remember the anouncers talking about kicking into the wind.

McCowan was back to holding the ball too long. Even though there were zero sacks he took quite a few hits.

On the 80 yarder Routt had good coverage, but he totally mistimed his leap.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy roller: good rule of thumb--always pop the Chargers fan, just on general principles.

anyone see game last night? We need a Bob Sanders-type safety, a guy who can stop the run. We can have more than solid CBs and we have safeties that can cover. But we cannot support the run from the secondary. Also need a DE who can play the run, unless Richardson will develop into one...but the Pack ran at him all night [Clemons, too].

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line:

We were beat soundly by a better team on Sunday.

Positive - Green Bay is a young team under a young head coach in his second year. This gives us something to look forward to next year.

Going into this season we had one of the toughest schedules, if not the toughest, in the league. The next three games don't get any easier.

An upset in any (especially the Dolts game) would be gravy at this point. I see no reason to be overly down about the game. We got our butts kicked by a team that might be in the Super Bowl, time to move on. And, if they do go and meet the Patsies, I will instantly become a Packers fan for that day.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I said, after beating the Chefs and Donkos I couldn't care less if we lose out the rest of the season to playoff teams. I only hope we have a good showing against SD to end on a positive note.

In the mean time it's actually a good thing to see bad plays and plenty of adversity because we learn that much more about what needs to be fixed. Guys like Stu & Sims having good games right now would be the worst thing that could happen to us because we might actually hang onto them, extending yet another cylce of pain and horror.

Personally I'm just rooting for teams like the 49ers, Rams, Jets, Ravens and Falcons to win and give us a higher draft pick. We still have a good shot at Chris Long with our schedule being tough. Oh yeah, and Just Win Baby, & stuff...


7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the game that I watched was not the game that you guys watched, the f&*&^% referees won this game, the packers were playing in their back yard and we were toe to toe with them, the penalties started to fly for no reason, holding on Asomaghua, holding on Porter and he was about 20 feet from the defender and on and on, oh yeah and let's blame Jano, the senile bastard and also the stupid kid playing coach!

Does anybody know why Fargas did not play the second half?

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry stupid old me I forgot to mention the "no call" steping out of bounds by the punt returner.

By the way great takes h!

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It appears Fargas hurt a rib or something last week in practice and re-aggrivated it on a hard hit Sunday. He says he'll be ready to go even though it hurts.

And although you are right about the horrible calls and no-call stepping out of bounds, we were going to lose that game regardless. With all the missed tackles and legitamate penalties we deserved to lose.


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Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Let's blame it all on Davis and Janokowski. We can throw Schweigert in there for good measure.

Okay. All the problems are solved. Let's go home.

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Blogger BlandaRocked said...

You're right, Scorpio. If Jano hadn't missed that field goal the score would have been 38-10! Let's send him to Guantanamo!

Sapp said, last week, that if they weren't ready to play in the cold, you'd know it in the first quarter. He was right, they weren't and I did. Everything they did was in slow motion. That's what extreme cold does. We also saw them quit in the third quater, which they haven't done all year.

All that said, this needs to be said. When officials miss a call, that's incompetent. When officials invent calls, that's bias and game fixing. It almost seemed like the NFL decided that the great Brett Farve needs to win his 250th consecutive start, because that's this weeks big story! They decided to kill any Raider momentum until the Pack was up by two scores. The officiating always seemed to be fine, as long as GB was up by two scores in the 2nd half.

When they scored their second TD, and the Raiders were burried deep, near their goal line, they got an immediate first down on a passing play. Pass Interference on Porter, even though he didn't even touch anybody, nor was the ball anywhere near him. AN INTENTIONALLY BOGUS CALL!!! Made up, out of whole cloth.

No problem. Another pass play, first down again. Bogus holding call!

But, I'm sure the NFL would tell us that if the Raiders hadn't made all of those penalties last year, and at the beginning of the season, then they wouldn't be getting them now. So it's really Al Davis' fault!

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Blanda here... the first half was fixed... every single good thing the Raiders did was reversed by the officials, and none of was even close to legit.. I'm actually kinda surprised they didn't reverse Porters TD for no reason.

I don't think there was a single penalty on GB until the game was well out of hand and the Raiders were mailing it in. I guess I can't blame them in quitting. What difference does it make when the refs make up penalties to negate any chance of winning? The Porter PI, followed by a phantom holding call was the most blatant example of game-fixing I have ever seen in the NFL.

9:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

H and Blanda- I thought the call on Porter was for a pick. There was no other conceivable reason.

H- you're right. Routt was in excellent position to make a play on the 80-yard pass, then simply jumped too early.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... anyone thinking it is easy to kick a football 50 yards in 18 degree and windy weather should go try it some time. It's like kicking a piece of concrete.

There's obsession, and then there is THIS.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary- If you remember there was a review from upstairs on Porter's touchdown. Review what? Something fishy was going on in this game.


9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nyraider said...

H and Blanda- I thought the call on Porter was for a pick. There was no other conceivable reason.

He didn't hardly even touch anyone.

Even if it wasn't fixed, there IS a bias. Anything that looks out of the ordinary gets flagged... Porter put his hands up as if he was pushing off... thus he must have pushed off... FLAG. The following play with Sims could be called every play in the NFL... and the refs were instructed before the season to stop calling holding as much. Except those cheaters with the evil looking helmets, of course.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the complement.

As to the Refs, I made the following post while still in the first quarter Sunday:

"Ok, folks I normally don't post during the games. But, as soon as I saw Ed "Wheres the Camera" Hochuli, I knew we were in for a long day.

His is one of the most anti-Raider crews in the NFL. Three very good plays lost because of him in the first half."

The hankies continued to fly. Earlier this season before games I would state "Please no ED Hochuli." (My post prior to the SD game) Now we see why. I've also said the last few years the most dangerous place on the field is between Ed Hochuli and the camera. And, again, the choreographed group hankie toss. Weird, I don't think I've ever seen that for one penalty.


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And while we're at it can Gannon shut the f up about the Raiders "shooting themselves in the foot" with stupid penalties. They're getting shot alright, but someone else is pulling the trigger.


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary- If you remember there was a review from upstairs on Porter's touchdown. Review what? Something fishy was going on in this game.


Especially since they suddenly started to call weird calls on GB after the game was out of hand... it's like they discussed it at half time... "Ok, soon as they get far enough ahead we better start making some ticky-tack calls against GB so it doesn't look as suspicious."

Are Raider fans jaded? Perhaps... but some of this is just too blatant and obvious to ignore.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ok, folks I normally don't post during the games. But, as soon as I saw Ed "Wheres the Camera" Hochuli, I knew we were in for a long day.

A friend of mine in the Raider NG said the same thing about him. Is there a way to find out who the ref crew is before the game? A person could make a fortune on this, if so.

I was wondering why the point spread looked so high.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vick only got 23 months. At least it's Federal and he might actually serve all of it.

Route was pretty upset after the game about the 80yd play. Hope he doesn't shoot himself. So it's 31-7 if he times it right, big deal (shrug). Chris Long here we come.


9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, I think the Packers would have still won the game. I do, however, believe the officiating crew kept us from being more competitive.

As I said previously I think the refs may have screwed Green Bay a couple of times too. But, the timing on ours was, to put it mildly, devastating. Back to back first downs taken away on crap calls when we were still in the game.


9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should bug a pre-game meeting or ref conversation to get proof of bias or game-fixing.

I still think we lose this game regardless, but yeah it was real fishy. We'll see what Kiffin says in the morning. Every time we bring up an issue like this Kiffin seems to address it pretty quick. Sometimes I think he bookmarks RT's blog.


9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure GB would have won the game also, even if it wasn't fixed, but thats not really the issue.

If the NFL has a crew that has an obvious anti-Raider bias, it needs to be addressed. If I were Kiffin, I'd take a huge fine just to get it into the open.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The messed up part of it is Kiffin would get unbelievable criticism if he made a big issue of it. More so than any other coach would experience. He would immediately be labeled as a cry baby and excuse maker, just another Raider complaining about refs. No matter how dignified he could possibly wage a war on the subject, it's a losing battle.

I guess the Hater policy is to fight bias talk with more bias, because there is a huge double-standard.

We'll see if Kiffin takes issue with it if he drops subtle hints that we "may have been victimized" or something. But I wouldn't expect the guy to wage a war over it just yet.

But he hasn't gotten the full Raider experience yet and he might snap one day when a Super Bowl is on the line and this BS happens.


11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary said...

The KICKER is the fixation in a 38-7 loss?

My gawd.

Just burn your Raider stuff... you are not normal.

6:26 PM
Anonymous said...

Jano's just fun to bitch about because he's such a colossal bust and represents everything that is wrong with the organization (Al).
'Nuff said. Gary, you're absolutely right:

Scorpio, Anonymous 7:30, you guys really need your heads examined. To cap on the kicker when the other "world class" kicker was worse, and our kicker *wasn't* the worst of our issues--yet that's the *first* thing you rag on?

Get over it, already.



12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's just my humble opinion, but I'll bet the bookies (pun intended) chart the different crews to see the pattern of calls they make and against whom.

I may not have the group toss on video, I forgot to start the recorder for the fourth quarter and I can't remember if it was in the third or fourth. If someone has it, could you check it out and confirm for me.

They were all huddled with the camera on them, then suddently three or four of them simultaneously pulled their flags and tossed them into the air. Then they broke and Hochuli finds the camera and makes the call. Hell, it was on the Packers if I remember correctly, but it was just one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Synchronized hankie tossing.


12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to think that I call an ace of spade an ace of spades, the first half although the defense played well below average we were in the game, the offense with McCown and Fargas were doing good and driving, it seemed to me that the zebras were nit picking at any and everything Raider, to me the team gave up because they knew that they were going to get flagged for no reason, there were personal fouls on both sides of the field our penalty was attached to the kickoff and theirs was on the extra point, we had no say so zebras decidied, 2 third and long and we made them both just to have them brought back for no reason whatsoever, the same thing with Porters TD, they reviewed it!!! review what??????

A few of you are saying that we should have lost this game I still think that if it would have been decidied by the players it would have been a very close game, a field goal would have decidied the outcome, no more than 10 points.

What about the cowgirls and the dolts game, the same thing the zebras won those two games, they gave a catch to a dolts receiver when he was on the floor and the ball rickocheted to him.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thing!

If the b*(* from ne, domey from dallas, puddles from sd would have been hit as was McCown on the interception do you think that the league would have been like they are today!

Do you really think that the "nfl" better known as wwf, would be sitting quietly in their warm offices in ny or do you think that they would have fined and suspened Sapp or Warren for life if they would have done the same thing to one of those poster incest children!
Reality hurts and reality for me is that the nfl like pereira said "we'll call the game as we please"

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They reviewed the Porter TD because they review all scoring plays in the last two minutes.

The pick call on Porter was just a bad call; on the holding penalty we tackled the GB guy

I don't believe in ref bias, especially when you get beat by 31-- Bet Lane says the same thing

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not aware that ALL scoring plays are reviewed in the last 2 mins. Since when? They are reviewed if anything is quetionable. What possibly was questionable on that play? Anyone who watched the 1st half of that games and didn't think that the officiating was suspicious is living in a fantasy world. I live in NY and this game happened to be televised here locally. I talked to many non-partisan fans (mostly Jet and Giant people who don't really care for the Raiders anyway) and they couldn't beleive the screwing that was being put to us.I had a converstation with sports talk host and NFL guru Mike Francessa (not a Raider guy at all) earlier this season and he aggreed that this franchise does not get treated fairly by the league at all. We need to call out the NFL on this anyway we can. Would we have lost anyway?-absolutely. But these calls take the heart out of a team and make it almost impossible to compete. Enough is enough.


1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am sorry but I don't watch anything else other than Raiders football, unless the other teams are playing at the same time as the Raiders and they show replays and the half time show and stuff like that, funny that ne never has to be reviewed for a play like that.

I wonder if you are related to pereira and are just trying to defend his work and public etics!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, unless its obvious, all scoring plays are reviewed. On the Porter TD, they were looking to see if he stepped out of bounds before breaking on the ball. He was clearly in, but not by so much that it shouldn't have been checked.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never bought into the refs being biased against the raiders theory.

i watch a lot of football games, and the refs are bad in all of them.

do they screw the raiders more then most teams ? perhaps, but lets remember, they cost seattle a super bowl win a couple of years ago. that's a pretty big deal in my book.

i remember when i was a kid in the early 1970's, and first started watching football.
it seemed like the refs would call 10 penalties the whole game. 5 on one team, and 5 on the other.
they would keep the holding in check, make sure the qb didn't get killed, and basically try to stay out of the way.

just call the penalties that you see. the trouble today is, they call penalties that never even happened.
and if it didn't happened, the ref couldn't have seen it. so how the hell can you throw a flag in the first place ??

well, maybe it is the camera's. everybody wants to be a star these days. maybe the lure of easy money through gambling.

or maybe the game is so saturated with stupid rules now that the refs are just overwhelmed and confussed.
it sure always looks that way.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

see my post to RaiderMike on why the TD was reviewed. And the review upheld the where's the bias?

NE had a sideline review last week on last TD vs. Ravens.

We need to get out of our own way first and play a relatively clean game like vs. KC and vs. Denver. I didn't read any ref bias posts after those games...

1:24 PM  
Blogger RaiderCat said...

"By the way, I think the Packers would have still won the game. I do, however, believe the officiating crew kept us from being more competitive."
- H, 9:46 AM

I really despise propagating the theories of anti-Raider reffing, but... they have to be so damn obvious?? So many fellow football fans - even haters - have empathized with our dilemma of getting ref'd without a kiss!

So disheartening!

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you older guys can back me up on this. Wasn't there a noticable difference in how the refs called Raider games after the Tatum/Stingley "Criminal Element" hit? Didn't the 70's players bring it up as a fact of life and brush off the bias because they still won games regardless of how unfair they were treated?

It didn't stop there. The NFL has actively targeted the Raiders. They blocked the L.A. stadium deal and screwed us out of the largest market in the country. The NFL would rather NOBODY capitalize on that market than have the Raiders get a piece of the pie. Immagine that. They'd get just as much money out of the Raiders as they would from, say, the Colts in L.A. but they still fight the Raiders tooth & nail to keep them out.

And they blocked Al's trade for Elway. Someone "look me in the eye" and tell me the NFL blocks that trade if it were another team besides us? Any team? Someone watched Elway play for our rivals through many TD's and Super Bowls, and laughed every time he scored.

Then, more recently, there was the SI article (ask blanda about this) where a ref admitted that they're told to "watch out when you go to Oakland". If that's not bias, I don't know what is.

The haters have had to temper their obvious biases over the years because the world is a more politically correct place. But it's still there. We're reminded of it from time to time.


1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JP has never done ANYTHING on a regular basis!!! The only good game he had agains Champ was his contract game!

I feel sick. I can't read all this drivel this time.

BUT, as I said a few games ago, if we win out our AFC West games (1 to go), and loose the rest, I would be ...less unsatisfied.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok... I am reviewing the tape...

Bad call #1. PI vs Asumugha on a play where he didn't touch the receiver and even if he had, it was within 5 yards of the LOS. Instead of 2nd and 15, its 1st and ten (a make good for calling a false start on GB the previous play.)

Bad call #2 After Farve gets intercepted, Fargas runs for 6 yards (CANT HAVE THAT) so ref calls a holding call ON A RUNNING PLAY on Newbery... all he did was push his guy down. How often do you see holding on a quick running play?

Raiders punt... GB scores... up 7 to nothing.

Here's where it gets good!

Bad call #3 McCown finally has his first pass completion for 26 yards to Jordan (CANT HAVE THAT!) They call PI on Porter AWAY FROM THE PLAY and with NO contact. He raised his hands up as the ball was in the air..and didn't touch anyone!!

Bad call #4

The next play... McCown to Miller for a first down (CANT HAVE THAT!)

Sims gets called for holding when the guy ran straight into his body pushing him straight back... his hands kinda went up around him, usually holding is when a player is going around you, not when you are being pushed straight back. Very odd call.

Bad call #5 GB punt return for a TD where the dude obviously stepped out at the 5. (Shame on Kiffin for not red-flagging this, but it prolly wouldn't have mattered)

Four phantom calls that were not even close. FOUR! And one missed OOB's call that is at least excusable.

The game was fixed.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also... notice how the phantom calls were all on non-reviewable calls... two PI's, and two holding calls??

All four were away from the play, and had no impact whatsoever to the development of the play.

The first half was FIXED.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Al sat down with Jano and his agent after he was drafted and said:
Davis: "I took you, kid, cuz you'll be the greatest kicker the nfl has ever seen. How much do you want?"
Jano's agent: One hellacious signing bonus and about 1.3 mil a year after that... and don't worry, he'll be as great as you think, Mr Davis... except of course if the wind is swirling... or if he's kicking off the infield.. or if the temp is below 40... or if the opposing coach ices him... other than that, he'll be the greatest kicker in NFL history, guaranteed Mr Davis."
Al: "Sign here my boy... the world is yours, compliments of the Silver and Black salary cap."
Davis secretary: "Mr Davis... there's a Donnie Edwards on line 2 and a Rodney Harrison on line 3."
Davis: "Dammit honey! I don't have time for hitters! I'm talking to a future HOF kicker in here! Tell 'em to call the Chargers or the patriots for all I care."
Jano (cracking smirnoff bottle open): "Tank you mr it cool to geet fu*&^%$ up in silver and black command post? Cheers, commrades"

2:45 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Officials have bad games all the time, and against other teams as well as the Raiders, but they hate us for some reason (some here would argue it's becuase of Al Davis). Whatever the reason, this is why we are the poster team for all rule changes.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY - Another good point to add to the 'List of Bias'.

We're all worried about the cut blocking for a reason, people. Now that we're doing it, people will not stand for it. Hell, we should've adopted it 15 years ago so ShannyManson would have to cut his career short. Pretty soon they'll make bootlegs and screen passed illegal, because we finally figured out they work!


3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't it almost seem like the refs kept checking with farve to see what they should call.... it also seemed as if ed kept coaching his team like "com'on people! we can't let them get those yards! com'on anyone? anyone see anything that even remotely looked like a penalty?.......oh good boy!!!


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dammitall Bama... I've always been pissed off that we didn't get R. Harrison signed. I didn't know that was Jani's fault too!

I'm in! You just now convinced me! Damn him. Damn Jani to hell!

Do I get a "Jani Sucks, and Al blows" t-shirt in the mail now?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary- just amusing myself. It's my way of dealing with a 38-7 ass beating. As bad as we Jano bashers must sound, you really should go back and read the Jano supporters on this board because it's damn funny... he was kicking off the dirt... there was wind... Shanhan called a time out on him etc etc. Damn funny. Why don't we change the rules and let his fat A%^ kick field goals uncontested off a tee?
Yes, the refs had their part... but we have no one to blame but ourselves for having McCown as our starting NFL QB and a bunch of pansie ass track stars on our D, masquerading as football players.
NY RAider- I like the mummy comment on Russell. I too saw him all wrapped up in blankets like some evil sleestack and thought. "what the he(*, toughen up son."
We just gotta get the losing monkey off our back completely and the calls (refs) will start happening for us. Maybe.
Also like anon's statements about needing DE's. I agree. Clemmons is a converted LB... Burgess is a speed rusher... Richardson didn't do sh(* at sorry ass OSU. So we need a well rounded DE badly. It's hard to argue with Howie's son as a selection, even though it make me think we're stuck in our old ways, clinging to the past, but in this situation Long seems as good and well rounded a DE as there is. Anyone know how he did against PIttsburgh's tackle? That tackle form Pitt will probably go in the 1st round and I know Virginia a spanked them but I wonder how Howie's kid did in that game against a 1st round tackle.
I'd go with Long but not if McFadden is a shot. MCfadden is man amongst boys and will be the best RB in the NFL by 2009. Can't pass that up... no way. We should have one of the top 4 picks... who knows.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gary Psycho-

For those who still need convincing you guys did a nice job. The fact is I can't understand why anyone would still need convincing.

I have posted in the past that the black helicopters fly around the Raiders at all times.

I can't tell you how many people I have pointed this out to and after the next game they come back and tell me, "You know I think you are right about this ref thing."

I have also maintained that certain teams are protected especially when playing an "unprotected team." It becomes more heinous. I also contend that the fudgepackers, in my estimation, ran it up.

I wonder what woodson has to say having been on both sides of it now.

Regardless Kiffin inherited this team and did not build it himself. Things will get better. I'm still in.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bama7, you gotta' get over the Jano fixation. You're starting to come off like a faida-esque anti-Jano troll.


6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are so funny, you sell the product and at the end you finish by saying maybe!?

nyraider and gari!


It is a conspiracy against us, if you would have watched part of the dolts game and last week the droids against the Ravens you would understand!

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The TD in the NE-Ravens game was a very disputable situation and is still being debated. No comparison to the Porter catch.The fact that that play was looked at after all the other crap calls (see Gary's post) shows that this was an obvious display of referee misconduct.Please don't stick your head in the sand. I've been watchin this team get screwed for 40 years and the fact that we're not very good for the last 5 years and are still gettin it stuck up our butts is really pissin me off.


6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay.. I'm done, no more Jano bashing, even if he gives me reason to bash. Scout's honor.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I get some time tomorrow night I might put the four phantom calls up on a website for all to see.

It sucks to get your ass kicked... but it's worse knowing you got your ass kicked partly because the refs negate every single positive play you have in the first half ON PURPOSE... while the game was still in doubt.

The Porter call is one of the most blatantly obvious fixes I have ever seen as a Raider fan.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


All you Raider fans do is whine about the refs. Now you want to make a website with the four calls on it, so you all can sit and stew about it and whine about it over and over and over? What good is that going to do for you, besides make you madder than you already are? I am sure you were on the receiving end of some bad calls yesterday, but guess what? There are 31 other teams in the NFL that thinks the refs have it out for them too. Can you Raider fans lose one game without blaming the refs? Your team sucks, GET OVER IT!!

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhh, no Pats-bandwagon-fan, that would be 30 teams that think they got cheated by the refs.

That hasn't to you since before 9/11 and the NFL decided to make you guys the posterboys of feel-good Americanism (and also the same amount of time you have been a Patriots fan).

BTW... why are you here? Guilt from the tuck game yet?

9:21 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but ...

The whining about the refs is flat out pathetic.

Granted, there were a few dubious calls but why worry about it. Put down the ice pipe if you think the refs impacted the outcome of this game. Assuming we get a few of these dubious calls, at best the game is 31 to 14. Yippee!

We got smoked by a better team.

Our offense, defense, special teams plyed poorly. The refs had nothing to do with this piss poor performance.


We lost the turnover battle 3 to 1. We gave up a punt return TD. We coughed up a fumble on a punt return for a TD. We gave up 2 long TD passes. RB Grant sliced and diced us up for 156 yards. The Pack's average gain per play was 7.5 yards. We only had 10 first downs for the entire frickin' game. We only had 2 sustained drives out of 12 possessions. We only had 233 net yards. We had 9 penalties. We had 0 sacks. Our starting QB comleted only 7 passes. Our leading WR had only 49 yards. Our leading rusher had 56 yards. The Pack converted 50% of their 3rd downs. Our defense couldn't tackle and there were numerous blown coverages in the secondary. Lechler had short punts with no hang time. SeaBass missed his 1 FG attempt.

Do I need to really go on? Crying about the refs is stupid. Assuming their is a bias against the Raiders there is only 1 solution (which seemed to work just fine in our glory years) ... knock the living crap out of your opponent, make more big plays, and win IN SPITE of any bad calls.

Grab your balls like you got a set and put down the GD kleenex box. Life isn't always fair but atleast do down swingin' with honor. The cryin' and conspiracy theorists make me sick.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Grab your balls like you got a set and put down the GD kleenex box. Life isn't always fair but atleast do down swingin' with honor. The cryin' and conspiracy theorists make me sick."

No offense, brother, but exactly how do we, as fans, go down swingin', Calico Jack? If I was athlete enough to be on the field, that's EXACTLY the tack I'd take. However, we're fans. That means we've got talk. Period.

Go down swingin', huh? Does that mean we use foul language?

Nothin' on you, bro, just really frustrated right now.

Now, where's that chill pill I've been lookin' for...


10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree the NE call was closer and more debatable...but Porter was close enough to the sideline to check, especially in the last two minutes. If you're saying ref misconduct now--bad refereeing--I can't argue with that...but it's different from bias....

6:35 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Arkansas Raider:

"Go down swingin" is merely a figure of speech which is obviously not meant literally. What I was trying to convey was that as fans we can vent our frustrations & be disappointed but to make excuses and whine about the refs in the GBay game is flat out ridiculous,

As far as the "foul language" it is a product of frustration from hearing all the cry babies moaning about the refs.

Bottom line: We got destroyed by a better team. The refs didn't lose the game for us.

To put this whole fan vs player thing into perspective ... how would you feel if Kiffin or Sapp or Asomugha or Curry came out to the press on Monday and said "We lost because the refs have a bias against the Raiders" or something to that effect? Personally, I would lose respect for the person who makes such a statement.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calico Jack, you're absolutely right that the coaches, staff and players shouldn't pop off about the refs like we have occasion to do. Then again, they have recourse on the field. We don't.

I also agree that we got our butts kicked by a superior team, and the final score might not have been too different with competent officiating.

But you must admit the refs have always had a habit of ridiculous calls against the Raiders. Now I'll say this: This year has slowed down the pace of questionable calls. Maybe it's because we've been more disciplined in spots and they gave us the benefit of the doubt. I dunno. But part of "venting frustration" is calling out the refs when they suck (because they do!), right along with calling out players who aren't performing.

I don't like whiners any more than the next guy, but highlighting the refs isn't always whining. I think many of the gripes are legitimate. I also agree, however, that the griping can go a li'l overboard.

Also, the "foul language" comment was a failed attempt to reference "Aliens." As in, "We can't use our rifles in here? Well, what are we supposed to use, foul language?"


8:29 AM  
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