Saturday, July 22, 2006

Raider Take Express for 7/22

Today brings a new edition of the Raider Take Express, a our weekly roundup of adventures and activity around the vast plains of Raider Take. Please keep sending your thoughts, tips and ideas to You put the horsepower in the Raider Take Express! Here's what we wrangled up this week.

1. Do you have tickets yet? If not, you should call my guy at the Oakland Raiders ticket office,
Jhmichea (pronounced Juh-MIKE-uh) Snyder, at 1-800-RAIDERS ext. 3225. He is actually working on matching fans with other fans to split season tickets. How cool is that? He can also fill you in on the upcoming sale of single game tickets. Whatever your circumstance, he will help you help the Raiders fill the house this season. He works on Saturdays. If he's not available, leave him a message, he'll call you back. And be sure to tell him Raider Take sent you!

2. M-Diddy wrote to report a rather subtle bit of Raiders bashing on Fox Sports. In discussing the poor performance over the past five years by teams that were defeated in the Super Bowl to end the previous season, the writer calls each team “losers” of the Super Bowl, except for the Raiders, who are classified as “decisive losers." The Giants, who lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl by a score of 34-7, are not classified as “decisive losers,” just the Raiders. These Raiders Haters can be very sneaky, can’t they? Nice sleuthing, M-Diddy.

3. Art Shell is the media inverse of Norv Turner. Did you read the transcript of his interview with the media the other day? Talk about pride and poise. When asked to sum up the Tom Walsh system, he replied: “This is the Al Davis system. You've got to understand something. I grew up in this system. This is a system that allows us to attack from any place on the football field. Again, you've got to have the players to do that, and we feel we have the players to do that. This is a system that will allow you to play, and run the football with what we call power, where we're going to come downhill at you. We're going to attack the flanks. We're just going to run the football at you, then we're going to play-action, and strike from anywhere on the field.” Sure, it’s just talk right now, but it’s damned good talk. There is no question that this man has a vision for this team. How refreshing.

4. Eddie wrote to celebrate the good news about Paul McQuistan being named the presumed starter at right guard. Mighty Maq may be our first player powered by haiku into a starting role. This is one big brick in the nasty wall.

5. A.J. The Raider forwarded an email from Godfather Griz of the 66th Mob, who is rallying the troops for “Bring Back Da Nasty Family Day” at the Marriott Hotel in Napa, home of the Raiders training camp. Visit the 66th Mob web site and click on the Promotional Days link for information. The 66th Mob also has a cool new “Just Hit Baby” t-shirt that celebrates the mentality of the new Art Shell era.

6. On his latest Raider Nation Podcast, Raider Greg announces a cool opportunity. Apparently, a mystery donor is giving away some good seats to home games, specifically to Raiders fans from afar (500 miles or more, if I recall correctly) who want to make the trek to Oakland for a game. Raider Greg is cooking up a contest do determine who wins the seats. Tune in!

7. Patrick wrote to inform us of his Raiders blog on He’s got some nice pre-camp breakdowns, check it out.

8. Today marks the happy ending of Glass Half Empty here at Raider Take. I expected the pessimists among us to rise up and carry me on a magnificent wave of negativity, but that didn't happen. Most of us, it turns out, are quite enthusiastic and optimistic about the upcoming season. The autumn wind is already blowing. Raiiiderrrs! Raiiiderrrs!


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